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James Edmiston b. abt 1730 Burke Co, NC d. 1803 Burke Co, NC married Margaret b. abt 1740 Burke co, NC.


1. George Edmiston b. 1755 Burke Co. NC

2. Mary Ann Edmiston b. 1757 Burke Co, NC, m. 30 Oct 1792 John Dickson

3. Samuel Edmiston b. 1759 Burke co, NC

4. John Edmiston b. 1760 Burke Co, NC

5. James Edmiston b. 1763 Burke Co, NC

6. David James Edmiston b. abt 1765 Burke co. NC **

7. Moses James Edmiston b. 2 Mar 1770 Burke Co. NC

8. Isabella Edmiston b. 1773 Burke Co. NC

Note: Home said to be West of Old Fort, fortified against Indians and Tories.

{6} DAVID JAMES EDMISTON b. abt 1765 NC d. Mar. 1824 Clark Co. Ark. Married ANN TEMPLETON BREVARD ABT 1787 Burke McDowell Co. NC, she was b. 6 Jan. 1766 Centre Church area, Iredell Co, NC d. aft 1846 Washington County, Ark. she is buried in the Edmiston Cemetery near Morrow, Ark. She is buried in center of cemetery in unmarked crypt. She is the daughter of Zebulon Brevard b. 29 Mar. 1724 Elk River, Cecil Co, MD d. 8 Mar. 1798 Burke Co, NC. and Ann Templeton b. Nov 1733 Lancaster, PA d. 1800 Burke Co, NC.

Census: 1830 Clark Co. Ark.

Resided in 1810 in Williamson Co. Tenn.

Children of David Edmiston and Ann Brevard are:

1. Mary Edmiston b. abt 1787 Burke, McDowell Co, NC m. a Walker, it is said they moved to Louisiana.

2. Zebulon Brevard Edmiston b. 20 Mar. 1789 NC d. 29 Oct. 1831 Clark Co. Ark.

3. Nancy Edmiston b. 1796 Sullivan Co. Tenn. d. abt. 1850

4. Isabella Edmiston b. bef. 1799 Tenn. d. abt. 1840

5. Cynthia Edmiston b. 15 Aug 1799 Lost Creek, White Co, Tenn. d. aft. 1880 Washington Co, Ark.

6. Melinda E. Edmiston b. 1803 Williamson Co. Tenn. d. bef 1860 in Washigton Co, Ark.

7. David Crawford Edmiston b. 21 July 1805 Williamson Co, Tenn. d. 18 April 1889 Washington Co, Ark. **

8. Lucinda E. Edmiston b. abt 1807 Williamson Co, Tenn. married a Stewart

2. Zebulon Brevard Edmiston b. 20 Mar. 1789 NC d. 29 Oct 1831 Clak Co. Ark. He was murdered by Charles Cox... married Nancy Moore 13 Jan 1820 Clark Co. Ark. She was the daughter of Nathanial Moore & Rebecca Adams. She was b. 16 Oct 1802 GA d. 17 Oct 1880 Webberville, Travis Co, Texas. She is buried in Manor Cem.

Children of Zebulon and Nancy are:

1. James Euwin Edmiston b. 18 Nov 1820 Clark Co. Ark. d. 28 Oct 1892 Sonora, Tuolumne Co, Calif. Is buried in the Masonic Cemetery. Married [1] Cordelia S. Richardson in Calif. She was b. 1827 CT married [2] Margaret Ann Warren b. 1825 MO. d. Sierra Nevada Mts. She is in the 1850 Census for Sonora Calif.

Children of James and Margaret are:

1. Charles Lee Edmiston b. 1860 Calif.

2. James Euwin Edmiston b. 1866 Sonora, Calif.

2. David Crawford Edmiston b. 2 Mar. 1825 Clark Co. Ark. d. 18 Jan 1903 Webberville, Travis Co. Texas. Married Rhoda B. Bowen 3 July 1856 Webberville, Tx, She was b. 20 Aug 1836 Ft. Stockton, Madison Co. Ark. d. 22 May 1924 Webberville, Travis Co. Tx. both buried Manor Cem.

Children of David and Rhoda are:

They were all born in Webberville, Tx

1. Elizabeth Edmiston b. 20 Feb 1874

2. Florence E. Edmiston b. 31 Mar 1872

3. Martha A. Edmiston b. 14 April 1868

4. Margaret Edmiston b. 14 April 1868

5. Melissa Jane Edmiston b. 3 May 1878

6. James Zebulon Edmiston b. 20 May 1863

7. Cordelia Edmiston b. 26 June 1870

8. Mary Ann Crawford Edmiston b. 14 July 1866

9. Cora B. Edmiston b. 31 Aug 1861

10. Nancy Ellen Edmiston b. 28 Dec 1875 d. 3 Oct 1962 Austin, Tx

3. Nancy B. Edmiston b. 24 Jan 1830 Clark Co, Ark.

4. Mary B. Edmiston b. 29 June 1828 Clark Co. Ark.

5. Rebecca Ann Edmiston b. 12 Dec 1822 Antione, Clark Co. Ark.

3. Nancy Edmiston b. 1796 Sullivan Co. Tenn d. aft 1850, she married Joseph Delaney in Ark. He was b. 1790 Lost Creek, White Co, Tenn d. 1850 Clark Co, Ark.

Children of Nancy and Joseph Delaney are:

1. Melissa Delaney b. 1828 Clark Co. Ark.

2. Minerva Delaney b. 1830 Clark Co, Ark.

3. James Delaney b. 1831 Clark Co. Ark.

4. John Delaney b. 1833 Clark Co. Ark.

5. David Delaney b. 1837 Clark Co. Ark.

6. Sarah Delaney b. 1839 Clark Co. Ark.

7. Rebecca Ann Delaney b. 17 Sept. 1826 Clark Co. Ark. d. 24 Dec 1904 Johnson Co. TX Married Colonel Laramore 1 July 1849 WAshington Co. Ark., he was the son of Samuel Laramore & Anna Shannon, He was b. 1826 Ark. Both buried Laramore Cem. Cleburne, Tx.

Children of Rebecca and Colonel are:

Children all born in Washington Co. Ark

1.Christopher Columbus Laramore b. 12 Mar 1858

2. Rhoda Gray Laramore b. 23 Mar 1861

3. John Manley Laramore b. 29 Apr 1854

4. Fannie G. Laramore b. 19 May 1866

5. Mary Brunette Laramore b. 17 June 1851

6. Martha Jane Laramore b. 15 July 1850

7. Alice B. Laramore b. 17 July 1855

8. Texana Laramore b. 28 Nov 1856

9. William Lively Laramore b. 2 Dec 1852

10. Alexander Franklin Laramore b. 2 dec 1864

11. Laura Ann Laramore b. 20 Dec 1859

12. Samuel Davis Laramore b. 30 Dec 1862

5. Cynthia Edmiston b. 15 Aug. 1799 Lost Creek, White Co. Tenn. d. aft 1880 Washington Co. Ark. married John Joseph Ish 20 May 1819 Clark Co. Ark. He is the son of John Ish & Elizabeth Keppener. He was b. 23 April 1786 Lancaster Co. PA

Children of Cynthia and John Ish are:

1. Elizabeth Ann Ish b. 1823 Clark Co. Ark

2. David Ish b. 1830 Clark Co. Ark

3. Mary Ish b. 1833 Washington Co. Ark.

4. Frances Olive Ish b. 1838 Washington Co. Ark. Married Hugh Evins, he was b. 1834, she is buried Bethlehem Cem.

Children of Francis and Evins are:

1. Alexander Evins b. 1867

2. Adeline Evins b. 1868

3. Park Evins b. 1870

4. Hugh Evins b. 1872

5. Alexander Ish b. 1828 Clark Co. Ark.

6. Phebe Adaline Ish b. 15 Oct 1826 Clark Co. Ark.

7. William Wilson Ish b. 14 April 1841 Washington Co. Ark

8. Jacob Ish b. 23 April 1831 Clark Co. Ark.

9. Sarah Jane Ish b. 17 June 1835 Cane Hill, Washington Co. Ark. d. 19 Jan 1918 Fort Smith, Sabastian Co. Ark married Frank Parke 28 Aug 1856 WAshington Co. Ark. He was b. 11 July 1829 Leitrim Co. Ireland. Sarah is buried in Oak Cem. Section 7 Lot-34

Children of Sarah and Parke are:

1. Myrtle McCullough Parke b. 1877 Ft Smith, Sebastion Co. Ark.

2. Lady Parke b. Ft Smith, Sebastioan Co. Ark

3. Lillie May Parke b. 1881 Ft Smith, Sebastian Co. Ark.

4. Lallah Rookh Parke b. 1883 Ft Smith, Sebastian Co. Ark.

5. Jane Parke b. 1885 Ft Smith Ark

6. Frank Parke b. 18 Oct 1866 Ft Smith, Ark

7. Adelaide H. W. Parke b. 25 June 1872 Ft Smith, Ark

8. Mary Parke b. 23 Aug 1869 Ft Smith, Ark

9. Phoebe Parke b. 16 Dec 1875 Ft. Smtih Ark

10. Augustue Winfieldl Parke b. Ft Smith Ark

6. Melinda E. Edmiston b. 1803 Williamson Co. Tenn d. bef. 1860 Washington Co. Ark. married Henry G. McLaughlin abt 1826 Clark Co. Ark. He was b. 1803 Belleview District Missouri d. 1860 Washington Co. Ark.

Census: 1830, Antione, Clark Co. Ark.

Children of Melinda and Henry McLaughlin are:

1. Elizabeth Ann McLaughlin b. 1828 Ark.

2. Almeda McLaughlin b. 1830 Ark.

3. Martha McLaughlin b. 1832 Ark.

4. Nancy McLaughlin b. 1834 Ark.

5. Sarah McLaughlin b. 1836 Ark.

6. Jane McLaughlin b. 1840 Ark married Henderson Palmer Greene, he was b. 1828 Ark..


1. Emma Otie Greene b. 1875

2. Caddie Greene b. 1877

7. Thomas McLaughlin b. 1842 Pike Co. Ark.

8. William McLaughlin b. 1844 Pike Co. Ark

9. Margaret McLaughlin b. 1845 Pike Co. Ark. She married a Ross, They had Greg Ross

7. DAVID CRAWFORD EDMISTON ** b. 21 July 1805 Williamson Co. Tenn. d. 18 April 1889 Washington Co. Ark.Buried Edmiston Cem. near Morrow Ark. He married Rebecca Thornton 14 Oct 1827 Clark Co. Ark. she is the daughter of William Thornton & Mary Woolsey, she was b. 22 nov 1807 Union Co. Illinois d. 3 Aug 1851 Washington Co. Ark. Buried Edmiston Cem. near Morrow, Ark.

Notes: Census 1830 Clark Co. Ark. Census 1840 Washington Co. Ark. Census 1850 Washington Co. Ark. Census 1860 WAshington Co. Ark. Census 1870 WAshington Co. Ark. Census 1880 Washington Co. Ark.

1880 Census Vineyard, Washington Co. Ark. FHLF 1254058 NA Film No. T9-0058 P. 658B

D. Crawford Edmiston 74 b. TN Farmer Parents b. NC Rebecca Edmiston 72 b. ILL parents b. GA D. Ashley 29 b. AR Farmer parents b. TN Cornelia J. DaugL 28 b. AR lives in family father b. TN mother b. NC Kinney A. Edmiston GSon 8 b. AR Olga Belle Edmiston GDau 6 b. AR Dania A. Edmiston GDau 5 b. AR Thomas C. Edmiston GSon 1 b. AR

Note: Military Service: Mexican War and other conflicts 34th AR Infantry [CSA] Co. B

Children of David and Rebecca are:

1. Harvey Henderson Edmiston b. 1817 Lost Creek, White Co. Tenn. d. 6 Dec 1880 Washington Co. Ark. [Adopted, don't know whether he belonged to a brother of David's or what happened to the parents of Harvey. Any info would be greatly appreciated] [He is my gg-grandfather] [Perhaps his parents were killed by Indians, would really like to find out.. He could have been a child of one of his sisters also. Perhaps Henderson might turn out to be a clue]

Harvey married Lucinda Caroline Gray, she is the daughter of Sanfod Foley Gray and Elizabeth Ormes. She was b. 7 Oct 1825 Ark. d. abt 1870 WAshington Co. Ark.

Notes: Harvey owned land in Fayetteville: Document Number 439 Total Acres 40, signature yes Issue date: Aug. 2, 1838 Legal Land Description: 1 SWSE Base Line 5th PM Fractional Section NO Township 14N Range 32W Secion 3

Document Number 719 Total Acres 40 Signature yes Issue date 2, Aug 1838

Document Number 2385 Total acres 160 Signature yes Issue date: 2 Sept 1839 Legal Land Description: 1 NE 5th PM NO 14N 32W section 31 He owned 3 parcels of land in Fayetteville.

Census 1880 Vineyard Twp, Washington Co. Ark. age 63, widowed, parents b. TN, census taken 10 June 1880

Children of Harvey and lucinda are:

1. Thomas Alexander Edmiston b. 23 Sept 1845 Washigton Co. Ark. d. 20 May 1875 Washington Co. Ark.

2. Frances Jane [Fanny] Edmiston ** b. 8 Aug 1847 Cane Hill, Washington Co. Ark [g-grandmother] believed to have died in Texas. married John Franklin Payne b. 25 Aug 1847, they married 30 Dec 1875 Washington Co. Ark. John was murdered on his fig farm near Fresno, Calif late 1930's, murder never solved. Son of Nehemiah Payne 1808 NC and Frances Fannie Stepp 1811 NC. They are in William G. Payne's Bible, John's brother.

Children of Fannie & John Payne are:

1. Charlie F. Payne b. 19 Oct 1876 Morrow, Ark. d. 1892, age 16, killed by a run away horse and wagon.

2. Joseph Sanford Payne ** b. 22 Nov 1877 Morrow, Ark. d. 18 April 1953 Upland, San Bernidino County, Calif. buried Bellevue Cem. on Mountain Ave in Ontario, Calif. He married Mary Jennie Allen On 7 Nov 1900 Cane Hill, Washington Co, Ark. She was the daughter of William Crawford Allen and Martha Elizabeth Johnston, she was b. 8 Aug 1882 Cane Hill, Washington Co. Ark. d. 5 Jan 1967 Fullerton, Orange Co, Calif. buried Bellevue Cem ontario, Calif. [my grandparents].

Joseph and Mary's Children are:

1. James Clarence Payne b. 11 Dec 1901 Cane Hill, Washington Co, Ark. d. 17 June 1940 in Prairie Grove, Washington Co, Ark. He is buried in Prairie Grove Cem. Location N-43-15. He died of Appendicitis, but was treated for double pnemonia. He married first, Bonnie Gosh, she was b. 1 Jan 1904 Ark. d. 1 Jan 1927 Prairie Grove. She died about 3 mos after they were married of Lukemia. She is buried in Prairie Grove Cem. Location N-43-18. He married Second: Clara May Cushing on 25 Aug 1928 Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, She was b. 28 June 1906 Broken Arrow, OK. d. 15 Jan 1996 Hawthorne, Nevada. She was married first to Ralph Wakefield, they divorced then she married Jim. She had a daughter Dorothy Wakefield. [Living]

Children by James and Clara Cushing-Wakefield Payne Are:

1. Jimmy Payne b. 1 April 1931 d. 12 Nov 1973 2. Bobby Payne d. Oct 2004

3. Betty Payne b. 1938 Has a daughter Sioux Randall

Notes for Clara Cushing Wakefield Payne:

Clara May Cushing was the daughter of John Cushig and Eleanor Gaston, she raised four children during the War years. She was proud of her contribution to the War Effort as she assembled planes used in World War II. She worked for Douglas Aircraft in Long Beach, Calif. between 1942 & 1948. Clara was mechanically inclined from childhood and often helping male family members repair thier engines. She retired from Grayson Heat [making Robert Shaw Thermostatic Controls] after 27 years of service. Before moving to Hawthorne Nevada, where her daughter Dorothy Larson was located. Clara was an active member of the Church of Latter Day Saints, also known as LDS or Mormons, and of the Relief Society known also as Mormon Women Meeting. She was proceeded in death by her husbands, James Clarence Payne and Ralph Wakefield, and by a son, Jimmie Payne, Grandaughter, Linda Darlene Larson. Surviving Clara May are daughers Dorothy Larson of Hawthrone, NV and Betty Randall of Modesto, Calif. a son Bobby Payne of Fountain Valley, Calif, 10 grandchildren & 14 great grandchildren, and 2 great great grandchildren. Many years Clara remarried Ralph Wakefield.

2. Lena Elizabeth Payne b. 8 Oct 1905 Cane Hill, Ark. d. 18 Sept 1992 Springdale, Ark. buried 21 Sept 1992 Elm Springs Cem. Ark. married Walter Evertt Holcomb, he was b. 16 Apr 1899 d. 3 Oct 1972 Springdale, Ark. buried Oct 6, 1972 Elm Springs Cem. Ark.

Children are: 1. Evertt Allen Holcomb [Living]

2. Bonnie Jim Holcomb d. 2 Feb 2002 Springdale, Ark. married George Biazo, Children are:

1. Harold Biazo

2. Dennis Biazo

3. Jerry Biazo

3. Joseph Allen Payne b. 26 Feb 1908 Cane Hill, Ark. d. 8 Aug 1998 Ensinidis, San Diego, Calif. married Edith Laverne Kelly, daughter of John Kelly. She d. 25 Jan 2001 San Diego, Calif. Uncle Allen worked for Howard Hughs. He died of Parkinson's Disease. They had one child, Paula Payne [living] married Donald McCullic, they had Debbie McCullic.

4. Frances Payne b. 16 June 1911 Ark. d. 22 Feb 1982 Springdale, Ark. buried Elm Springs Cem. married Gilbert Kelly [he was cousin to Edith Kelly], he was b. 8 Feb 1909 d. 27 Feb 1982 Springdale, Ark. buried Elm Springs, Ark.

Children are: 1. Joe Kelly [living]

2. Steve Kelly [Living]

3. Girl Kelly [living]

4. Male Kelly [living]

If you have any info on the Kelly lines would appreciate the help.

5. Ruth Belle Payne b. 21 Apr 1917 Lincoln, Ark. d. 13 Jun 1987 Show Low, Arizona. married William Edward Holland, b. 24 Mar 1906 d. 14 Apr 1991 Show Low, Arizona.


1. Mary Lou Holland b. [Living] m. James Barns

1. Richard Barns [living]

2. Pyliss Barns [living]

2. Eddie Payne Holland [living] Has a daughter Jenna Holland

Note: Aunt Ruth was an evangelist and missionary. She was the only person I have ever met that really lived what she believed. She is the one that taught us children about the Lord and the Bible. I will always be grateful, if it wasn't for her, I would not be saved and serving the Lord to this day. She was with the Indians in Arizona for many years and had a great love for them. She had been going to the Philipines and working as a missionary for the last few years of her life, she loved it, she always said the Philipino's were wonderful generous people and she loved it there. Infact, she was packed and ready to leave to go there when Jesus called her on home to be with Him.

6. Sybil Rae Payne [Living] This is my mother. She has 8 children of which I am the third. They are all living, we are very blessed.

1. Billie Rae Bonstein [Living]

2. Nathan David Bonstein {living]

3. Tanya lynn Bonstein [me]

4. Mary Jo Barron [living]

5. Donna Elizabeth Barron [living]

6. Jamie Alona Barron [living]

7. Michael Douglas Outland [Living]

8. Michelle Coleene Outland [living]

If you would like any info about any of these email me and I will ask them if it is ok to give the info.

3. John Harvey Payne b. 28 Mar 1879 Prairie Grove, Washington Co. Ark. d. 19 Mar 1943 Fresno, Calif. age 43 yrs 11 mos 22 days. Night Watchman in San Francisco, Calif.

4. Frances Louella Payne b. 18 May 1881 Prairie Grove, Ark. d. 7 Aprl 1958 Texas, married Malon Ingram Flowers, son of Andrew Flowers & Martha Thornburgh, he was b. 3 Mar 1851 East Bethlehem Twp, Washington Co, PA d. 31 Jul 1933 Texas

Children are:

1. William M. Flowers b. 1 Dec 1902 Guadalupe, Tx d. 3 Oct 1984 Guadalupe, Tx m. Alene Griffin b. 5 May 1912 d. 15 Aug 1999.

2. Leo Fay Flowers b. 14 Sept 1904 Tx d. 16 Jun 1927 Saturn, Waelder, Tx. Age 22 yrs 8 ms 16 dys. buried 17 June Waelder Cen. Tx

3. Martha Hazel Flowers b. 26 mar 1907 d. 5 Feb 1995 m. Clarence Moore


1. Clarence Moore

2. Glenn Moore

3. Fennon Moore

4. Dale Moore

4. Easrl Flowers b. 7 Sept 1909 d. May 1976 Tx m. Earlene


1. Fay Flowers 2. Gail Flowers

5. Ruby Flowers b. 4 Jun 1912 d. 1999 m. Buddy Anderson

had Loretta Anderson m. Hennard

6. Frances Flowers b. 13 Apr 1916 d. 28 July 2000 Gonzales, Tx m.[1] Louis Hohensee b. 19 Mar 1912 d. Jun 1982 Gonzales, Tx. [2] Wesley Dean on 28 Oct 1966 Bexas, Tx

Children of Louis and Frances are:

1. Kay Hohensee m Payne

2. Linda Hohensee

7. Leona Flowers b. 2 Sept 1918 m. [1] Johnny Bost [2] Guy Gear on 5 Mar 1971 in Guadalupe, Tx. he was b. 7 Jun 1907 d. 20 Apr 1988 San Antonio, Bexar, Tx. Leona had two daughters by Bost Gail & Carol

8. Archie Ingram Flowers b. 26 Dec 1920 d. 18 Feb 1998 Brazos, Tx m. [1] Rosemary Hall, b. 13 Jun 1922 d. 5 Dec 1993 Brazos, Tx. They had a daughter Suzanne Flowers m. Arnold, [2] Erna K Ellerman on 3 Sep 1994 in Brazo, Tx.

5. William Hugh Payne b. 23 Sept 1885 Morrow, Ark. d. 8 Mar 1961 Englewood, Los Angeles County, Calif. Worked for the Railroad, it is said he married his housekeeper very late in life.

6. Eunice Maude Payne b. 17 May 1887 Morrow, Ark. d. 4 Jan 1964 Mt. Hope, Kansas married Ernest Paul Chambers 11 Dec 1910 Maysville, Ark. He was b. 31 Aug 1887 Centerton, Benton Co, Ark. d. 27 Mar 1959 Mt Hope, Kansas, he was the son of Robert Oliver [DR] Chambers & Samantha Jane Campbell, Ernest was buried 30 Mar 1959 Wulf Mortuary, by Rev. Eldon Smoot, Mt Hope Cem., in 1921 he had a Garage Business operated fro 24 yrs. retiring in 1945. In 1912 lived in Southwest City, MO until 1916 moved back to Mt Hope, Kansas. They had one child: Gerald Raymond Chambers b. 8 Aug 1914 Southwest City, MO. died in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He married Jessica.



Mrs. Ernest P. Chambers, 76, died Saturday at Halstead Hospital. She had been a patient there one week. Born May 17, 1887, in Morrow, Ark., she married Ernest P. Chambers in 1910 at Maysville, Ark. She had lived in the Mt. Hope community since 1911. She was a member of the Federated Church of Mt. Hope, American Legion Auxillary and Royal Neighbors. She is survived by a son, Gerald, Cheyenne, Wyo., and a granddaughter, Susan. Funeral services for Mrs. Chambers were at 2 p.m. Tuesday at the Wulf Mortuary with Rev. Boyd E. Bonebrake officiating. Burial was in Mt. Hope Cemetery.

7. Fred Payne b. Arkansas

8. Jennie Payne, it is said grandpa had a twin sister that died in infancy, I haven't been able to prove this yet, she died of whooping cough.


Sanford Foley Gray b. 20 Mar 1801 North Carolina d. 6 Nov 1889 Washington Co, Ark. m. Elizabeth Brooks Ormes, b. 17 Oct 1806 Ark. d. 30 Jul 1878 Washington Co. Ark. [ggg-grandparents]

Children are:

1. **Lucinda Caroline Gray b. 7 Oct 1825 TN [info above]m. Harvey Henderson Edmiston

2. Eunice Jane Gray b. July 1827 TN m. Zebulon Brevard Edmiston, brother to Harvey. Info below under his name.

3. Thomas Washington Gray b. 1811

4. John Alexander Gray b. 1829

5. Elizabeth Brooks Gray b. 1834

6. James Franklin Gray b. 1838

7. Henrietta Ann Gray b. 25 Sep 1842, d. 6 Sep 1935 m. Hugh Simpson, b. 27 Jan 1837 d. 23 May 1903 Son of Hugh Simpson & Elizabeth Jane Morrow

Children are:

1. Elizabeth Simpson

2. Loretta Ann Simpson

3. William Macklin Simpson

4. Mary Alice Simpson

5. Elmina Simpson

6. Fannie Isabella Simpson

7. Effie Simpson

8. Maggie Lee Simpson

9. Inez Gray Simpson

10. George Sanford Simpson b. 14 Apr 1878

11. Hugh Simpson b. 28 Feb 1890

12. Elizabeth Simpson

HUGH SIMPSON b. 18 Dec 1787 York Dist. SC d. 18 Dec 1860 Washington Co, Ark. m. 4 Jan 1818 Bowling Green, Warren Co, KY Elizabeth Jane Morrow, b. 4 Jan 1795 Chester, SC, d. 1860 Washington Co, Ark. daughter of John Morrow & Mary B. Calhoun

Children are:

1. Jack Morrow Simpson b. 2 Nov 1818

2. Elijah Simpson b. 2 Nov 1820

3. Mary Ann Simpson b. 1 Jan 1823

4. George W. Simpson b. 27 Feb 1827 Cane Hill, Washington Co, Ark.

5. Margaret Catherine Simpson b. 28 Nov 1829

6. Elizabeth Jane Simpson b. 7 Jul 1833

7. Hugh Simpson b. 27 Jan 1837

JOHN MORROW b. 1752 NC d. 1813 Warren Co, KY [Killed in Combat] m. 1774 Chester Dist. SC, Mary B. Calhoun b. 1 Nov 1757 Abbeville Dist. SC d. 1805 Long Cane Creek, Abbeville Co, SC

Note: A marker has been placed on Kings Mountain in SC in honor of three country boys who saved the day at the battle of Cowpens on Jan. 17, 1781. The three were James, John and Hugh Morrow. [Information from a letter by Mrs. Eloise Morrow Waters] from [BowmanSimpson204.FTW]

Children are

1. Mary Polly Morrow

2. Virginia Morrow

3. Elizabeth Jane Morrow b. 4 Jan 1795 Chester, SC

4. Mary F. Morrow b. 1796 6. George Morrow b. 1800

7. Margaret Morrow b. 1803

8. Hugh Morrow b. 1805

9. John Morrow b. Apr 1808 Warren Co, KY

EZEKIEL CALHOUN b. 1720 Donegal, Ireland d. 25 May 1762 Abbeville Dist. SC [was Justice of the Peace, Granville Co, VA]m. Jane Ewing b. 1725 Va, daughter of John Ewing & Rebecca,

Child is:

1. Mary B. Calhoun b. 1 Nov 1757 Abbeville Dist. SC m. John Morrow

Note: William "Sandy" Andrewss research:

Doctor Ezekiel was on a trip to their former home in Augusta Co, VA for the purpose of selling land. He was killed by Indians while standing in the door of a cabin and was buried on that location.

BowmanSimpson204. FTW

JAMES PATRICK CALHOUN b. 1688 Crosh House, Tyrone Co, Ireland d. 1741 Chestnut Level, Lancaster Co, PA, Immigrated from Ireland in 1733, m. Catherine Montgomery in Londonderry, Donegal Co, Tyrone, Ireland, she was b. abt 1684 Ulster, N. Ireland d. 1 Feb 1760 Long Cane Creek, Granville Co, SC. [now Abbeville Co]

Children are:

1. Patrick Calhoun b. 11 Jun 1727 Donegal, Ireland

2. Catherine Mary Calhoun b. 1714 Donegal, Ireland

3. Ezekiel Calhoun b. 1720 Donegal, Ireland

4. James Calhoun b. 1716 Ireland

5. William Caldwell Calhoun b. 1723 County Donegal, Ireland

ALEXANDER COLQUHOUN REV. b. 1662 Crosh House Co, Tyrone, Ireland d. 1716 Ardstraw, Co, Tryone, Ireland, received his degree in 1684 from the University of Dublin [B.A. Degree], m. 1684 County Tyrone, Ireland, Judith Hamilton b. 1662 Manor Hamilton, County Tyrone, Ireland, daughter of James H. Hamilton b. 1630 Hamilton, Lanark, Scotland & Catherine Leslie b. 1638 Scotland

Children are:

1. John Calhoun b. 1685 Strabane, Ireland

2. William Calhoun b. 1686 Crosh House, Co. Tyrone, Ireland

3. Audley Calhoun b. 1687 [same]

4. James Patrick Calhoun b. 1688 [same]

5. Judith Calhoun b. 1690 [same]

6. Humphry Calhoun b. abt 1694 [same]

7. Catherine Calhoun b. abt 1696 [same]

8. Helen Calhoun b. abt 1698 [same]

9. Andrew Calhoun b. 1700 [same]

10. Frances Calhoun b. 1703 [same]

11. Alexander Calhoun Jr. b. 1705 [same]

12. Hugh Calhoun b. abt 1692 [same]

Note: Rev. Alexander entered the University of Dublin as a Pensioner, July 7, 1679. He received his B.A. degree in 1684, took Holy Orders and became curate of the parish of Clogherny, Diocese of Armagh.

If you would like more info on the Calhoun's go to put in the name and go under BowmanSimpson, and go to

8. Mason Foley Gray b. 1844, m. 28 [or 22] May 1868, Margaret Acenith Latta b. 29 Mar 1843 Vineyard, Washington co, Ark. d. 14 Feb 1917 Dodd City, TX.

Children are:

1. Thomas Sanford Gray b. 31 Mar 1869 Cane Hill, Ark.

2. William Henry Sanford Gray b. 20 Jan 1876

3. John Elmer Sanford Gray b. 9 Jan 1878

4. Luther Sanford Gray b. 17 Apr 1880

5. Robert Earl Sanford b. 27 Jan 1882 m. Elma Love

Child is:

1. Lois Arledge Sanford

[For some reason, this family goes by Sanford and have given up the Gray name??] Margaret Latta's Family:

Thomas Neely Latta b. 14 Apr 1820 Duck River, Murry Co, TN d. 9 Sep 1908 Dodd City, Fannin Co, TX, son of Samuel Latta b. 1792 York Dist. SC, * Mary Boyd, m. 4 Mar 1841 Vineyard, Washington Co, Ark, Emily Chandler, daughter of Jacob Chandler & Elizabeth Reeder, she was b. 5 Apr 1816 Washington Co, Ar. d. 16 Feb 1897 Dodd City, Tx. [birth date could be 15 Apr 1816][Name changed from Eunice Reeder to Elizabeth Reeder from email from Linda Roberts 13 Feb 2005, Thanks Linda]

Children are:

1. Elizabeth Loretta Latta b. 25 Dec 1841 Washington co, Ar.

2. Margaret Acenith Latta b. 29 Mar 1843 Vineyard, Wash. Co, Ar.

3. William Franklin Latta b. 12 oct 1844 Washington Co, AR.

4. Robert Alfred Latta b. 28 feb 1847 Fannin Co, TX

5. Dialtha Eugenia Latta b. 23 Nov 1849 Bonhan, Fannin Co, TX

6. mary Lucinda Latta b. 16 Jul 1851 Fannin Co, TX

7. Thomas Jefferson Latta b. 31 Dec 1852 Bonham, FAnnin Co, TX

8. Martha Jane Latta b. 28 Aug 1854 Fannin Co, TX

9. Delbert Chandler Latta b. 16 Feb 1856 Fannin Co, TX

10. John Luther Latta b. 16 Nov 1853 Dodd City, TX

9. Mary Ellen Gray b. 1848

ROBERT GRAY b. 1770 Halifax Co, VA died in Williamson Co, TN m. Henrietta in Virginia. [4th great grandparents]

Robert Gray is on the Halifax Co., VA Tax Rolls from 1792 to 1798. In 1804 he bought land in Person Co, NC & sold it in 1807.

Children are:

1. James A. Gray

2. Nicey Gray

3. Robert Gray

4. Harriet L. Gray 1799

5. SANFORD FOLEY GRAY b. 20 Mar 1801 NC d. 6 Nov 1889 Washington Co, Ark. m. ELIZABETH ORMES

6. Henry W. Gray b. 1806

7. Mason J. Gray b. 1806

8. Alexander M. Gray b. 1815

9. John G. Gray b. 1815

ALEXANDER GRAY b. 9 Aug 1736 Roxburghshire, Scotland d. abt 1791 Halifax Co, VA m. Elizabeth Fitzhugh, b. 1740 King George Co, VA d. 1823 Halifax Co, VA, daughter of William Fitzhugh b. 1725 Stafford Co, VA & Ursula Beverly. [5th Great Grandparents]

Children are:

1. Robert Gray [above]

2. James Gray 1758

3. John Gray b. 5 May 1760

4. Alexander Gray b. 1766

5. George Gray b. 1773

6. Henry Gray b. 1775

7. Elizabeth Gray b. 1777

8. Mary Polly Gray b. 1779

9. Salley Gray b. 1781

ALEXANDER GRAY b. 1701 m. Margaret Thynne b. abt 1701 [6th Great Grandparents]


Evan Brook Ormes B. 1775 Washington Co, Vir. d. 26 Dec 1855 Franklin, Williamson C0, TN m. [1] Unknown [2] 1797 Eleanor Ellen Henderson b. 1776 Washington Co, Vir. d. 1860 Davidson Co, TN, daughter of Robert Henderson & Mary.

Child by Unknown is:

1. James Ormes b. before 1797 in VA: Register's Office Land Records Williamson Co,TN Book J p. 63

James Ormes from Andrew D. Calhoun 26 Sept 1827 120 Acres of Rutherford Creek Reg. April 2, 1828 Paid $666.00 Formally part of land owned by Dr. Joseph Blythe of SC.

Register''s office Land Records Williamson Co, TN Book V p. 478

James Ormes [Orums] to Samuel Fleming $400.00 Dist. 12 One hundred and Acres. Reg. 13th Day of Dec. 1853 Deed Dated 19th Day of May 1852

Children are:

1. **ELIZABETH BROOKS ORMES b. 17 Oct 1806 Ark d. 30 July 1878 Washington Co, Ark. m. SANFORD FOLEY GRAY

2. Mary D. Ormes b. 1799 Vir d. 1849 Franklin Co, Illinois m. John L. Swain 15 July 1819 DAvidson Co, TN. He was b. 1796 Chowan, NC d. 27 feb 1864 Tyrone Twp, Franklin Co, ILL

Children are:

1. John F. Swain b. 12 May 1820 Williamson Co, TN

2. Nancy Swain b. 9 Nov 1822 Williamson Co, TN

3. Evan Ormes Swain b. 1831 ILL

4. Sarah Swain b. 1833 Williamson Co,TN

5. Nathaniel G. Swain b. 1835 Williamson Co, TN

6. Patrick Henry Swain b. 1836 Franklin, Morgan Co, ILL

3. John E. Ormes b. 1807 Vir d. 1896 TN m. [1] 10 Oct 1828 Cassey Buttrey [2] 28 Mar 1851 Amanda Jane Bolton Franklin, Williamson Co, TN

Children by Cassey Buttrey are:

1. Nancy E. Ormes b. Oct 1828 TN

2. James Evan Ormes b. 10 Oct 1830 Franklin, Williamson Co, TN, d. 4 Mar 1898 Williamson Co, TN buried Mt Hope Cem. m. Sally Ann Baugh 30 Oct 1861 Williamson Co, TN, she was the daughter of James Martin Baugh & Eliza Susan Neely, she was b. 29 Sep 1846 Williamson Co, TN d. 14 Mar 1944 buried Mt Hope Cem.

Children All born in Williamson Co, TN are:

1. James Evan Ormes Jr. b. 27 Aug 1864

2. Eliza Mary [Marie] Ormes b. 28 Sep 1866

3. Charles Henry Ormes b. 17 Nov 1868

4. Daisy Ryman Ormes b. 18 Nov 1870

5. Tommie W. Ormes b. 9 Jul 1873

6. Edgar Loving Ormes b. 26 Jun 1875

7. Leonidas "Lonnie" Bruce Ormes b. 9 Feb 1877

8. Harry Clifton Ormes b. 17 Aug 1879

9. Brody Baugh Ormes b. 5 May 1884

10. Molly Eleanor Ormes b. 5 Jul 1886

11. Lillian A. Ormes b. 15 jan 1889

JAMES MARTIN BAUGH b. 6 Feb 1817 Hawkins Co, TN d. 26 Apr 1889 Franlin, Williamson Co, TN buried 30 Apr 1889 Rest Haven Cem. m. Eliza Susan Neely 21 Oct 1840 Williamson Co, TN, daughter of Charles Lynch Neely & Sarah Elizabeth Wells, she was b. 26 Feb 1822 Williamson Co, TN d. 3 Aug 1898, buried Rest Haven cem.

Children, All born in Franklin, Williamson Co, TN, are:

1. Elijah lynch Baugh b. 6 Nov 1841

2. Loving Harvey Baugh b. 6 Dec 1842

3. Mary Charlotte Baugh b. 25 Jun 1844

4. *Sally Ann Baugh b. 29 Sep 1846

5. James C. Baugh b. 2 Dec 1848

6. Charles Bartlett Baugh b. 1 Jul 1850

7. Rhoda Tennessee Baugh b. 19 Dec 1852

8. Marion F. Baugh b. 7 Dec 1854

9. Christiana E. Baugh b. 22 Aug 1856

10. Elnora "Nolie" Baugh b. 10 Feb 1859

11. Infant Baugh b. 10 Feb 1861

12. Mary Jane Ewing "Mollie" Baugh b. 2 Mar 1862

3. William Ormes b. 1834 TN

4. Sarah Tennessee Ormes b. 30 May 1836 Williamson Co,TN d. 10 May 1922 Davidson Co, TN, m. 26 Feb 1859 John Anthony Gresham in Franklin, Williamson Co, TN, he was b. 4 May 1840 Williamson Co TN d. 22 Aug 1919 Donelson, Davidson Co, TN

Children are:

1. Mary E. Gresham b. 1859

2. Nancy Ella Gresham b. 1861

3. Fannie Frances Jane Gresham b. 19 Feb 1865 Williamson Co, TN

4. Sallie Sarah Ann Gresham b. 15 Jun 1867 Nashville, TN

5. Charles Edward Gresham b. 11 Aug 1869

6. John Walter Gresham b. 1875

7. Eugene Clifford Gresham b. 1877

8. Katie L. Gresham b. 31 oct 1879

9. Walter P. Gresham b. 1881

10. Joe Gresham b. 1883

Children by Amanda Bolton are:

1. John B. Ormes b. 1853 TN

2. Eliza E. Ormes b. 1866 TN d. Jun 1942 Williamson Co, TN

Child is:

1. Mattie Ormes b. 1880 TN

3. Robert L. Ormes b. Sep 1866 TN m. [1] 7 Feb 1885 Williamson Co, TN, Bettie B. Gutherie b. Dec 1866 TN [2] Maude Leonard b. abt 1882 TN

Children by Bettie Guthrie are:

1. Annie L. Ormes b. Apr 1887 TN

2. Mary L. Ormes b. Dec 1889

3. William J. Ormes b. Dec 1890

4. Caroline Ormes b. Apr 1892

5. Cynthia Ormes b. Aug 1896

Child by Maude is:

1. Cynthia J. Ormes b. abt 1897 TN

4. Samuel Ormes b. abt 1867

5. William Ormes b. abt 1871

6. Joseph B. Ormes b. abt 1873

4. Harriet Ormes b. 1808

5. Jane H. Ormes b. 12 Aug 1811 Franklin, Williamson Co, TN d. aft 1859, m. 26 Nov 1830 George W. Adams [2] 15 Jan 1849 Joseph P. McDowell

Children were by Joseph McDowell

1. William K. McDowell b. 1850

2. Mary Elizabeth McDowell b. abt 1852

3. Joseph McDowell b. 1855

4. James L. McDowell b. 1861

5. Safornia Fannie McDowell b. 1863

6. John C. McDowell b. 1865

7. C. Edward McDowell b. 1866

8. Harvey McDowell b. 1871

6. Charlotte Ormes b. 2 Feb 1815 Franklin, Williamson Co, TN


7. Louisa Clay Ormes b. 4 Mar 1817 Franklin, Williamson Co,TN, d. 21 Jan 1879 Dyer Co, TN, buried Hodge Cem., m. 18 Oct 1834 Andrew Hodge in Franklin, Williamson Co, TN. he was b. 1808 TN

Children are;

1. Franklin Hodge b. 1835 TN

2. Josephus Hodge b. 1837 TN

3. Columbus Hodge b. 1839 TN

4. William Andrew Hodge b. 1 Sep 1847 TN

5. Nancy E. Hodge b. 1843 TN

6. Henry Clay Hodge b. Jul 1842 Williamson Co,TN

7. Marcus Lafayette Hodge b. 1848 Williamson Co, TN

8. Mary Susan Hodge b. 1853 TN

8. William C. Ormes b. 1818 Franklin, Williamson Co, TN

ROBERT HENDERSON b. 1750 Washington Co, Vir. d. 13 May 1802 Vir. m. 1797 Mary in Virginia

Children are:

1. **ELEANOR ELLEN HENDERSON b. 1776 Washington Co, Va d. 1860 Davidson Co, Tn m. 1797 Evan Brook Ormes Washington Co, VA

2. Benjamin Henderson b. 1777 Washington Co, VA d. aft 1860 Henderson Co, NC m. 1809 Phebe McCurry at Watauga Settlement, Watauga Co, NC

Children are:

1. Lorenzo Dow Henderson b. 25 Dec 1809

2. Unknown Henderson b. abt 1811

3. Nathaniel Henderson b. 1813

4. Elizabeth Henderson b. abt 1815

5. Unknown Henderson b. abt 1817

6. Unknown Henderson b. abt 1820

7. Benjamin Walker Henderson b. 15 Sep 1827

8. William M. Henderson b. 15 Sep 1827

3. Mary Henderson b. 1779 Washington Co, VA d. 1845 Jackson, Illinois, buried Holliday Cem. Murphysboro, Jackson, ILL, m. David Holladay Holliday, b. 1784 Va. d. 19 Nov 1849

Children are:

1. Benjamin Jefferson Holliday b. abt 1813 TN

2. Stephen A. Holliday b. 26 Oct 1814 Davidson Co, TN, d. 6 Mar 1887 Jackson, ILL buried Holliday Cem. m. [1]Rebecca Will, b. 8 Oct 1817 PA [2] Nancy E Worthen 21 Dec 1854, b. 11 May 1831 Jackson, ILL

Children by Rebecca are:

1. William Holliday b. 1842

2. Mary Ann Holliday b. 1843

3. Amanda Holliday b. 1846

4. Benjamin Holliday b. 1848

5. George Holliday b. abt 1850

6. Daniel Holliday b. abt 1853

Children by Nancy are:

1. Jenny Rebecca Holliday b. 2 May 1855

2. Conrad Jefferson Holliday b. 14 Aug 1858

3. George Washington Holliday b. 8 May 1816 Jackson, ILL d. 1882 m. 1842 Joanna Whipkey b. abt 1825 Somerset, PA

Children are:

1. Elbridge Gerry Holliday b. 1844

2. Henry L. Holliday b. 1845

3. David H. Holliday b. abt 1847

4. Syrena Jane Holliday b. Oct 1849 Jackson, ILL

5. Desdemona Holliday b. abt 1851

6. James Holliday b. abt 1853

7. Jennie Holliday b. abt 1855

8. Susannah Holliday b. abt 1857

4. Robert Henderson b. 1779 Washington Co, VA

5. John Henderson b. 1780

6. Elizabeth Henderson m. John McCalpin Mcalpin

Children are:

1. William Mcalpin

2. John Mcalpin

3. Sarah Mcalpin

DANIEL HENDERSON b. abt 1722 d. 1772 August Co, VA m. Elizabeth

Children are:

1. Robert Henderson [above]

2. John Henderson

3. William Henderson

4. Jane Henderson b. 1763 York Co, VA. d. bef 5 Oct 1859 Washington Co, VA, m. Robert Smith, son of Robert Smith & Rachael Kerby, b. 23 Apr 1755 York Co, VA d. 3 Oct 1841 Hancock, Indiana, buried Mt. Lebanon Cem.

Children are:

1. Mary Jane Smith b. 1778

2. John Smith b. abt 1782

3. Robert Smith b. abt 1784

4. Daniel Smith b. 9 Feb 1783 Abindon, VA

Research Marian E. Colestock; Will of John Henderson mentions John's sister married to Robert Smith.

5. Margaret Henderson b. 1760 perhaps VA, d. 1836 m. William Hutchinson, b. 1757 Augusta Co, VA

Notes: Margaret was the daughter of Daniel Henderson. It is recorded: March 17, 1773=Samuel, Ruth, Sarah and Margaret, orphans of Daniel Henderson to be bound. Daniel's wife was Elizabeth. The records also show "James Young wills 206 Acres of land to Margaret Henderson provided she behaves well "till free" 1780.

Information from "Names and Dates of the Dunlaps, Alexanders, Shanklins, Packs and Hutchinsons of Virginia" compiled by Clara McMeer Shanklin for Clara Petrie Dunlop Paul, 2-14-1917. Revised, added to, and checked with other sources, June, 1944 by Hubert W. Paul.

Research done by Stan Howland

Children are:

1. Anderson Hutchinson

2. Samuel Hutchinson

3. Isaac Hutchinson 3 Sept 1781

4. John Hutchinson b. 27 Jun 1797

3. John Vinson Edmiston b. 28 Sep 1853 Washington Co. Ark. d. 1921 he married Sarah Elizabeth White, 28 Sept 1877 Washington Co, Ark, daughter of William Harvey White and Martha Sexton, she was b. 13 May 1856 Ark They had: Dora Edmiston b. 1879 & a son

White Info:

1. James White b. 1781 Maury Co, TN d. 25 Nov 1820 m. Catherine Huffstutler 4 Jan 1808. She was b. 1775 Maury Co, TN.

Child: William Harvey White b. 1815 TN d. 1862 Dutch Mills, Washington Co, Ark. m. [1] Martha Sexton b. 1819 Gallatin Co, ILL d. 1896 Washington Co, ark. buried Bethesda Cem. [2] Unknown

Children of Willam & Martha are:

1. Sarah Elizabeth White b. 13 May 1856 Ark m. John Edmiston

2. Hugh Lawson White b. 10 Sep 1853 Dutch Mills, Washington Co, ark. m. Mary Isabel Edmiston 10 Nov 1882 Washington Co, Ark. daughter of Harvey Henderson Edmiston & Lucinda Gray, she was b. 23 Oct 1857 Washington Co, ark. d. 9 May 1937 Washington, Ark. buried Bethesda Cem.

They had: Marta Elmora White b. 29 Apr 1892 Morrow, Washington Co, Ark. d. 8 Aug 1952 Morrow, Ark. m. Jarva J. Seay 10 Nov 1912 Washington Co, Ark. he was b. 5 Feb 1892 Morrow, Ark. Martha is buried Bethesda Cem. They have one living child

3. Mary Ann White b. 1838 Ark

4. William H. white b. 23 Apr 1839 Ark

5. Jacob White b. 19 Nov 1840 Ark.

6. Robert White b. 2 Jan 1843 Ark

7. James White b. 9 Feb 1845 Ark

8. Dorothy white b. 1847 Ark

9. Cornelia White b. 1849 Ark

10. Martha Ellen White b. 14 Feb 1852 Ark

11. George Franklin White b. 25 May 1859 Ark

12. Charles Lee White b. 3 Mar 1862 Ark

4. Ann Elizabeth Edmiston b. 11 April 1856 Washington Co. Ark. d. 22 Jan 1944 Washington Co, ark. Buried Edmiston Cem. Morrow, Ark.

5. Mary Isabel Edmiston b. 23 Oct 1857 Washington Co, Ark. d. 9 May 1937 Washington Co, ark.

6. Henry Henderson Edmiston b. 7 Dec 1859 Washington Co, Ark. d. 23 Aug 1931 Washington Co. Ark. m. Mary Alice Simpson b. 10 Dec 1866 d. 1958

Children are:

1. Alfred Lee Edmiston b. 19 Jan 1891

2. Adron Edmiston

3. Nancy Edmiston

7. Sarah C. Edmiston b. 15 Mar 1862 Washington Co. ARk. d. 18 April 1936 Washington Co, Ark. buried Edmiston Cem. Morrow, Ark. m. Tom J. Reed 24 Nov 1887 Washington Co, Ark. he was b. 16 Jan 1864 d. 2 Mar 1937 Washington Co, Ark. buried Edmiston Cem.

Children are:

1. Orville Reed

2. Nona Reed

3. Leona Reed

4. Ethel Reed

5. Lula Reed

2. Mary Ann Edmiston b. 7 Sept 1828 Clark Co. Ark. d. 17 June 1895 Washington Co. Ark. Married George W. Simpson 19 Sep 1850 Washington Co, Ark. He is the son of Hugh Simpson & Elizabeth Morrow. He was b. 27 Feb 1827 Cane Hill, Washington Co. Ark. d. 16 Oct 1908 Washington Co. Ark. Mary is buried in the Edmiston Cem. their Farm was near Westville, OK.

note: There is a differnce in death date for George.

Children of Mary & George Are:

All Children born in Washington Co. Ark.

1. George Robert Simpson b. Aug 1867

2. Jane Simpson b. 1852

3. John Simpson b. 1853

4. William Simpson b. 1854

5. Hugh Simpson b. 1856

7. James Simpson b. 1858

8. Thomas Jefferson Simpson b. 25 July 1859 Cane Hill, WAsh. Co. Ark d. 30 Jan 1932 Chesa, OK

9. Mary Simpson b. 1860

10. Sally Simpson b. 1862

11. Fannie Simpson b. 1864

11. Irma Simpson b. 1865

12. Annie Simpson b. 1868

13. Hattie Simpson b. 1870

3. Zebulon Brevard Edmiston b. 17 April 1830 Clark Co. Ark. d. 18 Nov 1891 Washington Co. Ark. buried Edmiston Cem, military service was in the 34th Infantry [CSA] Co B, m. Eunice Jane Gray [sister to Lucinda],16 Dec 1852 Washington Co, ark, daughter of Sanford Gray & Elizabeth Ormes, she was b. July 1827 TN , Zeb was a merchant

Both Zebulon and Eunice are buried in the Edmiston Cemetery in Morrow, Washington County, Arkansas. In 1872 Zebulon moved from his farm near Morrow to Cane Hill, he helped in the organization of the Salem Congregation of the Cumberland. He also helped in the organization of the Canehill Cannery in 1888.

Children are:

1. David Noah Edmiston b. 2 Aug 1855 WAshington Co, Ark. m. Annie E. Lacey 9 Dec 1886 Washington Co, Ark., she was b. April 1859 Washinton Co, Ark.

Census 1880 Mountain, Washington Co, Ark. age 24 Dry Goods Merchant, single

Children are:

1. Robert Y. Edmiston b. 1889 Washington co, Ark

2. Alice C. Edmiston b. Oct 1892 Wash. Co. Ark

3. Nellie L. Edmiston b. Jun 1890 Wash. Co, Ark.

4. Mary Edmiston b. Sept 1896 Wash. Co, Ark.

5. Laura F. Edmiston b. Nov 1894 Wash. Co, Ark.

2. John Sanford Edmiston b. 31 Dec 1856 Wash. Co, Ark. m. Alice L. Lacey 5 May 1880 Wash. Co, Ark. she was b. July 1854 Wash. Co, Ark.

Children are:

1. Clemmie G. Edmiston b. July 1887 Wash. Co Ark

2. John Z. Edmiston b. Dec 1889 Wash. co, Ark.

3. James Pulaski Edmiston b. 14 Nov 1853 Wash. Co Ark. d. 17 Oct 1927 Wash. Co, Ark. buried Prairie Grove Cem m. Mary b. 1857 Ark.


1. Clude Clyde Edmiston b. 1878 Wash. Co Ark

2. Daughter Edmiston b. 1880

Census 1880 Vineyard, Wash. Co, Ark. FHLF 1254058 NA Film No. T9-0058 p. 657D

Pulaski [James} Edmiston 26 b. AR Farmer Father b. unknown mother b. TN Mary Edmiston 22 b. AR Father b. NC Mother b. TN Clude 2 b. AR Daughter 1M b. AR

4. Lucinda Etna Edmiston b. 20 Mar 1832 Clark Co. Ark. d. 1 Aug 1864 m. James Houston Shannon 4 Sep 1851 Wash. Co, Ark, son of Isaac Shannon b. 1799 Ky & Jemima b. 1804, he was b. 12 Jan 1829 Wash. Co, Ark d. 1864

Children are:

1. Hollis Wilburn Shannon b. 1854 d. 1887 m. Malisa Bacon b. 1854 d. 1930

2. Melissa Shannon b. 1852

5. William Henderson Edmiston b. 27 June 1834 Clark Co. Ark. d. 20 May 1901 Washington Co. Ark. buried Prairie Grove Cem.[May be brother to Harvey] m. Elizabeth Agusta Goddard 16 Feb 1858 Wash. Co, Ark., daughter of Jesse Goddard b. 1795 TN & Mary Elizabeth Senter b. 1817 TN, she was b. 22 Dec 1837 Wash. Co, Ark d. 18 Aug 1895 Wash. Co, Ark buried Prairie Grove Cem. William was Sergeant, Co B, 34th Infantry, CSA

Children are:

1. Charles Henderson Edmiston b. 24 Oct 1868 Wash. Co, Ark d. 3 Jan 1946 Wash. Co, Ark m. Rosa in 1902 Ark. she was b. 1885 Ark.

Children are:

1. Living Edmiston, 2. Living Edmiston, 3. Living, 4. Living, 5. Walter Edmiston b. 1906 Wash. Co, Ark. 7. Patsy Henderson Edmiston b. 17 May 1903 Wash. Co, Ark

6. Martha Jane Edmiston b. 2 July 1836 Washington Co. Ark. married C. P. Ashby 15 Oct 1878. She is buried in Edmiston Cem. near Morro, Ark. m. C. P. Ashby 15 Oct 1878. She is buried Edmiston Cem.

7. James Madison Edmiston b. 7 Nov 1838 WAshington Co. Ark d. June 1863 Hempstead Co. Ark. married Mary Ellen Seay abt 1861 she was b. 1840 WAshington Co. ark.

Note: James was in the 34th Ark. Infantry [CSA] Co. B

After she remarried she moved with family to CA

8. Sarah White Edmiston b. 14 Mar 1841 Washington Co. Ark. d. aft 1910 WAshington Co. Ark. buried Old Union Cem. Cincinnati, Ark. m. Columbus Seay 17 Feb 1858 Wash. Co, Ark. Son of Obediah Seay & Sallie Rice [first marriage], he was b. 14 Apr 1833 Cane Hill, Ark d. 1917 Wash. Co, Ark. buried Cincinatti Cem.

Children are:

1. Sarah Victoria Seay b. 1859 Wash. Co, Ark

2. Emmet J. H. Seay b. 1860 Wash. Co, Ark

3. Della J. A. Seay b. 1862 Wash. Co, Ark

4. Dessie I. A. Seay b. 1864 WAsh. Co, Ark

5. Ruby Seay b. 1866 Wash. Co, Ark

6. Viola Seay b. Aug 1874 Wash. Co, Ark

9. Elizabeth Ewing Edmiston b. 8 Aug 1843 Washington Co. Ark. m. Handsell Moles 27 dec 1866 Wash. Co, Ark. he was b. 1836 Wash. Co, ark. They moved to Texas

Children are:

1. Fanny Moles b. May 1867 Wash. Co, Ark d. 1942 m. James Ervin Gibson 22 Feb 1882 Albany, Clinton Co, Kentucky

2. Eula Moles b. 1869Ark

3. David Moles b. 1871 Ark

4. Millie Moles b. 1873 Ark

5. Minnie Moles b. 1875 Ark

10. Elba Tennessee Edmiston b. 18 Aug 1845 Washington Co. Ark. d. 6 April 1900 Washington Co. Ark. Buried Edmiston Cem. m. Larkin Marion Morris 1 Feb 1874, son of Franklin Morris 1809 NC & Rachel Cearley 1818 NC, he was b. July 1850 Alexander Co, NC d. 1887 Wash. Co, Ark.

Children are:

1. David Morris b. 1879 Wash. Co, Ark

2. George Morris

3. Bee Morris b. 1888


Franklin "Frank" Morris b. 4 Mar 1809 Alexander Co, NC [Nash Co] d. 19 Mar 1896 Logan, Benton Co, Ark, buried Thornsberry Cem, married Rachel Cearley b. 25 Feb 1818 Wilkes Co,NC d. 12 Jan 1891 Wagner, Benton Co, Ark, buried Thornsberry Cem.

Children are:

1. Henry Marshall Morris b. 1842 Alexander Co, NC

2. Edmund Calloway Morris b. 25 Sep 1843 Alexander Co, NC

3. James Morris b. 8 Mar 1847 Alexander Co, NC

4. Charlotte "Lottie" Morris b. Jul 1848 Alexander Co, NC


6. George W. Morris b. 1851 Alexander Co, NC


Larkin Cearley b. 10 Jan 1776 Halifax Co,VA married Mary Barnes 4 Feb 1800 Wilkes Co, NC, daughter of Solomon Barnes & Elizabeth Isabelle Murphree, she was born 20 May 1781 Wilkes Co, NC d. 12 Nov 1864 Union Co, Ivy Log Community, GA, buried Mt Zion Bapt. Church Cem.

Children are:

1. George Cearley b. 15 Jan 1802 Wilkes Co,NC


3. Nancy Cearley

4. Ruth Cearley

5. Edmund cearley

6. Elizabeth Cearley

7. Hiram Cearley

8. Soloman Cearley

9. Sarah Cearley

10. Anna Cearley

11. Clement Cearley

12. Charles Cearley

13. James Cearley

14. Henry Cearley

15. Chloe Cearley

16. Bird Cearley


Solomon Barnes b. abt 1752 New Garden, Chester Co, Pa d. 9 Feb 1804 Wilkes Co, NC buried Kerley Family Cem. Alexander Co, NC married Elizabeth Isabelle Murphree 1769 Orange Co, NC, daughter of Daniel Murphree b. 1717 Bertie Co, NC & Sarah Dempsey b. 1721 Bertie Co, NC, she was b. 1753 Bertie Co, NC d. aft 7 Feb 1807

Children are:

1. Lydia Barnes b. 1772

2. Charles Barnes b. 1773

3. George Washington Barnes b. 1774

4. Rachel Barnes b. 1776

5. Sarah Barnes b. abt 1778

6. Solomon Barnes b. 2 Nov 1779 Wilkes Co, NC

7. MARY BARNES [above]

8. Peter Barnes b. 3 feb 1781 Alexander Co, NC

9. Ruth Barnes b. 18 Dec 1785 Wilkes Co, NC

10. John Barnes b. 1775

11. Reuben Barnes

12. Brinsley Barnes


11. Abner Jackson Edmiston b. 4 Mar 1848 Washington Co. ark. d. 18 July 1913 Bowie, Montague Co. TX m. Sarah Frances Pyeatt, daughter of William Stevenson Pyeatt 1821 Ark & Mary Ann Johnson 1823 TN

Children are:

1. Henry Edgar Edmiston b. 1877 Carroll Co, Ark

2. William Edmiston b. 1880 Carroll Co, Ark

3. Little Josa Edmiston

William Stevenson Pyeatt b. 1821 Wash. Co, Ark m. Mary Ann Johnson 15 Apr 1847 Wash. Co, Ark, b. 1823 TN

Children are:

1. Sarah Frances Pyeatt b. 1848 Wash. Co, Ark. m. Abner Edmiston

2. John Pyeatt b. 1861 Wash. Co, Ark

3. Catherine Pyeatt b. 1858 Wash. Co, Ark

4. Morgan Pyeatt b. 1852 Wash. Co, Ark

5. A. Orrie Pyeatt b. 1854 Wash. Co, Ark

6. Ira Fisk Pyeatt b. 1856 Wash. co, ArK

7. Watts Pyeatt b. 1863 Wash. Co, Ark

8. William M. Pyeatt b. 1867 Wash. Co, Ark.

12. DAvid Ashley Edmiston b. 20 Oct 1850 Washington Co. ark. d. 3 Feb1923 m. Cornelia Jane Leach 26 Feb 1870 WAsh. Co, Ark. daughter of Ambrose Leach 1819 TN & Mary L. Scott 1820 ILL, she was b. Aug 1851 Wash. Co, Ark

Children are: [all born in Washington Co, Ark]

1. Frank Edmiston b. Jan 1883

2. Thomas Edmiston b. 1879

3. Doria A. Edmiston b. 1875

4. Kenneth A. Edmiston b. 1872

5. Vera Edmiston b. 1893

6. Raburn Edmiston b. July 1887 m. Vera b. 1886 Wash. Co, Ark, they have a living Edmiston

7. Olga Belle Edmiston b. 9 July 1873

8. Eunice Edmiston b. Aug 1890

9. Hugh Edmiston b. Dec 1884

[7] Moses James Edmiston [James] b. 2 Mar 1770 Burke Co, NC d. 16 Aug 1845 Washington Co, Ark. m. Mary Ann Thompson 21 Nov 1793 in TN, daughter of John Thompson & Anne Ewing. She was b. 16 jun 1769 SC

Children are:

1. John Thompson Edmiston b. 14 May 1799, Sullivan co, TN d. 4 Oct 1846 Viney Grove, Washington Co, Ark. m. Rebecca Moore 15 Nov 1821 Viney Grove, Ark., daughter of J. D. Moore. She was b. 8 Dec 1801 Georgia d. 9 June 1857 Ark.

Children are:

1. Samuel Mathew Edmiston b. 1844 Ark m. Nancy b. 1846 ILL

Census 1870 Coryell Prct 1, Texas: Nancy 24 b. ILL; Albert 5 b. ILL

Census 1880 Coryell Co, Tx ED 23 p. 26: Nancy wife; Albert 14; Ida M. 8; Ira 8; Oma L. 6; Alfred L. 5 mos [10-10-1879-1952]; shows all children b. in Texas

Apparently Samuel died between 1880 & 1900 because Nancy is listed on the 1900 Coryell Co, Tx Census as a widow with children Ira, Ida & Alfred L.

Census 1850 Marrs Hill Twp, Wash. Co, Ark. p. 333 with mother

Census 1860 With a Crawford family in Marrs Hill,Ark p. 554 age 16

Census 1870 Coryell Prct Tx

Children are:

1. Albert Edmiston b. 1865

2. Ida M. Edmiston b. 1872

3. Ira Edmiston b. 1872

4. Oma L. Edmiston b. 1876

5. Albert Lane Edmiston b. 10 Oct 1879 d. 1952 m. Katie Fleming Henry

Child is ? Edmiston

2. Rebecca Malinda Edmiston b. 1 Jan 1837 Ark

3. Newton James Edmiston b. 9 Dec 1841 Washington Co, Ark. d. 1877 Coryell Co. Tx. m. Sara Lou Sallie Sterling b. 21 Sept 1844

Children are:

1. John Calvin Edmiston b. 25 Oct 1865 Coryell Co, Tx

2. William Frank Edmiston b. 5 Mar 1868 Coryell Co, Tx

4. Moses A. Edmiston b. 6 Sep 1822 Clark Co, Ark. d. 9 Sept 1857 Wash. Co, Ark m. Lucinda Jane Devin 17 Dec 1846 Wash. Co, Ark. b. 1829 Lincoln Co, TN

Census 1850 Washington Co Ark.

Census 1880 Mars Hill, Wash.Co Ark FHL 1254058 NA Film T9-0058 p. 505C [Lucinda married William Pasley}

Pasley William 46, b. AR Farmer parents b. GA

Pasley Lucinda J. 49, b. TN parents b. TN VA

Loretta M. daugh. 16 b. AR McLin C. Son 14, b. AR works on farm

Luther M. son 12 b. Ar

Hannah H. daugh. 9 b. AR

Divin Edmiston SSon 26, B. AR Farm Laborer parents b. TN AR

Children are:

1. James Ewen Edmiston b. 1849

2. Divin E. Edmiston b. 1852

Francis F. Edmiston b. 1853

Albert A, Edmiston b. 1857

5. Mary Ann Edmiston b. 19 Oct 1824 Clark Co, Ark m. William Redman 23 Mar 1848 Wash. Co, Ark b. 1819 Vir

Children are:

1. Columbus Redman

2. Josephine Redman

3. Dora Smith Redman

4. Elizabeth Redman b. 1849

6. John Thompson Edmiston b. 1827 Ark.

7. Hiram Neely Edmiston b. 7 Jan 1835 Wash. Co. Ark d. 8 Feb 1902 Oregon City, Oregon m. Nancy Jane Crawford b. 24 Dec 1831 Viney Grove, Ark. d. 11 Oct 1909 Oregon City, OR

Buried Mountain View Cem Clackamas, OR:

Census 1860 Wash. Co. Ark; 1880 Oregon City. Clackamas, OR

Children are:

1. John Thompson Edmiston b. 24 Sept 1861 d. 8 Mar 1941 Oregon City, Clark Co, Or. buried Mountain View Cem Clackamas, Or m [1] Mittie Partridge 19 Sept 1888 Clackamas,Or [2] Emma Meagher 3 Jun 1894 Clackamas, Or. b. 1861

Children of John & Emma are:

1. Vetta Edmiston b. 1896 Or

2. Leona H. Edmiston b. 1899 Or

2. LaDora Edmiston b. 7 Feb 1860 d. 11 June 1942 Oregon City, Or buried Mountain View Cem. m. Abraham Lincoln Blanchard 7 June 1883 Clackamas, Or b. 1863

Children are:

1. Lowell Edmiston Blanchard b. 15 May 1884 Clackamas, Or

2. Eldon Crawford Blanchard b. 7 June 1889 Or

3. Elva Blanchard b. 14 Apr 1892 Or

3. LaUnia Edmiston b. 26 Oct 1858

4. LaVonia Edmiston b. 12 May 1857 Wah. Co, Ark

5. LoZetta Edmiston b. 9 Jan 1864

8. Elizabeth J. Edmiston b. 1833 Ark

9. Andrew E. Edmiston b. 8 Nov 1830 Wash. Co, Ark d. 13 Jan 1898 Parker County, Texas Buried Greenwood Community Cemetery m. [1] Elizabeth P. Cohea b. 24 July 1845 {2] Rosa Stephens [3] Mary Jackson Montgomery [4] Martha Ann Crawford 25 Jan 1855 Ark. b. 21 Nov 1829 Lincoln Co, TN d. 19 Apr 1872 [5] Sarah Jane Johnson 25 Jan 1874 b. 27 Apr 1840 Miss.

Child by Elizabeth Cohea is Cohea Edmiston

By Martha Crawford:

1. Carson S. T. Edmiston b. 23 Dec 1856 Ark

2. S. Lenora Nora Edmiston b. 28 Feb 1859 Ark.

3. R. R. Edmiston b. 18 Apr 1864 Tx

4. Martha Ann Mattie Edmiston b. 22 Mar 1872 Wash. co, Ark

Child by Sarah Johnson is Mary E. Edmiston b. 21 Oct 1877 Tx.

10. Thomas Franklin Edmiston b. 13 Jan 1839 Wash. Co, ark. d. 4 Mar 1884 Dutch Mills, Wash. Co, Ark Buried Ganderville Cemetery, Summers Co, Ark. m. Melinda Margaret Graham 13 Sept 1860 Wash. Co, Ark. daughter of Jackson Graham & Elizabeth Drake she was b. 29 Apr 1838 WAsh. Co, Ark.

Children are:

1. Sarah Belle Edmiston b. 22 Oct 1861 d. 31 Mar 1939 Chandler, Lincoln Co, Ark buried Fairview Cem Shawnee, OK m. William Hamilton Mallicoat 15 Sept 1881 Billingsley, Wash. Co, Ark. b. 19 Jan 1866 Billingsley, Ark

Children are:

1. Laura Adeline Mallicoat b. 6 Nov 1882 Prairie Grove, Wash. Co, Ark

2. Florence Mallicoat b. 21 Feb 1884 Pririe Grove, Ark

3. Ethel May Mallicoat b. 14 May 1885 Prairie Grove, Ark

4. Matilda Margaret Mallicoat b. 18 Feb 1887 Prairie Grove Ark

5. Roxanna Mallicoat b. 1 Jan 1889 Prairie Grove, Ark

6. James Mallicoat b. 1 Jan 1891 Prairie Grove Ark

7. Oscar Tecumseh Mallicaot b. 13 Apr 1893 Shawnee, Pottawatomie Co, OK

8. Roy Deadmon Mallicoat b. 24 Feb 1895 Shawnee, Pottawatomie Co, OK

9. Eva Mallicoat b. 4 Mar 1897 Tecumseh, Ok Terr

10. Grace Mallicoat b. 9 Jan 1899 Tecumseh, Ok Terr

11. Henry Lee Mallicoat b. 29 July 1901 Tecumseh, Ok Terr

12. Rubye Lucille Mallicoat b. 3 Dec 1903 Shawnee, Pottawatomie Co, Ok

2. Samuel T. Edmiston b. 9 Oct 1863 d. 5 Mar 1937 Salem, Marion Co, Oregon buried Butteville Cem. m. Olive M. Cone 7 Mar 1894 Marion Co, Or b. 18 Dec 1864 Oregon

Children are:

1. Sylvia Edmiston b. 23 Mar 1895 Or

2. Aldah Edmiston b. 23 Jan 1897 Clackamas Co, Or

3. Alma Edmiston b. 23 Jan 1897 Clackamas Co, Or

3. Charles Lee Edmiston b. 11 Apr 1866 d. 17 May 1910 Nowata, OK buried 19 May 1910 Nowata Cem. m. Nancy Jane White 1 Apr 1887 Wash. Co, Ark daughter of Sloman White and Matilda Earp, she was b. 5 Aug 1866 Mena, Polk Co, Ark. d. 6 Dec 1969 Cincinatti, Ark. buried 10 Dec 1969 Summers Cem.

Children are:

1. Lacy Lee Edmiston b. 11 Nov 188 Westville, Adair Co, OK

2. Clara Edmiston b. 16 Mar 1890 OK

3. Stella Ray Edmiston b. 26 Nov 1893 Westville, Adair Co, OK

4. Roxanna Marie Edmiston b. 7 July 1896 OK

5. Edith Gladys Edmiston b. 11 Feb 1899 Dawson, OK

6. Living

7. Living

8. living

9. Carl Louis Edmiston b. 3 Oct 1909 Nowata, OK

4. Ada Edmiston b. 14 Aug 1870 d. 21 July 1913 Baron, Adair Co, OK buried White Rock Cem. Summers Co, Ark m. Henry P. Choate 4 June 1893 WAshington Co, Ark. he was b. 22 Feb 1871

Children are:

1. Allie Choate b. 27 Jan 1895

2. Eula Choate b. 25 July 1896

3. Luther Choate b. 25 July 1898

4. roy Samuel Choate b. 9 Oct 1900

5. Baxter Choate b. 1 Sept 1902

6. Floyd Choate b. 1904 Westville, Adair Co, OK

7. Living Choate

8. Elsie Choate b. 1 Dec 1908

9. Carl Choate b. 3 May 1911 5. Ida Edmiston b. 14 Aug 1870 d. 7 Apr 1916 Westville, Adair Co, OK buried Westville Cem. m. William Caswell Colvin Jan 1903 he was b. 2 Nov 1870 Pineville, Missouri

Children are:

1. Dean Colvin b. 7 Aug 1904 Westville, Adair Co, OK

2. Ray Colvin b. 27 Feb 1911 Westville, adair Co, OK

3. Charles Fay Colvin b. 9 May 1910 Westville, OK

6. Newton Vestal Edmiston b. 5 Aug 1877 d. 22 Jan 1962 Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co, Tex. buried 25 Jan 1962 Laurel Land Memorial Park m. [1] Geneva Walkingstick, daughter of Edward Walkingstick & Sarah Bean, she was b. 12 Jan 1882 Goring Snake District, Cherokee Nation IT. [2] Maude Talley b. 26 June 1890 Ark

Child of Newton & Geneva:

1. Elsie Dee Edmiston b. Aug 1902 Cherokee nation IT.

Child of Newton & Maude is:

2. Leona Paralee Edmiston b. 1907

7. John Marvin Edmiston b. 17 Jan 1881 d. 14 July 1965 Tulsa, OK buried 16 July 1965 Rose Hill Burial Park, Tulsa, OK, m. Mary Edith Reed 26 May 1907 Shawnee, Pottawatomie co, OK, daughter of William Reed & May Maxwell, she was b. 24 Sept 1885 Grenola, Elk Co, Kansas d. 2 Jan 1987 Tulsa, OK, buried Rose Hill Burial Park

children are:

1. Frances Ellan Edmiston b. 14 Sept 1908 Shawnee, Ok

2. Clarence Finis Edmiston b. 10 Sept 1911 Shawnee, OK

3. Gwendolyn Mae Edmiston b. 18 May 1914 Tulsa, OK

4. Ernest Leonard Edmiston b. 8 Jan 1916 Tulsa, OK

All Children born in Washington County, Arkansas

11. J. M. Edmiston b. 6 Sept 1822 Clark Co, Ark

12. W. W. Edmiston b. 21 Nov 1828 Clark Co, Ark

2. Nancy Edmiston b. 8 Jan 1817 Lost Creek, White Co, TN d. 1843

3. James Watson Edmiston b. 24 Oct 1801 Lost Creek, TN m. Nancy Taylor 21 June 1838 Wash. Co, Ark she was b. 1817 Sullivan Co, TN

Census 1850 Washington County, Ark

Children are:

1. Mary Jane Edmiston b. 1838 m. Devin: Census 1880 Marrs Hill Twp, Wash. Co, Ark p. 501D with brothers family John S. Edmiston, shes a widow with children: 1. James C. Devin b. 1859 & 2. Nancy A. H. Devin b. 1862

2. John Smith Edmiston b. 3 May 1841 Wash. Co, Ark. m. Emily A. b. 1850 Ark: Census 1880 Marrs Hill Twp, p. 501D

Edmiston John S. 39 b. AR Farmer parents b. TN

Emily A. 29 b. AR parents b. TN

James T. son 5 b. AR

Anna Lee J. daug 11 M b. AR

Mary J. Devin sister 44 b. AR widowed

James C. Devin nephew 21 b. AR works on farm

Nancy A. H. Devin niece 18 b. AR

Children are:

1. James T. Edmiston b. 1875

2. Anna Lee J. Edmiston b. 1879

3. Moses Ewen Edmiston b. 14 Sept 1843 Wash. Co, Ark d. 12 Feb 1923 Muskogee, OK Buried Ft. Gibson Cem. m. Elizabeth P. Cohea 16 Mar 1870, daughter of Martha Ann Crawford, b. 12 Nov 1846 d. 3 Dec 1925 Muskogee, OK

Census 1880 Mars Hill, Wash. Co, Ark. 1254058 T9-0058 p. 502A

Moses E. 36 b. AR Farmer parents b. Tn ILL

Elizabeth P. 32 b. AR

Lola L. dau. 9 b. AR

Euin L. son 4 b.AR

Abram B. Dearing other 31 b. TN Farm Laborer parents b. TN

Children are:

1. Iola Edmiston b. 1871

2. Evin Euin Laska Edmiston b. 1876 m. Mollie Bennet


1. Living

3. Clarence C. Edmiston b. 8 Feb 1882

4. Edmiston

4. George Washington Edmiston b. 23 Dec 1847 Wash. Co,Ark. m. Rachel F. b. 1848

Census Mars Hill, Wash. Co. Ark 1254058 T9-0058 p. 501D

Edmiston George W. 33 b. AR Farmer parents b. TN

Edmiston Rachel F. 32 b. AR parents b. TN

Edmiston Mary E. daug 8 b. Ar

Edmiston George L. son 5 b. AR

Edmiston Malinda K. dau 2 b. Ar

Edmiston Alla May dau 4M b. AR

Children are:

1. Mary E. Edmiston b. 1872 Ark

2. George L. Edmiston b. 1875 Ark.

3. Malinda K. Edmiston b. 1878 Ar.

4. Alla May Edmiston b. 1880 Ark

5. Rhoda Elizabeth Edmiston b. 19 Jan 1850

6. Nancy Ann Edmiston b. 16 Sept 1852

4. Samuel Neely Edmiston b. 11 Feb 1804 Lost Creek, TN

5. Moses Ewen Edmiston b. 24 Apr 1808 Lost Creek, TN d. 1851 Wash. Co, Ark m. Sarah Ann Mayberry 28 Feb 1835 Wash. Co, Ark. She was b. 11 May 1822 Sullivan Co, TN

Census 1850 Washington Co. Ark

Children are:

1. David Alexander Edmiston b. 9 Feb 1840 Wash. Co, Ark. d. 19 Apr 1912 Wash. Co, Ark m. Elizabeth Ann Betty Sanders b. 5 Apr 1844

Child is 1. Mary Hixie Edmiston

2. Moses G. Edmiston b. 1 Dec 1841 Wash. Co. Ark

3. Mary Isabelle Edmiston b. 3 Apr 1843 Wash. Co,Ark.

4. Samuel White Edmiston b. 27 Aug 1845 Wash. Co, Ark

5. Nancy Jane Edmiston b. 9 Jan 1849 Wash. Co, Ark

6. David A. Edmiston b. 28 June 1812 Lost Creek, TN Christened: 28 July 1812

7. Elizabeth Betsy Edmiston b. 12 Aug 1806 Lost Creek, TN d. 10 July 1807

8. Mary Ann Edmiston b. 4 Sept 1794 NC d. 8 Oct 1820 m. Samuel Gibbins 3 Oct 1819, b. 1790

9. Isabel Alexander Edmiston b. 30 Dec 1796 NC m. James Marrs 19 Aug 1827. He was b. 20 Aug 1784 Old Dominion Logan County, Ky d. 1876 Wash. Co. Ark

Children are:

1. Mary Ann Marrs b. 1829

2. Julia Marrs b. 1831

3. LaFayette Marrs b. 1834

4. Isabella Drewsilla Marrs b. 1836 Ark d. 1880 Sebastian Co, Ark m Eli Franklin Holt b. 17 Aug 1825 Lawrence Co, Alabama

Children are:

1. William Ulysses Holt b. 11 Oct 1874 Wash. Co, Ark. d. 17 May 1963 Poteau, LeFlore Co, OK m. Cora Lucinda GoForth 24 Dec 1893, she was b. 20 Aug 1876 Marshfield Co, Missouri

Child is

1. Living Holt

2. Holt

5. Joel Marrs b. 1837

6. Matilda Marrs b. 1840

[8] Isabella Edmiston b. 1773 Burke Co, NC d. 1804 Burke Co, NC, m. Zebulon Brevard in Burkes co, NC, He was b. 21 Feb 1769 Mecklenburg Co, NC d. 1865 TN. He was the son of Zebulon Brevard and Ann Templeton

[Moved to Miami co, Ohio with family about 1816]

Children are:

1. Nancy Brevard b. 1791 Burke Co, NC d. Nov 1852 m. James Alexander Templeton 12 Dec 1811 Burke Co, NC, son of David Templeton, he was b. 1787 d. 27 Jan 1830 McMinn Co, TN

Children are:

1. David Greene Templeton

2. Isabelle E. Templeton b. 1819 TN

3. Esther Selina Templeton b. 1827 TN

4. Nancy M. Templeton b. 1829 TN m. Joseph Turney 18 May 1853

Child: 1. Matilda Salina Turney b. 5 Nov 1864 TN

2. James Brevard b. 21 Jan 1794 Rowan Co, NC d. 25 Jan 1847 Buncombe Co, NC m. Ruth Ashworth, daughter of John Ashworth & Celia Nettles. She was b. 15 Jan 1805 Fairview, Buncombe Co, NC, d. 5 Mar 1855 Buncombe Co, NC both buried Cane Creek Cem. Fairview, NC

Children are:

1. Zebulon Brevard b. 1826 Fairview, Buncombe Co, NC

2. Joseph Brevard b. 1828 Fairview, Buncombe Co, NC

3. Harriett Brevard b. 1829 Fairview, NC

4. David Brevard b. 1830 Fairview, NC

5. Celia Brevard b. 1831 Fairview, NC

6. James Brevard b. 1832 Buncombe Co, NC

7. Margaret Brevard b. 1833 Fairview, NC

8. Mahaly Brevard b. 1835 Fairview, NC

9. Thomas Ashworth Brevard b. 21 Jan 1824 Buncombe Co, NC d. 31 May 1861 Buncombe Co, NC buried Cane Creek Cem. m. Susan Selina Harris, daughter of Abel Harris & Elizabeth Mashburn, she was b. 7 Jan 1830 Buncombe Co, NC d. 10 June 1902 Shelly, Cleveland Co, NC,

Children are:

1. Lance Brevard b. NC

2. David Franklin Brevard b. 12 Jan 1853 Buncombe Co, NC

3. James Nettle Brevard b. 30 Jan 1849 Buncombe Co, NC

4. Benjamin Mashburn Brevard b. 1 Mar 1852 Buncombe Co, NC

5. Zebulon Vance Brevard b. 8 Aug 1858 Buncombe Bo, NC

6. John Decatur Brevard b. 28 Aug 1850 Buncombe Co, NC d. 23 Aug 1927 Montgomery, Alabama buried Greenwood Cem. m. Margaret Isabella Porter, 22 Dec 1875 Asheville, Buncombe Co, NC, daughter of William Porter & Margaret Shope, she was b. 24 Dec 1856 NC

Children are:

1. John Decatur Brevard b. 3 Feb 1885 Asheville, NC

2. Jessie Alice Brevard b. 23 May 1877 Asheville, NC

3. George Purefoy Brevard b. 12 Aug 1890 Asheville, NC

4. Sue Eliza Brevard b. 11 Dec 1878 Asheville, NC d. 1975, Cleveland Co, NC m. Everett Beam Lattimore 1901, Shelby, Cleveland Co, NC b. 20 Dec 1873 d. 1964, both are buried Suset Cem.

5. Tommie M. Brevard b. 14 Dec 1881 Asheville, NC

7. Margaret Brevard b. 29 Dec 1855 Buncombe Co, NC d. Henderson Co, NC buried Fruitland Baptist Church Cem. m. Solomon Rufus Stroup, son of David Stroup & Mary. He was b. 1 Jan 1853 NC d. 14 Sept 1922 Buncombe Co, NC, buried Pine Grove Cem.

Children are:

1. Alice Adine Stroup b. 27 Nov 1872 Hendersonville, Buncombe Co, NC d. 25 Jul 1895 Hendersonville, Buncombe Co, NC married 15 Sep 1889 Hendersonville, Buncombe Co, NC Samuel Milton Johnson b. 9 Nov 1872 Blue Ridge, Henderson Co, NC

Children are:

1. Fred Bostic Johnson b. 19 Sep 1890 Hendersonville, NC

2. George Richman Johnson b. 11 Jan 1892 Hendersonville, NC

3. Wells Hugh Johnson b. 11 Jan 1894

4. Effie M. Johnson b. 9 Jun 1895

2. Eleanor Maude Stroup b. 27 Oct 1875 Buncombe Co, NC, d. 19 Jan 1953, Buncombe Co, NC, buried Cane Creek Cem., married Miles Alvis Trantham, he was b. 10 Jun 1862 NC, d. 5 Apr 1923, Buncombe Co, NC, buried Cane Creek Cem.

Children are:

1. Choral E. Trantham b. May 1896

2. Myrtle Trantham b. 22 Apr 1897 Buncombe Co, NC

3. Estella Trantham b. 2 Oct 1898 Buncombe Co, NC

4. Lorene Trantham b. 17 Jun 1900 Buncombe Co, NC

5. Curtis D. Trantham b. 4 Apr 1902

6. Bertie Juanita Trantham b. 30 Oct 1903 Fairview, Buncombe Co, NC

7. Leora Trantham b. 11 NOV 1905

8. Helen Trantham b. 31 Jan 1910

9. James Venatches Trantham b. 12 Feb 1911

10. Living Trantham

11. Living Trantham

12. Living Trantham

13. Living Trantham

14. Living Trantham

3. Indant Stroup b. 1880 SC

4. Charlotte H. Stroup b. Oct 1876 SC

5. Ida Irene Stroup b. Apr 1881 SC [some have 28 Dec 1881, NC] d. 17 Oct 1966 NC married Horace Gorgan Morgan on 4 Dec 1904, he was b. 19 Sep 1882

Children are:

1. Virginia Jeanette Morgan b. 29 sep 1906

2. Ida Estell Morgan b. 8 Nov 1908

3. Living Morgan

4. Living Morgan

5. Living Morgan

6. Living Morgan

6. Ruth Maude Stroup b. Apr 1886 SC

7. Sue Elizabeth Stroup b. SC

Solomon Rufus Stroup's father was David Stroup b. abt 1874 Baltimore, Maryland, married 8 Jan 1806 Lincoln Co, NC, Margaret "Peggy" Inglefinger, she was b. abt 1785 Lincoln Co, NC. David Stroup's father was David Stroup b. 1809 Grassy Branch Buncombe Co, NC, d. 1870, married Mary "Polly" born abt 1820 in Virginia: David Stroup's father was Adam Stroup b. 1746 Baltimore, Maryland d. 1836 lincoln Co, NC, married 1770 York Co, Pennsylvania, Catherine Alexander, she was b. 1747 Baltimore, Maryland d. aft 1811 Hoyles Creek, Lincoln Co, NC.

Adam and Catherine also had children, along with David, 11 in all:

1. Michael Stroup b. abt 1772 Baltimore, MD

2. John Stroup b. abt 1778 Baltimore, MD

3. David Stroup b. abt 1784 Baltimore, MD, married Mary

4. Katherine Stroup b. 1772 Balitmore, MD, d. 1830, married Phillip Dellinger on the 23 Sep 1790 Lincoln Co, NC, b. abt 1766 d. 22 Jul 1820 Wayne Co, MO. Son of Henry Dellinger and Anna Johanna Rudisill

5. Nancy Stroup b. 1795 Hoyles Creek, Lincoln Co, NC, married Jesse Ross on the 8 Sep 1811

6. Peter Stroup b. 1787 Hoyles Creek, Lincoln Co, NC, married Elizabeth b. abt 1791 Hoyles Creek, Lincoln Co, NC

7. Solomon Stroup b. 1788 Hoyles Creek, Lincoln Co, NC d. 1871 married Nancy Haskins on 3 May 1816, she was b. abt 1795 Hoyles Creek, Lincoln Co, NC

8. Elizabeth Stroup b. 1779 Hoyles Creek, lincoln Co, NC d. aft 1858, married Alexander Spence Head on 15 Feb 1800, b. abt 1775

9. Andrew Stroup b. 1782 Hoyles Creek, Lincoln Co, NC, married Catherine Link on 19 Feb 1803, born abt 1782 Hoyles Creek, Lincoln Co, NC

10. Jacob Stroup b. 18 Mar 1771 Valley Forge, Chester Co, PA, d. 8 Oct 1846, married Elizabeth "Betsy" Dellinger, on 25 Aug 1790, b. 1769 Valley Forge, Chester Co, PA, daughter of Henry Dellinger and Anna Johanna Rudisill

11. Joseph Stroup b. 2 May 1776 Hoyles Creek, Lincoln Co, NC, d. 14 Aug 1851, married Catherine Creasman on 14 Sep 1798, b. abt 1777 Hoyles Creek, Lincoln Co, NC

3. David Brevard b. 1796

4. Abraham Zebulon Brevard b. 1799 Hamilton, Ohio m. Sarah Fleming 24 July 1823 Clarke Co, Ohio

Child: 1. Naomi Brevard b. Aug 1827 Clarke Co, Ohio

Brevard Info:

1. John [Jean] Brevard b. 1665 France, d. 1730 Cecil Co, MD m. Katherine McKnitt 1711 Somerset Co, MD, daughter of John McKnitt & Jane Alexander, she was b. 10 Aug 1689 Manokin, Somerset Co, MD

Sources: Huguenot Society Paper #9-256; Mary P. Engels p. 12-17, 24, 30, "To Hope, To Labor, and so To Live"; "Genealogy of Brevard Family" by Wheeler, pgs 237-245

Children are:

1. Adam Brevard b. 1712 Cecil Co, MD d. July 1783 Warchester, MD, m. Mary McKnitt 1733 MD, daughter of John McKnitt & Dorothy Wallace, she was b. 1714 Cecil Co, MD. Mil: 1748, Private in Capt. John Evan's Co. Somerset Co, MD

Children are:

1. Esther Brevard b. 1737 m. Hudson, had atleast one child: Adam B. Hudson

2. Unknown Brevard b. 1739

2. John Brevard b. 1715 Cecil Co, MD, d. 15 Sept 1790 Iredell, NC, m. Jane McWhorter 1740 New Castle Co, Delaware, daughter of Hugh McWhorter & Jean Thompson, she was b. 1726 Pencader Hundred New Castle, Delaware, d. 25 Mar 1800 Iredell, [Alexander] Co, NC


John Brevard, He was among the first Maryland Colonist in Rowan [Iredell] Co, NC. Sometime between 1740 & 1750, settling about two miles from Center church. At the commencement of the Rev. War, he, then, and old and infirm man, had 8 sons and 4 daughters. John was a well known and influential Whig, & early installed his partiotic principles into the minds of his children. His house and buildings were burned by the British for the reason that he had eight sons in the rebel army [Ref: WSR-113, & CLH-233,234 & Marylanders to Carolina by Henry C. Penden Jr.] James Alexander, John Brevard & Robert Linton all from "the head of Elk" neighborhood, attended Presbytery 31 Oct 1727 [Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine pg 89]

Brevard, County Seat of Transylvania County, NC, was named to honor John Brevard Jr. & his sons for their outstanding service in the American Revolution.

He represented Rowan County in the Provincial Congress.

Sources: "Abstracts of the Minutes of Court of Pleas and Quarter Session of Rowan County, NC 1753-1862" by Jo White Linn

"Carolina Cradle" by robert Ramsey, pg 217

"Roster of Texas DAR of Rev. Ancestors" pg 265-266

"The Genealogical Format" by James Redwood Miller, pg. 3

Notes: There is conflict in birth & marriage & mother's maiden name:

Children are:

1. Benjamin McWhorter Brevard b. 1745 d. Mar 1793 Cecil Co., MD m. Jane Simonton

2. Mary Elizabeth Brevard b. 16 June 1748 Rocky River, Rowan Co, NC

3. Robert Brevard m. [1] Robert Harris [2] William Lee Davidson 10 Dec 1767 Rowan Co, NC son of George Davidson & Margaret Ware, he was b. 1746 Chestnut Level, Chester Co, PA d. 1 Feb 1781 Cowan's Ford, Mecklenburg Co, NC [killed in battle] Buried Hopewell Church Cemetery

Was Eduacated at the Academy of Charlotte; he was made Major of the 4th Regiment and Thomas Polk was made Colonel: and forming a part of a brigade Nash join the Grand Army of the North under Washington; it was for threeyears under the eye of that great chief, and participated in the battles of Brandywine Sept 1777, Germantown, Oct 1777, and Monmouth, June 1778. The North Carolina Troops were sent in Nov. 1779 to erinforce the Southern Army, commanded by Major General Lincoln at Charleston.

There are no particulars recorded of the services of Davidon in the actions of Brandywine, Monmourth, or Germantown, and such has been the carelessness or neglect. As to North Carolina, that the student of history may look in vain, for any statement or notice of the troops of NC. Except that General Nash was killed at Germantown, and that Colonels Polk and Buncombe were wounded. But the brigade of NC troops wes, unquestionably, a part of the Army, and bravely performed its duty.

Previous to this event, he had been promoted tot he command of a regiment. As he passed through NC, DAvidson obtained permission to visit his family, which he had not seen for nearly three years. The delay produced by this vist, saved him from captivity, for on his arrival at Charleston, he found it so closely invested that he was prevented from joining his regiment. Lincoln surrendered May 12, 1779. Davidson returned home and raised troops to suppress the Tories, who encouraged by the approach of the British, had become daring, desperate and dangerous. At Calson's Mill, he encountered a strong force of Tories, gave them battle and a severe engagement occured in which Davidson was dangerously wounded by a ball passing entirely through his body; this kept him from the field for two months. On his recovery he immediately went into active service, now promoted to be a Brigadier in place of General Rutherford, who was taken prisoner at Camden. he was active with Sumter and Davie, in checking the advance of the British Troops. To that intent the posted his command at Cowan's Ford, on the Carawaba. At daybreak, February 1, 1781, the British Army, under Lord Cornwallis, commenced crossing. The picket of General Davidson, challenged the enemy, and receiving no answer, fired.

Lord Cornwallis had his horse killed under him; Colonel Hall was killed, also three privates, and thirty-six wounded. General Davidson, in riding from the point where he expected the enemy to cross to the place where they did, was fired upon, a rifle ball passed through his heart and he fell dead from his horse. As the British only had muskets, and the Tories rifles, andhe was slain by a rifle shot, it is believed he fell by the hand of a Tory.

Children are:

1. George Lee Davidson b. 30 Mar 1770 d. 20 April 1843

2. Pamela Davidson b. 16 Mar 1772

3. Margaret Davidson b. 23 Jan 1774 d. 12 Dec 1868

4. John Alexander Davidson b. 1776 d. 1826 Port Gibson, Miss

5. Jean Davidson

6. Ephriam Brevard Davidson b. 22 Jan 1779 d. 26 Nov 1821 New Madrid, Miss

7. William Lee Davidson b. 2 Jan 1781 Mecklenburg Co, NC

4. John Jr. Brevard b. 18 Feb 1751, Anson Co, Now Iredell Co, NC d. 9 Nov 1826

5. Nancy McWhorter Brevard b. 1757 Cecil Co, MD, d. July 1782, Catawaba River, Burke Co, NC

6. Jane Brevard b. 22 July 1765 Cecil Co, MD d. 1833

7. Hugh McWhorter Brevard b. 1748, Orange Anson Co, NC d. 30 June 1781 Rowan Co, NC

8. Ephraim J. P. Dr. Brevard b. 1744 Cecil Co, MD d. 1781 Charlotte, Mecklinburg Co, NC

9. Adam McWhorter Brevard b. Mar 1753 Rowan, Iredell Co,NC m. Sarah Winslow

Served in the American Rev. Achieved the rank of Captain. Went with the first troops from NC to Washington's Army, where he served for a year; afterwards in battle of Ramsour's Mill & etc.

Was a Blacksmith and became an attorney at statesville, and a writer.

10. Alexander Capt Brevard b. 17 April 1755 Iredell Co, now Alexander Co, NC d. 1 Nov 1829 Machpelah, Lincoln Co, NC

11. Joseph Brevard b. 19 July 1766 Iredell Co, NC d. Oct 1821 Camden, Kershaw Co, SC

12. Rebecca Brevard b. 1766 Iredell Co, NC d. Tenn. m. John Jones

3. Benjamin Brevard [John, Jean}] b. 1717 Cecil Co, MD d. 27 Mar 1793 Cecil Co, MD m. Rebecca Alexander, b. 1720 Cecil Co, MD

He was a Rev. Partiot, a private:

Children are:

1. Adam Brevard b. 1740

2. Joshua Brevard

4. Robert Brevard {John, Jean} b. 10 June 1718 Elk River, Cecil Co, MD d. 24 Oct 1800 Iredell Co, NC m. Sarah Craig 16 April 1744 NC, daughter of James Craig. She was born 22 Mar 1728 Iredell Co, NC d. 23 Jan 1807 Iredell Co, NC

BIOGRAPHY: ROBERT BREVARD, third son & fourth child of John Brevard, Sr. & Katherine Mcknitt Brevard, was born "near the Head of Elk [River]" in Cecil County, Maryland, on 10 January 1718. Robert married Sarah Craig on 16 April 1744. This marriage is thought to have taken place in Maryland, but may have occured in Anson County, North Carolina, where Robert appears in early colonial records.

Robert Brevard migrated to Rowan County, N.C., with his brothers, John and Zebulon, and his sister Elizabeth circa 1745. Robert entered upon land at the headwaters pf Rocky River, located between lands owned by James and John Templeton, and George and Samuel Davidson. On 29 Sept 1749 he petitioned the Council of North Carolina for a warrant of land -640 acres. He made a second petition for a grant of patent on 640 acres in Anson, Rowan County on 28 Mar 1751. [Colonial Records for NC, Vol. IV, pp. 951, 959; NC Land Grants, Vol. XI, pp. 4-5; II, p. 10; X, p. 310]

Lord Granville granted to Robert Brevard of Anson, [Rowan Co] NC, 640 acres on Rocky River in that county on 25 Mar 1752. On 29 Jan 1755 Granville made a further grant to Robert Brevard of Rowan Co, NC of 102 acres on Rocky River. [Rowan Co, Deed Books III. pp. 156-159; IV, pp. 8857-858] Robert Brevard along with James Alexander, taught school in Rowan County before the Revolution. He owned only two slaves in 1768, and only seven in 1979, which would seem to indicate that he did not farm extensively, [Carolina Cradle-Robert W. Ramsey. University of NC Press, Chapel Hill, NC., 1964, pp. 177, 190] Following the Revolution Robert Brevard made a claim to the House of Commons and Senate of the State of North Carolina 1785. The nature and out come of this claim were not clear. Perhaps he was applying for a pension or to recover proberty lost during the war.

Robert and Sarah Brevard lived and died in Iredell Co, NC., this county had been formed from Rowan in 1788, and their residence through their time in NC. Whether Anson, Rowan, or Iredell, had likely been the same for more than fifty years. Robert Brevard drew up his will in August 1797, three years before his death on 20 Oct 1800. In his will he bequeathed tracts of land to his two youngest daughters. Apparently they were unmarried at the time, so this would be dowry for their future use. No other daughters were named, and we can assume they had already been provided for at the time of their marriages.

Interestubg bequeaths to his son Robert Brevard were: "My still and Vessels" and "Appraisement of a horse lost in the service of the United States" Robert was to be joint executor of his father's will with Alexander Young. Adam and John Brevard, nephews of Robert Brevard, and James Young were witnesses to Robert's will. Adam and John were sons of John Brevard Jr.

During the Revolution Robert served with Captain James Houston's Company of NC. No Further record of service was found.

While the British destroyed his house for good measure they tried to take his daughter Asenath to get her to reveal the hiding place of her husband Capt. James Houston who had been badly wounded in a previous battle>

Source: Will of Robert Brevard Aug. 1797 Iredell Co, NC.

Notes: Sarah Craig Brevard's will dated 30 Nov 1801 ws written several years before her reputed death in 1817. [American Families-American History Society, Inc., NY Vol. 25, "Brevard" p. 106] Sarah named all her married daughters by thier married names. Household utensils and furniture, clothing and slaves were bequeathed to the daughters. A large Bible was passed down to her son Robert Mcknitt [Brevard?]; Her son Robert and son-in-law John Huggins were appointed executors. Sarah signed her will with an X in the presence of Elihu King, another son-in-law, and A. C. Young.

The Craig family of Sarah Craig Brevard has not been determined. A James Craig lived in Cecil Co, MD in 1790. A Scotch Church of England family of Craiges, settled in Rowan Co, NC, by 1750. When Archibald died in 1758, his wife Mary Craige became administratix of his estate during the minority of their sons. Sons David and James Craige presently owned around 2000 acres of land on the Ydkin River. [History of Rowan County, NC Rev. Jethro Rumple. Reprint 1974 p. 236]

A Captain David Craig got a military grant of 3200 acres of land in Western NC [later Maury Co, TN] for his service in the Rev. War in 1808 his widow and sons settled on theCraig grant in TN. [Let the Drums Roll-Marise P. Lightfoot p. 139] between 1813-1819 Samuel, William, James and David Craig are in the court records of Maury Co, TN. Sarah Craig's relation, if any, to these Craig families is not known.

Will of Sarah Brevard 30 Nov 1801 Irdell Co, NC.

Children Are:

1. Alexander McLean Brevard b. 1744

2. Joel Breard b. 1744

Margaret brevard b. 1 April 1747 NC

4. Elizabeth Brevard b. 20 Dec 1748 Rowan Co, NC

5. Sarah Brevard b. 20 April 1751

6. Margaret Brevard b. 12 Jan 1754 NC

7. Asenath Brevard b. 26 Dec 1755 NC m. James Houston [Capt. in Rev. Ear. for NC]

8. Jane Brevard b. 6 Jan 1758 NC

9. Lydia Brevard b. 25 Dec 1759 NC

10. Robert Mcknitt Brevard b. 18 July 1763 Rowan, Iredell Co, NC

11. Mary Brevard b. 22 May 1765

12. Charlotte Brevard b. 9 Dec 1769

13. Prudence Brevard b. 4 Jan 1722

5. Elizabeth Isabella Brevard [John,Jean] b. 1722 Cecil Co, MD d. 2 Sept 1813 Mecklinburg Co, NC is buried in Sugar Creek Presbyterian Church yard. m. [1] James Huggins 1743 Cecil Co, MD He was b. 1715. m. [2] John Lewis Jetton 1747 Cecil Co, MD He was b. 1720 New Castle Co, Delaware.

Notes: Migrated about 1747 to the Yadkin and Catawab Co, and settled in what was subsequently Rowan Co., since Iredell Co, NC. Simpson page 184 "Five sons and onde daughter were the issue of Jean & Katherine McKnitt Brevard, of whom John, robert and Zebulon, and their married sister Elizabeth and her husband migrated about 1747 to the Yadkin and Catawab. Adam and Benjamin remained in Maryland. Adam in Worcester Co, married his maternal first cousin Mary McKnitt. Benjamin in Cecil Co."

Children by John Jetton are:

1. Lewis Jetton b. 24 Jan 1749, New Castle Co, Delaware

2. Mary Jetton b. 11 Dec 1760 Rowan co, NC

3. John Lewis Jetton b. 1754 Rowan Co, NC

4. Abraham Jetton b. 1756 Rowan Co, NC

5. Isaac Jetton b. 1746 Cecil Co, MD

6. Zebulon Brevard [John, Jean] b. 29 Mar 1724 Elk River, Cecil Co, MD d. 8 Mar 1798 Burke Co, NC, m. Ann Templeton 7 Mar 1754 Anson Co, NC daughter of DAvid Templeton and Ann, she was b. Nov 1733 Lancaster, PA d. 1800 Burke Co, NC

Sources: Ref. Ac. No. 67-85 Manuscripts, Tennessee State Library & Archives, Nashville, Tenn. Letter from Catherine Bentinck, Houston, TX descendant of Thomas Brevard.

Fought in the Rev. War. and achieved rank of private. Secretary of Mecklenburg Co, NC & Militiaman.

Children are:

1. Mary Brevard b. 5 Aug 1755 Iredell Co, NC

2. David Brevard b. 18 Mar 1757 Iredell Co, NC d. 10 Aug 1760

3. Elizabeth Brevard b. 20 Dec 1758 Iredell Co, NC d. 10 Feb 1810 m. William Beard 17 Nov 1783

4. Jane Brevard b. 29 May 1760 Iredell Co, NC m. William Givens

5. Sarah Brevard b. 5 June 1762 Iredell Co, NC d. 1846 m. William Wilson 17 Nov 1794 Summer Co, Tenn

6. Ann Templeton Brevard b. 6 Jan 1766 Centre Church Area, Iredell Co, NC d. aft 1846 Washington County, Arkansas

7. Zebulon Jr. Brevard b. 21 Feb 1769 Mecklenburg Co, NC d. Oct 1840 Miami Co, Ohio

8. James Brevard b. 3 Mar 1771 d. 1829

9. Rhoda Brevard b. 21 July 1773 Iredell Co, NC m. Thomas McFee

10. Thomas Brevard b. 25 Sept 1775 Mecklenburg Co, NC d. 16 Oct 1846 Todd Co, Kentucky

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