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MARIA_MARY_BUNSTEIN was b. 4 nov 1790 Hecktown, Northampton County, Pa. d. 5 Nov 1895 Easton, Northampton County, Pa. She is buried in Arndt's Cemetery, Forks Township, Pa.

She had Communion 12 Nov 1803 Dryland Church, Northampton County, Pa.

Source: Forks of the Delaware and Their descendants, Church Records.

She married William Walter 12 July 1806 at Trinity Tulpehocken Reformed Congregation, Jackson Twp, Lebanon County, Pa,

It is believed he was the son of Michael Walter and Anna Buss, but there is a possibility that he is the son of Barnet III, none of this is proven yet.

He was b. 22 Feb 1792 Northampton County, PA and d. 28 Feb 1862 Forks Township, Northampton County, Pa. Age 70.

[Easton, Daily Press]

He was in the War of 1812, 71 Reg't [Hutter's] PA Militia [So was Jacob Jr. same Regt, Maria's brother]


Mrs. Mary Walter, who was 104 [105] years old yesterday, died at 7:15 this morning at the residence of Mrs. Mary Snyder, a daughter with whom she made her home, on South Seventeenth Street, just outside the city line. On the 12th of October she sustained a bad fall while walking in the yard in the rear of her home. Her left wrist was sprained and her left side was severely brusied. She never recovered from her injuries; they led to a complication of ailments that resulted in her death. The deceased had been mentally affected since last February. Mrs. Walter's husband, William Walter, died in Forks Township 33 years ago, at the age of 70 years. He served in the War of 1812. Mrs. Walter had nine children. Seven of them survive her. They are: MRS. DAVID LAWALL, OF HECKTOWN; MRS. MATILDA PETERS OF BETHLEHEM; MRS. WILLIAM WALTER OF NEAR MOORESTOWN; MRS. CATHERINE WAGGNER AND MRS. ELLEN SCHNABEL, OF BETHLEHEM TOWNSHIP; DR. BARNET C. WALTER OF FARMERSVILLE; AND MRS. MARY SNYDER, OF EASTON. She also leaves 27 grandchildren, 40 great-grandchildren, and 8 great-great-granchildren.

Children of Maria Bunstein and William Walter are:

1. Catherine Walter b. 14 May 1808 Hecktown, PA

2. Carl Walter b. 5 Nov 1809 d. 27 Aug 1818 Hecktown, PA, Buried 27 Aug 1818 Easton, PA age 9 years 9 mos 22 days Source: First Settlers of "The Forks of the Delaware" and their Descendants.

3. Juliana Walter b. 19 July 1812 Easton, Pa, d. 7 Nov 1819 Easton, PA, Burial 7 Nov 1819 Easton, Pa. 7 years 4 mos 19 days. Source: Forks of the Delaware..

4. Elizabeth Walter b. 5 Jun 1813 d. 18 Jan 1814 Forks Twp. Source: Forks of the Delaware, church records.

5. Michael Walter b. 1 Jan 1815 d. 12 Mar 1829 Forks Twp, Pa. Burial 12 Mar. 1829 Forks, Pa. 14 years 2 mos 14 days. Source; Church Records

6. Sarah Ann Walter b. 13 Oct 1816 Hecktown, Pa. Baptism: 19 April 1817 Forks Twp, Sponsors: Bernhart Walter & Maria. She married David Lawall, he was b. 1 Mar 1815 Hecktown, Pa. d. 22 April 1881 Hecktown, Pa. Buried in Hecktown Cemetery.

1880 Census Lower Nazareth, David 65, Sarah A. 64, Howard Stueben 16 GSon, Curtin Stuben 13, GSon, Ephraim H. Kresge Boarder 25.

7. Aaron Walter b. 17 Sept. 1821 Hecktown, Pa. Baptized 23 Dec 1821 Dryland Church, Sponsors: Peter Heckman and Elisabeth, He married Maria Walter 17 FEb 1849 daughter of William Walter and Elizabeth.

8. Matilda Walter b. 1831 married Frank Peters b. 1820 Bethlehem, Pa.

9. Barnet C. Walter b. 15 June 1832 Northampton County, Pa. Was a Physician, married Camilla Brunner b. 1841, daughter of Jacob Brunner.

10. Susannah Walter b. 1842 m. William Walter, they had a son Charles Walter b. 1861.

11. Ellen Walter married B. F. Schnabel

12. Mary Walter married a Snyder lived in Easton, Pa. [her mother died at her home.]

Generation 2

2. Catherine Walter b. 14 May 1808 and died in Hecktown, Pa. She married Unknown Waggner. They had Jessie P. Waggner b. 1837

3. Aaron Walter b. 17 Sept 1821 Hecktown, Pa. Baptized 23 Dec 1821 Sponsors: Peter Heckman & Elisabeth [Bundstein]. Married Maria Walter 17 Feb 1849 Forks Twp, daughter of William Walter and Elizabeth Walter. She was b. abt. 1830 Forks Twp, Pa.

Notes: Found Aaron on Ancestry.com, under Births, Deaths, and Marriages: Book: First Settlers of "The Forks of the Delaware" and Their Descendants, 1760-1852 Anno 1819.

Census 1850 Forks Twp, Pa. Marriage, St John's Parsonage, both from Forks.

Maria Walter on 1880 Census Bethlehem.

Children Are:

1. Aaron E. Walter b. 1860

2. Franklin V. Walter b. 1863

4. Barnet C. Walter b. 15 June 1832 Northampton County, Pa. d. in Farmersville, Pa. Married Camilla Brunner, daughter of Jacob Brunner. She was born in 1841.


B.C. WALTER M.D. This prominent physician and skilled surgeon has been engaged in the practice of his profession at Dryland, Northampton County, since locating there in 1860, and is therefore one of the oldest practitioners of his community. He is in the enjoyment of a good income, and ranks among the well-to-do citizens of the county. Our subject was born in this county June 15, 1832, and is the son of William and Mary [Bunstein] Walter, also natives of this county, while his paternal grandfather came from England, and on his mother's side of the house our subject is of German desent. The latter is now in her one hundred and fourth year, and is regarded as one of the oldest inhabitants of Easton, where she at present makes her home. William Walter was a patriot in the War of 1812, and died in 1861. He was an honest and hard-working farmer, and the possessor of a good estate, which had been accumulated by industry and economy on his part. The subject of this sketch spent his boyhood and youth on his father's farm, in the meantime attending the common schools. Later he was a student in a private school in Easton, and a year after attaining his majority he began reading medicine under the instruction of Dr. P. F. Arndt, of Williams Township, this county. He remained with him for about three years, when he entered Jefferson Medical College, from which he was graduated in 1859. The following year he located in this place, which was then known as Farmersville, and has since continued to make it his home. He is therefore widely known throughout this locality, and his practice extends over a large circuit of country. Besides giving his attention to his profession, the Doctor superintends the operation of his fine farm, consisting of one hundred and four acres, which he bears all the improvements belonging to a first-class estate. Dr. Walter and Miss Camilla, daughter of Jacob Brunner, were united in marriage. Their union has been blessed by the birth of eight children, namely: Robley, a practicing physician of Easton; Laura, the wife of Howard Knecht, who is living in this county; Delia, now Mrs. Allen Woodring, who makes her home in Bethlehem; William, a physician of the above place; Cora, at home; Mitchell, engaged in the practice of medicine at South Bethlehem; Nettie, at home; and Jacob, a student of Easton. In politics the Doctor is a Democrat, and in religious affairs belongs to the Lutheran Church.

Bethelhem Township page 8 Walter, Barnet C 57--Camilla 48, Adiha 26, Cora 24, Aegenetie 18, Michael 23, Jacob B. 15

Children of Barnet Walter and Camilla Brunner are:

1. Robley Dunglison Walter b. 15 June 1859 Bethlehem Twp, Pa. A Doctor, he married Susie E. Hess, daughter of Francis Jacob Hess & Fayette Ritter, she was b. Feb 1867 Enon Township, Springfield, Clark County, Ohio,she was in 1920 Census but Robley was Widower in 1930 census 1910 Census 4 Ward Easton, Pa Robley 51, Susie 40, Francis 15, Donald R. 13, Francis J. Hess Father-in-Law 83, Widowed

Children are:

1. Francis C. Walter b. May 1894

2. Donald R. Walter b. 1896

3. Robley D. Walter b. Oct 1896 [This could be a twin to Donald or Robley was going by the name of Donald at this time, could be same person] 2. Laura Laurentia Walter b. 1860 m. Howard Riegel Knecht 21 Sept. 1882, son of John Knecht and Eliza Riegel. He was the son of John Knecht & Eliza Catherine Riegel, He was born 4 Sept. 1856 Shimersville, Pa. d. 22 Nov 1932 Bethlehem, Northampton County, Pa.


HOWARD RIEGEL KNECHT belongs to one of the best and oldest families of Lower Saucon Township, Northampton County, and for many years has occupied a high position in the social, political and business circles of the community. He is the sole owner of one of the most important industries in this region, the foller flouring-mills located at Shimersville, which he operates under the name of John Knecht's son. Our subject possesses in a marked degree the traits of character which made his father so highly esteemed and successful in life. The Knecht family in the last century resided in the Palatinate, Germany. His ancestor, John Jacob Knecht, with fifty-nine of his neighbors and relatives, started on a sailing-vessel, "The Allen," James Cragie, master, from Rotterdam, in September, 1734, and became settlers in Williams Township, this county. a son of John Jacob, Jonas George was born May 5, 1740, and died February 21, 1823. His wife, Anna Maria, was born September 29, 1752, and died February 12, 1813. Their son John, our subject's grandfather was [rest is unreadable]

Children of Laura and Howard Knecht:

1. Florence Ann Knecht b. 29 Sept. 1883 Northampton County, Pa. married Austin D. Heller 26 Nov 1907. He was born 1883, and died August 1937. He was a Medical Doctor. they divorced in 1922.

Children Are:

1. Living Heller

2. Henry Knecht Heller b. 19 May 1914 d. Feb 1978 Bethlehem, Pa 3. Howard Austin Heller b. 20 Sept. 1915 Northampton county, Pa d. july 1980 Hershey, Pa.

2. John Walter Knecht b. 8 Feb 1885 d. 20 Dec 1936

3. Maynard Stahler Knecht b. 28 Oct 1887 d. 19 Sep 1888

4. Margaret Elizabeth Knecht b. 25 Apr 1890 d. 25 Apr 1890

JOHN KNECHT b. 5 Aug 1814 Williams Twp, Northampton Co, Pa, d. 22 Feb 1891 Shimersville, Pa, married 2 Feb 1841 Eliza Catherine Riegel, daughter of Benjamin Riegel & Elizabeth Leidy, she was born 3 may 1821 NJ d. 4 July 1891 Shimersville, Pa, John was the son of John Knecht & Sarah Ruth Stahler

Children are:

1. Benjamin R. Knecht b. 18 Mar 1842 Northampton Co, Pa d. 9 Mar 1848

2. John A. Knecht b. 8 July 1844 Northampton Co, Pa d. 19 Jan 1866

3. Arabella Knecht b. 6 Mar 1847 Shimersville, Pa, d. 3 Aug 1907 Philadelphia, Pa married John Jacob Detwiller on 4 Jun 1868

4. Sarah Elizabeth Knecht b. 19 Oct 1849 Shimersville, Pa d. 23 Dec 1899 married 28 May 1865 Richard H. Sheppard

5. Emily Jane Knecht b. 26 May 1853 Shimersville, Pa, d. 4 May 1927 Baltimore, Baltimore Co, MD married Edward Freeman

6. Anna Knecht b. 4 Sep 1856 Shimersville, Pa

7. Howard Riegel Knecht [above]

3. Adiha Delia Walter b. 1862 m. Allen Woodring

4. William Walters b. 23 Sept 1865 Farmersville, Pa. Married Jennie Lawall 1892 philadelphia, Pa. b. June 1868, daughter of Theodore Lawall & Lucinda E. son of David Lawall and Sarah Walter. [They were second cousins]


WILLIAM WALTERS, M.D., one of the prominent young physicians of Northampton county, is recognized as a man of superior attainments, and one well calculated to add fresh lauels to the profession to which he devotes his time and talents. He was born in this county, September 23, 1865, and is the son of Dr. B. C. Walters, a prominent physician of this locality and a native of Northampton County. The grandfather of Dr. William Walters was a farmer by occupation, and fought as a soldier during the War of 1812. He was a member of the Lutheran Church, and lived to be seventy years of age. His wife lived to the advanced age of one hundred and five years, dying in November, 1895, at Easton. Prior to her marriage she was known as Mary Boenstein. Dr. B. C. Walters is a graduate of the Jefferson Medical College, receiving his diploma in 1859. he immediately located for practice in Farmersville, this county, where he is still residing. The mother of our subject prior to her marriage was Camilla Bruner. She was born in Lower Saucon, this county, and was the daughter of Jacob Bruner, also a native of that place, where he was engaged in farm pursuits. The parental family included four sons and four daughters, who grew to mature years. Robley d., also a physician of prominence, resides in Easton; Mitchell, a physician of prominence, resides in South Bethlehem; and Jacob B. is a stdent in Easton; William, who was the fifth in order of birth, carried on his primary studies in Trach's Academy at Easton, from which institution he was graduated in 1885. The same year he entered Lafayette College, and, after finishing the scientific course, accepted the position of civil engineer in the employ of the Lehigh Valley Railroad Company, locating at Mauch Chunk, and during the year in which he worked for the company he laid out several branches of their road and located the loop at Allentown. Although being engaged as a civil engineer for some time, Dr. Walters found time to keep up his medical studies, it being his ambition to follow in the footsteps of his honored father and older brothers. In the fall of 1888 he entered the Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, from which he was graduated in 1890. When looking around for a suitable location, Dr. Walters began practice in Bethlehem, very soon built up a lucrative patronage, and is classed among the most skilful of the profession in this section. Dr. william Walters was married in Philadelpia in 1892, to Miss Jennie, daughter of Theodore F. Lawall, now deceased. Socially he is a Knight of Honor, and in politics a strong Democrat. He is connected by membership with Grace Lutheran Church, and is found to be a liberal contributor toward all good works.

Child is:

1. Robley D. Walter b. Sept. 1894

[I have a picture of two graves Robley D. Walter b. 1911 d. 1971 stone says Father, and Robley D. Walter b. 1941 stone says son, they are at St John's lutheran Church cem. Anyone knowing of this family, would appreciate any help.] Perhaps the first one is the son of this Robley..

5. Cora Walter b. 1864

6. Mitchell Walter b. 2 May 1867 Farmersville, Northampton County, Pa.


MITCHELL WALTER M.D. who is engaged in the practice of medicine in South Bethlehem, is one of the rising young physicians of this section. He is a gentleman of marked enterprise and much ability, and an honorable and remunerative career lies before him in the field of medicine. He was born in Farmersville, Northampton County, this state, May 2, 1867, and is the son of Dr. B. C. Walter, also a prominent physician of Northampton County, and of whom further mention is made in the sketch of his son, William Walter, on another page in this volume. The subject of this sketch, was the third youngest in the parental family and received his primary education in the public schools of his native place. Later he attended Easton Academy, from which he was graduated in 1887. He then began teaching school, which ocupation he followed for two years. In the mean time he devoted his spare moments to the study of medicine, it being his ambition to follow in the footsteps of his honored father and become a physician. In 1890 he entered Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia, from which institution he was graduated with honors in the Class of '93. Previous to this, however, Dr. Walter had taken a course in the Pennsylvania Hospital and followed special studies in the Blockley Hospital. he also took a course in a hospital devoted to the treatment of contagious diseases. Looking about him for a suitable location, he decided to open an office in Farmersville, this he did, engaging in practice there until 1894. On the 20th of February, that year, he came to South Bethlehem, where he has an office at No. 23 East Fourth Street. Being so well equipped for his profession, the Doctor has built up a lucrative practice, and is classed among the skilled surgeons and successful physicians of this part of the county. religiously he is a devoted member of the Lutheran Church. As one of the representative Citizens of South Bethlehem, it gives us pleasure to present to you readers this brief sketch of his life.

7. Aegenetie "Nettie" Walter b. 26 Mar 1871 d. 29 Dec 1908 married Robert Stanley Hartzell 19 June 1895 Christ Lutheran Church Easton, Pa., son of Edwin Hartzell & Mary Hoffman, he was b. 29 Mar 1869 Bethlehem Township, Northampton Co, Pa. d. 9 Apr 1942 Bethlehem Pa, he became a member of Christ Reformed church on 8 Apr 1887

Children are:

1. Edwin Walter Hartzell b. 22 Jul 1895 Easton, Pa d. 1969 m. [1] Marion D. b. 1895 [2] Ethel

2. Howard Barnet Hartzell b. 22 Jul 1897 Bloomsbury, Warren Co, NJ d. 22 Jan 1966 Fountain Hill, Pa. m. Helena Geraldine Qualters b. 22 Jan 1896 Towanda d. 9 Aug 1977 Bethlehem Twp, Pa.

3. Florence Elizabeth Hartzell b. 8 Aug 1898 Bloomsbury, Warren Co, NJ d. 19 Nov 1995 married Edward Scott Hitchner 12 Dec 1922 NY, son of Edward Scott Hitchner & Rebecca Bitters, he was born 7 Dec 1891 Cohansey, Salem Co, NJ d. 31 Dec 1976 Camden, Camden, NJ. buried Harligh Cemetery.

Children are:

1. Robert Scott Hitchner b. 7 Nov 1923 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

2. Carole Hitchner b. 24 Dec 1927 New Rochelle, NY

4. Rhoda Kathryn Hartzell b. 24 Jun 1902 Easton, Pa

5. William Walter Hartzell b. 28 May 1908 Bethlehem, Pa

8. Jacob B. Walter b. 1875

FRANCIS JACOB HESS b. 10 Jan 1828 Bethlehem Twp, Pa d. 21 Jan 1911 Terre Haute, Vigo Co, Indiana, m. Fayette Ritter 1855 Northampton Co, Pa,

Children are:

1. Susie E. Hess [above]

2. Josephine E. Hess b. 22 Jun 1856 Hanover Twp, Lehigh Co, Pa

3. Sarah Alice Hess b. 18 Mar 1858 Hanover Twp, Lehigh Co, Pa

4. Laura Amanda Hess b. 9 Jan 1860 Slatington, Lehigh Co, Pa

5. Eugene Ritter Hess b. 6 Apr 1861 Slatington, Lehigh Co, Pa

6. Alavesta Charlotte Hess b. 25 Sep 1862 Slatington, Lehigh Co, Pa

7. Oliver Francis Hess b. 4 Jan 1864 Washington Twp, Lehigh Co, Pa

8. Daniel Jacob Hess b. 27 Dec 1869 Terre Haute, Vigo Co, Indiana

9. Ida Eva May Hess b. 29 Dec 1872 b. Terre Haute, Vigo Co, Indiana

Remember to use only as a lead unless documentation is listed:

Descendants of Michel Walter

Generation 1

1. Michel Walter died 1710 Nordheim, Germany, married [1] Anna Maria [2] Maria Ursula Frank, daughter of Jacob Frank,

Children of Michel & Anna are:

1. Hans Bernard Walter b. 13 Oct 1674 Nordheim, Germany

2. Micael Walter b. 4 July 1673 Nordheim, Germany

3. Hans Leonhardt Walter

Generation 2

1. Hans Bernard Walter b. 13 Oct 1674 Nordheim, Wuertemberg, Germany, area known as the Palitanate, married [1] Anna Maria Kuriss 28 Oct 1710 Nordheim, daughter of Jerg Kuriss & Maria Appollonia, she was b. 6 June 1690 Nordheim, Christened: 11 June 1690, Witnesses: Anna Christina, wife of Hans Michal Strahlin, Catharina, wife of George Johannis & Esther, wife of Hans George Francke] d. 16 Jan 1728, [2] Maria Barbara Bayer 12 Feb 1728, daughter of Elias Bayer, [Microfilm, Evangelische Kirchebuch 1560-1881, Evangelische Kirche, Nordheim, Brancheheim [Neckarkreis], Wuerttemberg, Germany], she was b. abt 1690. Hans immigrated 25 sept 1732, "Loyal Judith", of London, robert Turpin, Master, from Rotterdam, at age 58, Naturalized 1 July 1777, Oath of Alliance

Children by Anna Kuriss Walter are:

1. Hanss Conrad Walter b. 9 Mar 1714 Nordheim, Brackenheim, Wuertemberg, Germany, Immigrated 25 Sept 1732 Loyal Judith

2. Johann Berhard Walter b. 13 May 1716 died in infancy

3. Hanss Leonhard Walter b. 18 July 1718 died in infancy

4. Hanss Michael Walter b. 18 July 1718, Wuertemberg, Germany, died in infancy

5. Barnet Walter b. 17 Feb 1721 Wuertenburg, Germany, d. 24 Aug 1781 Forks Twp, Northampton Co, PA

6. Anna Maria Elizabetha Walter b. 14 Jan 1723, died in infancy; [Evangelische, Kirchebuch, 1560-1881 Nordheim, Germany],

7. Joseph Leonhard Walter b. 2 Feb 1725 died in infancy

Child by Maria Bayer Walter is:

1. Agnes Catharina Walter b. 1 Jun 1729 Nordheim, Brackenheim, Wuertemberg, Germany, Baptized 2 Jun 1729:

2. Michael Walter b. 4 July 1673 Nordheim, Germany, married [1] Unknown [2]


He immigrated on Sept. 18, 1733 to Philadelphia, PA [Pennsylvania Merchant] contributor Russ Van Esperen: "At the Courthouse aforesaid September 18, 1733

Present: The Honourable Lt. Governor and Several of the Magistrates.

"Sixty Seven Palatines, who with their families, making in all One hundred eighty seven persons, were imported here in, the Briganteen Pennsylvania Merchant of London, John Stedman, Mr. from Rotterdam, but last of Plymouth, as by clearance thence, were qualified as before, and their names are: Johan Klem, Georg Sholts, David Sholts, Andreas Moseman, Christian Moseman, Hans Burkhard, David Burkhard, Johan Schonfeldt, Johannes Naiis, Pierre Marot, Adreas Kleym, Jacob Kleym, George Shait, johannes Riegel, Johs. Riegel Junr, Daniel Riegel, Andreas Oullenbacher, Johan Valentine Presach, MICHAEL WALTER, Carollus Burkhard, Johan Philip Weynandt, Jacob Knop, Jacob Ott, Johan Michael Ott, Luywig Evald, Michl. Ludwig, Daniel Ludwig, Philip Semyer, Christian Hook, Hans Jorg Grondt, Frerich Glass, Jhoannes Gordner, Alexander Casser, Pieter Roodt, Hans Lauer, Matthias Kish, Johan Michl. Stoudt, Johan Just Ulveyn, Philip Angulberger, Michael Seydbender, Johan Daniel Endt, Johan Valentine Endt, John Peter Sayling, Adam Volimer, Hans George Winter, Hans Martin Sauter, Frederich Gotz, Johjannes Mihm, Peter Smit, Johan Adam Beyer, Joh Christo. Ysleb, Michael Kelchner, Georg Bartol Sheffer, Paulus Sheffer, Andreas Vry, Bernhard Maus, John ludwig Sees, Andreas Boyer, Hans George Hauk, Peter Straub, Johan Jacob Karse, Matthias Beichler, Johan George Groom, Hendrich Smit:.

Generation 3

6. Barnet Walter b. 17 Feb 1721 Wuertemberg, Germany, d. 24 aug 1781 Forks Twp, Northampton Co, PA, married Eve 1740 Forks Twp, she was born 1724 and died 21 Oct 1803, Forks Twp, PA:, Immigrated 25 Sept 1732 with his father, [The Original Lists of John Arndt, Recorder of Deeds of Northampton County, Disclose that the Oath of Allegiance and Fidelity was voluntarily taken and subscribed by four members of the Walter family in 1777.

1. No:12 July 1 Barnet Walter

2. No:19 July 19 Philip Walter

3. No: 13 August 28 Michael Walter

4. No: 18 Sept 8 David Walter

5. and on May 30, 1778 No. 303, George Walter, On 1 July 1777 at Oath of Allegiance, Easton, PA.

Barnet Walter's Will, 2 June 1780, Forks Twp, PA, File NO. #919, probated 24 Aug 1781

Eva d. 21 Oct 1803 Forks Twp, [abstract of Estate Papers: Eve Walter Residence, Forks Twp, wife of Barnet Walter, yeoman, deceased, Children: Michael and George Walter, eldest sons, Inventory and appraisement Feb 1, 1804 amount of Bond $500, Administrators George Stocker and Mathias Gress Bond dated Jan 9, 1804

On Jan. 5, 1804 Michael Walter and George Walter, eldest sons of Barnet Walter renounced right to administer the estate of their mother, Bond signed by George Stocker, Plainfield Twp, son-in-law, Mathias Gress, Bethlehem Twp, Esq. Adam Stocker, Jr., Forks Twp, and Paul Dornblazer. File No. #2274 Family History Library, Easton Public Library.

Children are:

1. Michael Walter b. 8 Feb 1750 Easton, PA, Baptized Feb 1750, Sponsors: Jacob & Catherine Best, d. 21 Feb 1820, Easton, PA

2. Hannah Walter b. 1748 Forks Twp, Pa, d. 28 Feb 1826 Fayette Co, PA, married Jeremiah Koch 1775 Forks Twp, PA


Death: Mrs. Hannah Cook, relict of Mr. Jeremiah Cook, late of Buffalo Township, in the 85th year of her age. She was among the first settlers of Fayette County.

3. johan George Walter b. 15 Apr 1752 Forks Twp, PA, d. 17 Sept 1826 Forks Twp, PA, Married Maria Barbara Busch 1775 German Evangelical Church, Easton, PA, Both are buried Arndt Cem, Forks Twp,

4. Christina Walter b. 1754 Forks Twp, PA, married Frederick Pfeiffer 1774 Forks Twp, b. 22 Nov 1722 d. 11 july 1777

5. Anna Mary Walter b. 1756 Forks Twp, married Jacob Buss, 1778 Forks Twp, b. 1745 Northampton Co, PA

6. Elizabeth Walter b. 1758 Forks Twp, d. abt 1801, married William Kromer 1778 Forks Twp, PA, [2] George Brown

7. John Walter b. 1760 Forks Twp, PA , Rev. War Militia

8. Catharine Walter b. 17 Nov 1761 Forks Twp, PA, d. 29 July 1839, Lower Mount Bethel Twp, Pa. buried Church Hill Cem, married John George Stocker 6 May 1783 St John's Lutheran Church, Easton, Pa, b. 21 Aug 1761 Macungie Twp, Lehigh Co, PA, d. 21 Mar 1811 Lower Mount Bethel Twp, PA, buried Old Scotch Irish Cem.

9. Conrad Walter b. 1762 Forks Twp, PA, Was in the Rev. War

10. Bernard Walter b. 29 Jun 1768 Forks Twp, PA, d. 29 Aug 1830 Forks Twp, PA, buried Forks Church Cem. married Anna Maria Odenwelder 6 Nov 1796 Forks twp, b. Jun 1770 d. 19 July 1846, both buried Arndt's Cem

11. Leonard Walter b. 1769

Generation 4

13. Michael Walter b.8 Feb 1750 Easton, PA, Baptised Feb 1750, German Reformed Church Easton, d. 21 Feb 1820 Easton, PA, married Anna Maria Buss 1771 German Evangelical Lutheran Church, Easton, PA, daughter of Johannes Buss & Anna Ritter, she was b. 1750 Lower Milford, Lehigh Co, PA d. 1820 Easton, PA. Michael's Will File No. # 3350, he was in the Rev. War.

Children are:

1. Michael Walters b. 1788 Forks twp, PA d. 18 Mar 1865, buried Easton Cem, married Elizabeth Linthe 1 Sept 1808 German Evangelical Church, Easton, PA, she died 20 Nov 1867 Easton, Pa

2. Johannes John Walter b. 12 July 1770 Lower Nazareth Twp, Pa, Baptized 12 Aug 1770 Dryland Union Lutheran Church, Hecktown, PA, d. abt 1814, married Christina

3. **William Walter b. 22 Feb 1792 Lower Nazareth Twp, Northampton Co, PA, d. 21 Feb 1862 Forks Twp, married Maria Mary [Polly] Bundstein/Bunstein 12 July 1806 Trinity Tulpehocken Reformed Church, Jackson Twp, Lebanon Co, PA, she was b. 4 Nov 1790 Hecktown, Pa, d. 5 Nov 1895 Easton, PA 105 yrs old] Info on family at top of page.

4. Barnet Walter b. 12 Jan 1772 Lower Nazareth Twp, Pa, d. Smithfield Twp, PA, married Anna Maria Odenwelder

5. John George Walter b. 2 Sept 1773, Baptized 28 Oct 1773 Dryland Union Lutheran Reformed Church, Hecktown, PA, d. 1844 Smithfield Twp, Monroe Co, PA married Margaret Lindeman 2 Sept 1794, she was b. 1776 Northampton Co, Pa, d. 4 Apr 1864 Smithfield Twp, Monroe Co, Pa

6. Abraham Walter b. 16 May 1781 lower Nazareth Twp, PA, Baptized 28 Aug 1781 Dryland Union Lutheran Church, Hecktown, PA, d. 29 Nov 1830, buried Arndts Cem, Forks Twp, Pa, married Anna Catherine Biege b. 25 Aug 1785 d. 26 Aug 1874, buried Arndts Cem, Forks Twp, Pa,

7. Catharine Walter b. 7 july 1776 Lower Nazareth twp, Pa, Baptized 7 july 1776 First Reformed Church, Easton, Pa, Sponsors: Jacob Bush & Anna Maria, d. 1862

8. Jacob Walter b. 20 Nov 1777 Lower Nazareth Twp, PA, Baptized: 19 Apr 1778 Dryland Union Reformed Church, Hecktown, PA, died in Delaware, married Margaretha Smith b. 2 Feb 1788 d. 17 Apr 1867, both buried in Shafer Schoolhouse Cem. He was in the War of 1812,

9. Elisabeth Walter b. 24 Aug 1783, Baptized: 22 Feb 1784 German Evangelical Lutheran Church, Easton, PA, Sponsors: Jacob Schumacher & Elizabeth, d. 1862

10. Leonard Walter b. 24 Aug 1787 d. 1862 married Mary Michael, Was in the War of 1812

11. Peter Walter b. 24 Sep 1794 Lower Nazareth Twp, Pa, d. 4 July 1868, buried Arndts Cem, Forks Twp, Pa, married Abigail Belles 15 Sep 1815, she was b. 28 May 1778, d. 22 Sept 1863, buried Arndts Cem., Forks Twp, Pa, he was in the War of 1812

12. Henry Walter married Elisabeth

15. Johan George Walter b. 15 Apr 1752 Forks Twp, d. 17 Sept 1826 Forks Twp, married Maria Barbara Bush, daughter of Heinrich Busch & Anna, she was born 15 Mar 1757 Forks Twp, d. 18 Jun 1828 Forks Twp:

Abstract of Will File No. 3779 Vol. 5 p. 13:

George Walter, Farmer, resident of Forks Twp, wife Barbara: Children: John, Henry, George, Leondard, Frederick, Jacob, Catharine, Barnet, Maria and Sara deceased.

Executors: George Walter and Leondard Walter, sons

Witnesses: Jacob Saylor and Jacob Odenwelder

Date of Will: Sept 11, 1826, probated: 18 Nov 1826, Inventory: 4 Dec 1826

Grand-children are Daniel and Catharine, children of Barnet Walter and Sarah wife of Joseph Belles and Polly, deceased wife of Joseph Buss who were children of daughter Maria.

Church Record: George walter, son of Barnhardt and Eva b. April 15, 1752. Sponsors: George Reimal and wife Elisabeth, Conf. and Communed. Married Barbara Bush, 13 children, lived together 50 years. 5 children died of dropsy, 43 great-grandchildren, 11 gg-grandchildren, died Sep 17, age 74 yrs, 5 mos, 2 days

He was on the tax lists "The Federal tax lists of 1785, 1786 and 1788 indicated that George Walter then held most of the Fors Township farm of Bernard Walter [who died in 1781], in as much as he is credited with 290 & 280 and 276 acres and with 4 horse and 4 cattle.

One branch of Walters framily from Pre-Revolutionary War Days to the Present" by Raymond Walters.

George was in the Rev. War and he was an early settler of Forks Township.


Death notice in St John's Records: "Busch, Barbara, daughter of Heinrich and Anna Maria. Born 15 Mar 1757, married George Walter for 52 years, 13 children, 10 sons, 3 daughters, 5 dead. Died 18 June 1828 of palsey, husband died 2 years ago."

Children are:

1. John Sr. Walter b. 17 Aug 1777 Forks Twp, married Elisabeth

2. Catherine Walter b. 28 Aug 1778 Forks Twp, d. 17 July 1831 Forks Twp, buried Arndts Cem, age 52 yrs 10 mos, 19 days

Source: Forks of the Delaware

3. Henry Walter b. 1780 Forks Twp, married Elizabeth

4. Bernard Barnet Walter b. 5 May 1781 Forks Twp, married Catherine Wagner

5. John George Walter b. 18 Apr 1783 Forks Twp, d. 3 June 1833 Forks Twp, married [1] Sarah Schumacher, b. 31 mar 1787 Northampton County, Baptized 15 May 1787 Easton, Pa, d. 25 Oct 1818 Easton, PA, buried Arndts Cem, [2] Susan Borge

6. Jacob Walter b. 18 Feb 1785 Forks Twp, d. 17 Apr 1785 Forks Twp

7. Samuel Walter b. 16 Feb 1786 d. bef 1826

8. Leonard Walter b. 2 Feb 1787 Forks Twp, married [1] Sarah Lattig born in Williams Twp, [2] Rosina Moser Lattig, He was a brickmaker

9. Maria Walter b. 21 Sept 1788 Forks Twp, married Jacob Opp Odenwelder 11 Jun 1809, he was b. 17 Jun 1786 d. 18 feb 1849

10. Frederick Walter b. 19 Mar 1790 Forks twp, married Elizabeth

11. Jacob Walter b. 18 Jun 1791 Forks twp, d. 21 Sep 1856 PA, buried Dryland Church Cem, Hecktown, PA, married Elizabeth Dewalt b. 6 Mar 1797 PA d. 13 Mar 1844, buried Dryland Church Cem, Hecktown, PA

12. Sarah Walter b. 2 Feb 1787 Forks Twp, d. 22 June 1831 Williams Twp, married Unknown, buried 24 June 1831 Williams Twp

13. Isaac Walter b. 15 Mar 1799 Forks Twp, d. 9 Oct 1847 Forks Twp, married Anna Maria Odenwelder, b. 17 Sep 1788

19. John Walter b. 1760 Forks Twp, married Elizabeth, He was in the Rev. War of 1776

Children are:

1. Carl Walter b. 10 Jan 1803, Baptized 2 Mar 1803 First Reformed Church Easton, PA

2. Catherine Walter b. 30 Mar 1811, Baptized 5 Jan 1813 First Reformed Church Easton, Pa

3. Anna Maria Walter b. 30 Mar 1814, Baptized 30 Dec 1814 First Reformed Church Easton, PA

4. Peter Walter b. 23 Oct 1812 Baptized 5 Jan 1813 First Reformed Church Easton, Pa

22. Bernard Walter b. 29 Jun 1768 Forks Twp, d. 29 Aug 1830 Forks Twp, married Maria Mary Odenwelder, daughter of Michael Odenwelder and Anna Opp, she was b. Jun 1770 d. 19 July 1846

Note: In the Case of the Will of Barnet Walter:

To George Hess Junior Esq., Register for the Probate of wills and granting of letters of Administration in and of the County of Northampton, PA

Item: Understanding that a certain paper writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Barnet Walter, late of Forks Township, Northampton County, deceased, is about to be brought and presented to you for probate, and being interested in the estate of the said Barnet Walter as one of the heirs thereto, this is to desire you to withhold the probate of the said will until I should have an opportunity of being heard. Yours Truly [his mark] Barnet Walter

Sept 18th, 1830 by the said Barnet Walter Jr, the caveator:

I Barnet Walter do hereby revoke and recall the written caveat against the Last Will and Testament of Barnet Walter, deceased, and desire that the said will be proved and established. Witness my hand and seal the 18th day of September A. D. 1830. His Mark, Barnet Walter


In the name of God Amen. I Barnard Walter of Forks Township, Northampton county,being weak in strenth but of good and disposing mind and memory being desirous to settle my worldly affairs and to dispose of my estate in the following manner:

It first I commend my sole to God from whence it came and my body to the earth to be buried in a deasent and in a Chritian like manner. I will that my just debts owing by me at my death be paid together with any funerall expenses.

I give and bequeath and will to my beloved wife Maria all of real and personall estate during her natural life or as long as she remains my widow and after her decease or marriage to be distributed amongst my children share and share alike. It is my will that my son Franklin is to have one sorrell colt now about three years old to take possession of the colt after my dimease and to my son Benjamin one bay colt and my wife is to keep as long as she has youse of it. And to my daughter Susanna and Sabina there out set when demanded or at age of marriage as my daughters had that wee married during my life.

And my real and personal estate as before said share and share alike, except what I give to Franklin, Benjamin, Susanna and Sabina as above mentioned and then each and everyone of my children equal shares.

I make and ordain my sons William and Samuel Executors of this my last will and testament and make void of all former wills and testaments made by me.

To the children of my daugter Catharine to get a half a share between them.

Wit my hand and seal this twenty eighth day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty. sealed and delivered in the presence of: Jacob Saylor and George Walter, signed his mark, Barnard Walter

Proven by above witnesses on Sept. 18th, 1830

Same day William Walter and Samuel Walter the Executors therein were sworn according to law and the Letters Testamentary granted to them in the usual form.

Inventory taken 15th Oct 1830, showed a value of $789.54. Doing the inventory: Jacob Richard and George Lerch. Sale held on Oct. 9, 1846 for estate of Barnet Walter, deceased

Children are:

1. William Walter

2. Samuel Walter

3. Franklin Walter

4. Benjamin Walter

5. Susanna Walter

6. Sabina Walter

7. Barnet Junior Walter

8. Catherine Walter

9. Margretha Walter b. 23 Mar 1797 Forks Twp, Baptized 13 Apr 1797 First Reformed Church of Easton, PA Sponsors: parents, p. 136

10. Elizabeth Walter b. 19 Aug 1800 Forks Twp, Baptised 15 Dec 1800 First Reformed church of Easton, PA, Sponsors: Daniel Braun & Louisa

11. Michael Walter b. 25 Mar 1801, Baptized 2 May 1801 First Reformed Church of Easton, Pa, Sponsors: Michael Odenwaelder & Margaretha, wife, p. 159

Ancestors and Extended Families:


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