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1. ISAAC JOHNSON b. abt 1792 Schenectady, Schenectady, New York, married GRACE SMITH b. abt 1796 Schenectady, New York:

Child is:

1. THOMAS SMITH JOHNSON b. 1 Jan 1818 Schenectady, New York d. 6 Oct 1895 Hooper, Weber, Utah

2. THOMAS SMITH JOHNSON [Isaac] b. 1 Jan 1818 Schenectady, New York, d. 6 Oct 1895 Hooper, Weber, Utah, married Mary Elizabeth Hasson 24 Apr 1856, daughter of William Hassen & Lucy Hardy, she was b. 19 Feb 1829 Scarsmont, Wardo County, Maine

Children are:

1. THOMAS SMITH JOHNSON b. 18 Dec 1854 Salt Lake City, Utah, d. 29 Jan 1926 Shelley, Bingham City, Idaho

2. Pash Parhant Patience Johnson b. 4 May 1852 Salt Lake City, Utah

3. Lewise Johnson b. 20 Jan 1857 Salt Lake City, Utah d. 1911

4. Deseret Johnson b. 1860 Mountain Green, Morgan, Utah

5. Mariah Deseret Johnson b. 24 Mar 1861 Mountain Green, Morgan, Utah d. 27 Jan 1929 Wilson Lane, Weber, Utah

6. Louis Johnson b. 24 Mar 1861 Mountain Green, Morgan, Utah d. 1866

7. Adeline Johnson b. 1864 Mountain Green, Morgan, Utah d. 11 Oct 1923 Paul, Minidoka, Idaho,

8. Louisa Eliza Johnson b. 14 May 1864 Mountain Green, Morgan, Utah d. 11 Oct 1923 Paul, Minidoka, Idaho, buried 16 Oct 1923 Hooper, Weber, Utah

9. Eliza Johnson b. 1866 Mountain Green, Morgan, Utah

10. Charles Henry Johnson b. 20 Sep 1869 Franklin, Franklin, Utah

11. Mary Ellen Johnson b. 18 Mar 1872 Franklin, Franklin, Utah d. 27 Apr 1943

12. Anise Johnson b. 31 Jul 1876 Hooper, Weber, Utah

3. THOMAS SMITH JOHNSON [Thomas Smith, Isaac] b. 18 Dec 1854 Salt Lake City, Utah d. 29 Jan 1926 Shelley, Bingham City, Idaho, buried 1 Feb 1926 Taylor, Bingham City, Idaho m. Eliza Ann Higley 6 July 1880 Hooper, Weber, Utah, daughter of George Higley & Nancy Wadsworth, she was b. 4 May 1861 Hooper, Weber, Utah d. 17 mar 1954 Shelley, Bingham City, Idaho, buried 20 mar 1954 Taylor, Bingham City, Idaho, Bingham Co Centennial Book page 470 Old Sexton Book, Info on headstone.

Children are:

1. THOMAS SMITH JOHNSON b. 31 July 1881 Hooper, Weber, Utah d. 12 Jun 1933 Balckfoot, Bingham City, Idaho

2. Charles Warren Johnson b. 22 Aug 1883 Hooper, Weber, Utah d. 22 Feb 1954 m. Nettie Childs, b. 1883

3. George Edward Johnson b. 23 Aug 1885 Hooper, weber, Utah d. 19 Mar 1970 m. Leora Westover b. 1885

4. Maude Ellen Johnson b. 8 Feb 1888 Taylor, Bingham City, Idaho d. 21 Sep 1968 Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho

5. lola Johnson b. 16 Oct 1891 Taylor, Bingham City, Idaho d. 3 Aug 1908

6. Leroy Johnson b. 29 Jan 1893 Taylor, Bingham City, Idaho d. 8 Sep 1956 Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho

7. Ardella May Johnson b. 23 Feb 1896 Taylor, Bingham City, Idaho, d. 3 Jan 1968

8. Mary Lillian Johnson b. 20 Sep 1898 Taylor, Bingham City, Idaho

9. lillian Johnson b. 20 Sep 1899 Taylor, Bingham City, Idaho

10. William Lloyd Johnson b. 30 Dec 1900 Taylor, Bingham city, Idaho d. 28 Sep 1977 Pocatello, Bannock County, Idaho buried 1 Oct 1977 Soda Springs, Caribou, Idaho

MARIAH DESERET JOHNSON [Thomas Smith, Isaac] b. 24 Mar 1861 Mountain Green, Morgan, Utah d. 27 Jan 1929 Wilson Lane, Weber, Utah, married CHARLES WASHINGTON HIGLEY 10 Nov 1881 Salt Lake City, Utah, son of George Higley & Nancy Wadsworth, he was b. 21 Jun 1860 East Weber, Utah d. 7 Nov 1937 Ogen, Weber, Utah, both buried Hooper Cemetery, Hooper, Utah

Children are:

1. George Washington Higley b. 6 Aug 1882 Mountain Green, Morgan, Utah

2. Mary Ellen Higley b. 8 Apr 1884 Hooper, Weber, Utah

3. Henry Higley b. 24 Jan 1895 Hooper, Weber, Utah

**THOMAS SMITH JOHNSON [Thomas Smith, Thomas Smith, Isaac] b. 31 Jul 1881 Hooper, Weber, Utah b. 12 Jun 1933 Blackfoot, Bingham City, Idaho, buried 14 June 1933 Shelley, Bingham Idaho, at age 51, Death Certificate no: #84835, died of Valvular Disease of the Heart, Mitral Insufficiency, married OLIVE LEUETTA SENN 6 Jun 1908 Blackfoot, Bingham City, Idaho, she was b. 1 Apr 1892 Payson, Utah City, Utah d. 20 Jul 1973 lynwood, Los Angeles County, California, buried 23 Jul 1973 Whittier, Los Angeles, California, she married second Broise Brown and moved to California.

Children are:

1. **YALE S JOHNSON b. 10 Jan 1917 Shelley, Bingham City, Idaho d. 7 Nov 1986 Downey, Los Angeles, California, buried 10 Nov 1986 Riverside, Riverside City, California, Arlington Cemetery, married MINERVA IRETTA ANDERSON 1937 Idaho, daughter of Carl Bernard Anderson and Arvina Iretta Curtis, she was b. 7 jun 1917 lund, Idaho d. 16 Oct 1992 Long Beach, California, she was cremated 20 Oct 1992 and her ashes are buried in a grave next to her father and mother in Lund, Idaho Her half sister Mary Ann bought and placed a headstone on her grave in the Anderson Family Plot at the foot of Buckskin Mountain named after her father because he always wore buckskin.

2. Gerald Smith Johnson b. 12 Jun 1909 Jamestown, Bingham County, Idaho, d. 14 Sep 1965 Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho, married Helen Priest 27 Nov 1932 Shelley, Bingham City, Idaho b. 3 Jul 1914 lorenzo, Jefferson, Idaho d. 22 Apr 1994 Idaho Falls, Idaho, Gerald was buried 18 Sep 1965 Shelley, Idaho and Helen was buried 26 Apr 1994 Taylor, Bonneville, Idaho.

[The following info on Gerald's family was sent to me by his granddaughter Kristy White, 24 DEC 2005, it is so much appreciated]

Children are:

1. Jean Johnson [deceased]

2. Janice Johnson [deceased]

3. Melvin Kay Johnson [lives in Utah, father of Kristy White]

4. Gary Johnson [Lives in Idaho]

5. Bonnie Johnson [lives California]

6. Geraldine Johnson [Idaho]

7. Jerry Johnson [Idaho]

8. Sherry Johnson [Washington]

9. Mark Johnson [Idaho]

10. Kelly Johnson [New York]

I know that Gerald died in an auto accident when I was about 2 by a drunk driver. I know that he won the [PURPLE HEART] in the war. He was a county Sheriff and mayor of Shelly, ID. He ran for state senator of Idaho as well. I know that Helen Priest [Gerald's wife] married him when she was very young. Her cousin was "Marilyn" who played the normal cousin on the "Munstors" show on TV. Just thought you would like to know a little fun stuff too. [love this Kristy]

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kristy L White

3. Lloyd Douglas Johnson b. 30 May 1910 Shelley, Bingham, Idaho d. 28 Oct 1988 Blackfoot, Bingham City, Idaho, married Susie May Butler 6 Oct 1931, she was b. 6 Oct 1913 Lyman, Madison, Idaho d. 12 Jul 1983 Blackfoot, Bingham City, Idaho

4. Gladys Lavena Johnson b. 28 Oct 1911 Shelley, Bingham, Idaho d. 17 jun 1957 Whittier, Los Angeles Co, California, married [1] Carl [2] Ray Stevens 20 dec 1929 Pocatello, Bannock City, Idaho, he was b. 4 Jun 1902 Blackfoot, Idaho d. 8 Feb 1948 Los Angeles Co, California

5. Rudgar William Johnson b. 19 dec 1913 Shelley, Bingham, Idaho d. 28 Dec 1921 Blackfoot, Idaho

6. Lorain [Loren] S. Johnson b. 1 Aug 1915 Shelley, Bingham, Idaho d. 15 Nov 1981 Whittier, los Angeles Co, California married Ida Senn, b. 1900 d. Mar 2000 Whittier, Los Angeles Co, California

7. Burrell Johnson b. 12 jul 1919 Firth, Bingham City, Idaho d. 21 Apr 1924 Blackfoot, Idaho

8. Wayne S. Johnson b. 21 Nov 1921 Shelley, Bingham, Idaho d. 8 Aug 1982 San Bernidino, California buried 12 Aug 1982, married Mary Cummings 21 Oct 1946 Quartsite, Yuma City, Arizona, she was b. 24 Oct 1923 Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri d. 26 Nov 1982 San Bernadino County, California

9. Joyce Johnson Living

10. Beverly Johnson b. 1926 Shelley, Bingham, Idaho d. 12 Aug 2004 La Habra, Los Angeles County, California, married Bert Hardison Oct 1946 d. 26 Jul 2002 La Habra, Los Angeles Co, Califonia, buried 30 Jul 2002, Beverly was buried 17 Aug 2004, cause of death, Kidney Failure, they have a Living daughter and a Living son

11. Bonnie Johnson Living

12. Darwin Johnson d. Mar 2000 San Bernidino County, California, married Living Spouse.

MAUDE ELLEN JOHNSON [Thomas Smith, Thomas Smith, Isaac] b. 8 Feb 1888 Taylor, Bingham, Idaho d. 21 Sep 1968 Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho, married Clarence Bates 6 Jun 1906 Shelley, Bingham, Idaho, son of Ormus Bates & Augusta Eliason, he was b. 1888 Grantsville, Tooele, Utah d. 18 Sep 1942 Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho, Maude was buried 10 Sep 1968 Shelley, Idaho

Children are:

1. Clarence Wallace Bates b. 21 Nov 1906 Taylor, Bingham, Idaho

2. Lola Bernice Bates b. 10 Oct 1908 Shelley, Bingham, Idaho

3. Maude Lucille Bates b. 1 Aug 1910 Shelley, Bingham, Idaho

4. Lois Elaine Bates b. 27 Jun 1912 Shelley, Bingham, Idaho d. 6 july 1990 Sandy, Salt Lake, Utah, married John Frederick Jeppson 25 Jan 1935 Dillion, Beaver Head, Montana, he was b. 11 Aug 1914 Bingham City, Box Elder, Utah, Lois was Christened 5 Aug 1912, and buried 9 jul 1990.

5. Harold William Bates b. 30 Jan 1916 Shelley, Bingham, Idaho

LEROY JOHNSON [Thomas Smith, Thomas Smith, Isaac] b. 29 Jan 1893 Taylor, Bingham, Idaho d. 8 sep 1956 Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho, married Krista Henrietta Madsen 6 May 1913 Idaho FAlls, Bonneville, Idaho, she was b. 1893

Children are:

1. Shirley L. Johnson b. 1913 Idaho Falls, Idaho married Clifford Richard Mitchell, he was b. 29 Jan 1912 Shelly, Idaho d. 7 Nov 1983 Idaho Falls, Idaho

2. Beulah A. Johnson b. 1914 Idaho Falls, Idaho

3. Idona N. Johnson b. 1916 Idaho Falls, Idaho

4. Pauline A. Johnson B. 1917 Idaho Falls, Idaho

5. Doyle L. Johnson b. 1919 Idaho Falls, Idaho

6. Krista J. Johnson b. 1921 Idaho Falls, Idaho

7. Billy R. Johnson b. 1924 Idaho Falls, Idaho

8. Connie N. Johnson [M] b. 1926 Idaho Falls, Idaho

**YALE S. JOHNSON [Thomas Smith, Thomas Smith, Isaac] b. 10 Jan 1917 Shelley, Bingham, Idaho d. 7 Nov 1986 Downey, Los Angeles County, California [my husband's father]buried 10 Nov 1986 Arlington Cemetery, [military cemetery], Riverside, Riverside County, California, he married MINERVA IRETTA ANDERSON, 1937 Idaho, daughter of Carl Bernard Anderson & Arvina Iretta Curtis, she was born 7 Jun 1917 Lund, Idaho d. 16 Oct 1992 Long Beach, Los Angeles Co, California, she was cremated 20 Oct 1992 and later on, her sister Mary had her ashes put in a plot beside her father's and a tombstone made for her in Lund, Idaho.

She married second Jack Jackson but it didn't last long, Her death certificate is under the name of Minerva Jackson

Children are:

1. **Stanley David Johnson b. 19 Mar 1946 Maywood, Los Angeles Co, California married Tanya Lynn Bonstein 5 Oct 1964 City of Commerce, Los Angeles Co, California at the Baptist Church, she was born 5 Dec 1947 Upland, San Bernardino Co, Calif, daughter of William Bovard Bonstein & Sibyl Rae Payne

Children are:

1. David Allen Johnson Living

2. Michael Brent Johnson Living

2. Joleene Iretta Johnson b. 2 Jan 1938 Blackfoot, Idaho d. 7 Nov 2001 Norwalk, Los Angeles Co, California m Wesley Flinn in Calif.

Children are:

1. Debbie Flinn [living] 2. Jennie Flinn [Living] 3. Wesley Dewayne Flinn died 27 July 1981 Fort Orde, Calif.

4. Lori Jo Flinn [Living]

married Second: Thomas Beal in Calif.

Children are:

1. Thomas Beal [Living]

2. Eric Beal died 1991 Los Angeles Calif.

3. Steven Yale Johnson Living

4. Olive Loraine Johnson Living

5. Don Carl Johnson Living

6. Gladys Nannette Johnson living


HANS ANDERSSON b. 1789 Mora Noret, Kpprbg, Sweden married Maria Hannson b. 1793 Mora Noret, Kpprbg, Sweden

Child is

1. ANDERS HANSSON [Hans Andersson] b. 6 Oct 1815 Mora Noret, Kpprbg, Sweden d. 29 Sep 1889 Mora Noret, Kpprbg, Sweden, married Kerstin Christina Jonsson Jansdotter 11 Nov 1838 Mora Noret, Kpprbg, Sweden, daughter of Jan Jonasson & Marit Mattsson. She was b. 22 May 1811 Farnas, Mora, Kopparberg, Sweden d. 26 Nov 1885 Mora Noret, Kopparberg, Sweden

Children are:

1. HANS ANDERSON b. 23 Jan 1839 Mora Noret, Dalarne, Sweden d. 15 Mar 1932 Rupert, Minadoka, Idaho m. Anna Andersson Hansson 4 Jun 1870 Mora Noret, Kopparberg, Sweden, daughter of Hans Andersson and Karin Olsson, she was b. 6 mar 1848 Vattnas, Mora, Kopparberg, Sweden d. 7 Nov 1918 Rupert, Minadoka, Idaho

2. Kerstin Anderson b. 6 Jan 1844 Mora Noret, Kopparberg, Sweden d. 29 Aug 1848

3. Kerstin Anderson b. 3 Feb 1849 Mora Noret, Kopparberg, Sweden d. 15 Jan 1924

4. Anders Anderson b. 19 may 1841 Mora Noret, Kopparberg, Sweden d. 19 Oct 1864

3. HANS ANDERSON [Anders Hansson, Hans Andersson] b. 23 Jan 1839 Mora Noret, Dalarne, Sweden d. 15 Mar 1932 Rupert, Minadoka, Idaho m. Anna Andersson Hansson 4 Jun 1870 Mora Noret Kopparberg, Sweden daughter of Hans Andersson and Karin Olsson, she was b. 6 Mar 1848 Vattnas, Mora, Kopparberg, Sweden d. 7 Nov 1918 Rupert, Minadoka, Idaho



Hans was born at Mora Noret, Dalarne, Sweden on 23rd of Jan. 1839. Son of Anders Hansson and Kerstin Jonsson. Hans was the eldest of four children, his brother being next and then two sisters. One sister died at age four. His brother drowned when he was 23 years old which was a terrible shock to the family. His other sister married and had four children. His father, Anders Hansson was a farmer, a hard working man. He was also handy with tools such as those used in blacksmithing and carpentry, etc. He built himself a threshmachine which he used and his son also made use of it. It served it's purpose and did the work very well. He and his wife were honest and upright people, well thought of by neighbors and friends. This was the type of home Hans grew up in, God rearing and honest, not rich in this worlds good but they had what they needed, and they worked for it and took care of what they had. Hans was converted to the gospel and baptized when he was 25 years of age. he was baptized in an ice covered river on Apirl 4, 1864. An opening had to be made in the ice for the baptism. The missionary who baptized him was Elder C. E. Larsen. Hans was the only member of his family and as far as we know, the only one in the community to join the church at that time. A few years later, a friend that had been working on a ship on Lake Siljan, where they were loading and unloading timber, told him of a girl that was on the same ship working as a cook. He told him that she was a real defender of her religion and some of the men made light of it. But this impressed Hans and he thought he would like to meet this girl. He made her acquaintance which ripened into love. Hans and Anna were married June 4, 1870. Hans being 31 and Anna 22. Anna Hanson was born at Vattnas, Mora, Sweden on the 6th of March 1848, daughter of Hans Andersson and Karin Olsson. Her parents also were farmers and good people. She was the oldest of a family of four, two boys and two girls. The same summer as Hans and Anna were married, her folks emigrated to Nebraska. Hans and Anna had three boys, the youngest being 7 months old when she was baptized into the church at the age of 30. She was Baptized April 6, 1878 in the river where it emptied into the Lake Siljan and an opening was made in the ice as done for Hans. She was bpatized by P. O. Peterson. Later, Hans and Anna were blessed with another son, Ole and a daughter Anna. Tragedy struck their home when Anna being a frail little one was taken from them at the age of three. The entire family missed her very much as no other girls came to this family. A short while after Anna's death, John was born to them. This same year in Nov. Hans's mother passed on also. Two years later, Carl was born to complete Hans and Anna's family. They now had six boys, the eldest being sixteen. Four years after Hans's mother died, his father died also. In 1891, instead of enjoying the fruits of their labors and settling down to a comfortable life, Hans and Anna sold their land and possessions to come to America and start over again. Hans at this time was age 52 and Anna age 43., Andrew their eldest son left for Ogden, Utah early int he spring and had arrived there June 24, 1891. The rest of the family left Stockholm, Sweden Aug 1, 1891. They were on the North Sea three days and on the Atlantic Ocean for eight days. They arrived in Nebraska Aug 20th in a place called Bega, Near Stanton. This is where Anna's Folks had taken a homestead. They visited with them and also helped them with their farmwork for about six weeks before continuing their journey to Utah and their son Andrew, who at that time was living and working in Ogden. It had been 20 years since Anna had seen her parents and the first time her parents had seen their grandchildren. This was also the last time that they saw each other as Anna's mother died Oct 16, 1896, a short while after Hans and Anna had reached Ogden on Oct 10, 1891. Anna's father died two years later in 1893. The family reached Ogden, and met Andrew and his friend Eric Olsson, who was Andrew's companion since leaving Sweden. They stayed in Ogden during the winter and the next Spring, through help from other friends and missinaries that they had known before, located land to be homesteaded in what was later known as Lund, Idaho. Several names were suggested for the place after they had moved there, such as Asplund, because of the Aspens that grow on the hillsides ther, and Mountain Green was also suggested by someone, but they finally agreed on Lund, as being the best. Lund was called Hawley under the postmaster, henry E. Reddish in similarity of Hailey and Hawley which caused alot of mis-sent mail. Hans Sr. age 53, Andrew and Eric Olsson, all went together and filed on land in the Valley. There was also another friend Carl J. Lundgreen, from Montpelier, Idaho that they knew from his missionary work in Sweden, when they lived there, that also came about the same time. After they had their land filed on, Andrew and Eric Olsson stayed on the place in Lund, and Hans returned to Ogden to the family to ready them for the journey. Andrew and Eric Olsson, in the meantime, had built a two-room cabin on the place Hans ahd filed on so the family could move in. They were one of the first settlers in Lund. Lundgreen moving there the summer after the Andersons and Eric Olsson with them. Eric Olsson built a cabin on his place as soon as Andersons had their home built. All those cabin homes wee built of logs taken from the nearby canyons. It took time and hard work to get them, and then ready them for use in building. Hans and Anna had many hardships and struggles. They had to haul their drinking water from Bancroft about five miles away, and in the winter thime they melted snow for themselves and livestock. The Indians used to come and pay them visits and they had little food for themselves and livestock. The Anderson family extended their hearts and their hands many times in aiding others to get settled. Not to long after they had settled there, a Branch of the Chesterfield Ward was organized there. They had ward teachers come from that ward. There was a Sunday School organized there a few years later when a few more people had moved in and then a ward was organized in 1895, with the Bishop being Albert E. Blair. The new ward was named in honor of Carl J. Lundgreen, one of the first settlers. The Lund ward Relief Society was organized two years later on June 14, 1897 with Rosa B. Knowles as Pres. Although they could not speak or understand Enlgish well, they would go to enjoy the good spirit of the meetings and enjoy the friendships of the many early settlers of this little community. They would bear their testimonies in Swedish. This wonderful Father and Mother in 1907, Hans age 68 and Anna age 59 fulfilled their dreams and were married for Time and Eternity in the Salt Lake Temple. This same year, much temple work was completed for their deceased loved ones. Hans and Anna sent two sons, Andrew and Lars on missions to Sweden also in 1907. In 1910, Carl went to the Western States Mission. They continued to live there in Lund until the year 1916-1917 when they moved to Heyburn to live with their son Andrew who had become a widower with a young son, whom the Grandmother Anna did her best to care for and raise. The Lord said"...and I will take you one of a city, and two of a family, and I will bring you to Zion." Jeremiah 3:14. In the case of Hans and Anna this was so. They became "Saviors on Mt. Zion" to save their ancestors and loved ones who have gone one and not had a chance to join the church. They were a God fearing, honest people and we shall all meet them some day and be proud to call them our people. "And he shall turn the Heart of the Fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers..." Malachi 4:6. It is interesting to note in Anna's Patriarchal Blessing:"...and you shall live as long as you desire life." After being in bed for three months from a stroke which partially paralized her limbs, Anna died at age 70. In Han's Patriarchal Blessing it says "And you shall live upon the earth as long as you desire life and go down to your grave like a head of grain fully ripe. Hans died 14 years after his wife at age 93. Hans and Anna lie side by side in the Riverside Cemetery in Heyburn, Idaho. Hans and Anna filled their mission and gave their posterity a better chance than they had. The relatives they left in Sweden have not had the great blessings that we have had and we should appreciate this heritage. Theirs was a life of work and joy in the Gospel rearing a family of six boys. Surely they lived a life worthy of our best efforts and our love and honor.


If you could see your ancestors all standing in a row

Would you be proud of them or not or don't really know?

Some strange discoveries are made in climbing family trees

And some of them you know, do not particularly please.

If you could see your ancestors, all standing in a row

There might be some of them perhaps, you wouldn't care to know

But there's another question, which requires a different view.

If you could meet you ancestors, would they be proud of you?

This article of Hans and Anna was given to me by my sister-in-law Lorene Wright.

1900 Census Bannock, Idaho District 137

Anderson Hans C Head W M Jan 1839 61 married 30 yrs Sweden

Anna Wife W F Mar 1848 52 Married 30 yrs 7 children born 6 living Sweden

Hans Jr Son W M Feb 1874 26 S Sweden

Sam [Sarn] Son W M Aug 1877 22 S Sweden

Alie [Glie]Son W M July 1880 19 Sweden

John Son W M May 1885 15 Sweden

Carl B. Son W M April 1887 13 Sweden

All Emigrated 1891 Pa, Hans is a Farmer and children are Farm Laborers.

Hans was Baptized [LDS] 4 Apr 1864 by Elder C. E. Larsen, in an ice covered river in Sweden, he immigrated 20 Aug 1891 Stockholm, Sweden to Nebraska, He was one of the first settlers of Lund, Idaho.

Anna Andrsson Hansson Baptized [LDS] 6 Apr 1878 by P. O. Peterson, Ice River, Lake Siljan, Sweden

Children were all born in Mora Noret Kopperberg, Sweden:

1. *Carl Bernard Anderson b. 19 Apr 1887

2. Hans Anderson b. 17 Feb 1874 d. 17 Feb 1936

3. Andrew Hedin Anderson b. 15 Mar 1871 d. 7 May 1958 Logan Cache, Utah

4. Anna Anderson b. 1 Apr 1882 d. 16 May 1885 Sweden

5. John Anderson b. 4 May 1885 d. 21 May 1946 Salt Lake City, Utah

6. Olaf Ole Anderson b. 16 Jul 1880 d. 1969 Rupert, Minadoka, Idaho

7. Lars Anderson b. 23 Aug 1877 d. 17 Dec 1966 Murray, Salt Lake City, Utah

Lars: Latter Day Saints Biographical Encyclopedia Vol 4 Stake and Ward Officers Curlew Stake Baker, Ira Anderson, Lars, Bishop of the Black Pine Ward, Curlew Stake, Idaho from 1924 to 1928, was born Aug. 23, 1877 Mora Noret, Delarne, Kopperbergs, Ian, Sweden, a son of hans Anderson and Anna Hanson. He emigrated to Utah in 1891, was baptized Nov 5, 1891, ordained an Elder March 2, 1901, by Charles Call, filled a mission to Sweden in 1907-1910, and was ordained a Bishop Oct. 19, 1924 by Stephen L. Richards.

Buried 20 dec 1966 Snowville, Box Elder, Utah.

7. CARL BERNARD ANDERSON b. 19 Apr 1887 Mora Noret Kopperberg, Sweden, d. 20 Jul 1967 Rupert, Minadoka, Idaho married [1] ARVINA IRETTA CURTIS 14 Dec 1916 Idaho, daughter of Joseph Hyrum Curtis & Tabitha Richardson, she was b. 24 Mar 1896 Burville, Sevier, Utah d. 19 Dec 1925 at age 29, Idaho [2] Vivetta Perry 27 Sep 1927, she was b. 10 Jul 1904 Rigby, Idaho d. 15 feb 1978, daughter of Elisha Perry & Delaine Malmberg Dahle, they are buried Lund, Idaho,


Carl Bernard Anderson b. Apirl 19, 1887 and was the 6th son of Hans Anderson Sr. and Anna Hansson in Mora Noret Delarne, Sweden: My brother Andrew left for America in the spring of 1891. One month later my parents and family Hans, Lars, Olof, John and I left for America when I was four. Behind us we left little Sister Anna who died when she was 3. We sailed on the poorest ship the company had. The captain said, "It always goes well when lattter day saints go on my ship." We landed in New York that summer and traveled from New York to Nebraska by train. We stopped and visited with mothers brother Oliver Hansson for awhile. After a visit we left Nebraska by train for Ogden, Utah. That same year my father, Andrew and Erick Olson left for Idaho to find a place to homestead. They found land in the Bancroft area in a little community they later named Lund after one of the first homesteaders named Mr. Lundgreen who ran the Lundgreen store. fAther built a house at the point of the mountain which was later called Buckskin Point named after my father who wore a buckskin apron when he worked and rode a buckskin pony. Father wanted us to get an education but the school was quite a distance away and was held only 3 months out of every year. I got a fourth grade education. I went to work at a very young age and learned to stack hay well enough that many farmers in the area wanted me to stack their hay. In the Spring when the sheep were driven to the summer range I would find enjoyment helping them herd them through the lanes. Due to the distance traveled from winter range to summer range it became a problem to get the Ewes to summer range in time for lambing-I was rewarded for my services with bum lambs and weaker sheep who wouldn't make it back to winter range. Thisis how the family got into the sheep business. When I turned 23 [Nov 10, 1910] I received my mission call to serve the Lord in the North and South Dakota's. The ward held a farewell party and I received ..& 80.00 to use toward my mission. Francis M. Lyman was the President of the 12 Apostles at this time and he gave us instructions concerning our missions. He told us to tell the people, "We are traveling as Apostles of old without purse or script depending upon the hospitality of the people for our board and room." Upon leaving for my mission I traveled to Denver, Colorado where I received 3 months training. While in Denver I contracted German Measels and was down for 30 days. As soon as I recovered we started our trek to South Dakota. Shortly after we arrived in South Dakota we were sent to North DAkota where we attended out [our] first mission conference. We walked across both states holding street meetings and distributing Books of Mormon. We were top Elders in the Book distribution and I feel it was due to the fact I could speak both English and Swedish. Many of the people spoke Swedish in the Dakota's. I had many wonderful experiences while on my mission. On which stands out in my mind is the day we came across an elderly man who was hauling dirt from the back of the yard to the front. We offered our services to help and he accepted. We rolled up our sleeves and went to work. In a short time we had the work all finished. The gentleman offered to pay us for our services but we informed him that we were servants of the Lord and were traveling without purse or script depending upon the people for our board and room. He immediately offered us a meal and a room for the night. When we were ready to leave we left him a Book of Mormon and pamphlets. He told us if we were ever in the area again to please stop in his home. His home became a stopping place for many missionaries from that time one. We held several street meetings in this town and the word got around that we were not afraid to work. We were able to place many Books of Mormon in this town before we left to travel to the next town or ranch house along the way. One day we walked for 10 miles without finding anyone who would accept a book. We were tired and hungry. My companion was quite a bit older, he was tired and wanted to stay in the straw stack along the way. I told him I invisioned a house just over the next hill. I told him again, "I know their is a house over the next hill." I described it to him without ever having seen it. I couldn't pursuaede him to go any further. We went over to the nearest straw stack and made a bed in the straw where the animals had eaten a hole in the stack. It was warm covered in the straw. {When we awoke} we hadn't eaten for twenty four hours and we were ready to find something to eat. We rose up and brushed ourselves off and begun our journey. Just over the hill as I had described it to my companion was the house. He then knew I had been inspired the previous night. When we arrived at the house the man of the house said, "Where did you stay last night?" When he heard we had slept in the straw stack he said, "That's to bad, I waited for you last night and had beds waiting for you." We had breakfast with him and had some wonderful experiences talking about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. We has a zone conference in the next town. He offered to give us a ride into town. He told his friends and neighbors about us. We bade him good bye and attended our zone conference. We were called to plant a seed for future missionaries so we gave as many Books of Mormon to as many people as would accept them. That evening after zone conference we held a street meeting. I remember this night. We sang the song An Angel From on High. There was a band from another church who set up across the street and tried to drown us out. The people were very spiritual and they encircled us and with what I know to be Angels from on high did sing with us that night. Soon the band left and we were able to finish our street meeting and our sermon. Most everyone there took a Book of Mormon. We had a good feeling of success. I loved my missionary work because I know we were doing the work of the Lord. We had many more experiences such as this and some very sad ones, too. We were having a street meeting in another town and 2 men, the deputy sheriff and the Marshall rode up on horse back and told us "you tramps!" "leave!" We told them we were not tramps. but missionaries of God, representing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The said "Mormons?" I said, "That's what they call us." They replied, "Preaching False Doctrine." I said we would like to meet some of your learned men and they told us we had to get out of town. We said we would leave in 30 minutes. We looked up and down the street and there was an audience of well over a 1,000. Their eyes were upon us. We turned and walked south and the people still came out on their porches and told us to keep right on going. We've heard all we want about you. I told my partner we'd better turn east to get on another phone exchange. It was almost dark by then and we arrived at a nice old home. We knocked at the door and was told to come in. We told him we were missionaries fromt he church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and then he asked where we were from. We told him we were from Utah and Idaho. He said, "You're not Mormons I hope!" "That's what they call us." I said. Then he told us to get out of his house. He had a 16 year old boy who was sitting in another room listening and when he heard his father order us out he came out shouting "No Dad, No Dad!" When I was in Utah last, I never had to want for a place to sleep or for a good meal." Then his father said that we could stay but he didn't want to hear any of our doctrine. We had traveled through out the Dakota's and we walked on to the corner of Nebraska where we stayed with my uncle Oliver Hansson. I was saddened that he had not yet joined the church. From Nebraska we headed back to Denver and took a train the last 50 miles. We arrived to the conference on time and I was released from my missioning. I returned home and was home only a few short [years] when I met my future wife to be Arvine L. Curtis at a dance in central Idaho. It wasn't long after we met that we set our wedding date.

[This is my husband's Grandparents]

Census Lund, Bannock, Idaho District 39

Anderson, Carl Head, Yes, M W 42 married age 29 b. Sweden

Vevetta P. wife [2nd] H F W 25 married age 23 [2yrs] Idaho

Mernerva I. daughter 12 S Idaho [Stan's mom]

Newel C. son 11 S Idaho

Joseph C. 7 S Idaho

Ruby daughter 17/12 Idaho

Arvina Iretta Curtis's Death certificate # 51969 TIB #1262832

Children of Carl And Arvina Curtis are:

1. ** Minerva Iretta Anderson b. 7 Jun 1917 lund, Idaho d. 16 Oct 1992 Long Beach, California. Cremated 20 Oct 1992 and ashes were dropped over her father's ranch in Lund, Idaho

2. Rose Anderson b. 1919

3. Carl Newell Anderson b. 1 Aug 1918 Lund, Bannock Co, Idaho d. 22 Jan 1978 Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho

4. Joseph C. Anderson b. 1922 lund, Bannock Co, Idaho

Children by Vivetta Perry and Carl are:

1. Ruby Anderson b. 1929 lund, Idaho

2. Mary Ann Anderson b. lund, Idaho

3. Kenneth Anderson b. Lund, Idaho

4. Gerald Anderson b. Lund, Idaho

5. Dean Anderson b. Lund, Idaho

6. John Reed Anderson b. Lund, Bannock Co, Idaho

9. ANDREW HEDIN ANDERSON [Hans, Hansson, Hans, Anderson] b. 15 Mar 1871 Mora Noret, Koppparberg, Sweden d. 7 May 1958 Logan, Cache, Utah married in Heyburn, Idaho, Immigrated 24 Jun 1891 New York, He had a child Unknown

11. JOHN ANDERSON [Hans, Anders Hansson, Hans Andersson] b. 4 May 1885 Mor Noret, Kopparberg, Sweden d. 21 May 1946 Salt Lake City, Utah, buried Elysian Garden, Murray, Salt Lake, Utah m. Daisy Fern Strange 10 Mar 1910 Logan, Cache, Utah daughter of Thomas Strange & Annie Peterson. b. 5 Sep 1891 Draper, Salt Lake, Utah d. 19 Apr 1971 Salt Lake City, Utah buried 22 Apr 1971 Elysian Gardens, Murray, Salt Lake, Utah

Children are:

1. Frank Anderson b. Apr 1911 Lund, Bannock, Idaho

2. Weldon Frank Anderson b. 21 Dec 1912 lund, Bannock, Idah d. 2 Nov 1996 Murray, Salt Lake, Utah buried 5 Nov 1996 Elysian Gardens

m. Louise Stephenson 9 Sep 1938 Salt Lake City, Utah b. 19 Nov 1916 Holden, Millard, Utah d. 14 Mar 1999 West Valley City, Salt Lake. Utah, buried 19 Mar 1999 Elysian Gardens

3. Wilba Marie Anderson b. 19 Sep 1915 Lund, Bannock, Idaho

4. Burton Thomas Anderson b. 12 Oct 1918 lund, Bannock Idaho

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