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This page will contain my Lewis and Lett information. Most of it is unproven, please remember to use only as a lead except where documentation is used. I will be updating as I get new info. If you have any info or corrections please email me. Thank You.

Descendants of Lewis

1. GEORGE LEWIS b. abt 1575 England d. 11 Jul 1631 Brenchley, Kent, England; married DENISE FORMAN 24 May 1596 Brenchley, Kent, England, she was the daughter of CLEMENT FORMAN, she was born 16 May Brenchley, Kent, England d. 10 Jun 1626

CLEMENT FORMAN b. abt 1537 Brenchley, Kent, England d. 11 Feb 1640 Brenchley, Kent, England, son of WILLIAM FORMAN b. abt 1511 Brenchley, Kent, England d. 18 Dec 1556 & AGNES,he married MARGERY BOLDOCK 16 Feb 1568 Lamberhurst, Kent, England, she was the daughter of THOMAS BOLDOCK b. abt 1530 Horsmondem, Kent, England, d. bef 9 May 1571 Brenchley, Kent, England, she was born 1552 Brenchley, Kent, England d. aft 5 May 1610

Children are:


2. Frances Forman

3. Mary Forman

4. Isobel Forman

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Children are:

1. Margery Lewis b. 4 Dec 1597 Brenchley, East Greenwich, Kent, England

2. James Lewis b. 17 Apr 1603 married True Whatman

Children are:

1. Mercy Lewis

2. Jane Lewis

3. James Lewis

4. True Lewis

5. Isaac Lewis

6. Sarah Lewis

7. Daniel Lewis

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3. JOHN LEWIS b. 1 Nov 1606 Brenchley, East Greenwich, Kent, England d. bef 1680 Brenchley, East Greenwich, Kent, England married [1] SARAH MEED 21 Feb 1632 Tenterden, Kent, England

Child is:

1. Sarah Lewis

[2] ALICE on 22 Mov 1660 Boston, Mass

Children are:

1. Samuel Lewis b. 18 Jan 1661

2. Joseph Lewis b. 4 Feb 1662

3. Benoni Lewis b. 1664

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4. MARY LEWIS b. abt 1608 Brenchley, East Greenwich, Kent, England

5. ELIZABETH LEWIS b. 2 Feb 1614 Brenchley, East Greenwich, Kent, England

6. **GEORGE GOODMAN LEWIS b. 31 Aug 1600 Brenchley, Kent, England died before 3 Mar 1664 Barnstable, Barnstable Co, Mass, married SARAH JENKINS, she was born 15 Nov 1603 Kent County, England d. bef 1640

[to see pictures of Brenchley, Kent, England: ]

Children are:

1. GEORGE LEWIS b. 11 Nov 1627 Brenchley, Kent , England d. 20 Mar 1710 Barnstable, Barnstable Co, Mass married MARY LOMBERT 1 Dec 1654 Barnstable, Barnstable Co, Mass, she was b. 8 Oct 1637

children are:

1. George Lewis b. 25 Sep 1665

2. Mary Lewis b. 9 May 1667

3. Sarah Lewis b. 12 Jan 1659

4. Hannah Lewis b. Jul 1662

5. Melatiah Lewis b. 13 jan 1664

6. Bathshua Lewis b. Oct 1667

7. Jabez Lewis b. 10 Jun 1670

8. Benjamin Lewis b. 22 Nov 1671 d. 1726

9. JONATHAN LEWIS b. 25 Jul 1675 d. 11 Dec 1743 married PATIENCE LOOKE 25 Oct 1703 Hyannis, Barnstable Co, Mass, she was born 1681 Nantucket, England

Children are:

1. Thankful Lewis b. 22 Nov 1704 Barnstable, Mass

2. Bethia Lewis b. 27 Oct 1706 Barnstable, Mass

3. George Lewis b. 15 Oct 1708 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass

4. Jonathan Lewis b. 21 Nov 1710 Yarmouth, Mass

5. Jean Lewis b. 21 Apr 1713 Barnstable, Mass

6. Lot Lewis b. 6 may 1715 Barnstable, Mass

7. Lois Lewis b. 22 Sep 1718 Barnstable, Mass

8. Melatiah Lewis b. 6 Feb 1719 Barnstable, Mass

9. Patience Lewis b. 17 May 1723 Barnstable, Mass

10. Lemuel lewis b. 28 Sept 1725 Barnstable, Mass

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10. John Lewis b. 1 Dec 1676 d. 5 Mar 1738

11. Nathan Lewis b. 26 Jul 1678

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2. MARY LEWIS b. 27 dec 1625 East Greenwich, England d. 2 jul 1655 Scituate, Plymouth, Mass, married JOHN BRYANT, 16 Nov 1643 Scituate, Plymouth, Mass, he was born 1618 Kent, England d. 1684

Children are:

1. John Bryant

2. Josseph Bryant

3. Hannah Bryant

4. Mary Bryant

5. Sarah Mary Bryant

6. Martha Bryant

7. Samuel Bryant

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3. **THOMAS LEWIS b. 5 Jan 1630 Brenchley, Kent, England

4. JAMES LEWIS b. 25 Mar 1632 Brenchley, Kent, England d. 4 Oct 1713 Barnstable, Barnstable Co, Mass married SARAH LANE 31 Oct 1655 Barnstable, Barnstable Co, Mass, she was born Mar 1638 Hingham, Mass d. 17 Mar 1698

Children are:

1. John Lewis b. 29 Oct 1656

2. Samuel Lewis b. 10 Apr 1659

3. Sarah Lewis b. 4 Apr 1661

4. James Lewis b. 3 Jun 1664

5. Ebenezer Lewis b. 20 Dec 1666

6. Savanah Lewis b. 1668

7. Mary Lewis b. 1670

8. George Lewis b. 1673

9. Hannah Lewis b. 1674

10. Joseph Lewis b. Jul 1676 Barnstable, Barnstable Co,Mass

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5. EDWARD LEWIS b. abt 1633 England d. 29 Mar 1703 Barnstable, Barnstable Co, Mass married HANNA COBB 9 May 1661 Barnstable, Barnstable Co, Mass, She was the daughter of HENRY COBB b. 1596 Southwark Kent, England d. bef 3 Jun 1679 Barnstable, Mass & PATIENCE HURST b. England, she was born bef 6 Oct 1639 Scituate, Plymouth Co, Mass d. 17 Jan 1730

HENRY COBB b. 1596 Southwark, Kent, England d. bef 3 Jun 1679 Barnstable, Mass, was the son of Henry Cobb b. 1561 Reculver, Kent, England d. 1611, and Henry was the son of RICHARD COBB & ELIZABETH, he married PATIENCE HURST Apr 1631 Plymouth, Plymouth, Mass

Children are:

1. HANNA COBB b. bef 6 oct 1639 Scituate, Plymouth, Mass

2. James Cobb b. 14 Jan 1635 Plymouth, Mass

3. John Cobb

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Children are:

1. John Lewis b. 1 Jan 1666 Barnstable, Barnstable Co, Mass

2. Thomas Lewis b. Mar 1669 Barnstable, Barnstable Co, Mass

3. Hannah Lewis b. 24 Apr 1662

4. Eleazer Lewis b. 26 Jun 1664

5. Ebenezer Lewis

6. Shubael Lewis

7. Isaac Lewis b. bef 1691

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6. John Lewis b. 2 Mar 1638 Scituate, Mass

7. Ephraim Lewis b. 23 Jul 1641 Barnstable, Barnstable Co, Mass

Married Second: MARY

Children are:

1. SARAH LEWIS b. 2 Feb 1644 Barnstable, Barnstable Co,Mass d. 11 Feb 1735 Eastham, Barnstable Co, Mass, married [1] JONATHAN SPARROW b. 1633 England [2] JAMES COBB 26 Dec 1663 Barnstable, Barnstable Co, Mass, he was the son of HENRY COBB & PATIENCE HURST, he was born 14 Jan 1635 Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Mass

Children are:

1. Mary Cobb

2. Sarah Cobb

3. Patience Cobb

4. Hannah Cobb

5. James Cobb

6. Gershom Cobb

7. John Cobb

8. Elizabeth Cobb

9. Martha Cobb

10. Mercy Cobb

11. Thankful Cobb

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2. Nathaniel Lewis b. abt 1645

3. JOSEPH LEWIS b. abt 1647 d. 24 Jun 1675 married MARY JONES, Jun 1672 Swansea, Mass

Children are:

1. Jospeh Lewis b. 6 Jun 1672

2. Sybill Lewis b. 18 Mar 1674

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4. Jabez Lewis

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Source: http;//

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Child is:


1. **THOMAS LEWIS b. 5 Jan 1630 Brenchley, Kent, England d. 1646 Falmouth Barnstable, Mass., he married MARY DAVIS 15 Jun 1653, she was born 9 Aug 1631 Kent Co, England died before 1673 Swansa, Bristol, Mass., She was the daughter of DOLAR DAVIS & MARGERY WILLIARD

He married Second, HANNAH BAKER

Children are:

1. James Lewis b. 31 Mar 1654 Barnstable, Barnstable Co, Mass. d. after 1704

2. THOMAS LEWIS b. 15 Jul 1656 Barnstable, Barnstable, Co, Mass. d. 19 Mar 1718 Middletown, CT, he married SARAH BASSETT b. abt 1662 Sandwich, Mass

Children are:

1. ZEBULON LEWIS b. 4 May 1687 Middletown, Middlesex Co, CT d. Jul 1756 Haddam, Middlesex Co, CT, he married MEHITABLE ARNOLD 30 Dec 1714 Haddam, Middlesex Co, CT

Children are:

1. Zebulon Lewis b. 30 Dec 1714

2. Abiel Lewis b. bef 16 Mar 1717

3. Mehitable Lewis b. 29 Apr 1720

4. Hannah Lewis b. 24 Feb 1721

5. Nathan Lewis b. 29 Feb 1723

6. Eleazer Lewis b. 4 Aug 1726

7. Levi Lewis b. 13 Apr 1729

8. Elisha Lewis b. 12 Jul 1731

9. Thomas Lewis b. 1 Aug 1734

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2. Nathan Lewis b. Aug 1689

3. Mehtiable Lewis b. 1691

4. Sarah Lewis b. Mar 1693

5. Ruth Lewis b. 1 Jan 1696

3. MARY LEWIS b. 2 Nov 1659 Barnstable, Barnstable Co, Mass 4. SAMUEL LEWIS b. 14 May 1662 Barnstable, Barnstable Co, Mass died in Barnstable Co, Mass.

DOLAR DAVIS b. 1593 Bennefield, Northampton, England d. June 1673, buried 16 June 1673 Barnstable Co, Mass, married [1] MARGERY WILLIARD, 29 Mar 1624 in 1st Parish Church, E. Farleigh, Kent, England, she was born before 6 Nov 1602 at which date she was Chritened in Horsemonden, Kent, England, she died in Concord, Middlesex Co, Mass. She is the daughter of RICHARD WILLIARD & MARGARET HUMPHREY. Married [2] JOANNA HULL in Barnstable Co, Mass, she was born 1620 Devonshire, England, daughter of JOSEPH HULL & JOANE PESON.

He was a Carpenter and Master Builder

Immigrated in 1634

Children by Margery Williard are:

1. JOHN DAVIS b. 1626 Horsmonden, Kent, England, d. 9 Apr 1703 Eastham, Barnstable Co, Mass, married HANNAH LINNELL 15 Mar 1649 Eastham, Barnstable Co, Mass, she was born 17 Apr 1629 London, Middlesex, England d. after 1701 Barnstable Co, Mass, daughter of ROBERT LINNELL. John inherited the homestead.

Children are:

1. JOHN DAVIS b. 15 Jan 1649 Barnstable Co, Mass d. 1649

2. SAMUEL DAVIS b. 15 Dec 1651 Barnstable Co, Mass 3. MARY DAVIS b. 3 Jan 1653 Barnstable Co, Mass 4. HANNAH DAVIS b. 3 Jan 1653 Barnstable Co, Mass 5. BENJAMIN DAVIS b. June 1656 Barnstable Co, Mass 6. JOSEPH DAVIS b. June 1656 Barnstable Co, Mass 7. SIMONN DAVIS b. 15 July 1658 Barnstable Co, Mass 8. DOLLAR DAVIS b. 1 Oct 1660 Barnstable Co, Mass 9. TIMOTHY DAVIS b. 1662 Barnstable Co, Mass

10. JABEZ DAVIS b. 1663 Barnstable Co, Mass, d. 29 Sept 1710 Barnstable Co, Mass., he married EXPERIENCE LINNELL 20 Aug 1689, she was b. abt 1665 Barnstable, Barnstable Co, Mass, daughter of DAVID LINNELL & HANNAH SHELLY

Child is:

1. JACOB DAVIS b. Oct 1699 Barnstable Co, Mass d. 1741 Barnstable Co, Mass, he married KEZIAH CROSBY Aug 1730 Harwich, Barnstable Co, Mass, she was the daughter of ELEAZER CROSBY & PATIENCE FREEMAN, she was b. 15 may 1708 Harwich, Mass d. 21 Dec 1732 Harwich, Mass

Child is:

1. KEZIAH DAVIS b. 17 Jun 1732 Harwich, Mass d. 25 Sep Yamouth, Barnstable Co, Mass, she married TIMOTHY BAKER in 1753 Yarmouth, Barnstable Co, Mass, he was b. 21 Apr 1732 d. 15 Jul 1802.

he was in the Revolutionary War:

Children are:

1. JUDAH BAKER b. 1753

2. DAVIS BAKER b. 1762 d. 1850 married LYDIA HOPKINS b. 1758 d. 1851, Child is:

1. ELIZABETH BAKER b. 1791 d. 1876, She married JOSEPH BEARSE, he is the son of EDWARD BEARSE b. 12 Jun 1750 Barnstable, Barnstable Co, Mass & THANKFUL LINNELL, she was b. 30 Jul 1750 Yarmouth, Barnstable Co, Mass, daughter of JOSEPH LINNELL & DORCAS SMITH [ great grandson of Ruth Davis making him cousin to his wife.]

Source: http;//

Children are:

1. LUTHER BEARSE b. 1812

2. LYDIA BEARSE b. 1815


4. ELIZA BEARSE b. 1819




8. SAMUEL BEARSE b. 1827



11. MAYNARD BEARSE b. 1833

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Source: http;//

EDWARD BEARSE b. 12 Jun 1750 Barnstable, Barnstable Co, Mass, married THANKFUL LINNELL 19 Dec 1771, she was b. 30 Jul 1750 Yarmouth, Barnstable Co, Mass. daughter of JOSEPH LINNELL b. 12 jun 1707 Barnstable, Mass d. 18 Jan 1747 Barnstable, Barnstable Co, Mass & DORCAS SMITH b. 27 Mar 1723 Eastham, Barnstable Co, Mass d. 10 Dec 1808 Barnstable Co, Mass, they married 26 Nov 1747 Barnstable, Barnstable Co, Mass, and JOSEPH LINNELL was the son of JOHN LINNELL b. 1671 Barnstable Co, Mass & RUTH DAVIS b. 1674

Source: http;//

Children are:

1. JOSEPH BEARSE b. 1785




5. ABIGAIL BEARSE b. 1780 d. 1858 married Onan Bacon b. 1777 d. 1847

Children are:

1. JUDAH BACON b. 1800

2. ALMORAN BACON b. 1807 married LOUISA BEARSE b. 1806 d. 1882

Children are:

1. SARAH BACON b. 1829


3. ALLEN BACON b. 1833

4. EDWARD B BACON b. 1835

5. MARY HELEN BACON b. 1840 d. 1884 m. MAYNARD BEARSE b. 1833 d. 1898, son of JOSEPH BEARSE & ELIZABETH BAKER [cousins through the Bearse name]

Children are:




Child is:

1. HELEN PAULINE PELTON b. 1905 married HENRY HART FERGUSON b. 1907 d. 1988, they have two living children

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Source: http;//


3. Onan Bacon b. 1811

4. Benjamin Bacon b. 1815

5. James Bacon b. 1817

6. George Washington Bacon b. 1825

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Source: http;//

11. MERCY DAVIS b. 1665 Barnstable Co, Mass

12. RUTH DAVIS b. 8 May 1748 Barnstable Co, Mass

2. ELIZABETH DAVIS b. abt 1627 Horsemonden, Kent, England d. 13 Sept 1669, married WILLIAM OWEN, he was born abt 1617

3. NICHOLAS DAVIS b. 1629 Kent, England d. 9 Aug 1672, married [1] ELIZABETH ISAAC 24 May 1643 [2] SARAH June 1661

4. MARY DAVIS, married THOMAS LEWIS [above]

5. SIMON DAVIS b. 24 Mar 1636 Concord Cambridge, Middlesex Co, Mass d. 14 June 1713 Conard, Middlesex Co, Mass, married MARY BLOOD 12 Dec 1660 Concord, Middlesex Co, Mass, daughter of JAMES BLOOD & ELLEANOR "ELLEN" HARRISON, she was born 12 July 1640 Concord, Middlesex Co, Mass d. 1704 Concord, Middlesex Co, Mass.


Children are:

1. SIMON DAVIS b. 12 Oct 1661 Concord, Middlesex Co, Mass.

2. MARY DAVIS b. 3 Oct 1663 Concord, Middlesex Co, Mass. d. 27 june 1748 Stove, Mass.

3. SARAH DAVIS b. 11 Mar 1666 Concord, Middlesex Co, Mass.

4. JAMES DAVIS b. 19 Jan 1668 Concord, Middlesex Co, Mass. d. 16 Sept 1727 Mass.

5. ELEANOR "ELENER" DAVIS b. 22 Oct 1672 Concord, Middlesex Co, Mass.

6. EBENEZER DAVIS b. 1 June 1676 Concord, Middlesex Co, Mass.

7. HANNAH DAVIS b. 1 Apr 1679 Concord, Middlesex Co, Mass.

6. SAMUEL DAVIS b. 11 July 1639 Duxbury, Plymouth Co, Mass d. 30 Oct 1720 Concord, Middlesex Co, Mass., he married [1] MARY MEADDOWS 11 Jan 1666 Concord, Middlesex Co, Mass., she was born in Lynn, Essex Co, Mass d. 3 Oct 1710 Lynn, Essex Co, Mass he married [2] RUTH TAYLOR 18 Oct 1711 Cambridge, Middlesex Co, Mass, she was born abt 1643 Cambridge, Middlesex Co, Mass

Children are by Mary Meaddows:

1. MERCY DAVIS b. 27 Oct 1666

2. SAMUEL DAVIS b. 21 June 1669 Concord, Middlesex Co, Mass.

3. DANIEL DAVIS b. 16 Mar 1673 Concord, Middlesex Co, Mass. d. 11 Feb 1742 Bedford, Middlesex Co, Mass

4. MARY DAVIS b. 12 Aug 1677

5. ELEAZOR DAVIS b. 26 July 1680

6. SIMON DAVIS b. 9 Aug 1683

7. STEPHEN DAVIS b. 30 Mar 1686

7. RUTH DAVIS b. before 24 Mar 1645 when he was Baptized in Concord, Barnstable Co, Mass, married STEPHEN HALL 3 Dec 1663 Concord, Middlesex Co, Mass, he was born 1637 Concord, Middlesex Co, Mass d. 1724 Plainfield, Windham Co, CT.

6. THOMAS LEWIS b. Aug 1698 Middletown, Middlesex Co, CT d. bef 16 Nov 1743 Middletown, Middlesex Co, CT, married MARY ROWLEY, daughter of CATHERINE CRIPPEN, 25 Feb 1720 Colchester, CT, she was born 1700 East Haddan or Colchester, CT d. aft 1743

Children are:

1. Elizabeth Lewis

2. Lydia Lewis

3. Shubael Lewis b. 6 Dec 1721 Colchester, New London Co, CT

4. Sarah Lewis b. 10 Oct 1723 Colchester, New London Co, CT

5. Abigail Lewis b. 30 Nov 1724 Colchester, New London Co, CT

6. THOMAS LEWIS b. 14 oct 1726 Colchester, New London Co, CT d. 11 May 1803 Christian, Montgomery Co, Virginia married ELIZABETH b. 1743;

He was in the Rev. War; French War, Indian War

Children are:

1. ELIZABETH LEWIS b. 21 Jun 1743 Westchester, New london Co, CT, Christening same date:, married JACOB DAVIS 27 Mar 1760 New Hartford, CT, son of JACOB DAVIS, he was born abt 1743

Children are:

1. Silas Davis b. 31 Jan 1761 Simsbury, Hartford Co, CT

2. Jacob Davis b. 3 Oct 1762 Simsbury, Hartford Co, CT

3. SIBBEL DAVIS b. 16 Aug 1765 Simsbury, Hartford Co, CT christening 30 Nov 1769 St Andrews Church, Hopemeadow, Simsbury, CT, married STANBROUGH PERIGRINE STANCLIFT 5 May 1784 St Andrews Church, Hopemeadow, Simsbury, CT, he was b. 18 Dec 1762 Simsbury, Hartford Co, CT d. 1820 McArthur, Athens Co, OH [now Vinton Co] son of JAMES STANCLIFT & MARY LEWIS

Children are:

1. Olive Stanclift

2. Lucinda Stanclift

3. Ann Stanclift

4. Mary Stanclift

5. Thomas Stanclift

6. Elizabeth Stanclift

7. Perry Stanclift

8. David Stanclift

9. Sarah Ann Stanclift

10. Hannah Stanclift

11. James Stanclift

Source: http;//

4. Samuel Davis b. 18 Mar 1766 Simsbury, Hartford Co, CT

5. Vialetta Davis b. 6 Feb 1768 Simsbury, Hartford Co, CT

6. Oliver Davis b. 28 Jun 1770 Simsbury, Hartford Co, CT

7. Mary Davis b. 31 Jul 1772 Simsbury, Hartford Co, CT

8. Mihill Davis b. 24 Nov 1774 Simsbury, Hartford Co, CT

9. Betty Davis b. 31 Jan 1777 Simsbury, Hartford Co, CT

10. Joseph Davis b. 26 Jul 1779 Simsbury, Hartford Co, CT

Source: http;//

2. Sarah Sally Lewis

3. Abigail Lewis

4. Mary Polly Lewis

5. JANE LEWIS married JOHN MORRIS BINFORY 20 Jun 1822 Green Co, KY

Child is:

1. John Morris Binfory

6. Lucy Lewis

7. MESSENGER LEWIS b. 10 Aug 1762 Greenwich, CT d. 8 jul 1835 Sprinfield, Green Co, Missouri, buried Old Martin Cem, Sangamon Co, ILL, He was in the Rev. War., he married FREELOVE SHAW in Dutchess, NY, she was born 7 May 1769 d. 1831, Springfield, Green Co, MO, buried Old Martin Cem, Sangamon Co, ILL

Children are:

1. Wiliam Lewis

2. Malinda Lewis

3. Thomas Lewis

4. David Lewis

5. James Lewis

6. Sarah Sally Lewis

7. Margaret Lewis

8. Samuel Lewis

9. Elizabeth Lewis

10. Mary Ann Lewis

Source: http;//

8. EDWARD W LEWIS b. 24 Apr 1769 Greenwich, CT d. 30 Mar 1847 Brush Creek, Green Co, KY, married [1] NANCY "POLLY" WRIGHT b. 29 Jan 1775 Bedford Co, VA d. 7 Dec 1813 [2] ELIZABETH MONEY 13 Jan 1815 Fayette Co, KY, she was born 1778 VA d. 6 Aug 1855

Children are:

1. Jane Lewis

2. Besty Lewis

3. Nancy Lewis

4. Thomas Lewis

5. Tabitha Lewis

6. James Lewis

7. Mary Lewis

8. Diana Jane Dimmie Lewis

9. Edward W. Lewis

10. lucy Lewis

11. Cynthia Ann Lewis

Source: http;//

9. JAMES WILLIAM LEWIS b. 1772 NY married [1] MARY VAUGHN b. 1794 VA

Child is:

1. Lucy Ann Lewis


Children are:

1. Andrew Lewis

2. Thomas Lewis

3. Polly Ann Lewis

4. Cynthia A. Lewis

5. Levinia Lewis

Source: http;//

10. DAVID LEWIS b. 2 Aug 1779 Montgomery Co, VA d. 17 May 1835 Rockcastle Co, KY, buried Lewis Cem. married MATTIE KNAPP 11 Oct 1803 Montgomery Co, VA, she was born 22 Oct 1784 Wales d. 20 Jan 1860: He was in the Spanish American War

Childre are:

1. Elizabeth Lewis

2. James D. Lewis

3. David Newton Lewis married Martha Stewart

Child is:


Child is:


Child is:

1. Barbara Suzann Hotz

4. John Lewis

5. Mary Lewis

Source: http;//

11. NANCY CATHERINE LEWIS b. 25 Aug 1797 Green Co, KY married ASA CANTRELL b. 1798 Rockingham Co, NC

Children Are:

1. Tabitha Cantrell

2. Thomas Cantrell

married second: MARY TOMPSON abt 1758

Child is:

1. Thomas Lewis b. abt 1759

Source: http;//

7. Mary Lewis, daughter of Thomas Lewis & Mary Rowley, b. 14 Oct 1728 Colchester, New London Co, CT d. 6 Dec South Britain, Connecticut married James Stanclift 24 Jan 1751 Middletown, Middlesex Co, CT, he was the son of James Stanclift, he was b. 20 Sep 1712 East Middletown, Middlesex Co, CT

Children are:

1. Hannah Stanclift

2. Mary Stanclift b. 18 Sep 1751 Middletown, CT

3. Abigail Stanclift b. 3 Jul 1753 Middletown, CT

4. Thomas Stanclift b. 13 Jan 1755 Middletwon, CT

5. James Stanclift

6. Sarah Stanclift

7. William Stanclift

8. STANBROUGH PERIGRINE STANCLIFT b. 18 dec 1762 Simsbury, Hartford Co, CT married Sibbel Davis

9. Olive Stanclift

Source: http;//

8. Esther Lewis b. 31 Dec 1731 Colchester, New London Co, CT married Earl Wright 18 Dec 1751, he was b. 10 Jun 1726

Child is:

1. Earl Wright

9. Bassett Lewis b. 27 Oct 1732 Colchester, New london Co, CT

10. Mathew Lewis b. 3 Jul 1734 Colchester, New London Co, CT

11. Daniel Lewis b. 31 Aug 1736 Colchester, New London Co, CT

12. Sybil Lewis b. 31 Aug 1738 Colchester, New London Co,CT

Source: http;//

7. Jemima Lewis b. 1700

8. William Lewis b. Aug 1702

9. Jerusha Lewis b. 3 Mar 1705

10. Mary Lewis b. 1 Mar 1708

Source: http;//

3. Mary Lewis b. 2 Nov 1659 Barnstable, Barnstable Co, Mass

4. SAMUEL LEWIS b. 14 May 1662 Barnstable, Barnstable Co, Mass

Children by Hannah Baker are:

1. Esther Lewis

2. Persis Lewis

3. Samuel Lewis

4. Hepzibah Lewis

Source: http;//

Note: Margery Williard is the daughter of Richard Williard b. 1568 & Margaret Humphrey b. 1578 d. 1668, daughter of Raymold Humphrey b. 1542 d. 1578; she married Dolar Davis on 29 Mar 1624 Benefiled, Northamptonshire, England: He was b. 1593 Bennefield, Northamptonshire, England d. Jun 1673 Barnstable, Barnstable Co, Mass buried 16 Jun 1673, he was a Carpenter and Master builder, he was the son of Ichabod Davis b. 1548 England d. 1603 England & Susy ? b. 1556 England d. 1603 England: Dolar married Second: Joanna Hull b. 1620 Devonshire, England

Their Children were:

1. John Davis b. 1626 Horsmonden, Kent, England

2. Nicholas Davis b. 1629 Kent, England

3. MARY DAVIS b. 9 Aug 1631 Kent, England

4. Elizabeth Davis b. in England

5. Simon Davis b. 1636 Cambridge, Middlesex Co, Mass

6. Samuel Davis b. Jan 1639 Cambridge, Middlesex Co, Mass.

7. Nicholas Davis b. 1642 Cambridge, Middlesex Co, Mass

8. Ruth Davis b. bef 24 Mar 1645 Barnstable, Barnstable Co, Mass

9. Robert Davis b. abt 1647 Barnstable, Barnstable Co, Mass.

Source: http;//

Child by Joanna Hull and Dolar Davis is:

1. Ruth Davis b. 24 Mar 1664

Margaret Humphrey and Richard Williard children were:

1. MARGERY WILLIARD b. bef 6 Nov 1602 Horsemonden, Kent, England

2. Simon Williard

Source: http;//

Richard Williard was the son of Simon Williard b. 1514 d. 1584 and Elizabeth b. 1502 d. 1537

Source: http;//

1. John Davis, son of Dolar Davis & Margery Williard was born 1626 Horsmonden, Kent, England d. 1703 Eastham, Barnstable Co, Mass, he married Hannah Linnell 15 Mar 1649 Eastham, Barnstable Co, Mass, she was b. abt 1630, the daughter of Robert Linnell, He was a carpenter by trade and he inherited the homestead.

Children are:

1. John Davis b. 1649

2. Mercy Davis b. 1650

3. Hannah Davis b. 1650

4. Samuel Davis b. 1653

5. Dollar Davis b. 1655

6. Timothy Davis b. 1657

7. Jabez Davis b. 1663 Barnstable, Barnstable Co, Mass d. 29 Sep 1710 Barnstable, Barnstable Co, Mass, he married Experience Linnell 20 Aug 1689, she was b. abt 1665 Barnstable, Barnstable Co, Mass, daughter of David Linnell & Hannah Shelly

They had a son:

1. Jacob Davis b. Oct 1699 Barnstable Co, Mass d. 1741 Barnstable Co, Mass, he married Keziah Crosby Aug 1730 Harwich, Barnstable Co, Mass, she was the daughter of Eleazer Crosby & Patience Freeman, she was b. 15 may 1708 Harwich, Mass d. 21 Dec 1732 Harwich, Mass

They had a daughter:

1. Keziah Davis b. 17 Jun 1732 Harwich, Mass d. 25 Sep Yamouth, Barnstable Co, Mass, she married Timothy Baker in 1753 Yarmouth, Barnstable Co, Mass, he was b. 21 Apr 1732 d. 15 Jul 1802, he was in the Revolutionary War:

Children were:

1. Judah Baker b. 1753

2. Davis Baker b. 1762 d. 1850 married Lydia Hopkins b. 1758 d. 1851, They had a daughter:

1. Elizabeth Baker b. 1791 d. 1876, great granddaughter of Jabez Davis

Source: http;//

Source: http;//

8. Ruth Davis b. 1674 m. John Linnell in 1695, he was b. 1671

Source: http;//

[5] Simon Davis, son of Dolar Davis and Margery Williard, born 1636 Cambridge, Middlesex Co, Mass d. 14 Jun 1713 Conard, Middlesex Co, Mass married Mary Blood 12 Dec 1660 Concord, Middlesex Co, Mass, she was the daughter of James Blood b. 1600 d. 19 Nov 1683 & Elleanor Ellen Harrison b. abt 1601 d. 1 Aug 1674, Mary was born 12 Jul 1640 Concord, Middlesex Co, Mass d. 1704

Children are:

1. Simon Davis b. 12 Oct 1661 Concord, Middlesex Co, Mass married Elisabeth Woodhouse 14 Feb 1689 Concord, Middlesex Co, Mass, daughter of Henry Woodhouse, she was b. abt 1667 d. 12 Nov 1711, He was a Physician

Children are:

1. John Davis b. 19 Nov 1689 Concord, Mass d. 16 Nov 1762 Action, Mass age 72 years, married Abigail Dudley 17 Dec 1713; He was a Physician

Children are:

1. John Davis b. 15 Jul 1715 Concord, Middlesex Co, Mass d. 8 Oct 1753 Littleton, Mass married Hannah

Children are:

1. John Davis b. 1735 Concord, Mass d. 1808 married Hulda Thayer

They had:

1. Ezekiel Davis b. 1770 d. 1849 married Bethiah Grandy

They Had:

1. Ezekeil Davis

2. Edmund Davis b. 1793 married Rebecca Philbrook b. 1794 d. 1859

They had:

1. Lucas Carlos Davis b. 1819 d. 1891 married Ruth Hapgood

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Source: http;//

Source: http;//

2. Ezekiel Davis b. Feb 1737 Action, Mass

3. Abel Davis b. 14 May 1739 Action, Mass

4. Hannah Davis b. 28 Feb 1740

5. Elisha Davis b. 28 Feb 1740 Action, Mass

6. Silas Davis b. 8 Nov 1743 Action, Mass

7. Jonathan Davis b. 9 Oct 1749 Action, Mass

8. Rebecca Davis b. 9 jul 1750

9. Mary Davis b. 20 Feb 1753 Action, Mass

Source: http;//

2. Ezekiel Davis b. 8 jun 1717

3. Micah Davis b. 15 Feb 1720

4. Isaac Davis b. 24 Oct 1723

5. Abigail Davis b. 22 Mar 1727

6. Samuel Davis b. Apr 1730

7. Sarah Davis

Source: http;//

2. Simon Davis b. 7 Sep 1692 Concord, Mass d. 21 Feb 1763 Holden, Worcester Co, Mass married 1713, [1]Dorothy Heald, daughter of Isral Heald & Martha, she was born 1705 d. 7 Sep 1783 [2] Hannah Potter 1 Jun 1719, she was born 20 Dec 1690 Concord, Mass d. 1 Dec 1782 Concord, Mass

Children are:

1. Joseph Davis

2. Eleazer Davis

3. Oliver Davis

4. Israel Davis

5. Simon Davis b. 21 Apr 1722 married [1] Catherine Hayes, they had

1. Peter Davis b. 26 May 1753 d. 17 Dec 1816 Freedom, Cattarauques, NY

married Second: Hannah Brown and had:

1. Peter Davis b. 26 May 1753 married 1776 Deliverence Adalia Goss [very interesting ?]

Children are:

1. Peter Davis b. 2 Jul 1778 Clairmont, New Hampshire

2. Jonathan Goss Davis b. 9 Dec 1783 Clairmont, NH

3. Deliverance Adaila Davis b. 8 Nov 1785 Clairmont, NH d. 5 Aug 1867 Knoxville, ILL

4. Ebenezer Davis 13 Jun 1787 Clairmont, NH

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Source: http;//

6. Hanna Davis b. 9 Jun 1724 Concord, Mass d. 6 Dec 1819 married Samuel Brooks 14 Mar 1744, he was born 16 Mar 1729 Concord, Mass d. 29 Jun 1817

They Had:

1. Samuel Brooks b. 1755 d. 1849 married Anna Butler Bedel

Children are:

1. Hannah Trotter

2. Edwin Brooks

3. George Washington Brooks

4. Samuel Brooks b. 1793 d. 1849 married Elizabeth Towle b. 1795 d. 1872

Children are:

1. William Brooks b. 1815

2. Charles Brooks B. 1817

3. Samuel Towle Brooks b. 1823

4. Eleanor Brooks b. 1825

5. George Brooks b. 1828 d. 1886 married Christiana Seaman Thompson b. 1833 d. 1874

Children are;

1. George Goergie Brooks b. 1849

2. William A. Brooks

3. Frederick Brooks

4. Annie Brooks b. 1860

5. Charlotte Louise Brooks b. 1865

6. Hubert White Brooks b. 1867

7. Winifred Clara Brooks b. 1871 d. 1946 married Henry Richard Matravers Ashe b. 1863 d. 1945

Children are:

1. Harry Percy Ashe [living]

2. Virginia Ashe [living]

3. Gilbert Ashe [living]

4. George Monroe Ashe [Living]

5. Frieda Maude Ashe b. 1892

6. Winifred Isabel Ashe b. 1894 d. 1964

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Source: http;//

6. Edward T. Brooks b. 1830

Source: http;//

5. Nathaniel Brooks b. 1794

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Source: http;//

Source: http;//

3. Henry Davis b. 23 Feb 1694

4. Elizabeth Davis b. 28 Mar 1695

5. Mary Davis b. 8 Nov 1701

6. Samuel Davis b. 6 Mar 1703

7. Eleanor Davis b. 4 Mar 1705

8. Peter Davis b. 25 Sep 1707

Source: http;//

2. Mary Davis b. 3 Oct 1663 Concord, Mass d. 27 Jun 1748 Stove, Mass married Deliverance Wheeler 28 May 1691 Concord, Mass, born 1663 Concord, Mass

Children are:

1. Mary Wheeler b. 5 Nov 1707 Stowe, Mass

2. Deliverance Wheeler b. 5 Jun 1691 Concord, Mass

3. Thomas Wheeler

Source: http;//

3. Sarah Davis b. 11 Mar 1666 Concord, Mass

4. James Davis 19 Jan 1668 Concord, Mass

5. Eleanor Davis b. 22 Oct 1672 Concord, Mass

6. Elener Davis b. 22 Oct 1672 [same person ?]

7. Ebenezer Davis b. 1 Jun 1676 Concord, Mass married [1]Dinah Brown 14 Feb 1699 Concord, Mass, she was born 4 Feb 1677 Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, Mass

Children are:

1. Ebenezer Davis b. 29 Mar 1701 Concord, Mass

2. Eleazer Davis b. 4 Mar 1703 Concord, Mass died Harvard, Worcester, Mass married [1] Sarah Willard 29 Nov 1732 Harvard, Worcester, Mass, she was b. abt 1703 d. abt 1746 [2] Abigail

Children are:

1. Abel Davis b. Harvard, Worcester, Mass

2. Eleazer Davis b. 25 Sep 1730 d. abt 1784, married Abijah Ward 16 Jun 1757 b. 31 Jan 1734

Child is:

1. Oliver Davis b. 1767 married Hannah Beard and they had: Tryphenia Davis b. 1792 d. 1875 married Joseph Phelps b. 1788 d. 1866

Children are;

1. Samuel Phelps b. 1815

2. Francis Phelps b. 1817 d. 1888 Achsah L. Hoar b. 1820

Child is:

Catherine Horton Phelps b. 1846 d. 1914 married Samuel Towne Leonard b. 1841 d. 1918

Children are:

1. Phelps Francis [Birdie] Leonard b. 1868

2. Flossie Achsah Leonard b. 1874

3. Abby Kate Leonard b. 1875

4. Samuel Harlan Leonard b. 1881

Source: http;//

3. Laverrett Phelps b. 1821

4. Tryphena Phelps b. 1823

5. Joseph Phelps b. 1826

6. Charles Phelps b. 1831

7. Harlow Phelps b. 1838

Source: http;//

3. Oliver Davis b. 4 Oct 1734 Harvard, Worcester Co, Mass

4. Ephraim Davis b. 2 Jan 1739 Harvard, Worcester Co, Mass

5. Sarah Davis b. 22 Mar 1742 Harvard, Worcester Co, Mass

6. Oliver Davis b. 21 Apr 1744 Harvard, Worcester Co, Mass

Source: http;//

3. Josiah Davis b. 4 Feb 1704 Concord, Mass

4. Simon Davis b. 23 Feb 1707 Concord, Mass

5. Dinah Davis b. 22 Jul 1710 Concord, Mass

6. Phineas Davis b. 19 Feb 1712 Concord, Mass,

he had a son named Phineas Davis b. 1742 Mass and a daughter named Elenor b. 6 Mar 1746

1. Phineas Davis b. 1742 Milford, Mass d. 1 Oct 1822 Milford, Mass married Molly Gage 23 Aug 1764 Milford, Mass, she was born 1737 d. 20 May 1819

Children are:

1. Moses Davis b. 1765

2. Sarah Davis b. 1767

3. Phineas Davis b. 1770

4. Thomas Davis b. 1773

5. Solomon Davis b. 1776

6. Mary Davis b. 1780

Source: http;//

2. Elenor Davis b. 6 Mar 1746 Mass. d. 31 Mar 1813 Milford, Mass, married Daniel Hayward 26 Jul 1766 Mendon, Mass d. 1793 Milford, Mass:

[for info on this line please contact Laura at]

Children are:

1. Eunice Hayward b. 1767

2. Abner Hayward b. 1768

3. Levi Hayward b. 1770

4. Elizabeth Hayward b. 1773

5. Chloe Hayward b. 1775

6. Ebenezer Hayward b. 1776

7. Paul Hayward b. 1778

8. Aaron Hayward b. 1781

9. Charles Hayward b. 1785 d. 1854

10. Sophia Hayward b. 1788

11. Martha Hayward b. 1790

Source: http;//

[9] Charles Hayward b. 1785 d. 1854 married Philena Moulton b. 1795 d. 1880

children are:

1. Eliza Ann Hayward b. 1813

2. Mary Ann Hayward b. 1815

3. Orin M. Hayward b. 1817

4. Unknown Hayward b. 1819

5. Betsy Hayward b. 1820

6. Calvin Hayward b. 1822

7. Philena Hayward b. 1824

8. Charles Hayward b. 1825

9. Ellen Hayward b. 1829

10. William Hayward b. 1832

11. Hiram Hayward b. 1834

12. Benjamin Ambros Hayward b. 1836

13. Emily Hayward b. 1839

14. Sarah Matilda Hayward b. 1841

Source: http;//

7. Ellen Davis b. 1 May 1715 Concord, Mass

Married Second [2] Sarah Danforth b. 1677 d. 15 Oct 1751 Concord, Mass

Children are;

1. Sarah Davis b. 14 Jul 1723 Concord, Mass

2. Lydia Davis b. 27 Sep 1724 Concord, Mass

3. Josiah Davis b. 20 Sep 1726 Concord, Mass

Source: http;//

8. Hannah Davis b. 1 Apr 1679 Concord, Mass

Source: http;//

3. SAMUEL DAVIS, son of Dolar Davis and Margery Williard was born Jan 1639 Cambridge, Middlesex Co, Mass d. 6 Aug 1720 married [1] Mary Meaddowes 11 Jan 1666 Concord, Mass, she was born abt 1641 Concord, Mass [2] Ruth Taylor 18 Oct 1711 Cambridge, Middlesex Co, Mass, she was born abt 1643 Cambridge, Middlesex Co, Mass

Children are by Mary Meaddowes:

1. Samuel Davis b. 21 Jun 1669 Concord, Mass

2. Simon Davis

Source: http;//

4. RUTH DAVIS, daughter of Dolar Davis & Margery Williard was born 24 Mar 1645 Barnstable, Barnstable Co, Mass Christening 24 Mar 1645, married Stephen Hall 3 Dec 1663 Concord, Middlesex Co, Mass, he was born 1637 Concord, Mass, d. 1724 Plainfield, Windham Co, Connecticut

Children Are:

1. Samuel Hall b. 8 dec 1665 Concord, Mass

2. Stephen Hall b. 10 Mar 1667 Concord, Mass

3. Ruth Hall b. 12 Feb 1670 Concord, Mass

4. Susannah Hall b. abt 1673 Concord, Mass

5. John Hall b. 1675 Concord, Mass

6. Mary Hall b. 1 Jun 1677 Concord, Litchfield Co, Connecticut

7. Sarah Hall b. 19 Jun 1688 Stow, Middlesex Co, Mass

8. Elizabeth Hall b. 7 Apr 1695 Stow, Middlesex Co, Mass

Source: http;//

2. SAMUEL LEWIS b. 14 May 1662 Barnstable Co, Mass Married Unknown


1. CORNELIUS LEWIS b. 1700 Massachuetts married SARAH GREEN Jan 1726, daughter of Isaac Green & Sarah, [5th GREAT GRANDPARENTS].

Note from Gawne World Tree Project: Saphne Gawne

Has anyone found anything more on Zadock Lewis, his wife Comfort, parents Cornelius Lewis and Sarah Green? From Barnstable, Massachusetts and Marlbore, New York.

I am descended from Cornelius Lewis, the son of Micajah Lewis of Marlboro, New York. Micajah was the brother of your Zadock Lewis. I have alot of information on this line, both these men, along with a girl named Genjna, and Rachel, along with a son Elijah, were indeed the children of Cornelius Lewis and Sarah Green. I know a lot about the Green family, and believe that Cornelius of Barnstable was probably the son of Samuel, who was the son of Thomas and Mary Davis, this Thomas being the son of Goodman George Lewis. Do you know the names of the wives of Micajah, and his son Cornelius. Hope to exchange info. Cousin John La Costa. Sarah Green was from Falmouth, was the daughter of Isaac Green and his wife named Sarah, whose last name is not known. Isaac was the son of William Green of Malden, Mass, and Elizabeth Wheeler. [Sarah was born 19 April 1704 in Falmouth.] William was born 15 Dec 1635 in Leicestsershire, england to Thomas Green and Elizabeth Lynde. Thomas was born ca. 1600 in St Albans, England to John Greene and Ann Scargell.

Children are:

1. ZADOCK LEWIS b. 1750

2. Micajah Lewis b. 25 Oct 1727 Massachuetts d. 5 Jul 1802 New York

3. Genjna Lewis b. 24 Feb 1729

4. Elizah Lewis b. 14 May 1730

5. Rebecca Lewis b. 1733

6. Electra Lewis

7. Zalmon Lewis

Note: Email Reply from Genform to Jonathan Loppnow from John La Costa Dec 6, 1998 at 13:37:27

I am descended from Zadock, as far as we can tell. The only confirmation we have of this is family correspondence. In a letter written by his grandson, John M. Lewis it states: "My brother, Daniel Lewis, was the son of William Lewis, the son of Zada [Zadock] Lewis, who before the war of 1776 lived in New York City, was a soldier of 1776, was wounded and taken a prisoner at the Battle of Long Island. His [Zadock's] family fled to Steuben County, New York, where William Lewis, my Father, married Sarah Butler of Irish Descent." [Letter was in possession of Mrs. Cox of Michigan, a grand niece to John M. Lewis] Zadock can be found in the 1790 census of Ulster Co, New York. Children as far as we can tell were: WILLIAM, DANIEL R., ZALMON AND ELISHA. This is all we have on Zadock.

It appears that all the sons traveled to Souther IN ca 1820. William came down the river by raft and docked at Madison IN. He settled in Jennings County Indiana. William and his wife Sarah Miller Butler Lewis had 7 children between them and Sarah had two sons by her Butler marriage. The children were: Nancy Jane, Daniel [middle name probably David], Elizabeth W., William Baker, Timothy B., Eliza, John Miller. I am descended from Daniel who had 11 surviving adult children out of 22.

8. Elisha Lewis

4. ZADOCK LEWIS [Corneilus, Samuel, Lewis] b. 1732 Mass, married COMFORT b. abt 1737 [4th Great Grandparents]


Kathleen T. Choi, her source is Dayle Cottingham

Note: Letter written by John M Lewis to his niece:

"...Zacock Lewis, who before the War of 1776 lived in the city of New York, was a soldier of the War of 1776, was wounded and taken prisoner in the Battle of Long Island. His wife and family fled from NY to Steuben Co, NY..." Mrs. Lodema Lewis Shearer of Ida Grove, Iowa wrote: "There were three brothers by the names of---William B. Lewis, George C. Lewis, and John I Lewis who sailed from Holland, each in a boat of his own and landed at Boston, Massachusetts. There was a storm on the ocean during the night before they landed the next day and the brother George got lost from the other two and they never knew if he got to land or if his boat sank."


ZADOCK LEWIS 3rd Regiment New York Line

Sgt. Card #3594114

Capt. Andrew Billings Company in the 3rd Reg. of the NY Forces, under the command of Col. James Clinton

Muster Roll June 28, 1775

Camp at Teconderoga, September 28, 1775

Enlisted July 4, 1775- sick

From Nathional Geneaological Society Freeholders and inhabitants of Newburgh, New York, p. 222

The Battle of Long Island, an engagement of the American Revolution, fought on Aug. 27-30, 1776. After the British abndoned Boston on March 17, 1776, General Washington moved his army to New York City, believing it to be the next point of attack. On August 22, the British transported an army of 32,000 from Staten Island across the Narrows to Long Island. Washington knew that to defend New York, he must hold Brooklyn, just across the East River on long Island. Accordingly, he moved some 7,000 men to increase the Brooklyn forces to about 19,000.

It is said Helen Murray Bonstein has membership to DAR on Zadock Lewis, I have not checked this out yet.




Cornelius Lewis-Zadoc[k]Lewis-William Lewis-Daniel Lewis

The following summary of the Lewis family is derived from correspondence I had with Herschel Lewis, great-grandson of Daniel Lewis through Francis M. Lewis.

Cornelius Lewis

"My information starts with Cornelius Lewis who lived in Falmouth, Massachusetts from the early 1700's to 1742. We do not know where he came from at this time. From Massachesetts he went to and settled in, Marlboro, New York. There is some indication that he may have lived for awhile on Long Island. At any rate his children including our Zadoc were likely born in Massachusetts. A sheet Herschel included shows a Cornelius b. 1700 married A Sarah Green on Jan. 1726. Children: Micajah b. 1727, Rebecca b. 1729, Elijah b. 1730, Zadoc.

Zadoc Lewis

Zadoc fought in the Revolutionary War. William was born shortly after the Revolution. Zadoc had two brothers and two sisters and we do have quite a bit of information on them. William undoubtedly grew up in Marlboro, Milton, New York area. We know nothing of his youth, nor do we have documentation of his birth as the son of Zadoc [other than a family letter], yet there are enough records of the family and their doings to confirm in my mind that we are correct in our assumptions"- Herschel Lewis

A Zadoc married a Comfort [is it the same Zadoc?]

Zadoc is found in the 1790 census of Ulster County, New York. Children: WILLIAM BARBER LEWIS, DANIEL ROWLAND LEWIS, ZALMON LEWIS, ELIJAH LEWIS [An Elisha is likely somehow related as well]. [This is an assumed list, only Daniel R. is confirmed via documentation as brother to William] It appears all four of Zadoc's sons went to Indiana, at least we know William, Zalmon, and Daniel R. did.

Rev. War:

John Miller Lewis, [brother to Daniel and son of William] wrote "My brother, Daniel Lewis, was the son of William Lewis, the son of Zada [Zadoc] Lewis. Who before the war of 1776, lived in New York City, was a soldier in the War of 1776, was wounded and taken prisoner at the Battle of Long Island." [Taken from military records at the National Archives: Is this the same Zadock? Mary Lewis Osterman states that there were two who were related: Zadock Lewis 3rd Regiment of the New York Line, Sergeant, Card # 3594114, Capt. Andrew Billings Co. in the 3rd Regiment of the New York Forces, under command of Col. James Clinton, muster roll-June 28 to Sept 28, 1775, Camp at Ticonderoga, September 28, 1775. Enlisted July 4, 1775 and discharged due to illness on August 14, 1775-From Nat. Gen. Soc. Freeholders & Inhabitants of Newburgh, NY, page 222.} "His [Zadoc's] family fled to Steuben County, New York, where William Lewis my father, married Sarah Butler of Irish Descent--John M. Lewis- [the "Above is from a letter which my grandfather, John M. Lewis wrote to a Mrs. Cox of Michigan, a granddaughter of Daniel Lewis."- Mary Lewis Osterman].

Oral History of family origins

A daughter of Daniel's other brother, Rev. William B. Lewis, wrote of the family origins as passed down to her. She reports the dates incorrectly as the Lewis family arrived in America in the 1600's. Mary Lewis Osterman believes the family originated from France and were French Huguenots. The Huguenots were forced from France and settled in many different lands. In this case the Lewis family went to Holland and from there to America: "There were three brothers by the name of William B. Lewis, John I Lewis and George C. Lewis; all sailed in a ship of his own from Holland in 1787 and landed at Boston, MA and there was a storm on the ocean the night before they landed the next day. The brother by the name of George C. Lewis got lost from the other two and they never knew if he ever got to land or if his ship sank."- Mrs. Valentine Shearer [Lodema Lewis Shearer, daughter of Rev. William B. Lewis who was son of William B. Lewis Sr.] The preceeding story does not align with the account by John M. Lewis because the date is not correct. The story itself, however, is corroborated by Selena Ann Lewis Edwards, daughter of Daniel's brother Timothy B. Lewis. She also has the timing wrong as the 3 brothers would have come far before the Revolutionary War and it would not have been the sons to fight in it, but their sons. She wrote: "The story of the first William Lewis arrived in America was [that he was] a very rich man. His Father's ships were trading in all the ports that those ships could go. They brought lots of things-silks and other articles in different ports of the world and then they traded for furs with the Indians then they sold the fur. They liked the colonies of the New World. So finally the sons of the old merchant came in from his ships with his gold. They bought about half of utchess [Dutchess] County, They came from Holland with their wives and children, but there were more children born in New York state. When the Revolutionary War came on, William and his brother must have enlisted. Seems to us that they spoke of another ship with another brother was lost."-Salena Ann [Lewis] Edwards, daughter of Timothy B. Lewis. Although these stories do not align with John M. Lewis' in detail we can still safely assume that the Lewis family immigrated from Holland to Massachusetts, then to New York State. Herschel continues the story for us: "William Lewis came to Jennings County, Indiana in 1822. He came from Seneca County, New York where he lived for a time on the shore of Seneca Lake. We have assumed that he was born and raised in Marlboro, New York, on the lower Hudson River. There is documentation that Zadoc Lewis and his brothers lived at Marlboro and no evidence that they left there. How William got from Ulster County to Seneca County has to be speculative. It was an age of canal building and since William Lewis was known to have been a skilled stonemason we are inclined to think he was connected with canal building. At any rate, somehow around 1810 when he was 28 or 29 he married Mrs. Sarah Miller Butler. She was a widow with two boys [Sidney and Lewis Butler] and may have been slightly older than William. We know almost nothing of the family of Sarah. [Other than that she was of Irish descent.] According to Mrs. Osterman [Mary Lewis Osterman] Sarah was a redhead and very well educated for a woman of that time. Supposedly she taught her children and at least some of the children of the community how to read and write. Some of the family claimed and the source was probably John M. Lewis [son of William, brother to Daniel], that Sarah told of her Father or perhaps her grandfather, being a graduate of Cambridge University in England. William was a planner and helped to build the first school in their community. Speculation is that Sarah was the instigator of the school and probably the first teacher. William was a veteran of the War of 1812 and as a result of his service was entitled to a land grant. The land available at that ime was in Indiana. Perhaps William applied for a warrant before he left New York [State] or perhaps he merely expected to apply for his warrant when he arrived in Indiana. In any case, William and his family left Seneca County, New York, in the fall of 1821, likely in a covered wagon pulled by oxen. They traveled overland some 150 miles to the Allegany River where William either paid for boat transportation or built a raft and then floated downstream to Pittsburgh, Penn. The Allegany joined the Monongahela at Pittsburgh to form the Ohio River. Some time was spent in Pittsburgh building a more elaborate raft for the trip down the Ohio. Imagine such an undertaking, it was not an endeavor for the faint of heart. William has a wife who was 8 months pregnant and children ages 1,2,5,7,8 & 10. Timothy was the 2 year old and my great-grandfather [Daniel] was 8. The trip was completed and the raft tied up a few miles below Madison, Indiana. On April 25, 1822 John M. Lewis [the youngest child of William and Sarah Lewis] was born on the raft. John M. Lewis was to become a farmer, a lawyer, and an engineer. He built the first bridge across the Muscatatuk River on the road that was to become US 31. John M. Lewis lived to be 93 [Note: John was a prominent citizen of Seymour, Indiana] William never did get any government land. He had lost his discharge, he claimed that he paymaster required his discharge before giving him his final Army pay. He tried several times to re-establish his creditials but was unsuccessful. The British, of course, had burned Washington, perhaps because of this the War of 1812 was very poorly docuemnted. William finally bought 100 acres along what was then known as Graham Creek, now called the South Branch of the Muscatatuk River. Up the rutted road apiece from where William had built his cabin lived Samuel A. Keith and his wife Isabell, known as "Ibby". [This is Isabel Parks, daugher of james Parks and Jane Buchanan of Augusta County VA and later Scott County KY.] Sam was about the same age as William and had come up to Jennings County from Bourbon County, Kentucky. The Keiths had a large brood of children and their ages were remarkably matched to the Lewis children. This resulted in a rather unique entwining of the Lewis and Keith clans. William's oldest daughter [Nancy Jane Lewis] married Mason Parks Keith, his youngest daughter [Eliza Lewis] married Richard Hues Keith and my great grandfather married Harriet Keith [and her cousin Francis Keith]. All these marriages resulted in offspring so there were three sets of double cousins. Also, Harriet's younger sister [Salley Jane Keith] found herself a widow at the age of 21 [husband was Orrin I Carpenter] and she married Daniel R Lewis, a 50 year old widower and brother of William. Daniel R. Lewis and Sarah Jane Keith Carpenter Lewis had 4 children which made the children both first and second cousins of my grandfather Francis Marion Lewis. [Interesting Note: Daniel R. Lewis and Sarah Jane Keith Carpenter Lewis had a son named John Peter Lawrence who married Sarah Emma Lawrnece daughter of Lavinia Lewis Lawrence and Rev. W. H. Lawrence. Lavinia was the daughter of Daniel Lewis, Daniel R. Lewis's nephew. This means that john Peter Lewis was a cousin to Daniel Lewis and he married Daniel's granddaughter] My great grandfather Daniel Lewis had 11 children with Harriet and when Harriet died at age 39 he married Harriet's 25 year old cousin Francis Keith and proceeded to sire 11 more children. Two of Daniel's sons, William Baker Lewis [Jr] and Timothy B. Lewis, probably partially due to their superior education were not content to be farmers alone and so became Baptist ministers. Both took an active part in the Coffee Creek Baptist Association and consequently their names can be found in the "History of the Baptist Church in Indiana." This book can be found in almost any library in the state of Indiana. William Baker Lewis was a highly regarded speaker. He built a church just outside of Seymour, Jackson County, Indiana, and was the minister there for several years. This church was to move into Seymour in later years and become First Baptist Church of Seymour. Today this church is probably the largest comgregation in that town. Marion Baptist Church was built on land owned by Daniel Lewis and Timothy B. Lewis became it's first minister. Timothy B. Lewis was said to have a natural affinity for young people and was to become known as the marrying preacher. I have gone over hundreds of marriage records in Jennings County, Indiana and Timothy B. Lewis' name appears quite frequently."--Herschel Lewis Note: William B. Lewis became pastor of Marion Baptist and he and his family are buried there. Timothy B. Lewis, along with his nephews, Eli Lewis, Timothy M. Lewis and Charles Newton Lewis all moved to Kansas. John Wesley Keith, brother-in-law to Daniel also went. The entire group first settled in Riley County, Kansas, where Timothy B. Lewis and John Wesley Keith remained [Herschel states Timothy B's children went to the state of Washington], while Eli stayed there the rest of his life as far as I can tell, at Greenleaf, Charles Newton Lewis later moved to Oregon. Timothy M. Lewis eventually moved to Kendrick, Florida, near his brother Alonzo who resided in Bartow. Serelda Lewis Owens, daughter of Daniel Lewis, along with her husband and child Harriet had joined her brothers in Kansas. She and husband, William Jackson Owens, homesteaded in Republic County which adjoins Washington County. After the death of their first child, Harriet, and after they received deed to the land they went back to Indiana where they stayed long enough to give birth to son Allan Clifford Owens, and then migrated to Texas. Lewis family Association with Coffee Creek Baptist Church-Paris Crossing, Indiana. An Obituary in the Jennings County, "Plain Dealer" on the death of a Williamson Dixon, March 24, 1886 states that Williamson Dixon was a member of the Coffee Creek Baptist Church and "30 years ago" could be seen sitting next to Sidney Butler [son of Sarah Miller Butler Lewis], Samuel Hall [son-in-law to Sarah and William], Samuel Malcomb, William Lewis Sr. and Thomas Hill among others" This confirms William's going to the church and adds a detail - if he was William Senior then he would likely have been William Barber Lewis, Senior [land records consistently show middle name as Barber not Baker]. Daniel and Harriet were members at the church as well, joining by baptism in July of 1840 and being dismissed by letter in February of 1851. I would be very interested to know if they joined one of the churches pastored by Daniel's brothers. As I recall I came across a reference to Daniel serving as the clerk at one point at Marion Baptist. Some day I hope to check that church's records. Another note:-ZALMON LEWIS was a member of this church and though I didn't find a reference to Elisha there is a stone with that name in the Coffe Creek Cemetery.-The death and burial place of Sarah Miller Butler Lewis and William B. Lewis Sr, William B. Lewis Senior, born ca 1783 and died May 1864, around the age of 81 [Vol III p. 296 of Coffee Creek Baptist Church Minutes] and wife Sarah Miller Butler Lewis preceded him in death. Sarah Miller born ca 1781 died November the 26th 1848. The Minutes Record: "Sister Sarah Lewis departed this life November 26th, 1848 in the 67th year of her age." Sarah had been received by relation on January 1824, only two years after having come to Indiana. William is shown living with his daughter, Elizabeth Lewis Hall and her husband Samuel Hall in 1850. He is then shown living with his son Daniel in 1860 and disappears from the census by 1870. Mary Lewis Osterman states that he spent his last days at the home of John M. Lewis. As to his final resting place, we must rely on Mary Lewis Osterman's testimony. She cites that Lodema Lewis said that William and Sarah are buried next to Elizabeth and Samuel Hall's grave in the Old Coffee Creek Baptist Cemetery. This cemetery has been visually recorded many times over the years. Although I found Samuel and Elizabeth's shared stone, I found no stone for William, but I did find an index which refernced William on the same page as them but when I turned to the page he was not listed there. In October of 1996 I visted this old cemetery. It is an abandoned and very poorly cared for. It appears that almost all the stones are gone. Judging from the records a major portion of the cemetery has been destroyed and the stones are either buried or removed.

Children are:

1. Daniel Rowland Lewis b. 1799 [some have 1759] NY d. 11 Nov 1848 Cana, Jennings Co, IN married Sally Jane Carpenter Keith 19 Feb 1840 Cana, Jennings Co, IN b. 22 Feb 1818 , They are buried at Keith Cemetery.

2. Allen Lewis

3. Electa Lewis

4. Elijah Lewis

5. Elwina Lewis

6. Ezra Lewis married Elizabeth Miller

7. Hiram Lewis married Ann Robinson 11 Sept 1836

8. Isaac Lewis

9. John Lewis b. abt 1772 m. Betsy Winchell abt 1787, they had Morgan Lewis 27 Apr 1808 Harrisburgville, Lewis, NY


Kathleen T. Choi, her source on Morgan Lewis: IGI index Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: Family History Library 35 N West Temple Street, Salt Lake city UT 84150 USA, Internet

10. Josiah Lewis

11. Loton Lewis

12. Lucinda Lewis b. 1783

13. WILLIAM BARBER LEWIS b. 1783 Ulster, NY d. 1879 Jackson Co, IN married SARAH JANE MILLER 1810 [3rd Great Grandparents]

MILITARY SERVICE WAR 1812, Sgt. Act of 55-120 WT 78445 NY Militia

Established First School in that part of Jennings Co, IN

Sarah was the first Teacher, she was also the widow of Butler at time of marriage to William.

5. MICAJAH LEWIS [Cornelius, Samuel, Lewis] b. 25 Oct 1727 Massachuetts d. 5 Jul 1802 NY married Elizabeth

Note: In the New York History of Militia from image Micajah and Zadock Lewis are listed, I found this interesting and I am putting down all the Lewis's listed, there may end up being more matches at some later date:

Lewis Barent, ordered to be arrested charge against

Lewis Benjamin

Lewis Elijah

Lewis Felix

Lewis Foster

Lewis Francis [...delegate in the Continental Congress from New York

Lewis M. Francis a prisoner with the British

Lewis Francis Jr

Lewis Gradue

Lewis Hendrick

Lewis Rev. Ichabod

Lewis Jacob

Lewis James ensign

Lewis Cor. James

Lewis John

Lewis John Jr

Lewis Jonathan

Lewis Joseph

Lewis Leonard

Lewis Melaneton ?


Lewis Mr. examination of

Lewis Morgan

Lewis Richard

Lewis Samuel ensign

Lewis Scudler ?

Lewis Solomon

Lewis Thomas appointed ensign


Children are:

1. Cornelius Lewis died 2 Oct 1841 married [1] Keturah {2} Serepta Overton

2. Valentine Lewis

3. Ruphus Lewis

4. Richard Lewis

5. Mary Lewis married Thomas Powell

6. Aaron Willet Lewis

7. Micajah Jr Lewis

8. Loruhama Lewis married Abel Adams


Children are:

1. EMILY FRANCES LEWIS b. 2 Mar 1836 Goshen, Sullivan Co, New Hampshire, married MAJOR MONROE MORSE 24 May 1855 Foxboro, Norfolk, Mass, son of AARON MORSE & HANNAH BADGER, he was born 20 Apr 1828 Natick, Middlesex, Mass

Children are:

1. SARAH EVELYN MORSE b. 4 May 1857 Franklin, Norfolk, Mass

2. EMILY FRANCES MORSE b. 11 Feb 1859 Franklin, Norfolk, Mass

3. ERNEST MONROE MORSE b. 1 Jan 1861 Franklin, Norfolk, Mass

4. BERTHA FLORENCE MORSE b. 21 Aug 1870 Franklin, Norfolk, Mass

5. MINNA ALMIRA MORSE b. 17 Dec 1872 Franklin, Norfolk, Mass

6. EUGENE CHARLES LESLIE MORSE b. 22 Aug 1874 Franklin, Norfolk, Mass

AARON MORSE b. 19 Nov 1793 Natick, Middlesex, Mass d. 3 Apr 1860 Framingham, Middlesec, Mass, son of HENRY MORSE & EUNICE DOWS, he married [1] HARRIET BASSETT 13 Oct 1818 Upton, Worcester, Mass, daughter of SIMEON BASSETT & ABIGAIL HOWE, she was born about 1797 Natick, Middlesex, Mass, d. 15 Oct 1825 Natick, Middlesex, Mass

[2] HANNAH BADGER 27 Dec 1827 Sherborn, Middlesex, Mass, she was born 24 Jan 1795 Natick, Middlesex, Mass

Children by Harriet Bassett are:

1. AARON HARTWELL MORSE b. 14 Aug 1819 Worcester, Worcester, Mass

2. MARY BATES MORSE b. 17 Apr 1824 Natick, Middlesex, Mass

3. THOMAS DOWSE MORSE b. 7 Nov 1824 Natick, Middlesex, Mass

Children by Hannah Badger are:

1. MAJOR MONROE MORSE b. 20 Apr 1828 Natick, Middlesex, Mass

2. ADJUTANT MASON MORSE b. 12 Aug 1829 Natick, Middlesex, Mass

3. HANNAH BADGER MORSE b. 4 Apr 1832 Newport, Somerset Maine

4. CHARLES HENRY MORSE b. 17 Nov 1834 Newport, Somerset Maine

5. DEXTER MORSE b. about 1837 Framingham, Middlesex, Mass.

HENRY MORSE, b. 23 Mar 1758 Natick, Middlesex, Mass, d. 12 Jan 1821 Natick, Middlesex, Mass, son of DANIEL MORSE & HANNAH, he married EUNICE DOWS 19 Oct 1780 Sherborn, Middlesex, Mass, daughter of ELEAZER DOWS & EUNICE DANA, she was born, Christened 23 May 1756 Charlestown, Middlesex, Mass,

Children are:

1. POLLY MORSE b. 22 Dec 1781 Natick, Middlesex, Mass

2. DANIEL MORSE b. 15 Nov 1783 Natick, Middlesex, Mass

3. HENRY MORSE b. 20 Mar 1786 Natick, Middlesex, Mass

4. LUCY MORSE b. 18 Nov 1787 Natick, Middlesex, Mass

5. GEORGE MORSE b. 22 Mar 1790 Natick, Middlesex, Mass

6. HANNAH MORSE b. 26 Mar 1792 Natick, Middlesex, Mass

7. AARON MORSE b. 19 Nov 1793 Natick, Middlesex, Mass

8. AMORY MORSE b. 27 Nov 1795 Natick, Middlesex, Mass

9. EUNICE MORSE b. 19 June 1797 Natick, Middlesex, Mass

10. JOHN MORSE b. 2 July 1799 Natick, Middlesex, Mass

ELEAZER DOWS, son of JONATHAN DOWSE & ELIZABETH UPHAM, was born 2 Mar 1728 Charlestown, Middlesex, Mass, Christened 3 Mar 1728, d. 25 June 1807 Sherborn, Middlesex, Mass, married [1] EUNICE DANA 9 Nov 1749 Charlestown, Middlesex, Mass, she was born about 1726 Concord, Middlesex, Mass d. 18 Sept 1764 Charlestown, Middlesex, Mass [2] MEHITABLE BRENTNALL 18 Apr 1765 Chelsa, Suffolk, Mass, she was born 14 Jan 1732 Chelsea, Suffolk, Mass

Children by Eunice are;

1. ELEAZER DOWS JR b. 1 Sep 1750 Charlestown, Middlesex, Mass


3. EUNICE DOWS b. 23 May 1756 Charlestown, Middlesex, Mass

4. JOSEPH DOWS b. 31 Dec 1758 Charlestown, Middlesex, Mass

5. JOSEPH DOWS b. 1 Jan 1760 Charlestown, Middlesex, Mass

6. BENJAMIN DOWS b. Jan 1761 Charlestown, Middlesex, Mass


Children by Mehitable are:

1. JOHN DOWS b. 8 Jan 1766 Charlestown, Middlesex, Mass

2. MARY DOWS b. 16 Apr 1767 Charlestown, Middlesex, Mass

3. JAMES DOWS b. 28 Apr 1769 Charlestown, Middlesex, Mass

4. THOMAS DOWS b. 11 Jan 1771 Charlestown, Middlesex, Mass

5. THOMAS DOWS b. 28 Dec 1772 Charlestown, Middlesex, Mass

10. John Lewis

6. REBECCA LEWIS [Cornelius, Samuel, lewis] b. 1733 married Jeremiah Rhoades

Children are:

1. John Rhoades

2. Joseph Rhoades

3. Cornelius Rhoades

4. Archibald Rhoades

5. Zadock Rhoades

6. Elijah Rhoades

7. Richard Rhoades

2. DANIEL ROWLAND LEWIS [Zadock, Cornelius, Samuel, Lewis] b. abt 1799 NY d. 11 Nov 1848 Cana, Jennings Co, IN m. SALLY JANE KEITH 19 Feb 1840 Cana, Jennings Co, IN, daughter of Samuel Keith & Isabel Parks, b. 22 Feb 1818 they are buried in Keith's Cemetery. Sally Jane Keith was first married to Orrin I. Carpenter, she was a widow by age 21. [2] First Wife Children by First Wife are:

1. Jane Lewis b. 1812 NY married Caleb Robbins 6 Jan 1840, Caleb Robbins is on the 1840 Schedule of the whole number of persons within the division allotted to John L. Lpaine 447 no. 4

Daniel R. Lewis male under 5, male 10-20 female 20-30

CALEB ROBINS male 20-30 female 20-30

29 more people listed including Fielding Lett & Mary Lett

Children are:

1. Martin Robbins b. 1842

2. Mary Robbins b. 1844

3. Madison Robbins b. 1846

4. Mariah Robbins b. 1847

5. Rowland Robbins b. 1849

2. William C. Lewis b. 1819 married Mary Polly Robinson 28 Dec 1853

Children are:

1. Cyrus Lewis b. 1854

2. Sebastian Lewis b. 1857

3. Darius Lewis b. 1860

3. Chaucey Lewis b. 1822 married Maria Bacon 17 Aug 1845

Children are:

1. Priscilla Lewis b. 1848

2. Emaline Lewis b. 1850

3. Franklin P Lewis b. 1853

4. George W. Lewis b. 1837

Children by Sarah Jane Keith are:

1. Samuel A. Lewis b. 1841

2. Harriet R. Lewis b. 1845

3. Elizabeth Ann Lewis b. 8 Apr 1848 Jennings Co, IN d. 15 Aug 1854

4. John Peter Lewis b. 1 June 1848 Jennings Co, IN, died 19 July 1919 Bellingham, Whatcom County, Washington, buried Bayview Cemetery m. [1] Sarah Emaline Lawrence 24 Jun 1869 Jennings co, IN, daughter of William Lawrence & Lavina Lewis, she was b. 19 Nov 1852 Jennings Co, IN d. 19 Feb 1895 Jennings co, IN, buried New Coffee Creek Baptist Church Cem. Paris, Jennings co, IN [2] Elizabeth

[Sarah E Lawrence married her Great Uncle's Son, John Peter Lewis. Her great uncle was Daniel Rowland Lewis. John Peter Lewis was from Daniel Rowlands' second marriage to the widow Mrs. Sally Jane Keith Carpenter. Sally Jane Keith was the younger sister to Harriet Keith. Harriet was grandmother to Sarah Emaline Lawrence. Sally Jane Keith would then be Emma's great Aunt twice over, and also her mother-in-law ]

Children are:

1. Lavinia May Lewis b. 4 Feb 1886 married H. R. Schrum 6 Jan 1908

Children are

1. Arthur Schrum

2. Clarence Schrum

2. John Webster Lewis b. 27 Jun 1881 Blue Springs, MO d. 8 Jul 1940 Artesia, New Mexico married Minnie E Potts 4 Jan 1915 Cordell, OK, she was born 11 Nov 1893 Boone Co, Western Grove, Arkansas

Children are:

1. Myrtle Bee Lewis b. 20 Oct 1915 Cowden, OK

2. James Earl Lewis b. 13 May 1917 Mountain View, OK

3. Ruth G. Lewis b. 20 May 1920 Cloud Chief, OK

4. Archie P. Lewis b. 16 Jan 1923 Pasa Monte, New Mexico

5. Howard Lewis b. 19 Mar 1925 Mosquero, New Mexico

6. Harvey Lewis b. 19 Mar 1925 Mosquero, New Mexico

7. Nellie Lee Lewis b. 11 Mar 1927 Artesia, New Mexico

8. Charles F. Lewis b. 20 dec 1928 Artesia, New Mexico

9. Living Lewis


3. Mary Dessie Lewis b. 24 Aug 1891 d. 2 Apr 1948 Guthrie, Logan Co, OK married [1] Clarance Colfax Williams in Indiana, he was b. 14 Feb 1869 Wilson, Niagara, NY d. 26 May 1926 Norman, OK, son of james William b. abt 1816 Royalton, NY & Lucy A Webster b. abt 1839 Wilson, Niagara, NY, James Williams was the son of James Williams b. abt 1739 VT, Lucy A Webster was the daughter of Asa Webster b. abt 1800 NY & Persis b. abt 1805 NY



1. Geneva Dessie Williams b. 1 Jul 1915 IN d. 7 Dec 1976 Stillwater, OK married Casmir Staniszewski 1957 Detroit, Michigan, he was born 26 Sep 1913 Detroit, Wayne Co, Michigan


1. Living Staniszewski


2. Clarence C Williams b. 17 Oct 1916 Guthrie, Logan Co, OK d. 1 Dec 1980 Lawton, Commanche, OK, married Elizabeth Virginia Thompson 4 jul 1941 Guthrie, Logan, OK, she was b. 14 Oct 1917 Dallas, Dallas co, Tx


3. Living Children

4. Kathy Beth Williams b. abt 11 Sep 1954 Lawton, Commanche, OK


Married Second [2] Rush Cunard 17 Dec 1932 Perry, Noble Co, OK, he was the son of Stephen Calvin Cunard b. 29 Nov 1835 Barnesville, Belmont, OH & Elizabeth Emily Bolon b. 29 Jul 1843 Belmont, OH, he was b. 4 Mar 1877 Lewis,MO d. 16 Apr 1941 Crescent, Logan Co, OK


1. Living Cunard


Stephen Calvin Cunard b. 29 Nov 1835 Barnesville, Belmont, OH d. 26 Mar 1916 Crescent, Logan, OK married Elizabeth Emily Bolon 30 Jan 1868 E of Barnesville, Belmont, OH, she was b. 29 Jul 1843 Belmont, OH d. 29 dec 1932 Crescent, Logan, OK

Children are:

1. Grace Cunard 30 Jan 1869 Barnesville, Belmont, OH

2. Glen Cunard 29 Jul 1870 Barnesville, Belmont,OH

3. Bruce Cunard b. 10 Jul 1872 Wayne Twp, Belmont,OH

4. Wayne Cunard b. 4 Oct 1874 Canton, Lewis, MO

5. RUSH CUNARD b. 4 Mar 1877 Lewis, MO

6. Ora Ethel Cunard b. 26 Jan 1879 Lewis, MO

7. Blanche Cunard b. 10 mar 1881 MO

8. Ruth Lee Cunard b. 25 sep 1883 Enterprise, Linn, MO

9. Lloyd Hilan Cunard b. 2 May 1887 Enterprise, Linn, MO


4. Edwin G Lewis b. 4 Apr 1870 d. 5 Jul 1928


1. Homer Lewis

2. Clarence Lewis

5. William Franklin Lewis b. 28 Sep 1872

Children by Elizabeth and John P Lewis are:

1. Henry Lewis 2. Fred V Lewis born 1872 died 14 December 1927 Bellingham, Whatcom County, Washington, buried Bayview Cemetery, aged 55.

14. **WILLIAM BARBER LEWIS [Zadock, Cornelius, Samuel, Lewis] b. 1783 Ulster, NY d. 1879 Jackson Co, IN m. SARAH JANE MILLER 1810, daughter of Martin Miller she was born 1781 NY d. 26 Nov 1848 Jennings County, IN, at age 67 [Coffee Creek Baptist Church minutes "Sister Sarah Lewis departed this life Nov 26th, 1848 in the 67th year of her age",both buried Coffee Creek Baptist Church Cemetery

My GGG-Grandparents

William was in the War of 1812, Sgt, Act of 55-120 WT 78445 New York Militia

New York Militia:

State of Indiana, County of Jennings, on the 8th day of February, 1851, personally appears before me, Achilles Vawter, a Notary Public, and duly authorized by law to administer oaths for general purposes within and for the County of Jennings and State of Indiana; William Lewis, aged sixty-eight years, a resident of Jennings County in the state of Indiana, who being sworn according to law, declared that he is the identical William Lewis who was a sergeant in the company commanded by Col. Davis in the War with Great Britian, declared by the United States on the 18th day of June, 1812; that he was drafted at Seneca County in the State of New York on or about the 23rd day of December, A. D. 1813 for the term of three months, and continued in actual service for that time and was discharged [honorable] at Eleven Mile Creek in the County of-------In the State of New York on the 23rd day of March on or about the year 1814, A. D. as will appear by the Muster Roll of said company. He further states that he obtained an honorable discharge. The postmaster demanded the discharge when he was paid at Auburn, N.,Y., which he kept. He makes this statement for the purpose of obtaining bounty land to which he may be entitled under the Act granting bounty land to certain soldiers and officers who have engaged in the Militia service of the U.S. passed by Congress, September 28, 1850.


The oldest minister now in the Association is William B. Lewis, of Cana, Jennings County. He was born in Steuben County [now Yates], New York, November 15, 1816. At the age of four years he came with his parents to Indiana, and has resided in the same vicinity ever since. His parents were Baptists and exemplary Christians. The early religious training of his mother who was particularly noted for her piety and Christian zeal cuase him, when quite young, to think seriously of his need of pardoning mercy, yet he did not openly confess Christ until about twenty-one years of age. At taht time he made a profession of religion, was baptized by Elder Thomas Hill, Jr., and received into the fellowship of Coffee Creek Church, where he continues to hold membership. Not long after he united with the church his mind was drawn to the importance of preaching the gospel, and he commenced to publicly exhort his fellow-men to repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. In 1843, Coffee Creek Church granted him license to preach, and in 1848 he was ordained. From that time forward Elder lewis devoted a large portion of his time to ministerial work, though, in common with other preachers of his day in Southern Indiana, he was compelled to engage to a considerable extent in secular employment to support his family. He probably never received as much as &100 in any one year for ministerial service, except when in the employ of the General Association. His pastorates have extended over a large section of the country, he having labored in the bounds of Bethel, Madison, Brownstown and Coffee Creek Associatins. For some years past he has not been in regular pastoral work on account of failing health, yet still preaches in neighboring churches and school-houses when able to do so. His disease being paralysis and nervous debility, he can seldom go from home, and, of course, can not expect again to engage in active ministerial work. Elder Lewis could not be styled eloquent nor a fluent speaker, yet his sermons were sound, were well prepared, and exhibited a depth of thought and thorough understanding of the Scriptures rarely surpassed by any preacher of htis vicinity. He was not quick to arrive at conclusions, his mind requiring time to look at the subject in all its bearins, but when convinced, of correctness of any principle, it became a fixed fact-a part of himself-never to be abandoned. His early espusal of ant-slvaery and temperance principles rendered him unpopular in some localities, yet he never swerved from what he deemed his duty, but boldly advocated his principles whenever the occasion demanded it. He was Moderator of the Association at the sessions of 1875 and 1876, since which he has not been present at the anniversaries. Elder Lewis was married in 1835. His wife is still living, as are a son and three daughters.

WILLIAM B LEWIS PREACHED AT TEA CREEK Constituted in December, 1872:

During the winter of 1871-72 a protracted meeting was held at a school-house on Tea Creek, in what formerly was called Bailiff neighborhood. The meeting was conducted by Elder A. J. robins, pastor at Zion; but Methodist and Lutheran bretheren, as well as Baptist, took deep interest in the meeting, rendering very efficient service. Every Christian heart seemed united in earnest prayer for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and this prayer was answered to a degree seldom witnessed. The whole community was affected, and many stout-hearted and impenitent, who had long resisted the Spirit's influence, were turned from darkness to light, and enabled to rejoice in the assurance of their acceptance with God. Christian hearts were filled to overflowing with love and gratitude for these wonderful tokens of Divine Favor, and now, after a lapse of more than ten years, this meeting is looked back to as a time peculiarly blessed of the Lord. Most of those converted united with Zion Church. BUILDING AND LOCATION: There was no church organization in the neighborhood, but the people determined to arise and build a house, and the following summer a good, substantial frame was erected, the whole community uniting; many who were not professors taking a very active part. The location is a good one; and is about two miles west from Lovett, a station on the O & M Branch Road.

CONSTITUTION: In the fall of the same year, letters of dismission were granted by Zion Church to Wm. Robins, Lavinia Robins, John Short, lucinda Short, Basil Johnson, Ellen Johnson, Joseph Vance, Elizabeth Vance, Boyd Vance, Matilda Vance, G. W. Craig, Fergus Blakely, Martha Blakely, Charles Walker, Jullis Walker, Noah Johnson, George Johnson, James Stoddard, Mariel Hartwell, Sardis Robins, Wm r. Craig, A.S. Grves, Susan Hartwell, Margaret Blakely, Eliza Hartwell, Nellie Short, Mary Vance, Serena Tribbet, Alpharetta Kinder, Ester Stoddard, Betsy Earl, lucinda Vance, Eliza Layman, Eliza Robins, Sarah McWorter, Zilpha Spencer, Margaret Spencer, Emily Spencer, Charlotte Craid and T.J. Bush, who were recognized, with usual ceremonies, by a council of delegates from the various churches of the vicinity, as the Tea Creek Baptist Church. Elder A.J. Robins was Moderator of the council and John Short Clerk.

PASTORS: A.J. Robins was pastor until March, 1875; D.M. LETT to August, 1875; W.B. LEWIS to March, 1877; Allen Hill to April, 1879; W.W.Smith about four years, since which A.J. Robins is again pastor.

He established the first school in that part of Jennings Co, IN, Sarah was the Teacher of the First School, she was the Widow of Phineas Butler when William married her.

Children are:

Sarah had two children by her first husband, Phineas Butler b. 1775 Mass. Source: Melissa, Butler family Bible [New Testament and Psalms] Melissa, a daughter of Sidney Butler, received a Bible. It contains the names and birth dates of Sidney's parents. She passed it to her oldest daughter Ella. Now in the possession of Doris--the granddaughter to Ella. Further Attestation: Mother to Pauline Parmenter, great-granddaughter of Sidney Butler stated that Phineas was father of Sidney. Wayne Miller, a descendant of Sidney's son, Phineas wrote to a cousin and referred to a Sidney Butler New Testament & Psalms that had family history entries and said, "At least now I know the source of the birth year of Phineas and Sarah." So he apparently knew that Phineas was father to Sidney.they are:

1. Sidney Butler b. 5 May 1803 Steuben County, New York d. 30 Oct 1877 Jennings Co, IN aged 74 years, 4 mos, 25 days, bureid New Coffee Creek Church Cem. [His death is recorded in Coffee Creek Baptist Church Deaths] m. 8 Mar 1827 Steuben Co, NY Kezziah Cosier Ribble b. abt 1809 nY d. 1 Mar 1909,Vernon Centre Blue Earth County, MN, daughter of Moses Ribble & Mary Snook [Moses Ribble lived very near Phineas Butler in 1820 census of Steuben Co,NY]

Children are:

1. Phineas Butler b. 8 June 1828 Steuben Co, NY d. 27 Jun 1862 Gaines Mill, VA battle [Civil War] m. Louisa Scott 24 Feb 1848 Jennings co, IN

2. Chancy Butler b. 1830 Jersey, Steben Co, NY 21 May 1864 from a wound received in the Spotsylvania Court House Battle, near Fredericksburg, VA on 12 May 1864, died at Fairfax Seminary Hospital near Alexandria, m. Lucy Chamberlain 4 Apr 1858 Ingham Co, Michigan

3. Mary J. Butler b. 1831 Steuben Co, NY d. 22 jun 1923 m. Benjamin F. Randall 16 Jun 1860, a cousin thinks she might have married a Bolts before that, the last name she died by was Roberts.

4. Sarah A. Butler b. 19 Mar 1838 iN Jennings co, IN d. 14 Apr 1922 m. David H. Montgomery b. 1839 d. 1889 [descendant is Robert Montgomery]

5. Elizabeth Betsey Butler b. 27 Nov 1840 IN d. 4 Apr 1930 Blue Earth County, MN m. Jackson Randall, a nephew of Benjamin 3 Mar 1857 Jennings Co, IN

6. Alina Butler b. 16 Dec 1843 Jennings Co, IN d. 11 Nov 1932 LeSeuer Co, MN m. Samuel Nathan Arbuckle 21 Mar 1861 Jennings Co, IN Child is: Dezzie I Arbuckle

7. Savannah Ellen Butler b. 21 Jun 1846 Jennings Co, IN d. 4 Sep 1871 Jennings Co, IN buried Coffee Creek m. Thomas L. Montgomery, brother to David Montgomery b. 1843

8. Silas W. Butler b. 20 Feb 1849 Jennings co, IN d. 4 Dec 1917 m. Florella Mayfield had: Edward thomas Butler b. 1870

9. Melissa Butler b. 10 Jan 1852 Jennings co, IN d. 30 Dec 1935 Blue Earth Co, MN buried at Garden City Cem. m. Virgil Aaron Buckles 13 Mar 1873 Jennings Co, IN moved to Blue Earth Co, MN whery they died.

10. Lilly Butler b. 13 Aug 1857 d. 14 Jul 1867 Jennings Co, IN

2. Lewis Ezra Butler b. ca 1806 Steuben Co, NY d. 4 Nov 1882 Williamston, Michigan m. Lavina b. ca 1806 NY and they moved to Michigan and are found in the 1840 census there. By 1860 Lewis Butler is in Indiana and is found in the 1860 & 1870 there. [Remarried to Saphrona Green, daughter of Caleb Green & Amelia "Melia" Wanins, between 1860-1879] Lewis Butler sold his farm to his son-in-law, Thomas Williams, and moved back to Michigan in 1873 and is found in the s880 MI census with his daughter.

Lewis Children are:

1. Nancy Jane Lewis b. 5 Oct 1811 Seneca Co, NY d. 21 Jul 1856 Jennings Co, IN

2. Daniel David Lewis b. 17 Jan 1813 Seneca, NY d. 19 Apr 1889 Cana, Jennings Co, IN married Harriet Rice Keith 5 May 1832 Jennings co, IN, b. 24 Jan 1816 Jennings Co, IN [2] Frances Keith 17 Apr 1856 Jennings Co, IN

Children by Harriet Keith:

1. Lavinia Lewis b. 26 Apr 1833 Jennings co, IN

2. Eli Lewis b. 1835 Jennings Co, IN 4. Charles Newton Lewis b. 7 Sep 1839 Jennings co, IN

5. July Ann Lewis b. 10 Mar 1842 Cana, Jennings Co IN

6. Timothy Martin Lewis b. 17 Oct 1843 Cana, Jennings Co, IN

7. Rachel Lewis b. 5 Mar 1846 Jennings Co, IN

8. Samantha Lewis b. 19 Nov 1848 Cana, Jennings Co, IN

9. Serelda Lewis b. 19 Nov 1848 Cana, Jennings Co,IN

10. Minerva Lewis b. 17 May 1852 Jennings Co, IN

11. Infant Lewis b. 23 Aug 1854 Cane, Jennings Co, IN

12. Infant Lewis b. 23 Jul 1855 Cana, Jennings Co, IN

Children by Frances Keith are:

1. Ralph Applegate Lewis b. 24 Feb 1857 Jennings Co, IN

2. Ida May Lewis b. 20 May 1858 Cana, Jennings Co, IN

3. James William Lewis b. 10 Jan 1860 Cana, Jennings Co, IN

4. Unknown Lewis b. 28 May 1861 jennings Co, IN

5. Permitus Lewis b. 19 Apr 1862 Cana, Jennings Co IN

6. Unknown Lewis b. 2 Nov 1863 Cana, Jennings Co, IN

7. Alonzo Orville Lewis b. 27 Nov 1864 Jennings Co, IN

8. Corsetta Lewis b. 1868

9. Artemus Lewis b. 16 Apr 1869 Jennings Co, IN

10. Loretta Lewis b. 16 Apr 1869 Jennings Co, IN

11. Waity Ellen Lewis b. 12 Sep 1870 Cana Jennings Co, IN



1. Lavinia Lewis b. 26 Aug 1833 Jennings Co, IN d. 11 Aug 1879 Jackson Co, IN, buried Keith Cemetery, Jennings Co, near Paris Crossing, IN, married William Henry Lawrence 26 Sep 1850 Jennings Co, IN, he was the son of John J Lawrence & Ruth Merrell, he was born 18 May 1821 IN, he was a Farmer & Minister:

1880 United States Census, Montgomery, Jennings Co, IN

Henry Laurence 59 In Farmer NC NC

Marthy A. Laurence dau 19 IN Keeping House

Laui W Laurence daug 14 IN

William Corya SSon 12 IN IN IN

George Corya SSon 11 In In In

Mary J Laurence wife 41 IN Keeping House In In

Miram Corya other 24 IN Laborer IN IN

Children by Lavina Lewis are:

1. George Franklin Lawrence b. Sep 1851 IN d. aft 1900 married Sarah Catherine Ayers 14 Sep 1873 Jennings Co, IN, she was b. 16 Sep 1857 d. 20 Feb 1946 Nashville, Davidson Co, TN, He was a Lawyer


1. Margaret Lawrence

2. William H Lawrence b. 16 Mar 1876

3. Joseph Ayers Lawrence b. Nov 1878

4. Phoebe Lawrence b. Feb 1880 IN

5. Katie Lawrence b. Oct 1883 IN

6. Harryett Aurora Lawrence b. 9 Jun 1874 IN d. 28 Aug 1966 Shelbyville, Shelby Co, IN [gastorintestinal Hem], housewife, resided at 203 W Mechanic St Shelbyville, IN, she married Chester Graham Sheperd or his name was Chester George Shepard, b. 1 Oct 1870 IN


1. James Shepard

2. living Shepard

3. Chester George Shepard

[this page is alittle confusing to me]



2. Mary Ellen Lawrence b. 1852 married John Milford Cox 4 Oct 1870 Jennings Co, IN, he was b. 29 May 1847 Vernon, Jennings Co, IN d. 8 nov 1919 Manchester, IN


1. Lulu May Cox b. 30 May 1872 Montgomery Twp, Jennings Co,IN

2. Bertha Keturah Cox b. 6 Oct 1874 Montgomery Twp, Jennings Co, IN

3. Homer L. Cox b. 25 Jul 1881 Franklin Twp, Johnson Co, IN


3. Sarah Emiline Lawrence b. 19 Nov 1852 d. 19 Feb 1895 buried Coffee Creek Baptist Church, Jennings co, IN married John Peter Lewis 24 Jun 1869 Jennings Co, IN, he is the son of Daniel Rowland Lewis & Sally Jane Keith, he was b. 1 Jun 1848 Jennings Co, IN d. 20 Nov 1912, buried New part of Coffee Creek Baptist Church Cem.

Children Are Under John Peter Lewis.

4. Daniel Francis Lawrence b. 1857 IN married Marian J Lawrence b. 1857 IN


1. Arthur Lawrence b. 1877

2. Alfred Lawrence b. Jul 1880

5. Martha Alice Lawrence b. 1859 IN d. 8 Mar 1913 Paris Crossing, Jennings Co, IN married Thomas Jefferson Burtch 28 Jul 1880, he was born 1850 Paris Crossing, Jennings Co, IN d. 1918 Paris, Jennings Co, IN

Children are:

1. Clella Blanch Burtch b. 26 feb 1882 Shelby Co, IN

2. Burtie Leroy Burtch b. 17 Jul 1884 Jennings co, IN

3. Gurney Orville Burtch b. 12 Feb 1886 Jennings co, IN

4. William Homer Burtch b. 22 Aug 1889 Jennings co, IN

5. Son Burtch b. 25 oct 1891 Jennings Co, IN

6. Arthur V Burtch b. 1 Aug 1893 Jennings Co, IN

7. Harriet Burtch b. 5 Apr 1895 Jennings Co, IN

6. Luwattie Lawrence b. 1865 IN


John J Lawrence b. 19 mar 1796 Fauquier, VA d.25 Jun 1870 Jennings Co, IN, [birth maybe 21 Sep 1796 Randolph, NC] married Ruth Merrell, b. 1799 NC d. 1879 Jennings Co, IN


1. WILLIAM HENRY LAWRENCE b 18 May 1821 Jennings co, IN

2. Lucy Lawrence b. 18 May 1828 Jennings Co, IN d. 7 Apr 1903 Woodbine, Harrison, IA married Solomon Deputy 16 Sep 1852 Jennings Co, IN, he was b. 12 Mar 1831 Jefferson Co, IN

Children are:

1. Martha Jane Deputy b. 7 Nov 1853 Jefferson, IN

2. Viola Alice Deputy b. 29 Mar 1856 Jefferson ,IN

3. Infant Deputy b. Nov 1857

4. Francis Albert "Frank" Deputy b. 30 Apr 1859 Colfax Twp, Harrison, MO

5. Soloman Oscar Deputy b. 25 Jul 1862 Colfax Twp, Harrison, MO

6. Mary Ruth Deputy b. 7 Nov 1868 Colfax Twp, Harrison, MO

7. Charles Woods Deputy b. 26 Feb 1873 Colfax Twp, Harrison, MO


3. Ruth Ellen Lawrence b. 1839 Jennings Co,IN married James Clinton Hudson 12 Feb 1863 Jennings Co, IN, he was b. 19 Apr 1841

Children are:

1. Emma Idell Hudson b. 18 Jan 1864

2. Carrie May Hudson b. 14 May 1868

3. Nora Frances Hudson b. 26 Sep 1870

Married second: Joseph Baker 1 Sep 1878


4. Sarah Damsel Lawrence b. Jun 1845 Jennings co,IN Children are:

1. Ulysses Grant Lewis b. 10 Jan 1869 married Agnes b. 1870

2. Rosalie Lewis b. 1 Aug 1871 d. 21 Jun 1943 San Bernardino, California married Edward W Stout 27 Nov 1890 Jennings Co, IN


WILLIAM LAWRENCE b. 30 Dec 1764 Fauquier, VA d. 12 jul 1822 Clark, IN, buried New Washington, Oscar Hutchings' Farm; married Catherine Bland 1778 Randolph, NC, she was b. abt 1771 NC d. 16 Apr 1816


1. John J Lawrence b. 19 Mar 1796 Fauguier, VA

JOHN LARRANCE , son of Edward Larrance, b. abt 1690 Northumberland, VA d. Mar 1786 Fauquier, VA & Sarah b abt 1700 he was b. 29 Sep 1725 Northumberland, VA d. 28 Oct 1800 Richland Twp, Randolph, NC married Nancy Ann Needham b. abt 1742


1. William Lawrence b. 30 Dec 1764 Fauquier, VA

3. Elizabeth W. Lewis b. 15 Dec 1814 Seneca Co, NY d. 11 Sep 1892 m. Samuel S. Hall

4. William Barber Lewis b. 15 Nov 1816 d. 11 Aug 1892

5. **TIMOTHY B. LEWIS b. 1819 Steuben Co, NY d. 20 Jul 1878 Riley Co, KS m. Mahala Lett

6. Eliza Lewis b. 1820 d. 1855 Jennings co, IN

7. John M. Lewis b. 25 Apr 1822 on the Ohio River, d. 24 Jun 1915, Uniontown, IN, burial Uniontown Cem. m. Mary Jane Coryell 19 Jan 1843 daughter of Francis Coryell & Maria Gibson [2] Rebecca A. Pierson 1868 Jackson County, IN, daughter of James Weathers Pierson b. 14 Mar 1790 Culpepper, VA & Lucretia Morgan, b. 22 Apr 1807 Bourbon, KY, Rebecca was b. 1 May 1832 Jackson Co, IN d. 15 June 1919 IN buried Baptist Cem, Uniontown, Lewis Plot

Children by Mary Coryell are:

1. Maria Lewis b. 29 Oct 1843 d. 29 Sep 1851

2. Gilbert Lewis b. 1 Nov 1845 d. 27 jul 1863

3. Oscar Lewis b. 1 Jan 1848 d. 1929 m. Mary Jane Hougland/Hoagland

4. Harriet Lewis b. 27 May 1850 d. 8 Oct 1851

5. Sarah Jane Lewis b. 17 Sep 1854 d. 3 Oct 1875 m. William Hoagland

6. George Lewis b. 5 Feb 1857 d. 1929 buried Uniontown Cem. m. Arabelle "Bell" W. Pierson b. 23 Feb 1859 Jackson Co, IN

7. Louisa Belle Lewis b. 27 Mar 1860 Jennings Co, IN d. May 1945 Denver CO, m. James Clarence Morgan

8. Ralph Applewhite Lewis b. 5 Sep 1865 d. 30 Jul 1950 Syemour, IN m. Minnie May Deputy 26 Apr 1896 Jackson Co, IN, daughter of Solomon Deputy & Sarah Pierson, she was b. 26 Sep 1865 Jennings Co, IN d. 19 Mar 1960 Seymour, They are buried Riverview Cem

Note: Ralph Lewis's stepmother was Rebecca Pierson. Rebecca was Minnie's Aunt [sister to Minnie's mother] Also, Minnie and her half-sister Arabelle married two Lewis brothers, Ralph and George. A sister in that Lewis family Louisa Lewis married a cousin of Minnie's James Clarence Morgan.

Source: Dennis Nicklaus Genealogy [mother's side] Internet Worldconnect

Birth-parents-spouse-children: "Jackson Co. DAR" p. 50 copy received from Mary M. Morgan by D. Nicklaus, 1995

Children are:

1. Mary Hawthorne Lewis b. 4 May 1896 Uniontown, Jackson Co, IN m. Louis Heinrich Wilhelm Osterman 31 Aug 1931 Paris, Kentucky b. 15 Sep 1894

note: She lived most of her life in Seymour. She had a great love of her familys history and the history of the state of Indiana. She graduated from Franklin College, did graduate work for University of Michigan, she was a School Teacher and School Board Member in the 1950's.

Louis Osterman was a Medical Doctor, graduated from University of Medicine Indiana

Obituary for Mary Hawthorne Lewis Osterman:

MARY L. OSTERMAN, 90, of 517 Homestead Avenue, Seymour [Indiana] died at her home. She was a member of the First Baptist Church, Seymour. She was a former school Teacher and member of the school board in the 1950's. She was a member of the Seymour Tri Capa and Delta Zeta sorority at Franklin [Baptist] College where graduated in 1920. She was a member of the Huguenot Society, the Indiana Pioneers, Daughters of the American Revolution and the Daughters of the American Colonists. She was born May 4, 1896 in Uniontown [Indiana] to Ralph Lewis and Minnie Deputy Lewis. She lived most of ther life in Seymour. On August 31, 1941 in Paris, Kentucky, she married Dr. Louis Osterman who died December 12, 1966. Surviving is her son Louis H. Osterman, Jr. of Indianapolis, three grandchildren, Mark Osterman, Dallas, Texas, Richard McMinn and Debra Howson of Indianapolis. Two sisters, Margaret and Helen both of Seymour, one brother proceeded her in death, Services are scheduled for 2:30 pm, Wednesday at Voss Chapel, Seymour. Burial will be at Riverview Cemetery.

2. Leo Lewis b. May 1898 IN

3. Margaret Lewis b. 22 Apr 1900 IN m. Lloyd E. Waltz

4. Helen Elsie Lewis b. 1 Aug 1904 Jackson Co, IN d. 1994

Child by Rebecca A. Pierson is:

1. John M. Lewis b. 1869 Uniontown, IN m. Emma Crabb

Rebecca first married Stpehen Cook 25 Aug 1864 IN, he was b. 24 Jan 1842 IN d. 24 Jan 1868 Uniontown, IN buried Uniontown Cem. They had two children:

1. Sonora Cook b. 21 Jan 1866 IN d. 1 May 1918 Seymour, IN buried Riverview Cem. m. James Ritter 7 Jun 1888, b. 1864 IN d. 1927 buried Riverview Cem

2. Sudie G. Cook b. 28 Oct 1867 IN d. 5 Oct 1868

Jonathan Loppnow has a good website for Coffee Creek Baptist Church and information on many of the Lewis Clan:

23. TIMOTHY B. LEWIS [William, Zadock, Cornelius, Samuel, Lewis] b. 1819 Steuben Co, NY d. 20 Jul 1878 Riley Co, KS m. MAHALA LETT 23 April 1840 Jennings co, IN, Thought to be the daughter of Daniel Lett and Mariah Osborn, but who her mother is has not been proven yet. she was born 2o June 1821 KY died 25 November 1895 Winlock, Lewis County, Washington, and is buried in Winlock Cemetery Plot 37, 3 stone says: MAHAL LEWIS June 20 1821 Nov. 25 1895


Timothy B. Lewis was born in Steuben County, New York in 1819, he was brought by his parents to Indiana, where they located on State Creek in the southern part of Jennings County. Here Timothy was raised to manhood, assisting his father in farming. Being raised by pious parents and being a remarkably moral and steady young man, he early gave his heart to the Saviour. He united with the Coffee Creek Church where a few years later he was ordained to 1865 he sold his land and moved to Riley County, Kansas where he diligently pursued his ministerial calling, continuing in the work until a few weeks before his death which occurred in 1877.

This info on Timothy B Lewis is from from Sherri Abromavage in a reply: 2-12-2005

Coffee Creek Baptist Church was organized at the home of Thomas Hill, on Coffee Creek, the first Saturday in May 1822, with the following as charter memers: Thomas Hill sr., Mary Hill, William Whitsitt, Nancy Blankenship, John Hopkins, Zilpha Hopkins, Nathan Robertson, Ann Robertson, Patsey Peoples, Nancy Johnson, Betsey Bennett, Betsey Burnett, Polly Roberts, Sally Scott, Ann McCroara, Ann Pritchard, Ann Wilkerson, Polly Hudson, Hannah, Earl and Susan Hill.

The council was composed of messengers from Union, Vernon, Harbert's Creek, White River, Scaffold, Lick and Graham Churches. Isaiah Blankenship was moderator and William C. Cranwell was Clerk. Immediately after the council adjourned, the church organized for business with Elder Thomas Hill, Sr. for moderator. At this first business meeting, Thomas Hill, Jr., united with the church and ws baptized the next day retaining his membership until his death in 1875.

Thomas Hill was the first pastor and served until 1838 when old age compelled him to resign. Thomas Hill Jr. was then called and served for nearly twenty eight years, his being the longest pastorate the church has ever had. Since that time, the church has had as pastors WILLIAM B LEWIS, T.B. LEWIS,, George, W.E. Speak, William Gillaspy, Alex Connerly, WILLIAM B LEWIS, again, Aleen Hill, J. M. McGuire, Lott Randolph, W.C. Golden, J.O Burroughs, B.T. Purviance, S.E. Hamilton, C. D. Stevens, Charles H. Overman, William H. Carson, A. J. Croy, C. T. Mitchell and the present pastor C. C. Thomas.

The church has ordained eight Ministers, Thomas Hill Jr., Zachariah Bush, J. W. Robinson, John Hill, Charles Snowden, WILLIAM B LEWIS, U. M. McGuire and B. P. Purviance.

The first building was a hewn log house built in 1822. In the fall of 1834 a brick church 30X34 feet was erected near the site of the old one. In July 1886, this bulding was torn down and removed to Paris Crossing and the present building was dedicated in July 1887. The church was repaired and rededicated in November 22nd 1908, during the pasturate of S. E. Hamiton.

Coffee Creek Church was a member of the Silver Creek Association until 1827 when messengers from several of the churchs met and formed a new association called Coffee Creek, of which this church is known as the mother church. At this time the country was but sparsley settled and churches were widely separated. A mission was established on Neil's Creek and also at Six Mile, now Hayden. the Neil's Creek branch was discontinued after Lancaster Church was organized in 1859. First Marion was organized in 1849.



First Marion Church-organized at Marion schoolhouse, Marion Township, 26 April 1849. Charter Members: Samuel B Carpenter, Jane Carpenter, TIMOTHY B LEWIS, MAHALA LEWIS, Jeremiah West, Jemima West, Joseph Mosely, Catherine Mosely, Israel West, Lydan Ann West, Griffon C. Mosely, Thomas J Mosely, Elijah Ferigo, Woodford Barnes, Elizabeth Barnes, David S. Carpenter, Richard H. Keith, and Eliza Keith [sister to Timothy B Lewis and William B Lewis]

First Pastor-TIMOTHY B LEWIS who with his brother WILLIAM B LEWIS led the church for many years. Timothy was a typical exhorter and was quite popular with the young people. William was more solemn.

FIRST MARION Constituted in April, 1849 A branch meeting, established first at Barnes' school house, afterward at Marion, was regularly attended by Elder Thomas Hill Jr., and later by WILLIAM B AND TIMOTHY B LEWIS. This branch was on the 26th of April, 1849, by delegates from the various churches of the vicinity, Elder John Chambers being presiding officer of the council, Elder J. B. Swincher Clerk. The constituent members were S. B. Carpenter, Jane Carpenter, T. B. LEWIS, MAHALA LEWIS, Jeremiah West, Jemima West, Joseph Mosley, Catharine Mosley, Israel West, Lydia West, G. C. Mosley, T. J. Mosley, Elijah Ferrigo, Woodford Barnes, Elizabeth Barnes, D. S. Carpenter, G. W. Carpenter, R. H. Keith and Eliza Keith. PASTORS: TIMOTHY B LEWIS, licentiate-but ordained in August of the same year-was pastor four years, elder J. B. Swincher was next pastor for two years; T.B. LEWIS again, five years, and W.B. LEWIS again, five years, and W.B. Lewis something more than two years. This was during the first years of the war, and the church, being in a low state and disheartened, had no pastor for about four years, when she rallied and had the services of George King, licentiate, one year, and Elder John Chambers one year, after which there was again a destitution of three years. During the latter part of this period, Elder Wm. Gillaspy preached for them a few times, and the church was so much revived that Elder Gillaspy was secured as pastor, continuing about five years, with grand success, the membership being raised from twenty-three to ninety-eight during his first year. It was during his pastorate that he present house was erected. Since then the church has had as pastors Elders W. B. LEWIS, one year; Allen Hill, three years; G. W. Thompson, two years and J.N. Spillman now about three years. DEACONS AND CLERKS: Woodford Barnes, R.H. Keith, David Smith, Enos tobias and e.J. Hughes have been the deacons. Clerks-Woodford Barnes, PHINEAS BUTLER, DANIEL LEWIS, Caleb Robins, David Smith and E.J. Hughes; Post-Office address, Cana, Jennings County, IND.

BUILDINGS AND LOCATION: A log meeting-house was built in 1850, which in 1873 gave place to the present commodious brick [40X60 feet], neatly finished and furnished. It is the best house in the Association, and is located five miles due west from Commiskey Station, O & M. Branch Road. Present membership of 105.


TIMOTHY B LEWIS wa born in 1819 in Steuben County, New York. In 1820 his parents [William and Sarah Miller Lewis] moved to Indiana where they located on Slate Creek in the northern part of Jennings County. Here Timothy was raised to manhood, assisting his father in farming. When about 22 years of age, he married Mahala Lett- 23 April 1840 and bought land three miles from the homestead and again engaged in clearing up a farm. Being raised by pious parents, and being a remarkable moral and steady young man, he early united with the Coffee Creek Church, where a few years later he was licensed to preach. In April 1849 First Marion Chruch was constituted and he and his wife were charter memebers. Timothy had been preaching at the school-house for some time, and the church called him as thier first pastor. He was ordained in Aug of the same year. In 1865 he sold his farm and removed to Riley County, Kansas, where he pursued his ministerial calling serving as pastor of several churches, until a few weeks before his death in 1877.

WILLIAM B LEWIS of Cana, Jennings County was born in Steuben Co [Now Yates] New York 15 Nov 1816 brother of Timothy B. At 21 he joined the church and was baptized by Elder Thomas Hill Sr. and received into the Coffee Creek Church where in 1843 he was granted license to preach and was ordained in 1848. His pastorates have extended over a large section of country, he having labored in the bounds of Bethel, Madison, Brownstown, and Coffee Creek Associations. He married 19 March 1835 Malinda Belz. William Baker lewis died 11 Aug 1892 and is bureid at Marion Church.


Carpenter, John book 2 page 269 LA to Boyd Hudson and the estate 7 Oct 1835 Book 2 page 285 2 Feb 1836 inventory filed.

Book 2 page 286 sale---Buyers include WILLIAM LEWIS, Boyd Hudson, robert Donnell

Book 2 page 289 DANIEL LEWIS files petition stating he purchased of John Carpenter by bond on 9 Feb 1836 land in amount of 38 acres for $200.00 Carpenter now deceased. Admin is authorized to receive the monies for same and convey a deed for the property.

Jennings County Probate Book C Nov 1836-Dec 1839: Pages 185-189 14 May 1839 WILLIAM B LEWIS listed among the buyers at the estate sale of James Buckles


[Note from Sherri--they had to petition to sell and post a notice in newspapers in Jennings County, IN and Owen County, Kentucky because one of Daniel's daughters, Mariah, had remained in Owen Co, KY and had married--Absent heirs get a chance to say that property should not be sold from an estate in Indiana].

1860 Census, Jennings Co, IN family #1321:

Timothy B. Lewis, 41 b. NY

Mahala, 39, b. KY

Mary S. 12, b. IN

S---- [Selena] 11, b. IN

Thomas 9 b. IN

Robert E. 12, b. IN

1870 Census, Riley Co, Grant Twp KS:

Timothy B. Lewis 51 b. NY

Mahala 49 b. KY

Thomas 19 b. IN

Esther 11 b. IN

Marion 9 b. IN

Melvin 9 b. IN

Lincoln 7 b. IN

An old photocopy of a handwritten list and note had "Baker" added in as Timothy's middle name. This was a list of Timothy's children: Jane, Thomas, Selena, Marion, Melvin, Esther, Lincoln. Esther was labeled as "my mother" by the person who wrote this list. It was on a scratch pad inscribed: The Wamego Reporter, Printing-Publishing, Phone 25, Wamego [KS]. At the bottom of the list it read, "I always understood that Timothy Lewis had a brother who was also a minister." On another page was the following: "When Marion Lewis died he was President of a Baptist School or college in Portland, Oregon. Grandmother Lewis died in what is now Bellingham, Washington. At least that is my recollection. I wrote to her several times. Our Bibles and such records as mother had were destroyed in a cyclone in Okla. Sorry I can't tell you more. K. D. Doyle" Upside down on the pad was a note written by John Kenneth [J. K.] Nelson: K. D. Doyle was my mother's cousin. An old Obit. Told about the death of Kenneth Doyle, publisher of the Wamego Reporter, J. K. Nelson was the son of Nellie Capitola Lewis Nelson, daughter of Daniel Thomas [aka. Thomas M.] Lewis.

Timothy B. Lewis is buried at Coffee Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, he moved to Jennings Co, IN in 1820 with parents. He was a Baptist Preacher and was known as the Marrying Preacher.

[my gg-grandparents]

Children are:

1. JANE LEWIS is listed on note as child of Timothy and Mahala Lett's

2. THOMAS M LEWIS b. 1845 Jennings co, IN d. bef. 1860

3. MARY JANE LEWIS b. 15 Mar 1848 Jennings Co, IN d. 21 Dec 1877 Jennings Co, IN

4. **SELENA ANN LEWIS b. 6 Aug 1849 Jennings Co, IN d. 12 Mar 1927 Wamego, KS

5. DANIEL THOMAS LEWIS born 1851 Marion Twp, Jennings County, Indiana died 8 October 1894 Winlock, Lewis County, Washington, buried Winlock Cemetery, Plot 17, 3 married Katie [Katherine] I Mayfield, she died 7 Aug 1875

Children are;

1. Nellie Capitola lewis b. 21 Dec 1871 Stockdale, Riley Co, KS d. 15 Jan 1914 Stockdale, Riley Co, KS, after her mother died Nellie is found living with her grandmother Mahala Lett Lewis, Nellie was deaf anda relative Dr. Isaac Mayfield cared for her and she went to a school for the deaf,

Her family lived on a farm near Stockdale, KS about 14 miles north of Manhattan on the Blue River. Her application for admittance to the Kansas School for the Deaf [Kansas Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb] at Olathe was filled out on January 7, 1880. Nellie's first term at school was from September 14, 1881 to May 23, 1882, but no other terms were noted on the Pupil Record. The KSD representative found no record of her having graduated from the school. The Pupil's Record described her as a very bright and active above average, and perfectly healthy. It stated that no known relatives were deaf and that her deafness was probably congenital and definitely total and incurable. Nellie had been examined by a member of the Indianapolis Institute. The school records said she had had measles and whooping cough [after she was known to be deaf]. Other comments on the admission form were she had not been vaccinaged before going to school; she was rather bashful in the presence of strangers; her parents were "not related in the least," her father was very poor; and she had never attended any institution. The Pupils' Record, page 219, further remarks that she was vaccinated for measles and whooping cough at the institution in Dec. 1881 and also on Feb. 23, 1889, she had no infirmities or peculiar habits, there was no "consanguinity of parents" [common ancestry]: her "prcuniary circumstances" were poor, and her only sibling was Charles Walter Lewis, born Sept. 12, 1873. Unfortunately, the personal description of her was not filled out. After her father [and brother?] left, her aunt, Mrs. Jennie [Virginia Mayfield, sister to her mother]Warner of Stockdale, KS replaced her father on the record. She was related to Dr. Mayfield, who may have kept her while she attended school for the deaf. Lewis County, Washington may be where her family settled. While ill with cancer, she was cared for by a "Grandma" Warner, who was probably her Aunt Jennie. She was buried in Grandview Cem. east of Riley, Kansas. When tuttle Creek Reservoir was built, the graves of Nellie Capitola [Cappie" and her daughter Inez, were moved to Mill Creek Cem. on Fairview Cemetery Rd. This is north of Manhattan and a few miles south and west of present-day Randolph.

Nellie married Allen Delbert Nelson, son of John Nelson & Emile, he was b. 1878 IS died abt 1935 Calif., after Nellie died he went to Washington, he kicked the boys out after she died, he was a stone mason, he remarried and had another son named George.

Children are:

1. Alva Delbert Nelson b. Stockdale, KS m. Lucille McGathon and May McGathon and Nellie in 1978, she was buried 8 Aug 1994 with her first husband, name of Miller in Phoeniz, AZ

2. Inez Nelson b. 1908 d. 1910 of Pneumonia at age 18 mos.

3. John Kenneth Nelson b. 3 Nov 1899 Randolph, KS d. 1987 Oakley, Logan Co, KS Retired from Union Pacific Railroad after 50 years Sabena Ada Wege 19 Dec 1922, she was b. 24 Jul 1897 Miller, Wheaton, KS d. 4 Nov 1973, buried Oakley, Logan, KS

4. Charles Wayne Nelson b. 31 Jul 1902 Stockdale, KS d 22 Sep 1992 McPherson, KS m. Grace Place 7 Mar 1925 Emporia, KS, she was b. 24 Apr 1902 Agricola, KS d. 1991 Mcpherson, KS

Child is:

1. Gladys Grace Nelson b. Apr 1931 d. Jan 1968 Emporia, KS m. 7 Mar 1925 Kenneth E. McClelland [divorced]

Child is:

1. Guy Scott McClelland Nelson b. 18 Sep 1954 Emporia, KS, was raised by his grandparents m. Brenda Hensley 17 Jan 1975 Emporia, KS

Children are:

1. Quinton Scott Nelson b. 12 Apr 1976 Emporia, KS m. Tonya M. Moore 14 Oct 1994 Spirit Lake, Iowa

Children are:

1. Cody Scott Nelson b. 24 Aug 1997 Wichita, KS

2. Braden Matthew Nelson b. 22 Sept 1998 Spirit Lake Iowa

2. Nicholas Scott Nelson-Norris b. 5 Jun 1982 Wichita, KS, he has a son named Hunter Lane Nelson b. 26 Aug 1999 by Brenda Hensley Norris

2. Charles W. Lewis b. 12 Sep 1873 Stockdale, Riley Co, Ks


Thomas Mayfield b. 1787 Scotland [Some have London, Surrey Co, England]m. 14 Feb 1804 St Clements Dames, London, England, Ellen Tunsal b. 1791 Scotland died abt 1820 in Balitmore, Baltimore Co, MD

Children are:

1. Thomas Mayfield

2. Ann Mayfield b. 1823

3. Ellen Mayfield b. 1821

4. Catherine Mayfield married Gudgel bef 1849

5. Mayfield

6. Mayfield

7. Mayfield

8. Mayfield

9. Benjamin Mayfield b. 1819 Baltimore, MD

10. John W. Mayfield b. 1807 Jennings co, IN [?] d. bef 1890

11. Isaac Mayfield b. 12 Sep 1813 Baltimore, Baltimore Co,MD

12 Hannah Tunstal Miller Mayfield b. 2 Aug 1815 Baltimore, Baltimore Co, MD

Source: http;//

1. Isaac "Dr" Mayfield b. 12 Sep 1813 Baltimore, MD d. 25 Dec 1900 Stockdale, Riley Co, KS, Father of VIRGINIA MAYFIELD b. 1823 Baltimore, MD. 1850 census Scott Co, IN:

He married [1] Mary A. White in 1833 Baltimore, Baltimore Co, MD

Children are:

1. Virginia Mayfield

2. Mayfield 16 Jan 1849

Mayfield Isaac 35 M Miller 500 MD

Eve 36 F IN

Watson, Daniel 33 M Laborer 400 Ohio

Mayfield Virginia 4 F IN

Parella 2 F IN

He married [2] Eva Stewart in Jefferson Co, IN

He married [3] Elizabeth Stewart in Jefferson Co, IN

Source: http;//

Virginia Mayfield married George J. Warner b. 1840 and they kept Nellie Capitola Lewis, her brother Charles W. Lewis is living with Daniel Watson and Hannah, after Kate Mayfield Lewis died, Daniel T. Lewis gave his children to family and moved to Washington, Virginia is believed to be the sister of Kate [Katherine] I Mayfield Lewis.

2. Hannah Mayfield b. 8 Feb [Aug ?]1815 Baltimore, Baltimore Co, MD d. 27 Sep 1909 Clay Center, Riley Co, KS buried Mill Creek Cemetery, m. [1] John Conrad Miller 1837 Cincinnati, Ohio, he was born in Germany [2] Daniel Boone Watson 6 Apr 1854 Madison, Jennings Co, IN [the same one that worked for her father] He was the son of John Watson & Sarah Boone, he was born 6 Dec 1816 d. 2 Apr 1890 Stockdale, Riley Co, KS

Children by John Conrad Miller are:

1. Matilda Ann Miller b. 17 Sep 1839 Jefferson Co, IN d. 24 Oct 1901 Riley Co, KS, married Calvin Wilbur Hudson 23 Aug 1866 Scott Co, IN

Children are:

1. Lillie Bell Hudson b. 24 oct 1867 IN d. 4 Jun 1901 Riley, Riley Co, KS married Henry Stanton Carman 8 Mar 1884 Riley Co, KS, he was the son of Joshua Carman b. 1825 OH & Mary C. Crowl b. 1830 Frederick Co, MD, he was born 21 Feb 1862 d. 28 Jul 1898 Riley, Riley Co, KS

Children are:

1. Delbert Calvin Carman b. 27 Dec 1884 Ogden Twp, Riley Co, KS

2. Alpha Ann Carman b. 6 Nov 1886 Ogen Twp, Riley Co, KS

3. Eula May Carman b. 13 May 1890 Ogden Twp, Riley Co, KS

4. Ruth Edna Carman b. 29 Aug 1892 Ogden Twp, Riley Co, Ks

5. Ruby Matilda Carman b. 6 Aug 1895 Ogden Twp, Riley Co, KS

2. Ida May Hudson b. 1869 IN married William E Crowl 1886, he was born 27 Feb 1865 Hancock Co, ILL d. 1928, he was the son of Simon Peter Crowl b. 21 Jan 1836 New Lisbon, Columbiana, OH & Elizabeth Jane Franks b. 2 Apr 1840 Pittsburh, Pennsylvania

Child is:

1. Maude D. Crowl b. Oct 1890 KS

Source: http;// & I14600

2. Thomas Benton Miller b. 10 Jun 1841 Cincinnatti, OH d. 19 Jul 1924 Deer River, Minisota, married Clara C Harris in Mt Pleasant, Iowa, she was b. 6 Aug 1847 Carthage, IN d. 24 Aug 1929 National City, California


1. William I Miller b. 1868 Mt Pleasant, Iowa

2. David C Miller b. 1870 Mt Pleasant, Iowa

3. Arthur L Miller b. 1877 Mt Pleasant, Iowa

4. Matilda Miller b. 1881 Grant Twp, Riley Co, KS

5. Grace Miller b. 1884 Grant Twp, Riley Co, KS

6. John T. Miller b. 1888 Ashland Twp, KS

7. Roy Miller b. 1892 Ashland Twp, KS

Source: http;//

3. Isaac Mayfield Miller b. 1 Jun 1843 Mason, Warren Co, OH d. 7 Apr 1925 Yukon, OH married Allie Jane Alice Keith 27 Nov 1866 Jennings Co, IN, she was b. 5 Jun 1846 Jennings co, IN

Children are:

1. Alice Sarah Miller b. 3 Sep 1867 Clark Co, ILL

2. Edwin Miller b. 17 Feb 1870 Riley Co, KS

3. Ivy Mabel Miller b. 23 May 1884 Riley Co, KS

Source: http;//

4. John Conrad Miller b. 6 May 1846 Cincinnatti, OH d. 13 May 1918 Clay Center, Riley Co, KS, buried Mill Creek Cem, marrie [1] Hester A. Crain, 10 May 1871 Riley Co, KS


1. Mary Estella Miller b. 1 July 1878 Riley Co, KS

2. John Conrad Miller

Married [2] Lydia Jean Nichols 15 Oct 1912 Clay Center, Riley Co, Ks

Source: http;//

Children by Daniel Boone Watson are:

1. Sarah Ellen Watson b. 8 Feb 1855 Scott Co, IN d. 27 Mar 1927 married Timothy M. Lewis 10 May 1874, son of Daniel Lewis & Harriet Rice Keith

2. Lizelda Brook "Elda" Watson b. 10 Aug 1857 Jefferson Co, IN d. 30 Jan 1944 married John Herman Avers 6 Dec 1875, he was the son of John Avers & Angelina Kilkeneck, he was born 14 Feb 1842 Buffalo, NY d. 17 Apr 1921 Manhattan, Riley Co, KS

Children are:

1. Daniel Chandler Avers b. 21 Sep 1876 Manhattan, Riley Co, Ks

2. LuLu May Avers b. 6 May 1878 Manhattan, Riley Co, Ks d. 16 Nov 1962 Topeka, KS buried Sedalia, KS, married Uriah Raub Zeller 26 Apr 1899 KS, son of George Wendell Zeller b. 11 Dec 1833 Williams Twp, Northampton Co, PA & sarah Elizabeth Kleinhans b. 13 Oct 1841 d. 15 Jan 1912 Williams Twp, Northampton Co, PA, he was born 23 Sep 1872 Northampton Co, PA d. 19 Jul 1931 Sedalia, KS

Children are:

1. Maynard Eugene Zeller

6 living Zeller's

George Wendell Zeller b. 11 Dec 1833 Williams Twp, Northampton Co, PA d. 14 Nov 1919 Williams Twp, PA, married Sarah Elizabeth Kleinhans, she was born 13 Oct 1841 d. 15 Jan 1912 Williams Twp, PA:

Children are all born in Williams Twp, PA

1. Frank David Zeller b. 31 Jan 1861

2. Martha V. Zeller

3. Mary Elizabeth Zeller b. Apr 1866

4. Harvey Luther Zeller b. 25 Feb 1868

4. Margaret Ann Zeller b. 13 Apr 1871

5. URIAH RAUB ZELLER b. 23 Sep 1872

169867 K14504

3. Mary Myrtle Avers b. 8 Jun 1880 Manhattan, Riley Co,Ks

4. John LeRoy Avers b. 8 Mar 1882 Manhattan, Riley Co, KS,

5. Hannah Maud Avers b. 31 Jul 1884 Manhattan, Riley Co,Ks

6. Thomas Benton Avers b. 15 Oct 1886 Manhattan, Riley Co, Ks

7. Ella Josephine Avers b. 16 Dec 1888 Manhattan, Riley Co, Ks

John Herman Avers married First: Rose Ballinger 16 May 1857 Chicago, Cook Co, ILL, she was born 1846, [I assume she died after child birth of Rose Avers in 1874, maybe from complications]

Children are:

1. Nellie Blanche Avers b. 22 Apr 1868 Cook Co, ILL

2. Richard Avers b. 16 Sep 1869 Cook Co, ILL

3. Abner Nelson Avers b. 27 Dec 1870 Cook Co, ILL

4. Alice Glen Avers b. 20 sep 1872 Manhattan, Riley Co, Ks

5. Rose Avers b. 5 Aug 1874 Manhattan, Riley Co, KS

Source: http;//

Source: http;//

3. John W. Mayfield b. 1817 Baltimore, Md [some have 1807 Jennings Co, IN] d. bef 1890 married Clarinda Ella Monroe 1 May 1842

chilren are:

1. Benjamin Mayfield b. Jan 1849

Source: http;//

4. Benjamin Mayfield b. 1819 Baltimore, MD

5. Ellen Mayfield b. 1821 Baltimore, MD

6. Ann Mayfield b. 1823 Baltimore, MD

6. RACHEL ESTHER ANN LEWIS b. 12 Dec 1859 Marion Twp, Jennings Co, IN d. 20 Jan 1913 Wamego, KS m. James Doyle 2 Jun 1887 Wamego, KS

Child Is:

1. Kenneth D. Doyle

Obit: Kenneth D. Doyle, Editor, is Dead

Kansas City, Kans-Kenneth D. Doyle 74? Publisher of the Wamego Reporter, died Tuesday at University of Kansas Medical Center. He entered the hospital May 6. Doyle spent his entire career on the Wamego Weekly Newspaper. A printer since he was 12, he became Publisher in 1927. He was a Shriner, A Mason, A member of the Odd Fellows and the Woodsman of the World, and a charter member of the Wamego Fire Department. His survivors include five children, Gene ? Doyle & Esther Ann Doyle, Wamego; Maryella Doyle, Kansas City; Kimber K Doyle, Topeka; and Robert Doyle, White Bear Lake, Minnisota.

Children are:

1. Gene Doyle

2. Esther Ann Doyle

3. Maryella Doyle

4. Kimber K. Doyle

5. Robert Doyle

My Cousin LoAnn Bonstein sent me a copy of this Paper Article in her possession: 5-21-2006:


In 1889 several papers consolidated into one. The were The Kansas Reporter, established in Louisville in 1867, The Kansas Agriculturist, established 1879, The Weekly Wamegan, established 1889, and the Daily Wamegan, established 1887. They became The Wamego Reporter, and a paper under this banner continued until August 1, 1958 when members of the K. D. Doyle family sold to H. O. Dendurent and it was consolidated with The Wamego Times.

K. D. Doyle had joined veteran printer K. C. Smick in the 1890's as a printer's devil, and then co-owner until the death of Mr. Smick, when he became sole owner. Mr. Doyle was a talented newspaper man and involved most of his family and even other relatives in the business. The death of Mr. Doyle was a loss to the entire community.



We wish to announce that the Wamego Reporter has been sold to Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Dendurent effective August 1, 1958. This is the last issue of The Reporter that will be published by the Doyle family. This. of course, was a difficult decision to make and was reached only after considerable deliberation. This newspaper has been in the Doyle family for 30 years. Also, since the 1890's when Dad started as a printer's "devil," one or more Doyles have worked on this newspaper. It is not easy to give up an enterprise in which all of us have literally grown up. Some of us have given a large part of our lives to this paper. This is especially true of Esther and Gene in recent years. We sincerely hope that we have performed a service to this community during these years by reporting the news and calling attention to various civic matters. Where deemed necessary we have taken a stand and commented editorially on issues of importance. We feel sure that "Hod" will serve this community to the best of his ability. We want to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their loyal support and patronage over the years. This includes our many subscribers--for without them there would have been no need to publish a paper. As usual, this issue will be read in most of the 49 states and in several other countries, also. Of course we are grateful to our advertisers. Without them, no paper can long stay in business. Thanks, also, to you other customers--whether you bought a 10 cent piece of cardboard or thousands of sale bills or any other item. You all made it possible for us to stay in business these many years.

No matter where we wander, Wamego will always be "home." As Dad used to say, "Wamego may not be a City of the First Class, but it certainly is a first class city." And we agree. Thanks again to all of you, our friends and neighbors. May God bless each one of you. Esther Ann, MaryElla, Kimber, Gene, Robert.


7. FRANCIS MELVIN LEWIS b. 13 Jan 1861 IN d. 28 May 1938 Seattle, King Co, Washington m. ANNE RANKIN 13 May 1886, daughter of Joseph Rankin & Amanda Graves, she was b. 30 Aug 1864 Eua Claire, Wisconsin d. 28 Sep 1953 Seattle, WA

Source: Worldconnect Project: Carl's Tree 3/23/2002 Carl Listle

Children are:

1. Marion Milford Lewis b. 5 Nov 1887 Winlock, WA d. 30 Aug 1962 m. Ina Arlene Edward, daughter of William Edwards and Ida Belle, info from 1920 Census King, WA they were living with William and Ida Belle. Arlene was b. 20 Jun 1897 Missoula, Montana, her father was b. in Montana and her mother in IN.

Source: Worldconnect Project: Carl's Tree 3/23/2002 Carl Listle

Children are:

1. Melvin Lewis b. 28 Jun 1921 Seattle, WA m. Marion Lee

2. Nellie Mayo Lewis b. 9 Oct 1890 Winlock, WA, d. 14 Oct 1897 N. Yakema, WA

3. Stella Verona Lewis b. 9 Oct 1890 Winlock, WA, d. 6 Dec 1975 married Arthur R. Carpenter 6 Dec 1908, he was born 25 Dec 1887 Ruby City, Washington d. 12 Jun 1969

Children are:

1. Mildred Stella Carpenter b. 4 Sep 1909, m. Keith Giger 4 Apr 1930 Seattle, WA, he was born 27 Mar 1906 Butte, MT

1. living Giger

2. Melva Lewis Carpenter b. 8 Dec 1913 m. Ted [George L.] Peach, 12 June 1937, he was b. 5 Mar 1913

1. Living Peach

Source: Worldconnect Project: Carl's Tree 3/23/2002 Carl Listle


1. JAMES RANKIN b. 1804 Ireland d. 20 Feb 1874 Town of Lisbon, Wisconsin, married MARY KEYES b. 1 Jun 1811 Ireland, d. 7 May 1880 Town of Lisbon, Wisconsin

Children are:

1. Margaret Rankin b. 15 Apr 1835 Mass.

2. William Rankin b. 28 Oct 1836 New York

3. **JOSEPH RANKIN b. 20 Oct 1838 Boston, Mass

4. Humphrey Rankin b. 28 Jun 1840 Chester, Mass

5. Mary Jane Rankin b. 4 Mar 1843 Mass.

6. James Rankin b. 24 Apr 1844 Town of Lisbon, Mass

7. John Rankin b. 14 Mar 1847 Town of Lisbon, Mass

8. Stephenson Rankin b. 14 Feb 1849 Town of Lisbon, Mass

9. David Rankin b. 4 Apr 1851 Town of Lisbon, Mass

10. Martha Rankin b. 1 Feb 1854 Town of Lisbon, Mass

Source: Worldconnect Project: Carl's Tree 3/23/2002 Carl Listle

2. JOSEPH RANKIN b. 20 Oct 1838 Boston, Mass d. 9 Jun 1930 San Jose, Calif, married Amanda Graves 10 Nov 1863 Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, she was born 16 Aug 1847 New York d. 9 Nov 1918 Bellingham, Washington

Children are:

1. **ANNIE M. RANKIN b. 30 Nov 1864 Eau Claire, Wis[above]

2. Mary Ella Rankin b. 2 Jul 1867 Winona, MN d. 10 Aug 1951 Bellingham, WA m. Charles R. Atkins 24 Sep 1888 in Lewis Co., he was b. 3 Oct 1862 milton, IA d. 8 dec 1930 Bellingham, WA

Children are:

1. Grace N. Taylor b. 10 Nov 1889

2. Charles Eric Atkins b. 8 Sept 1891 WA

3. Ruth Atkins b. 16 Aug 1898

4. Edith Atkins b. 5 May 1900 Monroe Co, OR

5. Ruby Rankin Atkins b. 14 May 1903

6. Purley Vincent Atkins [M] b. 22 Oct 1906

3. Josephine A. [Minnie] Rankin b. 22 Aug 1869 Winona, MN d. 1964 Shelton, WA m. Elmer Earl McFadden

Children are:

1. Cyril McFadden

2. Earl McFadden b. 1889

3. Mabel McFadden b. 15 May 1891 Winlock, WA

4. James F. Rankin b. 6 Feb 1872 d. 22 Jan 1886, Killed by a falling tree

5. Joseph H Rankin b. 3 Apr 1878 OR d. 2 Aug 1957 m. Maude Wilcox b. 23 Dec 1887 d. 29 Jan 1958

Children are:

1. James Marion Rankin b. 27 Sep 1911

2. Jeanette Rankin b. 16 Apr 1918

6. Martha Rankin b. 16 Nov 1881 WA m. John J. Johnson 15 Nov 1908, b. 28 Jan 1884 Bismark, ND d. 3 Oct 1979 NV

7. Clara May Rankin b. 23 Aug 1885 Lewis, WA d. 21 Feb 1971 m. Thomas Arthur Donaldson 15 Nov 1908 Maple St, Bellingham, WA, he was b. 2 Nov 1883 IA d. 20 Sep 1963 Redding, Calif.

Child is:

1. Melva Donaldson b. 20 Sep 1911 Salem, OR

Source: Worldconnect Project: Carl's Tree 3/23/2002 Carl Listle

8. MARION MILFORD LEWIS b. 13 Jan 1861 Jennings Co, IN died in Washington Territory [now Seattle]Baptist Minister, graduated from Kansas State University, married unknown

Child is:

1. Zilla Lewis b. 1890 Illinois,[While Marion M Lewis was completing his PHD. at Chicago], d. 1986, married Alfred G Moss b. Jul 1892 Lake County, Oregon, d. 1960, he is on the 1930 census Los Angeles City, Los Angeles County, California with his second wife Bonnie J. On the 1910 census for Paisley Precinct, Lake Co, Oregan, taken 12 & 13 May 1910 by Francis H Anderson, Sheet no 5A. He was only 17 and Zilla was 20, not married a year yet and no children, living next door to S. Moss age 60 b. U.S., living with him was: Morris, C Homer Son In Law, age 27, married 2 years

Morris, Pearl S. daughter age 27 married 2 years,

Zilla Lewis Moss divorced and married Les Elder in 1919.

Alfred G. Moss is the son of Lewis Alvin Moss [Lewis in the 1930 Census]and Anna McCormack

Has a grandson Ben Moss

Lewis Alvin Moss b. 22 May 1862 Linn County, Oregon d. in Los Angeles City, Los Angeles County, California aft 1930 Census, he was the son of Stephen Pike Moss & Sara E Robnett, he married Anna McCormack 29 Sep 1889 Lakeview, Lake county, Oregon, she was b. 27 Dec 1873 New Brunswick

Children are;

1. Stephen W Moss b. Sep 1890 Lake, Oregon d. 1960

2. ALFRED G MOSS b. Jul 1892 Lake, Oregon d. 1960 [husband of Zilla Lewis]

3. Sheldon Moss b. 3 Oct 1912 married Helen B Trammell b. 1924 d. 1956

1. Living Moss


Updated with correct information from Ben Moss Email 31 May 2005

Thanks Ben

Stephen Pike Moss b. Jun 1840 Peoria, Peoria, Illinois d. 17 May 1917 Chewacan, Lake, Oregon, married [1] Sara E Robnett 26 Dec 1861, she was b. 1 Sep 1844 Lafayette, Missouri

Children are:

1. ALFRED G MOSS [above]

2. William Zeely Moss b. 10 Mar 1864 Sweethome, Linn, Oregon

3. Anna Hanna Moss b. 21 May 1866 Sweethome, Linn, Oregon

4. Micajah Macajah Moss b. 1868/69 Linn, Oregon

married [2] Margaret Susan Casteel 1 Sep 1870 Big Valley, Shasta, California

Children are:

1. Nancy Jane Moss b. 30 Jun 1872 Modoc, Calif.

2. Rosa Janette Moss b. 1 Aug 1876 Clover Flat, Paisley, Lake, Oregon

3. Ollie Stella Moss b. Jan 1880 Clover Flat, Paisley, Lake, Oregon

4. Pearl Susan Moss b. 15 Apr 1883 Clover Flat, Paisley, Lake, Oregon

5. Grover C Moss b. 20 Apr 1887 Clover Flat, Paisley, Lake, Oregon


Micajah G Moss b. 10 Feb 1810 Loudoun, Vir d. 16 Dec 1891 Lakeview, Lake, Oregon married Sarah Ann Carroll Carle 27 Dec 1836 Peoria, Peoria, ILL, she was b. Jun 1816 Hamilton, Ohio, d. May 1892 Stephensen, Skamania, Washington

Children are:

1. John A. Moss b. abt 1832 Ross Co, Ohio

2. Blandford Zely Moss b. abt 1838 Carmi, ILL

3. William S Moss b. 1839 Carmi, ILL


5. Rosi A Elmira moss b. May 1844 Carmi, ILL

6. Mary J Moss b. 1849 Carmi, ILL

7. Reuben S. Moss b. abt 1853 Oregon

8. Lewis B Moss b. 1855 Oregon


Zeally Moss b. 6 Mar 1765 Loudoun, Vir d. 30 Oct 1829 Peoria, Peoria, ILL married [1] Elizabeth Marty Berry b. abt 1770 Vir

Children are:

1. Elizabeth Moss abt 1776

2. Sarah Moss abt 1778

Married [2] Jennette Glasscock 26 Oct 1790 Fauguier, Vir. she was b. 17 Apr 1766 Fauguier, Fauguier, Vir

Children are:

1. Elizabeth Patsy Moss b. 1797 Schollsville, Clark Co, KY

2. Patsy Moss b. abt 1798 Schollsville, Clark Co, KY

3. William L Moss b. 1799 Vir/KY

4. Sarah Sally Moss b. 27 Aug 1804 Schollsville, clark Co, KY

5. Nancy Jane Moss b. abt 1807 Schollsville, Clar Co,KY

6. MICAJAH G MOSS [above]

7. Lydia Moss b. 31 Jul 1816 Indiana


Nathanial Moss, son of William Henry Moss b. 17 Feb 1688 Old Rappahannock, York, Vir & Mary Jane Craik b. 1700 Old Rappahannock, Vir was b. 1730 Loudoun, Vir d. 1807 Loudoun, Vir married Nancy Ann Cockrell 1752 Loudoun, Vir, she was b. 1732 Arundel, MD

Children are:

1. John Moss b. 1753 Loudoun, Vir

2. Moses Moss b. 24 May 1758 Loudoun, Vir

3. John Moss b. abt 1760

4. William B Moss b. 1763 Vir

5. Elijah Elejah Moss b. abt 1765 Loudoun, Vir

6. ZEALLY MOSS [above]

7. Daniel Moss b. 1771 Loudon, Vir

8. Steven Moss b. abt 1773 Loudon, Vir

9. Sarah Moss b. abt 1774 Loudoun, Loudoun, Vir

10. Mary Moss b. 1777 Loudoun, Vir

11. Vincent Moss b. 1782 Loudoun Vir


9. WILLIAM LINCOLN KRESS LEWIS is known as [LINCOLN LEWIS] [Rev.] b. Jun 1863 Jennings Co, IN d. Washington m. Addie Orr 1890 Washington. daughter of John J. Orr & Rachel Banks, [He may have been Adopted, but no proof has been found as yet]

He graduated from Kansas State in 1886, Was a Baptist Minister in Washington State, and lived on the original Lewis Homestead in Seattle, WA.

From World Connect, Mark Poropat:

John J. Orr was the son of George Orr & Jane Fletcher, he married Rachel Banks and they had 8 children,. According to this, Lincoln Lewis and Addie had four children.

Children are:

1. John Timothy Garfield Orr Lewis b. 6 April 1896, Washington died 13 June 1978 Clallam, Washington married Bernice Latimer

2. Walter Erwin Lincoln Lewis b. May 1891

3. Gerturde Kathleen Isabel Lewis b. Aug 1892

4. Paul Carmichael Clay Lewis born 1894 Winlock, Lewis County, Washington died 1907 Winlock, Lewis County, Washington, buried Winlock Cemetery Plot 36, 3 [beside his grandmother MAHALA LETT LEWIS]

A Letter from David Orr 24 DEC 2005:

Dear Tonya:

Like I said, Addie Orr was my father's older sister. I think she was born in Brevard, North Carolina. When I was very young in the 1930's, I can remember visiting her in Portland, Oregon. Her son Garfield Orr Lewis, was my cousin, but near the same age as my father, they attended college together in Oregon. He was married and had one son Jack Lewis. 1939 my family went to the World's Fair Treasure Island San Francisco, we stayed at Garfield's house in Oakland, California. He was a Teacher at Castlemont High School in Oakland, California. His family visited my family in Oregon several times in the 1930s. When I was young. On the way home to Oregon from the Worlds Fair We visited Addie Orr Lewis in Oreleans, California which is on the Klamath River, where her husband , at that time, had a ranch. I think his name was Davis. Then later on during WWII, I was in the Navy in San Francisco, I visited and saw Garfield Lewis a couple of times. At that time, he had seperated from his wife, after WWII he visited my family a couple of times in Oregon. When my father died in 1949, my brother and mother and I visited Garfield Lewis in Berkley, Cal., at that time Addie was living with him. She was a very intelligent and noble woman. I did not ever know much about her husband, Lincoln Lewis, I don't know if he died or if they were divorced.

I heard that Jack Lewis, Garfield's son, was a pilot during WWII then after the war, he and a friend had a sail boat and set out from San Francisco and never was heard from after that. Garfield I heard, remarried and died some place in Washington State. I heard that Addie Orr Lewis is buried in San Jose, California.

But as far as knowing anybody that could help you out more. You see, I am the youngest of that generation and I am 80 years old. I think most all of my cousins are dead that might have been able to help you. I think that Addie was married to a judge when she lived in Portland, then the husband in California was a railroad engineer. What I new of Addie is that she was a very smart and intelligent.

David Orr

24 Dec 2005

Thank you so much David for this insight on Addie Orr.

Following Orr Family Info is from Family Treemaker Online, by Bert J Sitton

John J Orr & Rachel Banks had:

1. Adeline "Addie" Orr married first Lincoln Lewis, son of Timothy B Lewis and Mahala Lett

2. Ellen Orr b. 1879 d. Randall, Washington, married W. Burt Batson

Child is:

1. Billy Batson

3. Nora Kennedy Orr b. 15 Apr 1883 Henderson County, N.C. d. Sept 1943 Randall, Washington, m. Charles Alston Gardner 23 Sept 1903 Olympia, Washington

Children are:

1. Vivian Lenora Gardner

2. Alberta Inez Gardner

3. Rachel Lorrain Gardner

4. George Daniel Gardner

5. Samuel Douglas Gardner

6. Charles Waldorf Gardner b. 29 May 1910 d. 13 July 1977

4. Stacy Jane Orr b. May 1891 d. Randall, Washington, m. James Green

Children are:

1. Mildred Green

2. Gordon Green

5. Gideon LaFayette Orr

6. Paul Jay Orr b. Feb 1877 d. McMinnville, Oregon, m. Maude Moore

Children are:

1. Alma Orr

2. Berna Orr

3. Opal Orr

7. John Judson Orr b. Feb 1877 d. 1917 m. Mary Stephenson 1912 Tacoma, WA b. 5 May 1893 Randle, WA d. 9 Apr 1979, daughter of William H. Stephenson b. 10 Mar 1850 d. 11 Nov 1928 & Sarah Cunningham b. 17 Jan 1851 d. 10 May 1926, they had:

1. Charles E. Orr 1920

2. Barbara Orr 1923

8. George David Orr b. 12 Apr 1894 Ethel, Lewis County, Washington, d. 29 May 1949 Portland, Oregon, m. Maggie Susan VanOrder 7 Aug 1918 Port Orchard, Washington, she was b. 27 Sept 1894 d. 4 Sept 1964

Children are:

1. John Ray Orr b. 25 Aug 1919

2. Leland Gilbert Orr b. 7 Nov 1920 Corvallis, Oregon d. 1 Jan 1924 Caldwell, Idaho

3. George Darwin Orr b. 17 Mar 1922

4. Paul Judson Orr b. 14 May 1924

5. David Eugene Orr b. 27 Feb 1926

GEORGE ORR, FATHER OF JOHN J ORR, was born 17 July 1811 Transylvania Co, N.C. d. 1 Apr 1877, m. Jane M Fletcher 28 Nov 1839, daughter of John Fletcher & Rebecca Savage, she was b. 5 Jan 1814 d. 21 Aug 1903 Transylvania Co, N.C.

Children are:

1. Louis Washington Orr b. 1840 Transylvania Co, N.C. d. 1849 Transylvnaia Co, N.C.

2. Martin Jasper Orr b. 29 Dec 1841 Transylvania Co, N.C. d. 25 Mar 1931 Transylvania Co, N.C. m. [1] Mary Jane Lyon 29 Aug 1867, daughter of James Lyon & Matilda Glazener, she was b. 6 jun 1841 Transylvnaia Co, NC d. 1 Feb 1903 Transylvania Co, NC [2] Mary L Kimzey, born 19 Nov 1860 Henderson Co, NC d. 23 Sept 1948 Henderson Co, NC, buried 25 Sept 1948 Mills River Presbyterian Church Cem.

The following is from a letter in the possession of Mrs. Henrietta Sprouse of Brevard, N. is beautifully written on Confederate States of America stationary, with a picture of Jefferson Davis, "Our First President"... the following poem is printed at the top: Hark! how, on Northern blasts elate, The threats of Northmen come.... That Southern fields they'll devastate, And through the South make desolate, Each happy, cheerful home! A call is heard throughout the South.... Arm! Arm! for freedom and for truth! Manhood, arise! arise, ye youth! And for the aged leave room! Drive the invaders from our land. From out this glorious Southern land. Our fertile, genial Dixie! For freedom's cause take each his stand. For freedom and for Dixie! October 10, 1861. Camp Davis, Mitchell Sound, New Hanover County, N. C. Miss Julia A. Mackey, I take the oppertunity, to informe you that I am well at presant I hav injoyed Cam life veary well The rest of the Boys is injoying health veary well We are stationed on Michell Sound and in too miles of the Atlantick Ocian and in eight miles of Wilmington. Las Sonday Our boys head the oppertunity of injoying themselves and som of us went to see the Ocian We got som boats and a way we went to the Ocian, down the sound. We went padling our boats We saw a graite many thangs we niver saw before but when we got to the Ocian it was more astonishing than inything we evver saw befor The waves was brakeing one after an other and some of them as high as our heads you may know they was prety. The land is poore and sandy it is bad drilling in the sand an dust Sweate potatoes is the cheafe produse hear. The long leafe pine is the principle timber Ther sediar is plenty too and some to spear I enjoyed my trip from Ashevill hear veary well, I roade on the carse about foure hundred miles and at the rate of twenty five miles an hour you know that this doin veary well. I want you to write to me soon and let me know how the girls ar comin on in Transyvania I hav not hearde from any of them since I left Ashvill Yo must overlook my bad writing and spelling and composing Write to me soon direct your letters to Wilmington N C New C. Thease few lines which loks so solumn Was put hear to fill out the column. MARTIN J. ORR On the back of the foregoing letter he penned the following poem TO THE GIRLS I LEFT BEHIND ME I'm lonesom since I cross'd the hills, And oer the moor doth tire me; With heavy thoughts my mind doth filly Since first I pated Betsey. In search of some one fine and gay, Several doth remind me Of the Bless'd hours I passed away, With the girls I left behind me. The hours I do rember well, When reflection takes me, A pain within my brest I feel. Since first she ownd she lov'd me, But now I'm going to cross the sea, The heavens above may guide me, And send me safe home back againe, To the girls I left behind me. Her golden hair in ringlets fair, Her eyes like diamonds shining; Her slender waist her carriage chasten, Left me, poor swain, a paining, But let the night, be e'er so darke, Or e'er so wet and rainey, I will return safe back again, To the girls I left behind me. So when I'm standing on parade, Either asleep or wakeing, I long to see my love again, For her my heart is breaking, When I think of the vow of love, the tears do fall and blind me, When I think of the virtuous grace, Of the Girl I left behind me. Stand firmly by your cannon. Let your ? and grapeshot fly. Trust in God and Davis, But "keep your powder dry." NOTE: This letter of MARTIN JASPER ORR was written when he was age 20 to MISS JULIA MACKEY (1835-1908) - who was age 25 at the time. Six years later MARTIN JASPER ORR married MARY JANE LYON, the daughter of James Clifford Lyon, and Matilda W. Glazener. And, after the death of of Matilda, James Clifford Lyon married as his 2nd wife, the recipient of this letter, JULIA MACKEY....she then became the step-mother-in-law of MARTIN JASPER ORR. Remembrances of Jasper Orr by Charles R. Allison (1911-1999) I remember a lot about growin’ up in Brevard back then. Remember it all clear as a bell. I was born at the neighbor’s house on Groundhog’s Day, at least that’s what they call it nowadays, in 1911. It was a lot livelier then than it is now. You see, all these people all shut up in their cars flyin’ by used to be out walking in the streets or riding in their carriages. You hardly ever saw a car, and when you did, it was an open T Model and drivin’ along slow enough to wave and holler at everybody walkin’ or sittin’ on the porch. Everbody knew everbody else back then. That was good as long as you didn’t have no private business you wanted to keep private. I grew up on what was the edge of town back then, what we called the “Oak Grove” part of Brevard because Oak Grove Church was just down the road where just about everybody around us went to church. All the Allisons and Siniards went there to church, plus a lot of Orrs. Grandpa Allison’s oldest brother, Alexander, gave the people the land to build that little church out of his farm. Fore that, they say they had a camp meetin’ ground with tents on my great-granddaddy Wilson’s land up the hill. Grandaddy said the Union troops burned the meetin’ tents all up when they came through town. I wish Mama and Daddy’s house was still there so I could see it again one more time. You drive by that Imperial Motor Lodge motel today and you’d never know that was my home. Wish we hadn't a sold that property. That’s where I grew up, where Daddy died when I was only 4 and where Moma finally died so long after. Only sign is them big fir trees out front. I planted them for Mama when I was a little boy. We hiked up in the mountains to what folks called Frying Pan Gap, then on up around Mt, Pisgah. I brought them saplin’ trees down in a tow sack. Hope the motel never cuts my trees down. Planted the maple tress behind the motel on Chestnut Street for Mama, too. She loved them maples come October. They was all colored out so pretty the day Mama died. It was October 24, 1945. There wasn’t hardly anybody within several miles who wasn’t my kin somehow. The Siniards all lived across the road from us ‘cause Great-Grandpa Samuel Wilson’s property got divided up between his two daughters. One got one side of the road, the other got the other side. My Grandma was his daughter Elizabeth. She married Grandpa Elijah Allison. “Preacher Allison” is what a lot of people called him. Grandma Allison’s sister, Margaret, married old L.G. Siniard. That’s why all of them Siniard’s was my cousins. The road by our house used to be called the Boylston Road, but now they all call it the Asheville Highway. Guess the Yankee imports weren’t happy with that either, but it still runs through Boylston just like it always did. The Boylston Road was just about the busiest road around those parts when I was coming up. It ran past the house and then on right up Jailhouse Hill to the courthouse and uptown. Everbody was a comin’ and a goin’ on the Boylston road. The one thing I’ll never forget about growin’ up there was Old Man Jasper Orr. Nobody who ever heard him on Sunday mornings will ever forget him. But I guess there ain’t many of us left anymore who remember that far back. Soon I’m gonna be gone and then ain’t gonna be nobody left to remember any of it. Jasper was a character – a good one though! Everbody loved Jasper Orr. He loved ever kid in Brevard and we all worshipped the ground he walked on. I guess because he knew my daddy had died and left Mama with a house full of us children and no way to earn a living at first, he was extra nice to us. When he’d come walking by with his long snow-white beard blowin’ in the breeze and he’d shout up the hill to Mama “Miss Julia, you send them younguns down here to give me some sweet sugar!”. We’d run down the hill and give him a hug cause we knew what he had in his pocket – peppermint candy sticks! His white beard tickled my face and made me giggle. For a new widow with four children under 10, Mama didn’t have much money for things like candy. We were poor for a while and Mama cried a lot until she got her business going and could earn a living. Mama told me that all the family helped out. She also told me that one day she heard the dog barking and by the time she got to the door, there wasn’t nobody there, but there was a big basket with a ham and a mess of greens and lots and lots of other stuff – enough to fed a family for a week! And there was a folded up piece of paper Moma opened and inside was ten dollars. That was a lot more money back then. She looked and saw Jasper Orr rushing off, walkin’ quick like. She knew it was him that did it. But he never would ‘fess up to it. Mama told me later that Jasper just told her “Miss Julia, you done run into your own angel! Everything’s gonna be O.K.” She used to find such presents on the door from time to time, including money folded up in paper. I think Jasper was her angel. Jasper Orr was the life of Oak Grove Church. Jasper was an old, old man when I was a little boy comin’ up, but he led the singin’ -- taught singin’ even. He sang something just about ever Sunday. He used to throw his head back with that white beard a-flying and look up at heaven and sing his old heart out. Mama used to laugh and joke that Jasper had too much fun in church for a good Methodist. They thought he was gonna start “shoutin’ in the spirit” any minute sometimes when he was a singin’ and gettin’ happy. The thing about Jasper that always jumps out in my mind is his ever Sunday ritual. He was our alarm clock on Sunday morning. Fact is, he woke everbody in Brevard up! But of course nobody minded it ‘cept the drunks that was sleepin’ off Saturday night. Jasper was in the Civil War when he was not much more than a boy. He learned to play the drum in the Confederate Arny. And he played it almost till the day he died. Old Jasper was a ratta-tat-tattin’ goin’ through the gates! Jasper believed that ever child had to go to church and he made sure they did! As well as a few grownups. On Sunday mornings, Jasper would get his drum and start over near Jack Trantham’s place. He’d start out early in the mornin’ headin’ for town and then work his way back in time for church at Oak Grove. I’ll never forget the sounds of Jasper comin’ up the road! He’d ratta-tat-tat for a while and then he start singin’ his heart out. “All aboard for Sunday school children, all aboard! The good ship of Zion is getting’ ready to sail! All aboard for Sunday School!” And they’d follow him! By the time he went up town and was headin’ back, he’d have children following him down the Boylston Road like the Pied Piper. And I’d be dressed and ready for Jasper when he came back. Mama would send us all down the hill, ready and waitin’. People’d swear you was crazy if that happened in Brevard today, but we thought that was the grandest thing. Long before I decided I wanted your Mama, she was this skinny little thing playin’ the piano at church ever Sunday. She musta started playing the piano at Oak Grove Church before she was even 12. She used to play for Jasper to sing his solos on Sunday. It did his heart good to sing to the heavens. The Boilston Road got quiet and sad when Jasper got too old and sick to make his rounds. But he died old and happy, so I guess it was all O.K. for him. I remember us all going to his funeral. People came from ever where. Half the people couldn’t even get in the church. That hilltop was covered in folks when they laid him down to rest. He had a lot of kin and a lot of friends. I won’t ever forget Jasper Orr. Mama didn’t forget him either. Ever time the lilac bush bloomed, she’d pick an armful of blossoms and we’d walk up the road to the church to put on Daddy’s and Granddaddy’s graves. She always saved some of the lilacs for Jasper. Said she had to remember her angel, too. Go and get me Mary Jane’s book she wrote. There’s a picture of Jasper in it. I like to see that picture – makes me remember things. From the French Broad Hustler, April 26, 1899 BREVARD MAN IN DANGER While upon attendance at the presbytery at Mills River last week, Mr. Martin Jasper Orr of North Brevard, narrowly escaped a very serious accident. His team became frightened on King's Bridge and were for a short while uncontrolable. The vehicle was almost capsized and its occupants thrown overboard into the stream below. But with the exercise of cool judgement and judicious management all escaped with only some painful bruises, but frightened almost out of their wits. The Misses Summey, of rugby, were among the number. More serious results might have followed by for the timely assistance of some farmers who happened to be near. Another result was an exchange of horses between Mr. Orr and one of the rescuing farmers and the former can now drive with more satisfaction. The skittish animal is gone. The Times-News, Hendersonville, N. C., March 31, 1931 M. J. ORR, 90, LAID TO REST Brevard Man Had Never Lived Outside Transylvania County BREVARD, Mar. 31, - (Special) Funeral services for M. Jasper Orr, 90, who died at his home here early Friday morning, was held at Oak Grove Methodist church Saturday afternoon, conducted by Rev. J. H. West, pastor of the Brevard Methodist church, assisted by Rev. N. L. Alexander, pastor of the Brevard-Davidson River Presbyterian church. Interment was in the Oak Grove Cemetery. Mr. Orr was a native of this county, being born in December 1841 at Davidson River and never moved out of Transylvania county during the 90 years of his life. He was the son of George Orr and Jane Fletcher Orr. He joined the Davidson River Presbyterian church in 1854, and later was made deacon. When the Brevard church was organized, he was one of the elders. He was a Confederate veteran, leader of the band in Company K, 25th North Carolina regiment, under Colonel Henry Middleton Rutledge. He was a descendant of John and Rachel Orr of Scotland, who came to America in 1749; on his paternal side he was a descendant of the French Huguenot, Jean Brevard. An ancestress, Nancy Brevard Davidson, was a sister of Dr. Ephriam Brevard, who wrote the Mecklenburg declaration of Independence, May 1775. Mr. Orr's first wife was Mary Jane Lyon, daughter of James Clifford and Matilda Glazener Lyon, and to them were born seven children as follows; Nettie Lee Orr, Hattie and Daisy Orr of Brevard, George Clifford Orr of Randall, Wash., G. Louaillier Orr and Louis Cain Orr, both of Chattanooga, Tenn., and Albert Orr of Glendale, Calif. On December 28, 1905, Mr. Orr was married to Miss Mamie L. Kimsey of Mills River, who, with the six children, survive. Active pallbearers were; Will Kimsey, Tabor Kimsey, Lewis Kimsey, Martin Kimsey, Tom Osborne and Dr. J. N. McLean. Honorary pallbearers included; Dr. E. S. English, D. P. Kilpatrick, S. F. Allison, Fred Shuford, O. H. Orr, Fred Johnson, R. L. Gash, C. R. Osborne, N. K. Osborne, J. K. Mills, Joe Lyday and C. M. Siniard. Moore and Osborne funeral directors were in charge. More About MARTIN JASPER ORR: Burial: Oak Grove Baptist Church Cemetery, Transylavnia County, N. C. More About MARY JANE LYON: Burial: Oak Grove Baptist Church Cemetery, Transylavnia County, N. C. Notes for MARY L. KIMZEY: Times-News, Hendersonville, N. C., Thursday, September 23, 1948 Mrs. Mamie Orr Taken By Death; Rites Saturday Mrs. Mamie Kimzey Orr, 87, the widow of Martin Jasper Orr, died today at a nursing home at Hillgirt after a long illness. The funeral services will be conducted Saturday at 11 a.m. at the Mills River Presbyterian church by the Rev. J. R. Neville and burial will be in the church cemetery. Nephews will serve as pallbearers. Mrs. Orr was the daughter of the late William Fleming and Mary Elizabeth Tabor Kimzey, pioneer residents of this county. She is survived by one sister, Mrs. Tom Osborne of Mills River; four brothers, J. H. Kimzey of New Orleans, La.; A. T., of Hendersonville, and A. M. and D. L. Kimzey of Mills River; and a number of nieces and nephews.

Children by Mary Lyon are:

1. Nettie Lee Orr b. abt 1868 m. William Patterson Glazener, son of Abram Glazener & Lavinia Bennett, he was b. 11 Mar 1856 Childerburg, Taladega Co, Ala, d. 1949 Childerburg, Ala

Children are:

1. Nellie Lee Glazener b. 20 Feb 1885 d. 27 Jan 1974

2. Florence Marion Glazener b. Jan 1896


2. Hattie Orr b. 1869 d. 1946

3. George Clifford Orr b. abt 1873 m. Ethel Vanderpool, 22 Jun 1905

Children are:

1. Louise Elizabeth Orr m. Adolf F Fredrickson

2. Louis Martin Orr

4. Giles Louaillier Orr b. abt 1876 m. Margaret M Batson 5 Feb 1900

5. Louis Cain Orr b. abt 1879 m. Emma H Post 22 Oct 1912

Children are:

1. Louis Cain Orr Jr

2. George Edmond Orr

6. Albert Davis Orr m. Alice Van Tress 24 Oct 1903

Children are:

1. Carl Marvin Orr

2. Harold Martin Orr

3. Clifford Davis Orr

4. Alice Delores Orr

7. Daisy Morton Orr

Source: .html

3. Jabeze Milton Orr b. 10 Nov 1843 d. 1862, Near Drueg's Bluff, Virginia

4. George LaFayette Orr, b. 4 Dec 1845 d. 16 Nov 1864 m. Frances Avaline Bryson, 3 July 1862 Transylvania Co, N.C.

5. Mary Emily Orr b. 10 Jun 1847 d. 16 July 1926 Henderson Co, N.C. m. Harvey Newton Gillespie 12 Aug 1869, son of John Gillespie & Sarah Gillespie, he was b. 27 Jan 1843 Henderson Co, NC d. 7 Apr 1908 Henderson Co, NC, both buried Sitton-Gillespie Cemetery



Whereas it has pleased our Heavenly Father to remove from our midst, our Brother, H.N. Gillespie. Resolved that the following be in remembrance of our deceased Brother. Brother Gillespie was born on the 27th day of January 1848. Joined the Baptist Church at Macidonia in Transylvania Co., N.C. and was Baptised on the 1st day of October 1865, united with us by letter the 15th day of May 1869, which relation he sustained until his death on the 7th day of April 1908. Resolved that in the death of Brother Gillespie the Church loses a good member, the community a good citizen, and we trust that our loss is his eternal gain. Resolved that this be spread on our Church record in memory of our Brother and a copy be sent to the family as a token of our sympathy in thier bereavement and may we all be ready when the summons comes to us, as we trust our Brother was.

Respectfully submitted, M.L. Underwood, For committee

Both buried Sitton-Gillespie Cemetery

Children are:

1.George Gillespie b. 12 Aug 1870 Henderson Co, NC d. 13 May 1954 Henderson Co, NC, buried Sitton-Gillespie Cem, m. Cora Luella Sitton 9 Nov 1893 Henderson Co, NC, daughter of George Sitton & Permelia Sitton, she was b. 4 May 1868 Henderson, NC d. 28 Jan 1946 Henderson Co, NC, buried 30 Jan 1946 Sitton-Gillespie Cem

THE TIMES-NEWS, HENDERSONVILLE, N.C., FRIDAY, MAY 14, 1954 GEORGE GILLESPIE OF MILLS RIVER DIES; RITES SATURDAY George Gillespie, 83, a prominent retired farmer of the Mills River community, died yesterday at the home of a son, Frank Gillespie, in the Mills River community. A native and lifelong resident of Henderson County, he was the son of the late Harvey and Mary Orr Gillespie. The funeral service will be held Saturday at 2 p.m. at Sycamore Baptist church with pastor, the Rev. John Rhymer officiating, assisted by the Rev. Corley R. Lineberger, pastor of Grace Lutheran Church. Interment will be in the Gillespie cemetery with the following grandsons and nephews serving as pallbearers: Robert Gillespie, Bill Sitton, Joe Fields, Mack Gillespie, Frank Gillespie, and Clyde Fortner. The body will be taken to the residence of Frank Gillespie today and remain until an hour preceding the service when it will be taken to the church to lie in state. The Thomas Shepherd Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements. In additon to Frank Gillespie, he is survived by another son, Ed of Mills River; a duaghter, Mrs. Floyd Fortner of Burnsville; two sisters, Mrs. C.N. Allen of Dana and Mrs. W. M. Sitton of Mills River and 17 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.



Funeral services for Mrs. Cora Luella Gillespie, 77, who died at her home in Mills River Monday night, will be conducted Wednesday morning at 11 O'clock from the Mills River Baptist Church. The Rev. J.J. Wood will conduct the rites and burial will be in the Gillespie cemetery. Active pallbearers will include Clifford Field, Charles Sitton, Glenn Whitaker, Ralph Moore, Clifford Sitton and Mack Gillespie. Mrs. Gillespie, a native of Henderson County, was the daughter of the late Frank and Elizabeth Sitton. The deceased is survived by her husband, George Gillespie, and the following children; Frank and Edgar Gillespie of Mills River; Mrs. Lloyd Fortner of Micaville; Mrs. Mack Field of Candler, and Dan Gillespie of West Point, Calif. Also surviving are one brother, Phillip Sitton of Casper, Wyoming; 17 grandchildren and four great great grandchildren. The Shepherd Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

Children are:

1. Frank Newton Gillespie b. 15 Sep 1894 d. 4 May 1988 Mills River, Henderson, NC

2. Albert Edgar Gillespie b. 29 May 1896 Henderson, NC d. 10 Aug 1976 Hendersonville, NC

3. Georgia Luella Gillespie b. 16 Oct 1898 Henderson, NC d. 22 Feb 1959 m. Lloyd Fortner, buried Sitton-Gillespie cem

4. Eleanor Marie Gillespie b. 25 Apr 1904 Henderson Co, NC d. 24 Jan 1948

5. Daniel Marshall Gillespie b. 27 Oct 1906 Henderson, NC d. 10 Mar 1948 m. Letha Jones 19 Jan 1926, Henderson, NC b. abt 1904, buried Sitton-Gillespie Cem.

2. Sarah Jane Gillespie b. 24 Oct 1871 Henderson Co, NC d. 17 Nov 1949 Henderson Co, NC, buried Whitaker cem., m. William Edwin Field 31 Dec 1891 Henderson, NC, he was b. 27 Dec 1861 Boston, Mass, d. 7 Jul 1938 Henderson, NC, buried Whitaker cem.


Mrs. Sarah Jane Field, 78, died Thursday in an Asheville nursing home after a lengthy illness. A native and lifelong resident of the Mills River section, she was the widow of William Edwin Field and the daughter of the late Harvey and Mary Orr Gillespie. Funeral services will be held Saturday at 2 p.m. in Mills River Baptist Church. The Rev. N.A. Melton will officiate and burial will be in Whitaker cemetery. Nephews will be pallbearers. The body will lie in state at the church for a half hour preceding the services. Jackson-Thompson Funeral Home is in charge. Surviving are two daughters, Miss Reba Field of Mills River, and Mrs. B.B. Flowe of Asheville, four sons, Clifford and Joe of Mills River, Mack of Candler, and Paul of Asheville; two sisters, Mrs. C.N. Allen of Dana, and Mrs. W. M. Sitton of Mills River; one brother, George Gillespie of Mills River; six grandchildren and one great-grandchild.


The Mills River Baptist Church wishes through this medium to return her thanks to Brother W.E. Field the retiring clerk. For the work he has performed as Church Clerk, and in any other way he may have served the church during his long term as Church Clerk and Treasury. Having alway done the work faithfully trusted to him these foes. Resolve tha this be spread on our record and a copy sent to Brother Field.


William Edwin Field, 77, prominent Mills River farmer, died at his home yesterday afternoon about 3 o'clock. A native of Boston, Mass., he had been a resident of Henderson county for about 50 years. The funeral services were to be conducted this afternoon at 4 o'clock from the Sycamore Baptist Church by the Rev. W.S. Hutchinson. Pallbearers will be nephews. He is survived by his widow, formerly Miss Sarah Jane Gillespie, of this county; four sons, Clifford and Joe Field, of Mills River, and Mack and Paul Field, of Asheville; two daughters, Miss Reba Field, member of the faculty at Flat Rock, and Mrs. B.B. Flowe of Asheville; and two sisters, Mrs. S. J. Whitaker, of Mills River, and Mrs. Edith Whitaker, of Woodruff, S.C.

Children are:

1. George Clifford Field b. 6 Oct 1892 Henderson, NC d. 29 Oct 1955 Henderson Co, NC

2. Reba Louise Field b. 19 Apr 1894 Henderson Co, NC d. 28 Nov 1952 Henderson Co, NC, buried Whitaker Cem.

3. William McKinley Field b. 20 Oct 1896 Henderson Co, NC d. 4 Jan 1980 Asheville, Buncombe, NC

4. Jessie Francies Field b. 27 Jan 1901 m. B.B. Flowe, 1934

5. Paul Myron Field b. 25 feb 1904 Henderson Co, NC d. 30 Oct 1975 Asheville, Buncombe, NC

6. Joseph Loly Field b. 21 Jan 1908 Henderson Co, NC d. 4 Aug 1992 Asheville, Buncombe, NC



ASHEVILLE-Joseph L. Field, 84, of Mills River, died Tuesday, August 4, 1992, in the Aston Park Health Care Center after an extended illness. A lifelong resident of Henderson county, he was the son of the late William and Sarah Gillespie Field. He was a retired optician with the Davis Flowe Optical Company. He was a member of the Mills River Baptist Church and an Army veteran of World War II. Surviviors include one sister, Frances Devendorf of Asheville; five nieces and one nephew. A funeral will be held at 11 a.m. Friday in the Mills River Baptist Church. The Rev. Perry Ripple will officiate. Burial will follow in the Whitaker-Moore Cemetery. Family will receive friends from 7 to 8:30 p.m. tonight at Thomas Shepherd & Son Funeral Directors.

Source: .html

3. John Gillespie b. 28 Oct 1873 Henderson Co, NC d. 12 jul 1928 Henderson Co, NC m. Minnie Naomi Sitton 12 Oct 1898 Henderson Co, NC, daughter of Silas Sitton & Martha Israel, she was b. 26 Aug 1879 Henderson Co, NC d. 6 Sep 1965 Henderson Co, NC, both buried Sitton-Gillespie Cemetery

Children are:

1. Marion Albert Gillespie b. 29 Jul 1899 Mills River Henderson Co, NC d. 8 Feb 1973 Richmond, Vir

2. lola Mae Gillespie b. 17 Jan 1901 Mills River, Henderson Co, NC d. 26 Feb 1988 Hendersonville, NC

3. Velma Hassie Gillespie b. 24 Jun 1903 Mills River, Henderson Co, NC d. 17 Dec 1971 Hendersonville, NC

4. Mary Ruth Gillespie b. 18 May 1917 Mills River, Henderson Co, NC d. 13 Aug 2001 Henderson Co, NC

5. Robert John Gillespie Sr. b. 22 Jan 1924 Mills River, Henderson Co, NC d. 7 Sep 1986 Hendersonville, NC


4. Fannie L Gillespie b. 6 Jun 1875 Henderson Co, NC d. 4 Oct 1879 Henderson Co, NC, buried Sitton-Gillespie Cemetery

5. Flora Gillespie b. 18 July 1877 Henderson Co, NC d. 1968 m. Columbus Nimrod Allen 13 Feb 1898 Henderson Co, NC, son of Philip Allen & Mary Owenby, he was b. 12 Aug 1875 Henderson Co, NC d. 30 Oct 1958 Henderson Co, NC, both buried Refuge Baptist Church Cemetery

Children are:

1. Mary Ethel Allen b. 19 Dec 1898 Mills River, NC d. 12 Feb 1981 Henderson Co, NC m. [1] Robert H Lincoln b. 12 Dec 1889 Cincinnatti, Ohio d. 22 Mar 1981 Henderson Co, NC [2] Sumpter Means Cole b. 18 Jul 1889 Spartanburg Co, SC d. 1 Dec 1936 Henderson Co, NC, both buried Refuge Baptist Church Cemetery.

2. Edwin Alvoy Allen b. 24 Jan 1902 Henderson Co, NC

3. Ollie Mae Allen b. 8 Apr 1906 Henderson Co, NC d. 13 Nov 1906, buried Sitton-Gillespie Cemtery

4. Willis Harvey Allen b. 4 Aug 1908 Henderson Co, NC d. 28 Nov 1992 Henderson Co, NC m. Beatrice Clementine Griffin 18 Oct 1930 Henderson Co, NC,



HENDERSONVILLE-Willis H. Allen of Route 6 Sugar Loaf Road, died Saturday, Nov. 28, 1992, at Pardee Hospital after a long illness. A native of Hendersonville, he was the son of the late Columbus and Flora Gillespie Allen. He owned and operated Allendale Nursery for 25 years. He was a member and former deacon of Refuge Baptist Church. He was a former Board of Control member of the Henderson County Curb Market. Survivors include his wife Beatrice G. Allen and several nieces and nephews. A funeral will be held at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday at Shepherd's Church Street Chapel with the Revs. Zollie Ward and George Roberts officiating. Entombment will follow in Shepherd Memorial Park Mausoleum. The family will receive friends from 1 to 2:30 p.m. Tuesday prior to the service. Memorials may be made to Refuge Baptist Church Building Fund, P. O. Box 36, Dana, N.C. 28274. Thomas Shepherd & Son Funeral Directors is in charge of arrangements.

6. Hattie Lee Gillespie b. 27 Oct 1879 Henderson, NC d. 1 Apr 1965 Henderson Co, NC m. Willie Michael Sitton Jr, 6 Dec 1899, son of Silas Sitton & Martha Israel, he was b. 1 Mar 1875 Henderson Co, NC d. 21 Mar 1951 Henderson Co, NC, buried Sitton-Gillespie Cemetery

Willie Michael Sitton, Sr., was the third son of Silas Craton and Martha Israel Sitton. He was born March 1, 1875 at Mills River in Henderson County, NC. His marriage of December 6, 1899 to Hattie Lee Gillespie was one of many marriages between the families of the Sitton iron makers and the Gillespie rifle makers. They were third cousins. They were both active members of the Mills River Baptist Church of which their ancestors were charter members when it was organized in 1835. This church has been the site of many Sitton-Gillespie baptisms, weddings and funerals. As a boy, Willie liked playing with tools and used a hatchet belonging to his father to hack theleg of a table which Silas Craton had made. This brought Willia thrashing by his father. The table is in the home of Howard Sitton. Before her marriage, Hattie Gillespie was employed by a family of Lockwood's in Baltimore. She accompanied this family on a summer trip tot he Hudson River area and Fondly spoke of going on a boat trip down the Hudson. Willie followed the trade of his father, the operator of saw mills. He was also a very competent carpenter and at one time served at the George Vamderblt estate as a watchman. Willie and Hattie Lee had nine children, one died as an infant and one died at the age of 14. In the 1920's the Sitton family had one of the few tennis courts that could be found in the county. It was here that their children and their friends played the game of tennis. One of their sons, Willie Michael Jr, still played a good game of tennis when in his 70's. Willie died Mar 21, 1951 and Hattie Lee died April 1, 1965. Both are buried in the Sitton-Gillespie Cemetery at Mills River.

EXCERPTS FROM AN ARTICLE IN THE "HENDERSON COUNTY HERITAGE BOOK" Vol I, by Lucy Gilliam Sitton. THE TIMES-NEWS, HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. TUESDAY, MARCH 21, 1951 Death Takes W. M. Sitton, 78, Rites For Prominent Mills River Farmer Set For Thursday. Willie Michael Sitton, 78, a well known farmer of the Mills River community, died today at Patton Memorial Hospital following an illness of several weeks. The funeral services will be conducted Thursday at 2 p.m. at the Mills River Baptist Church by the Rev. n.A. Melton and the Rev. Zeno Green. Interment will follow in the Sitton Cemetery with Robert Ingle, Thomas Wilson, Seaman Whitaker, R.K. Whitaker, U.H. Gordon and Herman Owens as pallbearers. He wil remain at the Thomas Shepherd Funeral Home until noon Thursday and will then lie in state at the church for an hour before the service. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Hattie Gillespie Sitton; three daughters, Mrs. Mary Whitaker, Mrs. Edith Whitaker and Mrs. Aileen Bryson, all of Mills River; four sons, Charles, Clifford and Bill Sitton of grandchild; a brother, Philip J. Sitton of Greenville, S.C.; four sisters, Mrs. Marion Whitaker and Mrs. S. Perry Williamson of Mills River, Mrs. Minnie Gillespie of Mountain Home, and Mrs. Nettie White of Spartanburg, S.C

Children are:

1. Willie Walker Sitton b. 13 Sep 1900 Henderson Co, NC d. 8 Oct 1904 Henderson Co, NC, buried Sitton-Gillespie Cemetery

2. Mary Sitton b. 22 Apr 1902 Henderson Co, NC d. 5 Nov 1964 Hendersonville, NC

3. Edith Sitton b. 18 Aug 1904 Buncombe Co, NC d. 25 Aug 1980 Hendersonville, NC

4. Charles Spurgeon Sitton b. 2 Sept 1906 d. 24 Feb 1997 Hendersonville, NC

5. Hester Lee Sitton b. Sep 1908 d. 16 Dec 1922 Brevard, Transylvania Co, NC, buried Sitton-Gillespie Cemetery

6. Howard Taft Sitton Sr b. 14 Aug 1910 d. 15 Dec 1976 Asheville, Buncombe Co, NC

7. Willie Michael Sitton Jr b. 23 Feb 1913 Transylvania Co, NC d. 10 Jan 1999 Hendersonville, NC

8. Clifford McKinley Sitton b. 30 Nov 1915 Henderson Co,NC d. 24 Aug 1994 Mills River Henderson Co, NC

9. Edna Aileen Sitton b. 28 Mar 1920 d. 28 Feb 1990 Asheville, Buncombe Co, NC


7. Henery Gillespie b. 3 May 1882 Henderson, NC d. 18 Nov 1948 Henderson Co, NC burial 19 Nov 1948 Sitton-Gillespie Cem

ASHEVILLE CITIZEN, ASHEVILLE, N. C., FRIDAY NOVEMBER 19, 1948 Gillespie Shooting Is Ruled Suicide South Mills River Resident Found Dead Near Home HENDERSONVILLE - The death of Henry Gillespie, 66, a resident and farmer of the South Mills River section who was found dead from a shotgun wound about 8:10 a.m. Thursday on a bridge about one-half mile from his home, was declared a suicide by Coroner Bruce A. Cox, who said no inquest would be had. Coroner Cox made suicide the official verdict after investigation and the finding of a note in the kitchen of the deceased. The note, written in ink on a small tablet, said: "Good by Myrtle, Ed and family. Please forgive me." The handwriting of the note was identified as that of the deceased by Ed Gillespie, a nephew, Mack Gillespie, a great nephew, and Deputy S. S. Whitaker, a resident of the neighborhood. The finding of the body on the bridge over the South Fork of Mills River on |South Mills River Road between the home of the deceased and the nephew, Ed, had started a wide investigation due to the fact that the elder Gillespie had had trouble with hunters on his property about two weeks ago. At that time, according to Deputy Whitaker, Gillespie ordered night hunters off his property and shots were exchanged. Later a rifle shot was fired into the Gillespie home. It was because of the hunting incident that members of the family had been staying with Mr. Gillespie, a bachelor, overnight. The great-nephew, Mack, said he stayed with Mr. Gillespie last night. During the night, he said, they thought they heard someone on the porch of the home but found no one on investigation. Mack said he left shortly after daylight this morning. The body was found by Miss Cora Bells Gillespie, a great-niece of the deceased, as she started to Hendersonville on South Mills River Road. Her father, Ed, said he crossed the bridge about 8 a.m. and the body was not there at that time. A school bus had also crossed the bridge about 8 a.m. Apparently the last person to see Mr. Gillespie alive was Mrs. Charles Sitton, whose home is between that of the deceased and the river. She said that he stopped there and gave her $10 which he had promised as a Thanksgiving orphanage contribution. She said she watched him as he walked toward the river and about 8:15 a. m. heard what she thought was a single shot. Mr. Gillespie was shot in the head and both barrels of the shotgun found nearby had been discharged. He was identified as the owner of the weapon. The suicide note was found by Corporal E. B. Quinn and James Kuykendall of the state highway patrol, Deputy Whitaker and the relatives, Ed and Mack. Funeral services will be conducted Friday at 3 p.m. at Sycamore Baptist Church by the Rev. W. E. Rufty and burial will be in Gillespie Cemetery with nephews as pallbearers. Surviving are three sisters, Mrs. W. M. Sitton and Mrs. W. E. Field of Mills River and Mrs. C. N. Allen of Dana; a brother, George Gillespie of Mills River; and a number of nieces and nephews.

6. Perry Patterson Orr b. 30 Sept 1849 Transylvania Co, N.C. d. 8 Oct 1928 Transylvania Co, N.C. m. Malinda Adaline Young 30 Jul 1876 Transylvania Co, NC, daughter of Strawbridge Young & Martha Gash, she was b. 1848 d. 1932

Children are:

1. Rachel Orr

2. Lola Orr

3. Carl Orr

4. Spurgeon Orr

5. Reggie Orr b. 25 Feb 1888 Transylvania, NC d. 10 Nov 1959 Transylvania, NC m. Lennie Baynard, she was b. 25 Mar 1889 Transylvania Co, NC d. 15 May 1983 Transylvania Co, NC, both buried Sitton-Gillespie Cemetery

Children are:

1. Renalda Orr b. 18 Jan 1917

2. Holland Orr



8. Joseph McCune Orr b. 30 Jun 1853 d. 1948 Translyvania Co, NC m. [1] Mary Elizabeth Gillespie 12 Dec 1874 Henderson Co, NC, daughter of Wilson Gillespie & Malinda Underwood, she was b. 17 Mar 1856 Henderson Co, NC d. 26 Dec 1897 Transylvania Co, NC [2] Margaret J Gillespie 14 Jul 1898, daughter of Wilson Gillespie & Malinda Underwood, she was b. 22 Mar 1859 Henderson Co, NC d. 5 Nov 1909 Transylvania NC, all buried Davidson River Cemetery

Children by Mary Gillespie are:

1. Jule Orr b. 26 Nov 1875

2. Ellie Orr b. 20 Sep 1877

3. Elbert Orr b. 10 Oct 1878

4. Rachel Flora Orr b. 10 Mar 1882 d. 29 Aug 1886

5. Ervin McCune Orr b. 25 May 1884

6. Robert E Orr b. 29 Aug 1886

7. Claud Wilson Orr b. 18 Sep 1888 d. Jan 1984 Centrailia, WA 8. George Henry Orr b. 26 Feb 1891 Transylvania, NC d. 25 Dec 1967

9. Malinda Jane Orr b. 13 Jul 1893 Transylvania, NC d. 28 Feb 1987 Centrailia, WA m. Sylvanus Alonzo Smathers 19 Dec 1909, son of Columbus Smathers and Amanda Clontz, he was b. 24 Jan 1888 d. 4 Nov 1968 Haywood Co, NC



RANDLE, WASH-Minnie Orr Smathers, 93, died Saturday, February 28, 1987 in a hospital in Centralia, Wash. A native of Henderson County, she was the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Joe Orr. She moved to Randle a number of years ago. Survivors include four sons, Lloyd O. Smathers of Henderson County, and Joseph Smathers, Cecil Smathers, and Harry Smathers of Randle; a duaghter, Charlotte Hammill of Gold Hill, N.C.; 26 grandchildren and many great and great-great-grandchildren. Funeral services were held at noon Tuesday in the chapel of Brown's Mortuary, with burial following in the Randle Cemetery.

Children are:

1. Roy Slyvanus Smathers b. 11 oct 1911

2. Mary Charlotte Smathers b. 2 Mar 1913

3. Lloyd Orr Smathers b. 24 Aug 1915 Transylvania, NC, d. 9 Sept 2001 Transylvania, NC



Loyd O. Smathers, 86, of Penrose, died Sunday, Sept. 9, 2001, in his home. He was a native of Transylvania County and lived in Henderson and Transylvania counties throughout his life. He was the son of the late Sylvanis Smathers, and Minnie Orr Smathers. He was preceded in death by a brother, a sister, a grandchild and a great-grandchild. He attended Grace Covenant Tabernacle Church. He is survived by his loving wife of 26 years, Brenda Greene Smathers; seven sons, Dan Smathers, David Smathers, and Joseph Smathers of Hendersonville, John Smathers of Greer, S.C., Wayne Smathers and Steve Smathers of Brevard and Mark Smathers of North Port, Wash.; five daughters, Hilda Shelton of Lake Toxaway, Doris Stewart of West Moreland, Tenn., Deloris Brown of Etowah, Martha Smith of Horse Shoe and Teresa Kitchen of Pisgah Forest; 32 grandchildren; numerous great-grandchildren; three brothers, Joe Smathers, Harry Smathers and Cecil Smathers of Washington State; and a sister, Charlotte Hammill of Gold Hill. A graveside memorial service will be held at 11 a.m. Tuesday at Mill Pond Cemetery. The Rev. David Templeton will officiate. Thos. Shepherd & Son Funeral Directors is in charge of the arrangements.

4. Claudine Smathers b. 13 Apr 1918 Henderson Co, NC d. 26 Dec 1918

5. Joseph N. Smathers b. 6 Nov 1920

6. Harry Laffette Smathers b. 20 May 1923

7. Cecil Linburgh Smathers b. 20 Nov 1926



Children are:

1. Robert Perry Orr b. 31 Dec 1800 d. 15 Aug 1880 m. Margaret Henry 1820, daughter of Joseph Henry & Margaret Porter, she was b. abt 1806 d. 1879

Children are:

1. Elizabeth "Eliza" Orr b. 15 Mar 1824 Buncombe Co, NC d. 4 Sep 1889 Henderson Co, NC m. Archibal Aiken, son of Thomas Aiken & Charlotte Duckworth, he was b. 29 Apr 1828 Buncombe Co, NC d. 21 Apr 1898 Henderson Co, NC, both buried Beulah Baptist Church Cem.

Children are:

1. Robert Perry C Aiken b. 14 May 1854 Henderson Co, NC d. 24 Jan 1938 Henderson Co, NC m. Susan E. Smith 2 Jan 1879 Henderson, NC, born 1858 d. 1934, Robert buried 26 Jan 1938 and Susan buried Old Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery

Children are:

1. Mary Aiken b. Mar 1880

2. Joseph Ishmael Aiken b. 29 Jun 1882 Henderson, NC d. 3 Jul 1950 Henderson, NC m. Sally Middleton, born 29 Jul 1883 s. 1934, both buried Old Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery

3. Darthula Aiken b. 1883

4. Margaret Eliza Aiken b. 1890

5. Marshall C.M. Aiken b. 3 Oct 1893 Henderson, NC d. 8 Feb 1920 Greenville Co, S.C.

6. Archibald Quentin Aiken b. 23 Oct 1895, Henderson, NC d. 7 Feb 1945 Henderson, NC, buried Old Beulah Baptist church cem

7. Judson Elliot Aiken b. abt 1900 Henderson, NC d. Greenville Co, SC

8. Eva S. Aiken b. abt 1904 m. C. S. Pharis


2. Thomas Arthur E Aiken b. 1857 d. 21 Jan 1927 Henderson Co, NC m. Martha Elizabeth Shipman 22 Jul 1881 Henderson, NC, daughter of Joseph Shipman & Elizabeth Dawson, she was b. 2 Jan 1861 d. 28 Jan 1907 Greenville, Greenville Co, SC, both buried Old Beulah Baptist church Cemetery [called the Henry cemetery on the Jacob Shipman old homeplace]


Mrs. T.A. Aiken, of Etowah, died suddenly January 31 at her temporary home in Greenville, S.C. to which place she had gone with her husband and family for the winter. She was going about her normal household duties when the summons came and within a moments time was a lifeless form in the arms of her husband, who was writing a letter, when she ran to him saying, "I have a severe pain right here [putting her hand over her heart] and am going to die." These words had hardly been spoken before her earthly sufferings were ended. Loving friends gave needed aid, in the preparation of the remains for burial and the same were brought back to the old family graveyard, in which rests many relatives and former friends of the deceased and her husband, the Henry cemetery on the Jacob Shipman old home place.

Children are:

1. Millard Aiken

2. Ebon Aiken

3. Lillie E Aiken b. 3 Sep 1882 d. 23 Jun 1955 m. A. Elijah Erwin 4 Sept 1903 Henderson Co, NC born 2 May 1881 d. 17 Jul 1959, both buried Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery

Children are:

1. Marion Edward Erwin b. 5 Sep 1904 d. 27 Jun 1921, buried Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery

2. Janice Erwin b. 9 Oct 1907 d. 13 Jul 1965, buried Beulah Baptist church Cemetery

3. Thomas E. Erwin b. 27 Oct 1911 d. 26 Jun 1980, buried Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery

4. Archibald F. Aiken b. 17 Jul 1885 d. 23 Jul 1940 Concord, NC m. Lillie Poplin

5. Joseph Argyle Aiken b. 9 Feb 1892 d. 16 Jul 1986 m. Ollie Mae Morgan born 17 Nov 1896 d. 2 Mar 1990, both buried Oakdale Cemetery

Children are:

1. Juanita M. Aiken b. 5 Jan 1919 m Otto Newman

2. Orian Argyle Aiken b. 22 Dec 1921 d. 23 Mar 1969 buried Oakdale Cemetery, m. Sarah Maxwell

6. Malcolm Mitchell Aiken b. 26 Jan 1896 d. 14 Nov 1970 Concord, NC m. Lula Moore

7. Thomas Roswell Aiken b. 31 May 1899 d. 14 Dec 1972


3. Josephine Louise Aiken b. 20 Mar 1858 Etowah, Henderson Co, NC d. 8 Dec 1942 Arden, Buncombe Co, NC m. Dr. John Knox Stimpson Case 28 Mar 1878 Henderson, NC , he was b. 17 May 1840 Buncombe Co, NC d. 9 Nov 1913 Greenville, SC

[Josephine "Josie" Aiken & John Knox Stimpson Case were married twice to each other. The first marriage is recorded March 28, 1878 & again on 4 May 1880]


Mrs. Josephine L.A.Case, 84, widow of the late Dr. J.K.S.Case, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Bertha Case Hensley, arden, NC yesterday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. She had been in ill health for the past year, her condition becoming serious three weeks ago. Mrs. Case was born and reared in Transylvania County, NC, a daughter of the late Archibald and Eliza Orr Aiken. For a number of years she made her home here. She was a member of the Baptist Church. Surviving are four daughters, Mrs. Eola O. Wiggins, Mrs. W.T. McMahon, Mrs. A.T. Miller and Mrs. bertha Case Hensley; and two sons, Fred Aiken Case and L.B. Case, and one sister, Mrs. Bertha Case Hensley [this is wrong-not her sister, this is her daughter] The body was returned to Greenville last night and announcements concerning the funeral arrangements will be made later from the offices of the Thomas McAfee Funeral Home.

Mrs. Josephine Case funeral services for Mrs. Josephine L. Aiken Case, 84, widow of the late Dr. J.K.S.Case, will be held Thursday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock at the chapel of the Thomas McAfee Funeral Home, conducted by Rev. W. H. Harbin and Rev. A.B.Ferguson. Interment will be in Graceland cemetery in the family plot. Serving as pallbearers will be T.C. Forest, Leonard Blackwell, J.R. Morris, Bill Griffin, Johnnie Kidd and A. U. Dover. Composing the escort of honor will be Dr. C.T.J.Giles, Dr. R.E. Houston, J.W.Godfrey, Glad Howard, Rev. Harmon Abbott and W.H. Youngblood. The death of Mrs. Case occurred at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Bertha Case Hensley, on the Glenn Bridge Road at Arden, N.C., Tuesday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. For some time she had been in ill health, her condition becoming serious a few weeks ago. Born and reared in Transylvania County, N.C., she was a daughter of the late Archibald and Eliza Orr Aiken, both natives of North Carolina. Her husband, who died some years ago, was a physician and at one time was engaged in the practive of his profession in Greenville where the family lived for a period of 20 years. In recent years, Mrs. Case had been living with her children. She was a member of Beulah Baptist Church.


Many years ago, so long ago that few remember except what they have been told by the old ones, there lived in the Horse Shoe area of Henderson County the only doctor in the entire section. JOHN KNOX STIMPSON CASE was his name, but no one remembers his full name now. By some, he was addressed by his proper title, Dr. Case; but to most of the young and the old he was Doc. Case and as the years went by he was referred to by nearly everybody as "Old Doc." Highly respected and deeply beloved by the entire country side, Dr. Case administered to the sick and injured; people and animals alike. There were no drug stores or pharmacies in his day as there are now. Here and there was an occasional store that was referred to as an apothecary shop, dispensing the few drugs and medicines that were available. Doctor Case brewed and concocted his own medicines and remedies from the native herbs found in our mountains. Many of the barks, roots and leaves he gathered himself or he bought them from his neighbors. Regardless of the weather, whatever the time of day or night; whether his patient was man, woman, child or animal, Dr. Case when he was called always answered that appeal. Sometimes in a buggy but generally traveling on horseback, he carried his instruments and medicines in his saddle bags. No distance was too far for him to travel to help the sick and injured. No ridge was too steep and rocky and no cove was too isolated; if that was where the doctor was needed, that was where he went. All of this was that period of years between 1850 and 1880. It was late one evening of an early autumn day. There had already been a touch of frost in the air for several days and the deep fall coloring was beginning to paint the foliage on the hillsides. The doctor in his stocking feet was relaxed before the brightly burning hearth fire in the "lean to" of his log house, the lean to that he used as his office and drug store. He reached over the table and took a long swig from the small earthen jug that always rested within reach of his rocking chair. The day had been a long, hard one, more so than usual, and he smacked his lips in appreciation then he put the corn cob stopper back in the jug. It was the end of another exhausting day in the saddle calling on his many widely scattered patients. "I'm not as young as I use to be," was the thought in his mind as he again leaned back in his chair and stretched his feet to the fire. Just then the door was unceremoniously flung open and a hatless, barefoot, teenage boy burst into the old doctor's office. "Dr. Case! Dr. Case!" the breathless boy managed to utter, "Pa's in a bad way, awful bad! He wants you to come at once! I set out at daybreak before sun-up and I've run all the way, all the way from CRAB CREEK to fetch ye!" "Now you just go out to the barn and feed my horse while I russle up a bite to eat," the old doctor replied. Tired and worn out as he was, he had never refused when summoned and now was no time to start. It was quite a distance from HORSE SHOE across the mountain to CRAB CREEK. By the time he had eaten a bite and was in the saddle the shadows had begun to lengthen. When Doctor Case reached the small stream that ran across the rough and lonely road that we know today as the BIG WILLOW ROAD, his horse stopped and the doctor loosened the rope reins to give it a chance to drink. The animal lowered its head and took several swallows of the clear, cool water. Then without warning and for no visible reason, as far as the old Doctor could see, the horse suddenly jerked its head high and with its ears pointed forward, gave a loud snort which was followed by a shrill neigh as the horse leaped across the branch. It happened so unexpectedly that the rider was nearly thrown. Telling about it later, the old doctor swore that at the same time the horse jumped he felt the arms of a woman go around his waist as he caught the illusive fragrance of perfume. The horse broke into a headlong gallop and Dr. Case was struggling with all his strength to get the animal under control. Out of the corner of his eyes, he told later, that he could see the creature was dressed in a flimsy white gown and her long stringy hair was streaming behind as the horse plunged ahead. The old man was not superstitious and he had seen many strange things over the years as he traveled the lonely mountain roads visiting his patients. Woman or Devil! He could feel her arms tighten around him but when he tried to pull her hands apart there was nothing to pull. "Why, it was just like a body trying to take holt of a moon beam or a streak of light!" he said when telling about it. "I was beginning to get a mite scared too, what with that wild hag of a witch breathing down my neck and that fool horse in a dead gallop!" When he finally managed to bring his horse to a stop, the animal stood in the middle of the road, legs wide apart, breathing heavily, sweat dripping from his body. The apparition in the filmy while gown quickly seemed to slip to the ground and vanished without a sound. The horse had galloped from the nameless stream to the foot of the mountain at the JESSE SENTELLE place. The old doctor, when telling of his experience afterwards, said that he had never in all of his life had such a thing happen to him although his practice of medicine had taken him to strange places where he had seen unusual things. Muttering and mumbling to himself and his horse, he continued his journey, treated his patient and started back to HORSE SHOE. Just as he reached the same stream of water where the apparition had suddenly mounted his horse, the same white clothed figure stepped out of the bushes and took his horse by the bridle. The doctor, now bone weary and sleepy, was in no mood for tricks. He quickly dismounted to see what was going on and that figure simply vanished again. Afterwards, when he told about the night's experience at the unnamed branch that flowed across the BIG WILLOW ROAD, people shook their heads. Maybe the old doctor was taking too much of his own medicine from that earthen jug that night. But then JIM MURRAY, a dependable man who wagoned back and forth a lot, told how several nights after Doctor Case's experience his team stopped at the same branch. He could see a bunch of cows in front of him. He jumped off his wagon with his whip to drive them out of the way. The cows and a white creature with long flowing hair in their midst vanished without a sound. From that time on the little stream flowing across the BIG WILLOW ROAD was called 'HAUNTED BRANCH" and it is so called to this day. From the book "FROM THE BANKS OF THE OKLAWAHA, VOL II," BY FRANK L. FITZSIMONS; GOLDEN GLOW PUBLISHING COMPANY 1977"

Children are:

1. Edna Eolan Case b. 1881 Henderson, NC m. Frank Osteen

Child is:

1. Frances Osteen

2. Nora Nedalia Case b. Sep 1882 Henderson, NC d. 20 May 1965 Greenville, Greenville Co, SC m. William Taylor McMahon 29 April 1907 in Washington D.C., he was born 2 Jun 1882 lowell, Kentucky, d. Aug 1957 Henderson County, NC

Children are:

1. Billie Taylor McMahon b. 15 Dec 1908 Greenville, SC 2. Melba Nedalia McMahon b. 9 May 1910 greenville, SC d. 24 Dec 1999 Greenville, SC

3. Talmadge Zachary Case b. 1884 Henderson, NC m. Lonia Cornwell 28 Aug 1905 Henderson County, NC, daughter of John Cornwell & Adeline Lankford, she was born 12 July 1888 Henderson Co, NC

Children are:

1. Posteria Case

2. Eugene Case

4. John Knox Stimpson Case Jr b. 1888 Henderson, NC d. abt 1891 Henderson, NC

5. Frederic Aiken Case b. 23 Dec 1890 Henderson, NC d. 23 Jan 1966 Hamlett, NC m. Sarah Marie Finan, b. Aug 1897 Philadelphia, PA d. 9 May 1933

Children are:

1. Fredrick Aiken Case Jr. b. 1917

2. Madge Nedelia Case b. 6 Jun 1918 Cape May, NJ

3. Irene Sivelie Case b. 5 Jun 1919

4. James Francis Case b. 1 Nov 1921 Cape May, NJ

5. John Knox Case b. 13 Dec 1924

6. Margaret Ruth Case b. 15 oct 1926

6. Bonnie Mae Case b. 23 May 1891 Henderson, NC d. 15 Feb 1915 Greenville, SC m. Bryson E. Thompson abt 1909 Greenville Co, SC, he was born 10 Mar 1889 Henderson Co, NC d. 28 Nov 1971 Greenville Co, SC

Children are:

1. Clara Thompson b. 1910 Greenville Co, SC d. 14 Aug 1909 Greenville, SC

2. Jeanette Thompson b. abt 1912

3. Nora Lee Thompson b. abt 1914

4. Martha Thompson

5. Madgelean Thompson

7. Lewis Burgin Case Sr b. 20 Apr 1893 Henderson, NC d. 2 Apr 1981 Greenville, SC m. Roxie Anne Suzanne Hollingsworth 31 May 1916 Grenville Co, SC, daughter of Elias Hollingsworth & Mary Weems, she was born 15 Aug 1898 Pickens Co, SC d. 23 Apr 1993 Simpsonville, Greenville Co, SC

OBITUARY Lewis Burgan Case, 87, of 127 Ridgeway Drive, died Thursday He was a retired textile employee and had worked at Mills Mill, Woodruff, and judson Mill, Greenville, S.C. Surviving are his widow, Roxie Hollingsworth Case; daughters, Edna C. Sellers and Evelyn C Blackwell, both of Simpsonville; a son, James C.Case of Greenville; a sister, Bertha C. Cowan of Greenville, sC Services will be 3 p.m. Saturday at the chapel of Thomas McAfee Funeral Home; burial in Graceland Cemetery- Thomas McAfee Funeral Home. OBITUARY Lewis Burgan Case, 87, of 127 Ridgeway Drive, died Thursday A native of Hendersonville, N.C., he was the son of the late Dr. John K.S. and Josephine Aiken Case. He was a retired textile employee and worked at Mills Mill at Woodruff and Judson Mill in Greenville. He was a member of Cear Camp 3 W.O.W. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Roxie Hollingsworth Case; two daughters; Mrs. Edna C. Sellers and Mrs. Evelyn C. Blackwell, both of Simpsonville; a son, James C. Case of Greenville; a sister, Mrs. Bertha C. Cowan of Greenville; eight grandchildren and 19 greatgrandchildren. services will be at 3 p.m. Saturday at the Chapel of Thomas McAfee Funeral Home. Burial will be in Graceland Cemetery. Visitation: 7 to 8:30 tonight at the Thomas McAfee Funeral Home.

OBITUARY Simpsonville- Mrs. Roxie Suzanne Hollingsworth, 94, widow of Lewis B. Case of 258 White Drive, former resident of Ridgeway Drive, Greenville, died Friday, April 23, 1993 at Hillcrest Hospital in Simpsonville. Mrs. Case was born in Greenville County and was the daughter of the late Eli Clinton and Mary Weems Hollingsworth. She was a retired textile employee and a member of Fair Heights Baptist Church. Surviving are two daughters, Edna C. Sellers and Evelyn C. Blackwell, both of Simpsonville; a daughter-in-law, Mrs. James C. [Billie]Case of Greenville; eight grandchildren, Carole Sellers Walker, Howard Terry Sellers, Judith Sellers Parham, Robert Balckwell, June Balckwell Miley, Lewis W. Blackwell, Laurel Balckwell Brewer and James William [Bill] Blackwell; twenty-two-great-grandchildren and five great-great-grandchildren. Mrs. Case was pre-deceased by two sons, Lewis B. Case Jr and James C. [Jim] Case. Funeral services will be Monday, April 26, 1993 at 2 p.m. at Fair Heights Baptist Church conducted by Rev. C. B. Rollins, Jr and Rev. Joseph R. Rollins, with burial in Graceland Cemetery. The body is at Jones-Brashier Funeral Home, 1004 Augusta Street where the family will receive friends on Sunday from 4-6 p.m. The families are at their respective homes and request memorials be made to Fair Heights Baptist Church, 302 Parkins Mill Road, Greenville, SC 29607, or a charity of one's choice. Jones-Brashier Funeral home downtown chapel.

Children are:

1. Edna Louise Case b. 11 May 1917 Greenville, SC

2. Lewis Burgan Case Jr. b. 18 Feb 1919 Greenville, SC d. 30 Jan 1944 Anzio Beach; m. Helen Rachak 20 Jun 1943

OBITUARY FROM GREENVILLE NEWS The body of Second Lieut. Lewis B. Case, Jr., will arrive in Greenville tomorrow afternoon at 1:55 o'clock from Italy where he lost his life during World War II. Lieutenant Case was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis B. Case and lived all of his life in the Judson community. He attended Judson Grammar School and Parker High School. His parents now reside at 46 Peachtree Street, Woodruff. Lieutenant Case was member of Judson Methodist Church. On August 8, 1936 he entered the Army and servced with the Anti-tank Corps at Panama, drill battalion at Reasure Island, Calif., at Seattle, Wash. Officer candidate school at Fort Benning, Ga., and was an instructor of ski troops at Denver, Colo. In August, 1943, he went to Italy and was with the 4th Ranger Battalion at the time of his death January 30, 1944. he was 25 years of age. He was married to the former Miss Helen Rachak of Denver. His parents survive him with two sisters, Mrs. H. T. Sellers and Mrs. Frank Balckwell, bothof Piedmont, Route 2, and a brother, James C.Case of Greenville. Funeral services will be held Tuesday afternoon at 6 o'clock at the graveside in Graceland Cemetery and will be conducted by Chaplain Reynolds C. Murdock, the Rev. A.M. Doggett and the Rev. L. P. Barnette. Military Rites at the graveside will be conducted by Parker Post 119, American Legion. The body will be carried to the Thomas McAfee Funeral Home to await the service."

3. James Clinton Case b. 23 Jul 1920 Greenville, SC d. 31 Mar 1990 Greenville, SC buried Greenville Memorial Gardens, m. Willie Maude Baker

4. Mary Martha Case b. 15 Oct 1922 Greenville, SC d. 23 Jan 1923, buried Graceland Cemetery, Greenville, SC

5. Ruby Christine Case b. 16 Apr 1924 d. 18 May 1924 6. Evelyn Lila Case b. 30 Jun 1925 Greenville, SC

Go to the source, Bert Sitton has done all this work and info on the Orr's, there is a poem by Lewis Case's sister, Edna Louise Case Sellers in Memory of her brother Killed in Italy in WWII

I add extended families to help out if I can, others looking for their families


8. Lonnie March Case b. 23 Mar 1896 Henderson, NC d. 9 Sep 1977 m. Arthur Miller

Children are:

1. Melba Miller

2. Lorraine Miller

3. Gene Arthur Miller

4. Hortense Miller

5. Ida Ellen Miller

6. Patsy Ruth Miller

9. Bertha Civilia Case b. Mar 1899 Henderson, NC d. Arden, Buncombe Co, NC - Frank Fowler

Bertha Case Killed her common-law-husband, Frank Fowler. She was pregnant with Patricia when he came home and almost beat her to death and she shot him. She told authorities she thought he was a burgular. She was found not guilty of any charges.

Children are:

1. Frank Jack Fowler Jr.

2. Patricia Fowler

10. Ellen Case b. 1902 Greenville, SC, d. 1903 Greenville, SC


4. Margaret S Aiken b. 1860, buried Beulah Baptist Church Cem.

5. Charlotte Aiken b. 1862, buried Beulah Baptist Church Cem, NC

6. Marshall M Aiken b. 1864, buried Beulah Baptist Church cem. NC

7. Eliza Omega Aiken b. 1867 Henderson Co, NC m. James Calvin Johnson, he was b. abt 1865

Child is:

1. Cecil Johnson Johnson b. abt 1890


2. Marshall Orr m. Margaret M Snowden

Children are:

1. Joanna Orr

2. Thomas F Orr

3. E. Marshall Orr

3. John Patton Orr b. 13 Jan 1828 Buncombe Co, NC d. 20 Nov 1880 Buncombe Co, NC m. Sarah Jarrett 17 May 1868 Buncombe Co, NC, daughter of Noah Jarrett & Elizabeth Israel, she was b. 23 Jul 1830 Buncombe Co, NC d. 17 Apr 1914 Buncombe Co, NC

Children are:

1. Porter Bynum Orr b. 16 Jul 1872 d. 6 Jun 1947 m. Emma Clark

Children are:

1. Ava E. Orr

2. Sarah E. Orr

3. Porter Bynum Orr

4. Clarke P. Orr


2. Mary Ida Orr b. Dec 1869 m. W. E. Britt 9 Mar 1890, he was b. 1866

Child is:

1. Gladys Britt


3. Margaret Orr b. 19 Aug 1873 m. Edwin C Jarrett

4. Mahala Orr b. 16 Jan 1836 Buncombe Co, NC d. 3 Jul 1923 Transylvania Co, NC m. Christopher C Whitmire, son of Richard Whitmire & Judith Jordan, he was b. 27 Apr 1835 d. 23 Feb 1878

Children are:

1. Rebecca E Whitmire

2. Harvey Whitmire b. 1857 d. 22 Feb 1943, buried Moriah Baptist Church cemetery, m. Tina Lura Viola Phillips 9 Jan 1879 Transylvania, NC, daughter of James Phillips & Julia Gillespie, she was b. 1862 Transylvania, NC d. May 1940

Children are:

1. Loon Whitmire

2. Eugene Whitmire

3. Ester Whitmire

4. Ada Whitmire

5. Van Whitmire

6. Kyle Whitmire

7. Carey Whitmire


3. Mary Whitmire b. 17 Mar 1859 Transylvania Co, NC d. 26 Oct 1884 Pickens Co, SC m. John M Jones

4. Susan Whitmire b. 1862 m. Z T Jones, 24 Feb 1876 Transylvania Co, NC

5. Anna Jonna Whitmire b. 24 May 1863 Transylvania Co, NC d. 19 Mar 1940

6. Richard Whitmire b. 1864

7. Margaret Melinda Whitmire b. 14 May 1866 Transylvania Co, NC d. 26 Jan 1940 Transylvania Co, NC buried Mount Moriah Baptist Church Cemetery.

8. Eunice Whitmire b. 27 Apr 1869 d. 9 Mar 1923 Tranaylvania Co, NC m. Volney Clinton Moore 13 Apr 1890, Son of William Moore & Sarah McCrary, he was b. 12 Dec 1860 Henderson, NC d. 14 Apr 1936 Transylvania, NC, both buried Glazener Cemetery

Children Are:

1. Victoria Moore b. 1891 m. Earnest Carl Allison

2. Earnest Furman Moore b. 1892 m. Bessie Allison

3. Elick Carman Lynch Moore b. 1892 m. Irene Allison

4. Robbie Moore b. 1895 d. 1909

5. Dewey Moore b. 1898 d. 1993 m. Grace Hamilton

6. Donnie Mae Moore b. 1900 m. George Wallace Reese

7. Richard Herman Moore b. 1905 m. Mamie Lyda

8. Betty Moore b. 1911 m. Wesley Holtzclaw


9. Eliza Whitmire b. 4 Dec 1870 Transylvania Co, NC d. 22 Jun 1896 Transylvania Co, NC

10. Birt Whitmire b. 26 Jan 1877 Transylvania Co, NC d. 25 Oct 1971 Joplin, Missouri m. Mary Jane Broouer b. 3 Sept 1877 Cape Giradeau, Missouri d. 10 Oct 1968

5. Mathew L. Orr b. 8 Mar 1838 m. Sarah C Whitmire 8 Mar 1860 Henderson Co, NC she was b. 27 Nov 1840 Henderson Co, NC d. 12 Aug 1900 Transylvania Co, NC, buried Mt. Moriah Baptist Church cem.

Children are:

1. Tasmie Orr

2. Rachel Orr

3. Margaret Orr

4. Lammy Orr

5. Carrie Orr

6. Josephine Jane Orr b. 7 Mar 1834 d. 3 Jul 1923 Henderson Co, NC m. Louis Leander "Lee" Aiken, son of Thomas Aiken & Charlotte Duckworth, he was b. 1837 d. 1913 Henderson Co, NC, both buried Beulah Baptist Church cem

Children are:

1. William Maslinia Aiken b. Oct 1857 Henderson Co, NC d. 8 Apr 1931 m. Mary Jane Shipman 22 Nov 1881 Henderson, NC, born 27 Oct 1858 Henderson, NC d. 16 Aug 1915 Transylvania, NC, both buried Oak Grove Cemetery

Children are:

1. Charles Frazier Aiken b. 1882

2. Hugh Canonon Aiken b. 19 Nov 1885 Henderson, NC d. 20 Aug 1946 Henderson, NC m. Daisy Margaret Louise Snelson, 24 Jul 1912, daughter of Thomas Snelson and Molly Cantrell, she was born 13 Oct 1894 d. 8 Jun 1984 Henderson Co, NC

TIMES-NEWS, HENDERSONVILLE, N.C., TUESDAY, AUGUST 20, 1946 HUEY C. AIKEN SUCCUMBS; RITES 2 P.M. WEDNESDAY Huey C. Aiken, 60, Southern railway engineer who retired recently after 33 years service, died today at his home on First Avenue West, after an illness of seven months. Mr. Aiken was a native of Henderson County and a life-long resident of Henderson and Transylvania counties. He was a son of the late William M. and Mary Jane Shipman Aiken. The funeral service will be held at the residence on Wednesday at 2 p.m. The Rev. F. C. Smathers, pastor of the First Methodist Church, will officiate, assisted by Dr. O. M. Seigler, pastor of the First Baptist Church. Burial will be in Oak Grove Cemetery in Brevard. Nephews will serve as active pallbearers and honorary pallbearers will be E. T. Adams, J. M. Daugherty, E. L. Winslow, H.H. Sullivan, J. W. Cline, B. L. Pugh, W. H. Lail, D. F. Hendricks, W.C. Warren and R.B. McCarson, all retired engineers, and H.C. Ransom, C.C.Cantrell, D.R. Fisher, P.H. Hedrick, W. F. Young, Dan Glazener, A.O. Kitchen, C.O. Hill, George McCrary, J.L. Britt, Leonard Barber, S. J. Cooper, V.C. Smathers, B.V. Merrell, A. H. Mehaffey, P.H. Galloway, J.E. Bishop, C.F. Poole, S. L. Hunt, Herman Bishop, Frank Mulvaney and Howard Miller. Mr. Aiken is survived by his widow, the former Miss Daisy Snelson; five sons, R. S. Aiken of myrtle Beach, S.C., and Jack, Mack, Carey and Hugh Aiken of Hendersonville; four daughters, Misses Virginia, Betty Ann and Barbara and Mrs. C. B. Kispaugh, all of Hendersonville; and the following brothers and sisters, C.V., L.M. and E. L. Aiken of Asheville, Mrs. C. L. Newland and Misses Willie and Jennie Aiken of Brevard, and Mrs. C. W. Talley of Penrose. He was a member of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen, Woodmen of the World and Methodist Church.

Children are:

1. Richard Snelson Aiken b. 28 May 1913 Transylvania Co, NC d. 26 Jul 1994 Henderson Co, NC, buried Oak Grove Cem, Brevard 2. William Lafayette Aiken b. 3 Jul 1915 Transylvania Co, NC d. 3 May 1986 Henderson Co, NC, buried 5 May 1986 Oak Grove Cem 3. Thomas Aiken b. 17 Jun 1917 Transylvania Co, NC d. 17 Feb 1918 Transylvania Co, NC, buried Oak Grove Cemetery

4. Mary Aiken b. abt 1919 m. Claude B. Kishpaugh, born 22 dec 1908 d. 2 Sept 1971, buried Forest Lawn Cemetery

5. Mack Henry Aiken b. abt 1921

6. Virginia Aiken b. 21 Apr 1923

7. Robert Carey Aiken b. 12 Oct 1925

8. Barbara Aiken b. abt 1927

9. Elizabeth Ann Aiken b. 16 Feb 1929

10. Hugh Aiken b. 3 Nov 1930

3. Bonnie Mae Aiken b. 26 Aug 1890 NC d. 10 Apr 1952 Transylvania Co, NC m. Carl Wilson Talley 1908 NC, he was born 27 Oct 1885 NC d. 19 Jul 1959 Transylvania Co, NC

Children are:

1. Holland Bun Talley b. 1909 Transylvania Co, NC d. 29 Aug 1993 Asheville, Buncombe Co, NC

2. Rhett Talley b. 5 Feb 1911 Transylvania Co, NC d. 31 Aug 1981 Transylvania Co, NC, buried Enon Baptist Church Cemetery 3. Mary Kate Talley b. 5 Sept 1913 Transylvania Co, NC d. 29 Mar 1914 Transylvania Co, NC, buried Enon Baptist Church Cem 4. Fred Talley b. may 1915

5. Alma I Talley b. Oct 1917 Transylvania Co, NC d. Charlotte, NC

6. Dorothy Marge Talley b. Dec 1919 Transylvania Co, NC d. Charlotte, NC

7. Sam Talley b. abt 1921 Transylvania Co, NC d. Pisgah Forest, Transylvania Co, NC

4. Luna Mascena "Jack" Aiken b. 1894 m. Kitty L. Shook 23 Dec 1917, born abt 1895

5. Eardley Littleton Aiken b. 8 Oct 1897 Henderson, NC m. Doris Kilpatrick 13 Jun 1917 b. abt 1900

6. Nellie Eveline Aiken b. 9 feb 1898 Henderson, NC d. 1996 m. Charles Newman 4 May 1930 born abt 1900 d. Brevard, NC

7. Willie Viola Aiken b. 12 Sep 1901 d. 20 Sep 1957 buried Oak Grove Cemetery

8. Jennie D Aiken b. 2 Nov 1903 d. 16 Jan 1981, buried Oak Grove Cemetery, Brevard, NC


2. Orrie E Aiken b. 16 Oct 1859 Henderson Co, NC d. 1888 Henderson Co, NC m. Claude Wade Norman 15 Feb 1885 Henderson, NC born 28 May 1860 d. 30 Jul 1906, both buried Old Beulah Baptist Church Cem.

Children are:

1. Eller Norman

2. Ewart Norman

3. Josie J Norman

4. Eland Norman

5. Maybelle Norman

6. Everette Norman

7. Claude Norman

8. Millard Norman b. 2 Apr 1888 Henderson, NC d. 30 Apr 1888 Henderson, NC, buried Old Beulah Baptist church Cem.


3. Margaret Ida Aiken b. 1861

4. Littleton Tipton Aiken b. 1865 Henderson Co, NC d. 1946 Henderson Co, NC m. Elizabeth Fowler, 13 May 1899 Henderson co, NC, born 1864 d. 1946 Henderson Co, NC, both buried Old Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery

Children are:

1. Elizabeth J Aiken b. 8 Feb 1907 Henderson, NC m. Hershel Lee b. 28 Nov 1903 d. 15 Aug 1974 Henderson, NC, both buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery

2. Ann Aiken b. abt 1909 m. Will Searcy b. 26 May 1907 d. 28 Sept 1967 Henderson Co, NC buried Berea Baptist Church Cem

3. Carrie Aiken b. abt 1915 m. Dewey Wilson b. abt 1915


5. Thomas Filbert "Phillip" Aiken b. 15 Apr 1866 Henderson Co, NC d. 12 Mar 1902 Transylvania Co, NC,buried Greenwood cemetery, m. Rena Adeline Brown 24 Dec 1890 Transylvania Co, NC she was born 25 Apr 1872 NC d. 17 Oct 1943 Transylvania Co, NC

Children are:

1. Exie Aiken b. Dec 1892 m. Lincoln Mingus Hamilton, son of Luther Hamilton & Susan Sentell, he was b. abt 1885

2. Walter Leander Aiken b. 28 Oct 1894 Transylvania, NC d. 28 Oct 1894, buried Greenwood Cem.

3. Minnie Aiken b. 28 Oct 1894 Transylvania, NC d. 4 Jul 1946 Transylvania Co, NC, m. Charlie J McCall 8 Dec 1917 Transylvania, NC he was b. 12 Jun 1889 Transylvania, NC d. 9 Apr 1965, buried Greenwood Cem

4. Cathale Aiken b. 6 Sep 1897 Transylvania, NC d. 2 Dec 1977 Transylvania, NC m. Jesse B. Huggins, he was born 24 Apr 1889 d. 29 Jun 1955, both buried Greenwood Cemetery

Children are:

1. Richard Alvin Huggins b. 17 Aug 1921 Transylvania Co, NC d. 15 Jan 1930 Transylvania Co, NC, buried Greenwood Cemetery

5. Ethel Aiken b. 15 Oct 1901 Transylvania, NC d. 15 Jun 1981 Transylvania, NC m. John Marshall Huggins, he was b. 2 Nov 1895 d. 31 Jan 1973 Transylvania Co, NC


6. Robert C Aiken b. 11 Dec 1866, Henderson Co, NC d. 15 Jan 1896 Henderson Co, NC, buried Beulah Baptist Church Cem

7. Lou Dusky M Aiken b. 1 Oct 1871 d. 30 Mar 1959, buried Boylston Baptist Church Cemetery, m. David R. Holiday, he was b. 3 Jan 1866 d. 9 Feb 1937, buried Boylston Baptist Church Cem.

Children are:

1. Otto B. Holiday b. 2 may 1897 Henderson Co, NC d. 29 Mar 1913 Henderson Co, NC, buried Boylston Baptist Church Cem

2. Robert A. Holiday b. 4 Oct 1900 Henderson, NC d. 15 Apr 1913 Henderson, NC, buried Boylston Baptist Church Cem

3. David Louis Holiday b. 15 Mar 1905 d. 29 Sep 1997 m. Edith Eugenia Banning, she was b. 19 Oct 1906 Henderson, NC d. 30 may 1999 Transylvania, NC, buried Boylston Baptist church cem.


8. Ewart L Aiken b. 26 Jul 1873 Henderson Co, NC d. 14 Apr 1887 Henderson Co, NC, buried Beulah Baptist Church Cem

9. Joseph "Joe" Aiken b. 26 Jul 1873 Henderson Co, NC d. 11 Apr 1889 Henderson Co, NC buried Beulah Baptist Church Cem.

7. Mary Eugenia Orr b. 25 Jan 1845 d. 6 Jun 1927 Henderson Co, NC m. Stephen Johnson Morgan 8 Jun 1865, he was b. 8 Aug 1838 d. 13 May 1883 Henderson Co, NC, both buried Beulah Baptist Church Cem

Children are:

1. Sterling L Morgan b. 1 Oct 1866 Henderson Co, NC d. 12 Sept 1934 Henderson Co, NC, buried 13 Sept 1934 Beulah Baptist Church

2. Cephus Rutledge Morgan b. 31 Aug 1868 Henderosn Co, NC d. 9 feb 1941 Henderson Co, NC, m. Darthulia Cantrell, daughter of Joseph Cantrell & Esther Cairnes, she was b. 13 Jan 1873 Henderson, NC d. 9 Aug 1965 Henderson , NC, both buried Oak Forest Cemetery

Children are:

1. Julius Ray Morgan b. 21 Jan 1906 Henderson, NC d. 23 Sept 1982 Henderson, NC, buried Oak Forest Cemetery

2. Charles Wilson Morgan b. 3 Sept 1913 Henderson, NC d. 9 Jul 1984 Henderson, NC, buried Oak Forest cemetery

3. Jessie Plenna Morgan b. 17 Sep 1903 Henderson, NC d. 9 Mar 1924 Henderson, Nc, buried Oak Forest Cemetery

4. Glover Denton Morgan b. 19 Nov 1900 Henderson, NC d. 26 Aug 1925 Henderson, NC, buried Oak Forest Cemetery


3. Cashen Sacratus Morgan b. 6 may 1870 Henderson co, NC d. 18 Jun 1921 Henderson Co, NC, buried Beulah Church Cem.

4. Berton Erastus Morgan b. 17 Apr 1872

5. Rhenna Nadelia Morgan b. 3 Feb 1874 Henderson Co, NC died in Henderson Co, NC, buried Beulah Church cem.

8. Robert Secratus Orr b. abt 1847 ,. [1] Nancy Ermine "Emma" Henderson, daughter of Nathaniel Henderson & Amanda Garner, whe was b. 30 Jun 1854 d. 10 Aug 1879 [2] Annie Elvira Garren 2 May 1886, daughter of Silas Garren & Sarah Lanning, she was b. 24 Nov 1867 d. 8 Apr 1917

Child of Nancy Henderson is:

1. Emma Orr b. Jul 1879 d. 1965 m. Julius M. Bolding, he was b. 1873 d. 1953

Children are:

1. Roy Lewis Bolding

2. Olin Pace Bolding

3. Monroe Bolding

4. Clifton Bolding

5. Ralph Bolding

6. Hovie Bolding

7. Claude Bolding

8. P.C. Bolding


Children of Annie Garren are;

1. Bessie Orr b. abt 1890

2. Mattie Orr b. abt 1892

9. Rachel Orr b. abt 1850

2. Lambert Clayton Orr b. 5 Jun 1802 d. 23 Nov 1882 m. Ruth Osborne 7 Nov 1826, daughter of Jeremiah Osborne & Ann Blythe, she was b. 19 Nov 1795 d. 2 Sept 1887, both buried Pleasant Grove Baptist Church

Children are:

1. Jeremiah M Orr b. 15 oct 1827 d. 11 Nov 1896 Henderson Co, NC m. Margaret Ann Hamilton, daughter of William Hamilton & Mary McCall, she was b. 26 Sep 1830 d. 18 Oct 1884 Henderson Co, NC, both buried Beulah Church cem

Children are:

1. William F Orr b. 2 Aug 1851 Henderson Co, NC d. 18 Sep 1881 Henderson Co, NC, buried Oakdale Cemetery, m. Loveda Ann Taylor

Child is;

1. Oscar Lewis Orr b. 23 Sept 1877 Transylvania, NC m. Sadie Turner 19 Mar 1905 Henderson Co, NC

Oscar Lewis Orr was born near Brevard, N.C., September 23, 1877, son of Loveda Ann Taylor of Mills River, N.C. and William F. Orr, of Penrose, N.C. He graduated from Mills Academy, Burleson College, and Southwest Seminary. Ordained Baptist Minister on February 11, 1900 at Farmersville, Texas. He married Sadie Turner of Hillgert, N. C. March 19, 1905, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Turner. They had children: Mrs. Virginia Maye Thomas, Columbia, S.C., Carroll T. Orr, Columbia, S. C., and Jesse B. Orr, McCormick, S. C. His Pastorates were held at: Hopewell Baptist Church, Merit, Texas for 2 years; Mud Creek Baptist, Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Mills River Baptist Church, Horse Shoe Baptist Church, all of Henderson County and Little River Baptist Church of Transylvania County. 1905-1906, pastor of Brandon Baptist Church, Greenville, S. C., pastor, Woodside Baptist Church, Greenville, S.C. 1907-1909, Pastor of Mountain Creek Baptist Church, Orr Mills Baptist Church, and New Prospect Baptist Church, Anderson, S.C. 1910-1914; Pastor West End Baptist Church, Asheville, N. C. 1914-1915; Pastor, Saginaw Baptist Church, Saginaw, Texas 1915-1917; Missionary, Vernon Texas, 1 1/2 years; Pastor Campobello Baptist Church, Campobello, S.C. and pastor Holly Spring Baptist Church, Holly Springs, S.C. 1919-1922 pastor Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Campobello, S.C. and pastor, Pacolet Baptist Church, Pacolet, S.C. 1923-24; pastor, Fort Mill and Pleasant Valley, S.C. 1925-29 Pastor, Plum Branch Baptist Church, Plum Branch, S.S., Modoe Baptist Church, Parksville Baptist Church and Bethlehem Baptist Church, from 1930. He was an Evangelist, a member General Board, SC State Convention; moderator, Edgefield Association, 4 years; Committee on Literature, in SC State Convention, 2 years; Board of Trustees Fruitland Insititute, 1905-1907; member Masonic Lodge since 1909 member of Eastern Star since 1918. FRENCH BROAD HUSTLER, HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. FEBRUARY 1914 ONE OF ABLE MINISTERIAL SONS OF HENDERSON COUNTY Rev. Oscar L. Orr, a native of Henderson County, but now of Anderson, S.C. is mingling with his friends in this section for a few days, having arrived in Hendersonville last week. Rev. Mr. Orr is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William F. Orr, formerly of the Mills River section. His father died a number of years ago. Mrs. Orr is living with her son in Anderson, S.C. Mr. Orr left Henderson County several years ago, going to the western states, where he lived for about 13 years, graduating during this time from Burleson college, Greenville, Texas. Returning from the West, Mr. Orr served as pastor of the Mud Creek, Pleasant Hill, Horse Shoe, Stoney Mountain and Little River Baptist Churches in Henderson County, and suppling for a few months at the Hoopers Creek Church. Mr. Orr is now pastor of Mountain Creek, Prospect and Mount Bethel churches in the vicinity of Anderson. He devotes a portion of his time each year to evangelistic work. One of most recent successes was the addition of 66 new members to the church at Langley, S.C., as a result of services conducted by him. By invitation of Rev. K. W. Cawthon, Rev. Mr. Orr ably filled the pulpit of the First Baptist Church of Hendersonville Sunday night, preaching forcibly to a large and appreciative congregation on the interesting subject of "Christ is All."

Children are:

1. Virginia Maye Orr

2. Carroll T. Orr

3. Jesse B. Orr


2. Rachel Orr b. 1850 Henderson Co, NC d. 1931 Henderson Co, NC m. [1] John Weese [2] Fidilla Hamilton Blythe 8 Jan 1903 Henderson Co, NC b. 30 Nov 1850 Henderson Co, NC d. 20 Sep 1940 Etowah, Henderson Co, NC, buried Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cem. JOhn buried Oak Forest Cem, Fidilla buried Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cem.

3. John Lafayette Orr Sr. b. 17 Dec 1855 Henderson, NC d. 16 Jan 1920 Henderson Co, NC m. [1] Emma Crain 12 Jan 1877 Henderson co, NC born 21 Dec 1858 d. 15 Jun 1887 [2] Mary Louise Rhymer 12 Dec 1887 Henderson Co, NC, daughter of Kennedy Rhymer & Harriet Edwards, she was b. 19 Aug 1868 Buncombe Co, NC d. 1972 Henderson Co, NC all are buried in Mud Creek Baptist Church cemetery.



John L. Orr is a native of Henderson County, a son of Jeremiah Orr, who lived on the French Broad River up to his death a few years ago at the age of about 64. John is a very enterprising citizen of Hendersonville, he is of the most untiring energy, has long been in the livery business and buys and improves real property. He is doing well.



Music? No! Singing? No! For such words do not adequately express the occasion, which City Alderman John L. Orr said in an inspired speech "the human mind cannot comprehend and the tongue cannot express in words." Mr. Orr undoubtedly knew what he was talking about, it being the occasion of the third convention of the Henderson County Musical association which was held in the county court house. Mr. Orr characterized the convention as "one of the greatest days in the history of Henderson County," and the audience which heard his brief address was unquestionably the largest that had ever assembled in the court house. Eight choirs participated in the occasion, one of which was from Buncombe county and another from Transylvania. From various directions the musicians came, some on train, some on foot, some on wagon, others horseback or in a vehicle of some kind. From the time the convention was called to order until the last hymn, "God be with You till we Meet Again," was rendered, the court house was croweded and during the afternoon session it was almost impossible to find a vacant place in the large court room. Mayor R. H. Staton delivered the welcome address, to which response was made by A. S. Edney. Fanning Stepp, the president of the association, presided over the meeting.

Children by Emma Crain are:

1. Glover Trentholm Orr Sr. b. 1878 d. 1936 m. Nancy Louise Maxwell 31 Dec 1896 Henderson Co, NC, daughter of Jonas Maxwell & Rachel Ledbetter, she was born 20 Dec 1877 d. 30 Sept 1966 Henderson Co, NC

THE FRENCH BROAD HUSTLER NOVEMBER 1910 Mr. Glover T. Orr will operate an automobile livery in Hendersonville next season. His equipment will be absolutely first class, and amongst the machines in his garage will be three 1911 model Cadillacs. DECEMBER 1910 Born to Mr. and Mrs. Glover T. Orr, Friday morning, a girl, both mother and child are well, and Glover is setting up the cigars to his many friends. DECEMBER 1912 MESSRS. ORR & ANDREWS TO MOVE TO NEW STAND On December 1st the livery stable of Orr & Andrews, now located at the stand known as the Old Toms stables, opposite J. T. Crane's on Third Avenue East., will move to the stables owned by Mr. Joe Bailey on Third Avenue West, formerly occupied by Mr. D. G. Tatum. Mr. Glover T. Orr of the firm of Orr & Andrews has been in the livery business twelve or fifteen years. JANUARY 1915 ORR & ANDREWS DISSOLVE Glover T. Orr and Robert P. Andrews, who have been engaged in the livery business on Third Avenue for about three years, have dissolved partnership and each is engaged in the livery business on Third Avenue, Mr. Orr occupying the old stand and Mr. Andrews running the stables on the opposite side of the street, formerly used by T. A. Jackson, who has moved to the Stradley stables. Messrs. Orr and Andrews have enjoyed a good trade during their career and their friends will be interested to know that they will continue in the business, although dissolving the firm.

Children are:

1. Jewel Virginia Orr b. 1910 d. 3 May 1983 Henderson Co, NC

2. Frank Horace Orr b. 16 Aug 1904

3. Glover Trentholm Orr Jr. b. 14 Mar 1915 Henderson Co, NC

4. Emma Kate Orr b. 12 Dec 1897 Henderson Co, NC d. 23 Feb 1975

5. Thelma Gertrude Orr b. 1 Jul 1907

2. Julian Mortimore Orr b. 5 Jan 1880 Henderson Co, NC d. 30 Jun 1881 Henderson Co, NC, buried Mud Creek Baptist Chruch Cem

Children by Mary Rhymer are:

1. Nellie Kate Orr b. 20 Aug 1889 Henderson Co, NC d. 20 Sep 1984 Henderson Co, NC buried Mud Creek Baptist Church Cem.

2. Rosa Orr b. 1891 Henderson Co, NC d. 1894, buried Mud Creek Baptist Church Cemetery

3. Maggie Orr b. 20 Sep 1894 d. 8 Mar 1896

4. Florence Elizabeth Orr b. 5 Oct 1898 Henderson Co, NC d. 20 Dec 1982 Henderson Co, NC, buried Mud Creek Baptist Church cem.

5. John Lafayette Orr Jr b. 30 Apr 1900 Henderson, NC d. 27 Apr 1983 Henderson, NC m. [1] Jessie Davenport, she was b. abt 1912 Marion, Henderson Co, NC d. 15 oct 1996 Henderson Co, NC [2] Angie Jones 30 April 1918 Henderson Co, NC, daughter of Thomas Jones & Eliza Gray, she was born 12 Feb 1897 Henderson Co, NC d. 10 May 1982 Henderson Co, NC, He is buried in Shaw's Creek Campground Cemetery

OBITUARY JESSIE ORR HENDERSONVILLE--Jessie Davenport Orr, 84, of Hendersonville, died Tuesday, October 15, 1996, at Margaret R. Pardee hospital after an extended illness. A native of Marion, she had been a resident of Henderson County for most of her life. She was a daughter of the late Samuel Wesley and Pollie Lewis Davenport. She was the wife of John L. Orr Jr., who died in 1983. She was employed by Ecusta Corporation and was an active member of Hendersonville First Baptist Church where she was involved in the Philathea Class and the women's Missionary Union. She was involved in many community services. She was preceded in death by a sister, Georgia Capps and three brothers, Clyde, Falcon and Louis Davenport. She is survived by two sons, Samuel John Galloway of Pell City, Ala., and John L. Orr III and his wife Barbara of Hendersonville; daughter Jean Galloway Hollingsworth and her husband Bruce of Chandler; brother, Locke Davenport of Asheville; three sisters, Josie Bedord of Canton, Ohio, Wilma Fowler and Freda Holbert, both of Hendersonville; five grandchildren, Brenda Presley, judy Garrison, Bruce "Buddy" Hollingsworth, Connie Saunders, Annette Thomas; two step-grandchildren, Kim and Chad Simpson; six great-grandchildren, Julie Robinson, Donnie Davis, Michael DAvis, Mandi Bradford, Jamie Garrison, Christy Saunders; three great-great-grandchildren: Brittney Bradford, Dalas Davis, Briann Robinson; 23 nieces and nephews. Services will be at 2 p.m. Friday at Shepherd's Church Street Chapel with the Rev. Steve Scoggins officiating. Burial will follow at Campground Cemetery. The family will receive friends from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Thursday at Thomas Shepherd and Son Funeral Directors. Memorials may be made to Phillip Capps Memorial Fund, c/o Horse Shoe Baptist Church, Horse Shoe. N.C. or to Ministry Seven, Hendersonville.

Jessie Davenport Orr buried 18 Oct 1996 Shaw's Creek Campground Cem Angie Jones Orr buried Shepherd Memorial Park

THE FRENCH BROAD HUSTLER, HENDERSONVILLE N.C. THURSDAY, MAY 9, 1918 ORR-JONES An attractive home wedding occurred at 10 o'clock Tuesday morning, when Miss Angie Jones was married to John Orr, Jr. The ceremony was performed by Rev. M. F. Moores at the home of the bride's brother, A. O. Jones, on North Grove Street. A large number of relatives and friends were present. The bride and groom are widely known and very popular int his community. The house was beautifully decorated in wild blossoms and cut plants, pink and blue being the color scheme. The bride was charming in white satin and wore a picture hat of blue and pink and carried a bouqet of pink and white sweet peas. After the ceremony an ice course was served. Many handsome gifts were received. Mr. and Mrs. Orr left, immediately after the ceremony, for Greenville, S.C., where they will make their home.

Children by Jessie Davenport are:

1. John Lafayette Orr III b. 17 Jan 1952 Henderson Co, NC m. [1] Susan Jeanette Sutton, 2 Oct 1977 Henderson Co, NC b. 18 Jul 1957 [2] Barbara Gertrude Simpson 30 Jun 1990 Henderson, NC b. 2 Jan 1948

Children by Angie Jones are:

1. Louise Orr b. 18 Apr 1919 Henderson Co, NC d. 18 Apr 1999 Lee's Summit, Missouri

2. Dorothy Phyliss Orr b. 20 Aug 1923 Henderson, NC d. 13 Jul 1993 Henderson Co, NC

3. Johnnie Mae Orr b. 27 Nov 1937 Henderson ,NC m. Ernest L. Stellinger

6. Pauline Orr b. 13 Sep 1903 Henderson, NC d. 19 Oct 1904 Henderson, NC, buried Mud Creek Baptist Church Cem.

7. William Lawrence Orr Sr b. 26 Apr 1906 Henderson, NC d. 14 Feb 1989 Henderson, NC m. Theresa Eurline Hofmiester, daughter of Francis Hofmiester & Ermine Stinchcombe, she was b. 1906 d. 12 Nov 1986 Henderson Co, NC

Children are:

1. William Lawrence Orr Jr. b. 12 Dec 1925

2. Richard Edward Orr b. 27 Sept 1927 Henderson Co, NC d. 5 Jul 1995 Henderson Co, NC

8. Marjorie Orr b. abt 1909 Henderson, NC d. 7 Aug 1999 Buncombe Co, NC both buried Oakdale Cemetery, m. Houston P. Kincaid born 1900 d. 1971



Marjorie Orr Kincaid, 90, formerly of Hendersonville, entered into eternal life on Saturday, Aug. 7, 1999. She was a native of Hendersonville, where she lived until she moved to special care facilities in Black Mountain and Asheville seven years ago. She was a daughter of the late John L. Orr, Sr. and Mary Rhymer Orr and wife of the late Houston P. Kincaid. She was a member of Hendersonville First United Methodist Church. She is survived by two nieces, Patricia Orr Mebane of Asheville and Johnnie Orr Snelling of Valrico, Floz; five nephews, D. Rickman Orr, Thomas E. Orr and John L. Orr of Hendersonville, Eugene O. Rector of Statesville and w. Lawrence Orr Jr. of Ligonier, Pa. A graveside service was held Thursday at Oakdale Cemetery. Asheville Mortuary Services was in charge of arrangements.

9. Edward Rickman Orr b. 16 Oct 1911 Henderson, NC d. 21 Mar 1996 Henderson Co, NC m. Alva O'Briant, she was b. 18 Aug 1913 d. 27 Nov 1983 Henderson Co, NC

Children are:

1. Patricia O'Briant Orr b. 14 Jul 1933

2. David Rickman Orr b. 16 Feb 1936 Henderson Co, NC 3. Thomas Edward Orr b. 9 Feb 1939


4. Rebecca Orr b. 23 Jan 1858 d. 14 Jun 1908 m. James Madison Kilpatrick, born 11 Nov 1850 d. 5 Mar 1929, both buried Little River Baptist Church Cemetery

Children are:

1. Jerry Cleveland Kilpatrick b. 24 Apr 1886 Henderson, NC d. 15 Jun 1938 Henderson, NC m. Della Mae Garren 7 Jul 1907 Brevard, NC daughter of Joshua Garren & Mary Heath, she was born 20 May 1887 d. 9 May 1981 Henderson Co, NC , both buried Pleasant Grove Baptist Ch. Cem

Children are:

1. Joyce Kilpatrick b. 1914 Henderson, NC d. 1915 buried Pleasant Grove Baptist Church cemetery

2. Katherine Kilpatrick b. abt 1916 Henderson, NC d. 7 July 2001 Henderson Co, NC

3. Harold G. Kilpatrick

2. Edith R. Kilpatrick b. 2 Jun 1888 d. 12 Feb 1965 m. Henry A. Gray; born 8 Feb 1886 d. 3 Oct 1962, both buried Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cemetery

3. Rachel Geneva Kilpatrick b. 12 Apr 1890 d. 16 Nov 1982 m. Daniel Richardson Justus b. 1886 d. 1965, both buried Oakdale Cemetery

4. Myrtle V. Kilpatrick b. 12 Aug 1892 d. 29 Jun 1933 m. Walter H. Gray b. 1888 d. 1983, both buried Pleasant Grove Baptist church Cemtery.

5. James L. C. Orr b. 7 Sep 1853 Henderson Co, NC d. 30 Jun 1922 Henderson Co, NC, m. Hannah Malinda "Levina" Shipman 4 Feb 1872 Henderson, NC, by A. W. Beck, M. G., daughter of Jacob Shipman & Esther Byers, she was b. Apr 1853 d. 3 May 1929, buried 4 May 1929 Old Beulah Baptist Church Cem

From the marriage records at the Register of Deeds office of Henderson County, N.C. JAMES L. ORR, AGE 19, son of JEREMIAH ORR and MISS LEVINA SHIPMAN, AGE 19, daughter of JACOB SHIPMAN, were married 4th February 1872 by A. W. Beck, M.G.


Aged Woman Buried at Pleasant Grove

Funeral Services for Mrs. James L.C. Orr, sister of Thomas J. Shipman of this city, were held at the Pleasant Grove church Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock, following her death late Friday afternoon at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Arthur Kilpatrick. Mrs. Orr was in her 76th years. Besides her brother, who lives in the city, she leaves one sister, Mrs. Mary Osteen, aged 90, who resides in Piedmont, S.C. A Concourse of friends and relatives attended the rites, conducted by the Revs. Mr. Mehaffy and James Gray. Many relatives and friends came from South Carolina, and a number were in attendance from Brevard. Mrs. Orr's grandsons served as pallbearers.

Children are:

1. Walter William Orr b. 28 Dec 1872, Henderson co, NC d. 1 Dec 1952 Henderson, NC m. Amanda Blythe 10 Sept 1893 Henderson Co, NC, daughter of Fidilla Blythe & Mary Jones, she was born 23 Mar 1874 Henderson Co, NC d. 16 Dec 1952 Henderson, both buried Oakdale cem

2. Martha Orr b. Jun 1881

3. Ella Solame Orr b. 28 Feb 1884 d. 18 Jun 1938 Henderson County, NC m. Carl E Blythe, dec 1902, son of Fidilla Blythe & Mary Jones, he was born 27 Oct 1881 Henderson Co, NC d. 17 Oct 1964 Henderson, both buried Pleasant Grove Baptist church cemetery

4. Lena Orr b. Oct 1885

5. Horace Dudley Orr b. Feb 1888 Henderson, NC m. Dora M. Anderson 30 Dec 1903 Henderson, NC daughter of Thomas Anderson & Eliza McCrary, she was born 11 Oct 1883 Henderson, NC d. 22 Dec 1968 Henderson, both buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery

OBITUARY DUDLEY ORR DIES IN CHARLOTTE Dudley Orr of Hendersonville died Monday at Charlotte where he had been working for some time. The funeral service was held yesterday at Charlotte and interment followed at Belmont. Mr. Orr was a son of the late Jim and Lennie Shipman Orr of this county. Surviving are the widow, Mrs. Dora Anderson Orr; three sons, V.D., Elmo and Andy Orr, al of Mountain Home; four daughters, Mrs. Gladys Sentelle of Pisgah Forest, Mrs. Bessie Whitaker of Mountain Home; Mrs. Mae Whitaker of Asheville and Miss Tommie Orr of Mountain Home. Two brothers Jerry and Charlie Orr of Hendersonville, and two sisters, Mrs. Josphine Kilpatrick of Hendersonville and mrs. Levie Justus of Blantyre

Children are:

1. Gladys Orr b. abt 1904

2. Bessie Orr b. 1 Jun 1907 Henderson Co, NC b. 24 Jul 1989 Henderson Co, NC m. Lee Roy Whitaker born 4 Jun 1904 Henderson, NC d. 5 May 1963 Henderson Co, NC, both buried 7 May 1963 Shepherd Memorial Park

TIMES-NEWS, HENDERSONVILLE, N.C., MONDAY, MAY 6, 1963 L. R. WHITAKER, DIED SUDDENLY SUNDAY AFTERNOON L.R. Whitaker, 58, a resident of Mountain Home, was pronounced dead on arrival at a local hospital. Mr. Whitaker, painter by trade, was the son of the late Oscar P. Whitaker, the mother, Mrs. Nora Morrow Whitaker, survives. Funeral rites will be held Tuesday at 4 p.m. at Shepherd Memorial Chapel with Rev. Lyman Wilson and Rev. Maynard Nutting officiating. Interment will take place in Shepherd Memorial Park with the following pallbearers: Earl Barnett, Johnnie Whitaker, Connelly Teague, Kenneth V, Young, Larry Ogle and Don Fowler. Honorary pallbearers will be Guy Corn, Glenn C. Marlowe, S.C. Smith, John Miller, Gordon Huntley, David Keith, Jimmy and Plato Allen and Grover Beddingfield. Survivors beside the mother are the wife, Mrs. Bessie Orr Whitaker; three sons, Fred, Bobby and Bill Whitaker, all of Mountain Home; three daughters, Mrs. Noah Goode of Hendersonville, Mrs. James Pace of Balfour and Miss Linda Whitaker of Mountain Home; two brothers, Ed Whitaker of Route 5, Hendersonville, and Sam Whitaker of Brevard; three sisters, Mrs. Ervin Barnett of Mountain Home, miss Ruth Whitaker of Mountain Home and Mrs. Lantie Gash of Hose Shoe. Mr. Whitaker was a member of the Balfour Baptist Church

3. Walter Raleigh Orr b. 9 Oct 1909 Henderson Co, NC b. 2 May 1944 Washington D.C.

THE TIMES-NEWS, HENDERSONVILLE, N.C., WEDNESDAY, MAY 3, 1944 RALEIGH W. ORR TAKEN BY DEATH; RITES TO BE HERE Raleigh W. Orr, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Orr of 120 Caswell Street, died yesterday in Washington D. C., according to word received here today. Death resulted from a heart attack. In additon to his parents, the deceased is survived by his wife, four sisters, Misses Tommie and May Orr of Hendersonville, Mrs. Bessie Whitaker of Mountain Home and Mrs. George Sentell of Pisgah Forest. Also surviving are three brothers, Andy, of Hendersonville, Sgt. Elmo Orr, now in England, and Vanoy Orr of Mountain Home. The body will be returned to Hendersonville for funeral services and burial. Arrangements will be announced later. The Shepherd Funeral Home is in charge. THE TIMES-NEWS, HENDERSONVILLE, N.C., THURSDAY, MAY 4, 1944 RALEIGH W. ORR RITES ARRANGED SATURDAY P.M. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday afternoon at 4 o'clock for Raleigh W. Orr, 35, who died suddenly Tuesday in Washington D.C. where he had resided for fourteen years. The deceased was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Orr of 120 Caswell Street. Services will be held at the First Baptist Church here by the Rev. O. M. Seigler, pastor, and the Rev. C. E. Blythe. Active pallbearers will include D. C. Orr, Coy Blythe, George Love, Jim Reid Powell, Dewey Orr, F. D. Dalton and Arnold Leverett. The Shepherd Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

4. Elmore Steven Orr b. 7 Sept 1918 Henderson, NC d. 23 Jul 1983 Henderson Co, NC, buried Shepherd Memorial Park

5. Anderson Orr b. 17 Apr 1928 Henderson Co, NC d. 21 Mar 1990 Henderson Co, NC

6. Amos Brown Orr b. 9 Oct 1931 Henderson Co, NC d. 5 Dec 1931 Henerson Co, NC, buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery

6. Bertha Josephine Orr b. 9 Nov 1890 Henderson, NC d. 2 Aug 1973 Henderson Co, NC m. Luther Franklin Kilpatrick, son of Charles Kilpatrick & Alice Terry, he was born 17 Sept 1877 Henderson Co, NC d. 6 Jan 1958 Henerson Co, NC, both buried Oakdale Cemetery

Children are:

1. Mildred Kilpatrick b. 21 Jul 1914 Henderson, NC 2. Charles Leslie Kilpatrick b. 8 Dec 1918 Henderson Co, NC d. 19 Oct 1979 Henderson Co, NC m. Phyliss E. b. 4 Nov 1918 d. 17 Feb 1978 Henderson Co, NC, both buried Oakdale Cem.

3. James Franklin Kilpatrick b. 28 Oct 1920 Henderson Co, NC m. Ada Marie Leverette b. 1923, buried Shepherd Memorial Park 4. Thelma Mae Kilpatrick b. 9 Jul 1922 Henderson Nc 5. Harry Glenn Kilpatrick b. 19 Sept 1924 Henderson, NC

6. Thomas Edgarton Kilpatrick b. 16 Aug 1926 Henderson, NC

7. Alice Josephine Kilpatrick b. 24 Nov 1928 Henderson Co, NC

7. Jerry Lee Orr b. 4 Jun 1893 Henderson, NC d. 20 Sept 1965 Henderson, NC m. Ida Mae Davis, daughter of Andy Davis & Ida Carter, she was born 11 Jul 1892 Henderson Co, NC d. 13 Feb 1966 Henderson Co, NC both buried Oakdale Cemetery

Children are:

1. Ervin Davidson Orr b. 4 Jul 1917 Transylvania Co, NC d. 17 Mar 1988 Henderson Co, NC

2. Joyce Roland Orr b. 8 dec 1918 Transylvania Co, NC d. 1977

3. Jerry Lee Orr Jr. b. 28 Nov 1922 Henderson, NC


6. Champion Orr b. abt 1863

7. Charles Sherman Orr b. 3 Nov 1867 Henderson Co, NC d. 9 Apr 1933 Henderson Co, NC m. Hester Louise Orr 5 Sep 1889 Henderson Co, NC, daughter of William Orr & Susan McCrary, she was b. 6 Feb 1870 Henderson Co, NC d. 9 Sep 1948 Henderson Co, NC buried 11 Sept 1948 Mud Creek Baptist Church cemetery


A few months ago, Mr. Charles S. Orr engaged in the grocery business in Hendersonville. Mr. Orr, assisted by Mr. John Arledge well and favorably known throughout the town and county has succeeded beyond his expectations. Mr. Orr handles a well selected, fresh stock of goods and has on hand at present a fine lot of cabbage. The scarcity of this vegetable recently has caused the housewives some inconvenience and it may be of interest to them to know that Mr. Orr is prepared to supply them. Mr. Charles S. Orr brought into this office a few days ago one of the largest specimens of sweet potato the county has ever produced. The potato was grown on his farm near Mud Creek, one and a quarter miles from Hendersonville, in a sand-clay soil. From the appearance of this mammoth potato, it would seem that at least six potatoes had been amalgamated int he early stages of their growth and formed this huge freak spcimen, which weighs no less than six pounds.



Funeral Rites for Henderson Native Set For Saturday P.M. Mrs. Hester Orr, 78, died at her West Barnwell Street home on Thursday night following an extended illness. Funeral services will be held at the Thomas Shepherd Memorial Chapel on Saturday at 4 p.m., with the Rev. Broadus Wall of Chester, SC former First Baptist church pastor here, officiating. Active pallbearers will be John, Hubert, Lawrence and Ralph Orr, Leon Jackson and Jack Brookshire. Honorary pallbearers will be Frank Orr, Ernest Brookshire, George Batson, L.P. Kilpatrick, Ralph Streadwick, Homer Thompson, Garland Jackson and Dan McCrary. The widow of the late Charles S. Orr, Mrs. Orr was a native of Henderson county and had resided here her entire life. She is survived by ten daughters, Mrs. Ernest Brookshire, Lt. Com. Margarete Ann Orr of the U.S. Navy Nurses Corps, stationed at Charleston, S.C. Miss Bertha Sue Orr of Hendersonville, Mrs. L.P. Kilpatrick of Atlanta, GA, Mrs. Ralph Streadwick of Hendersonville, Mrs. george Batson of Greenville, SC Mrs. Colby Streadwick of Wilmington, N.C.; Mrs. Homer Thompson of Norfolk, vA; Lewis P. Orr of the U.S. Army in Tokyo, and W. P. Orr of San Francisco; and 23 grandchildren.

Children are:

1. Amy Virginia Orr b. 26 May 1890 Henderson Co, NC d. 21 Mar 1991 Henderson Co, NC m. Ernest Richard Brookshire, son of James Brookshire & Eliza Hill, he was born 9 Jan 1894 Henderson Co, NC d. 22 Apr 1971 Henderson Co, NC

THE ASHEVILLE CITIZEN, ASHEVILLE, N.C. FRIDAY, 22 MARCH 1991 AMY ORR BROOKSHIRE, 100 HENDERSONVILLE--Amy Orr Brookshire, 100, formerly of 305 Second Ave. East, died Thursday, March 21, 1991 at McCullough's Rest Home following a period of declingin health. A lifelong resident of Henderson County, she was a daughter of the late Charles and Hester Orr and wife of Ernest R. Brookshire who died in 1971. She was a member of First Baptist Church of Hendersonville. Survivors include a son, Jack Brookshire of Hendersonville; three daughters, Mary Sue Israel of Hendersonville, Margaret Mollhan of Yorktown, Va., and Jean gieger of Virginia Beach, Va; four sisters, Rose Thompson of Richardson, Texas, Lillie Bell "Pat" Streadwick of Hendersonville, Ruby Ham of Mobile, Ala, and Ruth Bont of San Francisco, Calif., 12 grandchildren; 24 great-grandchildren. Funeral will be held 2 p.m. Saturday in Shepherd's Church Street Chapel with Dr. Rich Liner officiating. Burial will follow in Oakdale Cemetery. At other time the family will be at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Alvin Israel, 619 Oakland Street, Hendersonville.

Amy buried 23 Mar 1991 Oakdale Cemtery Ernest Also.

Children are:

1. Eliza Virginia Brookshire b. 28 Aug 1915 Henderson Co, NC d. 30 Mar 1983 Asheville, Buncombe Co, NC m. Lewis L. Knight b. 7 Oct 1911 d. 1 Dec 1959, both buried Oakdale Cemetery

2. Mary Sue Brookshire b. 11 Feb 1918 Henderson, NC m. Alvin Engle Israel b. 4 Oct 1918 Henderson Co, NC

3. Margaret Lucille Brookshire b. 25 Nov 1920 Henderson, d. 26 Nov 1920

4. Jack Orr Brookshire b. 14 Jun 1923 Henderson, d. 18 Jan 1995 Henderson Co, NC

5. Dorothy Jean Brookshire b. 10 Aug 1929 Henderson

2. Lillie Bell Orr b. 1901 d. 1992 m. Ralph Streadwick, buried Oakdale Cemetery

3. Lewis Parker Orr b. 31 Aug 1910 d. 25 Dec 1984 buried Oakdale Cemetery

4. Rosa Elizabeth Orr b. 24 Aug 1897

5. Rachel Estelle Orr b. 29 Oct 1895

6. William LaFayette Orr b. 7 Oct 1903

7. Florence Evelyn Orr b. 19 Jun 1906 Greenville SC d. 28 Dec 1987 Ill m. Henry Colby Streadwick 23 Sept 1926 Polk Co, NC he was born 25 Apr 1901 d. 12 May 1965 West Chicago, ILL both buried Wayne Centery Cemetery

Children are:

1. Charles Colby Streadwick

2. Patricia Ann Steadwick b. 8 Jul 1923 Younstown, Oh d. 9 Feb 1981 Three Forks, Montana

3. Larry Orr Streadwick

4. James Streadwick

5. Nancy Rose Steadwick


8. Jeremiah Columbus Orr b. 25 Dec 1862 Henderson Co, NC d. 31 Jul 1947 Henderson Co, NC, buried Pleasant Grove Baptist Church cemetery, m. Ella Matilda Thomas, daughter of James Thomas & Dovie Hadden, she was b. 20 Apr 1869 Henderson, NC d. 4 Aug 1942 Henderson, NC, buried 8 Aug 1942 Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cemetery



Mrs. Ella Thomas Orr, 73, a native of Henderson County, died at her home in the Pleasan Grove section at 12:40 a.m. today. She was the wife of J.C. Orr and the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Thomas. Surviving are four daughters, Mrs. L.A. Burdette of Greenville, S.C., Mrs. D.H. Picklesimer of Asheville, Mrs. W. C. Allison of Chimney Rock and Miss Ada Lois Orr of Penrose; and three sons, G.B. Orr and C. P. Orr of Penrose and E.F. Orr of Hendersonville. Also surviving are eighteen grandchildren and one great grandchild. Funeral services will be conducted Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the Pleasant Grove Baptist Church by the Rev. Carl Blythe, assisted by Rev. Jess Owenby. Active pallbearers will be W.W. Orr, Daniel Justus, Jones Banning, Walter Grey and Nicholas Sentell. Burial will be in the church cemetery.

Children are:

1. Grover Victor Orr b. 19 Aug 1890 Henderson, NC d. 25 Dec 1979 Henderson, NC m. Nora Jenkins born 25 Dec 1900 d. 21 Jan 1947

2. Georgia Birdie Orr b. 31 Aug 1897

3. Lena Orr b. abt 1900 Henderson, NC d. 18 Feb 1994 Buncombe Co, NC m. William C. Allison He died 1987

HE ASHEVILLE CITIZEN, ASHEVILLE, N.C. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 1994 LENA O. ALLISON, 93 FAIRVIEW--Lena Orr Allison, 93, of 631 Vairview Road, Asheville, died Friday, February 18, 1994, in Fleschers Rest Home. She was a native of Henderson County and had lived in Buncombe County most of her life. She was a daughter of the late Jeremiah Columbus and Ella Thomas Orr, and was married to William C. Allison who died in 1987. She was a member of Oakley United Methodist Church. Survivors include a daughter, Jo Nell Culbreath of Hendersonville; two sons, William Arnold Allison of Asheville and Laurence B. Allison of Portland, Oregon; three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be 2 p.m. Monday at Oakley United Methodist Church with the Rev. James R. Calloway officiating. Burial will be in Shepherd Memorial Park. The family will receive friends from 7 to 8:30 p.m. this evening at Groce Funeral Home, Asheville, where the body will remain until placed in the church 30 minutes prior to the services.

Children are:

1. William Harold Allison b. 20 Aug 1921 Henderson Co, NC d. 5 Dec 1996 Buncombe Co, NC

2. Jo Nell Allison

3. Laurence Burgin Allison b. 20 Aug 1921 Henderson, NC

4. Evan Frank Orr b. 9 Jan 1903 Henderson, NC d. 16 Feb 1959 Henderson, NC m. Martha Ola Gillespie, daughter of John Gillespie & Ila Hogsed, she was born 12 Jun 1911 Transylvania Co, NC, buried Shephers Memorial Park

Children are:

1. Boyce Eugene Orr b. abt 1929

2. Joe Evan Orr b. 11 Sept 1935 Henderson, NC

5. Charles Phydel Orr b. 22 Nov 1906 Henderson, NC d. 15 Feb 1969 Henderson, NC m. Mildred Evelyn Pace 13 Aug 1937 Henderson Co, Nc she was born abt 1920

TIMES-NEWS, HENDERSONVILLE, N.C., MONDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1969 REV. PHYDEL ORR Services for Rev. Phydel Orr, 63, of Valley Hill, who died Saturday, will be held at 11 a.m. Thursday in Pleasant Grove Baptist Church. The Rev. Oscar J. Smith and the Rev. Albert Rhodes will officiate. Burial will be in the church cemtery. Pallbearers will be D.C., Dewey, Paul and the Rev. Jerry Orr, the Rev. Newill Hill and Nicholas Stepp. Mr. Orr, a lifelong resident of Henderson County, was minister of Star Haven Baptist Church. He was also a barber and a veteran of World War II. Surviving are a son, Harold E. Orr of Hendersonville; a brother, Victor Orr of Etowah; four sisters, mrs. lena Allison and Mrs. Bird Picklesimer of Asheville, and Mrs. Winnie Burdett and Mrs. Ada Peavy of Greenville, S. C.: and two grandchildren.

THE TIMES NEWS, HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 1937 MISS P. ORR, 17, MISSING HERE SINCE MONDAY No Trace Established as Relatives in Several Cities Queried The police and sheriff's department have been asked to assist in a search for Mrs. Phidel Orr, 17, who disappeared from her boarding house on Third avenue east about 11 o'clock Monday morning. Members of the family today had communicated with relatives in Atlanta, Ga., West Palm Beach, Fla, and other cities, and with friends in a number of places, but no trace of the woman had been found. Mr. Orr told officers that he went to work Monday morning, returned for lunch, and his wife was gone from the home. At the boarding house it was reported that she left Monday morning about 11 o'clock.

Child is:

1. Harold Edward Orr b. 23 Jul 1938 Henderson, NC

6. Ada Lois Orr b. 18 Apr 1909


2. John L Orr Sr. b. 11 Nov 1832 d. 24 Jan 1912 m. Elizabeth Murray b. 14 Sept 1842 Henderson Co, NC d. 27 jul 1921 Henderson Co, NC, both buried Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cemetery.

3. Jane Ann Orr b. 12 May 1834 d. 28 Apr 1916 m. W. H. Blythe Sr, she is bured Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cemetery

3. William Orr b. 24 Mar 1804 Transylvania Co, N.C. d. Sept 1872 Transylvania Co, N.C. m. Mary "Polly" Weice

Children are:

1. Catherine Orr b. 25 Apr 1825 d. 3 May 1899 m. George Erwin, he was b. 1825 d. 21 Oct 1864

Children are:

1. Mary H Erwin

2. Rachel E Erwin b. 19 Apr 1851 Transylvania Co, NC d. 10 Oct 1924 Henderson Co, NC m. Milton Lafayette Underwood 1 Oct 1874 Henderson Co, NC, Son of George Underwood & Isabel Gillespie, he was b. 25 Oct 1851 Mills River, Henderson, NC d. 10 Feb 1945, both buried Sitton-Gillespie Cemetery


Sister Rachel E. Erwin Underwood was born April 19th 1851 in Transylvania County, N.C. and departed this life October 10th, 1924, age 73 years, 5 months, and 21 days. She joined the Little River Baptist Church just after the Civil War. She moved her membership to Boilston and then to Mills River Church July 21, 1883. Her membership was moved to Mount Gilead May 18th 1895. She then moved her membership back to Mill River Church where she remained until her death. She was a member of the Baptist Church for about 58 years. Sister Underwood married brother Milton L. Underwood October 1st 1874. They lived together for about 50 years. She is survived by her husband and six children. She was an earnest Christian and a faithful worker for the church. She lived her Religion. Was always ready to help those in need, and minister to the sick. She was good neighbor, kind-hearted, a loving wife and mother. While we the church at Mills River miss our sister, we trust that our loss will be her eternal gain. Resolved, that we bow in humble submission to the will of our Heavenly Father, knowing that he doeth all things for our good. And that this be spread on our record in memory of our departed sister.

Respectfully submitted W.E. Field, for committee

Children are:

1. George M. Underwood b. 18 Jun 1876

2. Edith L. Underwood b. 11 Aug 1878

3. Wiley Ernest Underwood b. 10 Dec 1879 d. 27 Apr 1942m. Pearlie McCall, daughter of Jessie McCall & Levinia Garren, she was born 14 Feb 1884 d. 6 Aug 1962 both buried Arial United Methodist Church cemetery

Children are:

1. Donald McCall Underwood b. 1903 NC d. 26 Oct 1970 Allendale, SC m. Lydia Mae Ellenburg

2. Jessie J Underwood

3. Azilee Underwood

4. Rachel Isabelle Underwood b. 1 Jan 1906 NC d. 4 Mar 1990 Pickens Co, SC

5. Elvina Underwood

6. Mary Underwood b. 1914 NC d. 23 Feb 1988 m. Edward Thomas Alexander born 27 Aug 1911 d. 24 May 1975

7. Fred W. Underwood b. 5 Nov 1915 m. Louannia Aiken 8. Pearl Irene "Pearlie" Underwood b. 1925 d. 16 Oct 1995 Pickens Co, SC m. Alfred L. Bowen

4. Mary Fannie Underwood b. 23 oct 1883

5. Nora Albertine underwood b. 9 Apr 1885 m. Arthur Gillis 12 Jun 1912 Henderson, NC b. abt 1885

Children are:

1. Willard Eugene Gillespie b. 23 Feb 1914 d. 27 Mar 1915

2. Edna Lucille Gillespie b. 6 Feb 1917 m Robert J Helwig, 7 Feb 1943


3. Sarah J Erwin b. 1 Feb 1854 d. 10 Nov 1913 m. Robert F Bryson 26 Oct 1876 b. 13 Dec 1852 d. 8 Jul 1900, both buried Mills River Methodist church cem.

4. Esther Erwin b. 26 Dec 1855 Transylvania Co, NC d. 5 Jun 1929 m. John A McCall 28 Feb 1881, b. 16 Jun 1861 d. 6 Mar 1947

5. Rebeca G Erwin b. 1857 Transylvania Co, NC m. Giles F Moore 30 Sep 1878 b. 1852


2. Azra Orr b. 12 Mar 1827 Transylvania Co, NC d. 25 Mar 1889 Transylvania Co, NC m. [1] Mary Ann Merrill, daughter of John Merrill & Mary Cantrell, she was b. 24 Feb 1839 Transylvania Co, NC, d. 12 Nov 1875 Transylvania Co, NC [2] Lovina Caroline Moore 29 Jun 1877, daughter of Clinton Moore & Sarah Shipman, she was b. 28 May 1847 d. 7 Dec 1930, all are buried at the Orr Cemetery

Children by Mary Merrill are:

1. Charles Orr b. 22 Jan 1857 d. 5 Jun 1875

2. Julius Orr b. 30 Jan 1859 d. 12 Jul 1875

3. Celia Orr b. 12 Jul 1860 Transylvania Co, NC d. 27 Feb 1939 Transylvania Co, NC m. William Sylvester Ashworth 6 Jan 1881, son of John Ashworth & Mary Moore, he was b. 18 Sep 1856 SC d. 24 Aug 1930 Transylvania, NC, both buried Gillespie-Evergreen Cemetery




BREVARD, August 25-W. S. Ashworth, 74, died at his home here Sunday morning at 9 o'clock following an illness of the past two months caused by a stroke of paralysis. Funeral services will be held Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the Brevard Baptist Church, conducted by the pastor, the Rev. Paul Hartsell. Interment will be in Gillespie cemetery. Mr. Ashworth was a native of South Carolina, but has lived practically all his life in Transylvania County. He was a member of the Baptist Church in Brevard. He was a director of three banks and has been prominently connected in business here for 50 years or more. Surviving are his wife, who was before her marriage almost a half century ago, Miss Celia Orr, and eight children, as follows: Mrs. R. E. Williams of San Francisco, Cal, Mrs. George Shuford, Miss Louise Ashworth, Mrs. G.H. Paxton, Reba Ashworth, Clyde, John and Charlie Ashworth, all of Brevard.

Children are:

1. Mary Leota Ashworth b. 22 Jan 1882 m. Ralph Emmet Williams

2. Lenora Ann Ashworth b. 20 Nov 1883 m. George David Shuford

3. Louise "loueria" Ashworth b. 12 Jan 1885 d. 7 Mar 1952 m. Fidella H. Henderson

4. Sally Jane Ashworth b. 25 Nov 1887 d. 18 Dec 1887

5. Clyde Ashworth b. 2 Nov 1889 d. 30 Dec 1940

6. Ava Ella Ashworth b. 10 Mar 1891 d. 28 Aug 1959 m. Glit Herbert Paxton 2 Nov 1921

7. John Ashworth b. 20 May 1892 m. Elsie Drusilla Hamlin born 23 Aug 1893, both buried Oak Grove cemetery

Child Is:

1. Ruth Ann Ashworth

8. Charles Deluis Ashworth b. 14 Nov 1894 m. Olivia denese Hancock

9. Arreba Elizabeth Ashworth b. 5 Oct 1902 d. 5 Apr 1981 m. Maynard Clarence Pollard 5 May 1946


4. Annah Orr b. 30 Mar 1862 d. 23 Apr 1928 m Merritt Rickman Corn 28 Nov 1879, he was b. 12 Mar 1858 d. 2 Aug 1928, both buried Little River Baptist Church Cemetery

Children are;

1. Mary Salome Corn b. 26 Feb 1881 m. Micago Henry Rudolph Lance

2. Jules Henry Corn b. 30 Jun 1883 d. 5 Sep 1902, buried Little River Baptist Church Cemetery

3. Margaret Carolina Corn b. 9 Aur 1885 m. James Drummond

4. Ellen Dinah Corn b. 15 Jun 1887 d. 13 May 1962

5. Sarah Jane Corn b. 25 Aug 1890 m. Thomas Steven Smith 6. Jessie Mae Corn b. 28 Jul 1895 m. Robert Haywood Mackey

7. Euna Corn b. 26 Aug 1904 m. Clarence Henry Ingle

5. Ida Orr b 27 Feb 1863 d. 3 Jul 1867

6. Elizabeth Orr b. 20 Jun 1864 d. 17 Aug 1940 m. Sheridan Crawford, b. 31 Oct 1869 d. 20 Jan 1964

Children are:

1. Netar Crawford b. 9 jun 1900 m. Edgar William Parker 2. Ethel Crawford b. 26 Mar 1902 m. Benjamin Franklin Allen

7. Perry Commodore Orr b. 27 Nov 1867 d. 5 Jun 1939 Transylvania Co, NC m [1] Rebecca Cox b. 9 Mar 1876 d. 3 May 1957 [2] Catherine Jane Hamilton b. 16 Nov 1858 d. 1898

Children are:

1. Charles Manson Orr b. 22 Aug 1862 m. Hattie Creet

Children are:

1. Charles Alexander Orr

2. Mary Wentworth Orr

3. Sarah Louise Orr

4. Lester Burnett Orr

5. Perry Orr

6. Ernest Orr


2. John Columbus Orr b. 22 Dec 1866 d. 1 Dec 1948 m. Sallie Elizabeth Barnes 15 Jan 1897 born 19 Dec 1877 d. 27 Dec 1963

Children are:

1. Sallie Barnes Orr b. 19 May 1898

2. Jack Columbus Orr b. 7 Jul 1900

3. Margaret Stratford Orr b. 9 Nov 1904

4. Stratford Orr b. 19 Sep 1906

5. Mary Elizabeth Orr b. 15 oct 1908

6. Frances Lenora Orr b. 22 Mar 1911

7. Philip Charles Orr b. 14 May 1915


8. John Orr b. 23 Sep 1869 d. 20 Jun 1886

9. Christopher Columbus Orr b. 23 Jun 1872 d. 31 jan 1963 m. Cora Carrie Hood 23 Feb 1901, b. 10 Jun 1880 d. 19 Aug 1951 both buried Little River Baptist Church Cemetery

Children are:

1. Homer Alfred Orr b. 23 Feb 1902 m. Grace Arletta Owen

2. Emily Louise Orr b. 9 Nov 1908 d. 3 Apr 2000, Brevard, Transylvania Co, NC m. Paul Butler Gilreath 30 Nov 1929 b. 1904 d. 1979, both buried Little River Baptist Church Cemetery

10. Mary Catherine Orr b. 14 Jul 1874 Transylvania Co, NC d. 28 Aug 1942 Greenville, SC. m. George Milton Crain 1 Jul 1894, son of Spartain Crain & Narolin, he was b. 16 Jan 1872 Greenville Co, SC d. 30 jul 1938 Greenville Co, SC



Funeral services for Mrs. Mary Catherine Crain, 68, widow of the late G.M. Crain and resident of 300 Bailey Street, Sans Souci, will be held at Sans Souci Baptist Church at 4 o'clock this afternoon. The services will be conducted by Rev. L.H. Miller, Rev. W.R. Lambert and Rev. J.F.Finley and interment will be in Graceland Cemetery. Service as active pallbearers will be Frank Osteen, C.J. Petty, Sloan Duncan, Fred Duncan, Harold Smith and Ruthel Prince. The following were asked to meet at the church at 3:50 o'clock to compose the honorary escort: R.L. Justice; John Hutchinson, John Campbell, W.A. Heath, Arthur McCarson, and ??? Miller; Paul Knight; Welborn Ferguson; e.e. Mitchell; Hugh Anderson; Dr. John Fewell; and Dr. A.E.Brown. Flower bearers will be Misses Doris Hopkins, Nell Hopkins, Perline Campbell, Doris Duncan, Frances Duncan and Vita Grubbs. The death of Mrs. Crain occurred at her home at 5:45 o'clock Friday afternoon following a long period of declining health. Mrs. Crain had made her home in Greenville since 1900 and was a member of Sans Souci Baptist Church. Pending the hour of the service the body is at the home.

Obituary- source unknown



Mrs. Mary Catherine Crain, 68, widow of the late G. M. Crain and a resident of 300 Bailey Street, Sans Souci, died at her home at 5:45 o'clock Friday afternoon following a long period of declining health. Mrs. Crain was born and reared in Transylvania County, NC, being a daughter of the late Ezra and Mary Ann Merrill Orr. She moved to this city with her family in 1900 and had since that time resided here. She had for many years been a member of San Souci Baptist church and was also a member of the Woodmen Circle. Mrs. Crain is survived by six daughters, Mrs. Manly Loftis, Mrs. Iva D Watson, Mrs. Lucian Tate, Mrs. Jesse Pittman, Mrs. Walter Heath and Miss RAchael Crain; one son, George M Crain, Jr., four brothers J.H., C.C., Sylvester, and Vonley Orr. She is also survived by 13 grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. The body will be carried to the home at 3 o'clock Saturday afternoon to wait the hour of the service, announcements of which will be made later by R.D. Jones and Sons, morticians.

Obituary - George Milton Crain: Funeral services for George Milton Crain of Sans Souci, whose death occurred at his home, 300 Bailey Street early Saturday morning, will be held from the Sans Souci Baptist Church this afternoon at 5 o'clock. the Rev. I. H. Miller will officiate, assisted by the Rev. W. J. Jordan and the Rev J. F. Finley. Interment will be in Graceland Cemetery. The following will serve as active pallbearers: Jim. Montgomery; P. W. Atkinson; J. L. Hall; Paul Knight; and W. A. Willis. The honorary escort will be composed of members of the Masonic Lodge of Monaghan together with the following: J. N. Horn; O. K. Eskes; J. H. Hutchins; E. Southerlin; E. A. Heath; M. M. Coleman; W. O. Nabors; R. L. Justice and Fred Duncan. He will be buried with Masonic honors, the lodge of which he was a member having charge of the service at the grave side. Mr. Crain was a lifelong resident of Greenville Co., and was a son of the late S. M. and Frances Crain. For six years he made his home at Piedmont prior to coming to Greenville 37 years ago. He was 66 years of age and a carpenter by trade. Mr. Crain was a member of the San Souci Baptist Church and also a member of the World and past master of the Masonic lodge of Monaghan. The body is at the residence awaiting the hour of the service. --------------------------------------------------- "Class Mourns Crain's Death" Passing of Sans Souci Church Member Brings Expression of Regret The following resolution deploring the death of George Milton Crain had been adopted today by the men's Bible class of Sans Souci Baptist Church: "George Milton Crain is dead. A kindly neighbor, a staunch friend, a well beloved brother, a splendid Christian gentleman has gone to be with God. Always a loyal member of our class our hearts are saddened by his passing. His vacant chair reminds us that we will not again on earth feel his warm hand clasp or know his wise counsel and our very deepest sympathy is for his dear wife and family, with whom we mourn since death has claimed our friend. His class, his church and his community are better because he lived and have suffered a great loss in his death. But our brother still lives in another better life. He's gone home to his great Saviour's side, to see and share His glory and may his family and friends one day find him there, in the City of God, whose streets are golden streets where there's no more suffering, no more sorrow, no more death but happiness and peace and joy, forever. This simple expression of our love, our sympathy and our Christian hope is to be sent to the local papers for publication to the bereaved family, and is to become a part of our permanent record." ---------------------------------------------------- IN MEMORIAM In memory of our Father, Mr. G. M. Crain, who passed away July 30, 1938. In the quiet stillness of the night, God called our father from our side. Was hard to part... we love him so, But our dear Savior loved him too. No one but the Savior knows how hard it was to part. But the sweet memory of his smile, Still lingers within our hearts. In silence you suffered and waited for Jesus. So with a greater faith in God above, We'll live a life of greater love. And meet him in that Heaven above. Mrs. G. M. CRAIN AND FAMILY

Children are:

1. Jessie May Crain b. 10 May 1895 Greenville Co, SC d. 25 Apr 1964 Greenville Co, SC m [1] William Walter Campbell 29 Jun 1913 Greenville, SC, son of Jesse Campbell & Ella Splawn, he was born 1 Jul 1895 SC d. 21 Feb 1921 Phoenix City, Lee Co, Ala [2] Earl Andrew Hollingsworth Aug 1924 [3] Manley Charles Loftis 11 Sept 1935, son of William Loftis & Elmira Brookshire

Jessie and William Walter Campbell are buried in Zoar United Methodist Church Cemetery

Mrs. M. C. Loftis-Mrs. Jessie Mae Crain Loftis, of Rt. 3, Travelers Rest, died at a local hospital at 3:00 a.m. yesterday following a period of declining health. She was a daughter of the late George Milton and Mary Orr Crain and was a native of Greenville County. For 20 years she was a resident of the Mountain Creek section before moving to her present house eight years ago. Mrs. Loftis was a member of Pleasant View Welcome Baptist Church. She was first married to the late William Walter Campbell and from this union she is survived by a daughter,, Mrs. Thomas Parker [Mable] of Greenville and a son Horace N. Campbell of Greer. Her second marriage was to the late Andrew Hollingsworth and from this union she is survived by a son A. Earl Hollingsworth of Springfield, Or [H], a step son Jesse Hollingsworth, of Nebraska; two step daughters, Mrs. Lillie Mae Solesbee and Mrs. Lucille Styles, both of Greenville. She was later married to Manley C. Loftis, who survives her with a step son, G. W. Loftis of Travelers Rest; four step daughters, Mrs. Lillie Mae Barnett, Mrs. Gertrude Davis and Mrs. Rosie Waldrop all of Greenville and Mrs. Louise Woodward of Greer. Also surviving are a brother George M. Crain of Greenville; four sisters, Mrs. W. L. Tate [Iler] and Mrs. J. M. Pittman [Helen], both of Greenville; Mrs. Walter Heath [Gertrude] of Easley and Miss Rachel Crain of Asheville, NC; and a number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be conducted by Rev. J. A. Cave, Rev. J. N. Wrean, Rev. C. Leon Chandler and Rev. W. J. Jordan at Mountain Creek Baptist Church Monday at 11 a.m. Burial will be in Zoar Methodist Church Cemetery near Greet. Pall bearers will be George Tate, Bud Tate, Robert Crain, Harold Smith, Darrell Smith, and Carroll Pitman. Honorary escort will be Fred Brookshire, Rush Trammell, Weldon Shockley, Ed Coleman, Charlie Holcombe, Prue Whitfiled, Walter Bennefield, Ellis Coleman, Kenneth Coleman, Jack Spencer, John S. Loftis, J. D. Watson, J. Hugh Odom and Grover Jones. The family is at the home of G. W. Craine, 300 Bailey St. McAfee Funeral Home. April 26, 1965, Greenville News

Children by William Campbell are:

1. Mabel Campbell m Thomas Parker

2. Horace N. Campbell

Child by Earl Hollingsworth is:

1. Earl Andrew Hollingsworth Jr.

2. Etter Crain b. 25 Feb 1897 Greenville Co, SC d. 30 Jan 1902 Greenville Co, SC buried Monaghan Cemetery

3. Nina Vanetta Crain b. 6 May 1898 Greenville co, SC d. 20 sep 1956 Eau Gallie, Brevard Co, Florida, buried Eau Gallie Cem, m. [1] Doyle Jones born abt 1933 Jennings, OK d. 5 Feb 1991 [2] Iva D. Watson 29 Sept 1920, son of Charles Watson & Frances Robinson, he was born 31 Dec 1898 Pickens Co, SC d. Sept 1980 Debary, Monroe Co, Fl

Children are:

1. Iva D. Watson Jr b. 22 May 1922 Greenville Co, SC m [1] Doris Ainsworth [2] Naomi Harris [3] Ruth Gogan

2. Eurial Calvin Watson b. 6 Sept 1923 Greenville, SC m. Violet Heardon

3. Mary Frances Watson b. 1 May 1926 Hendersonville, NC 4. Charles Milton Watson b. 1 Jul 1927 Tubbs Mountain Greenville Co, SC m Joyce Rushing

5. Betty Lou Watson b. abt 1929

6. Alfred Lamar Watson buried Monaghan Cemetery 7. George Marvin Watson buried Monaghan Cemetery 8. Doris Wilma Watson b. 7 Nov 1935 Greenville, SC m Dayle Jones

4. Eulas Orr Crain b. 25 Oct 1900 Greenville Co, SC d. 24 Mar 1902 Greenville Co, SC buried Monaghan Cemetery

5. Iler Marie Crain b. 4 Jan 1904 Greenville Co, SC d. 27 Dec 1968 Greenville Co, SC m. William Lucian Tate 22 Jan 1922 b. 14 Oct 1900 d. 26 Feb 1973 Greenville Co, SC, both buried Graceland Cem.

6. Iola Hazelee Crain b. 4 Jan 1904 Greenville Co, SC d. 23 Dec 1904 Greenville Co, SC

7. Hellen Virginia Crain b. 24 May 1905 Greenville Co, SC d. 8 May 1986 Greenville Memorial Hospital m. Jesse Milton Pitman 14 Jul 1923 Greenville, SC he was born 29 May 1897 Glassy Mountain Township d. 10 Aug 1979 Greenville Co, SC Hellen buried 11 May 1986 Woodlawn Memorial Park Jesse buried 12 Aug 1979 Woodlawn Memorial Park

Children are:

1. Carroll Milton Pitman b. 30 Jul 1926 Greenville, SC 2. Sybil Merleen Pitman b. 11 Jan 1932 Taylors, Greenville Co, SC

8. Lillie Gertrude Crain b. 15 Apr 1907 Greenville Co, SC d. 22 Nov 1990 Baptist Hospital, Easley, Pickens Co, SC buried 24 Nov 1990 George's Creek Baptist Church Cem, m. Walter Heath 27 Sep 1929 b. 6 Jan 1906 d. 17 May 1986 Easley, SC

9. Mary Rachel Crain b. 20 Sep 1909 Greenville Co, SC d. 23 Nov 1969 Asheville, Buncombe Co, NC, buried Graceland Cem SC

10. George Milton Crain Jr b. 31 May 1911 Greenville Co, SC d. 22 Sep 1981 Greenville Co, SC buried 24 Sep 1981 Woodlawn Memorial Park, m. Maude Hughes 17 Feb 1946 born 15 Mar 1917

Source: .html

11. Marie Orr b. 14 Jul 1874

Children by Lovina Moore are:

1. William Clinton Orr b. 23 Sept 1877 c. 20 Apr 1879

2. George Ernest Orr b. 12 Jan 1880 d. 1880

3. James Hilliard Orr b. 7 Feb 1882 Penrose, Transylvania Co, NC d. 5 May 1946 m. Julia Roberta Boone 5 Mar 1914 Hartsville, Darlington Co, SC, daughter of Daniel Boone & Lougenia Sparrow, she was b. 23 Aug 1891 d. 16 Nov 1968

Children are:

1. Kathleen Lovina Orr b. 6 Dec 1914 Harsville, Darlington Co, SC m [1] Andrew Erwin Powell b. 10 Dec 1916 Burke Co, NC d. 18 Sep 1983 [2] Lomas Wellington Wages 21 Sep 1933 b. 7 Sept 1916

2. James Boyce Orr b. 31 Jan 1920 Hartsville, Darlington Co, SC d. 24 Mar 1984 m. Frances Elizabeth Malone b. 21 Jul 1920

3. Charles Julius Orr b. 21 Jan 1922 Penrose, Transylvania Co, NC d. 29 Aug 1923 Penrose, Transylvania Co, NC

4. Janice Geraldine Orr, b. 9 Mar 1924 Harsville, Darlington Co, SC m. Ira Dell Richardson 10 Jun 1950 b. 11 Oct 1923

5. Calvin Boone Orr b. 14 Apr 1926 West Palm Beach, Fl m. Theodosia Sproles Gailey 14 Feb 1959 she was born 8 Mar 1931 Columbia, SC

Children are;

1. Calvin Boone Orr Jr b. 29 Dec 1960 Columbia, SC

2. Susan Kathryn Orr b. 15 Aug 1962 Columbia, SC

3. Preston James Orr b. 6 Sept 1968 Columbia, SC

6. Joseph Wilbur Orr b. 29 Apr 1930 Harsville, Darlington Co, SC d. 20 Aug 1976 m. Marilyn Ruth Belinske 21 Oct 1951, b. 27 Aug 1931

4. Volney Clinton Orr b. 5 May 1884 d. 1 Nov 1955 Translvania Co, NC m. Ellen Adela Allison 4 Oct 1924 Transylvania Co, NC, daughter of Hugh Aiken & Florida Shipman, she was b. 8 Mar 1897 d. 1 Apr 1981 Transylvania Co, NC, both buried Little River Baptist church Cemetery

Children are:

1. Dale Orr b. 17 Nov 1925 m. Martha Lynn Williams 17 Jul 1948 born 19 Apr 1925

Children are:

1. Toni Ellen Orr b. 26 Jun 1956

2. Robert Gordon Orr b. 3 Oct 1958

3. Jerome Kelvin Orr b. 6 Sept 1959

2. LaVonne Orr b. 11 Mar 1927

5. Sylvester Orr b. 20 Apr 1887 Transylvania Co, NC d. 26 Sept 1956 m. Eva Manilla Holden 27 Oct 1928 Transylvania Co, NC b. 11 Apr 1902 d. 13 Jun 1964, both buried Little River Baptist Church Cem.

3. Ann Orr b. 1828 m. Adolph Garren b. abt 1827

4. Enoch Orr b. 1830

5. James Orr b. 1833 m. Catherine Shipman, daughter of Joseph Shipman & Elizabeth Merrill, b. 1830

Children are:

1. Marshall Dalton Orr b. abt 1858 m. Evaline Harrison

Children are:

1. William Harrison Orr

2. Mary E Orr b. abt 1879

2. William Alfred Orr b. 17 Apr 1861 m. Elizabeth Osteen 13 Dec 1878, daughter of John Osteen & Priscilla Sentell, she was b. 1862

Children are:

1. Robert E Orr b. 1880

2. George LaFayette Orr b. 15 Oct 1882 Transylvani, NC d. 2 Nov 1964 Transylvania, NC

3. Owen Orr b. 1886

4. Florida M Orr b. 1889

5. Florence Orr b. 1893

6. Dollie Orr b. 1895

7. Charles Orr b. 1899

8. Ellen Orr b. 2 Oct 1901 d. 28 Aug 1982 Brevard, NC

3. Armintia Sabrinia Orr b. 1 Aug 1862 Transylvania Co, NC d. 4 Mar 1940 Pickens Co, SC m. John Ansell McCall 28 Feb 1881 Gloucester, Transylvania Co, NC, son of William McCall & Mary Owen, he was b. 12 Mar 1858 Transylvania, NC d. 5 Apr 1931 Easley, SC, both buried Mountain Grove Baptist Church Cem

Children are;

1. Elijah McCall b. 16 Aug 1881 Transylvania, NC, d. 24 Apr 1964 Richland Co, SC m. [1] Camey owen b. 5 May 1893 Transylvania Co, NC d. 7 Nov 1933 Transylvania, NC [2] Tina Mason 30 Apr 1899 Transylvania Co, NC b. 12 Feb 1883 Transylvania, NC d. 13 Apr 1926 Pickens Co, SC

2. Marion Mitchell McCall b. 26 Nov 1883 Transylvania, NC d. 26 Feb 1945 Easley, SC

3. Rhoda Cathline McCall b. 14 May 1885 Transylvania, NC d. 27 Oct 1967 Pickens Co, SC

4. Judy Haseltine McCall b. 9 Oct 1888 Transylvania, NC d. 1 Mar 1940 Pickens Co, SC

5. John David McCall b. Aug 1891 Transylvania, NC d. 26 May 1952 Marietta, SC

6. Rosalee McCall b. 11 oct 1898 Balsam Grove, Transylvania Co, NC m. Nathan Crawford

7. Lonnie D McCall b. 17 Jun 1904 Anderson Co, SC d. 14 Feb 1971 Pickens Co, SC

4. Mary Orr b. abt 1864

Source: .html

6. Volney V. C. Orr b. 13 Jun 1835 d. 8 Feb 1886 m. Mary Evaline Bryson 23 Dec 1858 Henderson Co, NC b. 27 Dec 1838

Children are

1. Lambert C Orr b. 14 Sept 1859

2. Hugh Annise Orr b. 19 Jul 1861 Transylvania Co, NC d. 19 Nov 1949 Transylvania Co, NC m. Winnie Matilda Powell 15 Jan 1891 Transylvania Co, NC, daughter of John Powell & Janie Aiken, she was b. 1 Nov 1868 Transylvania Co, NC d. 20 Jan 1941 Transylvania Co, NC, both buried Carrs Hill Baptist Church Cemetery

Children are:

1. Lillie Mae Orr b. 14 Nov 1891 d. 12 Dec 1960

2. Clannie Kay Orr b. 1 Dec 1904 Transylvania Co, NC d. 29 Apr 1938 Transylvania Co, NC

3. Mary Orr b. 13 Apr 1864


7. Thomas Orr b. 1838

8. George Orr b. 1840

9. Joshua Orr b. 1842

4. Elizabeth Orr b. 27 Jan 1806 d. 14 Oct 1897

5. John Orr b. 27 Nov 1807 d. 8 Mar 1809, buried Orr Cem.

6. Ann Orr b. 8 Oct 1809 d. 16 Dec 1843, buried Orr Cemetery, Transylvania Co, NC m. Farmer Orr, son of Robert Orr & Eleanor Douthit, he was b. 17 Feb 1818 d. 18 Apr 1892 Gilmer Co, Georgia, buried Tails Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Gilmer Co, GA

Child is:

1. Elam Orr b. 12 Sep 1840 NC d. 16 Feb 1901 Ranger, Gordon Co, GA m. Mary Elder, born 25 Aug 1842 SC d. 26 Jan 1931 Ranger, Gordon Co, GA

Children are:

1. Melvin Bomer Orr b. 13 Feb 1868 GA d. 22 Feb 1929 Ranger, Gordon Co, GA m. Sarah Maria Chastain, b. 23 Nov 1871 GA d. 11 May 1960 Ranger, Gordon Co, GA

Children are:

1. George L Orr b. abt Feb 1892

2. Robert L Orr b. abt July 1894

3. Mary E Orr b. abt Nov 1895

4. Riley E Orr b. abt Dec 1897

5. Howell Joseph Orr b. 14 Mar 1902 Gordon Co, GA d. 10 Jan 1982 Gordon Co, GA

6. Lucille Orr

7. Mattie Orr

8. Melvin Benjamin Orr

9. Arthur Orr

2. Ellen M. Orr b. 15 Nov 1870 Gilmer Co, GA d. 3 Oct 1907 Gordon Co, GA


7. GEORGE ORR B. 17 JUL 1811 D. 1 APR 1877 M. JANE M. FLETCHER [above]

8. Ephraim Orr b. 13 Mar 1813 d. 7 jul 1889 Transylvania Co, N.C. m. Sophronia Young 22 Aug 1843 Buncombe Co, NC, she was b. 16 Feb 1822 d. 2 May 1897

Children are:

1. Sarah "Sallie" Salome Orr b. 18 Oct 1844 d. 11 Oct 1872 m. Neill

Children are:

1. Ephraim Clayton Neill b. 14 Oct 1868 Transylvania, NC d. 10 Nov 1942 Transylvania, NC m. Florence Leota Shipman 25 Dec 1890, daughter of William Shipman and Fannie Bryson, she was b. 3 Apr 1871 d. 7 Jan 1939 Transylvania, NC

Children are:

1. Geneva Neill b. 12 Dec 1903 Transylvania Co, NC d. 20 Feb 2000 Transylvania, NC m Melvin Lee Gillespie b. 31 Jan 1906 Transylvania, NC d. 4 Nov 1998 Brevard NC



Geneva Farrior Gillespie, 96, of Brevard, died Sunday, Feb. 20, 2000 at the Brian Center. She was born on Dec. 12, 1903 in Transylvania County, daughter of the late E. Clayton and Florence Shipman Neill. She graduated from Brevard High School, Weaver Junior College, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and earned a master's in special education from Western Carolina University. She taught 41 years in the Transylvania Public Schools, Brookland Cayce, Wadesboro City Schools and she retired from Charlotte Mecklenburg schools in 1969. She was a member of the North Carolina Association of Educators [NCAE], Transylvania Unit of Retired School Personnel [NCRSP], and Delta Kappa Gamma Society. She was also a member of Brevard First Baptist Church where she had served in many capacities in Sunday School, WMU, Bible school and Sanctuary Choir. She was married to LeMoyne Farrior who preceded her in death in 1953 and later to Melvin Gillespie who preceded her in death in 1998. She is survived by one nephew, W. E. Neill of Brevard; and great nephews, George L Neill of Virginia and William Combs of Massachusetts. A memorial service will be held at 11 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 22, at the First Baptist Church of Brevard following interment at Davidson River Cemetery at 10:30 a.m. with the Rev. Joe Hayes, Jr. Officiating. The family will receive friends at the church following the service. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the First Baptist Church Choir, or Broyhill Childrens Home in Clyde.

2. Mary Alice Neill b. 11 Jun 1872 Transylvania, NC d. Feb 1920 Transylvania, NC m. Elisha Andrew Allison, son of John Allison and Mary Patton. He was born in Transylvania, NC d. Feb 1920 Transylvania, NC Children are:

1. Minnie Allison b. Transylvania, NC d. feb 1920

2. Stella Allison

3. Robert Allison

4. Charlie Allison


2. Adella Orr b. abt 1846

3. Nancy Katherine Orr b. 13 Oct 1847 d. 2 Oct 1874 m. Merrill

Childen are:

1. Rachel I Merrill b. 20 Jun 1868 Transylvania, NC d. 24 Jul 1949 Transylvania, NC m. Benjamin Perry Merrill 11 Apr 1886, son of Benjamin Merrill and Clarissa Shuford, he was b. 27 Mar 1864 Transylvania, NC d. 15 Dec 1914 Transylvania, NC, both buried Little River Baptist Church Cemetery

Children are:

1. Emma Jane Merrill b. 2 Jun 1887 m. A.J. Beddingfield 2. Sallie S. Merrill b. 1 Jan 1889

3. Clarissa C Merrill b. 23 Aug 1890 d. 27 Jun 1970 m James Marcus Williams b. 4 Mar 1889 d. 19 Aug 1965, both buried Little River Baptist Church Cemetery

4. Benjamin Frank Merrill b. 30 May 1893

5. Riley A. Merrill b. 26 Sep 1895

6. M. Lorena Merrill b. 12 Jan 1898 Transylvania, NC, buried Little River Baptist church cemetery.

7. George E. Merrill b. 26 Mar 1900 d. 17 Jul 1987

8. David F Merrill b. 27 Oct 1902

9. William Ernest Merrill b. 28 Feb 1906 Transylvania, NC d. 19 Jul 1981


4. Henrietta Jane Orr b. 6 Mar 1848 d. 29 Feb 1924 Henderson Co, NC

Children are;

1. Ephriam Otis Shipman b. 20 Nov 1874 d. 21 Jan 1955 m. Ella Dorothy Hamilton 19 Oct 1901 Transylvania, NC, daughter of Martin Hamilton and Rheuema Merrill, she was b. 26 Oct 1880 Henderson, NC d. 5 May 1974 Henderson, NC, both buried Little River Baptist Church cem.

Children are:

1. Bessie Hyburnia Shipman b. 23 Sep 1903 Henderson, NC d. 19 July 1989 Brevard, NC

2. Rhuemma Jane Shipman b. 13 Oct 1905 d. 22 Sept 1985 m. J. Virgil Merrill b. 20 May 1894 d. 30 Aug 1966, both buried Little River Baptist Church Cemetery.

3. Walter Charles Shipman b. 15 Aug 1908 d. 16 Jan 1969 4. Grady Shipman b. 22 May 1911 d. 1982

5. Otis Hamilton Shipman b. 24 May 1914 Henderson, NC d. 29 Nov 1977 Henderson, NC

6. Glannie Thomas Shipman b. 27 Jun 1917 Henderson, NC d. 16 Dec 1975 Henderson, NC

7. Beatrice Jewel Shipman b. 4 Sept 1920 Henderson, NC d. 1987


2. Katherine Saphronia Shipman b. 22 May 1880 d. 23 Jun 1964 m. Wade r. Merrill 7 Feb 1901 Transylvania Co, NC, son of Perry Merrill and Miriam Kitchens, he was b. 15 Sep 1877 d. 22 Apr 1964, both buried little River Baptist Church Cemetery

Children are:

1. Otus Merrill b. 31 Jan 1901 d. 1989

2. Gaillard Merrill b. 27 Jul 1902 d. 26 Oct 1973

3. Garland Merrill b. 27 Jul 1902 d. 24 Jan 1981

4. Annie Merrill b. 30 May 1905 d. 18 May 1956 m. Ed B. Whitner b. 27 Nov 1899 d. 7 Sept 1972, both buried Little River Baptist Church Cemetery

5. Albert Merrill b. 27 Aug 1907 d. 10 Jul 1966

6. Azilee Merrill b. 11 Dec 1910 d. 7 Sept 1980

7. Donald Merrill b. 10 Nov 1917

8. Dlave Everett Merrill b. 8 Oct 1921 d. 18 May 1994, buried Little River Baptist Cemetery


2. Hamilton Evant Shipman b. Oct 1882 d. 9 Jun 1951 m. Cora Pickelsimer, born 1883 d. 1979, both buried Little River Baptist Cem.

Children are:

1. Floried Shipman b. 1915

2. Donald Shipman b. 1918 m. [1] Elizabeth Pace [2] Hazel Barton

3. Dorothy Shipman b. 1918

4. Newton Shipman b. 1924


3. Mary Avis Shipman b. 8 Oct 1884 d. 18 Apr 1973 m. Joseph Alexander McCrary 26 Oct 1904 Transylvania Co, NC, son of William McCrary and Elizabeth Bryson, he was b. 31 Aug 1875 d. 15 Dec 1964 Transylvania Co, NC, both buried Little River Baptist Church Cem.

Children are:

1. Carl Caleb McCrary b. 4 Jan 1906 Transylvania Co, NC d. 7 Mar 1957

2. Charles William McCrary b. 8 May 1908 d. 24 Mar 1981 3. Arthur Alexander McCrary b. 1 Apr 1910 d. 22 Jun 1979 Transylvania Co, NC

4. Nellie Mae McCrary b. 4 Jul 1912 m Charles Bryum Disher 7 Apr 1939

5. Lillie Malaide McCrary b. 8 Jul 1914 Transylvania, NC 6. Clyde Fulton McCrary b. 6 May 1916 Transylvania, NC d. 15 May 1940 Asheville, Buncombe Co, NC, buried 16 May 1940 Little River Baptist Church Cem, m. Edna Mae Nelson



BREVARD, May 15, [Special] Clyde McCrary, 26, of this city, was killed in a highway accident three miles south of Biltmore on the Hendersonville-Asheville road about 2 o'clock this morning. McCrary, according to reports received here, was a passenger in a truck in which a boy, Ralph Smith, was also riding. Reid Leverett of Brevard was driving. He said that he was pushed off the road by the approaching of a fast driven car and when the truck turned over a piece of timber in it cut the top off of McCrary's head. The deceased is survived by his widow, the former Miss Edna Mae Nelson, and a three months old infant. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe McCrary. Four sisters and five brothers survive, Funeral services will be held here sometime Thursday afternoon. The Buncombe County coroner was planning an inquest at four o'clock this afternoon.

Child is:

1. Unknown McCrary [son]

7. Edna Jane McCrary b. 8 Jun 1919

8. Flora Clarice McCrary b. 26 Apr 1922 d. 17 Jul 1999 Transylvania Co, NC

9. Harold Joseph McCrary b. 23 Mar 1925 d. 4 Oct 1944, Died oversea's during World War II

10. Fred Houston McCrary b. 15 Feb 1930 m. Martha Jean Clark


3. Henrietta Belle Shipman b. Oct 1886 d. 14 Sept 1969 Transylvnaia, NC m. Oscar Pickelsimer 25 Jan 1905 Transylvania, NC

Children are:

1. Claude Pickelsimer b. 1905 d. 1962 m Ruth Chandler

2. Tom Pickelsimer b. 1908 d. 1956

3. Dee Pickelsimer b. 1910 d. 1982

4. Catherine Pickelsimer b. 1912 d. 1975

5. Elvin Pickelsimer b. 1915 m. Lois Crawford

6. Frances Pickelsimer b. 1917

7. Milton Pickelsimer b. 1920 d. 1974

8. Clare Pickelsimer b. 1922 m Joseph Smith

9. John William Pickelsimer b. 1925 d. 1946

10. Estleen Pickelsimer b. 1928


5. Milas P Orr b. abt 1851

6. Mary Lou Orr b. abt 1854 m. Clayton

Child is:

1. Pauline Clayton m. James Cox

Children are:

1. Lister Cox

2. Mary Lou Cox

3. Martha Cox

7. Martha Orr b. abt 1856

8. Mary Orr b. abt 1857

9. Polly Orr b. 24 Jan 1815 d. 31 Aug 1841 Transylvania Co, N.C. buried Orr Cem.

10. James Orr b. 21 Oct 1817 d. 9 Feb 1892 Transylvania Co, N.C.buried Enon Baptist Church Cemetery, m. Mahuldah Jordan 15 Jun 1843 Buncombe Co, NC, daughter of Joseph Jordan & Hannah Davis, she was b. 1821 d. 4 Dec 1902

Children are:

1. Hannah P Orr b. abt 1859

2. Sarah R Orr b. abt 1861

3. Jettie T Orr b. abt 1863 m. William Allison

4. Joseph Leonidas Orr b. abt 1846

Children are:

1. Lula Orr m. W. Clark

Child is:

1. Marie Clark

2. Anna Lola Orr m. Cassius Mingus

Children are:

1. Charles Haywood Mingus

2. Cassius Killian Mingus

6. Vintus L. Orr b. abt 1848 m. Cos Davenport

11. Samuel Orr b. 8 jun 1820 Transylvania Co, N.C. d. 28 Oct 1904 Transylvania Co, N.C. m. [1] Elizabeth Fletcher, daughter of John Fletcher & Rebecca Savage, she was b. 4 Apr 1817 Henderson Co, NC d. 1886 Transylvania Co, NC [2] Sarah Holden 12 Apr 1888 Transylvania Co, NC, both buried Enon Baptist Church Cemetery

Children by Elizabeth are:

1. Margaret Emily Orr b. 21 Feb 1845 d. 22 Jun 1879

2. Lambert Clayton Orr b. 5 Aug 1846 d. 6 Aug 1920

Children are:

1. Cannie Elizabeth Orr b. 18 Dec 1885 d. 15 May 1962 m. Arthur B. Staton, he was b. 17 Apr 1878 d. 10 Apr 1958

Children are:

1. Hazel Lee Staton

2. Cordelle Staton

3. James W. Orr b. abt 1848

4. Martha Jane Orr b. abt 1850 m. John W. Alexander 13 Jun 1867 Transylvania Co, NC

5. Amanda Orr b. abt 1852

6. Marcus Erwin Orr b. 15 Apr 1854 d. 13 Nov 1883 Transylvania Co, NC

7. Susan E Orr b. abt 1856

8. James Webb Orr

Children by Sarah are:

1. Depew Orr b. 20 Jan 1889 d. 21 Nov 1976 Transylvania Co, NC

2. Floy Orr b. 1894 Transylvania Co, NC d. 1922 Transylvania Co, NC buried Enon Baptist Church Cem.

12. Caleb Orr b. 14 May 1822 d. 25 Dec 1902 m. Anna Myra Cagle, daughter of Leonard Cagle & Mary Osborne, she was b. 18 Mar 1820 d. aft 1860

Children are:

1. Henrietta Orr b. 1845

2. Louisa Orr b. 1847

3. Washington Orr b. 1848

4. Fannie Orr b. 1850

5. Sarah Orr b. 1852

6. Charles Orr b. 1854

13. Joshua Orr b. 28 Apr 1824 d. 1910 Transylvania Co, N.C. m. Jane Cagle, daughter of Leonard cagle & Mary Osborne, she was b. 25 Feb 1828 d. 1909 Transylvania Co, NC, both buried Davidson River Cem

Children are:

1. Ella Orr b. 1854

2. Caroline Orr b. 1856

3. Anna Orr b. 1863

4. Mary J Orr b. 1858

5. Lula Orr b. 1858 m. Thomas Duncan

6. Nanna F Orr b. 1868

7. Ninnie Lee Orr b. 1868 d. 1944 m. Asa E England, borth buried Oak Grove Baptist Church Cemetery, Brevard, NC

14. Jason Orr b. 2 Apr 1826 d. 11 Dec 1907 Henderson Co, N.C. m. Miriam Matilda Haddon 17 May 1860 Henderson County, NC, daughter of James Haddon & Matilda Patton, she was b. 16 Sep 1837 d. 26 Jun 1884 Henderson County, NC, both buried Oas Forest Cem


Jason Orr, 81 years old, who was born, lived and died in the same house at Bowman's Bluff, was buried in Oak Forest Cemetery Thursaday. Dr. Grinnan officiated, and a great number of people were present. Mr. Orr's wife died several years ago. Several sons survive him. Mr. Jason Orr was an upright, honorable man, a Christian and a most useful citizen of this county.

Children are:

1. Fredrick E Orr b. 9 Apr 1862 d. 27 Jun 1949

2. Oliver Pinkney Orr b. 7 Aug 1864 d. 26 Apr 1908

3. Angie Etta Orr b. 3 May 1866 d. 19 Jun 1889

4. David Marvin Orr b. 11 Sept 1868 Transylvania Co, NC d. 4 Mar 1940 Transylvania Co, NC m. Leona Allison

Children are:

1. Richard Homer Orr b. 31 Jul 1900 d. 5 Jan 1982 m. Lula Bertie Garren

Children are:

1. Bertie Orr

2. Richard Homer Orr Jr

3. Betty Ann Orr

4. Roy Orr

5. Rebecca Orr

2. Charles Allison Orr b. 10 Feb 1906 Henderson Co, NC d. 24 May 1983 Brevard, NC m. Georgia Waldrop, daughter of Van Waldrop & Katie Bracken, she was b. 23 Jul 1911 Auburn, Washington d. 24 May 1996 Transylvania Co, NC

OBITURARY BREVARD- Charles Allison Orr of 55 Park Ave. died Tuesday, May 24, 1983, in a Brevard hospital after a period of declining health. He wa 77. Orr, a native of Henderson County, was a son of the late David M. and Leona Allison Orr. He was former manager of Abercombie Furniture Store and Pearlman Furniture. He was a member of Eastern Star, District Deputy Grand Patron no 70 & 71, past master of the Masonic Lodge No. 267 of Brevard, District Deputy Grand lector 60th Masonic District, and a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason. He was a member of Brevard Elks Lodge, Woodmen of the World and served as former assistant chief of the Brevard Fire Department. Surviving are his wife, Georgia Waldrop Orr; a daughter, Elaine Orr Betz of Brevard; a sister, Lillie Mae Smith of Brevard; a brother, Arthur L Orr of Brevard; a granddaughter and two great-grandchildren. Services will be held at 11 a.m. Friday in First United Methodist Church, of which he was a member. The Rev. Reggie Cook will officiate. Masonic graveside rites will be held in Gillespie-Evergreen Cemetery.

Child is:

1. Doris Elaine Orr b. 27 May 1931 Tranyslvania Co, NC d. 3 Aug 2002 Asheville, Buncombe Co, NC


3. David William Orr Sr b. 2 Dec 1908 Transylvania Co, NC d. 10 Aug 1981 Buncombe Co, NC m. Thelma Brown

BREVARD- David William Orr, 72, of Lions Mountain Road, Rasman, died Monday, August 10, 1981, in the Asheville VA Medical Center after an extended illness. He was born in Henderson County, but had resided in Transylvania County most of his life. He was a son of the late David Marvin and Leona Allison Orr and husband of the late Thelma Brown Orr. Surviving are two sons, David William Jr, and James Donald Orr, both of Rosman; two daughters, Martha Jean Cramer of Ft. Pierce, Fla; and Sue Ann Davis of Rosman; three brothers, Allison, Homer and Arthur Orr, all of Brevard; a sister, Lillie Mae Smith of Brevard; nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Services will be held at 1 p.m. Thursday in the chapel of Moddy-Connolly Funeral Home. The Rev. Duncan Futrell will officiate. Burial will be in Gillespie Evergreen Cemetery.

Childen are:

1. David William Orr Jr

2. James Donald Orr

3. Martha Jean Orr

4. Sue Ann Orr


5. Rosa Matilda Orr b. 12 oct 1870 d. 18 Apr 1930

6. Sarah Jane Orr b. 5 Aug 1873 d. 6 Oct 1937 m. George W. Weese

Children are:

1. Adeline Weese b. 9 Feb 1899 d. 27 Dec 1983 Henderson Co, NC m. George O Morgan 1 Apr 1919 Etowah, Henderson Co, NC b. 13 Dec 1898 d. 16 Jul 1978 Henderson Co, NC, both buried Oak Forest Cemetery



George Morgan and Miss Addie Weese were married on last Tuesday afternoon at the bride's home at Etowah by Rev. R. P. Fikes. After the ceremony refreshments were served and the bride and groom and friends motored to the home of the groom's parents, Prof and Mrs. J. W. Morgan, near Horse Shoe, and enjoyed a wedding supper.

Children are:

1. Margaret Morgan b. abt 1922 Henderson Co, NC d. 4 Sept 1999 Henderson Co, NC m William W LeFevers b. 14 Jun 1921 d. 11 May 1973


Margaret Morgan LeFevers, 77, of Etowah, died Saturday, September 4, 1999, in her home. A lifelong resident of Henderson County, she was a daughter of the late George Osgood and Addie Weese Morgan. She was preceded in death by a brother, Guy Cecil Morgan. She received her bachlor's and master's degrees from Western Carolina University and was a teacher at Fletcher Elementary School for 40 years. She was a member of Delta Kappa Gamma and the Retired Teachers Association. She was a Sunday School teacher and librarian at Etowah Baptist Church where she was a member. She is survived by a sister-in-law, Betty Morgan, of Etowah; four nieces, Judy Thompson and Sue Enders of Etowah, Lisa Winters of Hickory and Samantha Harper of Creswell, Ore., and a nephew Bill Thompson of Etowah, and several cousins. A funeral will be held at 11 a.m. Friday at Etowah Baptist Church with the Revs. Ray Talley and Jeff Enders officiating. Burial will be held at Oak Forest Cemetery.

2. Guy Cecil Morgan b. 19 Feb 1925 Henderson Co, NC d. 15 May 1992 Henderson Co, NC buried Shaw's Creek Campground Cemetery m. Betty Smith b. 14 Oct 1932.


2. Felix Finley Weese b. 10 Dec 1909 Henderson Co, NC d. 5 Nov 1995 Henderson Co, NC, buried 8 Nov 1995 Oak Forest Cemetery, m. Lillie Malinda Bradley, daughter of James Bradley & Mary Flynn, she was b. 18 Sept 1911 McDowell Co, NC d. 19 Jan 1994 Henderson Co, NC, buried 21 Jan 1994 Oak Forest Cemetery



Felix F Weese, 85, of Etowah, died Sunday, November 5, 1995, in Heritage Health Care Center. He was a native and lifelong resident of Henderson County, a son of the late George W Weese and Sarah J. Orr Weese, and the husband of Lillie M. Weese who died in 1994. He was a graduate of the former Etowah High School. He retired from Olin-Mathison in Pisgah Forest in 1974 after 33 years of service. He was a member of Etowah Baptist Church, where he was a former deacon and treasurer. He was a charter member and former treasurer of the Etowah Lions Club. Survivors include three daughters, Lorena Weese McDaris of Calhoun, Ga., Mary Jane Weese Heatherly of Etowah and Barbara Weese Willis of Hendersonville; five grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren. A funeral will be held at 2 p.m. Wednesday in Etowah Baptist Church. The Revs. David E. Hyde and John F. Rymer will officiate. Interment will follow in Oak Forest Cemetery.

Children are:

1. Sarah Loraine Weece b. 3 May 1937

2. Mary Jane Weece b. 15 May 1939

3. Barbara Weece


3. Nannie Rebecca Weese b. 15 Aug 1913 Henderson Co, NC d. 1988, m. Carl Cameron Cantrell, son of Soloman Cantrell and Alice Corn, he was b. 12 Jul 1909 Henderson County, NC d. 11 Feb 1978 Henderson Co, NC, both buried Oak Forest Cem, Carl on 13 Feb 1978

Children are:

1. Douglas Cameron Cantrell b. 1 Sept 1933 Henderson, NC 2. Jimmie Franklin Cantrell b. 22 Jan 1937 Henderson, NC 3. George Robert Cantrell b. 20 Jan 1939 Henderson, NC


7. Daniel Jason Orr b. 10 Nov 1875 Henderson Co, NC d. 22 Nov 1893 Henderson Co, NC, buried Oak Forest Cem.

8. Henry Carson Orr b. 18 Feb 1878 Henderson Co, NC d. 1963 Henderson Co, NC

15. Gideon Orr b. 26 Feb 1828 Henderson Co, N.C. d. 19 Jun 1905 Henderson Co, N.C. buried 21 Jun 1905 Oak Forest Cem, m. Mary Erminta Dawson 22 Feb 1856 Henderson Co, NC, daughter of Thomas Henry Dawson, she was b. 22 Jan 1833 d. 26 apr 1904 Henderson Co, NC buried Oak Forest Cem.



Gideon Orr, one of the oldest and most highly respected citizens of Henderson County, died suddenly at his home in Hendersonville, Monday June 19. He was buried Wednesday at Oak Forest church. Thomas Shepherd directed the funeral and Rev. G. S. Jones conducted the services. Our venerable friend who has thus passed peacefully from earthly scenes trusting in the love of Jesus, to whose service his long life had been steadfastly devoted, was in his 78th year, having been born February 26, 1828. He was one of a family of fifteen children two of whom still survive, namely Jason aged 79 and Joshua aged 81. Four sons and three daughters remain to mourn the loss of a kindhearted, indulgent father. His bosom companion to whom he married February 26, 1856, preceded him about a year ago to the Better Land. From the "French Broad Hustler" July 1905 TRIBUTE OF RESPECT To Watt Bryson Camp U.C.V. Your Memorial Committee are again called upon to report that at his home in Hendersonville on the 19th of June, 1905, Comrade Gideon Orr, passed over the line separating Time from Eternity, aged 81 years. He rendered faithful service in the army of the South in the latter part of her struggle for independence, and made a record of which he was ever proud. Comrade Orr has been a faithful member of your Camp since its organization. None were more prompt in attendance and in all the duties imposed by the Camp than he. We will miss him much and often, but are glad to know the little marble shaft in the public square is to honor men like him, and that in its pedestal the name Gideon Orr is deposited, probably to be read with others in the ages to come, when the deeds of the Southern Soldier will make the brightest pages of history. S. V. Pickens, Chairman of Committee

From Brief Personal Sketches By S. V. Pickens

Gideon Orr is now living in Hendersonville over 90 years of age. He is a carpenter by trade and was a veteran of the Confederate army and was never ashamed of it. He was a democrat. He raised several children, lost his wife a few years ago. He died since the above was written.

Children are:

1. Thomas Ferdinan Orr b. 22 Jan 1857 d. 10 Jan 1912

2. John Mitchell Orr b. 19 Feb 1860 Henderson Co, NC, d. 20 Apr 1942 Henderson Co, NC

3. Cordelah Jane Orr b. 23 Apr 1862 d. 10 Dec 1863

4. Otho Henry Orr b. 19 Feb 1865 d. 8 Aug 1949

5. Hester Addlelade Orr b. Aug 1867 d. 29 Jun 1911

6. Claus Soto Orr b. 16 May 1870

7. Hariet Anja Orr b. 11 Feb 1873 d. 7 Feb 1876

8. Anna Erminta Orr b. 26 Oct 1875 d. 7 Feb 1876

9. Canna Zephaniah Orr b. 21 Sep 1877 d. 28 Apr 1962


Children are:

1. Elizabeth Orr b. 28 Jan 1773 m. William Blythe


3. Rachel Orr b. 21 Jan 1777

4. Ann Orr b. 30 Apr 1779 d. aft 1850 m. Robert Franklin Hamilton 1803, he was b. 11 Jan 1770 Dublin, Ireland, d. 1822 Asheville, N.C.

Robert Franklin was married three times. He first married Miss Altum in 1792, and they had two children, John Hamiton b. 22 Mar 1793, and Robert Hamilton born Nov 22, 1797. After the death of his first wife Robert Franklin married Miss Finley, and they had two children, Loveda, born Feb. 19, 1800, and Cynthia, born May 5, 1802. After the death of his second wife in 1802, Robert Franklin moved to Buncombe County, N.C., where he married his third wife, Ann Orr, in 1803. Ann Orr was born April 30, 1779, and was the daughter of Robert and Ann Hogsed Orr, Robert Orr was the son of John Orr, who came to America in 1749 from Ireland. John Orr settled first in Lancaster, Pa, then in 1752 came to Mecklenburg County, N.C., then in 1790 moved to the Little River section, where he received a land grant for one hundred fifty acres. Robert Franklin was a man of unusual education for his time. Books that he brought to America are still preserved by his descendants. He was a tutor in the community. While serving as clerk of Court in Buncombe County, Robert died in 1822. He is buried in the old graveyard on Church Street in Asheville. The cemetery is now enclosed under the foundation of Central Methodist Church. Ann Orr Hamilton, is said to be buried in the Orr Cemetery, off Hart Road in Little River, but evidently the grave is unmarked, and cannot be located.

Children are:

1. Ann Hamilton b. 20 May 1804 m. Robert B McCall

Children are:

1. Hamilton McCall b. abt 1832

2. John Alexander McCall b. 1 Jun 1835 d. 27 Sept 1875

3. Joseph McCall b. abt 1836

4. Miriah McCall b. abt 1838

5. Charles McCall b. abt 1840

6. Caroline McCall b. abt 1842

7. Mary Matilda McCall b. 13 Jun 1843 d. 2 Nov 1918 Henderson Co, NC

8. William McCall b. abt 1848

9. Jane McCall b. abt 1850

2. Mary Hamilton b. 16 Jan 1807 Henderson Co, NC d. 1881 SC Solomon Jones 20 Nov 1822, son of Thomas Jones & Lucinda Hicks, he was b. 7 Mar 1802 Henderson co, NC d. 23 Apr 1899 Henderson Co, NC

Solomon Jones, later known as the road builder, wrote in his Day Book, "Solomon Jones Book of generations, deeds and wills, july the 23, 1855. Intended for Justice and the union of posterity for fourteen generations. Solomon Jones from who the Jones family sprang was a Welchman, come to America in the eighteenth sentry, married Mary Plumer in Virginia, came to Spartanburg, South Carolina. Thomas Jones son of Solomon Jones was born about the middle of the eighteenth century, married lucindy Hix." Solomon Jones was born March 7, 1802, near the headwaters of Mud Creek, six miles south of the present town of Hendersonville, the son of Thomas and Lucinda Hicks Jones. Thomas was the brother of John Jones Sr., who married Mary Jane Hicks, sister of Lucinda. John and Mary Jane Jones were the progenitors of the Joneses of the Blue Ridge section of Henderson County. On the 20th of November 1822, at age 20, Solomon married Mary Hamilton, born January 16, 1807, daughter of Robert and Ann Orr Hamilton. She was a sister of Colonel Joseph Hamilton, well known leader of the Union soldiers of Henderson County during the Civil War. Solomon was a public spirited individual, being among the Commissioners of Public Health and Public Building in Henderson County in 1841. His name is among "dedicated citizens and leaders" to whom a Centennial History of Transylvania County is dedicated. Solomon Jones was one of the most remarkable engineers of his age. He used no instruments, but his ingenious mind was never exceeded in the location of thoroughfares across the most difficult barriers of the Appalachian system. He was the most noted road builder this section has ever known. Perhaps his most wonderful piece of engineering was the Jones Gap Turnpike which went through the break in the range once known as Douthat's Gap, and by the way of Cedar Mountain and Caesar's Head to Greenville, South Carolina. Other important work was the grading of the Cashier's Valley road in Transylvania County, the Flat Rock and Green River turnpike and Jones' Pleasure Drive, leading from Hendersonville to Mount Hebron. Early in life Solomon bought a mountain peak near the present town of Laurel Park, and named his mountain Hebron, for it was almost identical in height above sea level as the Biblical Hebron - three thousand feet. Solomon felled trees and build his mansion and got things growing in the rich soil. On the hottest days, the spring at the house place furnished almost ice-cold water and the dairy supplied abundance of cream. Peaches and other fruit grown nearby were dispensed to all who desired them. The house built by Solomon Jones is still in use today. Solomon and Mary Hamilton Jones reared a family of two sons and ten daughters, three of which married McCrary's, a pioneer family that lived nearby. Solomon and Mary lived a great number of years on their Salem Plantation in Greenville County,South Carolina. It was there in May 1881 at the age of seventy-four that Mary Hamilton Jones died. She is buried in the old Salem, or Jones cemetery in the Oil Camp section of Greenville County. After the death of his wife, Solomon returned to Mount Hebron and spent the remainder of his life there. At the age of eighty, Solomon married Assena Tantaline Louise Jimison, who was born March 2, 1844. The obituary of Solomon Jones is recorded in the French Broad Hustler of April 26, 1899 as follows: "Last Sunday afternoon at his lovely home on the summit of the far-famed Hebron Mountain where he has resided for the past eighteen years, this noble old man turned his eyes from the scenes of earth and faces of loved ones and his kindly spirit wafted its way to the God who gave it. He was ninety-seven years old at his last birthday. His tombstone was prepared under his direction by Mr. Joshua Blythe, about five years ago and bears the singular inscription: 'Here lies Solomon Jones, The Road Maker. A True Patriot. He labored fifty years to leave the world better then he found it. Born 7 March 1802 died 23 April 1899.' The funeral occurred at the home on Tuesday and was largely attended." Assena T. L. Jones lived on at the Mount Hebron place for several years after the death of Solomon. She collected tolls from Solomon's toll roads and sold produce and dairy products in the Hendersonville area. In her later days she went to live with a niece, Etta Livingston King in the Hoopers Creek section of Henderson County, where her death occurred September 8, 1928. She had requested not to be buried on Hebron Mountain beside her husband, so she was laid to rest in the Jimison family cemetery at Uno, Henderson County, near the graves of her parents, James and Louise Duncan Jimison. Excerpts From an Article in the SOUTHERN ENTERPRISE GREENVILLE, S. C. Thursday Morning, April 16, 1857 A Visit to the Mountains During the past week it was made our province to visit the Saluda Mountains in the upper section of this District. Though the weather was somewhat inclement, and nature wore a sombre hue, yet as usual upon the anticipated pleasure of wandering through rich and varied mountain scenery, our spirits became buoyant and our ears eager to catch again the murmur of waterfalls and the rushing of cataracts. Steadily we pursued our way, now and then meeting with an acquaintance or valued friend, and exchanging greeting pass on to observe the prosperity which has wrought such a pleasing change in the brief period of a year. At length we reach the valley of North Saluda. Far up toward its source the eye ranges, and the neat little cottages standing out on the gently undulating hills on either side, tell to the passers-by that there comfort, thrift, peace and happiness, have an abode; that in these quiet homes reside the men - the true, sturdy mountaineer - upon whom we may rely in every hour of danger - who has a cordial welcome for a friend or guest, and courage and determination to repel a foe. Further on we reach the residence of HARVEY CLEVELAND, Esq., who is well and favorably known to a large circle of friends and acquaintances as a kind, intelligent and courteous gentleman. The location of his residence is an admirable one, and stands in the rear of a beautiful grove of evergreens. Along the road, in a few hundred yards, are several residences recently finished, and others in progress of construction. The building lots are laid off in four acres each, which is ample for the purposes of raising all necessary vegetables for family use. We were pleased to see our young friend, Dr. Thomas B. Williams comfortably and conveniently situated in a neat little office, and were also glad to hear him favorably spoken of by those we chanced to meet. The families settling here, we understand, intend opening good schools. Mr. Cleveland will soon have around him quite a village. In addition to the houses above mentioned, there are, besides, a good school-house, church, store and blacksmiths' shops. The water is excellent, the location a healthy one, and easy of access from all points; and, above all, rich and fertile lands are near by, whose bounteous productions will sustain and gladden the inner man. There are no reasons whatever why this place may not stand, in a few years, to the District of Greenville, what Greenwood is to Abbeville - a village for schools. It is certainly much better to educate children, when they can be properly taught, in a country school, than in a town or city. In the one they breathe a free and unpolluted moral atmosphere; in the other, vice is presented in all its alluring forms, and too often,habits of extravagance and prodigality fasten upon them, which wrecks their fortunes and blasts their prospects of success in any honorable employment in after life. An hour's drive brings us to the valley of Middle Saluda. It stretches far and wide, and the river, clear as a crystal fountain, winds, like a silvery tracery, through green enameled banks, until it is lost to the eye in its meandering course toward its destination. At this point we enter the JONES GAP ROAD, so level and firm that one would scarce suspect that it leads us across the ledge of mountains which so beautifully looms up before us. Soon, however, the hills appear to form behind and around us and we are reminded that the barriers, which seemed to be impassable, have been overcome by the sagacity and well directed efforts of a few energetic and patriotic citizens, who, by forming themselves into a company, and, with the aid of money and labor, have built an excellent road, which has unlocked the vast resources of this mountain land. The scenery along the road is lovely and variegated. The mountain streamlets ever and anon are heard to dash over some precipitous craig, or, in more subdued accents, the gentle cascade is heard and re-echoed in the vales below. Soon we form a halt in front of the residence of Mr. SOLOMON JONES. We are greeted with a hearty welcome, and at once an animated conversation is begun. He tells us of the first settlement of this section of the District. Of the origin of the names of various places and streams, of bear hunts, etc. He gave us a history of himself; said he had no use for doctors nor lawyers; had raised a dozen children, and seven of them had married and left him, yet he had never paid a physician's bill, and had never given a lawyer a fee except in one instance, when he had been sued for opening a bridle way where his present excellent road now runs. The result of that suit is well known to many of the citizens of Greenville. Mr. Jones is a liberal minded man. Although the road just completed has been built at a heavy expense to the stockholders, yet he is anxious to form a company to build another through Gap Creek over into North Carolina. The arguments in favor of the free school system introduced by Col. Menninger, in the last legislature, he is in full possession of, and he speaks as a liberal Democrat and as a patriot. Justly may he remark that there should be no distinctions in our country except those obtained by industry,honesty, and integrity of character. The poor boy should not be made to feel that he is inferior to the sons of the wealthy. Both classes should be educated together at the public expense, and should be early impressed with the important truth that the surest guarantee of success in the various pursuits of life, is the use and reliance upon the resources which the God of Nature has placed within our grasp, and not upon the adventitious circumstances of birth or fortune. After nightfall the full moon rose in the east, and flooded, with a silvery sheen of light, the mountain top and the vale. All nature seemed, as it were, calmed to rest, and nought disturbed the deep stillness that reigned around save the plaintive notes of the whip-poor-will, or the gentle sighs of the passing zephyr. Early next morning we were en route with a surveyor and chain carriers, and soon found ourselves amidst the wild fastnesses of the mountains. This part of our journey was performed on foot, and with not a little personal inconvenience and fatigue. As we ascended the mountain, the view became wider and wider, and the impediments in our way the more frequent and difficult to overcome. Falls Creek falls was apparently over our heads, and ready to send its pure and sparkling waters down upon us. Huge giant rocks peered their frowning tops high above the cliffs that supported them. Here nature has assumed her most rugged aspect, and donned her roughest attire, forming a bold and distinct contrast to the more gentle elevations which mark the prospect below and in the distance. The sun had shed his meridian splendor ere we turned our weary steps down the descent, and we remained but to partake of a good substantial dinner, and bid adieu to our mountain friends to return again to the monotonous and dull round of duties in the line which it has been made our fortune to pursue. ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES, ASHEVILLE, N.C. SUNDAY APRIL 11, 1937 Memorial to Pioneer Roadbuilder Planned Home of Solomon Jones In Henderson to be Restored Hendersonville, April 10, Repairs and improvements are being made on the old Jones road leading to Mt. Hebron four miles from Hendersonville, where the historic house and landmark built there nearly 100 years ago re being restored. This mountain, is the burial place of Solomon Jones, a pioneer who build many of the early roads in the Blue Ridge highlands. His solitary grave, near the summit, is marked by the tombstone which he had made years before his death. There, overlooking the mountains he wrote the inscription chiseled on a block of granite: Here lies Solomon Jones, The Road Maker, A True Patriot, He labored 50 years to leave the world better then he found it. Born March 7th, 1802. Died April 23rd, 1899." When Solomon Jones was a small child, his parents, Welsh people who lived in Western North Carolina at the time of his birth, moved to upper South Carolin. At that time, the rod from French Broad valley, passing the headwaters of Saluda and Little rivers and crossing the Blue Ridge at Douthat's gap, traversed a wild section. The state lines had never been definitely located and several hundred people the living in the vicinity of Caesar's Head were claimed as citizens of Walton, a county which Georgia had created. Describes Trip Bishop Asbury, who was making annual visits to Western North Carolin about that time, described his trip over this route, from Davidson River: "We labored along 18 miles, eight ascent on the west side and as many on the east side of the mountain. The descent of Saluda exceeds all I know * * * * with time, patience, labor, two sticks, and above all, good Providence, I came in about 5 o'clock to ancient father Douthat's Greenville County, South Carolina. To travel by wagon over the mountain through this gap, by way of "ancient father Douthat's", one man was required to hold the brake while another managed the team. Locking chains were sometimes used on the wheels, but often a more primitive form of brake was made by cutting a tree, which, tied to the back axel, served to check speed down grade. Traditionary tales of the mountains are that the first road makers drove one of their animals to the lowest gap through which they desired to open a new route. As it picked its way down, from there, the owner followed behind and broke twigs from the bushes to mark its trail. Whether Mr. Jones, when he began his first work as a road maker in upper South Carolina, during the time he lived there, used this method or not, he had no instruments or technical training. Relying on his judgement of grades, he laid out routes for roads which were built by the primitive methods of that time. Difficulties Great Rock ledges and cliffs presented great difficulties, and whenever possible, a route was changed to go around them in some places, they had to be removed by such means as could be found. Dynamite and blasting powder had not come into general use, and tools were almost impossible to obtain. Pieces of dry wood driven into cracks and crevices were left until wet weather caused them to swell and burst the rock. Another cheap and simple way of removing obstructions was to build a fire on top of the rock to be taken out. When the heap of logs had burned down, barrels of water were dashed on the hot coals, causing the rocks to split. Gunpowder, to be had only at 50 cents a pound, was used by early road makers only when no other media served. Heavy steel-tipped bars were driven into the rock as far as possible with huge sledge hammers - usually about two feet. Powder was then poured into the holes, hollow reeds were inserted and secured by dirt well tampered around them. A line of leaves or straw, laid along the ground for 12 or 15 feet from the tube was ignited and allowed to burn its way to the powder. This was a slow effective way, but but much too expensive to be employed except in rare instances. One of the first roads built after 1848, when North Carolina began granting charters for turnpikes and toll gates, was a highway which replaced the old route of travel up French Broad valley by Caesar's Head to upper South Carolina. This was constructed according to the line laid out by Solomon Jones, and crossed the Blue Ridge at a point still known as Jones gap. Then Christian Reid made a trip through the mountains of Western North Carolina in 1873 and wrote her memorable book, which gave to this section its well known name "The Land of the Sky," she mentioned the Jones Gap Road. Going over the principal highway between Transylvania and South Carolina she wrote. "This gap is said to be one of the most beautiful and most easily crossed along the line of the Blue Ridge." Moves To State Sometime before this road into upper South Carolina was built, Solomon Jones had married and moved to the home in North Carolina at the place he called Mount Hebron, his "fruitful mountain." Whether it was such when he moved there and chose the name, he did everything to make it that during the long years he lived there. In building the Jones Road from his home to Hendersonville, litigation with a Scotch neighbor over location of its route lasted seven years and ended by choosing another way. For more than 40 years this winding approach to Mt. Hebron was a popular drive. A tower on the summit afforded a far-flung view of the surrounding country. On the hottest days, the spring at the houseplace furnished almost ice cold water, and the dairy was always supplied with an abundance of cream. Peaches and other fruit grown nearby were dispensed to any who desired them. The spring and the orchard are still in use. The house built by Solomon Jones is occupied and its owners care for the garden plot which he laid out. During the latter years of life, the old road maker spent much time at the spot where he is now buried. Sitting there on the stone which had been made ready he pointed out roads he had located and built and designated routes for others to be made in the future. Two white pines, standing sentinel above the stone cast their shadows on the service record he had written there. Other evergreens are being planted around the place where Mr. Jones often expressed his firm belief "he would stand on the Resurrection Morn, when he returned to his beloved mountain and viewed scenes of his earthly labors." Will of Solomon Jones Henderson County, NC Original Wills, North Carolina State Archives, Raleigh, NC. Recorded Copy, Henderson County, NC Will Boox 2, pp.313-316 I, Solomon Jones of Henderson County and State North Carolina, being by occupation a farmer, make this my last will. I give, devise, and bequeth my estate and property, real and personal, as follows, that is to say: My real and personal estate on "Mount Hebron" in Henderson County, North Carolina to go to my wife Assena T. Jones during her mortal life, then to be sold and divided equally among my first wife's children, and if none alive to my first wife's grandchildren. I give and devise Thirteen Hundred and Forty-three dollas joint stock in the Middle Saluda Turnpike Road to my sons and daughters as follows, to wit: William Jones, Hicks Jones, Elizabeth Sentell, Eliza Tankersley, Lucinda McCrary, Mahulda Anders, Matilda Hart, and Jane Cox. I give to Julia Ann McCrary her husband Adolphus' cash notes; to Rebecca Mullinax her husband Ervin Mullinax' cash notes; to Maria Anderson wife of William Anderson, one hundred and fifty dollars in notes on her husband. If my present wife should have an heir or more by me, I desire it or them to be equal heirs with my first wife, Mary Jones' children. I appoint Assena T. Jones, my wife, of the county of Henderson and State of North Carolina, executrix of this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have signed and sealed and published and declared this instrument as my last Will and Testament at Hendersonville, Henderson County, North Carolia. This is the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighty Five, the eleventh day of June. Solomon Jones The said Solomon Jones of Hendersonville on the eleventh day of June, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighty five, signed and sealed this instrument and published and declared the same as and for his last will and we at his request in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto written our names as subscribing witnesses. J. G. Waldrop D. Stradley W. G. B. Morris

Children are:

1. William M Jones b. 23 Feb 1825 Henderson Co, NC d. 6 May 1902 Greenville Co, SC

2. Julia Ann Jones b. 12 May 1827 Henderson Co, NC d. Dec 1893 Henderson Co, NC

3. Elizabeth Jones b. 27 Oct 1829 d. Dec 1893 m [1] Perry Burns, b. abt 1831 d. abt 1880 [2] Samuel Sentell 10 July 1882 b. 4 Feb 1820 d. 18 Jan 1912, buried Sentell Cem.

4. Lucinda Jones b. 13 Apr 1832 Henderson Co, NC d. 13 Mar 1904 Henderson Co, NC

5. Rebecca Jones b. 11 Aug 1834 Cleveland, Greenville Co, SC d. 13 Mar 1924 Cleveland, Greenville Co, SC

6. Mahulda Jones b. 17 Dec 1838 Henderson Co, NC d. 10 Jun 1927 Henderson Co, NC

7. Matilda Jones b. 17 Dec 1838 Henderson Co, NC d. 29 Dec 1918 Greenville Co, SC

8. Hicks Jones b. 16 Jan 1841 Henderson Co, NC d. 3 Aug 1922 Henderson Co, NC

9. Jane Jones b. 21 Aug 1844 Henderson Co, NC d. 26 Oct 1933 Marietta, SC

10. Lisa Eliza Jones b. 26 Oct 1846 Henderson Co, NC d. 20 Mar 1922 Henderson Co, NC

11. Maria Jones b. 13 Apr 1849 Henderson Co, NC d. Mar 1925 Ninnekah, Grady Co, OK

12. Sarah Jones b. 25 July 1851 Henderson Co, NC d. Mar 1882 Greenville Co, SC, buried Hart Family Cem, River Falls Rd, SC

3. William Orr Hamilton b. 31 Mar 1809 d. 6 Apr 1848 m. Mary "Polly" McCall, daughter of James McCall & Margaret Kilpatrick, she was b. abt 1810

Children are:

1. Margaret Ann Hamilton b. 26 Sep 1830 d. 18 Oct 1884 Henderson Co, NC

2. Marilda Hamilton b. 6 Apr 1832 d. 22 Nov 1911

3. robert Franklin Hamilton b. 31 Mar 1834 d. 18 May 1923 Henderson Co, NC

4. Bunyan Hamilton b. abt 1840

5. Killian Hamilton b. abt 1842

6. Rebecca Hamilton b. 28 Jun 1843 d. 6 Oct 1927 Henderson Co, NC

7. Luther Calvin Hamilton b. 9 Mar 1845 d. 13 May 1920

8. Elizabeth Hamilton m. William R. Sentell

4. Joseph Hamilton b. 21 May 1811 Buncombe Co, NC d. 20 Apr 1887 Henderson co, NC m. Sarah Osteen 16 Feb 1837 Buncombe Co, NC daughter of Solomon Osteen & Nancy Sentell, she was b. 2 Jul 1809 Buncombe Co, NC d. 2 Mar 1898 Henderson Co, NC, both buried Holly Springs Baptist Church cemetery.

Children are:

1. Ophelia Hamilton b. 16 Jun 1838 d. 26 Mar 1920

2. Voltaire C. Volney Hamilton b. 2 Aug 1839 d. 16 Feb 1863 Caarter Co, TN

3. Nancy Ann Hamilton b. 14 Dec 1840 Henderson Co, NC d. 14 Jun 1890 Henderson Co, NC

4. Robert Milton Hamilton b. 12 Jun 1842

5. Solomon Washington Hamilton b. 2 Jan 1844 d. 3 Nov 1910

6. Sarah Jane Hamilton b. 13 Jan 1846 m. Turley W. Pickelsimer 21 Feb 1869 b. 21 jul 1848

7. Louesa Hamilton b. 2 Apr 1847 d. 2 Dec 1928

8. Martha Marilda Hamilton b. 3 Jan 1849 Henderson Co, NC d. 23 Apr 1939 Henderson Co, NC

9. Josephus Hamilton b. 5 Jun 1850 Henderson Co, NC d. 5 Jun 1917 Henderson Co, NC

10. Martin Luther Hamilton b. 24 Jun 1853 Henderson Co, NC d. 28 Oct 1937 Henderson Co, NC

5. Elizabeth Hamilton b. 14 Feb 1814 d. 17 Mar 1894 m. John Henry Jones 15 May 1835, son of Robert Jones & Elizabeth McGuffie, he was b. 16 Oct 1815 Henderson Co, NC d. 15 Feb 1864 Cumberland Gap, TN, both buried Jones Family Cemetery, Upward, NC

Children are

1. Levi Jones b. 22 Jun 1836 Henderson Co, NC d. 19 May 1929 Henderson Co, NC

2. Mary Ann Jones b. 26 Dec 1838 Henderson Co, NC d. 24 May 1907 Henderson Co, NC

3. robert Jones b. 25 Mar 1841 Henderson Co, NC

4. John Henry Jones Jr. b. 2 Apr 1842 Henderson Co, NC

5. Thomas Jones b. 6 Dec 1846 d. Texas

6. Hirriam Jones b. 12 Dec 1848 m. Mary Hood

7. James Jones b. 6 May 1853 Henderson Co, NC d. 5 Dec 1914 Henderson Co, NC

8. Joseph Jones b. 16 Aug 1855 m. Emma Place

9. Volney Jones b. abt 1860

6. Sabrina Hamilton b. 40 Jun 1816 d. 21 Feb 1888 m. James William Blythe, son of William Blythe & Mary Orr, he was b. 24 Jul 1813 d. 29 Oct 1903, both buried Beulah Baptist Church Cem.

Children are:

1. Robert Montraville Blythe b. 13 Dec 1843 Henderson Co, NC d. 22 Dec 1929 Henderson Co, NC, buried Beulah Baptist Church Cem.

2. John M. Blythe b. 8 Mar 1847 Henderson Co, NC d. 10 Jun 1923 Henderson Co, NC

3. William H Blythe b. 15 Jan 1849 d. 10 Jan 1935

4. Mary Ann "Polly" Blythe b. Dec 1853 d. 1932 Henderson Co, NC m. James B Justus b. 25 Mar 1861 d. buried Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery

5. Fidilla Hamilton Blythe b. 30 Nov 1850 Henderson Co, NC d. 20 sep 1940 Etowah, Henderson Co, NC

6. Manson F. Blythe b. 2 Jun 1842 d. 3 Dec 1917

7. Julia Evalina Hamilton b. 25 May 1818 d. 17 Sep 1872 buried Beulah Baptist church Cem., m. John Cantrell, son of Samuel Cantrell & Mary Giles, he was b. Mar 1823 d. 15 Apr 1906 buried Liberty Baptist Church Cem.

Children are:

1. Volney Contarite Valintie Cantrell b. 2 oct 1844 d. 25 Jun 1929

2. Perry Cantrell b. 1848 d. 1880 m. Lena Catherine Drake, 1 Jan 1872, born 1850 d. 1925, both buried Beulah Baptist Church Cem.

3. Joseph Rance Cantrell b. 1850 d. 1925

4. Solomon Franklin Cantrell b. 11 Jul 1853 Henderson Co, NC d. 17 Jul 1925 Henderson Co, NC m. Cynthia Huggins, 23 Nov 1876 b. 1 Sep 1859 d. 13 Jan 1948 Henderson Co, NC, both buried Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery

5. William Perry Cantrell b. 20 Oct 1856 d. 10 Mar 1935

6. Mary Ann Cantrell b. 1858 d. 1934 m. H. Alexander Drake b. 1859 d. 1936, both buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery

7. Samuel J Cantrell b. 1860 d. bef 1880

8. Martha Hamilton b. 27 May 1820

9. Voltaire Condorsed V. Hamilton b. 19 Jun 1822 d. 12 May 1908 Henderson Co, NC buried Holly Springs Baptist Church Cem., m. Sarah Elizabeth Evans, daughter of Joseph Evans & Tabitha, she was b. 17 Jul 1827 d. 7 Aug 1898 Henderson Co, NC buried Holly Springs Baptist Church Cemetery


Voltaire Condorsed Volney Hamilton was the son of Robert Franklin Hamilton (11 January 1770 - 1822) and Ann Orr Hamilton (30 April 1779). Voltaire Condorsed Volney's father, a well educated man, came from Dublin, Ireland and settled in Charleston, S. C. In 1802, after the death of his first two wives, he moved to Buncombe County, N. C. This area is now known at the Crab Creek section of Henderson County and the Little River area of Transylvania County. Voltaire Condorsed Volney Hamilton's (19 June 1822 - 12 May 1908) name seems strange in comparison to others of his time. All three names are those of great French liberals whose work influenced the world at the time. The name reveals the political and religious thinking of the family. The family was known to appreciate books and good education, in general. Voltaire Condorsed Volney married Sarah Sabrina Elizabeth Evans (11 July 1827 - 1 August 1898) circa 1845. Elizabeth was the daughter of Elder Joseph Evans (circa 1790 - circa 1868) and Tabitha ? (5 August 1787 - 16 August 1878). The children of this union were: Rebecca, Loveda, Robert Franklin, Joseph, Sarah Sabrina, Cathern Jane, Manson, Martha, Pearson Evans, and Theodosia Elmira. Much family information has recently been found and authenticated from papers dating back to the original teaching contract of 1803 and signed by Robert Franklin Hamilton, father of Voltaire Condorsed Volney. Numerous deeds, land grants and plats for properties reveal that the Hamilton, Evans and Orr families were indeed owners of very large tracts of land numbering in the hundreds of acres. These papers include land grant #441 for ninety-four acres to Voltaire Condorsed Volney Hamilton, dated 1834, witnessed by E. H. Evans and signed by North Carolina Governor Thomas Bragg. Another interesting land grant #3360, in 1890, transferred on hundred acres of land "on the waters of Shoal Creek" to Voltaire Condorsed Volney Hamilton. Documents were found which gave mineral rights and revealed that testing had taken place. The original "Last Will and Testament" of Voltaire Condorsed Volney Hamilton was found. The date was 24 September 1906. This will was signed by O.V.F. Blythe. Hes was known to have left a large library of books to his heirs. Tax receipts for the years 1870 - 1902 reveal payment of taxes by Voltaire Condorsed Volney Hamilton to Henderson County. Records from Holly Springs Baptist Church, beginning with the founding in 1860, show that Voltaire Condorsed Volney was a charter member. Family members have been told throughout the years that Voltaire Condorsed Volney donated the land for Holly Springs Baptist Church, the cemetery , and for the Bondite Church nearby. When the American Civil War became a reality and the Confederacy enacted the conscription law, many families in the area were known to have divided loyalties in their feelings about service. The men had three choices; Join the Confederacy; hide out in the mountains; or join the Union Army. Family records, recently found, reveal that Voltaire Condorsed Volney served in Company F, Second Regiment, North Carolina Mounted Infantry, Volunteers, United States Army. Records from Washington, D. C., also show that he served in Company B with the rank of private. Service records state that he served from 1 October 1863 to 16 August 1865, He was last paid the sum of $31.64 in December 1865. The clothes account due was $21.56. He was described as being five feet ten inches tall and having pale blue eyes, light hair and complexion. His occupation was listed as a farmer. He mustered in at Knoxville, Tennessee, according to the document. A letter, also recently discovered, tells that Voltaire Condorsed Volney received a pension, certificate #300740, from the United States Army. The letter dated 24 June 1885 reveals that he had spent time in a hospital in Knoxville, Tennessee before discharge. Did Voltaire Condorsed Volney first serve in the Confederate Army and then the Union Army? Many area men, including his brother, Captain Colonel Joseph (21 May 1811) did. Military Service Records in Washington, D. C. dated 1895 list Voltaire Condorsed Volney Hamilton as having served in Company E., 62 Volunteers Confederate States of America, as a Second Lieutenant. According to Holly Springs Baptist Church minutes dated both before and after the Civil War, Voltaire Condorsed Volney was quite active in church and community affairs. Many instances of church activities are recorded. H was often assigned either to help establish new churches or to visit those in the area. Records reveal that he was sent as a delegate to Gap Creek, Cedar Springs, Pleasant Hill, Laurel Creek, Little River,. Beulah, and Crab Creek. Love McCrary Hamilton (5 May 1898) wife of grandson, Neal William Hamilton (13 March 1892 - 21 November 1978) remembers having seen him at Crab Creek Church at a sacrament and foot-washing service. Family members have records showing that Voltaire Condorsed Volney served as Treasurer of Henderson County Schools. One report shows disbursements and receipts of funds. According to a report, dated 1878, there were fifty-six schools in Henderson County. The total number of pupils listed was two thousand two hundred ninety-two.. The total money spent was $6, 567.31. Sophia McCall (19 December 1905) granddaughter of Joseph Hamilton (22 January 1854 - 24 December 1933) remembers seeing her great-grandfather sitting on the porch of his home near Holly Springs Baptist Church. She vividly recalls seeing his long white beard. She also remembers his large "L" shaped two-story white house. Sophia's mother, Elizabeth Hamilton McCall (17 May 1880 - 29 September 1962) had often told of her grandfather's gift of a silver dollar for memorizing the third chapter of John. Today, numerous Hamilton, Orr, and Evans descendants have a thirst for knowledge and an interest in education, civic, and religious life. What a tremendous debt of gratitude we owe to our ancestors.

Copied from "The Heritage of Henderson County" Vol. II

Children are:

1. Rebecca Hamilton b. 17 Nov 1847 d. 22 Apr 1897

2. Loveda Hamilton b. 20 May 1850 m. John A Johnson

3. Robert Franklin Hamilton b. 11 Apr 1852 Henderson Co, NC d. 24 Nov 1939 Henderson Co, NC

4. Joseph Hamilton b. 22 Jan 1854 Henderson Co, NC d. 24 Dec 1933 Henderson Co, NC

5. Sarah Sabrina Hamilton b. 24 Jun 1856

6. Catherine Jane Hamilton b. 16 Nov 1858 d. 1898 m. Perry Commodore Orr b. 27 Nov 1867 d. 5 Jun 1939 Transylvania Co, NC

7. Manson Hamilton b. 8 Nov 1860 Henderson Co, NC d. 26 Jul 1935 Henderson Co, NC

8. Matilda Hamilton b. 6 Sep 1862 d. 15 Dec 1956

9. Martha Hamilton b. 25 Aug 1866 d. 9 Nov 1928 m. A Elliot Lyday b. 5 Mar 1865 d. 14 Jul 1929, both buried Little River Baptist Church Cemetery

10. Pearson Evans Hamilton b. 5 May 1868 m. Elizabeth C Frick 7 Apr 1895 Lewiston, NY born 23 Jan 1877 Buffalo, NY

Children are:

1. Nadeen Myrtle Hamilton b. 14 Jan 1896 Youngstown, NY 2. Fulton P Hamilton b. 18 Jun 1897 Henderson, NC

3. Marjorie Emma Hamilton b. 16 Sep 1899 m. Alvin L Cobb 4. Gaither Evans Hamilton b. 5 Jul 1901 Henderson, NC

5. Clara Elizabeth Hamilton b. 23 oct 1903 Union, SC

6. Elliott Lyday Hamilton b. 22 Dec 1905 Abbeville, SC

7. Nataline Delphine Hamilton b. 12 Apr 1908 Abbeville, SC 8. Jones Oliver Hamilton b. 3 Apr 1910 Penrose, Transylvania NC

9. Joseph Volney Hamilton b. 5 Jun 1912 Henderson, NC

10. Charles Edgar Hamilton Greenville, SC d. 14 Dec 1913 11. Robert Lafayette Hamilton b. 3 Feb 1915 Greenville, SC 12. William Ernest Hamilton b. 12 Jun 1917 Greenville, SC d. 17 Feb 1920 Greenville, SC

13. Henry Monroe Hamilton b. 5 Jul 1919 Greenville, SC d. 6 Mar 1920 Greenville, SC

14. Earline Hamilton b. 19 Aug 1921 Greenville, SC


11. Theodocia Elmira Hamilton b. 3 Feb 1870 d. 7 Sept 1954 m. Jackson Fanning Stepp 16 May 1897 Henderson, NC, son of Thomas Stepp & Nancy Taylor, born 10 Jan 1868 d. 18 May 1930, both buried Oakdale Cemetery

Children are:

1. Jewel Viloa Stepp b. 30 Jan 1898 d. 10 Aug 1981

2. Elliot Cecil Stepp b. 9 Mar 1899 d. 13 Aug 1982 m Lillian Drake 26 Feb 1939 born 13 Feb 1916, both buried Oakdale cem

3. Lula Kate Stepp b. 22 Oct 1901 Henderson, NC d. 21 Aug 1985 Henderson, NC m. Ervin Jones Anders born 6 Jul 1887 Henderson, NC d. 17 Apr 1980 Henderson, NC


Ervin Jones Anders, 92, of 215 Ewbank Drive, Hendersonville, retired building contractor and church leader, died Thursday, April 17, 1980, in a local hospital. Mr. Anders was a native and lifelong resident of Henderson County, a son of the late J. P. and Julis McCrary Anders. He was associated with Ewbank & Ewbank Real Estate & Insurance Inc. in real estate after he retired as a building contractor. He was a member of the Old Sixth Co. of World War I and of the American Legion. He was active in Shaws Creek Baptist Church, where he taught the Men's Bible Class and was a member of the choir. Mr. Anders played bass horn and bass drum in a Hendersonville band which toured four states. Survivng are his wife, Kate Stepp Anders to whom he had been married for almost 53 years: a sister, Alice Anders Johnson of Saluda; and a number of nieces and nephews. Services will be held at 4 p.m. Saturday, in Shaws Creek Baptist Church. The Revs. Ray Linville and T. G. Proctor will officiate. Burial will be in the church cemetery. Nephews will be pallbearers. Members of the Men's Bible Class will be honorary pallbearers. The family will receive friends from 7 to 8:30 p.m. today at Jackson Funeral Home, where the body will remain until placed in the church for the services.

4. Nannie Lois Stepp b. 6 Jul 1905 d. 14 Feb 1917, buried Oakdale Cemetery

5. Broadus Hamilton Stepp b. 18 Jan 1909


5. Robert Orr b. 26 Mar 1781 d. abt 1866 Gilmer Co, Georgia m. Eleanor Douthit, daughter of John Douthit & Eleanor Davis, she was b. 13 Sep 1785

Children are:

1. Robert Orr III b. 1802 Buncombe [Now Henderson] Co, NC d. 16 Sept 1872 Transylvania Co, NC m. Elizabeth Osborne, daughter of Jeremiah Osborne & Ann Blythe, she was b. 21 Oct 1811 Buncombe Co, NC d. 18 Dec 1895 Transylvania Co, NC, both buried Davidson River Cem.

Children are:

1. Jeremiah Perry Orr b. 22 Jan 1833 d. 28 Sept 1887 m. Nancy Eurenia Cantrell 3 Mar 1859 Henderson, NC daughter of Samuel Cantrell & Mary Giles, born Jan 1835 d. 28 May 1905, both buried Davidson River Cemetery

Children are;

1. Jane Orr b. 1859 d. Jan 1914

2. Robert B. Orr b. 20 Jan 1861 Transylvania, NC d. 26 Dec 1936 Henderson Co, NC

3. Mary Elizabeth Orr b. 10 Jul 1867 d. 5 Nov 1904 Transylvania, NC

4. Samuel Orr b. 8 Jan 1869 d. 5 Apr 1950

5. Perry Marion Orr b. 8 Nov 1872 d. 28 Jul 1944


2. Robert Franklin Orr b. 27 Feb 1835 Transylvania Co, NC d. 6 Jul 1914 Henderson Co, NC m. Mary Middleton 2 Jan 1862 Henderson co, NC daughter of Kinson Middleton & Narcissus Beck, born 18 Mar 1843 d. 4 Aug 1924 Henderson, NC

From the French Broad Hustler FRANK ORR DEAD Frank Orr, one of the county's oldest citizens died at his home near Mt. Hebron Monday at the age of 75 years. Mr. Orr had been in bad health some time. Surviving are the widow and ten children among whom are R. K. and Morris Orr of this city. The funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon at Beulah, where a large number of friends and relatives gathered to pay their last respects. Notes for MARY MIDDLETON: The following article was written by Mrs. Robert Frank Orr (Mary Middleton) THE EXPERIENCES OF A SOLDIER'S WIFE IN THE CIVIL WAR Robert Franklin Orr and I were married in January, 1862. In the fall of the same year he was taken to the Confederate army, and stayed there until, in the spring of 1863, he ran away and came home. He said he would not go back to the Confederate army, and stayed at home until in the fall, when they made up a company of about seventy-five or 100 men and went to the "Yankees" as we then called them. I begged him not to go in the army any more; but he told me not to say a word to him, for he had been driven from his home and he intended to fight his way back, which he did. So I was left alone. My father (Kinston Middleton) also went with Robert F. to the Yankees; and my mother was left too, with nine children and I with one child; that made twelve of us in all. My mother was poor and times were hard and she could not keep me. My father-in-law (Robert Orr), who lived in Transylvania county, heard that I was alone and sent a wagon for me and moved me to his house. I went to my father-in-law in March 1864 and stayed there until the middle of August, when, as my sister-in-law and I were out milking, we saw a crowd coming. We were frightened; it was something uncommon to see a crowd unless it was soldiers, for people were afraid to travel, times were getting to close. But when they came up, we saw it was my mother and the children. It was about sixteen miles to where they lived (on Big Willow Creek) in Henderson county. My father had sent her word through the lines to come to him if she could get there, if she brought nothing except the children and what they had on their backs. So she had sold and given away all she had and was on her way to Knoxville, Tennessee, to the "Yankees." Now, when she told me where she had started I was amazed. I was almost speechless for a moment to think of my condition. My Husband gone to the Yankees and my mother started. It was near sundown when they came. I said; "Mother I am going with you, for we will all starve or be killed here." She said: "Mary, I am not going to tell you to go or to stay, for I don't know what will happen to us before we get through; though I would be glad of your company." Now you may guess I did not sleep much, for my thoughts ran fast. I just had until daybreak to make up my mind. When morning came, I had made up my mind to go. Father-in-law said: "Mary, you can't go; you will take that baby away and starve him to death." I said: "Yes I will go. My husband is there and my mother is going, and the 'Rebs' will starve us to death, and what do I want to stay here for?" Father-in-law left the house; he could not bear to see me start. Mother said: "Now Mary, if you go with us I will make a pilot out of you, for you have more tongue than I." So we started up the river through the rough country called the Pinkbed mountain, and traveled one day in that direction. But we made only about eight or nine miles, for we came to the river and had no way to cross except to wade. We all sat down on the bank and pulled off our shoes and waded, thinking that a rough job; put on our shoes again and traveled about one mile when we came to the river again; pulled off and waded again, and so on until we crossed that river eight times, though we quit pulling off our shoes, we went in shoes and all. We arrived at Luke Osteen's (Pink Beds area) just at dark. Next day it rained all day, and we had to stay another day and night. They told us there that we could not get through the mountains with all those children. That almost put us out of heart; but we started back the next morning and were told how to go to keep from wading the river and how to go to the left of Asheville to keep from being taken up by the Confederate soldiers. We came back in two miles of my father-in-law's about sundown and stayed at George Orr's that night. My father-in-law heard we were there and he was not satisfied. He came by sunup next morning to see if I was in the notion to go back. He came in at the gate as I was at the pump washing my face. He said: "Mary, are you going back?" "No sir," I said, "I didn't start to go back. I am going to Knoxville if I don't starve or get killed on the way." My little boy just nineteen months old, ran up to him, for he thought a heap of his grandfather. "Well Mary," said my father-in-law, "I don't want any hardness; but if you will go, you shall not take this child:" and he picked up the child as he said it. I cannot tell you what I felt. If you have a child, think how you would feel if some one should step up to you and say, "You shall not have it any longer unless you follow me." I begged and cried until George Orr, at whose house we had spent the night, ran through the hall into the kitchen to keep me from hearing him. I went to the kitchen where he was and asked him to go to my father-in-law and take the child from him. He said no, he would have nothing to do with it. As I went back to the gate, his wife said to me, "Mary, there are enough of you to take it from him." So I started and asked mother to come and help ,me. Father-in-law ran down the road and I thought he was gone. I fell at the gate and begged and cried until the child got scared and began crying too. The old man could not stand that; he put the child down, and it ran back to me and put its little arms around my neck to make me quit crying. The old man said, "I would not have put it down if I had not thought you would be fool enough to kill yourself." George Orr told us to go right to Asheville. The sun was about an hour high when we got there, and before we had time to think where we were, we ran right up on the Rebel guards and they halted us. I was scared almost to death, but tried to hold up my head. I asked them where Col. Palmer was. They pointed to a flight of stairs on the left and said that his office was there. We all strolled up the steps and got to the door. There were four or five men around in the room, writing. I asked where Col. Palmer was. They said he would be up in a minute. He came and we told our business, that we wanted a pass to go to Knoxville. Palmer said; "What in the hell do you want to go there for?" I told him we were going to get something to eat. He then asked where our men were; and I thought we were gone up. I had two brothers in the crowd, twelve and fourteen years old and large for their age; and the Confederates had already taken the sixteen year old boys, and I was afraid my brothers would be taken. As I have said, my husband, Robert F. Orr, ran away from the "Rebs" in the spring; and soon after that, Folk's battalion was captured by the Yankees. So I told Palmer that Folk's battalion had been captured in that seizure. So they began to count us. The little children, tired out, were all huddled down on the floor. He counted us over twice and said: "I reckon I will have to let you go; it will take a heap of corn to feed these little children." He turned round to one of his men and said: "John, write a pass for Mrs. Middleton, three grown daughters and eight children." You may guess I felt free when I got our pass. I took it in my hand and felt like a bird let out of a cage. By this time it was near sundown, and the next problem was where we were going to stay all night. When we came out on the street, some one told us there was a man by the name of Mathers that they thought we could stay with; he lived half a mile to the right of Asheville. So we marched double quick until we got there. Mother and the children stayed at the edge of the yard while I went up to the door and asked if we could stay all night. "How many are there?" Mrs. Mathers asked. "Twelve", I said. "Oh, no; I can't keep so many." I turned to go, thinking that we were bound to stay out that night when she called me and said: "What is your name?" I said," "My names Orr, mother's name is Middleton." She jumped out at the door and said: "Hold on. What Middleton? It's not Kinston's wife, if it?" I said, "Yes." Mother stepped in the yard. Mrs. Mathers threw her arms around mother's neck and said: "Why, Sis, you know I will let you stay, if we have to lie on the floor." Though they were "Rebs", I was never better treated in my life; and they did not charge us a cent. Mr. Mathers also told us that Palmer was bound to give us something to eat if we asked for it; so we sent my two brothers back to him and got a supply of such as he had, - corn meal, and rice and salt; and he said if we would wait until noon we could have some beef. But we did not wait. We carried our corn down to Madison County and swapped it for flour. We tried to keep a little rations on hand all the time, so when we came to a place where they would not give us anything to eat and would let us stay in the house, we would cook our own rations. We were two days going from Asheville to Marshall. We stayed one night at a Mrs. Bailey's. There was man in Marshall who took us for tramps; but, although we were nothing but a crowd of women and children, we surely made him know better. After he found out that we were not to be fooled with, he seemed to be very sorry for us and wanted to help us, but we were so angry with him we would not have any of his help. We traveled about eight miles next day; and when night came we were five miles from where anyone lived. We knew we would have to lie out that night, and we had nothing to eat except a piece of bread about the size of my hand for each of us. There was a little house on the other side of the river; the river was on one side of the road, but we could not get to the house. We came to a patch of corn. I said: "Mother, we never have stolen anything yet; but now here is a corn patch and we will have some roasting ears." So we got over the fence and got one ear apiece, which made twelve in all. I felt mean about it, for maybe the corn belonged to some very poor man. There was a house about two hundred yards from the corn patch, and no one lived it it; so we took our headquarters there that night, all wet from the rain that fell that day. Mother had a few matches in her pocket. We struck all of them but one, and no fire. At last I took our pass out of my pocket and got the paper it was wrapped in and got fire with it from the last match. We all had a suit of clothes besides the ones we had on. We put them under our heads and lay on the floor and kept fire all night. Next morning we traveled until two or three o'clock in the afternoon, when we came to some one's house and got something to eat. We thought we were now among strangers; but the woman asked us who we were and where we were going; and when I told her mother's name, she said: "Why, Sis, is that you?" We sure had a little meeting. She was one of mothers schoolmates. We had to show our pass at Big Ivey. It was the only time we were asked to show it. We got within one or two miles of the Paint Mountain, and it rained the hardest rain I think I ever saw fall. We came to a house after we had got awfully wet, and we thought we would go in till the rain stopped. We went in the hall, not seeing any one. Directly there came a woman with a pail of water, and I told her we thought we would stop a minute out of the rain. She never made any reply but began to wash the floor where our clothes dripped. We certainly got out of there. We got in the big road, and one of my sisters turned round at the gate and just preached their funeral until we had to make her stop. We didn't know what kind of people they were. By this time the rain was over but the road was full of water. We got about one half mile away from that house when we looked back and saw four men on horses coning from the direction of that house as hard as they could. I said, "We are gone up now." I knew it was Rebs. I told my sister to hold her tongue now, for that was why those Rebs were coming after us. The halted us and asked us where we were going, and we told them, They said, "Haven't you mail, carrying through?" We said, no. They said: "We must search you, for we have heard lots of people say no, and have found lots of mail with them." So they got off their horses and searched our bundles and the little boys' pockets, and went back. We soon got to Paint Creek, and "it was up." We were already wet, and we packed up the least children and waded up to our waist in water. We crossed Paint Mountain that evening and stayed that night with a man at the foot of the mountain. They were Rebs, but they treated us very well, though we could see that they did not like us. It was hot weather. We went to bed, our clothes all wet, and got up the next morning, put on our wet clothes and started again. We traveled until about one o'clock, when it came another rain as big as ever. This time we stopped before it began to rain. Oh, what a rain. It washed away fences and everything as it went. We had to stay there all night. They were very poor people; they could not furnish us any beds to lie on, or anything to eat except roasting ears. We gave them forty cents for one dozen roasting ears and slept on the floor. They gave us wood to keep a fire all night, and about midnight fire popped out on me and burned through my clothes. You may guess I woke, and did not sleep much more. Next morning we started bright and early on our journey. The road was filled with logs and brush, so we had to travel slowly to get along. We almost got out of heart for five or six miles. Next we came to the mouth of the Chucky River. We had to cross it in a canoe. I thought we were at the end of the journey, for I knew we would get drowned. Some of us had never been in a canoe, but we knew we had to do something, so I began to holloa over. It was about half an hour before any one came. At last an old Negro woman came and said she could not take us all at once, so I took my child and three of my brothers and sisters and went over all right. I felt safe myself; but when I looked to the other side my heart ached for fear some of us would be left in the water. The old Negro got about half way over the next time and ran against a snag of some sort which threw her in the river; but she grabbed the side of the canoe and bounced in and grabbed the pole and went to the other side all right and brought the rest across. We felt as if we had been let out of jail, and went our way rejoicing. We traveled about two miles when we heard some one shout. We looked behind on the side of the hill in the woods and saw six men coming on horseback at full speed. They came up and spoke to us and asked where we were going. We said we were going to Knoxville. They said; "Go on; we will soon be there too." And on they went. They turned off to the left after they passed us, so we thought we were free again. We stayed at a rich man's house the next night, two miles from Morristown. He did not want us to stay, but we begged him. We told him we did not want to stay out, and we would do our own cooking if he would let us have the use of his cooking vessels, and we would sleep on the floor. So they said we could stay. We lay on the carpet that night. They were "Rebs" and did not have much to say to us. Next morning we traveled a short distance when we saw four men coming toward us. I said, "Mother, I believe that's Yankees." Sure enough, when they came up they asked where we were from, and we told them from North Carolina. One of them said, "I told you so." They asked us where were going and we told them and they all waved their hats and wished us good luck. We asked them if they were Yankees. They said they were, and we told them we were not afraid of them as we had been of the "Rebs" we saw the day before. They said we need not fear any more now, for we were in Yankeedom. I cannot describe my feelings; I felt so relieved I felt safe. We aimed to take the train at Morristown; but when we got there, there had been a big battle at Knoxville, and the Rebs had lost, and as they fled back up the railroad they tore up the crossties and piled them in heaps and set them afire, and they were still burning when we got to Morristown. You may guess that was a sight for us, for we had never seen a railroad before, - and then to see it burning and knock us out of our ride. We walked the railroad track to Flat Creek, within thirteen miles of Knoxville. The train ran to Flat Creek; that was as for as it could go. I forgot to state at the outset that my mother sold all that she had for Confederate money, except one cow that she sold for $15 in silver. She gave $3 of that for a ride to Knoxville from Flat Creek. We stayed all night at Flat Creek. Next morning we were all anxious to see the train coming. We went out to the station, and the train come, and we were all in as soon as it was good stopped, for they told us it would not stop long. The little boys, by brothers, were so taken off with the sight that they ran from one window to the other until the train whistled, and then such a scared set you never saw. They started for their seats and fell down as they went. I have talked of being out of heart on our way; but we never really got out of heart until then. My father had gone to the Yankees; but, instead of going in the army as my husband did, he rented a farm in three miles of Knoxville and made a crop of corn, beans, molasses and such; and we aimed to go to him. But there we were in Knoxville and knew not which road to go to find him. We went three miles on several roads. We asked everybody we met on the street, till I got ashamed to ask any more, if they knew any one by the name of Middleton. At last, near night, one man told us to go to the provost marshal and he would tell us what to do. So we went and found him, or at least his headquarters. They told us there that we would have to prove our loyalty before we could get anything. We told him that there was no one here that we knew until we could find father. So he wrote on a piece of paper and handed it to us and told us to go to the relief society and give that to them and they would give us something to eat. He showed us where to go. We went. They read the paper and we told them we had just come and did not know where to go. They gave us some flour, rice, sugar, salt, coffee and soda and told us to go to the Bell house on Main Street, which had one hundred rooms in it, and we would find a vacant room and could occupy it. We went and found the room; and the rest of the house was filled with what they called "refugees." One woman met us at the door and found out what we wanted. She said; "What the devil do you want to come here for? This is the nastiest place I ever saw in my life. They have whooping cough, measles, mumps, and everything that's nasty." We turned round and sat down on a bench by the well in the edge of the yard. It was nearly sundown. I could not bear to go in. Mother and I began to cry, and two soldiers stepped up to us and seemed to be sorry for us and asked us what was the matter. We told them we were not used to staying in such a hole as that. They told us it was so near night they could not do anything for us; but if would stay there till morning, they knew of a house about a half-mile from there they could get for us. So we stayed. Next morning these soldiers come and told us they had been and got a room in that house and they went with us and loaned us two blankets to use a while. I felt like I was at home with Yanks camped all around us, and every store house full of goods. We had left our little town, Hendersonville, empty, not a yard of cloth nor a pound of coffee nor anything else in it, and not much to eat in the country, nobody to make anything except women and children. I concluded at last to advertise for Father, so I wrote a little piece and took it to the printing office. We stayed there five days. One day there came a man and said he heard we were from North Carolina and thought we might be some of his neighbors; but we were not. i told him my husband's name, he said he knew him; said his tent was joining his at Cumberland Gap. The man said his name was Henderson and he was discharged from the army on account of bad health; and he told me where to write. So I wrote a letter that night. He also told me where I might find Father. One of my sisters and I started next morning to find him. We went through Knoxville and asked for a pass to get out of town. They told me it was against orders to give any one a pass without proving their loyalty. I told them my condition and begged for a pass until they gave me one. We went two miles out on the Maryville Road and inquired for Middleton. Mrs. Dial, the woman of the house where we stopped, said to her grandson, "Well, aint that the man's name that stayed here last night?" He said that it was and that he was looking for his family. My sister and I jumped from our seat and spring to the door and said, "That's Father." Mrs. Dial grabbed us by the arm and said, "Hold on. Is this some of his family?" We said Yes; and she would not let us go on but made her grandson saddle the horse and go after him. While he was gone she fixed dinner for us; but we could not eat much for crying with joy that the lost was found. Father came back on the horse, and Will walking. When they got in hearing of us he called out. My sister and I knew his voice and we went to the gate; and I looked back and Mrs. Dial was coming too, the tears running down her cheeks. She threw her hands up and shouted, "Oh, Mr. Middleton, I must rejoice with you, for the lost is found. You seemed so badly out of heart last night I was sorry for you; and now I am glad I can help you rejoice." We then went back to Knoxville, and you may guess we had a meeting when we got to Mother and the rest of the children. He had heard straight news from Robert F., and found Father. Though we had not a bed to sleep on, nor a chair to sit on, nor a table to eat on, nor a quilt to cover us except the two blankets of our own and the two those soldiers loaned us, we felt happy, not thinking hew we were going to live hereafter. Father rented a house near his crop, within two miles of Knoxville, and I drew rations out of Knoxville until the war closed. We were two weeks and four days on the road. We stayed two days at one place near Morristown and washed up our clothes. We all had two suits with us. There were two almost babies to carry and our bundles, which made our trip wearisome. My two younger sisters were lively and would laugh at Mother and me for looking so sad on the way. I would get out of heart sometimes and almost wish I had not started. Then, the thought of living in the Confederacy and being in dread of my life, they knowing my husband was with the Yankees or in the mountains (they did not know which), would make me go to the Lord in prayer, asking Him to guard us through, which I truly believe He did. Then I would travel on a day or two in good heart with the thought of getting where we would be protected. It was the fifth day of September, 1864, that we found father. He then took us to Col. John Baxter who vouched for our loyalty, which set us all right. In the winter of 1864 my father moved twenty miles below Knoxville and stayed there till the close of the war. In March, 1865 my husband came home sick and stayed until the first of August when he went to his command and was mustered out, I believe, on August 18. Then we were free to battle through life the best we could. All we had before he started to the war was gone, we knew not where. We had to commence anew with two children. But the war was over and our life saved, and we would not complain. We stayed in Tennessee seven years, and we thought it best to come back to old North Carolina where he had a little piece of land all in the woods. He has built a house and opened a little farm and is living on it yet. I am the mother of seventeen children, of whom eight are dead and nine are living. My health is gone down until I am not able to work much; and sitting about and studying over my life I just thought I would write out a sketch of my war life to let the younger generation know a little of the poor Southern woman's trials and hardships. I can say we have tried to put our trust in the Lord, and He surely has been with us, or we could not have gone through with what we have. We truly think we are aided by the Master; for everybody told us before we started that we could not get through without being killed or taken up and put in jail. But somehow I did not fear at all, for I was so determined to go that I never thought of being afraid. I just said, "Where there's a will there's a way, and the Lord will provide." I have never regretted my trip. Robert F. stayed in the Federal army two years. When he came home he was not the man he was before, though we have both done a lot of hard work, whether able or not, for that was and is yet all the way we had to support our family. There is no one knows the trials and hardships of the Souther men and women, except those who endured it. For the Union men who would not fight for the Confederacy had to leave their families and risk their lives to go through the woods to the other side. Robert F. Orr said he never fired but one gun while in the Confederate army and that was at a squirrel on a Sunday. I can say I have seen a sight of soldiers, - hundreds and thousands, - but never saw a badly wounded or dead soldier

Children are:

1. Joseph Sherman Orr b. 28 Nov 1862 Henderson, NC d. 12 Dec 1882 Henderson, NC

2. Annberry Orr b. 22 Jul 1865 Greene Co, Tenn d. 8 Apr 1940 Henderson, NC

3. Arlena Elizabeth Orr b. 24 May 1867 d. 18 Sep 1945 Swannanoa, NC

4. Robert Kinson Orr b. 20 May 1869 Henderson, NC d. 7 May 1939 Henderson, NC

5. Jason Martin Orr b. 1 Oct 1870 Henderson, NC d. 3 Aug 1873 Henderson, NC

6. Ruth Jane Orr b. 20 Sep 1872 Henderson, NC d. 9 Oct 1873 Henderson, NC

7. Benjamin Franklin Orr b. 20 Mar 1874 Henderson, NC d. 19 Jan 1939 Henderson, NC

8. Virginia Orr b. 5 Jan 1876 Henderson, NC d. 20 Sep 1879 Henderson, NC

9. Julia Adeline Orr b. 3 Aug 1877 Henderson, NC d. 9 Sep 1878

10. Leona L. Orr b. 29 Apr 1879

11. Morris Newton Orr b. 29 Nov 1880 Henderson, NC d. 29 Sep 1942 Henderson, NC

12. Victoria Iona Orr b. 1 Apr 1882 Henderson, NC d. 23 Sep 1967 Henderson, NC

13. Narcissa Orr b. 2 oct 1883 d. 14 Oct 1950 m. J. Luther Mace b. 6 May 1878 d. 6 May 1936

14. Nora Fay Orr b. Sep 1888 Henderson, NC d. Jan 1892 Henderson, NC

15. Henry Clay Orr b. 19 Apr 1890 Henderson, NC

16. Callie Orr

17. Edye Orr


3. Marion Orr b. 1838

4. James B Orr b. 1840

5. Lewis W. Orr b. 16 Sep 1839 Henderson Co, NC d. 19 sep 1856 Henderson Co, NC

6. John T Orr b. 1841 Henderson Co, NC d. 1856 Henderson Co, Nc

7. Newton Orr b. 1846

2. John D Orr b. 23 Oct 1806 d. 7 july 1862 Gilmer Co, GA m. Jane M. Osborne; b. 18 Oct 1812 d. 17 Jun 1882

3. Martha Orr b. abt 1814 NC m. Albert McKinney b. abt 1812 NC

Children are:

1. Martha Ann McKinney b. abt 1856 d. abt 1899 Jefferson, Grant Co, OK

2. Naomi Jane McKinney b. 7 Jul 1853 Gilmer Co, GA, d. 19 Oct 1883 Gilmer Co, GA m. John Yancy Wells 4 Nov 1875

3. Ruth McKinney

4. John Baily McKinney b. abt 1847 d. abt 1920 m. Nancy E Fore 6 Jan 1875

5. Orphia Mckinney b. 25 Mar 1846 d. 4 Aug 1871 Gilmer Co, GA

6. Prudence Mckinney b. 22 Nov 1848 Henderson Co, NC d. 19 Jul 1916 Titus co, Texas m. George Washington Hill

7. James E. McKinney b. abt 1843 Henderson Co, NC m. Georgia F Frady 22 Oct 1882 Gilmer Co, GA

8. Charles McKinney b. abt 1838

4. Polly Orr

5. William H Orr b. abt 1815 m. Mary Osborne 26 Nov 1846, born 1802

6. James M Orr b. abt 1817 m. Parthena, born abt 1820 SC

Children are:

1. Robert Orr b. abt 1847

2. Nancy J Orr b. abt 1849

3. Margaret Orr b. abt 1851

4. James Orr b. abt 1854

5. Fidella Orr b. 7 Jun 1859 Gilmer Co, GA d. 13 Sept 1896 Gilmer Co, GA buried Pleasant Hill Cem.

7. Farmer Orr b. 17 Feb 1818 d. 18 Apr 1892 Gilmer Co, GA m. [1] Ann Orr, daughter of John Orr & Jane Clayton, she was b. 8 Oct 1809 d. 16 Dec 1843 [2] Rosalind Masters who died 21 Jul 1894 Gilmer Co, GA, both buried Tails Creek Baptist Church Cemetery

Children by Rosalind Masters are:

1. Louisa M Orr b. 1848 Gilmer Co, GA d. Gilmer Co, GA, buried Cool Springs Cemetery, Murray Co, GA

2. Mary C Orr b. 1849 Gilmer Co, GA m. Ben Rogers

3. Martha Ann Orr b. 1853 Gilmer Co, GA d. 1918 Gilmer Co, GA buried Tails Creek Baptist Church, Cem. m. Jeptha Cook

4. Jane E Orr b. 1856 Gilmer Co, GA d. 1922 Gilmer Co, GA, buried Tails Creek Baptist Church Cem, m. Henry M. Tankersley

5. Hulda C Orr b. 19 Sep 1859 Gilmer Co, GA d. 17 Nov 1902 Gilmer Co, GA buried Tails Creek Baptist Church Cem, m. Thomas Y Penland

6. Marena E Orr b. 23 Nov 1862 Gilmer Co, GA d. 2 Aug 1938 Gilmer Co, GA

7. Frances L Orr b. 15 Aug 1866 Gilmer Co, GA d. 1 Jan 1909 Gilmer Co, GA buried Pleasant Hill Cem, m. William J Withrow 26 Jan 1890

8. Joseph U. Orr b. 1814 d. 14 Jul 1905, Henderson Co, NC m. Sarah Elvira Blythe, daughter of John Blythe & Mary Orr, she was b. 11 Aug 1822 d. 1 Jan 1916 Henderson Co, NC, both buried Beulah Baptist Church Cem



J. U. Orr, aged eighty-three years, one of the oldest citizens of the county bade farewell to friends and relatives last Fridday night at 11:o5 o'clock at the residence of his son W. B. Orr in West Hendersonville. The burdens of life were laid down and angels came and wafted his spirit home to rest and to God. As a citizen, Mr. Orr was true to his country. He believed in upright living and showed it by his actions. He lived and died a member of the Baptist Church, and his body was taken Sunday to Beulah Cemetery and laid to rest where it will await the morning of the Resurrection to be called forth to be re-united with the spirit that has gone to God. Mr. Orr was a tender, loving father and husband. He leaves a wife, two sons and a host of relatives and friends to mourn his loss. But the loss to us is his eternal gain. W. T. D.


Three old and well known citizens of this county, J. U. ORR, T.K. Davis and A. Q. Moore died within a week. Mr. Orr died on the morning of Friday, July 14. Mr. Davis and Mr. Moore on the morning of July 21. All three were republicans, were nearly the same age and at the time all three were employed together in the U S Revenue service.


Joseph U. Orr is an old citizen of the Bowman's Bluff section of Henderson County. He has been a farmer, was for a long time deputy sheriff under Justus Taylor and others. He raised several children. Our neighbor, Brazil Orr, whose clever daughter is the THE TIMES office, is a son of Joseph Orr, who is now living, aged about 84. Is it not remarkable that we can name so many persons in this county 80 or 90 years of age still living. There must be something in the pure water, climate and altitude among these mountains. J. U. Orr died since the above was penned.

Child is:

1. William Brazile Orr b. 1 Jan 1846 Henderson Co, NC d. 16 Jun 1917 Henderson Co, NC m. Susan McCrary 7 Mar 1867 Henderson, NC, daughter of Alexander McCrary & Cynthia Capps, she was b. 30 Jan 1843 Henderson, Nc d. 4 May 1929 Henderson, NC, both buried Mud Creek Baptist Church Cemetery

Children are:

1. Mary Orr b. abt 1868 m. John Clark

2. Hester Louise Orr b. 6 Feb 1870 Henderson, NC d. 9 Sep 1948 Henderson, NC

3. Rose Emma Orr b. 13 Feb 1873 Henderson, NC d. 1 Dec 1973 Henderson, NC

4. Cynthia Orr b. abt 1874 m. Pender Turner

5. Joseph Alexander Orr Sr b. 7 Apr 1878 Henderson, NC d. 12 Oct 1959 Henderson, NC

6. Annie Orr b. 13 Mar 1882 Henderson, NC d. 12 Dec 1946 Henderson, NC

7. Eliza Orr b. Jul 1880 m. Howard Barringer 6 Apr 1919 Asheville, Buncombe Co, NC


Miss Eliza Orr and M.B. Barringer are understood to have married in Asheville Sunday. The Asheville Times on Sunday carried announcement that license had been secured. The couple left Hendersonville Sunday morning and had not returned on Monday. Miss Orr had been with Patterson's Department Store for a year or more. She has a large number of friends and relatives whose best wishes go with her. Mr. Barringer resided in Hendersonville for a while last summer and recently returned to the city. Late:-Magistrate J.D. Dermid of West Asheville when in Hendersonville Monday informed The News that he performed the marriage ceremony at his home Sunday night following church services.

8. Ella Orr b. 1885 Henderson, NC d. 14 Nov 1965 Henderson, NC

9. Loveda Orr b. 2 jan 1888 Henderson, NC d. 24 Dec 1967 Henderson, NC m. F. Jerome Cooper born 7 Feb 1886 d. 1972, buried Oakdale Cemetery.


9. Nellie Orr

10. Anne Orr

11. Eleanor Orr b. abt 1822 m. Joseph Sitton 22 Sep 1844 Henderson Co, NC, son of Lawrence Sitton & Isabel Gillespie, he was b. 27 Feb 1824 Henderson Co, NC d. 16 May 1863 Bakers Creek, Mississippi

Joseph Sitton and his wife, Eleanor Orr, left Henderson Co, about 1848 with two small children. They settled near Ellijay in Gilmer Co, GA, where five more children were born to them. I have been acquainted with some of the descendants of Joseph and Eleanor, through their son Robert Jehew, and they all spell their name Sitten. William Perry Sitton, son of Joseph and Eleanor, born 1850, was married to Sarah Cochran, 8 Oct 1871. In 1891, William and Sarah left Ellijay, with several other families, and settled in the Wauhillau community of Oklahoma. One of their granddaughers, Irene Sitton, born 18 Sept 1921, married Charlie Mankiller, a full Cherokee Indian. Their daughter, Wilma Mankiller, was elected Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, being the first female chief of any major Indian tribe, and has been awarded many citations and awards, along with an honorary doctorate degree from the University of New England and one from Yale University.

Children are:

1. Robert Jehew Sitton b. 4 Jul 1845 Henderson Co, NC d. 21 Apr 1898 Battle Creek, TN m. Catherine Emaline Lowe, born 8 Mar 1840 Gilmer Co, GA

Children are:

1. John Thomas Sitten b. 26 Aug 1867 Gilmer Co, GA d. 8 Jul 1944 Albertville, Ala

2. Armenta Eliza Sitton b. 22 Sept 1869 Gilmer Co, GA d. 10 Jun 1946

3. William Benjamin Sitton b. 31 Dec 1872 Gilmer Co, GA d. 1958 m. Lockey Elvina Woodard, 12 Mar 1898 Gilmer Co, GA b. Jan 1865 d. 18 Jul 1954


BEN SITTON'S STORY Ben Sitton was the husband of Locky Woodard, the daughter of Wilson Woodard, who was the son of Isham D. Woodard. This is the story of his family's migration to Gilmer County, Georgia from Western North Carolina in 1848 with some of the Woodard family. My people came to this part of Georgia from Buncombe County, North Carolina. Migration to Gilmer was already about at its peak. Travel in, over such crude trails as had already been developed, averaged but three miles a day. A road might be partly traceable, partly blazed through woods, and at other points fade out all together. Ranging along wilderness streams, through rugged gaps, between mountain walls, the migrants pushed south and west, letting nothing them dismay. When a river in flood barred the way, they simply waited intil it ran down. It took that group 30 days to reach Ellijay, which they did on Christmas Day 1848. The new band was cordially received in the little county seat. An Ellijay grocer treated everybody to whiskey. The settlers went on into western Gilmer and stopped a little short of the Cohutta mountains. These people brought along, in addition to the oxen pulling their wagons, sheep, cattle, poultry. Among their hogs was a sow that added the problem of a litter of pigs. But somebody found a box and put the pigs into that and then heaved the box into a wagon. The mother of the pigs was treaded to a rest. Then she ambled slowly along with the cattle and sheep as she had been doing. The pigs were lifted out for lunch with her noon and night. Some male members of the incoming folks had already been to Gilmer for the purpose of scouting and trying to choose wisely, before bringing their families, a home or home site such as they could afford. Such looking ahead was usually done as soon as crops were laid by in North Carolina. These lookouts also sighted and marked out routes for later travelers. Parties Gilmer bound usually set out during the mild weather of autumn. In the clan containing my folks were twenty-seven Conestoga wagons. These vehicles had no brakes. Axles were greased with tar from heart pine. When tired beasts and people stopped for the night by the side of the road, the men took their axes into the surrounding forests and cut wood for a big fire, piling by extra fuel for all night fires. Everybody slept on pallets on the ground as near to the fire as safety allowed. Bathing pools were spring branches and larger woodland streams. Even if it rained, there was no room in the wagon with their covers, crowded as they were with household plunder and other necessaries for the homes they expected to establish. The women and girls, who wore shawls for coats, cooked on the camp fires. Everybody breakfasted at daybreak around the fire. Everyone, before resuming travel, was at liberty to take a swallow of whiskey. In the main, these people kept along old routes that had been followed before, though these might become so dim and doubtful, rough and narrow, the loads on the wagons would have to be taken off and toted ahead. Among the many obstacles to the travelers were huge boulders, logs, steep mountain sides, impossible cliffs that had to be skirted somehow, not to mention stumps, bogs, mud holes and dizzy grades. The immigrants coasted slowly down bluffs with felloes of their wagons wrapped round and round with beaten hickory writhes. Good safe spring water was seldom far. All these early arrivals lived in log houses. They had no lamps. Yet, many a time they worked till midnight by the light of the fireplace. They sheared sheep spring and fall. All women carded wool, spun and wove into blankets and wearing apparel. The men made most of the shoes for their families. Calves and sheep were penned nightly against wolves that began to howl as dusk approached. Thwarted that way, the wolves might still grab a chicken. Deer wandered in droves through the woods, wild pigeons blackened the sky as they flew over, wild geese descended in such numbers as to gobble up whole crops of grain. When the settlers came they needed such bounties of nature. They could bring little more food that they and their beast might require to reach Georgia. But once they began killing game and raising corn, potatoes, beans, pumpkins, melons, and other crops already known to them. For food self-supplied was all they would have. As soon as time gave opportunity, the newcomer provided themselves with apples, peaches, cherries, plums, quinces, occasional pears. Sour kraut and pickled beans and more beans dried in the pod were foods esteemed in winter. Whole grain hominy was liked too. Even in my time, we still dried snap beans by running threads through them. Beef and mutton were often dried, Indian style, to preserve them. These pioneers sometimes paid their taxes by picking up wild chestnuts. They could buy green coffee for six cents a pound. Dalton was our main market, as it had been for theirs. A dozen of their ox drawn wagons might be seen creeping along the rough roads in a train. Better living conditions, with people of their energy, naturally picked up. The settlers cleared more fields and raised crops greater both in quantity and variety, thought the fine virgin timber that stood ready to cut down had no sale value. Our roads, worst when we needed them most, did not improve very fast till the last thirty years. Then the shadow of war came creeping across the land. Many got orders to report to Dalton for service in the Confederate army. Many, like my grandfather (Joseph Sitton), never returned. A modern road is at last reaching the old home community of my ancestors. As to the future, I am expecting that to be better than any period of the past. Ben Sitton was born in 1872 and died in 1958. The date of the original writing is not known. This story has been reprinted, in part, from family records and from "The Annals of Upper Georgia Centered in Gilmer County," by George Gordon Ward, copyright 1965.

4. Mary Vandosa Sitton b. 22 Feb 1874 Gilmer Co, GA m. Hughes Copeland


2. Lawrence Jefferson Sitton b. abt 1847

3. John L Sitton b. abt 1849

4. William Perry Sitton b. abt 1850 Gilmer Co, GA d. 1928 OK m. Sarah Cochran 8 Oct 1871 Gilmer Co, GA born 1847 d. 1938 OK

William Perry Sitton, son of Joseph and Eleanor Orr Sitton, was born in Gilmer County, GA, in 1850. William Perry's father, Joseph Sitton, enlisted in the Confederate Army when William was about 11 or 12 years old. Joseph was a casualty of the war, and left his widow with seven children, the eldest being less than 20 years old. On October 8th, 1871, William Perry married Sarah Cochran, who was born in 1847 in Georgia. Their parents had been prosperous farmers and raised livestock before the Civil War wiped them out. They had been slave owners, but when the Bush-Whackers came through, they stole all their hogs and stripped them of all their food, including hams, honey and chickens. They left them with only the heads of the hogs to eat. William and Sarah were married after the war, but times were real tough during the re-construction years and it was hard to make a living. In 1891, William and Sarah, with a few other families: The Vicks, Worleys, Colemans, Brunners, and Brannins, to mention a few, packed up all their belongings and started to an unknown world, endking up at Wauhillau, Indian Territoy, which is now Oklahoma. When William and Sarah left Georgia, they were the parents of seven children, and one more was born at Wauhillau. William and Sarah later moved close to town and bought a farm in the Maryetta-Fairfield community. They farmed and had lots of live stock, including some beautiful horses. He died in 1928 and Sarah in 1938. They are buried in the Stillwell cemetery, Adair County, along with several of their children.

Children are:

1. Joe Silas Sitton b. 25 Jun 1872 Gilmer Co, GA d. 15 Aug 1950

2. Robert Bailey Sitton b. 4 Jan 1874 Gilmer Co, GA d. 1932 OK

3. Rminda Lara Sitton b. 31 Jul 1876 Gilmer, GA d. 25 Nov 1960

4. Sissro Solomon Sitton b. 3 Dec 1879

5. J. henry Sitton b. 12 Jul 1883 d. 19 Mar 1908

6. John A. Sitton b. 27 Oct 1885 d. 25 May 1918

7. Mary A. Sitton b. 28 Sep 1888 d. 23 Nov 1972

8. Thomas Masterson Sitton b. 31 Mar 1893 Wauhillau, Indian Territoy, d. 27 Mar 1974 OK


5. Mary J Sitton b. abt 1853

6. Philip K Sitton b. abt 1857

7. Sarah J Sitton b. abt 1859

6. Janet Orr b. 9 Aug 1785 d. 16 Nov 1845 Transylvania Co, N.C. m. Joseph Patton, son of Thomas Patton & Margaret Irwin, he was born 30 Oct 1775 d. 5 Mar 1843

Children are:

1. Nancy Patton b. 1803 d. 1874

2. Matilda Patton b. 1807 d. 1887

3. Margaret Patton b. 1 Nov 1805 d. 21 Nov 1894 m. William Deavor, born 9 Sept 1794 d. 24 Feb 1865

Children are:

1. James Deavor b. 1843 TN, d. 30 Jul 1889 Transylvania Co, NC m. Emma Louise Combs 19 Sep 1874 born 12 Apr 1852 Ringold, GA d. 8 Sep 1948 Transylvania, NC

Children are:

1. Robert Deavor b. 1875 d. 1944

2. John Deavor b. 1877 d. 1955

3. James Deavor b. 1880 d. 1938

4. Julia Deavor b. 1886 d. 1971


2. William Deavor b. 1846 d. 1926 m. Sue Miller

Children are:

1. Mamie Deavor

2. William Deavor Jr

3. Margaret Deavor


3. Robert Deavor b. 1848 d. 1873

4. Dovey Deavor m. Tom Gash

Children are:

1. Will Gash

2. Margaret Gash

3. Leander Gash

4. Robert Gash

5. Annie Gash


4. Thomas E Patton b. 1809 d. 1880

5. Elizur Patton b. 28 feb 1811 d. 24 Oct 1884 m. Anna Caroline Mackey, daughter of Joel Mackey & Martha Orr, she was b. 21 Dec 1816 d. 24 Feb 1900

Children are:

1. Virginia Clerise Patton

2. Charles C Patton

3. Anna Drusilla Patton

4. Joseph Franklin Patton m. Ellen Poor, daughter of William Poor & Sarah Wilson

Child is:

1. William Poor Patton

5. Sarah Florence Patton

6. Robert Elizur Patton

7. William Joel Patton

6. Dovey Patton b. 1813 d. 1872

7. Joseph Jackson Patton b. 1815 d. 1879 m. Lizzie Hogue

8. James Patton b. 1817 d. 1854 m. Margaret Moore

Child is:

1. Jessie Patton b. abt 1840 m. John Shuford, son of George Shuford & Louise Bracken

Children are:

1. Louise Patton Shuford

2. Lillian Shuford

9. Charles Patton b. 1819 d. 1889 m. Mary Mills

Children are:

2. Alberta Patton m. Will Kimzey

Children are:

1. Patton Kimzey

2. Robert Patton Kimzey

3. Mary Kimzey

4. John Kimzey

5. Louise Kimzey

6. Frank Kimzey

3. Joe Patton m. Annie Young

Children are:

1. Charley Patton

2. Annie May Patton

3. Ida Lee Patton

4. Walker Patton

4. Ella Patton m. John Killian

Children are:

1. Jane Killian

2. Kate Killian

3. Charles Killian

4. James Killian

5. Winnefred Killian

5. Eda Patton

6. Ote Patton

7. John Patton

10. Eli Patton b. 1821 d. 1884 m. Adalaide Gash

Children are:

1. Ed Patton m. Bate Johnston

Children are:

1. Adalade Patton

2. Margaret Patton

2. Rena Patton m. Louie Erwin

Children are:

1. Katherine Erwin

2. Irene Erwin

3. Louise Erwin

4. Overton Erwin

3. Margaret Jane Patton m. Edwin Alley Poor, son of William Poor & Sarah Wilson, he was b. 29 Mar 1858 d. 17 Mar 1931

Children are:

1. Jessie Adelaide Poor

2. Avery Patton Poor

3. Edwin Allen Poor Jr

4. Jackson Lenair Poor

5. Eugene Holmes Poor

6. Verena Catherine Poor


11. Elizabeth Patton b. 1823 d. 1890 m. Andy Miller

Children are:

1. Augie Miller

2. Joe Miller

12. Jane Patton b. 1825 d. 1911

13. Sarah Patton b. 1827 d. 1902

14. William Columbus Patton b. 1829 m. Jane Davis

Children are:

1. Eva Patton

2. Pauline Patton

3. Julia Patton

7. Mary Orr b. 21 Jun 1788 d. 9 Nov 1871 m. John Blythe, born 14 Jan 1799 d. 19 Jun 1868

Children are:

1. Fidella Blythe b. 22 Aug 1842 d. 9 May 1918 Henderson Co, NC

2. Sarah Elvira Blythe b. 11 Aug 1822 d. 1 Jan 1916 Henderson Co, NC m. Joseph U Orr [the info is under his name]

8. William F Orr b. 18 Dec 1790 d. 1 Oct 1844, Transylvania Co, N.C. m. Elizabeth Shuford, daughter of George Shuford & Mary Burrell, she was b. 3 Mar 1792 d. 6 Jan 1879 Transylvania Co, NC, both buried Orr Cemetery

Children are:

1. Perry Commodore Orr b. 24 Feb 1826 d. 27 Jan 1900 m. Sarah Elizabeth Greer 22 Dec 1847, daughter of Charles Greer & Uranah Johnson, she was b. 5 Jan 1829 d. 28 Sept 1873, both buried Orr Cemetery.

Perry Commodore Orr was one of Transylvania County's officials. When the county was formed in 1861, Perry Commodore Orr was one of the largest landowners in the county and was elected as "Treasurer of Public Buildings" at the 1st meeting on 20 May 1861. He was also appointed as "Patrol Guard" for Little River Twp. In addition, Perry Commodore Orr was a Bondsman in 1861. Perry's wife, Sarah Elizabeth Greer, was the daughter of Charles Greer of Henderson Co, Sarah Elizabeth Greer's half sister, Jane Greer, married George Washington Hart. Elizabeth Greer Orr's children were mentioned in the Estate Settlement of Charles Greer. Heir's of Sarah E Orr dec'd" Children of Perry and Sarah were Lenora Orr, Mary Orr, Charles Orr, Addie Orr, John Orr. Perry Commodore Orr enlisted in Co. D, 6th NC Cavalry which later became 65th NC State Troops.

Children are:

1. Lenora Evaline Orr b. 18 Apr 1850 d. 11 Apr 1929

2. Mary Malinda Orr b. 21 May 1852 m. Perry Sylvanus Shuford born 15 Feb 1839

Children are:

1. William Ernest Shuford b. 26 Mar 1879

2. Sallie Juanita Shuford b. 3 Aug 1872 m. George Fidellia Glazener

3. Charles Sylvanus Shuford b. 5 Sep 1876

4. Bessie Lenora Shuford b. 11 Apr 1889 m. Eugene Hawkins

5. Julia Fay Shuford b. 6 Jun 1899

6. Franklin Perry Shuford b. 19 Jul 1886 d. 8 Jan 1978 m. Beulah V. Merrill b. 5 Apr 1892 d. 8 Jan 1966, both buried Little River Baptist Church Cemetery


3. William Ernest Orr b. 8 Apr 1858 d. 29 Oct 1862, buried Orr Cemetery.

4. Sarah Adaline Orr b. 16 Jan 1860

5. Charles Manson Orr b. 22 Aug 1862

6. John Columbus Orr b. 22 Dec 1866 d. 1 Dec 1948

2. Robert Orr

3. Christopher Columbus Orr b. abt 1823 d. 10 Nov 1864 m. Christiana Beacham, daughter of Daniel Beacham & Alice Lester, she was b. abt 1828 d. 1901

Christopher Colombus Orr was born Abt. 1823 in Little River and died November 10, 1864 in Little River. Christopher Colombus Orr married Christianna Beacham, daughter of Daniel Beacham and Alice Lester. Their children were: Daniel V. Orr b. Little River d. October 1862 [Probably of Diphtheria], Little River, Transylvania Co., NC; William V. R. Orr, b. December 26, 1851, Little River, Transylvania Co., NC, d. October 1862 [Probably of Diphtheria]; Alice E. Orr b. July 25, 1854, Little River, d. October 10, 1862 [Diphtheria], Little River, Transylvania Co., NC; Nebraska E. Orr, b. Jan 22, 1857, Little River, d. October 16, 1862 [Diphtheria], Little River, Transylvania Co., NC; Leander Perry Orr b. June 23, 1863, Greensboro, NC; d. June 18, 1955, Maple Ridge, B. C., Canada. Leander Perry Orr was the only surviving child of Christopher Colombus Orr and Christianna Beacham. On March 2, 1863, Christopher Orr sold my Gr. Grandfather [George Washington Hart], 220 acres of his property. An interesting note about the deed: One call is to a "Lynn". This is a Scottish word for Waterfall [Webster's dictionary]. Interesting because the Orr's were Scottish. Following the death of his children on April 13, 1863, Christopher Columbus Orr of Little River enlisted in Co. D, 65th Regiment of NC Troops that later became Co. D, 6th Regiment NC Cavalry CSA. He was enlisted at Brevard, NC, by Captain G. C. Neil [b. 24 Nov 1829 d. 25 Nov 1909, buried Davidson River Cemetery]. When he left Little River for the Confederate Cavalry, he left behind him, a wife and a baby son, Perry Leander Orr. Letters from Christopher Columbus Orr to his wife Christianna Beacham Orr: 10 May 1863: Camp Maury near Greenville, TN - Dear Companion, I take the present opportunity of writing to you to tell you how that I am well. Hoping that you are enjoying the like ____ing we was all mustered out. Walking there was about 1500 men at the meeting it was a strange looking sight to see the men mustered around the stand to hear the word of god while the drums was beating and fife's was playing their favorite air. The sermond [sic] was a plain practical one. We are suffering for want of something to eat. I have had nothing to eat but bread and water pinches pretty tight. I think we will be better soon. I do not complain so long as I enjoy good health. The wheat looks fine. We have had a chance of rain which was very disagreeable but it has cleared off and is very warm and I am glad. The Capt. is paying off the company and I think they will be in a better humor. I went over to see the horse company. Perry's enjoying good health. They are on their way to Jonesboro. I do not know how come. We will remain here. It may be some time before we move again. I now have a ____ _____ this half Sabbath day to write concerning this country and other things. This is the finest country that I was ever in. The timber is very large, the May Apple grows on the up lands as large as it does on the finest bottoms in our country. The ____ is adapted to wheat which is now in a flourishing condition. Corn is just now coming up. Nature had done much for this country but man has almost destroyed it by the calamities of war. The limestone water agrees with me fine. You do not know how much confusion we appear to be in. The Indians are here. Two companies mustered in the streets of Greenville and when they got done they give the war hoop. They are painted in the ___ with yellow on the eyes and face, and look like the devil. Col. Love is a gentle man in every sense of the word. He ____ with his men all the time. This is a beautiful day. The birds are singing their evening songs to the creator of the day. _______ sinks in the west and they to repose which put me in mind of my children that are gone to their long sleep and my little boy reposing in the cradle at rest [Leander Perry Orr]. My god watch over and protect him and you all. I must cease writing soon as the drums warn me that the drill will soon be called. Write to me how you are all getting along in your corn, whither you have enough to live on or not. I want ___ ___ ___F _F__ too much ___ the thing. At home try to take the world as easy as possible. It will be better for your health and mine too. Get ___ ___ ___ well ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ there has been thirteen of our boys gone ___ and I do not care if they get ___ have to do ____ ___ mouthful of meat for three days only bread and if they do not let us leave soon meat... 11 May 1863: We will all ___ ___ and ___ing with them. Dry bread for ____ days. It's too hard for my body to ___. Col. Love has ordered rashions to the ___ troops with. I hurry if not he will tear things to pieces. I remain your affectionate husband. C. C. Orr 18 June 1863: Reference from C. C. Orr's letter, "Kiss little Lee for Me". 30 June 1863: Get help with your corn at any price and try to get George Hart, Isaac Heath and Bryson to cut your grass if it is worth cutting. ___ I have not heard from Perry yet. Robert Rains is very sick. Tell Bully Reavis's mother that he is dying. Joshua Orr and George Orr are doing well now though they have both been very sick. I sometimes dream at night and see my little children under the tree of life midst the flowers of everlasting Spring. Dovie is playing with one of them and Alace and Braska are gathering flowers from the bank of the river..... C. C. Orr 10 April 1864: Kinston, NC I'm glad that Mr. Greer's little daughter will be a companion to you.... C. C. Orr 28 May 1864: Kinston, NC ...I am sorry that my neighbors think so little of me that they throw rocks at my house. I am glad that they have the ________ in jail but be careful. If you think they will hurt you, move out. We can re-build our house and barns, but not our lives. The Col. told Merriman, Perry Shuford and myself that we can have thirty days leave soon, so cheer up....... C. C. Orr Christopher Colombus Orr was captured near Kinston, NC on June 21, 1864. Another report says he was captured June 22, 1864 at Jackson Mills, was sent to Point Lookout, Maryland on Jun 30, 1864, Transferred to Aiken's Landing, VA September 18, 1864 for exchange, Received Varina, VA, September 22, 1864, Furloughed from General Hospital Camp Winder, Richmond, VA on September 28 or October 1st 1864 with a destination of Cedar Mountain, NC. Christopher Colombus Orr did make it back to his home in Little River but died of the results of his wounds on November 10, 1864 in Little River [one month after he left the Richmond Hospital]. His home referred to in his letters was the old Robert Orr house, which stood alongside Hart Road until Abt. 1980 [Photo can be seen in Mary Jane McCrary's book "Transylvania Beginnings"], when it was torn down to make room for a new house. Of Christopher Colombus Orr's wife, Christianna Beacham, she later remarried Hezekiah Perry Moore [a rural mail carrier and member of the 2nd NC Mtd Inf Vols, USA]. Christopher Columbus Orr's baby son, Leander Perry Orr, grew up in Hezekiah Perry Moore's household. According to Betty Harris, of Maple Ridge, B.C. Canada, "When Leander Orr was 17 years old, he was called back from college by his step father, H. P. Moore and was asked to leave home. He was told to take his horse and whatever he could pack in his saddlebags and leave home. Leander packed his saddlebags with books of poetry, some of them I have today". Leander went North and eventually settled in Canada where his decendants now live in British Colombia, Canada. After the death of Christianna Beacham Orr Moore, Hezekiah Perry Moore remarried in 1902, to Julia Woodfin, daughter of Rev. John Franklin Woodfin. In the Orr Cemetery in Little River, Transylvania Co., NC, can be found the marble obelisk marking the graves of the C. C. Orr family [currently toppled over] near to the huge granite monument for Hezekiah Perry Moore. Hezikiah Perry Moore was the son of Sallie Shipman and Clinton Houston Moore and grandson of Hezikiah and Hannah Rhodes Shipman. He was born in Henderson County, North Carolina. Hezekiah Perry Moore was a businessman and owned a mill at Calhoun, NC which was located where the present day Nicks Grocery Store is in Little River. The houses on one side of the road were Mill houses. Hezekiah Pery Moore and his brother, William Rufus Moore joined Col. Joseph Hamilton's men who went to Bull's Gap Tennessee to enlist in the 2nd NC MTD Inf, USA. From the book "Heritage of Henderson County", 1985 is an interesting letter written by H. P. Moore's brother: William Rufus Moore, brother of H. P. Moore was recruited by Lieutenant Colonel Smith of the 2nd Regiment NC Mtd Inf. When he was 52 years of age, he filed for a pension for his service in the Union Army. The following is his statement: "I served as a private in Co. F., 2nd North Carolina Mounted Infantry. I enlisted 1 October 1863 and was discharged on account of disability 12 August 1864. I had no other service in the Union Army and was not in the Confederate Army. I was never in the Confederate Army." "In the summer of 1862, I think in August of that year, all who were members of the old state-Milita were ordered to meet the conscript officer at Brevard, North Carolina. I was a member of the militia and responded to this call. This was not the Confederate militia, but the State militia organized long before the outbreak of the war. All men between the ages of 18 and 45 were required to join. There was really no service as it was organized in a time of peace. When the militia assembled at Brevard, the conscript officers met them and took the names of all who were subject to the conscript. They took my name among others". "They read the roll and it was the understanding that all who were of conscript age had to go into the Confederate service. After our names had been taken we were permitted to go home and required to meet at the different officers' houses at an appointed time. I was assigned to Captain L.C. Neil, Company E. 62nd North Carolina Infantry. At the appointed time, instead of going to Captain Neills, I took to the brush and laid out for a little over a year, until I made my way through the Union line. It was never my intention to join the Confederate Army and I only went to Brevard because I would have been arrested, had I failed to assemble with the militia. I never did any service in any respect to aid the Confederate cause and was always opposed to the war. I was always in favor of the Union and my entire service was in its support"

Children are:

1. Daniel V Orr died Oct 1862

2. William V. R. Orr b. 26 Dec 1851 d. Oct 1862

3. Alice E. Orr b. 25 Jul 1854 d. 10 Oct 1862

4. Nebraska E Orr b. 22 Jan 1857 d. 16 Oct 1862

5. Leander Perry Orr b. 23 Jun 1863 Greensboro, NC d. 18 Jun 1955 Maple Ridge, B.C. Canada

9. Sarah Orr b. 28 Apr 1793 m. David Shuford

Child is;

1. George Shuford m Louise Bracken

Children are:

1. John Shurford

2. Dan Shuford

3. George Shuford Jr

4. Lou Shuford

10. Martha Ann Orr b. 21 Jun 1796 Buncombe Co., N.C d. 1 Feb 1884 Transylvania Co. N.C. m. Joel Mackey, b. 11 Feb 1789 Buncombe Co, NC d. 7 Oct 1872 Transylvania Co, NC, both buried Davidson River Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Children are:

1. John Jackson Mackey b. 22 Jan 1815 d. 26 May 1854 m. Mahala Antonette Aubrey

Children are:

1. Julia A Mackey

2. William Mackey

3. Columbus Mackey

4. Martha Margaret Mackey

5. John Thomas Mackey

6. Benjamin Mackey

7. Robert Jackson Mackey

2. Anna Caroline Mackey b. 21 Dec 1816 d. 24 Feb 1900 m. Elizur Patton, son of Joseph Patton & Janet Orr, he was b. 28 Feb 1811 d. 24 Oct 1884

Children under Elizur Patton

3. William H Mackey b. 13 July 1819 d. 1 Apr 1846 m. Mary Echols

4. Alexander Hamilton Mackey b. 8 Mar 1822 d. 7 Jan 1895 m. Mary Aubrey 19 Jun 1845

Children are:

1. Benjamin Franklin Mackey

2. Palestine Mackey

3. Charles Virgil Mackey

4. Joel A Mackey

5. Talula Mackey

6. William D Mackey

7. Eddie Mackey

5. Robert Lester Mackey b. 18 Nov 1824 d. 2 Sept 1873 m. [1] Elvira Elizabeth Hale [2] Harriett L Henderson 18 Jun 1869

Children by Elvira are:

1. Lillie Elvira Mackey b. 13 Jun 1867 NC d. 27 Aug 1942 m. Columbus Milliard Siniard 24 May 1888, son of Lorenzo Siniard & Mahalia Wilson, he was b. 16 Jun 1859 NC d. 26 Aug 1942

Children are:

1. Robert Gaston Siniard b. 30 May 1890 d. Jun 1981

2. Charles Washington Siniard b. 18 Dec 1892

3. Samuel Hale Siniard b. 27 Sep 1893 Transyhlvania, NC d. 27 Sep 1970 Transylvania, NC

4. James Columbus Siniard b. 14 Dec 1894

5. Willie Siniard b. 27 Jan 1895 Transylvania, NC d. 8 Feb 1896

6. Joel D, Siniard b. 10 Feb 1896 Transylvania, NC d. 11 Nov 1905 Transylvania, NC

7. Otis Neill Siniard b. 12 Mar 1900 d. 5 Feb 1973

8. Margaret Elizabeth Siniard b. 2 Jul 1889 Transylvania, NC d. 10 Feb 1910

9. Henrietta Ruth Siniard b. 5 Jan 1905 Transylvania, NC d. 19 May 2000 Transylvania, NC buried 22 May 2000, Oak Grove Cemetery, m. Harvey L. Sprouse 5 Jun 1937 Transylvania, NC b. 10 Jan 1911 d. 1 Oct 1992 Transylvania, NC, buried Oak Grove Cemetery



Henrietta Siniard Sprouse, 97, died Friday, May 19, 2000 at Ivy Hill Retirement. She was a native of Transylvania County and the daughter of the late Columbus and Lillie Mackey Siniard. She was a Circle One Member and the oldest charter member of Brevard-Davidson River Presbyterian Church. She was preceded in death by her husband, Harvey Sprouse; ten brothers, Robert, Hale, Charles, James, Willie, Jerome, Joel, Otis, McDonald and Joe; and one sister, Margaret. She is survived by several nieces and nephews. Graveside funeral services were held Monday, May 22, 2000 at 2 p.m. at Oak Grove Cemetery in Brevard with the Rev. Ben Ormand officiating. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the Oak Grove Cemetery Fund, P.O. Box 429, Brevard, N.C. 28712.

9. McDonald Douglas Siniard b. 22 Mar 1905 d. 4 Apr 1919

10. Jerome Napoleon Siniard b. 13 Jun 1897 Transylvania, NC d. 5 Dec 1985 Transylvania Co, NC.

11. Joe Ashe Siniard b. 20 Jun 1908 NC d. 27 Sep 1991


2. Curtis Mackey

3. Cornelia Mackey

4. Rufus Otis Mackey

5. Martha Mackey

6. Joel R Mackey

Children by Harriett are:

1. Mary Jane Mackey

2. William Barry Mackey

3. Julia Alice Mackey

4. Lillie Mackey

6. Joel Elliott Mackey b. 27 Feb 1827 d. 10 Jun 1914 m. Sarah Margaret Osborne 8 Dec 1869, daughter of Jeremiah Osborne & Mary Fletcher

Children are:

1. Robert Ellis Mackey

2. Joel Osborne Mackey

3. Alma R. Mackey

4. William Porter Mackey

5. Charles Clay Mackey

6. Edith May Mackey

7. Sarah "Sallie" Jane Mackey b. 26 Sep 1829 d. 27 Sept 1910 m. Lambert Clayton Neill 31 May 1855, son of George Neill & Nancy Clayton, he was b. 24 Nov 1829

Children are:

1. Charles E Neill

2. William M Neill

3. Robert D Neill

4. Joel E Neill

5. Martha A Neill

6. George Oscar Neill

8. Jane Margaret Mackey b. 31 Jul 1832 d. 13 Sept 1882 m. Isaac S Lyday, son of Abraham Lyday & Rebecca Simpson, he was b. 17 Jul 1832

Children are:

1. John Forest Lyday b. abt 1875 m. Ellie Orr, daughter of Joseph Orr & Mary Gillespie, she was b. 20 Sep 1877

Children are:

1. Mary Pearl Lyday b. 17 Sep 1901 d. 9 Feb 1985 m. Joseph Trigg Brittain, born 30 Aug 1887 d. 24 Jul 1965

2. Joseph William Lyday Sr b. 5 Oct 1899 Henderson, NC d. 1 Oct 1981 Henderson, NC

3. Rachel Flora Lyday b. 27 Sep 1906 d. 15 Nov 1953

4. Mamie Ophelia Lyday

5. Isaac Franklin Lyday

6. John Hassell Lyday b. 19 May 1912 d. 26 Nov 1993 m. Valreen Morris b. 20 Aug 1919 Henderson, NC d. 17 Jun 2000, Henderson, NC, buried 20 June 2000, Davidson River Cemetery


Valreen M. Lyday of Hendersonville died Sunday, June 17, 2000, at the Lifecare Center. She was a native and lifelong resident of Henderson County. She was the daughter of the late Vernon and Lillie Orr Morris and wife of the late John H. Lyday who died in 1993. She was employed by Arthur J. Redden and Arthur J. Redden Jr. as legal secretary for more than 40 years, and was a member of First Presbyterian Church and the V.F.W. Ladies Auxiliary. Survivors include her two brothers, Oden D. Morris of Hendersonville and Bill M. Orr and his wife, Pat, of Knoxville, Tenn; her sister, Dolores M. Arnette of Hendersonville; and several nieces and nephews. A graveside service will be held at 10 a.m. Tuesday at Davidson River Cemetery in Brevard with the Rev. James Wagner officiating. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to First Presbyterian Church 699 N. Grove St. Hendersonville, N.C. 28792, or to the Presbyterian Home for Children, P.O. Box 699, Black Mountain N.C. 28711.

7. Ella Doris Lyday

8. Margaret Inez Lyday


2. William C Lyday

3. Joel Abraham Lyday

4. Mary Emma Lyday

5. Carlos Ansitie Lyday died 1955

9. Julia A. Mackey b. 11 Jun 1835 d. 6 May 1909 m James Clifford Lyon b. 4 Dec 1815 d. 17 Jan 1892

10. Columbus Marion Mackey b. 1838 d. abt 1864, during Civil War

11. Martha Elizabeth Mackey b. 23 Apr 1841 d. 9 Jul 1881buried Davidson River Cemetery, m. James B Gash 14 Mar 1861, son of William Gash & Malinda Spann, he died 30 Oct 1863, buried Confederate Cemetery, Johnson's Island, Sandusky, Ohio

Child is:

1. Jenny Gash b. 1862


John Orr and his wife Rachel, were married October 11, 1726 in Scotland. They came to America with their children: Mary, born in 1727, John, born in 1730, Ann, born in 1735, William, born in 1742, Rachel, born in 1745, and their last child, Robert, was born Oct 10, 1749 on the ship as the Orr family came to America. John and William both fought in the Revolutionary War. Further record of John and William, or their descendants are not known, but it is believed they left issue in Pennsylvania. As to whom Mary and Rachel married, or their descendants are also unknown. Robert, born 1749, came down to North Carolina and married Ann Hogsed on Jan. 17, 1772. Robert and Ann Orr are the progenitors of the many ORR descendants found in Henderson and Transylvania Counties.

Children are:

1. Mary Orr b. 21 Dec 1727

2. John Orr b. 23 Jan 1730

3. Ann Orr b. 24 Jun 1734

4. William Orr b. 24 Aug 1742

5. Rachel Orr b. 12 Apr 1745

6. Robert Orr b. 10 Oct 1749 d. 8 Oct 1808 Transylvania Co, N.C.

24. NANCY JANE LEWIS [William, Zadock, Cornelius, Samuel, Lewis] b. 5 Oct 1811 Seneca Co, NY d. 21 Jul 1856 Jennings Co, IN m. MASON PARKS KEITH 19 Aug 1831 Jennings Co, IN, son of Samuel Keith & Isabel Parks, b. 12 Jun 1812 Bourbon Co, KY d. 23 Feb 1879 Clark Co, IN.

Children are:

1. Elizabeth Keith b. 1832 Jennings Co, IN d. 22 Jun 1905 Jackson Co, IN

2. Harrison Keith b. 28 Jul 1834 jennings Co, IN d. 21 Jan 1914 Sedgewick Co, KS

3. Levi Parks Keith b. 24 May 1836 Jennings Co, IN d. 2 Jan 1864 Paris, Jennings Co, IN

4. Henry Rice Keith b. 17 Apr 1838 Cana, Jennings Co, IN d. 2 Aug 1838

5. William Adkins Keith b. 24 Mar 1842 Jennings Co, IN

6. Nancy Jane Keith b. 20 May 1843 Cana, Jennings Co, IN d. 9 Jun 1882

7. Julia Ann Keith b. abt 1845 m. Thomas Sheehy

8. Timothy Allen Keith b. 1847

9. Robert Hall Keith 10 Jan 1850

Mason married second Lucinda F. Robinson 8 Aug 1856, she was their housekeeper. she died in 1910 Scott County, IN, buried Cana Cem.

Children are:

1. Sarah M. Keith b. 22 Sep 1861 Jennings co, IN d. 21 Dec 1923 Jackson Co, IN

2. Mary Mollie Frances Keith b. 1 Nov 1859 Near Casey, Clark Co, IN d. 25 Aug 1941 Speed, Clark Co, IN m. Andrew "Andy" Frederick Renz 1883 Sellersburg, IN, son of Friederich Anton Renz b. 1825 Germany & Catherine Jung b. 1834 Crailsheim, Wurttenburg, Germany, he was b. 1 Jun 1862 Sellersburg, Clark Co, IN d. 1930 Louisville, KY

Children are:

1. Lu Ebbie Renz b. 24 Mar 1884 IN

2. Carrie Catherine Renz b. 14 May 1886 IN

3. Frederick Albert Renz b. 23 Aug 1888 IN

4. Martha Jane Renz b. 4 May 1893 IN

3. Mason Elmer Keith b. 1863 Jennings Co, IN d. 12 Jul 1905 Scott co, IN

4. George Keith b. 1865 Jennings co, IN d. 1880

5. Anna M, Keith b. 1 Aug 1886 Jennings Co, IN d. 7 Jan 1948

6. Alice Rachel Keith b. 23 Sep 1870 Jennings Co, IN d. 3 Jan 1948

25. DANIEL [DAVID] LEWIS [William, Zadock, Cornelius, Samuel, Lewis] b. 17 Jan 1813 Seneca, NY d. 19 Apr 1889 Cana, Jennings Co, IN married [1] Harriet Rice Keith 5 May 1832 Jennings Co, IN daughter of Samuel Adkins Keith & Isabel Parks b. 24 Jan 1816 Bourbon Co, KY d. 24 Jul 1855 Cana, Jennings Co, IN buried Keith Cem. [Apparently died from complications of childbirth] [2] Frances Keith 17 Apr 1856 d b. 31 Dec 1830 Jefferson Co, IN d. 4 Mar 1887 Cana, Jennings Co, IN


Bobby Dickerson, Perkins Family, Internet

Children by Harriet Keith are:

1. Lavina Lewis b. 26 Apr 1833 Jennings Co, IN d. 1 Aug 1879 Cana, Jennings Co, IN

2. Eli Lewis b. 6 Mar 1835 Cana, Jennings Co, IN d. Greenleaf, Washington Co, KS

3. Francis Marion Lewis b. 3 May 1837 Cana, Jennings Co, IN d. 27 Apr 1908 Barnes, Jennings Co, IN

4. Charles Newton Lewis b. 7 Sep 1839 Cana, Jennings Co,IN d. 3 Apr 1918 Oregon City, Oregon

5. Julyann "July Ann" Lewis b. 10 Mar 1842 Cana, Jennings Co, IN d. 13 Oct 1842

6. Timothy Martin Lewis b. 17 Oct 1843 Cana, Jennings Co, IN d. 9 May 1914 Kendrick, Polk Co, FL

7. Rachel Lewis b. 5 Mar 1846 Jennings Co, IN d. 11 Nov 1849 Jennings Co, IN

8. Samantha Lewis b. 19 Nov 1848 Cana,Jennings Co, IN d. 29 Jan 1888 Lovett, IN

9. Serelda Lewis b. 19 Nov 1848 Cana, Jennings Co, IN d. 16 Jun 1919 Paris, Lamar, Texas m. 10 Apr 1867 Cana, Jennings Co, IN [Marriage Book 7 page 91] William Jackson Owens, son of Willis Calloway Owens & Sarah [Cox], He was born 25 Mar 1848 Jackson Co, IN d. 28 Feb 1905 Paris, Lamar Co, Texas



"Mrs. W. J. Owens, who was making her home with her daughter, Mrs. G. N. Rodgers on South 26th street, died at 4:20 o'clock yesterday morning. She was born in Marion [Township, Jennings county]Indiana, and was seventy-one years of age. She had been a resident of Paris the past seventeen years [1902] and was the widow of Rev. W. J. Owens, who died fourteen years ago [1905] at their home on Woodlawn Avenue. She was a devoted member of the Methodist church and had affiliated with Lamar avenue church ever since she came to Paris. She is survived by two daughters, Mrs Rodgers of Paris[Ida May Owens Rodgers], and Mrs. L. K. Peters [Effie Helen Owens Peters] of Shreveport. [LA], and by one son, Allen C. Ownes of Dallas. The funeral service will be held at the home of Mrs. Rodgers at 10 o'clock this morning."

His Siblings are:

Willis Calloway Owens: The middle name of Willis comes from land warrant records online at BMI Born August 2, 1811 In or Ky, probably IN died September 5, 1866 near Crothersville, Jackson Co, iN buried Gorrell Cem just outside Crothersville, Jackson Co, IN.

There is a record of a William Owens marrying Sarah Cox Jackson Co, IN 5 Apr 1831.

Children are:

1. Unknown Owens

2. Rachel Owens b. ca 1833 married Alexander McDonald 17 May 1849 Book a-b p. 220 Jackson Co, IN, and Andrew Gillaspy, Andrew McDonald died on Sept 13, 1861 and is buried in the Bedel Cem, Vernon Twp, Jackson Co, IN Also buried there is a daughter, Elizabeth, died Oct 15, 1853, age 1 yr 11 mos 1 day. and Sarah M McDonald

Children by McDonald are:

1. Sarah M. McDonald b. 1850

2. Elizabeth McDonald died Oct 15 1853

3. Permicia McDonald b. 1853 [named after Alexander's sister who married Hezekiah Carpenter]

4. Mary McDonald b. 1857

5. William McDonald Sept 1860

They lived several houses down from Willis and Sarah in 1850 & 1860

1860 census p. 798 Vernon Twp, Crothersville, Jackson Co, IN

Alexander McDonald 30 Merchant

Rachel 26

Sarah M 10

Pernsica 7

Mary 3

William 9/12

A Rachel McDonald married an Andrew J Gillaspy 8 Jan 1863 Book D p. 515[may only be a coincidence]

Land settlement from her father's estate was June 6, 1870 and she is listed as "Rachel Gillaspy" at this point. It appears the marriage lasted only a short time.

1870 Census p. 182a, Vernon Twp, Seymour, Jackson Co, IN

Rachel McDonald [Gillaspy ?] 35, Sarah 20, Pernica 17,

By 1880 she is divorced from Andrew Gillaspy and living back in Crothersville, working as a nurse and boarding with the Alexander Adams family. She is age 45 reports mother was born in KY.

3. Elizabeth Owens b. ca 1835 IN died pre March 23, 1882 as husband claims inheritance of wife at that time from death of Elizabeth's mother Sarah M. Owens. married James R. Warman, he was born Nov 1826 KY source 1900 census [source 1860 census, vernon Twp, Jackson Co, IN p. 811 and land records]

1860 census Lived a few houses away from Willis Owens in 1860

John R. Warman 39 IN; Elizabeth 21 IN; Jennie 7 IN Sally 5 IN; Willis 3 IN

1870 Series: M593 Roll: 326 P. 476

John Warman 42 IN

Elizabeth 36 [Prussia?]

Willis J 15 KY

Aaron 10 IN

Rachel 8 IN

Sarah 5 IN

John 5/12 IN

Next door is the widowed Sarah Owens born VA?

1880 Vernon Twp, Jackson Co, IN p 231 A

John R. Worman remarried to a Martha [This is consistent with the inheritance records for the estate of Sarah M. Owens as it shows the husband claiming rights via his deceased wife.

John R. Worman 53 KY Ky Ky

Martha I 52 SC NY SC

Willis J 28 In KY IN

Sarah E. 13 IN KY IN

Margaret A. Kennedy 18 Stepdaughter GA SC SC

William C. Kennedy 13 Stepson Ga SC SC

Milton L Kennedy 10 stepson IN SC SC

In 1900 John R. Worman and Martha are still alive. P Series: T623 Roll: 379 Page 261

Children are:

Jennie Warman b. 1853

Sally b. 1855

Willis 1857

Rachel 1862

Sarah 1865

John May 1870

4. Mary Owens b. 9 Oct 1837 d 13 Dec 1838 at 1 year 3 mos 5 days

5. John Owens b. 25 Jun 1840 d. 29 Mar 1845 at 5 years 10 mos 4 days

6. Sarah Harrison Owens b. 1842 died prior to Oct 1869 m. 15 Apr 1858 by T.N. Jorden, Daniel Fowler b. 1821

Children are:

1. James A Fowler b. 1872

2. Willis C. Fowler b. 1869

Willis C Fowler is found in the 1920 census of Jasper Co, MO ED 41, page 6A married to a Sarah s. age 58, he is 60, son Rufus C age 24 Widowed

Children by Jane are:

Ida A



by 1880 Daniel is married again and only has Mary and Cora with him in MO.

7. Rebecca Owens b. 1844 d. 23 Dec 1846 at age 2 years 21 days

8. Charles Wesley Owens b. 10 Dec 1845 d. 3 Jan 1903 buried Pecan Gap cem, TX was postmaster at Pecan Gap, Delta Co, TX, was a Minister, married Sarah Melinda or Matilda Robinson ca 1879, she was b. 5 Jun 1855 at Savannah, TN d. 13 Aug 1944 Durant, Bryan Co, OK

Children are:

1. Pearl Owens b. Dec 1885 d. 1961 married Charles Harrison Wisdom ca 1906 and lived around Amarillo, TX

Children are:

1. Carral M. Wisdom b. 1907

2. Virginia Annie Wisdom b. 12 Dec 1912

3. Charles W. Wisdom b. 1917

4. Dorothy Wisdom b. 1922

2. Estelle Owens b. 20 Jan 1888 Pecan Gap, TX d. Jul 1987 Durant, Bryan, OK SSN 442-64-1741 OK m. Fred Mitchell Whittenberg 1912 Texas, he was b. 1880 and died 1963 Her name is pronounced Es-ta-lee, she was called Dink, she was a petite, blue-eyed lady with a halo of silver hari - a dresden doll appearance. She was a devout Baptist who never missed church or Sunday school if she was physically capable of getting there, even if she had to walk. She had a well-deserved reputation for being a wonderful cook, and she invented a special recipe birhtday cake that is still being used by the family. Dink said her father was a preacher, but she didn't say what denomination. She did say her families were Baptist and Methodist. She also said both her grandfathers fought in the Civil War, one for the Union one for the Confederacy.

Children are:

1. Henrietta Whittenberg b. 1913 Tx After a short time in San Antonio, Tx, managing a motel, Mildred Whittenberg Haggard and Earl returned in 1958 to Durant, Byran, OK where EArl rebuilt the box factory which had burned in 1956.

3. Frederick Owens Whittenberg b. 27 Oct 1917 d. 27 May 1971 Grandview, Yakima Washington SSN 445-05-5864

4. Billie D Whittenberg [son] b. 1930 OK

In 1930, Estelle and Fred Whittenberg are living in Jeter, Choctaw Co, OK Sarah Owens, Estelle's mother is with them.

1930 Census

F. [Fred] M 49

Estelle 42

Henrietta 17 TX

Mildred 15 OK

Owens 12 OK

Billie D. [says daughter, but is a son] 4/12 OK

Sarah Owens M-in-law 74

3. Charles W. Owens Jr b. 6 Aug 1897 Pecan Gap, Tx d. 27 May 1923 Durant, Bryan Co, OK married Myrtle Minnie Munn 24 Dec 1919 Durant, Bryan Co, OK, she was b. 23 Dec 1895 Braden, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territoy d. 16 Oct 1988 Ardmore, Carter Co, OK, buried Rose Hill cem.

Children are:

1. Robert Eugene Owens b. 27 Nov 1920 Ardmore, Carter Co, OK d. 7 Jun 1991 married Vivian Northcutt b. 1921 divorced; buried Rose Hill Cem.

2. Glenn Alfred Owens b. 22 Jan 1923 d. 2 Mar 1999 married Lois Evelyn May 5 Apr 1942 Waurika, OK, born 20 Feb 1924 d. 21 Oct 1991, they lived around Ardmore, OK. buried Rose Hills cem. One son had preceded him in death, so he had 3 sons.

1880 Census 15 Jun 1880

Charles listed as Charles Owins, Hardin Co, TN p. 88 living with father-in-law Henry Robinson and his children and wife Sarah.

1900 Census Delta Co, 1910 TX T624 Roll: 1541 p. 277

Sarah 55, b. TN parents both born TN she had given birth to 3 children, all living.

Estelle and Charles are living with her. Estellee is a telephone operator, she is 22 and born in TX. Charles is 12 and born in Tx.

By 1920 Sarah M moved with Estellee and Charles Jr to neighboring Durant, Bryan Co, OK They are found in the 1920 census there. Pearl stayed behind in TX with her husband Charles H. Wisdom in Donley Co. Charles W. Jr is working as a salesman at a clothing store. His wife's name is Myrtle Munn, age 24 b. OK sarah M is 65 listed as born in TN but now says father b. IN and mother in US. Charles Jr died in 1923. Sarah M. Owens moved in with Estellee Owens Whittenberg and her family in Choctaw co, Jeter Twp and is found in the 1930 census there.

Obituary for Sarah M. Robinson Owens Durant DAily Democrat August 14, 1944 [front page].

Mrs. Sarah Owens, mother of Mrs. Fred Whittenberg, 1223 North Third Avenue, passed away late yesterday evening after an extended illness. Mrs. Owens was born Sarah Maletha [Melinda] Robinson in Savannah Tennessee, June 3, 1855, she was united in marriage to Rev. Charles Wesley Owens in 1879. Rev. and Mrs. Owens moved to Texas in 1884 and to this union was born 3 children, Mrs. C.H. Wisdom [Pear], Amarillo, Texas and Mrs. Whittenberg [Estellee] She was preceded in death by her son, Charles Owen, who passed away in 1923 and Rev. Owens passed Away in 1903. At that time Mrs. Owens moved to Durant to make her home with her daughter [Estellee]. She has been confined to her bed for the last 12 years. Mrs. Owens has been a lifelong church member and for the last 29 years of the First Baptist Church here. Survived by a number of nieces and nephews. The grandchildren are Carroll, USN, Norfolk, VA Miss Virginia Wisdom, Amarillo, Texas, Chrles Wisdom, Stratford, Texas, Mrs. Nayman Bowder, Biloxi, Mississippi. Robert Owens [son of Charles Jr], Hamilton Field, California, Glenn Owens, Perrin Field S. Sgt. Owens Whittenberg South Pacific, Billy Don Whittenberg, Tulsa, and Mrs. Marshall Finney and Mrs. Karl Haggard, Durant. The great grandchildren are Carrol Wisdom III, Stratford, Texas, and Marquita Finney.

9. Martha Ellen Owens b. 31 Dec 1846 Crothersville, Vernon Twp, Jackson Co, IN d. 24 Aug 1924 m. Andrew Keith 3 Apr 1865 [Book E p. 124 Jackson Co, IN] by Rev. George King at the home of Willis Calloway Owens, the father of the bride. He was the son of James Keith & Lucy Petite Wilson, he was b. 17 Nov 1833 d, 30 Oct 1917 Marion, Grant Co, IN, he died of Senility.

Children are:

1. James Willis Keith b. 16 feb 1866

2. Charles Adkins Keith b. 16 Feb 1870

3. Omer Flemin Keith b. 11 Dec 1871

4. Ralph Emerson Keith b. 24 Feb 1878

5. Cora Elizabeth Keith b. 19 Oct 1882

6. William Henry Keith died 28 Jun 1869

7. Mary May Keith died 26 Sept 1881

8. Alfred Martin Keith died 30 Apr 1875

9. Andrew Clyde Keith died 28 Jun 1895

Andrew Keith was born in Jefferson Co, IN to James Keith & Lucy Wilson, 17 Nov 1833, James was the father of Frances Keith, who was the second wife of Daniel Lewis and Uncle to Daniel's first wife Harriet Keith. Harriet and Daniel Lewis were the parents of Serelda Lewis who married William Jackson Owens, brother to Martha E. Andrew was 5'11 " [tall for that time], with blue eyes and light hair. He was an artist before the war. He died October 30, 1917 at the National Military Home at Marion, Grant County, Indiana. The cause of death was senility. It is likely that Martha sent him there because she could not care for him at that point. Andrew is likely buried there, not known were Martha is buried.

10. William Jackson Owens b. 25 Mar 1848 d. 27 Feb 1905 m. Serelda Lewis [This info is under Serelda Lewis, d/o Daniel & Harriet Keith Lewis


William Jackson Owens came into this world and looked upon his mother with his blue eyes for the first time on March 25, 1848. William's youth was spent on a farm near Crothersville, Jackson Co, Indiana. William's father, Willis Calloway Owens supported his family by farming, but he was also Justice of the Peace at Crothersville. He was not always above the law though as he had a run-in in his youth in Scott County when he was charged with horse racing, fortunately, he was cleared of all charges. William's mother Sarah M. hailed from eith Kentucky or Virginia originally and i tmight be that her maiden name is Cox. Willis family were early Indiana pioneers as he was born in Indiana on August 2, 1811. Willis and Sarah M are both buried near Crothersville in the Gorrell Cemetery which is down a two track road in the midst of a grove of woods. However, before the sad event occurred their young son William, and his brother Charles, were keen on supporting the Union in the Civil War. It appears that William felt strongly about it. He supported the union cause by working as a Teamster prior to July 1863. At age 15, this five feet, four inche fair haired young man joined Company C, 117th Regiment Indiana Volunteers on July 31, 1863, being honorably discharged February 25, 1864. This regiment lost 95 enlisted ment to disease. [Incidentally it was during this time that William contracted what was to be a lifelong health problem.] William than joined Company E, 22 nd Regiment Indiana Infantry, March 10, 1864, just shortly before his 16th birthday. Interestingly, Willis had to write a permission slip for William six days after he had already enlisted., on March 16, 1864. This Regiment lost 343 men during service, 14 Officers and 139 enlisted men were killed, and 190 died from disease. One can imagine that Wiliam was thankful to have survived. After the War, William's mind turned to raising a family. He married Serelda Lewis, diaghter of Daniel Lewis and Harriet Keith. Daniel was the largest land owner in Jennings County Indiana at the time. The marriage took place on April 15, 1867 in Jennings County, Indiana. The service was performed by the bride's uncle, REV. WILLIAM B. LEWIS [II]. Interestingly, William's sister, Martha, Married Andrew Keith, a cousin to Harriet.

The U.S. government was interested in seeing the West settled and gave incentives to Civil War veterans to migrate there. Apparently William was persuaded as he and Serelda left Indiana sometime between March 27, 1868 and 1870, and began homesteading in Kansas, near Belleville, Republic County. In order to secure the land William and Serelda had to live on the land 3 years and improve it before it was theirs legally. The couple wasn't alone in the wilderness however. Serelda's brothers, Chrles Newton Lewis, Eli Lewis, and Timothy Lewis had already gone to Kansas by wagon train immediately after the war; as had her Uncles Rev. Timothy B. Lewis and John W. Keith. In fact many people from Jennings County, Indiana had traveled together on that journey. Even with family around one can assume that homesteading life was extremely difficult. Trying to build a home, till the land and raise a family is not an easy task. The family started settling on their 160 acre parcel of land on February 28th, 1870. Five months later on June 29, 1870 Serelda gave birth to their second child, Sarah Alice Owens Sadly the following year, Harriet died on September 27, 1871. The family had a new addition to ease their sorrow on February 19, 1872 with the birth of Ida May Owens. Interestingly Ida May was born at Greeleaf in the adjoining county of Washington. They did not move there as they had to still occupy thier land in Republic to fulfill the homestead requirements. It is likely they went to the home of Serelda's brother, Eli Lewis for help giving birth. Eli lived at Greenleaf. William Serelda obtained legal claim to their land after fulfilling the 3 year requirement and immediately sold the land on April 1, 1873 to William Crevistion of Indiana. Given the difficulties of life in homesteading it is not surprising that William and Serelda took Sarah Alice and Ida May and returned to Indiana. One can only assume that they stayed in either Jackson or Jennings County while there. On April 5, 1874, the couple had a son, Allen Clifford Owens in Indiana. Perhaps it was during this time that William began an interest in preaching. We don't know when they left Indiana but by 1878 they were in Texas; perhaps moving there as a part of William's Baptist Ministry. One has to wonder about the religious roots of the Owens family as William's brother Charles W also became a minister and moved to Texas. We know that William, Serelda, Sarah Alic, Ida May and Allen Clifford were in Texas by July 22, 1878 as that is the day Effie Helen Owens was born, in Texas. The 1880 census shows the family residing in Precinct 7 of Lamar County, Texas. It was during this time that Serelda gave birth to Silas Owens on January 14, 1880, but unfortunately he died the same day. An online record of the history of the Ladonia Baptist Church shows that a "W. J. Owens" pastored there sometime between the years of 1879-1896. It is highly likely this is our William Jackson Owens as they named their next to last child John H. Boyet Owens, probably after the first pastor of the Ladonia Baptist Church, Rev. John H. Boyet. The baby did not fair well. He was born June 16, 1882 and died October 17, 1882. By 1890 it is believed that family lived in Fannin County, likely near or in Ladonia. There is a letter from George Newton Rogers to Ida May Owens at Ladonia in 1889. There is further proof of his Ladonia residency in an Invalid Pension William submitted from Ladonia on January 21, 1892. Ida May left the family next in 1889 and married George Newton Rogers. The couple traveled by train to Cana, PO, Jennings County, Indiana and were married at the home of Serelda's father, Daniel David Lewis. William Accompanied them and was present as a witness. After they returned to Texas, George and Ida settled at Ladonia to begin their family. It is likely that William and Serelda still resided in the area as Sarah Alice married John H. Wilder on December 19, 1893 and they settled at Ladonia, Fannin County as well. It was sometimes after this that there was a big change in William and Serelda's life. They left the Baptist Denomination. According to Helen Gambrell, granddaughter of Effie Helen Owens [Peters], William Jackson Owens, departed from the Baptist denomination due to a good deal of infighting over money issues. He joined the Methodist denomination and became a "Circuit Rider/" We don't know the exact year this happened but he was definitely a Methodist circuit rider by 1896, if not before. William pastored in as a Methodist preacher at New Boston, Bowie County, Texas. According to letter he wrote to the Texas Christian Advocate, William pastored there from 1896-1998. It was while here that Effie Helen met her future husband, Lemuel K. Peters. Effie Helen and Lemuel married on April 26, 1898 in New Boston, Bowie county, It was shortly after that, in December of 1898, that William and Serelda left New Boston, Bowie County, and moved to Rusk County, Texas where William was to work the "Troupe-Overton" Methodist circuit. We know that they resided there till at least september 8th, 1899 as William wrote an obituary for one of the Troupe-Overton parishioners by that date. By June 1900 William and Serelda had moved to Minneola, Wood County, Texas. All the children had left home and William was still working as a circuit rider minister. It was also in this year the family suffered quite a blow with the death of Sarah Alice Owens Wilder., Sarah Alice passed away, along with her newborn infant, on April 20, 1900, not having yet achieved her 30th birthday. Her husband, John, expressed his grief by providing a large beautiful monument for her and his newborn daughter in the Oddfellows Cemetery at Ldonia. One can only imagine how difficult this event must have been. A flier announcing the burieal of "Mrs. J. H. Wilder" was found in the attic of Ida May Owens Rogers home in Paris, Texas. The other children of William and Serelda fared much better, in 1900 Ida May Owens Rogers and Effie Helen Owens Peters borth resided in Paris, Lamar County, Texas, with their large families. Allen Clifford Owens was still single at this point, age 26, He worked as a farmhand at the farm of Luther Masters in Kaufman County and is found there in the 1900 census. He was not single for long though, as he met Idella Catherine and married her around 1901. The 1910 census shows her father was born in Georgia and mother in Tennessee, which might indicate that Luther Masters was her brother, as his parents were also born in Georgia and Tennessee. Allen Clifford went on to be a teacher and principal. Raising his family in Dallas, Dallas County. He retired back to Paris in his latter years, living alone in a small house on the edge of town. William and Serelda had spent around 20 years of their lives in ministry and by 1900-1905 it was beginning to take its toll. William's obituary states he "asked to be located" and became a salesman for the Tennison Saddlery Company of Dallas. It is not known exaxtly what year this occurred but it had to be between June 6, 1900 and February 2, 1905. It is interesting to note that William and Serelda had a financial investment in a saddle shop in Ladonia. At some point family tradition holds William also ministered at Blossom as well but I don't have the details of that. William bought property in Paris, Lamar County, Texas on April 15, 1900. It was located on Woodlawn Avenue, just around the cornor from the home of Ida May Owens Rogers, which was located on SW High Street. It is not known how long William worked as a saddle salesman, but this new career was cut short by his sudden death on February 2, 1905. The cause of death was listed as "apoplexy", likely a stroke. William Jackson Owens was laid to rest at the Evergreen Cemetery of Paris, Lamar County, Texas [Location: 15-31-01] At the time of William's death in 1905 Allen Clifford was working as a principal in Petty, Texas and likely resided there with his wife, Idella Catherine. Ida May and Effie Helen both still lived in Paris with their husbands. Serelda used her sewing skills to help support herself after William's death. We find her living in the Woodlawn house in the 1910 census as a "Dressmaker". One presumes that the children helped support her. She also managed to obtain William's Civil War pension. Ida May Owens Rogers and Effie Helen Owens Peters continued working as homemakers to raise their families. They are found in the 1910 census still in Paris. Allen Clifford Owens, However, had moved from Petty to Dallas, Dallas County, Texas. He and Idella are found there, with their children. He is working as a teacher, likely at the Bryan Street High School. Serelda lived for about 14 more years after William's death. She died June 16, 1919 at the home of Ida May Owens Rogers and was laid to rest in the Evergreen Cemetery, Paris, Lamar County, Texas, next to her husband. [Location 15-31-02]. At that time Effie Helen was living in Shreveport, Louisiana with her family and Allen Clifford was still in Dallas. The house that William and Serelda lived in Paris, Texas is now gone. Ida May Owens Rogers had purchased her siblings interest in the house and had rented it out. It was even used as a "guest house" for visiting family at times. It stayed in the Rogers family until February of 1946 when Ida May's children sold it. Ida May Owens Rogers, Effie Helen Owens Peters and Allen Clifford Owens all made their mark on this world and pssed on. Ida May rests next to her husband, and Allen Clifford lies in an unmarked grave beside his parents, in the Evergreen Cemetery in Paris, Fannin County, Texas. Effie Helen Peters was laid to rest in Kilgore Texas. However, the legacy of these three Owens children and of their parents, Wiliam Jackson Owens and Serelda Lewis Owens lives on through their descendants.


Petty Texas Newspaper:

William J Owens, aged 57, a resident of Paris for twenty years, died suddenly Monday night. He had been unwell for a month, but it was not thought that he was in a serious condition. Mr. Owens was formerly a Methodist Minister, but he was located at this request and went on the road for the Tennison Saddlery Co., of Dallas. He leaves a wife and three children-Prof. A. c. Owens, of Petty, and Mesdames L. K. Peters and Geo. N. Rodgers of Paris."

This tells us that in 1905 Allen Clifford Owens resided in Petty and that he was likely teaching at that point. Effie Helen Owens Peters resided in Paris as did Ida May Owens Rogers.

OBITUARY April 14, 1905 issue of a Seymour, Indiana newspaper we find the following:

"Wm. J. Owen is dead at his home in Paris, Texas. He was a brother of Mrs. Andrew Keith [Martha Ellen Owens Keith] of East Brown Street, this city, and was born and reared in this county [Jackson, Indiana], which he left 21 years ago[1884-incorrect was already in Texas per 1880 census]. He was 57 years of age, and was formerly a minister of the Methodist church, but had recently been a traveling salesman. He leaves a wife and three children, Prof. A. C. Owens, principal ofa school in Texas, and Mrs. Geo. N. Rodger and Mrs. L. K, Peters, both of Paris ,Texas."

This tells us that Allen Clifford was not only a teacher, but a principal of a school in Petty. It also identifies Martha Ellen Owens had married Andrew Keith.

Info on the Owens is from Jonathan Loppow's site. Thank you for all of this: It is so neat to have this.

William J. Owens homesteading record:

Homestead Application Number 5194, January 18,1870 at the land office at Junction City, Kansas for 160 acres in Republic County, Kansas. He settled on the land 20 February 1870.

Built a wood house 12 feet by 16 feet in size, with a board floor and shingle roof. It had one door and two windows. They lived in that house beginning Feb. 28, 1870 to April 1873.

Children of William J Owens and Serelda Lewis are:

1. Harriet Rice Owens b. 27 Mar 1868 IN d. 27 Sept 1871 KS

2. Sarah Alice Owens b. 29 Jun 1870 KS d. 20 Apr 1900 Ladonia, Texas, buried Oddfellows Cemetery married J. H. Wilder 19 Dec 1893

3. Ida May Owens b. 19 Feb 1872 d. 1942 Buried Evergreen Cemetery, Paris, Lamar Co, TX married George Newton Rogers 15 Mar 1889

Ida May Owens was born at Greenleaf, Washington Co, KS [likely at the home of Serelda's brother Eli Lewis who lived there].

George Newton Rogers was born August 20, 1865 at Honey Grove, Fannin Co, Tx, died January 4, 1928, bureid Evergreen Cem., Paris, Lamar Co, Tx. He was the son of James Rufus Rogers/Rodgers and Mary Melissa Davis. James Rufus Rogers was likely the son of John Rogers....found in the 1850 Census of Denton County Texas. It is likely this John Rogers came from Jackson Co, Tenn. and is somehow related to the Ralph Rogers clan that came from that area. There is no proof of this as of yet but there was a high concentration of people from Jackson County, Tennessee in that area; as well as a large concentration of Rogers' from there.

Ida May and George Newton Rogers lived at different places in Fannin County, notably first at Ladonia[where the first child William Carl was born in 1890] and Honey Grove, Texas. They eventually settled in Paris, Lamar County, Texas, around 1900, where they had built two different homes on what is now 8th street. One was a one story, replaced by a two story house. The house still stand on 8th Street in Paris, though in poor condition. The second story was set up like a dormitory in order to accomadate the many children. George Newton Rogers was a salesman, of good ruputation. He worked for the H. S. Bettes Hardware Company, Paris for 8 years and 21 years for Texas-Moline Farm Equipment Company. After his death Id May did the best she could to raise her remaining children. It is said she ruled the house with a velvet glove over an iron fist:] She was a small woman but was a dynamo apparently. She passed on to her children a love of music and education. I think she may have been a teacher in her youth. [She and her sisters had gone to Hockaday's School for Young Ladies.]

Children are:

1. William Carl Rogers b. 2 Jan 1890 Ladonia, Tx d. 4 Apr 1957 El Dorado, KS m. Mary Little and Evangel Meade

2. Alice Ione Rogers b. 30 Aug 1891 Blossom, TX d. 21 Jan 1967 New Boston, TX m. Homer Russell 22 Jun 1916 in home of Ida May and George Newton

3. George Owens Rogers [known as Owens or Bo] b. 5 Jun 1894 McKinney, Tx d. 2 Apr 1972 Denver, Col. m. Clara Campbell

4. Averly Wesley Rogers b. Apr 1895 Honey Grove, TX d. 27 Aug 1974 Manilla, Ark. m. Marie Jacqueline DeGraffenried and Maudie Drye

5. Mae Rogers b. 28 May 1898, Paris, Tx d. 3 Dec 1987 m. Dr. Rogers and Bruce Horton Smith

6. Hazel Ruth Rogers b. 1 Apr 1900 Paris, TX d. July 1990 Amarillo, TX m. Robert L. Combs

7. Effie Helen Rogers b. 15 Dec 1902 Paris, Tx d. Nov 24, 1981 Paris, TX m. C.L. Frazier and Garst Cullum "Doc" Maneely

8. Doris Rogers b. 16 jan 1906 Paris, TX d. 17 Mar 1988 m. H.G. Shedlebar lived in Las Vegas, Nevada [he drowned in Lake Meade] and Albert Harris 21 Aug 1929 lived in Shreveport and Lycurgus "Curgie" Fabian lived Amarillo

9. Isabel Rogers b. 19 Jul 1912 Paris, TX d. 19 Apr 1956 never married. Downs Syndrome Child Cared for by Mae Rogers Smith after death of Ida May. Eventually placed in Terrel County Mental Hospital where she died.

4. Allen Clifford Owens b. 5 Apr 1874 Marion Twp, Jennings co, IN d. 9 May 1961 buried Evergreen Cem. Paris, TX in unmarked grave by his parents. married Idella Catherine

Children are:

1. Ivan Eskew Owens b. 4 Aug 1901 d. 23 Mar 1974

Had a son Garry Owens and a daughter. 1930 El Paso, TX ED 71076 Sheet 23 B

Owens, Ivan e. Corporal 28 F-IN M-TX

Fort Bliss, El Paso, TX

In 7th Calvary US Army. Their motto, battle cry, and song was the "Garry Owens". Ivan named one of his children after this motto.

Ivan Eskew owens was transferred to Junction City, Kansas in 1941, where he and his family stayed for several years before being transferred to F. Bliss, El Paso, TX Ivan E. Owens was transferred to Camp Bowie, Brownwood, TX in 1946. Garry Owens grew up there, just a few miles from the "Hill Country" where Alice Lurline Peters Roddy, the daugher of Effie Helen Owens Peters, lived. Garry's sister has lived in New Braunfels since 1953.

Relations between Ivan E. Owens and brother Lewis C Owens were strained, as was the relationship with their father Allen Clifford... When Garry Owens was quite young they visited Allen Clifford Owens at his home in Paris, the only time Garry ever knew of the two of them communicating, except a time when Allen Clifford visited his son Ivan at Brownwood, while Garry was away in the navy. It did not go well and Allen Clifford left abruptly. Ivan's sister, Katherine Owens Lackhart passed away at a retirement home in Waco. Her sister, Loree Owens Hill, still lives, but apparently does not know anyone anymore.

2. Lewis Clifford Owens b. 10 Jan 1906 d. 25 Dec 1986 Ellis Co, m. Elizabeth Lera Sanders

1930 Census ED 57-72 Sheet 38 A Stamped 91 Dallas, Dallas TX

Owens, Lewis, C. 25 TX F-IN M-TX

E. Lera 20

Doris M. 2 10/12 [Doris May Owens b. 6 May 1927]

Had a daughter named Kay as well [source obit of A.C. Owens] There is a record of a Lewis Clifforn Owens and a Paula Kendrick having a Paula Kay Owens on Sept. 13, 1947 in Dallas.

3. Relda T. owens b. Tx

4. Katherine Owens b. TX

Allen Clifford Owens worked as farm hand laborer in 1900 Kaufman Co, TX a principal in Petty, TX in 1905, a school teacher in 1910, bookkeeper in 1920, security guard in 1930. He was either divorced or a widower by 1930.


Paris News, Wednesday, May 10, 1961

"Allen c. Owens

Graveside rites for Alen Clifforn Owens, 87, who lived at 55 Porter Street, here, were held Tuesday in Evergreen Cemetery by the Rev. Geng Burgess of Immanuel Baptist, where Mr. Owens was a member. Mr. Owens, former teacher of Lamar County and at the present Bryan Street High School in Dallas, died Sunday in a hospital at Grand Saline. he was born in Cana, Indiana in 1874, son of the late Rev. W.J. and Serelda Owens. He leaves these children:

L.C. Owens, Dallas

Ivan owens, Emory,

Mrs. John Lockhart, Texico, N.M. [likely Katherine]

18 other descendents, and a sister, Mrs. L. K. Peters, Kilgore.

He was an uncle of Mrs. Mae Rogers Smith, 509 8th Street SE here.[ed note-this is my great aunt, she raised my mother Ida Marie Rogers...this is the house built by George Newton and Ida May early 1900]. Here for the services were Mr. and Mrs. H.H.Russell, New Boston [this is Ione Rogers, daugher of Ida May Owens, Clifford's sister and of course niece to Allen Clifford] Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Owens and daughter Kay, Dallas; Mrs. John Lockhart and Mrs. Loree Hill Texico, N.M.;

His latter years were spent on Porter Street, in a very small house on the edge of Paris, Texas. It had a wood stove for heat, a cot, and rocker. He lived alone. The family remembers he loved to talk, quoted the Bible a lot [probably due to William Jackson's influence] and smoked a pipe. He was often at the house of his sister Ida May Owens Rogers. He was very poor in his later years. There was a deal of fighting over the settlement of Serelda Lewis Owens house, which was just around the corner from Ida May Owens Rogers. Clifford sued Ida May to make her sell. She hought his share out and her sister Effie's share as well. The house wasn't sold till the late 40's by the Rogers children.

5. Effie Helen Owens b. 22 Jul 1878 TX m. Lemuel K. Peters 26 Apr 1889 New Boston, Tx lived Paris, TX Shreveport, LA, then Kilgore TX descendants live in San Antonio, have a guest ranch "Roddy" Have Serelda Lewis Bible.

Children are:

1. Lemuel Peters Jr b. 6 Mar 1905 Paris, TX d. 16 Jun 1944 Camp Swift, LA m. Opal Gibbs Broadnax Aug 6, 1929 Shreveport, LA

2. Jame J Peters b. 19 Aug 1915 Paris, TX

3. William McMillan Peters b. 10 Jun 1917 Shreveport, LA

Alice Lurline Peters inherited the Serelda Lewis Owens family Bible that had been given to Serelda by her father Daniel Lewis. Images of this are online at: Http:// she married Rhea G. Roddy.

Helen Peters married Gambrell and had: Gretchen Gambrell, she married Keith Ashbury

"The Hill Country has been part of my life for many years. Starting in the 1930's my grandparents Allie and Rhea Roddy and my mother helen spent summers, holidays, and weekends here. As I was growing up, my own family came here summers and every chance we got. Later on, Rhea and Allie had a place down the road everybody called the Roddy Tree where they welcomed family and friends. Today in honor of two wonderful people who first introduced us to a tradition of hospitality and love for the Texas Hill County, my parents and Keith and I continue this love affair at Roddy Tree Ranch."

Gretchen Gambrell Asbury

5. Silas owens b. 14 Jan 1880 died 14 Jan 1880 Tx

6. John H. Boyet Owens b. 16 jun 1882 d. 17 Oct 1882 TX

11. Ensaba b. ca 1851

12. Ensema Emma b. ca 1853

13. Willis A. Owens b. ca 1855

Heirs listed in land records:

Rachel Gillaspy [Rachel Owens]

Elizabeth Wanman/Warman [Elizabeth Owens] and her husband James.

Charles W. Owens

Williamd J. Owens

Martha Keith [Martha Owens] and husband Andrew

Minor Heirs:

Willis A. Owens

Ensaba C. Owens

Emma Owens

James A. Fowler [son f Sarah A. Owens Fowler]

Willis C Fowler [son of Sarah A. Owens Fowler, she must have died prior to Oct 1869]. 10. Minerva Manurvy Lewis b. 17 May 1852 Jennings Co, IN d. 31 Mar 1853 Jennings Co, IN

11. Stillborn Lewis 23 Aug 1854

12. Stillborn Lewis 23 Jul 1855

Children by Frances Keith are:

1. Ralph Lewis b. 24 Feb 1857 Jennings Co, IN d. 11 May 1857

2. Ida May Lewis b. 20 May 1858 Cana, Jennings Co, IN d. 28 Oct 1914

3. James William Lewis b. 10 Jan 1860 Cana, Jennings Co, IN d. 6 Jan 1943 Crothersville, Jackson Co, IN

4. Stillborn Lewis 28 May 1861 Cana, Jennings Co, IN

5. Permitus Parmetta Lewis b. 19 Apr 1862 Cana, Jennings Co, IN married Mahlon Dave Curlock 30 Nov 1881 Cana, Jennings Co, IN

6. Stillborn Lewis 2 Nov 1863 Cana, Jennings Co, IN

7. Alonzo Orville Lewis b. 27 Nov 1864 Jennings Co, IN d. 1950 FL

8. Corsetta Lewis b.& d. 1868 Cana, Jennings Co, IN

9. Artemus Ward Lewis b. 16 Apr 1869 Jennings Co, IN d. 25 Mar 1955 Pontiac, ILL m. [1] Gerty Morrison [2] Marietta Owen 2 Feb 1886 Cana, Jennings Co, IN

10. Loretta Lewis b. 16 Apr 1869 Jennings Co, IN d. 25 Mar 1955 Pontiac, ILL

11. Waity Ellen Lewis b. 12 Sept 1870 Cana, Jennings Co, IN m. Fernando Winkler

27. WILLIAM [Barber] LEWIS [William, Zadock, Cornelius, Samuel, Lewis] b. 15 Nov 1816 d. 11 Aug 1892 m. Malinda Beltz 19 Mar 1835 Jennings Co, IN, He was a Baptist Minister in 1848

Children are:

1. Andrew Lewis b. 1836 died in infancy

2. Clarissa Lewis b. 1838 d. 1852 m. James W. Davis

3. Ezra Lewis b. 1840 d. 1852 age 12

4. Emma Lewis b. 1842 died as a young woman

5. Erasmus Lewis b. 1844 died young

6. Effa Lewis b. 1845 m. Noah Marling

7. Sarah Lewis b. 1849 m. Jospeh Polk

8. Seth Lewis b. 1851 m. Sarah Frances Bridges

9. Abigail Lewis b. 1853 m. Zacariah Marling

10. Noah W. Lewis b. 1855 d. 1867 m. C. C. Chandler

11. Lodema Lewis b. 1859 d. 15 Oct 1942 m. Christopher Chandler

12. Valentine Lewis she married A Shearer

Note: Mrs. Valentine Lewis Shearer, daughter of Rev. William B. Lewis wrote this family origins as passed down to her. "There were three brothers by the name of William B. Lewis, John I Lewis and George C. Lewis all sailed in a ship of his own from Holland in 1787 and landed at Boston, Mass., and there was a storm on the ocean the night before they landed the next day. The brother by the name of George C. Lewis got lost from the other two and they never knew if he ever got to land or if his ship sank." - Mrs. Valetine Shearer [daughter of Rev. William B. Lewis]

28. ELIZA LEWIS [William, Zadock, Cornelius, Samuel, Lewis] b. 1820 d. 1855 Jennings Co, IN m. RICHARD HUES KEITH 23 Nov 1842 Jennings Co, IN, son of Samuel Keith & Isabel Parks, He was b. 30 Dec 1823 Jennings Co, IN d. abt 1859. He also married Caterine Watson 17 May 1856 Cana, Jennings co, IN

Children are:

1. Sarah A. Keith b. 1844 IN

2. Levista M. Keith b. 1848 Jennings co, IN

3. Jane Keith b. 1848 Jennings co, IN

4. Mary A. Keith b. 1850 Jennings Co, IN

Child by Caterine Watson is:

1. Julian Clinton Keith b. 25 May 1857 IN d. 15 Oct 1929 Nowata County, OK buried 18 Oct 1929 Nowata Park Cem. m. Matilda "Tilda" Harriet Byfield 5 Jan 1882 Scott Co, IN, she was b. 5 April 1863 Scott Co, IN d. 22 Feb 1936 Scott Co, IN buried 23 Feb 1936 Nowata Memorial Park Cem., daughter of Albert Byfield b. abt 1833 IN & Delilah Grose b. abt 1835 OH

Children are:

1. Charles Theopolis Keith b. 11 Feb 1884 Ft. Scott, KS d. 11 Dec 1964 Barlesville, Washington Co, OK buried 14 Dec 1964 Memorial Park Cem. Tulsa, OK m. Rosa Mae Dillbeck 23 Dec 1906, daughter of Bernard Dillbeck b. 25 Mar 1838 KY & Martha Jane Kennedy b. 7 jul 1856 Marion, Ala. She was b. 26 Jan 1888 Seymour, MO d. 27 Dec 1978 buried on the 29, Memorial Park Cem. Tulsa, OK

Children are:

1. Alma Agnes Keith b. 12 Sep 1908 Washington Co, OK

2. Opal Alora Keith b. 8 Nov 1909 Barlesville, Washington Co, OK

3. Bernice Bernette Keith b. 9 Aug 1912 Barlesville, Washington Co, OK

4. Harold Leonard Keith b. 16 Feb 1917 Nowata, OK

5. Charles Clyde Keith b. 6 Dec 1920 Barlesville, Washington Co, OK

2. Franklin Julian Keith b. 1887 KS d. 1965 Nowata, OK buried Nowata Memorial Park m. Jessie Renfro b. 4 Dec 1886 OK d. 26 Apr 1963, daughter of James Rufus Monroe Renfroe b. 9 Feb 1848 OK d. 4 Jan 1907 m. Amanda "Amy" Ann Cox 23 Dec 1869 Wyandotte Co, KS, she was b. 7 Apr 1854 IA, James Was the son of John E. Renfroe b. 1825 GA & Martha Ann Daniel b. 1828 GA

Children are:

1. Clara Enda Keith b. 1909 OK

2. Hugh Keith b. 1912 OK

3. Post-em Display World Connect from Wanda Louiese Frazier 6-25-2004

Julian Clinton Keith was my grandfather, Mary Elizabeth Keith's father. I have his death certificate and some information you might be interested in. According to my records, Julian Clinton Keith and Matilda Harriet Byfield had 8 children. 1. Mary Elizabeth b. 3 Apr 1897 OK and died 23 Feb 1981 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She married my grandfather Elbert Mckinley Marney in Nowata Armstrong County. I have information on her and her offspring if your interested. I would love to hear from you. Wanda. If anyone is in this family her email is:

3. Clarence "Buck" Keith b. 1890 KS d. 1966 Nowata Co, OK buried Nowata Memorial Park m. Essa Estes May 21 May 1910 Nowata Co, OK, she was b. 1892 d. 1978

Child is:

1. Clarence Earl Keith b. 2 Oct 1910 Nowata Co, OK

4. Mary Elizabeth Keith b. 3 Apr 1897 Nowata Co, OK d. 23 Feb 1981 Oklahoma City, OK m. Elbert Mckinley Marney

5. James Alonzo Keith b. 1903 OK

29. JOHN M. LEWIS [William, Zadock, Cornelius, Samuel, Lewis] b. 25 Apr 1822 On the Ohio River, d. 24 Jun 1915 m. MARY JANE CORYELL 19 Jan 1843, daughter of Francis Coryell & Maria Gibson

Children are:

1. Maria Lewis b. 29 Oct 1843 d. 29 Sep 1851

2. Gilbert Lewis b. 1 Nov 1845 d. 27 jul 1863

3. Oscar Lewis b. 1 Jan 1848 d. 1929 m. Mary Jane Hoagland

4. Harriet Lewis b. 27 May 1850 d. 8 Oct 1851

5. Sarah Jane Lewis b. 17 Sep 1854 d. 3 Oct 1875 m. William Hoagland

6. George Lewis b. 5 Feb 1857 d. 1929 m. Arabelle Pierson

7. Louisa Belle Lewis b. 27 Mar 1860 Jennings Co, IN d. May 1945 Denver, Colorado m. James Clarence Morgan

8. Ralph Applewhite Lewis b. 5 Sep 1865 d. 30 Jul 1950 m. Minnie Deputy

32. MARY JANE LEWIS [Timothy b, William, Zadock, Cornelius, Samuel, Lewis] b. 15 Mar 1848 Jennings Co, IN d. 21 Dec 1877 Jennings Co, IN buried Coffee Creek Baptist Church Cem. [from Kevin Stilley, g-grandson] m. THOMAS JEFFERSON MURPHY 29 Jan 1863 Jennings Co, IN son of Daniel Murphy & Nancy Baker, he was b. 15 Oct 1844 Jennings Co, IN d. 10 Feb 1922 Siloam Springs, Benton Co, Arkansas

Children are:

1. Elnora Elizabeth Murphy b. 1864 IN d. Aug 1870 Grant Twp, Riley Co, KS, died of Chronic Diarrhea

2. Cora Murphy b. 1867

3. Minetta E. "Minnie" Murphy b. Feb 1870 Grant Twp, Riley Co, KS d. 1948 Clay Co, KS m. John Spencer Carpenter 30 Mar 1884 Stockdale, Riley Co, KS

4. Timothy Thomas Murphy b. 27 Jan 1871 Grant Twp, Riley Co, KS d. 3 Oct 1933 Stockdale, Riley Co, KS m. Katie May Dobson b. 18 Oct 1880 Peculiar, Cass Co, MO d. 15 Jul 1953 Stockdale, Riley Co, KS Both buried 6 Oct 1933 Mill Creek Cem.

5. Nancy M. Murphy b. 28 Feb 1873 Grant Twp, Riley Co, KS d. 27 Nov 1885 Grant Twp. buried Mill Creek Cem. died of Typhoid

6. Samuel Hall Murphy b. 16 Sep 1875 Grant Twp, Riley Co, KS d. 8 Dec 1942 Manhattan, Riley Co, KS m. Ida Adelia Brandige 1899, buried Mill Creek Cem.

7. Unknown Son Murphy b. 1877 Grant Twp, died 5 Jul 1878 Riley Co, KS buried Mill Creek Cem.

33. **SELENA ANN LEWIS [Timothy B., Wiliam Zadock, Cornelius, Samuel, Lewis] b. 6 Aug 1849 Jennings Co, IN d. 12 Mar 1927 Wamego, Pottawatomie, Kansas

[Today I received Selena's Death Certificate, March 14, 2005, Carrie Anderson, her daughter filled it out: Selena Ann Kimble [she died at home because the info for the hospital is empty], born 6 Aug 1849, age 78 yrears 7 months 6 days, a housewife, Husband William Kimble, born in Jennings, Indiana, Father's name Timothy Lewis no date for birth born Indiana Mother Mahala Lett no date of birth born in Georgya [Georgia] date of Death is 12 March 1828, doctor treated her from March 9 and saw her alive on March 12, 1928, and death occurred on the date stated above at 9 pm. The Cause of Death was Influenza and Bronchial pneumonia, physician was Burnet M.D. Place of Burial Wamego City Cemetery, undertaker J D Stewart and Louis on March 13, 1828, Registrar was K D Doyle [interesting]

m. [1] John James Robbins 27 Jul 1865 Riley Co, KS, son of Josiah S. Robbins [7 july 1795 NY] & Elizabeth Platt [30 jun 1805 NY] b. 14 Feb 1840 Ohio d. 9 Apr 1920 Harper, Harper, KS buried 11 Apr 1920 Attica Cemetery Plot #432[divorced] John James Robbins married second, 3 Dec 1882 in Ruella Twp, Harper, KS, Margaret Ann Moore b. 23 Aug 1859 PA d. 24 Dec 1924 Harper, Harper, KS,

Children are:

1. Maude Markelete Robbins b. 14 Dec 1882 Attica, Harper, KS d. 4 Nov 1926 Enid, Garfield, OK, buried 6 Nov 1926 Garber Cem, Garber, OK m. Elmer James Hicks 16 Jun 1902 Anthony, Harper, KS, he was b. 11 May 1879 Eagleville, Harrison Co, MO,

Children are:

1. Minnie Hicks b. 1903 Anthony, Harper, KS d. 1947 Garber, Garfield, OK m. William Horace Smith 31 May 1919 Anthony, Harper, KS, son of C.H. Smith, he was b. 1902

Children are;

1. Noma Smith

2. Elizabeth Smith b. 7 mar 1920 Attica, Harper, KS d. Enid, Garfield, OK m. [1] James Combs [2] Henery Nelson [3] Marion Kehmeier

2. Edith May Hicks b. 23 Sep 1905 Anthony, Harper, KS d. 23 Nov 1988 Enid, Garfield, OK m. Earl F. Connolly 24 Nov 1926 Wellington, Sumner Co, KS he was b. 3 Nov 1899 Waukomis, Oklahoma Territoy, d. Enid, Garfield, OK

Child is:

1. Jimmy Dean Connolly m. Alice Herber

3. Thelma Hicks b. 1907 Anthony, Harper, KS d. Oct 1926 Garber, Garfield, OK m. Eldon Marion Gregg, son of John Gregg & Mary Miller, he was born 5 May 1907 Garber, Garfield, OK d. 16 feb 1974 Tijuana, Mexico

Children are:

1. O.D. Gregg b. 20 Feb 1923 Garber, Garfield, OK m. Bobbie Estelle Keith 17 Jul 1946 born 29 Oct 1927

2. Veda Lou Gregg b. 22 Apr 1925 Garber, Garfield, OK d. 25 Aug 1990 Enid, Garfield, OK m. John Marvin Freese 27 May 1944 Garber, OK he was born 17 Jan 1927

4. Infant Hicks 1908 died 1910

5. Imogene Loraine Hicks b. 12 Mar 1909 Fairview, Major Co, OK d. 16 sep 1988 Enid, Garfield, OK buried Memorial Park Cem Sec 1, Lot 172, Garfield, OK m. [1] Thomas Jewel Jones 24 Nov 1926 Wellington, Sumner, KS, son of Presely Jones & Nora Stubblefield, He was born 22 Dec 1906 Abbott Hill, TX d. 2 Nov 1974 Enid, Garfield, OK buried Garber Cem. [2] Emmet Lawrence Nixon 17 Nov 1951 Reno, Washoe, NV he was b. 15 Apr 1891 Macon Co, MO d. 13 Feb 1976 Enid, Garfield, OK

Children are:

1. Thomas Blanton Jones b. 24 Dec 1937 Garber, Garfield, OK m. Joan Maxine Foster 8 Apr 1968 Reno, Washoe, NV

2. Betty Jewell Jones b. 4 Nov 1927 Garber, Garfield, OK m. [1] Herbert Leon Walters b. 12 May 1928 d. 4 Jul 1985 Oklahoma City, OK [2] Ralph E. Otley 23 July 1947 Oklahoma City, OK

3. Delores Jean Jones

4. Mildred Hazel Jones

5. Billie June Jones

6. Bobby Dean Jones

2. Emma J. Robbins b. Nov 1884 Attica, Harper, KS m. Henry J. puls b. 1879 ILL

3. Charles B. Robbins b. Oct 1886 Attica, Harper, KS m. May abt 1914

Child is:

1. Madaline Robbins

4. Clarence Robbins b. Nov 1888 Attica, Harper, KS d. 17 Apr 1921 Albuquerque, Bernalillo Co, New Mexico m. Bernice

Children are:

1. Mary Frances Robbins

2. Marguerite Robbins

5. Jennie Robbins b. Mar 1890 Attica, Harper, KS m. Erwin L Crocker 3 Nov 1909 Anthony, Harper, KS, he was b. 1886 Anthony, KS

Child is:

1. Mildren Crocker

Child is:

1. Randy Robbins

Source Thomas B. Jones [2] **William Bovard Bonstein, son of John Bonstein & Mary Jane Bovard, b. 21 Mar 1851 West Pittston, Luzerene Co, Pa d. 19 Mar 1896 Stockdale, Riley Co, KS buried Mill Creek Cem, died of pnemonia [5] Edwards [this is only because of a letter she received in the name of Edwards, so this is not known if she really married an Edward] [4]. Henry Beck 26 Nov 1896 KS [6]William "Bill" Kimbal[Kimble], she is buried under the name of Kimbal, I do have a picture of him.


The preceeding story does not align with the account by John M. Lewis however it is likely a story which got altered but was largely true. In this case the date of arrival could not be 1787 and one of the 3 brothers would have to be Zadoc not our William. The story, however, is corroborated by SELENA ANN LEWIS EDWARDS, daughter of Daniel's brother TIMOTHY B. LEWIS [and MAHALA LETT] she wrote: "The story of the first William Lewis to arrive in America was [he was a very rich man]. His father's ships were trading in all the ports that those ships could go. They brought lots of things -silks and other articles in different ports of the world and then they traded for furs witht he indians then they sold the fur. They liked the colonies of the New World. So finally the sons of the old merchant came in from his ships with his gold. They bought about half of utchess [Dutchess?] County. They came from Holland with their wives and children, but there were more children born in York State. When the Revolutionary War came on, William and his brother must have enlisted. Seems to us that hey spoke of another ship with another brother was [sic' lost"-Selena Ann Lewis Edwards, daughter of Timothy B. Lewis. [my great-grandmother]

Although the stories doe not align from John M. Lewis and Selena Ann Lewis, Robins, Bonstein, Kimball, Edwards, in detail we can still safely assume that the Lewis family originates from Holland and they immigrated to Mass., then to New York State. Herschel continues the story for "William Lewis came to Jennings Co, Indiana in 1822. He came from Seneca County, New York where he lived for a time on the shore of Seneca Lake. We have assumed that he was born and raised at Marlboro, New York, on the Lower Hudson River. There is documentation that Zadoc Lewis and his brothers lived at Marlboro and no evidence that they left there. How William got from Ulster County to Seneca County has to be speculative. It was an age of canal building and since William Lewis was known to have been a skilled stonemason we are inclined to think that he was connected with canal building. At any rate somehow around 1810 when he was 28 or 29 he married Mrs. Sarah Miller [Butler]. She was a widow with two boys and may have been slightly older than William. We know almost nothing of the family of Sarah. [Other than that she was of Irish descent.] According to Mrs. Osterman [Mary Lewis] Sarah was a redhead and very well educated for a woman of that time. Supposedly she taught her children, and atleast some of the children of the community how to read and write. Some of the family claimed, and the source was probably John M. Lewis [son of William, brother to Daniel] that Sarah told of her Father or perhaps her grandfather, being a graduate of Cambridge Univeristy in England. William was a planner and helped to build the first school in their community. Speculation is that Sarah was the instigator of the school and probably the first teacher. William was a veteran of the War of 1812 and as a result of his service was entitled to a land grant. The land available at that time was in Indiana. Perhaps William applied for a warrant before he left New York or perhaps he merely expected to apply for his warrant when he arrived in Indiana. In any case, William and his family left Seneca, New York, in the fall of 1821, likely in covered wagon pulled by oxen. They traveled overland some 150 miles to the Allegany River where William either paid for boat transportation or built a raft and then floated down stream to Pittsburgh, Penn. The Allegany joined the Monogahela at Pittsburgh for from the Ohio River. Some time wa spent in Pittsburgh building a more elaborate raft for the trip down the Ohio. Imagine such an undertaking it was not an endeavor for the faint of heart. William has a wife who was 8 mos pregnant and children ages 1,2,5,7,8,10. Timothy was the 2 year old and my great-grandfather [Daniel] was 8. The trip was completed and the raft tied up a few miles below Madison, Indiana on April 25, 1822. John M. Lewis [the yuoungest child of William and Sarah Lewis] was born on the raft. John M. Lewis wa to become a farmer, Lawyer, and an engineer. He built the first bridge across the Muscatatuk River on the road that was to become US 31. John M. Lewis lived to be 93 [John was a prominent citizen of Syemour, Indiana]. William never did get any government land. He had lost his discharge, he claimed that the paymaster did his discharge before giving him his final Army pay. He tried several times to re-establish his credentials but was unsuccessful. The British, of course, had burned Washington, perhaps because of this the War of 1812 was very poorly documented. William finally bought 100 acres along what was then known as Graham Creek, now, called the South Branch of the Muscatatuk River. Up the rutted road apiece from where William had built his cabin lived Samuel A. Keith and his wife Isabell, known as "Libby". Sam was about the same age as William and had come up to Jennings County from Bourbon County, Kentucky. The Keiths had a large brood of children and their ages were remarkably matched to the Lewis children. This resulted in a rather unique entwining of the Lewis and Keith children. William's oldest daughter NANCY JANE LEWIS married MASON PARKS KEITH, his youngest daughter ELIZA LEWIS married RICHARD HUES KEITH and my great grandfather married HARRIET KEITH [and her cousin Francis Keith]. All these marriages resulted in offspring so there were three sets of double cousins. Also, Harriet's younger sister SALLEY JANE KEITH found herself a widow at the age of 21 [husband was Orrin I. Carpenter] and she married DANIEL R LEWIS, a 50 year old widower and brother of William.

Selena Lewis Kimble resided at 503 Spruce Street, Wamego, Kansas

Children by Selena and John Robbins are:

1. Thomas Robbins b. 1867 Kansas settled in Eagle, Idaho.

2. Carrie Robbins b. 1868 KS m. John A. Anderson b. 1866 MO. [Carrie kept my Uncle Carl for a few years till he got on his own.]

Children are:

1. Alpha Anderson she married a Ledgerwood

2. Nettie Anderson married a Ford

3. Jesse Anderson she married a McGinnis

4. Virgie Anderson She married a Kastendieck

5. Della Anderson m. a Rambo

6. Lafe Anderson

7. John Anderson

3. Laura Ella Robbins b. 1870 KS m. a Strader

Child is:

1. Unknown Strader

4. Melvin Robbins b. 1875 KS died in Bristow, OK [He owned a pool hall. It is said he shot himself, his wife settled somewhere in Nebraska and they had a daughter whose last name was Brown and lived somewhere in Denver, Colorado.}

Children by Selena and William Bonstein are:

1. Infant Bonstein died in Stockdale, KS buried Mill Creek Cem.

2. Iva Bonstein died in Stockdale, KS buried Mill Creek Cem.

3. **WILLIAM BOVARD BONSTEIN b. 1880 Stockdale, Riley Co, Ks d. Oct 1911 Webb City, Jasper Co, MO m. 12 Jul 1909 Jasper Co, MO, Theodora Marie "Dora" Charboneau, daughter of Charles Louis "Leo" Charboneau & Sarah Jackson, she was b. 20 Jun 1888 Richwoods, Washington Co, MO d. 1 Mar 1916 Webb City, Jasper Co, MO, buried 3 Mar 1916 Wild Rose Cemetery, Old part of Webb City Cemetery, buried in same plot as Marvin Bigley and Infant Bigley, child of C. W. Bigley, [this was verified by the Webb City City Hall on Monday, March 18, 2002 to Nelda Bonstein Cox] she married second, Carl W. Bigley

Name could be Theodosia Marie Charboneau, if this is her, Her and Carl had:

Joel Bigley

Lovella Bigley

Lillis Lorena Bigley

Carl Bigley filled out the death certificate: She died of Pulmonary, caused by TB

He was b. 18 Jan 1886 St Clair County, MO d. 10 Apr 1967 Pitcher, OK, son of Andrew Jackson Bigley & Susan Belle Blanton, Ann Wideman sent me a copy of a picture with Dora and Carl's family, she has a new baby in the picture, I wonder if this is the infant she is buried beside?

Children by William Bonstein are:

1. Karl Marx Bonstein m Gayle Maurene Richards 1941, daughter of George Richards & Agnes Lolly, she was born 21 Sep 1916 Wamego, KS d. 8 Jan 1991 Milwauki. Oregon, buried Willamette National Cem Plot D O 1728

Children are:

1. Lo Ann Bonstein [living]

2. Lana Kay Bonstein b. 1944 d. May 1997 Oregon, buried Williamette Cem. m. Trotty Broy Schaver, after the divorce she went back to her maiden name of Bonstein. [ I had the blessing of meeting Lana when her and Uncle Karl came to visit me in 1992, she was such a joy and so was he, they were so much fun and just great people]

Child is:

1. Kimberly Schaver b. 1964

3. William Ray Bonstein [Living]

4. Karla Jean Bonstein [Living]

2. *WILLIAM BOVARD BONSTEIN b. 13 Dec 1911 Webb City, MO Baptized 15 Jam 1922 St Stpehens, Richwoods, MO, d. 18 July 1993 Covina, Los Angeles Co, Calif. buried Forest Lawn Cemtery Covina Hills, Calif. [ my father]He Was in WWII 1942-1945 Discharged as a Sargent, [I have this] The rest of the file got burned up in a fire in the place they were and are kept in Missouri] He married Loretta Mary Murdick 1 May 1932 Richwoods, MO, daughter of Ems Barr Murdick & Cora Lulu Rose, She was born 14 Aug 1914 Richwoods, MO d. 13 Aug 1981, Buried at Memory Gardens Memorial Park, Brea, Los Angeles Co, Calif. 455 W Central, it is not known if she committed suicide or not, her death certificate has two pages, and suicide was suspected, but it was never determined for sure: [I have death certificate] [2]Not Married: Naomi Patricia LaVerne Deaton, [her mother's maiden name is Brown]she was born 15 Nov 1915 mO d. 10 Jul 1994 Stanislaus Co, Calif. [3]Augusta Madora Cushman, she was born in Dellirude, Col. d. 4 Dec 1989 Wood Co, TX [4] Alberta Figueroa [5] Bernice Nyda Kirk 1937 Washoe, NV, daughter of Ernest Kirk & Fanny Martin, she was born 22 Nov 1910 Neosho, Newton Co, MO d. 2 May 1996 Covina, Los Angeles Co, Calif. buried beside Bill at Forest Lawn, Covina Hills: She died of Myocardial Infraction due to Coronary Artery Disease.[6] Sibyl Rae Payne 6 June 1941 Carson City, Clark Co, NV, daughter of Joseph Sanford Payne & Mary Jennie Allen, she is still living, if you would like info on her I will ask her if it is ok. She is my mother. [7] Melvrie Elizabeth Davis [Bonnie] 7 Jan 1944 Hattisburg, Miss. daughter of John Davis & Pearlie Jones, she is still Living [and a very precious person also, just like my mother]

Note: Bill married Loretta Murdick 1 May 1932; 2 May 1932 license: [in my possession] Both were under age; Bill had to get the consent of his Guardian Judge T. H. Pierce and she had to get consent of her father Ems Barr Murdick, which they did. They wer married by Probate Judge Samuel Richeson, JP at Potosi, Washington Co, MO. The entry is omitted from the hand written bride index. [Nelda Percival found this on google search engine, which I followed up and got the license.

Email for Loretta Mary Murdick: From Betty King, Loretta's Niece, 26 Mar 2001


My mom came over and I read your emails to her. She is 75 and pretty forgetful now, but she tried to recall all she could about Aunt Loretta and Billy. She said they were married in Washington County, and probably divorced in Washington County, also. If not it may have been Franklin Co. You may be able to get those records from Jefferson City, MO. I know the local Historian in our area and I will talk to her as soon as I can and see if she can find anything at our Court House. She said to Thank You for letting us know where Kenny's ashes were buried. Geri took them back to California with her and we never hear what happened after that. Mom said Billy was raised by a Judge Pierce in Richwoods, MO. Richwoods is a tiny spot on the map. All they have is a Post Office and a samll store. There was a tavern but one of the local thugs sort of destroyed it about a month ago and I doubt it will ever be open again. I work at the Senior Center here in Potosi and I deliver meals in the Richwood area 3 times a week. I will talk to the local Seniors and see what else I can find out. Mom said as best she can recall Billys parents were dead and so he was raised by Judge Pierce. She doesn't know who they were really. I wish you could talk to my g-uncle Claude. he lives in St Clair, MO. I have a friend out at Richwoods who was best freinds with Kenny when they were young. I have heard some stories about them. Kenny was married to a Shirley? in St. Clair, MO. They had 3 children. There is Gwendalyn, Butch and Kevin. Gwen did live in Union, MO. Butch lived in Illinois, but moved about 5-6 years ago, and I have no idea where he is. Kevin was not well with kidney disease and I have no idea where he is now. Kenny was in the Korean War, you may try to check them for records. Mom said you have atleast one other sister, who was born about he same time as Kenny. He was not married to this ladys mother though. Mom said that is the reason he and Aunt Loretta divorced. Aunt Loretta was never the same and drank alot after that. My Uncle Claude could tell you so much. I will try to get over to see him. Maybe next weekend, if at all possible. I really need to take mom over there too, as he is not well. I am sorry I can't really tell you anything else. I will keep talking to mom though and see if I can jar her memory. We did not go to Kenny's funeral. My grandmother was still alive and was not able to go and thusly my mom could not go either. It would have been along drive for us. My Uncle Bud went though and Uncle Claude also. They said it was like no other funeral they had ever been to. They had it on the River Bank by where he lived. Which was an appropriate place as Kenny loved it there. But everyone was drinking heavily and was rowdy. Guess I am glad I didn't go. He taught me how to play pool and he took me to my first dance and watched over me so no one would bother me. We lived in Mill City, Oregon at the time.........Until Later...........Betty.

Child by Bill and Loretta Murdick is:

1. Kenny G. Bonstein b. 2 Jan 1933 Richwoods, MO d. 4 July 1993 Gastanade River, Jefferson Co, MO m. Shirley Unknown in MO married second, Geraldine Valot, daughter of Merlin Valot & Bertha Clapper, she was b. 29 Sep 1922 Ohio d. 21 Jan 1995 Magalia, Butte Co, Calif. [Paradise]. She had first married Gilbert Orr and when he died she married then married Kenneth who took good care of her because she had cancer. She is buried beside Gilbert Orr and she had Kenny's ashes buried with her, the cemetery is somewhere in Covina, I have not found it yet. Gilbert Orr & Geri had two children: Gilbert Orr & Gayle Orr, they both live somewhere in California. Ken & Geri had no children together.

Note: From Merlin H Valot Jr 13 Jan 2001 BOV123

I believe it is quite probable that the Ken Bonstein who married my sister Gerry is your half-brother. I assumed that he was from Missouri however, he may have moved there and worked there at the time. I'm sure he had children who still live there but there are no listings for Bonstein in Missouri [white pages]. For whatever reason Ken always wanted to "go back to Missouri." He had a dream to get a place on the Gastonade River and, as mentioned, they did. It was extremely remote with only a few trailers along the bank. I visited them there 2 or 3 times. No one else was there during the week. Some came on the weekends. Gerry wasn't one for roughing it and I was surprised that she was happy there. I think she was content because Ken was so happy there. It's reasonable that Ken was born in 1933 as he was several years younger than Gerry. He was especially kind and attentive to her and they were obviously very happily married. I believe that they met in West Covina area. Ken appeared to have had a rather tough life and an unpleasant first marriage. He once told me he couldn't handle hard liquor and so always drank beer. He was fun to be with and I once shot pool with him and found that he was a real shark. I believe most of his life he worked in construction mainly as a laborer. Both he and Gerry smoked alot and Ken had difficulty breathing, maybe emphysema. Ken didn't sleep alot and usually got up early each morning and went fishing on the river. In July 1993, Gerry got up and when she came out of the trailer she found Ken lying on the ground. He apparently died suddenly of a heart attack. I believe he was cremated and both his and Gerry's ashes are buried along with Gerry's first husband Gilbert Orr, in a cemetery near West Covina. Gerry died in 1995 in a little town in Butte County called Paradise. We flew out to visit her just a few weeks before she died. She had had earlier bouts with cancer, radical mastectomies, but her will tolive and the attentiveness of Ken kept her going. Eventually the cancer came back and spread throughout her body. She was so happy to see us [my other sister and our spouses] and we all knew that she would not live much longer. If you can contact Young Gib and /or his wife Susie in Paradise they might be able to give you additional information. That is all I can think of for the moment. Good luck


I appreciate this so much...Thanks Bo.

Children by Shirley are:

1. Gwendalyn Bonstein

2. Butch Bonstein

3. Kevin Bonstein

Betty also said Kenny was raised by his grandparents until Ems Murdick died, then he was raised by his great-grandparents Murdick. He has a half brother named Chuck Micheal

Email from Betty King 3-22-2001


You will have to bare with me if you want official dates on things. I am afraid niether my mother or I remember dates well. Both Aunt Loretta and Kenny have passed away. Aunt Loretta remarried 2 times after she was married to Billy. She had Kenny by Billy and then later she gave birth to Charles [Chuck] Micheals. She later married a Mr. Trigg in California. She passed away about 20 years or so ago in California. Kenny passed through our lives off and on all my life. He passed away her in MO. about 5 years ago. Kenny has 2 children. I have met them and will probably see them again when my g-uncle passes away. He is A-loretta's last living sibling. She and Billy were divorced, but when my mother doesn't remember. She thought maybe here in MO. Mother says Billy had a wife here in MO at the same time that he was married to my g-aunt. He had another child, a daughter by this other woman, she drove to Aunt Loretta's and Billy house and delivered her daughter at about the same time aunt Loretta delivered Kenny. Doctor Murdick delivered both children, Loretta's grandfather.

Child by Naomi Deaton is:

1. LaVerne Mae Bonstein b. 2 Jan 1933 Richwoods, MO d. 20 Apr 1987 95307 Ceres, Stanislaus Co, Calif. buried 23 Apr 1987, Lakewood Memorial Park, Hughson, Calif. m. [1] Hamil Walton Huffstutter 11 Oct 1947 son of James Huffstutter and Lillie Clampitt, he was born 8 Sept 1922 Foraker, Osage Co, OK

Shje filed for her Social Security Application under name of LaVerne Huffstutter. She died under the name of Ragusa. Her Application says she was born 2 Jan 1930 [wrong] and was 22 when she filed in Modesto, Calif. 564-46-9364

Children by Hamil Huffstutter are:

1. Kathleen Faye Huffstutter b. 19 jun 1948 Marin Co, Calif. married a Jones,

2. Thomas Lee Huffstutter b. 16 Aug 1952 Stanislaus Co, Calif.

She married second Hamrick and had:

1. Mark Hamrick b. 11 Nov 1956 Stanislaus Co, Calif

2. Donna Lea Hamrick b. 9 May 1954 Stanislaus Co, Calif.

She married third, a Ragusa and is buried under that name:

Mark Hamrick, her son filled out her death certificate: He lived at 525 N. 5th Street, Patterson, Calif. 95363

She had breast cancer and ended up having a mastectomy on 18 Jan 1984. 3 years later it brought on a Cardiopulmonary Arrest.


LaVerne Mae Ragusa, 54, Ceres

DIED: Monday in Modesto

SERVICES: Funeral 11 a.m. Thursday at Franklin & Downs Ceres Chapel: Visitation 1 p.m. to 5.p.m. today and after 9 a.m. Thursday at the chapel.

Background: Native of Washington County, MO. Lived in Ceres 38 years. Line worker 10 years for United Foods. Member Teamsters Local 748.

Surviviors: Two sons, tom Huffstutter of San Bruno and Mark Hamrick of Patterson. Two daughters, Kathleen [Huffstutter] Jones and Donna Hamrick, both of Modesto. Parents: Robert and Naomi Begil of Modesto. Two sisters, Dorothy Maples of Modesto and robin Jamison of Ceres. Four grandchildren. Two great-grandchildren.

Transcribed by Judy Ewbank

This looks like it brings up more questions than answers!

From the CA Death Index

Begil, Naomi Patricia 11-15-1915 Mother: Brown Father Deaton MO d. Stanislaus 7-10-1994

Looked for obituary. Did not find.

Others listed in LaVerne's Obituary:

Tom Huffstutter now lived in Fremont, CA 510-713-9488

Mark Hamirck

kathleen Jones

Donna Hamrick

Dorothy Maples the 3 above from Modesto

Robert Begil [husband] Modesto 209-529-5887

Robin Jamison 503 Nazario CT, Nipomo CA [near Pismo Beach] 805-929-3649

Have a good time researching: Thanks Judy

Children by Augusta Madora Cushman are;

1. Elizabeth Ann Bonstein [living]

2. Sharon K Bonstein [living]

Children by Alberta Figueroa are:

1. Mary Ann Bonstein b. 25 Mar 1943 Compton, Los Angeles Co, Calif lived 1 hr 20 minutes, a twin

2. Sally Ann Bonstein b. 25 Mar 1943 Compton, Los Angeles Co, Calif. lived 20 minutes

Children by Bernice Nyda Kirk are:

1. Elaine Bovardia Bonstein [living]

2. Lorraine lydia Bonstein {living]

3. Nelda Lee Bonstein [Living]

Children by Sibyl Rae Payne are:

1. Billie Rae Bonstein [Living]

2. Nathan David Bonstein [living]

3. Tanya Lynn Bonstein [me] b. 5 Dec 1947 Upland, San Bernardino Co, Calif m. Stanley David Johnson 5 Oct 1964 City of Commerce, Baptist Church, Los Angeles Co, Calif. Son of Yale S. Johnson & Minerva Anderson, he was b. 19 Mar 1946 Maywood, Los Angeles Co, Calif, we have two sons

Children by Melvrie Davis are:

1. Billie "Faye" Bonstein [Living]

2. Betrisha Ann Bonstein [Living]

4. Evelyn Gladys Bonstein b. 20 Jan 1883 Stockdale, Riley Co, KS, d. 15 June 1967 Wamego, KS m. Oliver "Howard" Edwards 2 July 1902 Wamego, KS, he was b. 10 july 1879 d. Feb 1965 Wamego, KS

Eva was 5'3" tall with red hair

Children are:

1. Warren Bovard Edwards b. 4 Apr 1904 Wamego, KS d. May 1979 m. Violet M. Kirkpatrick, she was born 19 Oct 1905 KS d. 29 Jan 2000 Hutchinson, Reno, KS

Census 1930 Ellis, Hays, KS Warren, Violet, Kenneth, Katherine

SSN for Violet is: 513-52-5433 KS 1965

Children are:

1. William Warren Edwards b. 1927 Paradise, KS m. Joan Bond b. 1925

Children are;

1. Cynthia Sue Edwards b. 1954 Beloit, KS

2. Thomas Edwards b. 1959 Witchita, KS m. Valerie Lin Grenoygt b. 1964

2. Kenneth Lee Edwards b. 1929 Paradise, KS m. JoAnn Jansen b. 1931

Children are:

1. Craig Duane Edwards b. 1951 Hutchinson, KS m. Suzette Taranaria b. 1949

2. Jull Diane Edwards b. 1953 Topeka, KS m. William R. Weldprette b. 1956

3. Jeffry Lee Edwards b. 1959 Topeka, KS m. Sheryl Lynn Clark b. 1960

3. Katherine Dee Edwards b. 1929 Paradise, KS m. Earl Stanley Heathman

Children are:

1. Steven Lee Heathman b. 1958 Hutchinson, KS m. Laura Noble b. 1958

2. Keven Renee Heathman, b. 1956 Hutchinson, KS m. Dane Newman b. 1948

2. Olive Ann Edwards b. 10 Aug 1905 Wamego, KS d. 26 Mar 1989 Wamego, KS m. Delmar Herman Hofman, son of Herman Hofman & Rhoda, He was born 1907 KS d. 2 Apr 1997 Wamego, KS

SSN Olive is: 511-34-9990 SSN for Delmar is: 512-36-7856

Child is:

1. Lynne Adell Hofman b. 1937 Wamego,KS m. Melvin LaVerne Morton b. 1936

Children are:

1. Michael Melvin Morton b. 1957 Wamego, KS m. Cleion Whitebread

2. Mark Malcolm Morton b. 1960 Wamego, KS m. Julie Miller b. 1961

3. Michele Lynne Morton b. 1961 Wamego, KS m. Robert Mathew Gaught b. 1960

3. Olga Gwendolin Edwards b. 29 May 1907 Pottawatomie Co, KS, d. 16 july 1994 Wamego, KS m. [1] William J. Simmons, son of Alfred Simmons & Maggie A. He was born 14 Feb 1896 d. July 1966 miss. [2] John Simmer

SSN Olga is: 427-98-5883 William is: 425-10-2849

Child is:

1. Rayola Simmons b. 1926 Wamego, KS m. richard Gier b. 1926

Children are:

1. Rashelle Gier b. 1961 Arkansas City, Arkansas m. Roy Robbins b. 1960

2. Racienda Gier b. 1967

4. Opal Imogene Edwards b. 23 Nov 1910 Wabounsie Co, KS, d. Apr 1996 m. Jacob Severn Hecker, He was born 31 Mar 1899 d. Nov 1976

SSN Opal is: 509-34-1040 Jacob is: 513-20-6390

Children are:

1. Gerald Eugene Hecker b. 1932 Wamego, KS m. Karen Krees Anderson b. 1937

Children are:

1. Terese Kay Hecker b. 1958 Wamego, KS m. [1] Daivd Kevin Alexander b. 1954 [2] Stephen Linn Wilson b. 1950

2. Ann Louise Hecker b. 1959 m. Anatole A. Selivra b. 1954

3. Steven Mark Hecker b. 1960 m. Tula Agnes Shay b. 1962

4. Julie Lyn Hecker b. 1962

2. Ann Josephine Hecker b. 1933 Wamego, KS m. James Alfred Augustine b. 1929

Children are:

1. Roseanne Augustine b. 1956 m. Gerry Karpela b. 1953

2. Jennifer lynne Augustine b. 1957

3. Amy Jo Augustine b. 1961 m. Ronald Hietz b. 1955

4. Katherine Ann Augustine b. 1962 m. Gary Allen Benoit b. 1961

3. John Severn Hecker b. 1935 Wamego, KS d. 1963 m. Bernadette Hargan b. 1934.

4. Jacob Henry Hecker b. 1936 Wamego, KS m. Rose Marie McCaffrey b. 1934

Children are;

1. Susanne Marie Hecker b. 1960 m. Jerry Gene Ukena

2. Mark Allen Hecker b. 1961 m Dawn Roxanne Poff

3. Ruth Ellen Hecker b. 1962

4. Mathew John Hecker b. 1964

5. Paul Andrew Hecker b. 1965

6. Jeanne Angeline Hecker b. 1968

5. Mary Victoria Hecker b. 1938 Wamego, KS m. Jack Otto Akin b. 1934

Children are;

1. Anthony Lee Akin b. 1959 m. donna Brazzle

2. Margo Ann Akin b. 1961 m. [1] Rick Brazzle [2] Charles Holden b. 1958

6. Jean Ellen Hecker b. 1939 Wamego, KS m. Thomas Carl Dechairo b. 1937

Children are:

1. Timothy Clark Dechairo b. 1959

2. Thayer Cheriesse Dechairo b. 1961 m. Scott Travis

3. Nikki Dionne Dechairo b. 1970

7. Winifred Magdalena Hecker b. 1941 Wamego, KS m. Douglas Wayne Hall b. 1939

Children are:

1. Kelly Janine Hall b. 1967

2. Melinda Cheri Hall b. 1968

3. Jacki Ann Hall b. 1970

4. michelle Kathleen Hall b. 1971 5. John Franklin Edwards b. 1913 Wamego, KS d. 1918 Wamego, KS

6. Lewis Howard Edwards b. 21 Mar 1916 Wamego, KS, d. 5 Dec 1992 m. [1] Elizabeth Yasco b. 1918 d. 1974 [2] Mildred Frost

SSN. 465-07-9847

7. Thelma Eileen Edwards b. 27 Apr 1919 Wamego, KS, d. 30 Jul 1999 Aitkin, Minn m. Louis Pierce 9 Nov 1938 Goldendale, Washington, he was born 1915 d. 1986



Publication Date: August 18, 1999

Source: The Topeka Capital-Journal

Obituary: AITKIN, MINN--Eileen T. Pierce, 80, Aitkin, died [Friday ]July 30, 1999. at an Aitkin hospital, Mrs. Pierce had been a keypunch operator for the Atchinson, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway in Topeka, and she also had worked for the Great Northern Railway in St. Paul, Minn., for a short time. She later worked for the Turkey Plant, Telephone Co., and Aitkin County Courthouse in the 1950's and 1960's. And she and her husband operated the Hanging Kettle Resort on the east side of Hanging Kettle Lake in the 1960's. She was born April 27, 1919 at Wamego, Kans., the daughter of Oliver and Eva Bonstein Edwards. She attended the Wamego Schools. She moved to Aitkin in 1957. She married Louis J. Pierce on Nov 9, 1938, at Goldendale, Wash. He died in 1986. Mrs. Pierce also was preceeded in death by a great-grandchild. Survivors include two daughters, Virginia Nyberg, Aitkin, and Sharon Shultz, Blaine, Minn.: 12 grandchildren; 21 great-grandchildren; and one great-great-grandchild. Private services were held Aug. 7 in Aitkin.

Arrangements are with the Sorensen-Root-Thompson Funeral Home in Aitkin

Her SSN is: 515-05-0875

Children are:

1. Virginia Pierce b. 1939 Wamego, KS m. Roger Alvin Nyberg b. 1938

Children are:

1. Regina Nyberg b. 1959 m. Daniel M. Patrick b. 1957

2. Roger Alvin Nyberg b. 1960

3. Jerry Louis Nyberg b. 1961

4. Steven Edward Nyberg b. 1962

5. David Allen Nyberg b. 1969

6. Keith Michael Nyberg b. 1975

7. Shannon Dale Nyberg b. 1976

8. Dustin Dale Nyberg b. 1978

2. Sharon Pierce b. 1942 Wamego, KS m. Frank Shultz b. 1934

Children are:

1. Julie Eva Shultz b. 1966

2. Scott Howard Shultz b. 1967

3. Kristin Eileen Shultz b. 1968

4. Joseph Louis Shultz b. 1971

8. Ross Kendall Edwards b. 1921 Wamego, KS, d. 1923 Wamego, KS

5. George Torrence Bonstein b. 31 Mar 1884 Stockdale, Riley Co, KS, d. 29 Oct, 1942 Oxnard, Ventura Co, Calif. m. [1] Lenora Marie Kassel b. 1893 MO d. 1969 MO [2] Nellie Ester Gillock, daughter of Carter Gillock & Sarah Watson, she was b. 1898 Pawnee, OK, d. 1981 Elma, Washington, buried McCleary City Cem. Grays Harbor Co, WA.

Note: George and Friend was out in the fishing boat when they were killed by a Japanesse Submarine off the coast of Golitta, Calif. by a shell that sunk the fishing boat, I have his death certificate, but it just says drowning on it... I do have two articles about the incident and I have an article of when the lights went out in Golitta

Child by Lenora Kassel is:

1. Renola Bonstein b. Aug 1909 Miami, OK d. Nov 2004, Pacific Palisades, California, m. Oliver Fredrick Bell b. 1903 d. 1982 she was a Lawyer

Child is:

1. James Anderson Bell b. 16 Jan 1941 d. 2 Feb 1987, has a daughter Siri Bell [Living]

Children by Nellie Gillock are:

1. Nellie Bonstein b. 9 Nov 1916 Pawnee, OK d. Jun 1974 McCleary, WASH. buried McCleary City Cem. Grays Harbor Co, Wash. Died from Intestinal Pnuemonitius, She had a High School Education and was an Artist, Factory Worker, Laborer as a rosie Riviter [1] Ernest Theodore Gilpin 31 Mar 1936 Fort Scott, KS, son of John Gilpin & Martha Cupp, He was born 9 Dec 1901 Chase, Rice Co, KS d. 3 Jun 1975 Fort Scott, Bourbon Co, KS buried Evergreen Cem Row 4, died from Interstitiual Pnuemoitis, he was a Brakeman for the Frisco Railroad, High School and some college courses SSN 456-22-0522 CA [2] Archie McMurphy 1970,

Children by Ernest are:

1. John Thomas Gilpin b. 1936 d. 1936 Stillborn

2. John Thomas Gilpin b. 24 May 1938 Los Angeles, Calif m. Maria Socorro Gonzales 31 Jan 1960 Calif. b. 1937

Children are:

1. John Thomas Gilpin b. Los Angeles, Calif. m. [1] Amy He met, [2]

2. Edward Scott Gilpin b. in Los Angeles, Calif. m. [2] Susan

3. Valerie Ann Gilpin b. Los Angeles, Calif. m. [1] Scott Curry [2] John Maurice Hoffman 26 Mar 1994

3. Lolita Gilpin b. 1 Aug 1940 Montebello, Los Angeles Co, Calif m. [1] Floyd Epps [2] Lynwood George Tucker 7 jul 1961, son of George Tucker & Sus, he was born 24 Mar 1940 Newton, Georgia

Children are by Tucker:

1. Nelda Lynne Tucker b. 15 Aug 1962 m. [1] Dale Springer 1989 Yakima, Washington [2] Kenny Ruff May 2001 Yakima, Washington

Note: She was adopted by Floyd Epps, Lolita's ex-husband

4. Nelda Lorraine Gilpin b. 19 Feb 1945 Fort Scott, KS She was in the Military 13 1/2 years, SSG US Army retired with Medical, She has a AAS in Commercial Art & ADV 1999 and is of the Episcopalian, First Methodist Faith. m [2] Paul James Hoover July 1961 Renton, Washington, son of Paul Hoover and Flora, he was born 1929 Iowa. He was in the Navy, a filling station attendant [3] Garry Dennis White May 1963 Mc Cleary, Washington, Son of Roy White and Nellie, he was born Aug 1940 [4] Mark rory Jackson Nov 1973 Ft. Sam Houston, TX, born 1953 [5] Patrick Alfredo Percival 1974 Florence, SC, he was born in Crox, Virgin Islands [6] Orland Edward Marsh 12 Nov 1978 Fo. Polk, Louisiana, Son of Ralph Marsh & Mary Campbell, he was born 5 Jun 1943 Mt Pleasant, MIchigan

Child of Nelda Lorraine Gilpin is:

1. Robert Lee Gilpin b. 8 Jun 1961 Seattle, Wash. m. Judith Lynne Hillman 11 Feb 1983 kingsland, GA b. 28 Feb 1947 Wise, Virginia

He completed High School and did some College Courses also, He is a Cement Foreman

Child of Nelda and Paul Hoover is:

1. James Theodore Hoover b. 30 Dec 1962 McCleary, Wash. m. Tuesday Vander Bliet 1 Apr 1985 Gulf Port, Miss. b. 28 Sep 1965

Children of Nelda and Garry White are:

1. Machell Le Ann White b. 17 Dec 1963 Aberdeen, Wash. met [1] Clarence Fitzgerald married [2] William Edward Stockton [3] Harry Howard Blanding 26 Jun 1987 Temple, TX [4] James Edward Harris 30 Jan 1998 Bell Co., Courthouse, Belton, TX

2. Stillborn Janet White

3. Neliena Patrica White b. 20 Sep 1967 Olympia, Wash. Died 27 Dec 1967 Elma, Grays Harbor Co, Wash.

2. Helen Jean Bonstein b. 17 Oct 1918 Oiltown, OK m. [1] Raymond Domenico Valerga 26 Mar 1930 Oakland, Calif. son of Raymond Valerga & Stella Stroinski, He was born 19 July 1917 Oakland, Calif. d. 14 Sep 1997 Oakland, Calif. [2] Herbert Cecil Murray 18 Feb 1953, b. 1915 d. 1987

Children by Raymond Valerga are:

1. Bruno Andre Valerga b. 1 Mar 1937 Oakland, Calif. d. Feb 1954 Oakland, Calif. buried St Mary's Cemetery

2. Antone Joseph Valerga b. 18 Mar 1938 Oakland, Calif. d. 1992 San Jose, Calif. buried St Mary's cemetery

3. Jeannie Marie Valerga b. 19 Oct 1943 Oakland, Calif. m. Dennis Baker 1960

Children are:

1. Thomas Baker

2. Julie Baker

4. Stephan Bernard Valerga b. 10 Jul 1945 Oakland, Calif. m. Jean Gibson

Children are;

1. Stephan Valerga

2. Jonette Valerga

5. Stanislaus Robert Paul Valerga b. 22 Mar 1939 Oakland, Calif. m. Mary Jane McGee

Child is:

1. Living Valerga

Children by Herbert are:

1. Theresa Ann Murray b. 2 Jun 1948 m. ronald Naranen 1969

Children are;

1. Rebecca Jean Naranen

2. Eric Matt Naranen

2. Herbert Cecil Murray b. 1955

3. Lolita Freda Bonstein b. 26 Jan 1920 OK m. Maurice O Crofoot 1940

Children are:

1. Stillborn Crofoot

2. Jerry Crofoot b. 2 Feb 1945 m. Patricia

Children are;

1. Wayne Lee Crofoot

2. Billy Jo Crofoot

3. Juliemae Crofoot b. 10 Jan 1947 m. Donald Schiffer

Children are:

1. Jeanine Schiffer

2. Donna Schiffer

4. George Torrence Bonstein b. 6 Apr 1924 OK d. Las Vegas, NV m. Rose Johnson 1941

Note: George Torrence Bonstein is believed to have died in Las Vegas, Nevada sometime in the 60's or 70's. His mother and step-father were living there at the time as motel managers. Al De Soto his step-father was suffering from an over dose of his heart meds and was in the hospital [he had 13 heart attacks, one right after the other]. Grandmother had gone home and after she was in bed, she felt someone kiss her scared her, so she got up and called the hospital as she thought Al had died. The next morning she read in the newspaper that her son had died that night right there in Vegas..Grandmother told Lolita, my sister this and she repeated it to me. I also heard that he had several bouts with the Law and think that is why his wife divorced him. Lolita says he spent time in the California Penial System. This unknown for sure. Nelda Percival

Child Is:

1. Donald Bonstein m. Pat

Children are;

1. Phillip Bonstein

2. Jamie Bonstein

When William Bovard Bonstein died, Selena wrote Minnie Bonstein a letter As follows:

MARCH 19, 1896


Dear Sister Minnie:

It is with deep sorrow and heartache that I write to inform you--- your brother WILL died yesterday morning as half past three o'clock. The funeral services were held in the Methodist Church at two o'clock today. A large procession of friends and neighbors followed his body to the grave.

He was taken sick the ninth of March with Pnemonia. We tried to do everything in our power for him. We had two doctors and telegraphed for the thrid but he died before he reached him.

He hoped he could recover until near the last but from the beginning of his illness he had very little hope himself. He suffered very much during his sickness, but recognized everyone all most to the last. He was delirious during the first part of his illness and talked constantly of going home to his mother. Talked often to his brother Jack [John Bonstein Jr who died in 1886]. He intended to come home this spring to visit his mother and brothers and sisters, but as he became weaker he gave up all hope of seeing them again. The day before he died he said "God Bless my dear old Mother, I shall never see her again in this world."

He said his deepest regret in leaving this world was that he could not see his mother first. He expressed great regret that he had not lived a better life but said he was very tired, had suffered so much and was glad to give up the struggle and be at rest.

I wished to telegraph and inform you of his dangerous illness but he would not consent. He said "it will grieve my dear mother to know I am so sick and she cannot come and see me, so do not write until I am better or at rest." I write to you Thinking you can break the news gently to his mother. I save her a lock of his hair that I cut from his head after he was in his coffin, you see, it is getting a little gray.

Almost everyone that looked at him in his coffin spoke of the beautiful smile and look of peace on his face. We trust he is now with the Saviour. Our hearts are acking with sorrow but we bow in submission to the Will of the Lord!

Yours in Sorrow

Mrs. S. A. Bonstein


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