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Remember to use only as a lead except where documentations has been found. The best source for the information on the Brobst is Brobstology, Arthur W. Holmes These people have done awsome research and have worked very hard. Much info is recorded here and it comes from their site. I am very thankful for their site.

I will put down what other sources I have as I go along


1. HANS MICHEL PROBST b. 1531 Kanton, Bern, Switzerland, d. abt 1577 Switzerland. m. Unknown in Sislen, Bern Switzerland, she was b. 1533 Switzerland.


Hans was born and raised in Bern, Switzerland. According to several reports, he was the progenitor of my ancestors. According to other records. No. He had a brother Benedikt, from whom spring quite a separate chain of Probsts, some of whom are known to have migrated to the USA and settled in Utah, and are documented in the archives of the Mormon Church.

Children are:

1. Niklaus Probst b. 4 Nov 1554 Siselen, Bern, Switzerland

2. Hans Michael Probst b. 1557 Bern, Switzerland

1. NIKLAUS PROBST [Hans Michel] b. 4 Nov 1554 Siselen, Bern, Switzerland married Margreth in 1577 in Siselen, Bern, Switzerland, she was born 1556 in Siselen, Bern, Switzerland.


Niklaus had either eleven or twelve children. One of the, Rudolph, is not shown on one of the original birth records from the old church, but other genealogists have placed him in this family. His birth year fits nicely in a gap that otherwise looks larger than would be expected in the family sequence. His family records come from the parish archives, per Dr. Robert Oheler, Kasernenstrasse 21D, Bern, Switzerland.

Children are born in Bern Switzerland, probably Siselen:

1. Rudolph Brobst b. 24 Sept 1595 d. Bef. 18 Jan 1653 Ettischweyl, Wangen, Allgaus, Bavaria

2. Elsbeth Probst b. 16 Nov 1578 d. bef 1597 Siselen, Bern, Switzerland

3. Margreth Probst b. 17 Jan 1580

4. Wilhelm Probst b. 12 Nov 1581

5. Hans Probst b. 17 Mar 1583

6. Jakobe Probst b. 23 Dec 1584

7. Barbara Probst b. 6 Aug 1587

8. Peter Hans Probst b. 25 Mar 1589

9. Fanni Probst b. 16 Aug 1590

10. Elsbeth II Probst b. 3 July 1597

11. Euphrosina Probst b. 22 Mar 1600

12. Niklaus Probst b. 27 May 1604

4. RUDOLPH BROBST [Niklaus Probst, Hans Michel], b. 24 Sept 1595 Siselen, Bern, Switzerland d. bef. 18 Jan 1653 Ettischweyl, Wangen, Allgau, Bavaria. Married Unknown 1624, she was b. abt 1600 Siselen, Bern, Switzerland


There is a question as to whether Rudolph was actually a son of Niklaus and Margreth, and a grandson of Hans. LuAnne Brobst Staheli shows that lineage. However, the baptismal records do not show him in that family. But, if Rudolph was baptized by a traveling minister, that minister might have recorded the baptism at the minister's home church, therby leaving the Probst's home church record vacant in that regard. Ms. Carolyn Price has challenged this birth line quite strongly on that basis. The record obtained from the church in Germany bears her out-the name "Rudolph" does not appear in the list of children. Bill Rutledge may have just assigned him in that position because it fit so well! He may also have been the son of Benedikt Probst who lived in Lutzenfluh, Bern, Switzerland; the father of that Benedikt was Benedikt, Hns' Brother! The records show that Rudolph would have fit just as nicely in that family as well.

The parish records, per Dr. Robert Oehler, Kasernenstrasse 21 D, Bern, state: "Rudolph resided in Bern, then in Ettischweyl, Wangen, Kandel and Minfeld, Germany." But did he move to Kandel with Barthel, or did he stay in Ettischweyl? It appears more likely that he stayed and died in Ettischweyl.

However: another record states he was born in Ettischweyl! Dr. Werner Esser of Kandel, writing to Alice-Ann Askew in 1992, state, "Rudolph Probst was born about 1590 in Ettischeyl next to the city of Wangen. He bases that on the Lineage Succession List dated Feb. 29, 1992 from Kandel. It may be that since he came from Ettischweyl it was assumed by the Kandel authorities that he was born there. It seems well documented, though, that Rudolph was born in Switzerland. Further, the record of the land sale by his son, Bartholomew, in 1652, clearly states that the family origin was in the region of Bern.

Only one son, Barthel, is known in the Brobst genealogist circles. There may have been other children. Certainly, it would have been unusual in those days to have only one child in the family. Hackworth/Staheli believe he was the ninth child, but that documentation has not been verified. Kandel records show only one son, Barthel, but then Rudolph never lived in Kandel.

The term "Gemeinsmann" or citizen of Ettischweyl, usually meant a city dweller, not a rural dweller.

...Bartholomew sold some land [probably Rudolph's] in Ettensweiler in 1652, then moved to Kandel. That might be an indication that Rudolph died in 1652, Barthel sold the land, and then split. But the Kandel Lineage Succession List mentioned above implies that Rudolph may have lived in Kandel for some time, although his death is not recorded.

On balance of facts. I believe that Rudolph was born in 1595 in Siselen, Bern, Switzerland, married there, and moved to Ettischweyl im Allgau, where he died around 1652.

This is from the Brobstology site.

Child of Rudolp:

1. BARTEL BARTHOLOMEW PROBST b. 1626 Ettischweyl, Wangen, Allgau, Bavaria, Germany, died 12 Apr 1689 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany.

7. HANS PROBST [Niklaus, Hans Michel], b. 17 Mar 1583 Siselen, Bern, Switzerland m. Barbli

Children are:

1. Peter Probst b. 6 Mar 1603 Siselen, Bern, Switzerland

2. Elsbeth Probst b. abt Nov 1604 Siselen, Bern, Switzerland

10. PETER HANS PROBST [Niklaus, Hans Michel], b. 25 Mar 1589 Bern, Switzerland m. Christina Krebs

Child is:

1. Hans Jakob Probst b. May 1696 Neuenstadt, Kanton, Bern, Switzerland b. 6 Sep 1767 Siselen, Bern, Switzerland

15. BARTEL BARTHOLOMEW PROBST [Rudolph Brobst, Niklaus Probst, Hans Michel Probst], b. 1626 Ettischweyl, Wangen, Allgau, Bavaria, Germany d. 12 Apr 1689 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany. m. Susanna Fischer 18 Jan 1653 Kandel, Der Pfalz, Germany, daughter of Peter Fischer and Ottilia, she was b. 14 Feb 1630 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany d. 25 Apr 1705 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany.


In 1652, Barthel [Bartholmaus] sold some land in Ettensweiler, and left for the flat, rich farmlands of the sourthern Palatinate of Germany. It is about 150 miles between Wangen and the lower Palatinate. He floated down the Argen river to the Bodensee, and then down the Rhine, west and then north, and settled in or near the little village of Minfeld. There he met and married Susanna Fischer Negel, widow of Herr Negel.


Parish Records [archives]: Dr. Robert Oehler, Kasernenstr. 21D, Bern, Switzerland, courtesy Alice Ann Askew CHURCH, a publication of the Mormon Church, Salt Lake City, Utah July 15, 1978

Parish Records [Oehler] The birth records show six girls and five boys, without Rudolph, but with a gap in the birth record from 1590 [Anni] to 1597 [Elisbeth]. They had babies every year or two, so this is an unusually long gap between births! Perhaps Rudolph's birth record is just missing. But there is a reasonable question of whether Rudolph was infact a son of Niklaus and Margreth.

Private correspondence from Stadtarchiv, Grosse Kreisstadt Wangen Im Allgau, 20 Jan 1998

German [Kandel] Marriage Archives from year 1653, entry # 111 under the name of Probst indicate the marriage of Susanna Negel, widow of Isaac Negel, to Barthel Propst on 18 Jan 1653

Correspondence from Mary Brobst in Yale, Iowa, 23 Feb 1993

His full given name appears to have been Bartholomew. He is recorded in the land transfer records of Ettensweiler in 1652, probably for selling land there; the land was probably his father's. Those records show his name as Bartholomaus Probst. He must have left Ettensweiler for Der Pfalz shortly thereafter, for he was married in Jan. 1653 in Kandel. Bill Brobst has a copy of the marriage record, in the German Pfalz file. Will was probated in 1715 in Kandel

Some "original" records show Susanna Fischer's married name as Negel, but other "original" transcript provided by Louis Monthaven shows Nagel. The record from the church shows Negel. She had only been married a couple of years when Isaak died.

[from Brobstology site]

Children are:

1. Christophel Brobst b. 31 Mar 1661 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany d. 14 Feb 1719 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany m. Eva Christina Hofmann 31 Jan 1690 Kandel, Germany daughter of Hans Michael Hoffmann & Anna Maria Rimpler, she was b. 25 Sept 1670 Kandel, d. 2 Mar 1727 Kandel, Germany.

* Hans Michael Hoffmann , son of Christoffel Hofmann & Catharina Unknown Nortwein, b. 29 May 1646 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany d. 26 Oct 1684 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany, married Anna Maria Rimpler 26 Aug 1666 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany, daughter of Simon Rimpler & Anna Hieronymus, she was b. 31 Aug 1645 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany d. 3 Jul 1693 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany, she was first married to Zacharias Eckhardt 3 Mar 1663 Germany; Children are:


2. Anna Margaretha Hofmann b. 20 sep 1670 Kandel, Germany

3. Anna Maria Hofmann b. Jan 1673 Kandel, Germany

4. Hans Michael Hofmann b. 25 Jul 1675 Kandel, Germany

5. Anna Ursula Hofmann b. Sep 1678 Kandel, Germany

* Christoffel Hofmann, son of Adam Hofmann, b. 1613 Kandel, Germany married Catharina Unknown Nortwein 12 Oct 1640 Kandel, Germany, she was also married to Hans Jacob Nortwein; she was b. 1615 Kandel, Germany

Children are:


2. Hans Dieter Hoffmann b. 10 Dec 1641 Kandel, Germany

3. Christoffel Hoffmann b. 20 Oct 1643 Kandel, Germany

4. Anna Margaretha Hoffmann b. 31 Dec 1648 Kandel, Germany

* Simon Rimpler b. 1600 Frankenland Franconia, Germany d. 1645, married Anna Hieronymus 8 Feb 1642 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany, she was b. 1607 Kandel, Germany d. 24 jul 1661 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany, Simon was also married to Veronica Mahlmeister.

Children are:


2. Eva Elisabeth Rimpler b. 28 Nov 1642 Kandel, Germany

3. Johann Simon Rimpler b. 10 Mar 1644 Kandel, Germany


Because of living conditions being so deplorable, three of Christophel's children came to America: Phillip Jacob [1692] Johann Michael [1701] Elizabetha Margaretha [Vossellmann] [1703]. These three were the first Probsts to come to America. They arrived in 1732, the year George Washington was born. Others of the larger Probst family lived in northwestern Switzerland also, from Siselen in the northwest of Kanton Berne to Lutzelfluh in the northeastern part of Kanton Berne. Many of these Probsts also emigrated elsewhere in Europe-into Germany and into sourthern Alsace, France. Some of those who moved to sourthern Germany had moved further north into Saxony by the 1800s. Many Probsts came to America from Switzerland, Germany and France later in the 1700s and 1800s.


The three children of Christophel Probst arrived in Philadelphia in Oct. 1732, after a horrible voyage on the ship "JOHN AND WILLIAM". Philipp Jacob came with his wife, Cerine, and three young sons-Jean Michael, Jean Valentine, and Jean Martin. Johann Michael was unmarried, but married Anna Maria Kerr shortly after his arrival. Elisabetha Margaretha came with her husband, Hans Erhardt Vossellmann. The English-speaking clerks misspelled their name phonetically, as had the ship's captain. The left Germany as "Probst" checked out of Rotterdam as "Props", sailed as "Proops", and cleared immigration as "Brobst".

The Brobst settled in the area now known as Berks and Lehigh Counties, PA about 50 miles northwest of Philadelphia. Many of their German friends who sailed with them settled in the same area. They fought off starvation, poverty, unfriendly weather, and even less friendly Indians. All American Brobsts descend from one of those three children of Christophel. All Brobst are related.

The name Probst and Propst have similar meanings in German language. A propst is a lay administrator of a German Roman Catholic diocese or Lutheran synod. A Porbst is a lay administrator of a Swiss synod. All these words come from the latin word "praepositus" [Preposterous!]. His exact date is not known; the Mar 31, 1661 date is of his christening. Bill Brobst has a copy of the birth and marriage records, in the German Pfalz file.

He was a master potter [Meistertophfer] in Middle Kandel. Church records call him a Burger and Haffner in Kandel.

The birth dates shown for his children [except for Eva Christina, Maria Sara, and Eva Christina II] are baptism dates; the exact birth date is not known.

Will was probated 1 Apr 1727 in Kandel; wife not living at that time. Actually, she died a few weeks earlier. Why it took so long [8 years] for probate is not known, except perhaps that the younger children were not yet of age.

notes for Christina Hoffmann:

I am a direct blood descendant of Hanss Michael Hofmann and Anna Maria Rimpler through their daughter Anna Maria, and I have that line quite complete down to my grandchildren. The rest of the family had moved into Rhein-Pfalz from Wangen [Bas Rhein, Alsace] also. Some of my other family lines came in from Switzerland also. And I would like to compare notes with you, and if you wish give you some of the information I have. What a discovery!! Love just never tried finding the Hoffmann line, because it is such a common name. Also, a really interesting tibit is that the third husband of Anna married in 1690 and she died three years later, he died six months after her. He was born in Minderslachen, but died in Kandel and lived there most of his life, I'm sure.

Please contact me. Judy Abernathy


[all from Brobstology Site on Internet]

Children of Christophel Brobst & Eva Hofmann are:

1. Philip Jacob Probst b. 30 Nov 1692 Kandel, Germany d. 21 Mar 1760 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA

2. Johannes Probst b. 25 Oct 1690 Kandel, Germany d. 7 Feb 1776 Kandel, Germany

3. Zacharias Probst b. 13 Nov 1695 kandel, Germany d. 9 Mar 1736 Minfeld, Pfalz, Germany

4. Maria Catherina Brobst b. 21 Dec 1697 Langenkandel, Germany d. 14 Feb 1767 Kandel, Germany

5. Anna Maria Margaretha Brobst b. 11 Nov 1699 Kandel, Germany d. 27 Apr 1727 Kandel, Germany

[Kay McLaughlin shows birth year 1703]

[Other records show she married Johann Michael Burg, but he married Maria Catherine Probst. [Bruhnke.FBK.FTW]

6. Johann Michael Brobst b. 1701 Kandel, Germany d. abt 1771 Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA

7. Elisabetha Margaretha Brobst b. 29 Jun 1703 Kandel, Germany d. aft 1745 Northampton Co, PA married Hans Erhardt Vossellmann 23 Aug 1729 Minfeld, Pfalz, Germany, son of Ludwig Vossellmann & Maria Schaffer, He was born 1701 Minfeld, Pfalz, Germany d. aft 1733 Northampton Co, PA


Elisabetha was born on St Peter and Paul holiday. Some records show the birth date as 1709, but the Lineage Succession List from Kandel clearly shows 1703.

Source: Brobstolgy Site Internet

They had 14 children, including Eva Elizabeth, Philipp Peter, Maria Dorothea and Catharina; founding the Fossellmann family in America.

A Monument in the cemetery of the Jerusalm "Red" Church at Stony Run, Berks Co, PA mentions her and their son Philipp Peter as being early members of that church which was established in the late 1740's.

In April, 1732, Hans Vossellmann was in Minfeld selling and signing over his land to his mother and siblings. They probably never lived in Oberseebach. The sale was recorded in the name of Johan Erhardt Vosselmann. Alice-Ann Askew has a document showing him alive in 1773. His youngest daughter probably died at sea. New World Immigrants, Vol. 2, p. 67: "Baptized at Minfeld, Sept 25, 1701, son of Ludwig Fosselmann in Minfeld and wife Maria Margaretha Scha[:]; Married at Minfeld Aug 23, 1729, to Elisabetha Margaretha Probst, daughter of Christoph Probst: emigrated thirty years ago to the New Land [Document dated 1762], brother-in-law Johannes Kauffmann. He was the first Vossellmann immigrant to America, arriving Oct 17, 1732, on the ship "John and William" with Johann Michael Probst, single, and Philipp Jacob Probst and his family. His history is documented in Askew's book on Vosselmann history and "The Brobst Chronicles" His sister, Maria Margaretha Vosselmann Ott, came to America in 1752. He was granted 150 acres of land in Lynn Twp, Northampton Co, PA in 1738. The property lays near the western edge of Lynn Twp, between Ontelaunee Creek and Kistler's Creek, just east of Mathias Probst's and Michael Brobst's property.

[per Joanne Fussellman Farrell: "The Fussellmans all stayed Lutheran or Reformed right up to the present."]

Children are:

1. Eva Elizabeth Fossellmann b. 30 Jan 1732 Minfeld, Pfalz, Germany; died abt Jul 1732 at sea enroute to America.

2. Maria Dorothea Fossellmann b. 1740 Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA d. 12 Nov 1803 Davidson Co, NC married Erhardt Zieislof, he was b. 1740 PA d. 1818 Davidson Co, NC

Children are:

1. Anna Catharina Zieislof b. 24 Jun 1759

2. Elisabeth Zieislof

3. Magdalena Zieislof

4. George Zieislof

5. Philipp Peter Zieislof

6. Charity Zieislof married Frederick Long

7. Maria Christina Zieislof b. 14 Mar 1762

8. Erhardt Zieislof b. 17 May 1782 d. 4 Mar 1869 Davidson Co, NC married Elizabeth Clinard b. 30 Nov 1779 d. 24 Jul 1843 Davidson Co, NC

3. Catharina Fossellmann b. 1742 Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA

4. Philip Peter Fossellman b. 1743 lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA d. Nov 1820 Lynn Twp, PA married Anna Catharina Hess in Jerusalem Church, Wessnerville, Berks Co, PA she was b. 7 May 1750 Longswamp, Berks Co, PA d. 18 Apr 1812 Lynn twp, Lehigh Co, PA

Children are:

1. Anna Catharina Fossellman b. 13 Apr 1766 Lynn Twp, PA d. 11 Jun 1821 Mahoning Co, Ohio

2. Johannes Fossellmann b. 23 Dec 1767 Lynn Twp, PA d. 29 May 1835 Warren, Trumbull Co, Ohio

3. Georg Fossellmann b. 28 Dec 1769 Lynn Twp, PA died in Perry Co, PA

4. Daniel Fossellmann b. 1770 lynn Twp, PA d. 28 Jul 1810 Cumberland, Perry Co, PA

5. Heinrich Fossellmann b. 1772 Lynn Twp, PA d. 1846 Berks Co, PA

6. Anna Maria Dorothea Fossellmann b. 30 Mar 1774 Lynn Twp, PA d. 22 Aug 1835 Albany Twp, Lehigh Co, PA

7. Samuel Fossellmann b. 1775 Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA d. 1824

8. Erhardt Fossellmann b. Sep 1777 Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA d. 5 Feb 1841 Trumbull Co, Ohio

9. Philipp Fossellmann b. 13 Nov 1781 Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA d. 14 Sep 1845 Eugene, Vermillion Co, IND.

10. Jacob Fossellmann b. 27 Jul 1783 Lynn Twp, PA d. 10 Dec 1834 Berks Co, PA

11. Anna Christina Fossellmann b. 23 May 1785 Lynn Twp, PA d. 13 Dec 1862 Cetronia, Lehigh Co, PA

12. Susanna Fossellmann b. 1787 Lynn Twp, PA d. bef 1820 married Andreas Steigerwalt b. 1766 Alsace, France

13. Anna Maria Fossellmann b. 24 May 1789 Lynn Twp, PA d. 3 Apr 1842 married Jacob Heinrich Sechler b. 16 May 1781 d. 4 Aug 1858

14. Elizabetha Fossellmann b. 30 Nov 1791 Lynn Twp, PA d. 24 Jan 1871 married Frederick Sechler 10 Jun 1811 b. abt 1770 d. 10 Sep 1828; her sponsors at Baptism were Valentine & Elizabeth [Levi/Levy] Brobst.

5. Anna Barbara Fossellmann b. 1744 lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA d. bef 1770 married Johann Georg Yerian 1756

Children are:

1. Anna Magdalen Yerian b. abt 1758 Northampton Co, PA d. 7 Apr 1827 married Thomas Williams

2. Frederick Yerian b. 17 Jan 1762 Northampton Co, PA d. Oct 1840 Morgan Noble Co, Ohio

3. Maria Barbara Yerian b. 23 Feb 1764 Northampton Co, PA d. 1835 Stark Co, Ohio married Rudolph Bair 1783 PA

4. Anna Dorothea Yerian b. 20 Aug 1766 Northampton Co, PA d. 20 Apr 1846 Westmoreland Co, PA married John Michael Keppel

5. Anna Christian Yerian b. 12 Nov 1768 Northampton Co,PA died in PA married [1] Alexander McMillen [2] Jacob Ankeny


8. Johann Christopherus Brobst b. 13 Mar 1706 Kandel, Germany

9. Eva Christina Brobst b. 30 Sep 1707 kandel, Germany d. 1714 Kandel, Germany

10. Maria Sarah Brobst b. 25 Feb 1711 Kandel, Germany d. aft 1732 [she was single in 1732 [Bruhnke.FBK.FTW]

11. Eva Christina Brobst b. 20 Nov 1714 kandel, Germany

1. HANS MICHEL I BROBST, b. 18 Oct 1654 Kandel, Germany: d. 19 Oct 1654 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany

2. JOHANN MICHAEL II PROBST, b. 2 Sept 1655 Kandel, Germany; d. 8 Jan 1724 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany, m. [1] Anna Ohl 21 Jan 1679 Kandel, Germany, b. abt Feb. 1660 Kandel, Germany d. 3 Nov 1692 Kandel, Germany [2] Anna Appolonia Kleiber 7 Apr 1693 Kandel, Germany b. 9 Oct 1670 Kandel, Germany d. 20 Apr 1708 Kandel, Germany [3] Anna Appolonia Unknown 1708 Germany, b. 1659 Kandel, Germany d. 13 Jun 1727 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany.

Some Records show the name as Ochl, but the Lineage Succession List from Kandel shows it as Ohl [mitumlaut O] Anna Kleiber burial record was sighted in Speyer by Bill Brobst. Other records which show her as dying in 1707 maybe in error. Anna Unknown, most records do not show this marriage. W. Thomas does.

Children by Anna Ohl are:

1. Anna Juliana Brobst b. 30 Jan 1680 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany d. 13 Apr 1680

2. Anna Juliana Brobst b. 17 Apr 1681 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany d. 11 Apr 1682

3. Johann Peter Brobst b. 21 Jan 1683 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany d. 1758 Germany

4. Johannes Probst b. 1684 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany b. 8 Feb 1758 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany married [1] Maria Elisabeth Rudel 4 May 1717 Kandel, Germany, she was b. 18 Dec 1695 Kandel, Germany d. 28 Aug 1719 Kendel, Germany [2] Maria Elisabeth Glosinger 13 Feb 1720 Kandel, Germany, she was b. 12 Dec 1694 Kandel, Germany

Ancestor of Linda Goodell

Dr. Ed Probst

Bob Cifers

Lee Ann Struckman

Cheryl Probst

Cloyd Pfaffman

A Johannes Probst was a witness to a wedding in Kandel, Pfalz, Germany on April 21, 1754; which johannes this was is not known. Record seen by Bill Brobst

Maria Rudel death date was noted in the church records in Speyer by Bill Brobst. The discrepency between her death dathe and the date of birth of her second daughter is noted. She probably died in childbirth, and the birth date is in error. [Bruhnke.FBK.FTW]

Children by Maria Rudel are:

1. Maria Elisabetha Brobst b. 26 Jul 1718 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany d. 29 Aug 1718 Kandel, Germany [death record read by Bill Brobst in church records in Speyer, Germany]

2. Eva Elisabetha Brobst b. 10 Oct 1719 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany [this birth date may have been 10 Aug 1719]

Children by Maria Glosinger are:

1. Anna Elisabeth Probst b. 16 Feb 1724 Kandel, Germany

2. Maria Catharina Probst b. 28 Oct 1725 Kandel, Germany

3. Anna Maria Probst b. 20 Sep 1727 Kandel, Germany

4. Anna Margaretha Probst b. 3 Dec 1729 Kanel, Germany married Johann Jakob Heupel, he was b. 14 Mar 1728 Nussdorf bei Landau, Pfalz, Germany

Children are:

1. Anna Maria Barbara Heupel b. 19 Oct 1761

2. Anton Heupel b. 13 May 1765

5. Johann Georg Probst b. Jun 1735 Kandel, Germany d. 7 Aug 1735

6. Johann George II Probst b. 1739 Kandel, Germany d. 1785 Germany married Eva Maria Margaretha Heinz 3 Feb 1767 Kandel, Germany, she was b. 1740 Kandel, Germany

The original church record submitted by Louis Monthaven, does not show him in this family. He was a shoemaker.

Child is:

1. Johann Georg Probst b. 13 Apr 1783 Kandel, Germany d. aft 1826 Kelso Twp, Dearborn Co, Indiana married Eva Margaretha Nuss, she was b. Mar 1794 Kandel, Germany d. aft 1826

Came to America in 1835 on the ship "MARENGO" from Le Havre, Landing in New Orleans. Source: Microfil #0200141, Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New Orleans 1820-1902; Rol 13, June 1-Dec 30, 1835, by the National Archives: Their possessions included three chests and one cask of wine. He and his son Johann George Jr were both listed as laborers. Naturalized in early 1840s. Settled first in Cincinnati, then Dearborn County, Indiana, where he bought 160 acres in Kelso Twp.

Childen are:

1. George Probst b. aft 1812 Germany

2. Johannes Probst b. abt 1813 Kandel, Germany d. 10 Mar 1858 Kelso Twp, Dearborn Co, IND. married Julia Heisler who died 1834 Kelso Twp, IND [Came to America in 1832 with his parents and siblings. Don't know whether he married Julia Heisler in Germany or America.

3. Johann George Probst b. 19 Mar 1815 Kandel, Germany d. 19 Nov 1892 Kelso Twp, Dearborn Co, IND

4. Jacob P Probst b. 1819 Kandel, Germany d. 5 Jan 1904 Dover, Dearborn Co, IND

5. Anna Barbara Brobst b. 4 Mar 1685 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany married Joseph Zimmermann 1726 Willer, Alsace, France b. aft 1683

Zimmermann is a common name in Alsace since it comes from the traide of carpenter. In the Valley of the Thur, several families with this name have lived there for centuries. A significant Zimmermann family of the low valley comes from Stoffel: Christophel Zimmermann of Altenbach, with his sons Johannes, Johannes Zimmerman married in 1683 in St Amrin to Margaretha Schnetz of Orschwihr, daughter of a journeyman of Orschwihr. The couple had several children; Oswald Zimmermann married in 1714 in St Amarin to Cadina [Claudine] Grunenwald, and Joseph Zimmerman married in 1726 in Willer to Barbara Probst. [It is noted that Alsace is just across the border from Kandel, Germany]

6. Augustus Magnus Brobst b. 14 Dec 1687 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany d. 25 Mar 1690 Kandel, Germany

7. Anna Eva Brobst b. 25 Aug 1692 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany d. 27 Jun 1765 Kandel, Germany married Johann Nicolaus Daub 15 Feb 1718 Kandel, Germany, he was b. 20 Oct 1691 Minfeld, Pfalz, Germany d. 6 May 1759 Kandel, Germany

Child is:

1. Nicklaus Daub b. abt 1720 Minfeld, Pfalz, Germany married Anna Maria Koenig 7 Feb 1741 Minfeld, Germany, b. Jul 1718 Minfeld, Germany: They both immigrated to America 1752

Children by Anna Kleiber are:

1. Anna Elisabeth Brobst b. 9 Apr 1694 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany married Johannes Weiss b. 18 Jan 1685 Kandel, Germany d. 10 Aug 1749 kandel, Germany

2. Johann Nocolaus Brobst b. 25 Mar 1696 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany d. 28 Nov 1713 Kandel, Germany [Burial record seen in Speyer by Bill Brobst ]

3. Johann Michael Brobst b. 13 Mary 1699 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany d. 16 Jul 1700

4. Johann Valentine Brobst b. 14 Aug 1701 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany d. 14 Mar 1703

5. Catherina Elisabetha Brobst b. 3 Aug 1704 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany d. 2 May 1775 Kandel, Germany married Sebastian Keim, b. 1710 d. 24 Feb 1785 Kandel, Germany

6. Johann Michael III Brobst b. 17 Sep 1706 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany d. 14 Feb 1707

3. JOHANNES JACOB PROBST, b. 7 Nov 1658 Kandel, Germany d. 28 Dec 1714 Kandel, Germany m. Anna Maria Pfaff 21 Nov 1682 Kandel, Germany b. 4 May 1662 Kandel, Germany, d. 21 Sept 1743 Queichheim, Germany.

Records of Kandel church in Speyer, seen by Bill Brobst, show his name as Johann Jacob. Other reports show him as Hans Jacob. The lineage Succession List from Kandel shows his first name as Hans.

Bill Brobst has a copy of the marriage record, in the German Pfalz File.

Children are:

1. Anna Maria Brobst b. 7 Sep 1683 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany d. 18 Sep 1683

2. Anna Barbara Brobst b. 10 Sep 1684 Kandel, Germany married Hans George Himmel [Bill Brobst has the record of her birth in the German Pfalz File]

3. Johannes Jacob Probst b. 17 Nov 1686 Kandel, Germany d. 5 Jun 1757 Kandel, Germany married Anna Barbara Hans 11 Feb 1716 Kandel, Germany she was b. 23 Dec 1695 Kandel, Germany d. 27 Dec 1778 Kandel, Germany

Children are:

1. Johann Jacob Probst b. 26 Jan 1717 Kandel, Germany

2. Maria Elisabetha Probst b. 28 Sep 1718 Kandel, GER

3. Maria Margaretha Probst b. 8 Sep 1720 Kandel, GER

4. Johannes Probst b. 6 Feb 1723 Kandel, GER

5. Georg Jacob Probst b. 15 Sep 1725 Kandel, GER

6. Johann Georg Probst b. 23 Sep 1729 Kandel, GER

4. Johannes Probst b. 25 Oct 1688 Kandel, Germany d. 14 Sep 1731 Kandel, Germany married Anna Catharina Schmoll 19 Jan 1717 Kandel, GER, she was b. 18 Dec 1695 Kandel, GER d. 22 Aug 1771 Kandel, GER

Children are:

1. Maria Elisabetha Probst b. 30 Jan 1718 GER d. 29 Feb 1780 Germany married George Friederich Studer 11 Nov 1740 Kandel, GER he was b. 17 Nov 1714 d. 7 Apr 1776

Child is:

1. Anna Elisabeth Studer b. 18 May 1746 d. 16 Nov 1826 married Georg Christian Falck 12 May 1772 Kandel, GER, he was b. abt 1742 d. 24 Dec 1812

Child was;

1. Maria Margaretha Falck b. 20 May 1787 d. 30 Sep 1865

2. Johannes Probst b. 13 Nov 1720 Kandel, GER

3. Florian Probst b. 20 Jan 1726 Kandel, GER

5. Stephan Brobst b. 9 Mar 1691 Kandel, Germany d. 27 May 1745 Kandel, Germany married Anna Maria Joss 30 Jan 1720 Kandel, GER, she was b. 13 Jul 1686 Kandel, GER d. 6 Nov 1758 Kandel, GER

Children are:

1. Maria Catharina Brobst b. 20 Dec 1721

2. Johann Michael Brobst b. 27 Nov 1724

3. Johann Adam Brobst b. 16 Dec 1728 married Maria Magdalena Probst

Sponsored many Baptisms in the New Hanover Lutheran Church, Montgomery Co, PA for the families of Baitenmann, Gilbert, others. He was also witness for a half-dozen marriages at that church. Maybe he was a professional witness/sponsor! Emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1750

Child Is:

1. Johan Nicholas Brobst b. 21 Nov 1753 Philadelphia, PA

6. Johann Dieter Brobst b. 3 Mar 1694 Kandel, Germany d. 1695

7. Johann Deiterich Brobst b. 24 Jun 1696 Kandel, Germany d. aft 1729 married Anna Maria Margaretha Probst, she was b. 1700 Kandel, GER d. aft 1729 Kandel, GER

Children are:

1. Maria Margaretha Brobst b. 4 Sep 1723

2. Anna Veronica Brobst b. 1 Nov 1724

3. Maria Catharina Brobst b. 10 Nov 1726

4. Heironymus Brobst b. 28 Dec 1728

8. Maria Margaretha Brobst b. 3 Apr 1699 Kandel, Germany d. 20 May 1755 Kandel, Germany

9. Johann Valentin Brobst b. 23 Mar 1703 Kandel, Germany

4. HANS BARTHE BARTHOLOMEWL PROBST, b. 10 Jan 1664 Kandel, Germany; d. 26 Sept 1738 Kandel, Germany. m. Anna Apollonia Hamm; b. 10 Jan 1675 Kandel, Germany d. 8 Oct 1751 Kandel, Germany. Death record by Bill Brobst in church records in Speyer, Germany shown as 26 Sep 1738 age 74 y 8m 4d

5. UTILIA OTTILIA BROBST, b. 27 May 1666 kandel, Germany, d. 1694 Kandel, Germany m. Johann Michel Koch 29 Dec 1692. Some records spell her given name as Utilia. The Ottilia spelling was common in the church records of Kandel and Minfeld, and Utilia never appeared. Therefore, the spelling of Ottilia is assumed to be correct.

6. HANS GEORGE BROBST, b. 12 Mar 1668 Kandel, Germany m. Clara Elisabetha Heimberger 30 Sept 1705

7. JOHANNES BROBST, b. 29 Mar 1671 Kandel, Germany, d. 19 Feb 1672 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany.

16. PETER PROBST [Hans, Niklaus, Hans Michel] b. May 1696 Neuenstadt, Kanton, Bern, Switzerland d. 6 Sept 1767 Siselen, Bern, Switzerland m. Elsbeth Gross, b. Nov 1706 Siselen, Bern, Switzerland d. Feb 1742 Siselen, Bern, Switzerland.

Children are:

1. Hans Jakob Jr. Probst b. 29 Jun 1721 Siselen, Bern, Switzerland

2. Hans Rudolph Probst b. 20 Aug 1723 d. 12 Dec 1796 Siselen, Bern, Switzerland

3. Benedikt Probst b. 19 May 1726 Siselen, Bern, Switzerland d. 2 Mar 1800 [same] m. Anna Meyer 29 June 1753 Siselen, Bern, Switzerland b. 23 Oct 1729 Schuepfen, Kanton, Berne, Switzerland d. 3 Jan 1792 Siselen, Bern, Switzerland

4. HANS PETER PROBST, b. 3 Dec 1728 Siselen, Bern, Switzerland

5. NIKLAUS PROBST, b. 29 Oct 1730 Siselen, Bern, Switzerland

1. PHILIP JACOB PROBST, son of Christophel & Eva Hofmann was born 30 Nov 1692 Kandel, Germany d. 21 Mar 1760 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA, married Anne Catharine Marguerite "Cerine" Christ 1720 Oberseebach, Alsace, France, daughter of Johann Heinrich Christ, she was b. 10 Nov 1696 Niederseebach, Alsace, France/Bern, Switzerland, d. Jan 1747 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA

Children are:

1. Jean Martin Brobst b. 29 Dec 1726 Oberseebach, Alsace, France Baptized: 29 Dec 1726 Evangelisch-Reformierte Church, Oberseebach, France, He d. Jul 1766 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA married [1] Maria Fuss b. 1725 Berks Co, PA [2] Anna Elizabeth Heckler 1758 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA, daughter of Christian Rudolph Hechler. She was born 1733 Exeter Twp, Berks Co, PA d. Oct 1772 Albany Twp, PA


Martin and his two brothers Michael and Valentine built a Lutheran Church and School, still in existence in 1909 called "Allemingle Church".

Source: Historical and Biographical Annals of Berks County, PA, Vol. 1, published by J. H. Beers and Company, Chicago, 1909, pp 454 & 1319.

Several of his children were still minors when he died, and Jean Valentine and Andrew Hagenbuch were appointed guardians of the minor children, as recorded in the Orphans Record Book 1, page 242, dated Nov 13, 1766.

There is mentioned in another record that he had another daughter b. abt 1762. However, there is no record about her. Martin's will dated Oct 10, 1765 makes no mention of her, but she would have died by then , so would not have been mentioned.

Martin Probst's Mill was across the street from pJ's and Valentine's: it is no longer there; a grove of trees is on the site next to Kistler's Creek. The mill is described in a book by Arthur M. Haas, "The Allemaengle Road" It operated for about 140 years, until about 1890. His other mill is located on Maiden Creek, halfway between Trexler and Wanamakers. [The mill might have been actually his brother Michael's mill] In the early 1800s it was sold first to Mr. Moser, and later to Mr. Lenhart. In the early 1900s it was-and still is known as Lenhart's Mill. The stone mill building and wheel race are still there, although the former log top of the building was destroyed [either by rot or fire], and has been replaced with a modern roof. The building now contain several apartments.

A copy of Marin's Will, dated Oct 10, 1765, [proved: 9 Jun 1766]is in the Bill Rutledge Folder. He signed his will as Martin Brobst, not Probst. [Signature in the old style, as in "Brobft"] The Will was written in German; witness was C. H. Hechler, Anna Elizabeth's brother. He died young, at age of 40.


Anna Heckler is probably the sister of Christian Hechler who married Martin's sister, Anna Maria. She is definitely the sister of Johannes Hechler, named as such in her will dated 6 Oct 1772. She signed her will as Anna Elizabeth Probst, not Brobst. But Martin had already accepted the name Brobst. Her will mentions only two children, Johannes and Catherina, both minors. A copy of her will, dated 6 Oct 1772, is in the Bill Rutledge Folder, another copy in the Will Folder...It was probated in 1774, with Johannes Hechler as administrator.

In Orphan's Court Record Book 1, page 242, November 13, 1766, the court appointed Valentine Probst and Andrew Hagenbuch as guardians of her children; Jean Martin had already died.


Children are:

1. JOHANNES "JOHN" BROBST b. 15 Oct 1759 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA d. 19 Aug 1834 New Berlin, Union Co, PA married CATHERINE STUMPFUND 26 Oct 1780 Alsace Twp, Berks Co, PA daughter of Wilhelm Stumpfund & Anna Magdalena Hagenbuch, she was b. Jul 1759 Berks Co, PA d. aft 23 Dec 1836 Berks Co, PA

He was a German Reformed Minister

[G-G-G-G Grandparents]

John Brobst 1759-1834 married Catherine Stumpf before 1780, she was the daughter of John Stumpf,. He fought at Brandywine PA in 1777, at age 18 as a private Scout.

Source: Penn Archives DAR Patriotic Index, Volume 1, page 87 published Dec 17 1833 at age 72 Union Co, PA:

John Brobst, 1776, was a private in the Jersey campaign and from 1777-80 he was on Scout Duty. He was granted a pension for his services.

Member, 2nd class, 3rd company, 3rd Battalion, Albany Twp, Berks Co, Militia Rev. War. served four action tours, and granted a Pension. As a private in the Continental Army, he served in New Jersey Campaign in 1776, and as a scout in 1777-80. He is listed in the DAR Patriot Index Files as a Private Scout and is on the DAR Roll of Honor. Placed on the Rev. War. pension rolls in 1731.

In 1820, he was operating a distillery in Northampton Co, per census, Moved away from Berks Co, to Union [then Northumberland] Co, in 1812.

In 1820, he sold some land to Alexander Boveard, husband of his sister Susanna [my G-G-G- Grandparents]. The land was in Union Co, [Buffalo Twp,] and consisted of 160 acres. Land record transfer: 5 Dec 1820: John Brobst of Union Twp, late Buffalo, Union Co, PA, farmer and wife, Catharina to Alexander Bovard of the same Township. 160 acres and 136 perches and allowance of six percent for roads; $7879.29; Messuage, Plantation and tract of land in Union Twp, called Dry Valley Garden. Neighbors: Abraham Eyer, Michael Goins[?] Jacob Bower, Charles Slough, Philip Bower. History: Patent date 5 May 1790 to James Bovard; To John Bropst 7 Apr 1817, Northumberland County Deed Book S: 149, Signed: Johannes [?] Brobzt: Catherine x Brobst Witnesses: James Merillo, Johannes Eyer: Sworn to: 7 dec 1821 [sic] before Samuel Wilson. Recorded: 23 Jan 1821, Union Co, Deed Book D: 389. at the same time, he sold/gave another 143 acres to his son Johannes Jacob. Land record transfer: 5 Dec 1820: John Bropst, of Union Twp, late Buffalo, Union Co, PA, farmer and Catherine, his wife to John Bropst Jr. farmer of the same Twp. 143 acres: $7007.23; Mesuage, Plantation and rest of tract of land in Union Twp. part of Dry Valley Garden. Neighbors: John Bropst, Philip Bowers, Adam Smith, Abraham Eyer, Isaac Hanna, David Steele. History: Bovard Family to John Bropst,7 Apr 1817, Northumberland County Deed Book S: 149 signed: Johannes [?] Brobzt, Catherine x Brobst. Witnesses: James Merillo, Johannes Eyer. Sworn to 7 Dec 1820 before Samuel Wilson. Recorded 11 Oct 1821, Union Co, Deed Book D: 532

In 1824, he sold a lot of farm and household items to Benjamin Brobst, his youngest son, including two wagons, a clock, 2 cows, 3 beds, And Two Slaves. Property transfer: 10 Apr 1824: John Brobst to Benjamin Brobst both of Union twp, $213 Merchandise: 1 Plantation Wagon, 1 Horse wagon, 1 clock, 2 cows, 3 beds woman's saddle, copper kettle, 2 slaves, shot gun, pipe, saw, 3 chests, 2 tables, 2 iron pots and other household items. Signed: Benjamin Brobst [seal] Witnesses: J. Stilwell [?] abm. Faidro[sic: Fredolf ?] Recorded: 30 Apr 1824 Union Co, Deed Book E: 521

In 1832, he applied for a pension. "Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files" by Virgil D. White." John, Catherine, R1229, PA line, Soldier, applied 24 Sep 1832, Union Co, PA, aged 73, a resident of Union Twp, Union Co, soldier was born 15 Oct 1759 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA and had enlisted there, and in 1812 moved to Northumberland [now Union] Co. PA; widow applied 23 Dec 1836, Union Co, PA aged 78, m. 26 Oct 1780 at Reading, Berks Co, PA and soldier died 19 Aug 1834." DAR Registry as Pvt Scout, PA PNSR

Source: DAR Vol 1 p 87: Military Rev. War Pension Files: Union County marriage records 0974.8 F533c 74

Catharina's family name was often spelled out in full--Stumpfund. Her name was spelled out as "Stumpfund" in the land sale record of her and her husband John to Alexander Bovard.

Children are:

1. Anna Maria Brobst b. 6 Mar 1781 Albany Twp, Berks co, PA

2. Johan Jacob Brobst b. 2 Feb 1783 Greenwich Twp, Berks Co, Pa

3. Dorothea Brobst b. 2 Feb 1783 Greenwich Twp, Berks, Pa

4. Johannes Jacob Brobst b. 7 Jun 1784 Albany Twp, Berks, Pa

5. SUSANNAH BROBST b. 18 Feb 1795 Berks Co, PA

6. Daniel Brobst b. 30 May 1797 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA

7. Benjamin Brobst b. 8 Mar 1803 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA

JOHANN WILHELM "WILLIAM" STUMPF[UND]son of Johann Phillip Stumpf & Rebecca or Magdalena, he was b. 5 Apr 1725 Germany Baptized 29 Apr 1725 Theuberg, Germany, d. 5 Jun 1805 Linn Twp, Berks Co, PA burial Jacobs Church Cemetery, Jacksonville, PA, he was 80 yrs 2 months 8 days old, he married Anna Magdalena Hagenbuch 3 Oct 1751 Theuberg, Germany, daughter of Andreas Hagenbuch and Catharina Unknown, she was born 14 Apr 1724 Theuberg, Germany d. 28 May 1815 Linn Twp, Berks Co, PA, burial Jacobs Church Cemetery, Jacksonville, PA

He was a farmer in the eastern end of the township, near the Northampton [now Lehigh] County Line.

Possible surname for Magdalena maybe Hagenbuch. In the Christening Records of the New Bethel Church at Albany Twp. lists Daniel Bauscher [Bashore] and Anna Marie as the parents of William Christened 13, Jan 1775. This record lists WILLIAM STUMPF AND MAGDALENA HAGENBUCH as sponsors. [Research notes of Max Colgrove, descendant [6/2002] from source:

William Stumpfund emigrated 2 Oct 1753 to Pennsylvania on the ship "Edinburgh" at the age of 28. His name appears on Pennsylvania German Pioneers Volume 1: Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1806. He sailed from Rotterdam, Captain John Lion, Master, Also Aboard.

His name appears on Tax Lists of Albany Twp Berks Co, in 1756 & 1759.

Magdalena and Husband Johann William sponsered Mary Magdalena Dries Baptism 4 Apr 1777.

"Foreigners imported in the Ship Edinburgh, Capt. John Lyon, from Rotterdam. Qual. 2d October 1753. No. 104. Keppelee. List 211 C At the State House at Philadelphia, Tuesday, the Second Day of October, 1753. Present: William Peters, Esquire.

The foreigners whose Names are underwritten, imported in the Ship Edinburgh, Capt. John Lylon, from Rotterdam but last from Cowes, did this Day take the usual Qualifictions. 104.

Johann J"rg Christoffel Hering

Johann Conradt Scherer

Johann Engl Jung

Johann Henrich knodt

Johan Henrich M essing

Johann Henrich Otto"

"Wilhelm Stump arrrived in America on ship Edinburgh on October 2, 1753 at the age of 28. Some of his land grants were on the County Line of Berks and Northampton [now Lehigh] County. His son Conrad obtained his landholdings. While buried on the Jacob's Cemetery, he and his family attended the Jerusalem and New Bethel Churches and sponsored at Baptisms the children of his family and neighbors. Since the Jacob's available records do not date back that far we don't know of the Stump's early participation at Jacob's." Research notes of Max Colgrove, descendant [6/2002]

Source: A Compendium of the Families who worshipped Jacob's Union Church During the past approximately 200 years Volume 2, H-Z He was born on April 6, 1725 in Graffschaft, Theuberg, Germany. [Conflict: using the age of Johann Wilhelm Stumpf that is listed on his headstone, 80 yrs 2 mos, 8 days, Johann's birth date is 20 Apr 1725.]

Headstone inscriptions and translation:

Diese Hier ruhente Mitbruder JOHANN WILHELM STUMPF ist zur Welt geborneden 6ten Aprill Europe in der Graffschaft Theuberg Begabsich in den Ehestand den 3ten October 1751 und starb den 28th Junius 1805 War alt 80 Jahre 2 Monate 8 Tage

Johann Wilhelm Stumpf was born on the 6th of April 1725 in Europe in the Graffschaft Theuberg. He appeared [or entered into] for marriage on the 3rd of October 1751 and died on the 28th of June 1805. He was 80 years, 2 months, 8 days old.--Research notes of Max Cogrove, descendant [6/2002]

"Wilhelm Stumpf age 28, sailed on 10-2-1753 on the Edinburg when it sailed for America from Rotterdam, Captain John Lion, Master. Also aboard were 2 free white males over 16, 1 free white male under 16, and 6 free white females." He was buried in June 1805 in Jacob's Cemetery, Pennsylvania. He died on June 28, 1805 in Berks, Pennsylvania--Research notes of Max Colgrove, descendant [6/2002]


Therese Toms Ancestry World Tree Project

Children are:

1. Johannes Stumpf

2. George Stumpf

3. William Stumpf

4. Abraham Stumpf

5. Henry Stumpf

6. Johan Conrad Stumpf[und] b. 24 Mar 1755 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA d. 24 Sep 1824 Pickaway Co, OH Buried Stumpf Cemetery, Salt Creek Twp, Pickaway Co, OH married Juliana Ritterin Ritter b. 17 Feb 1759 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA

He signed oath of allegiance in Berks Co, May 26, 1778

James Monroe, President of the United States, gave a patent to Conrad

His Will was made 17 Sep 1824 Pickaway Co, OH Probated: 1 Jan 1825 Pickaway Co, OH.

"James Monroe, Pesident of the United States, gave a patent to Conrad Stumpf for the southwest quarter of Section 24 in Salt Creek Township, dated March 24, 1817. His son, William, came from Berks County in the fall of 1801 and entered Section 24. He then returned home and two years later settled on his property. The Stumpf's were engaged in the cattle business: buying and selling and driving the cattle across the mountains to Eastern Markets."--paragraph taken from an article written by Darlene Weaver for the Herald. Found in Pickaway Place-Pickaway People.

Pickaway Co. Court House, Recorders Office, Circleville, Pickaway Co, OH Vol. 27 page 115:


James Monroe President of the United States of America:

To all To Whom These presents shall come greeting

Know ye That Conrad Stump Assignee of James Gorden having Deposited in The General Land Office at Chillicothe certificate of The Register of The Land Office at Chillicothe where by it appears that full Payment has Been made for The South West Quarter of Section Eight in Township Eleven of Range Twenty one of The lands directed to be sold at Chillicothe By the act of Congress Entitled an act providing for The Sale of the lands of the United States unto The said Conrad Stump the quarter lot or section of land above described To have and to hold the said quarter lot or section of land with the appurtenances unto the said Conrad Stump his heirs and assigns forever in Testimony where of I have caused these letters to be made Patent and the seal fo the general land office to be made Patent and the seal of the general land office to be made Patent and the seal of the general land office to be here unto officed given under my hand at the city of Washington the twenty fourth day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighteen and of the independence of the United States of America the forth second by the President James Monroe Recorded Volume 25 page 127 E Joscah Meigs Commissioner of the general land office Filed for Record Sept 10 1852 Adam Kinney, R.P.C.


In the name of God Amen. I Conrad Stumpf of Pickaway County and State of Ohio being sick and weak in body, but of sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding, do make this my las will and testament as follows, that is to say, my desire is to be buried with as little expense as decency will permit and that all my debts and funeral expenses be paid as soon after my decease, as conveniently maybe and as to the residue of my estate, I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Juliana, the sum of one thousand dollars. And I give and devise unto William my eldest son, the northwest and the southwest quarters of section number twenty four, in township eleven, in Range twenty, under this express provison, never the less, that if my son William shall pay what he now owes me on three several notes of hand, at the end of eight years from the date here of, with the interest, that then he is to have the said lands, but in case he does not pay the said several notes, my will is that after the expiration of the eight years, the aforesaid northwest of quarter section No. 24, Township Eleven, in Range 20 be sold to the best advantage and that my executors here in after named, convey the same to the purchaser, and in that case, I give and devise the aforesaid southwest quarter of section no 24 in Township 11 in Range 20 to my son William during his natural life and after his decease to theheirs of his body lawfully begotten, my sonb William having rec'd from me besides that contained in the afore said notes eleven hundred and twenty five dollars, which is charged to him in my books, my will is that it to as his share of my personal estate without being charged with or repaying any part ther


Therese Toms Site Connie VanDresser Ancestry World Tree Project online

Children are:

1. William Stumpf b. 7 Aug 1782 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA

2. Mary Magdalene Stumpf b. 11 May 1784 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA

3. Maria Stumpf b. 26 Jun 1758 d. 9 July 1788 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA

"The earliest existing family record in the area appears to be that on a tombstone on the "Old" cemetery at Jacob's Church in the village of Jacksonville, Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA upon which is the following:

Maria Stumpfin war geboren den 21 ten Junius 1758 eine Tochter von Wilhelm Stumpf Starb den 9ten Junius 1778

The suffix "in" indicates she was unmarried. Compendium New Bethel Church.


4. Catherine Stumpf b. 26 May 1791 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA

5. Henry Stumpf b. 30 Jun 1794 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA

6. George Stumpf b. 19 Nov 1799 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA

7. Barbara Stumpf b. abt 1803 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA


7. Maria Stumpf b. 26 Jun 1758 Berks Co, PA

8. CATHARINA STUMPF-UND b. July 1859 Berks Co, PA

Johann Phillip Stumpf b. Germany [There is a Philip Stumpf listed on the Oath of Allegiance between 1727-1775]

"In the Baptism Records of the Jerusalem Church in Albany Twp, PA Philip Stump and Magadalna are listed as the grandparents of Maria Stump, daughter of Conrad Stump and wife Juliana. In act, Philip and Magdalena are the great grandparents." Note by Max Colgrove, descendant [2002]

married Rebecca or Magdalena

Children are:

1. Abrahm Stumpf

2. Maria Stumpf

3. Abraham Stumpf

4. Johann Daniel Stumpf b. 1724 Wurtenburg, Germany d. 1779 Exeter twp, Berks Co, PA buried Jacob's Church Cem Lehigh Co, PA, Daniel arrived at the port of Philadelphia on the Ship "Richard and Mary" on Sept. 30 1754 from Wurtenburg, Germany, His Will Signed 3 Oct 1743

"Daniel STumpf sailed with the Richard and Mary on 9-30-1754 as it took dail from Rotterdan, then Cowes, John Moore, Master with 230 freights and 6 Roman Catholics aboard."--Faye Ann Adams. Event of Allemangel. [Taken from research report done by Max Colgrove, descendant, 2002]


Daniel Stumpf was born--,1724, and entered into marriage on --, leaving behind his wife and two daughters, he died after a long illness on --, 1779. He was 55 years--old.

[This stone is only partly legible and one cannot be sure even of the name.] Taken from the research report done by Max Colgrove, descendant, 2002]

Married Anna Maria b. abt 1721 Germany

Children are:

1. Liss ? Stump

2. Mary Stump

3. Elisabeth Stump b. abt 1740 Wurtenburg, Germany

4. Johann Jacob Stump b. 1745 Germany

5. Catherine Stump b. abt 1748 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA

6. johann George Stump b. 11 Feb 1749 Germany

7. Barbara Stump b. Jan 1759 Allemaengel, Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA


5. Henry George Stumpf b. 1725 Wurtenburg, Germany



Johann George Stumpfund b. abt 1690 Darmstadt, Germany, son of Wilhelm Stumpf b. bef 1670 germany, he married Anna

Children are:

1. Wilhelm Stumpfund b. 5 Apr 1725 Germany [this is the same William that is the son of Johann Philip Stumpf, could it be possible that the full name is Johann Phillip George Stumpf? need more info]

2. Maria Catharina Stumpfund b. abt 1720 Germany d. aft 1785 married Johann George Bashore b. 17 Mar 1717

Children are:

1. Magdalena Bashore b. abt 1755

2. Michael Bashore b. abt 1760



1.** SUSANNA BROBST b. 18 Feb 1795 Berks Co, PA d. 18 Feb 1871 buried in Muncy Cem. married Alexander Bovard 1815; b. 28 Nov 1788 Union Co, PA [Info on Susanna sent by Gene Bonstein Williams] These are my G-G-G-Grandparents

It is said that Susannah's father did not want her to marry Alexander Bovard so he put her in a private school and from there, her and Alexander ran away and eloped. Her family disowned her. She is buried in an unmarked child's grave in Muncy Cem. It is said that she died from a Liver Abcess. Was a member of DAR NO. 24908

Alexander bought 160 acres of land in Union Co, PA from his father-in-law, John Brobst on 5 Dec 1820. It is interesting that John Brobst bought that land from Alexander's grandfather Robert Boveard in 1817 [hum] it was pattened to James Bovard 5 May 1790. Union Co, Deed Book D-389.


Mr. Alexander Bovard, died in this Borough last evening, very suddenly, aged about 60 years. He was at the Election held in this Borough yesterday, at a late hour in the afternoon, apparently in good health.

Buried in Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Union Co, PA [now leveled off]

Children are:

1. MARY JANE BOVARD b. 16 Aug 1831 Somerset, PA d. 4 Sep 1904 West Pittston, Luzerne Co, PA married JOHN BONSTEIN 7 May 1850 [I have a copy of the marriage license, sent to me by LoAnn Bonstein]Pittston, PA, son of Jacob Bunstein/Bonstine & Mary Boorem, he was b. 13 Jul 1822 Hecktown, Northampton Co, PA d. 7 Jun 1897 West Pittston, Luzerne Co, PA, both buried West Pittston Cem. Lot 78, [my gg-grandparents],

In 1854 Mary's sister Hannah Bovard purchased property in West Pittston. John and Mary lived with her and all their children were born in this home. The house was called the "Bonstein Homestead". Hannah willed the property to the Bonstein's on her death in 1871, and the home was in the possession of the Bonstein family until 1952. a "Century House Plaque" is attached to the building.

John settled in West Pittston PA where he owned and operated a tailor shop. Mary Jane Bovard, who later became his wife, was a seamstress in the shop. She was from Muncy, PA

1870 Census West Pittston, Luzerne Co, PA Bonstein, John age 48 Tailor

Mary J 38 PA

William 19 Works Carpentry [my g-grandfather]

Frank 17 Works Painting

Eugene 15 Works Painting

John J [Jack] 10

Ellen 8

Anna 5

1850 Census name spelled Bunstine, Easton, page 102

Children are:

1. WILLIAM BOVARD BONSTEIN I, b. 21 Mar 1851 West Pittson, Luzerne Co, PA d. 19 Mar 1896 Stockdale, KS married Selena Ann Lewis in Kansas, daughter of Timothy B Lewis & Mahala Lett [g-grandparents] she was born 6 Aug 1849 Jennings Co, IND d. 12 Mar 1927 Wamego, Kansas [buried under last name Kimble] Wamego City Cem.

Children are:

1. Infant Bonstein b. d. Stockdale, KS buried Mill Creek Cem.

2. Iva Bonstein b. d. Stockdale, KS buried Mill Creek Cemetery

3. WILLIAM BOVARD BONSTEIN II, b. 1880 Stockdale, KS d. Oct 1911 Webb City, Jasper Co, MO, married Theodora Marie Charboneau 12 July 1909 Jasper City, MO, daughter of Charles Louis "Leo" Charboneau & Sarah Jackson, she was born 20 Jun 1888 Richwoods, Washington Co, MO d. 1 Mar 1916 Webb City, MO, buried under last name Bigley in Wild Rose Cem original section of the Webb City Cemetery. [This was verified by the Webb City City Hall on Monday, March 18, 2002, thanks to Nelda Bonstein Cox.

She was Baptized 24 Aug 1890 St Stephen, Richwoods, MO, buried 3 Mar 1916, cause of death TB, Medical Information: Pulmonary, caused by T.B. [Grandparents]

Children are:

1. Karl Marx Bonstein b. 19 May 1910 Prosperity, MO [Living]

2. WILLIAM BOVARD BONSTEIN III, b. 13 Dec 1911 Webb City, MO d. 18 July 1993 Covina, Los Angeles Co, Calif. buried Forest Lawn, Covina Hills. [Father]

4. Evelyn Gladys "Eva" Bonstein b. 20 Jan 1883 Stockdale, KS d. 15 Jun 1967 Wameg, KS married Oliver Howard Edwards 2 Jul 1902 Wamego, KS, he was b. 10 Jul 1879 d. Feb 1965 Wamego, KS. Eva was 5'3" tall with red hair.

5. George Torrence Bonstein b. 31 Mar 1884 Stockdale, KS d. 29 Oct 1942 Ventura, Calif. married [1] Lenora Marie Kassel b. 1893 MO d. 1969 MO, [2] Nellie Ester Gillock b. 1898 Pawnee, OK d. 1981 Elma, Washington

He was killed by a Japanese submarine off the coast of Golitta, Calif, by a shell that sunk his fishing boat, in 1942, Death certificate just says drowning. I have two newspaper articles about the incident.

Nellie is buried McCleary City Cem Grays Harbor Co, Washington

He was a Lawyer.

2. Frank Bonstein b. 1852 West Pittston, PA married Jeanette stroh [no children]

3. Eugene Bonstein b. 1854 West Pittston, PA d. 1914 West Pittston, PA married Martha Jane Perrin 21 Jun 1879, daughter of Gurdin Perrin & Frances Lewis, she was b. 12 Jun 1858 PA d. 1944 West Pittston, Luzerne Co, PA, They had seven children, only 3 survived, they are buried West Pittston Cem. Lot 81

Source: The Wyoming and Lackawanna Valleys

Descendants of John [1] Perrin, Family Treemaker

Children are:

1. Laurence Gurdin Bonstein b. 30 May 1881 West Pittston, PA d. 13 Feb 1974 Cleveland, OHIO married Maria "Molly" Walsh b. 1879 Ireland d. 1966 Cleveland, OHIO

Source: Anna

2. Edward Blaine Bonstein b. 1883 West Pittston, PA d. 1958 West Pittston, PA married Blanche Anette Gross b. 1883 d. 1941 West Pittston, PA

He studied piano at the LEIPZIG, GERMANY CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC, founded by FELIX MANDELSSOHN. He studied voice under ADOLPH PERLUCZ a famous retired Pensioned Member of the ROYAL GERMAN LANDES THEATRE IN PRAGUE. He became a voice specialist and taught for 50 years in the Wilkes-Barre area of Pennsylvania. He was successful in curing problems of speech and respiratory ailments. He was Choir Directory of Tinity Episcopal Church in West Pittston, PA and Central Methodist Church in Wilkes-Barre, PA. He also directed the YMCA Chorus and the Bonstein Studio Chorus. Both are buried West Pittston Cem Lot 81

Child is:

1. GENE GRACE BONSTEIN b. 1914 West Pittston, PA d. 1999 Kissimmee, Florida. Gene is the one that gave me the Bonstein Genealogy that I began my research with after she passed. Without her, we would have had no beginning in this. She devoted herself to finding all she could about her family. She was an only child and really enjoyed sharing with all the family. She was very intelligent, and gifted and talented in many area's of life. She is greatly missed. I am so thankful for all the HANDS ON research she did for all of us to get to enjoy today.

3. Robert John Bonstein b. 26 Mar 1889 West Pittston, PA d. 13 Sep 1965 Akron, Ohio married Mildred Lange Horton b. 25 July 1890 Scranton, Lackawanna, PA d. 1 Sep 1989 Akron, Ohio. They lived in Kansas City, Jackson Co, MO, but are in Akron, Ohio in 1920 census in Summit Co, age 30, Roll: T625-1438, Pg 2A ED: 150. Mildred had 4 years of College, His Social Security No: 274-05-9536 Her Social Security NO: 270-62-3313 both filed in OHIO

4. Perrin E Bonstein b. 1892 d. 1897

5. Emily A. Bonstein b. 3 Jun 1892 d. Childhood

6. Gurdin Perrin Bonstein died in childhood

7. Unknown Bonstein

4. Mary Susan Bonstein b. 1857 West Pittston, PA d. 1862 West Pittston, PA buried West Pittston Cem Lot 78

5. John B. Bonstein [Jack] b. 1859 West Pittston, PA d. 1886 West Pittston, PA: Johjn Bonstein II was a voclaist, trumpet player and Band Director, he died at age 27. His name was John Jr, but everyone called him "Jack" [more info under John Bonstein]

6. Mary Roberta Childs b. 1860 Muncy, PA d. 1941 West Pittston, PA, d/o Oscar Childs & Elizabeth Bovard, sister to Hannah and Mary. [Because of the death of her parents [mother], Mary at age 10 or 11 was made a ward of John Bonstein. Called "Aunt Mame" she lived the rest of her life in the Bonstein Home, never married.

7. Ellen S. Bonstein b. 11 Feb 1862 West Pittston, PA d. 1925 West Pittston, PA [never married] buried West Pittston Cem Lot 81

8. Anna Bonstein b. 1864 d. 1870

9. Olive Anna Bonstein b. 1864 d. 1870 buried lot 78

10. Minnie Bonstein b. 1870 West Pittston, PA d. 1947 Akron, Ohio married John Urban, b. 8 dec 1885 d. Jul 1967 Akron, OHIO

Children Are:

1. Thomas John Urban b. 6 Sep 1908 Witchita, KS d. Mar 1964 married Doris E. Doane b. 1922

2. Anna Agnes Urban b. 1910 Witchita, KS married Richard C Hitchner b. 14 Jan 1913 d. Apr 1966

3. Franklyn Eugene Urban b. 1913 d. Jan 1985 Miami, Dade Co, Florida married [1] Jewel O'Bryan Watson b. 1915 [2] Jane Snow Curren b. 1919

11. Agnes Bonstein b. 1873 d. 1878

12. Stillborn Bonstein buried Lot 78

2. James Bovard b. 1823 married Hannah died Bellevue, Iowa

3. John B Bovard b. 20 Mar 1816 Union Co, PA d. 1879

Child is:

1. Joseph C Bovard b. 1842 Bellevue, Iowa

1. John C Bovard b. Sep 1869 Bellevue, IA

4. Catherine Bovard b. 1818

5. Alexander Jr Bovard b. 1817

6. George Washington Bovard b. 11 Nov 1822

7. Hannah Bovard b. 1 Jul 1820 Somerset, PA d. 23 Aug 1871 West Pittston, PA Grave Marker says she was born in 1822 buried Lot 78

8. Agnes Bovard b. 1826 d. 15 Jul 1851

9. William M Bovard b. 26 Oct 1824 d. 1863 Civil War married Olive K Gaskill 1857, she was b. 1826

Child Is:

1. Alice K Bovard b. Bellevue, Iowa has DAR ID number # 87143

10. Susan Bovard b. 17 Oct 1834 d. 12 Apr 1865

11. Elizabeth Bovard b. 21 Mar 1838 Muncy, Union Co, PA d. 23 Mar 1863 m Oscar Mohr Childs, 15 Apr 1858, son of James Childs & Rachel Appleman, he was b. 7 Jan 1834 Valley Twp, Montour Co, PA d. & Apr 1915 Santa Anna, Orange Co, California, these were the parents of Mary Roberta Childs. Oscar left the state after Elizabeth died.

Mary was only 3 when Elizabeth died; maybe some of the Bovard's kept her for awhile, then she became a ward of John and Mary Bonstein when she was 10.

[Some have it that Elizabeth married a George Campbell, perhaps he was her first husband, I don't known] Oscar Mohr Childs married [1] Carried b. 1876 Iowa [2] Elizabeth Bovard [above] [3] Sarah Thayer 4 Dec 1865 Crawford Co, PA, daughter of Isaac Thayer & Samantha Joslyn. She was b. 11 May 1834 Spring Twp, Crawford Co, PA d. 21 Sep 1899 Silver Creek Twp, Dixon Co, Nebraska.

Sarah is on the 1850 census Spring Twp, Crawford Co, PA living with her father: in 1860 Jefferson Twp, Allamakee Co, PA page 257: she is with her first husband, I presume: Elias Peabody 33 NY Farmer no real estate, $60 personal, Sarah 26, PA Sylvester 7 PA Rosella 5 PA Mary E 10 mos Iowa.


Children by Sarah Thayer & Oscar Childs are:

1. James Alva Childs b. 11 Jan 1867 Crawford Co, PA

2. Emma E Childs b. 27 Oct 1869 Crawford Co, PA

3. Dora F. Childs b. 23 Sep 1872 Silver Creek Twp, Dixon Co, Nebraska

4. Cora B. Childs b. 21 Nov 1876 Silver Creek Twp, Dixon Co, Nebraska


12. Bonaparte Bovard b. 1828 d. 1828

13. Sarah Ann Bovard b. 1829 d. 1837

14. Gerome Bovard b. aft 1827

2. Dorothea Brobst b. 2 Feb 1783

3. John Jacob Brobst b. 2 Feb 1783 Greenwich Twp, Berks Co, PA, Baptized 8 Jun 1783, Mt. Bethel Zion Church, Grimsville, Sponsor: Suanna Kutz shown as Probst on Batism Record.

4. Johannes Jacob Brobst b. 7 Jun 1784 Albany twp, Berks Co, PA Baptized: 17 Jul 1785 Jerusalem "Red" Church, Stony Run, Berks co, PA d. 30 Sep 1845 Selingsgrove, Union Co, PA married Catherina Salome Klose 16 Oct 1802 Berks Co, PA, daughter of Jacob Klosz & Catharine Trautman, she was b. 1785 Berks Co, PA d. 4 Sep 1828 Buffalo Twp, Union Co, PA

He was in the War of 1812

Catherine is the only one of the daughters not mentioned at all in Jacob's will. Is it possible that she was not Jacob's daughter? She might have been the daughter of Solomon, Daniel, or Abraham, all of whom settled in Union [now Snyder] Co, PA: DAR Submission 7444 & 23117

5 Dec 1820: John Bropst, of Union Township late of Buffaloe, Union Co, PA, farmer and Catherine, his wife to John Bropst Jr., farmer, of the same township. 143 acres. $7007.23; Mesuage, Plantation and tract of land in Union Township; part of Dry Valley Garden Neighbors: John Bropst, Philip Bowers, Adam Smith, Abraham Eyer, Isaac Hanna, David Steele History: Bovard Family to John Bropst, 7 April 1817, Northumberland County Deed Book S: 149 here Signed: Johannes [?] Brobzt, Catherine X Brobst mark Witnesses: James Merillo, Johannes Eyer Sworn to: 7 Dec 1820 before Samuel Wilson Recorded 11 Oct 1821 Union Co Deed Book D:532

Children are:

1. Catherine Brobst b. 15 Jul 1809 Berks Co, PA d. 26 Mar 1895 Selinsgrove, PA married Jonas Miller, son of George Miller & Catherine Markle, he was b. 6 Nov 1806 d. 16 Mar 1881


Children are:

1. Catherine Miller b. 4 Feb 1837 d. 7 Nov 1922 married David Heiser, b. 1827 d. 1902

Children are;

1. Carrie Heiser married Ernest William Young b. 1860

DAR ID 7444 Lineage Book DAR V 8 P 149

Mrs. Carrie Heiser Young born in Pennsylvania

Wife of Earnest William Young

Descended of George Miller and of John Brobst, of Pennsylvania

Daughter of David Heister and Catherine Miller, his wife

Granddaughter of Jonas Miller and Catherine Brobst, His wife

G-G-Granddaughter of John Jacob Brobst and Catherine Stumpfund, his wife

John Brobst, 1776, was a private in the Jersey Campaign and from 1777-1780, he was on Scouting duty. He was granted a pension for his services.

Source: Database: Daughter of the American Revolution Lineage Book [152 Vols.] 5-31-2000

2. Daniel Miller b. 1827

3. Adam Miller b. 1830

4. George Miller b. 1832

5. Sarah Elizabeth Miller b. 1834

6. John Miller b. 1838

7. Mary Miller b. 1840

8. Henry Miller b. 1844

9. Charles Miller b. 1848


2. Leah Brobst b. 1805 Berks Co, PA married [1] Daniel Ritter b. abt 1805 Snyder Co, PA [2] Sameul Ritter 25 Dec 1845 Trintiy Lutheran Church, Selingsgrove, Penn Twp, Union Co, PA b. 18 Sep 1822

3. Daniel Brobst b. 2 Feb 1807 Berks Co, PA d. 30 Sep 1847 Selinsgrove, pA married Elizabeth Betsy Lepley, daughter of Michael Lepley & Sophia Aigler, she was b. 8 May 1808 Dry Valley, Northumberland Co, PA

This is clearly the Betsy Brobst who cared for David Hoffman, the nephew of Rebecca Hoffman who married John S Brobst in 1842 in Northumberland Co, PA See Floyd's 1911 "History of Northumberland County, Pennsylvania page 174


Children are:

1. Martha Brobst b. Snyder Co, PA

2. John Brobst b. Snyder Co, PA

3. Mary Anna Brobst b. 2 Mar 1846 Snyder Co, PA


4. Isaac Brobst b. 2 Apr 1808 Berks Co, PA married Sarah Beaver 9 Nov 1828 Leavittsburg, Trumbull Co, Ohio, daughter of John Bierber & Susanna Ott, she was b. 4 Feb 1809 Snyder Co, PA d. 31 Jul 1884 Brodhead, Green Co, Wisconsin, buried Frankenberger Cem.


Children are:

1. Daniel Brobst b. 27 Jul 1829 Union Co, PA d. 11 Feb 1915 Brodhead, Green Co, Wisconsin married Frederica Louisa Wagner 6 Nov 1856 Monroe, Green Co, Wisconsin, she was b. 28 Nov 1838 PA d. 9 Dec 1913 Brodhead, Green Co, Wisconsin, both buried Mt Hope Cem Spring Grove Twp, Green Co,Wis.

Children are:

1. Frank Brobst b. 11 Nov 1857 Spring Grove Twp, Green Co, Wis.

2. Ida Brobst b. 3 May 1859 Spring Grove, Wis.

3. Adillia Brobst b. 10 Jan 1861 Spring Grove Twp, Green Co,Wis.

4. Alvin Brobst b. 19 Jan 1863 Spring Grove Twp, Green Co, Wis

5. Kate Brobst b. 5 Jul 1864 Sprin Grove Twp, Green Co, Wis

6. Scott Brobst b. 5 Jul 1867 Spring Grove Twp, Green Co, Wis

7. Peter Brobst b. 7 Sep 1870 Spring Grove Twp, Green Co, Wis

8. Roe Brobst b. 29 Sep 1879 Spring Grove Twp, Green Co, Wis


2. Mary Ann Brobst b. 6 Dec 1831 Union Co, PA

3. Amelia Brobst b. 1834 Union Co, PA d. 15 Jul 1869 Green Co, Wisconsin married Jacob Hostetler 14 Oct 1849 Green Co, Wis, he was b. 1825 Holmes Co, Ohio d. 19 Apr 1901 Fillmore Co, Minnisota

Children are:

1. Franklin Hostetler b. 1851 Green Co, Wis

2. Ellen Hostetler b. 1853

3. Orville Hostetler b. 1854

4. Esther Hostetler b. 8 Feb 1856 Chatmore, Fillmore Co, MINN

5. James Hostetler b. 1858 Fillmore Co, Minn

6. Melvin Hostetler b. 1859 Fillmore Co, MINN

7. Alma Hostetler b. 1862 Fillmore Co, Minn

8. Ada Hostetler b. 1865 Fillmore Co,Minn

9. Alice Hostetler b. 1867 Fillmore Co, MINN

10. Amelia Hostetler b. 1868


4. Susan Elizabeth Brobst b. 1836 Union Co, PA

5. Marten L Brobst b. 11 Nov 1838 Center Twp, Union Co, PA d. 1 May 1910 Rock Grove, Stephenson Co, Illinois married [1] Mary Charlotta Meinert, daughter of Adolph Meinert, she was b. 1847 Germany d. 11 Apr 1935 Rock Grove, Stephenson Co, ILL [2] Wilhelmina Henrietta Meinert, daughter of Adolph Meinert, she was b. 11 Jun 1849 Kohlstadt, Germany d. 1935 Rock Grove, Stephenson Co, ILL

One of the organizers of the Rock Grove Mutual Telephone Company in 1909

Buried Frnakenberger Cemetery

Mary Charlotta Meinert Brobst age 87 years died 11 Apr 1935 Certificate NO. #0033379

Census 1920 & 1930 she was living with her son David


Children are:

1. David Brobst b. abt 1869 ILL

2. Meinert Brobst b. 15 Oct 1870 Rock Grove, Stephenson Co,ILL

3. John Brobst b. abt 1877 Wisconsin

Child of Wilhelmina Meinart is:

1. Daniel Isaac Brobst b. 26 Oct 1890 Rock Grove Twp, Stephenson Co, ILL


6. Simon Peter Brobst b. 1841 Union Co, PA

7. Fanny Brobst b. 1843 Union Co, PA

8. John Brobst b. 1846 Rock Grove, Stephenson Co, Illinois

9. Harriet E Brobst b. 1848 Rock Grove, Stephenson Co, Illinois

10. Isaac Brobst b. 27 Jun 1850 Brodhead, Green Co, Wisconsin d. 6 Apr 1918 Brodhead, Green Co, Wisconsin married Sarah Alice Woodling 22 Oct 1871 Green Co, Wis. daughter of Charles Woodling & Martha Bentley, she was b. 3 Aug 1852 Brodhead, Green Co, Wis. d. 21 Oct 1931 Brodhead, Green Co, Wis.

"History of Green County, Wisconsin," published 1884 by Union Publishing Company, Sprinfield, iLL pag 1075: Isaac Brobst, Jr., was born in this town in 1850. He is a good specimen of the younger class of the citzens who are to be trusted with the fortunes of the town in the future. Mr. Brobst has already held several positions of trust and always creditably. He is now serving his third term as a member of the side board of supervisors, and has served one term as town treasurer. He was married Oct. 22, 1871, to Sarah A. Woodling, a daughter of Charles Woodling, an early settler of this town. She ws born Aug. 3, 1852,. After marriage they settled on a farm which he bought of Daniel Westenhover. They resided here until 1876, when he sold and removed to his present home on section 15. He has a small creamery for his own use, fitted to be run by "dog power" Mr. and Mrs. Brobst have no children of their own, but have one adopted daugher, Sarah Ann, a child of Mrs. Brobst brother, Oliver L Woodling. Mrs. Woodling died June 16, 1877, which was one month after the birth of her daughter, who wasn then adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Brobst. From 1918 Platte Map of Spring Grove Twp, Green Co, Wis Township 1 North Range 9 East of the 4th P.M.: Section 16-NE 1/2 and SW 1/4 of the N 1/4-S. Brobst, section 15 --NW 1/2 of the SW 1/4 -Isaac Brobst. Who the "S.Brobst" is is not known. They are both buried Mr Hope [Washington] Cemetery

Child is:

1. Sarah Ann "Sadie" Brobst b. May 1877 married Manley Douglas [Sarah was the Oliver Woodling's daughter, but orphaned at the age of 1 month, and raised by isaac Brobst and Sarah Woodling, her Aunt.]


11. William Brobst b. 20 Sep 1852 Brodhead, Green Co, Wisconsin d. 15 Sep 1917 Wilsonville, Clackamas Co, Oregon married Sophia Mayer 17 Jan 1878 Clinton Co, ILL, daughter of William Mayer, she was b. 1856 Germany d. 4 Aug 1943 Portland, Moutnomaha Co, Oregon

From Barbara Brobst Williams:

Cemetary Records for PLEASANT VIEW CEMETERY, Washington Co, Oregon. Listed are:

Section 1 Lot 109:

Brobst, Frank 1882 died 16 Mar 1964

Brobst, Mabel 1884 died 26 Oct 1957 Cert: #12640

Brobst, R. T. died 1958 [Ashes]

Brobst, Sophia B. 1856 died 7 Aug 1943

Brobst, William 1853 died 17 Sep 1917 age 64 years & 11 Months

and Winston Lamarr our Winston Lam in the Registry Who is also one of our strays died 9 Oct 1985 with the note that his ashes are buried between Frank and Mabel which to me indicates he was probably their son. Oregon Deaths Index 1903-98

Brobst, William, Clacamas Co, Death date: 15 Sep 1917 Cert; #257

From Barbara Brobst Williams ynstlrw!

William Brobst, one of the best known men of the southwestern part of Clackamas County, and well known here, died Saturday, Sept 15, 1917 at the family home near Wilsonville. He was born in Wisconsin on Sept 20, 1852 and was therefore 64 years, 11 months and 26 days old at the time of his death. The deceased leaves a wife and five children, all grown. He has represented this end of the county as county commissioner, and his acts as a public servant were free from critism and his private life was exemplary. The funeral services were held Monday Sept 17. Rev. Barber, and old friend of the family delivering the discourse. Interment was made at Pleasant Hill Cemetery.


Sophia's Obit [Oregonian, Portland, OR July 5, 1943] says her children are John R. Brobst of Indianapolis: Mrs. Sarah Clutter of Sherwood, Oregon; Frank Brobst of Wilsonville, Oregon; Mrs. Ellen Lyons of Portland, Oregon, Mrs. Elizabeth Dobson of Oregon City, Oregon, Mrs. Mary Anne Schultz of Hollywood, Calif. 15 grandchildren.

Burial Pleasant View Cem.


Children are:

1. John Roy Brobst b. abt 1879 ILL or Wis

2. Sarah Brobst b. 1881 ILL

3. Frank H. Brobst b. 11 Sep 1882 ILL

4. Ellen Brobst b. 1885 ILL

5. Elizabeth Brobst b. 1887 ILL

6. Cora Brobst b. 25 May 1889 ILL

7. Mary Anne Brobst b. 14 Jul 1895 Clackamas Co, Oregon



5. Sarah Sally Salome Brobst b. 19 Apr 1811 Berks Co, PA d. 1894 married [1] Charles Shaffer 11 Sep 1830 Penn Twp, Union Co, PA, he was b. abt 1815 d. bef 1860 [2] John App 3 May 1857, he was b. 22 Sep 1793, Sarah was Baptized 30 Jul 1811 Jerusalem Red Church, Stony Run, Sponsors: Conrad & Julianna Stumpfund [she was called Salome in church Records]


Children are by Charles Shaffer:

1. Sarah Shaffer

2. Susanna Shaffer


6. Elizabeth Lisa Brobst b. 1813 Berks Co, PA married Daniel Frederick 28 Dec 1833 Northumberland Co, PA, he was b. 1812 Snyder Co, PA

Child is:

1. Jacob Frederick b. 1831


7. Esther Brobst b. abt 1815 Berks Co, PA married Samuel F Weline 13 Jun 1835 Selinsgrove, Union Co, PA, he was b. abt 1815 Shamokin, Northumberland Co, PA

She had been living in Penns Twp, Schuykill, prior to her marriage.

1900 Census ED 149, Pg 10A-Shamokin, PA

Samuel Roden [Roughton], age 34, PA April 1866 parents born in England, Contractor Mines: his wife Mary B age 29 PA Aug 1870. Samuel and Mary were married 12 years [no children listed] Living with them were Henry Weline, Father in law, Widower, age 62, b. PA Turner in Mill and his Mother, Esther Werline, age 84, Widow b. PA they resided at 17 West Arch St.


Child is:

1. Henry Werline b. 4 Jan 1839 Selinsgrove, Snyder Co, PA

8. Mary Brobst b. 1820 Union Co, PA

9. John S Brobst b. 10 Aug 1820 Union Co, PA d. 8 Jun 1893 Akron, Summit Co, Ohio married [1] Margaret Mary, b. 1822 PA [2] Rebecca Hoffman 11 Jun 1842 Penns Twp, Union Co, PA, she was b. abt 1819 Northumberland Co, PA

John Brobst [Aug 1820] who married Rebecca Hoffman around 1842 in Northumberland Co. His nephew, David Hoffman, Rebecca's brother, was raised by a Betsy Brobst. Source: "Annals of Buffalo Valley, 1755-1855", Sunbury Public Library, Northumberland Co,. That John who married Rebecca Hoffman has been identified as this John, the son of Johannes Jacob and Catherine [Klose]Brobst. The Betsy Brobst was the former Elizabeth Lepley who had married Daniel Brobst. LDS records clearly show him as being married to Margaret somebody. Bill Rutledge showed him as being married to Margaret Mary somebody. Shown in the 1850 census of Penns Twp, also living with them at that time --Susan Brobst, born abt 1824. Susan was probably a close relative of Johns: presently not identified. 1860 census Snyder Co, Selinsgrove:

John Brobst 45 1814 PA Day Laborer

Margaret BRobst 36 1823 PA

Catharine Brobst 11 1848 PA

Mary Brobst 7 1852 PA

John Brobst 4 1855 PA

Martha Brobst 2 1857 PA

He died in Summit Co, Ohio, without a will: G. H. Harrison was administrator of his estate. But another record stated that his son Boyd was administrator of the estate. He left a widow, Rebecca [note: What happened to Margaret Mary? Rebecca died in 1854, before John did!] The children shown as heirs on the papers of administration were Louisa Mille, Mary Hanson, hannah Hoffman, Rebecca Vialt, John Brobst, and Boyd Brobst, plus grandchildren; Maggie Bower and Harry Reiser. [David Hoffman, brother to John's wife, Rebecca, married a Sarah Bower] The application for the letter of administration was signed by Louisa, Mary, Rebecca and Boyd in 1896. The estate papers [Ltr Admin #213524] show a large payment [$400] made to a Margaret Brobst signed for it with an "X" evidently Margaret died shortly thereafter, for John's estate papers show Henry Hanson as the administrator of Margaret's estate on March 18, 1899, at which time there was still $162.71 plus $277.26 in the estate! Claire Talbert looked up his death record in Akron, Ohio. He died of heart disease on July 6, 1893, age 73 y, 10m 27 days, making his birth date Aug 10, 1820, which matches other church records of his birth date. The names of his parents were not listed, but seem certain to have been Johannes Jacob and Catherine [nee Klose] Brobst. From Bill Brobst: "John S Brobst, b. Aug 10, 1820, ws born in Union Co,[now Snyder Co] PA and his farm was just outside of Selinsgrove. He had a son, Boyd, born somtime Between 1842 and 1870. Boyd's mother was Rebecca Hoffman, according to my records, although there is a possiblity that he might have been born to John's second wife Margaret Mary somebody. Don Brobst, a descendant, told me that he thought Boyd was born in Selinsgrove, Union Co, PA and die din Summit Co, Ohio John S Brobst was born in Union Co, PA and died in summit Co, Ohio, at one time I believed that Rebecca Died in Summit, OH but after examing all of the data, that no longer appears possible. She died about 1854, and John S remarried in that same Union Co ara, and all of his later children wee born there, also, so Rebecca must have died in Pa, not OH. Akron Beacon Journal, July 6, 1893: "Brobst-At 1?4 Bartges Street, Akron, Ohio, July 6, 1893, of heart disease, John Brobst, aged 72 yrs, 10 months and 10 days. Funeral services from the house, Saturday, July 8, 2 PM.

Brobstology: Arthur W Holmes World Family Tree site


Children by Margaret Mary are:

1. John C Brobst b. 14 Jul 1855 Selinsgrove, Snyder Co, PA

2. Margaret Brobst b. abt 1856 Selinsgrove, Snyder Co, PA

3. Hannah Martha Brobst b. 14 Nov 1857 Selinsgrove, Snyder Co, PA

4. Rebecca Jane Brobst b. 9 Sep 1862 Snyder Co, PA

5. Boyd L Brobst b. 25 Oct 1868 Selinsgrove, Snyder Co, PA

Children By Rebecca Hoffman are:

1. Catherine Brobst b. 1849 Selinsgrove, Snyder Co, PA

2. Louisa Brobst b. abt 1850 Selinsgrove, Snyder Co, PA

3. Mary Brobst b. aft 1852 Selinsgrove, Snyder Co, PA


10. Frances Fannie Brobst b. 1822 Union Co, PA d. bef 1884 Selinsgrove, Snyder Co, PA married [1] Fisher [2] Daniel Ulrich, he was b. abt 1820

Children by Ulrich are:

1. Levi Ulrich

2. Daniel Ulrich


5. Daniel Brobst b. 30 May 1797 Albany Twp, PA Baptized: 13 Aug 1797 Albany Twp, d. aft 1828 married Margaretta, b. abt 1795

Child is:

1. Morgan Brobst b. 8 Jul 1828

6. Benjamin Brobst b. 8 Mar 1803 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA Baptized: 20 Mar 1803 Jerusalem "Red" Church, Stony Run, Berks Co, PA d. 1861 White Deer Twp, Union Co, PA married Anna-Amy 1825 she was b. 15 Jun 1804 d. 20 Jan 1885 White Deer Twp, Union Co, PA

1850 Census Union, Union Twp, PA

Benjamin Brovst 47 Wheelright PA

Anna 44 PA

John 15 PA

Daniel 13 PA

Martha 11 PA

Samuel 9 PA

1860 Snyder, Jackson, PA

Benjamin Brobst 57 [1802] PA Farmer

Annie Brobst 54 [1805] PA

John Brobst 24 [1835] PA Mason

Daniel Brobst 22 [1837] PA

In 1850 he sold 27 acres of land on the bank of Penn Creek to Isaac Eyer for $700. From Union Co Records: 1 May 1850: Benjamin Brobst of Union Township, Union Co, Pa and Ann, his wife to Isaac Eyer of the same township, 27 acres and 9 perches on Bank of Penn Creek: $700, Neighbors: John Fisher, History: part of tract of Philip Ritter [?] and Ustina, his wife, 8 April 1823: to William and John Fisher 24 June 1826; to Benjamin Brobst 1 August 1826. Signed: Benjamin Brobst & Anny x Brobst Witnesses: Asaph Fisher, John Fisher Recorded 24 Feb 1852 Union County Deed Book 0:217

14 Mar 1850: Benjamin Brobst & wife, Amy of Union Twp, Release to John C St Clair, heir of Neal St Clair. Also mentioned: Samuel St Clair, deceased, who paid $35 to Benjamin Brobst 1 dec 1827 Signed: Benjamin Brobst [seal]; Any [her x mark][seal] Witnesses: John Fisher, Asaph Fisher Recorded: 14 Mar 1850 and 1 Dec 1862 Union Co, Deed Book Q:1187


Children are:

1. Rebecca Brobst b. 26 Jan 1830 Berks Co, PA d. 14 Jan 1902 Pine Run, Woodward Twp, Linden, PA married William M Smith, b. 11 Jul 1830 Washingtonville, Columbia Co, PA d. 9 Oct 1901 Pine Run, Woodward Twp, Linden Co, PA, both buried Woodward Cem. Census 1850 Union Co, Surrounded by Beaver & Kunkel families. She was living with a Guier Family, perhaps as a housekeeper.


William worked as a miller near Wallis Run, Warrensville, PA in 1850s. In the 1860s he operated a mill called River Mill just south of Jersey Shore, PA. In April 1865 he retired in Woodward Twp, PA. Both William and Rebecca are buried in Woodward Cem., Linden, PA. William M Smith was born July 11, 1830 near Washingtonville, Columbia Co, he earned his first money by cutting rafts of square timber which he floated down the river to Maryland. These he sold at four cents a running foot, to be used for the masts of ships. In the 1850s he was a miller at Warrensville, in the vicinity of Wallis Run, where most of his trade is located. The inhabitants of the area came to the mill twice a year, spring and fall. They made a picnic of the trip, campong around the mill. The whole family, children and all, came by means of ox drawn wagons. The trip took three days, one day for the trip to the mill, one day waiting for the flour to be milled, and one day to return home. As a sideline, Mr. Smith also ground rye for the people of the area, which they distilled into whiskey. They gave the miller a share of the whiskey, which he sold at fify cents a gallon, there being no revenue on whiskey at that time. In Sept of 1863, at the time of a flood, he crossed the river at Larry's Creek and came down on a flat boat to Leve Corner. Here, just south of Jersey Shore he operated what was commonly known as the "River Mill" The bridge on the stage coach that crossed Pine Run at "Watch Maker Hill" was the only way into the mill. While making flour here, he set a record, the like of which had never been known before. He worked forty-two days and nights without once leaving the mill. His wife Rebecca carried his food to the mill, and he got what sleep he could in one and one-half to two hour "cat naps" His naps were never any longer because the change in the sound of the burrs in the mill always awakened him after these intervals. The flour that he labored long and hard to mill at this time wa spart of a government order for the Union Army. He would take his Flour to lock Haven or Northumberland, where it would be put on flat boats and shipped down the Susquehanna. He operated this mill from 1863 until 1865 when in April he bought a farm at Pine Run in Woodward Twp, where he lived until he died in 1901. This farm was then owned by his son Mitchel Smith until his death, then by Mitchel's son Charles Smith, and at present time it is owned by Elmer Smith, a great-grandson of William M Smith.


Children are:

1. James B. Smith b. 23 Jul 1854

2. J. Couden Smith b. 5 Oct 1856

3. Clarence William Smith b. 18 Aug 1858

4. S. Elmer Smith b. 17 Dec 1862

5. Mitchel C Smith b. 6 Jun 1866

6. Lila A Smith b. 6 Jun 1866

7. Infant Child Smith b. 7 Oct 1860


2. James Brobst b. 4 Sep 1831 Union Co, PA

3. John Brobst b. Oct 1834 Union Co, PA


4. Daniel Brobst b. 12 Mar 1837 Union Co, PA d. Oct 1915 White Deer Twp, Union Co, PA married Sarah Hoch 29 Dec 1859, she was b. Mar 1842 PA Daniel on Census 1850, Union Co, age 13

Child is:

1. Anna Brobst b. 1866 Union Co, PA

5. Martha Brobst b. 1839 Union Co, PA


6. Samuel Brobst b. 1841 Union Co, PA d. 1907 Orangeville, Illinois married Harriet born 1850 PA d. 1936 Orangeville, Illinois

23 Apr 1867 Levi Steiner and Catherine, his wife, to Samuel Brobst of Borough of Lewisburg, Union County, PA lot in Lewisburg along Burger's Mill Run: $500 Signed: L. Steiner [seal] Catherine S. Steiner [seal] Witness: J. A. Mertz Recorded 12 June 1869 Union County Deed Book T: 777

Both buried Orangeville Cemetery. 1860 Census PA Union Limestone Samuel Brobst 19 1840 PA Servant He was a servant in the home of Isaac and Elizabeth Eyer, 66 year old farmer.

1870 Samuel Brobst 28 1841 PA Laborer

Harriet Brobst 20 1849 PA Keeping House

William Brobst 2 1867 PA

They were living with Isaac And Susannah Wiles/ Blacksmith

1880 shown as living in East Buffalo Twp, Union Co, PA

He was a Civil War Vet:


Child is:

1. William I Brobst b. 6 Feb 1868 Lewisburg, PA d. 21 Sep 1931 Stephenson Co, ILL. married Ella June Rahorn 21 Jan 1890, she was b. 3 Apr 1868 Orangeville, ILL

1880 census PA living White Deer Twp, Union Co, PA

1920 U.S. Census Illinois Stpehenson, Freeport ED# 129

William Brobst 51 PA PA PA Butcher's Assistant

Ella Brobst 51 IL MA PA

Myrtie Homan 22 IL PA IL daughter

Boyd O Homan 25 PA PA PA Metal Finisher Son-in-law

1930 U.S. Fed. Census ILL, Stephenson Freeport District 17

William I Brobst 62 PA PA PA Brass Grinder

Ella Brobst 62 IL MA PA

The obits came from the Stephenson County Genealogical Society FJS 9-22-31 pg 14 Column 2-

William Brobst passed away at his home at 1217 South Galena Avenue yesterday afternoon. Mr. Brobst suffered an apparent stroke at the Arcade Factory yesterday morning which led to his demise. Funeral services will be embarked from the late home at 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon. Rev. Engleman of the English Reformed church will conduct the services and interment will be at Oakland Cemetery. Mr. Brobst was born at Lewisburg, Pa 6 Feb 1868. He spent his early boyhood there and came to Illinois with his parents in 1882, the family settling in Stephenson Co. He was united in marriage to Ella June Rahorn in 1890. He is survived by hs widow and his aged mother Mrs. H Swartz, and one daughter Mrs. B O Homan; one granddaughter also survives. Mr. Brobst was a member of the Mystic Workers. He was employed at the Arcade and was considered a faithful and efficent employee.

There is a hand written note that his parents were Samuel Brobst 1841-1907, a Civl War Vet=and Hattie Brobst Swartz 1850-1936. Samuel and Hattie are buried at Orangeville Cemetary, Orangeville, Illinois.

Child is:

1. Myrtie Brobst b. 1898 ILL married Boyd O Homan b. 1895 PA

6. Anna Maria Brobst b. 6 Mar 1781 Albany Twp, PA, Baptized: 5 Jun 1781 Jerusalem "Red" Church, Sponsors: Christian & Maria Hechler

7. Daughter Brobst b. 1762

2. Anna Catharina Brobst b. 11 Jun 1758 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA d. 1 Feb 1811 married [1] Michael Stein, he was b. 1758 d. 1811 [2] Michael Kistler abt 1775

Was specifically written out of her Uncle Valentine's Will. But she was the principal heir in her mother's will. In her father's will, her name was spelled both Catharine & Catherine. She was confirmed by Rev. Daniel Schumacher in 1766

Info on this marriage from Chris Lallier

Children are by Michael Stein:

1. Johannes Bartholomew Stein, b. 24 Oct 1779 Albany Twp, PA d. 1856 Pickaway, Ohio, married [1] Catharine Ohl 1802, b. 1780 d. 1848 [2] Maria Barbara Schmidt bef 1806 b. 2 May 1781 Albany Twp, PA, Baptized 7 Nov 1779 Jerusalem "Red" Church, Stony Run

2. Anna Elisabeth Stein, b. 1774, married Johannes Dunkel b. bef 1775

3. Daughter Brobst b. 1762 d. 1765

2. Jean Michael [Michel] Probst b. 28 Aug 1721 Oberseebach, Alsace, France d. 1 Aug 1771 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA married [[1] Margaretha Rosina Shado Schadt 1744, daughter of Henry Schadt & Susanna. She was born 1725 Germany d. Sep 1745 Albany Twp, PA

2] Elisabeth Marilis Albright Albrecht, daughter John Albrecht & Magdelina, she was born 18 April 1726 Berwangen in the Kraichgae, Baden, Germany d. 17 Sep 1767 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA [3] Anna Sybilla Margaretha , she was born 3 July 1734 d. 9 Aug 1800 Reading, PA, buried Trinity Lutheran Church, she married first Johann Peter Friess Sr. had two children:

1. Peter Friess

2. Catharine Friess

Anna Sybilla married [2] Johannes Steigerwalt, they had no children

married [3] Michael Brobst, they had one son:

1. George Michael Brobst b. 28 Aug 1771

Anna Sybilla married [4] Frederick Sentzel [often transcribed Lentzel], she was widowed all 4 times.

[This new info is from an email to me 24 Sept 2005 from Janet Binkley]


Jean Michael was only 12 years old when his family arrived in America in 1733. At the age of 21, he married MARGARET SHADT, daughter of Henry & Susanna Shadt, and had one son Heinrich [1745]. [Margaret's first name has not been verified]. The family farm was on the farmsite of Philipp Jacob Probst in Albany Twp, son of Jean Michael took over management of the farm in the mid-1750s; PJ died probably around 1857, just a year or two before his wife, C'erine. Jean Michael moved onto his own farmland, just to the northwest of his father's farm, in the mid-1760s with the purchase of 923 acres of land to add to the 40 acres he had already owned. He was shown on Albany tax rolls for 1752. Jean Michael died in 1771, his sons Martin & Johannes F. took over the farm. The farmsite is located a mile northwest of the Jerusalem "Red" church in Stony Run, in what was back then called Fetherolfsville. It lies just north of Kistler Creek, at the intersection of Kistler Valley road and Old Philly Pike. The bridge is still called Fetherolfsville Bridge on county maps. The original log house is gone, but the stone house which replaced it is still there. The ston house was built in the mid-1700s by Philipp Jacob and his sons. It has been modified and expanded in recent years, and is currently occupied by Jos. Freeman & his family. Jean Martin's Grist Mill was just across the street, also on the north side of Kister Creek, but is no longer there: it was located in what is now just a grove of trees. The house left Brobst hands probably in the early 1800s. Interestingly, the front walkway is made of the millstones from Martin Probst's Mill which was across the street.

Their children were probably all born there.

Margaret may have died in 1745, or for reasons unknown, Jean Michael and Margaret separated about that time, for he married Maria Elizabeth Albright: they had 10 children. She must have had a difficult pregnancy with Christian, the last child, for she died just a couple of months after his birth. [First 3 children may have been born in Reading, and there is a Mathias that died in childhood, which Frances Hackworth believes was their son also.}

According to Frances Hackworth there was an additional son, Matthias, born in Reading, PA, who died as a child. No other record of this child. No birth year or mother identified. Frances also believes that all but the first three children were born in Reading, Berks Co, PA. No other record show this, but it may be so.

He was on the first tax roll of Berks Co in 1752. He also owned land in Brunswick Twp [now Schuylkill] which he acquired in 1766 and 1769; that land later went to his son Martin. He was grand-Uncle of Obadiah. He was also Tax Collector for Albany Twp in 1759. Owned nearly 1000 acres in Berks and Lehigh Counties. Some of his land adjoined that of the Friesz family, and when Elizabeth died he married his newly-widowed neighbor! He owned 2 tracts in Albany Twp of 326 acres, a tract of 50 acres of woodland in the same Twp adjoining lands of Conrad Schiessler and the Blue Mountains, and two tracts in Brunswick Twp of 350 acres. Margretha Friesz had one child by him, George Michael who was born just a couple of months after his father's death.

He was naturalized in Philadelphia on 25 Sep 1761, with his brother Valentine and his friend johannes Jurg Kistler. They walked the entire distance from Allemaengle to Philadelphia and back!! He died without making a will; brother Valentine and andreas Hagenbuch were administrator's of the estate. Info on estate settlement in W. Thomas File. Records show he died shortly before his son George Michael was born. After Jean Michael's death, Jacob Gertner of Richmond Twp, and Frederick Hill and Valentine Probst, both of Albany Twp, wee appointed guardians of Anna Maria, Valentine, Chrisitan and George Michael. Valentine Probst and Andreas Hagenbuch were appointed guardians of Jacob, Michael, and Catherine. [Orphan Court Book 2 pages 110, 113, 114, Berks Co, Nov 1771]. The court documents state:

Michael Probst died possessed of cert. messuage Tenants and Tracts of land situated partly in Berks County and partly in said Northampton County containing in whole about 700 and 83 Acres and Sixty one Perches beside the Customare allowances and the Orphans Court Dec. 17, 1771....leaving widow and issue ten children...same valued at One thousand Seven hundred and eighteen Pounds etc..remainder in hands of said Henry Probst...conveys to brother Michael Probst Cert. three Tracts of land cont. 49 acres and allowances...Beginning..extending by Land inteded to be conveyed unto John Probst..Con. 6 C.9 per. the big part of ninety-nine acres etc. etc. etc. [part of the land rec'd by Michael Probst the Father by Warrant dated 3 day May 1749, signed Henry Brobst [German] Wits: Matthias Brobst of Lynn Twp, Esq. John Okely [Berks Co, Deeds Vol. 12 p. 292]

MARGARET BROBST widow of Michael Brobst signs Release" Aug. 16, 1771. Margaret Brobst widow and relict of Michael Probst late of Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA Yeoman [landowner] deceased...For the sum of One Hundred and Forty Pounds Lawful Money of Pennsylvania...paid by Valentine Probst of Albany Twp...Yeoman and Andreas Hagenbuch., of same place yeoman Administration of goods and chattels...of said Michael Brobst deceased for and in behalf of all the children and Representatives of him the said Michael Probst. Releases her Dower Claim etc. signed her mark Margret X Brobst. Wits: to Ack. Sept 25, 1771 Peter Trexler Jacob I G Gordner. Recorded June 4, 1773 [Berks Co Deeds Vol. 1-B p 305] Source: [Bruhnke.FBK.FTW] paul J.

The term Yeoman means Landowner not scribe.

Jean Michael was Baptized in Alsace on Feb. 18, 1724 in the Evangelish-Reformierte Kirche, Obverseebach. His Godparents in Alsace were Maria Margaretha Christ and Johannes michael Schatz. One record showed his parents as Phillippi Jacobi & Catharina Probst [Philippi Jacobi would be the Latin or Roman Catholic spelling] another shows Philppe Jacques Probst and wife, Catheine, Lutherans.



Maria Elisabeth Marilis Albright Albrecht:

Margaretha Rosina Shado Schadt

Children by Maria Albrecht are:

1. Martin Probst b. 1747 Albany twp, Berks Co, Pa d. Oct 1806 Brunswick Twp, Berks Co, Pa married Anna Maria Friez abt 1770 Berks Co, PA, she was b. abt 1850 Brunswick Twp, Berks Co, PA

He was still single in 1767 when he was the Baptismal sponsor for a Weitzel child. Donna Kilroy. "Both Elaine Domeshek [now Schwar] and my mother [Frances Hackworth] found the marriage date [1770] on a microfilm that has Martin's Oath of Allegiance and in his oath he stated he had been married for a year. The Oath was taken in 1771." Martin lived in Kistler Valley as a life-long-farmer. There may have been other children than the three listed. He served as a private, 6th Co, 6th Battalian, Northampton Co, Militia, in Rev. War. The family farm was on the farmsite of Philipp Jacob Probst in Albany Twp, PJ's son, Jean Michael took over management of the farm in the mid-1750s; PJ died in 1760, just a year after his wife, C'erine. Jean Michael died in 1771, and his sons Martin & Johannes F took over the farm.


Anna Maria Friesz was sister of Johannes F. Friesz [1778] and daughter of Margaretha Friesz, Peter Friesz' wife. Margretha was the third wife of Jean Michael Probst. By 1800, the name Friesz had become Fritz. However another record notes "Jul 4 1804, Jacob Brobst is released from guardianship over Martin Brobst and Anna Mary, Martin Brobst's wife, Anna Mary and Peter Frees, step children of Frederich Sentzell of Reading & George Michael Brobst" [20.563 PA Berks]

Children are:

1. Johannes F. Probst, b. 13 Jun 1778 Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA d. 27 Jan 1821 Wessnerville, Berks Co, PA. married Elizabetha Margaretha Barbara Friesz, she was born 13 Dec 1780 Lynn Twp, Lehigh co, PA Baptised 13 Dec 1780 Jerusalem Union Church, Stony Run, Berks County, PA d. 26 Jul 1829 Jacksonville, Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA, buried Jacob's Church Cemetery

Sister of Anna Barbara Friesz, daughter of Peter Friesz and Anna Maria Barbara Brobst. Baptismal Sponsors were Andreas and Eva Elisabeth Steiger. Numerous records show her as Margaretha Barbara Frisz. Other records show Anna Barbara or just Anna. Some of Johannes' estate records refer to her as Margaret, some as Barbara, one as Elisabetha Margaretha, and on as E. Barbara! [All this is recorded in Anderson 1981]. In this file I have referred to her as Elisabetha Margaretha Barbara Friesz. [Arthur W. Holmes] By 1800 the name Friesz had become Fritz. Although she was buried with Johannes F. on a now-demolished private Brobst cemetery close to the farm's western boundary line, near the old Brobst/Mosser/Lenhart Grist Mill which is also still standing near the Maiden [Ontelaunee] Creek, she has a stone marker in the Jacob's Church churchyard.

Children are:

1. Jacob F. Brobst

2. Sarah "Sally" Brobst

3. Maria Anna Brobst

4. Reuben F. Brobst

5. Nathan F. Brobst

6. Daniel H Brobst

7. Elizabeth Brobst

8. Samuel F. Brobst

9. Lucifer Brobst

10. Louisa P. Brobst

11. Maria Magdalena "Polly" Brobst

12. Anna Brobst


1. Jacob F. Brobst b. 8 Jun 1799 Wanamakers, Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA d. 9 Dec 1836 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA, buried Family Farm, Steinsville, Lynn Twp, PA Jerusalem Union Church, married Lydia "Leah" Kistler 12 Nov 1822 Reading, Berks Co, PA, daughter of Philip Jacob Kistler & Maria S. Friesz, she was born 24 Nov 1802 Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA Baptized 2 Jan 1803 Jerusalem Union Church, Stony Run, Berks Co, PA, Sponosrs Jacob & Christina Kistler, d. 24 Jan 1881 Jacksonville, Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, Pa buried Jerusalem Union Church.

In 1850, she was living with her son, Benjamin K., who was a storkeeper. Her assets were property worth $5,000 at that time, a considerable fortune. 1850 Census Lynn, Lehigh, PA: Lidia Brobst 47 PA Benjamin Brobst 18 Storekeeper, PA 1860 Census [same place] Lydia Brobst 57 b.1802 PA She was living next door to Benjamin K Brobst, son. In 1870 census she was living with son Benjamin.

The "History of Lehigh County" lists his given name as "John", but he is named "Jacob" in the will of Jacob Koenig, his brother-in-law and husband of his sister Sally. Further, in the marriage announcement in the Reading, PA, newspaper, states his name as Jacob F. However, many reports, including some of his descendant's reports, still list John as his name. That is in error. According to one report, they lived on a farm just a few hundred yards southwest of the Jerusalem "Red" Church, near Stony Run, PA. This may have been a different Jacob, however. According to another report, they homesteaded on his father's farm SW of Wanamakers, Berks, Co, in Steinsville. A Brobst cemetery is located near the west boundary of the Brobst [later Mosser] Grist Mill on Ontelaunee Creek. The farm was just east of the mill. Later, son Benj. K Brobst took over the farm and sold it to David Kistler, g'grandfather of the 1977 owner David Kistler. [Info from Arthur Kistler Klingman.] When he died in 1836, the administrators of his estate were Philip Kistler and John S. Kistler, with Jacob Meyer and John Wiseler. On May 5, 1837, Lidia, his widow, petitioned the court to appoint Jacob Federolff to be guardian of all of his children. Later, Daniel K and Benjamin K asked the court for Jonas Kistler to be their guardian. Although he was buried on his farm, there is a marker for him in the Jerusalem "Red" Church Cemetery, Stony Run, Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA. From the Union Co records: "17 February 1838" Jacob Koenig, Jacob Fetterolf, Joseph Wannamaker title of Attorney To Daniel Brobst & Reuben Brobst of Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA: Know all men by these presents that We Jacob Koenig guardian of Jonas Koenig and Sarah Koenig Grand Children of John F Brobst and Barbara his wife late Barbara Fees one of the daughters of Peter Fees Late of Union County Beaver Township and State of Pennsyvlvania yoeman all three deceased. And Jacob Fetterolf Guardian of Ann Brobst one of the daughters of the said John F. Brobst and Barbara his wife. And also Guardian of Samuel Daniel Benjamin and Lovina Brobst Children of Jacob Brobst deceased also one of sons of the said John F Brobst and Barbara his iwfe Deceased. And Joseph Wannmacher intermarried with Polly Brobst the daughter have made ordained and constitute and appoint and in our stead put and depute] Daniel Brobst and Reuben Brobst both of Lynn Township Lehigh County and State aforesaid, yeomen our True and Lawful attorney for us and in our names and for our own use to ask demand, sue for recover, and receive all such sum ordered of Money Shares purports, dividends, debts, goods, wares, dues accounts and other demands whatsoever which are or shall be due owing and payable to and belonging to us in right of the said children or detained from us by any maner of way or means specially the share of the said children of and in the Estate of the said Peter Fee [Friesz] in whose hand never the same may be found giving and granting unto our said attorney by these presents overfull and whole power, strength, and authority in and about the premises to have use and take all lawfull way and means in our name for the purposes aforesaid and upon the receipt of any such debts dues shares, perports & acquaintances or other sufficient discharges for us and in due names to make, seal and Deliver and Generally all and every other act or acts thing or things devise and devisees in the law whatsoever needful and necessary in and about the premises for us and in our names to do execute and perform a fully and largely and amply to all intent and purposes as we ourselves may or could do if personally present hereby ratifying and holding for firm and effectual all whatsoever our said attorneys shall lawfully do in and about the premises by virtue hereof. Witness our hands and seals this Feb 7 1838. Jacob Koenig [seal] Jacob Fetternolf [seal] Joseph Wannemaker [seal] Witness present Henry Long for Lehigh County Recorded: March 1st 1838, Union County Deed Book I: 197

Children are:

1. Samuel R. Kistler Brobst, REV. b. 16 Nov 1822 Kistler Valley, Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA

2. Jacob K Brobst b. 1823 Lynn Twp, PA

3. Magdalena Brobst b. 12 Sep 1824 Albany Twp, Berks, PA

4. John Henry Brobst b. 1825 lynn twp, PA

5. Lovina Brobst b. 23 Jan 1826 Lynn Twp, Pa

6. Daniel Kistler Brobst 21 Dec 1828 Lynn twp, PA

7. Benjamin Kistler Brobst b. 24 May 1832 Lynn Twp, PA

8. Louisa Brobst b. 24 Aug 1836 Albany Twp. PA


2. Sarah "Sally" Brobst 2. Christian Probst, b. 28 Jul 1782 Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA d. 28 Aug 1828 Allentown, Lynn Twp, Berks Co, PA married Elizabeth Catharine Marks 6 Sep 1812 Trinity LUtheran Church, Reading, Berks Co, PA, b. 29 Mar 1790 Reading, PA, d. 20 Jun 1847 Allentown, PA

Reports by Elaine Domeshek Schwar & Frances Hackworth show no children.

He owned 60 acres of land in Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA next to Mathias Brobst. At the time of his death, a Maria Braucher lived with him, as did Daniel F, son of Johannes F Brobst & Barbara Friesz, there were some bonds due to/from Maria Brobst, wife of George. In 1847 Daniel Brobst [his nephew] petitioned the court, stating that Christian died leaving a widow Elizabeth and no children. Christian's heirs were his brother Johannes F who died in 1820 leaving 11 children, and his sister Maria and 6 children living in Ohio. Executors were his nephew Reuben & Daniel, sons of Johannes F & Barbara Friesz [Daniel was the husband of May, daughter of Johannes F; not the same Daniel who was living with him when he died.] On Jan 1, 1869, Daniel [husband of Mary] filed another petition which mentions the children of Johannes F., but omits Daniel F, son of Johannes F, since that Daniel had already died.

Family name also shown as Marx, Reading Adler newspaper account of wedding shows Marx. Her birth date of Mar 29, 1790 is recorded in the family Bible; another record shows Mar 20, 1790

3. Anna Maria Elizabeth Probst b. 3 May 1771 Lynn Twp, PA d. 27 Feb 1838 Rushville, Richland Twp, Fairfield Co, Ohio, married George Brobst b. 1770 Jacksonville, Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA d. 1860 Muncy, Lycoming Co, PA


2. Johannes F. Probst b. 13 Jun 1750 Albany twp, d. 9 Sep 1792 Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA married Anna Maria Barbara Stambach 13 Dec 1770 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA, she was b. 12 Nov 1748 lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, pA d. 26 Jul 1829 Berks Co, PA

In the early 1780s he owned 175 acres and shared ownership with his brother Michael in the grist mill [the Brobst Grist Mill on Pine Creek] in Albany Twp, Berks Co, and lived on 266 acres in the northwest corner of Lynn Twp,. The family farm was in the neighborhood of the farms of his father, the Kistlers and the Eckenrodes [His grandson, Reuben, Married Sisanna Edkenrode.] The farm was located between the farm of his grandfather, Philipp Jacob Probst, and what is now the village of Jacksonville [then called Lynn Twp] Finally, Johannes' will shows the named of his children , in approximate birth sequence, John is included, just prior to Peter, which would make his birth year 1778. Johannes F. died on Sept 9, 1792. His will was probated on Sept 18, 1792. His cousin John and brother Valentine were executors. Will Book 2-173, Northampton Co, Probate Records. Christian Braucher and Jacob Federolff were witnesses. His will parcelled out most of his land near Fetherolfsville to the oldest son, Martin and Johannes Jr. At that time, Martin was 19, John was 15, both were too young to take legal ownership, so Johannes F. named his brother Valentine and his cousin Johannes [son of his Uncle Martin] as custodians. Will Abstract: Brobst, John, Yeoman Linntwon 30-6-1792 18-9-1792 wife Barbara, children Catherine, Maria, [Martin eldest minor], John, Peter, Ferdinand, Jacob, Christian, Christian and Elizabeth. Cousin John Brobst and brother Valentine Brobst of Linntown Estr. Wife Barbara and brother Valentine Witnesses: Christian Braucher and Jacob Fetterhoff. Valentine is also guardian for the children.

Anna Stambach is twin sister to Johann Daniel Stambach, their children were probably all born in the family farm in Lynn Twp, Northampton Co, Pa [now Lehigh Co] The farm was just a few miles from the Jerusalem "Red" Church in Stony Run, Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA

Children are:

1. Maria Catharina Probst b. 30 Jul 1772 Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA d. abt 1802 in lynn Twp.

2. Martin Probst b. 10 Sep 1773 Lynn Twp, PA d. 1801 Albany TWp, Berks Co, PA

3. Anna Elisabetha Probst b. 1 Jan 1775 lynn Twp, d. bef 1787 Lynn Twp, PA Bapism sponsors: Philipp & Christina Stambach

4. Maria Probst b. abt 1777 Lynn Twp, PA d. 1821 Washington Co, Maryland

5. Johannes Probst b. abt 1778 Lynn Twp, PA d. 7 Feb 1813 Shamokin, Shawshire Twp, Northumberland Co, PA

6. Johann Peter Probst b. 26 Sep 1779 Lynn Twp, PA d. 7 Feb 1803 Bern or Tilden Twp, Berks Co, PA

7. Ferninandes Probst b. 26 Aug 1781 Lynn Twp, d. aft 1792

Ferdinandes, a most unusual name for a descendant of German immigrants, was named after his baptismal sponsor, Ferdinandes Ritter [whose wife was Susanna] It is also noted that Ferdinand Ritter, Jr, was the sponsor of the batism of Daniel Brobst b. 30 May 1797 to Johannes Jacob Brobst [Ferdinand's cousin] and Catharina Stump] Ferdinandes evidently disappeared from the Brobst records at some point fairly early in his life. His Baptism took place in the Jerusalem Union "Red" church in Albany twp, but nothing is of record beyond that. Evidently he either died young or else left Penna before establishing a family, for he is not shown in any Penna census record from 1800 through 1850. It is noted that Ferdinand was mentioned in his father's will in 1792, so he lived to be atleast 11 years of age.

8. John Jacob Probst b. 22 Mar 1783 Grimsville, albany Twp, PA d. 24 Mar 1830 in Marcy, Madison Twp, Pickaway Co, Ohio

9. Maria Christina Probst b. 5 Nov 1784 lynn Twp, d. 30 Oct 1814 Madison Twp, Pickaway Co,Ohio

10. Christian Probst b. 1785 Lynn TWp, Lehigh Co, PA d. Sep 1829 Pottsville, Schuylkill Co, PA

11. Maria Elisabetha Probst b. 15 Mar 1787 Lynn Twp, d. 13 Mar 1872 New Tipoli, Lynn Twp, PA

12. Margareth Elisabetha Probst b. 1789 lynn Twp, d. 4 Jan 1838 West Penn Twp, Schyulkill Co, PA married Johannes Billman b. pr 1792 lynn Twp, d. 3 Mar 1869 West Penn Twp, Schuylkill Co. PA. Baptismal sponsors were Johannes & Barbara Fossllmann. The DAR date shown on a DAR filing, of which Sally Gordon has a copy, shows Mar 20, 1789. But this was the date of his sister, Elizabeth. The April 2, 1792 date is as shown on the Jerusalem Church records. Either the 1792 date was in error, or Johannes and Elizabeth were twins. This has not been found to be yet.

13. Rebecca Brobst Probst b. 20 Dec 1792 lynn Twp, d. 30 Jun 1854 Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA

3. Michael Probst b. abt 1751 Albany Twp, d. 12 Oct 1814 Albany Twp, Berks Co, Pa married Magdalena Catharina Everett 1773 Berks Co, PA, daughter of Thomas Everett & Eva Albrecht. She was b. abt 1745 lynn Twp, d. bef 1814 Albany TWp, Berks Co, PA

Lt. Col. Michael Brobst with his brother, Johannes, operated "Union Forge" in Albany Twp. He owned considerable Land in Albany Twp and 247 woodland in Lynn Twp. He owned a valuable flour mill [The Brobst Grist Mill] near the village of Albany where flour was made to be used by the neighbors who built ovens and baked bread to relieve the suffering of Washington's Army in the Rev. War. In his will, he gave the Forges and Furnace jointly to his son Michael and to his daughter Elizabeth and her husband James Mitchell. In the Miller Family History "The Spirit of Evangelical Women" p 128, Michael was described as a "rich iron master of Albany, Berks Co," He disowned his daughter Magdalena because she became an Evangelical, and she suffered bitter persecution from him. He was known for his bad temper [Jan Binkley]. He was a Lt. Col 3rd Battalion, Northampton Co, Militia Rev. War. He is listed in the DAR Patriot Index files, and is on the DAR Roll of Honor. The Michael Brobst that served in the Indians Wars was b. 1739. Both Andrew and Daniel Straub of Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, are listed on the General Muster Roll for June 18, 1777 under Colonel Michael Brobst, as is Mathias George Probst. His will was written in Albany Twp,m on Oct 3, 1814. He mentioned his sons Johannes [Jacob] and [George] Michael, his daugher Elizabeth and his son-in-law James Mitchell, his daughters Magdalena Miller, Maria Miller, Catharina Merckel, and Susanna Landes; and his friend Jacob Levan [the father-in-law of his Uncle Valentine]; no mention of his wife who preceded him in death. He is buried near the boudnary of Berks and Lehigh Counties, but the dates on the stones are obliterated with age.


Fort Everett, near where the gerhart Indian Attack occurred, was named after her grandfather [Frontier Forts of Pennsylvania, 1916, Vol I p 152-153] Her gravestone lies between Berks and Lehigh Counties, assumed to be the Jerusalem Church Cemetery marking obliterated.

Children are:

1. George Michael Probst b. 1772 Albany Twp, d. abt 1814

2. Valentine Brobst Probst b. 24 Dec 1773 Albany Twp, d. bef 1814 Catawissa, Columbia Co, PA married Ann Bandore 26 Feb 1801 Christ Church, Philadelphia, PA

Baptismal sponsors were Jean Valentine & Catherine Prbst: Jean Valentine was his great uncle, their marriage is recorded in "Pennsylvania Marriages Prior to 1810 Vol 1." He served as Justice of the Peace for Tulphehocken Twp, PA for a period of 30 years.

3. Johannes Jacob Probst b. 6 Jan 1775 Albany twp, d. abt 1861 Allegany Co, Maryland.

4. Magdalena Probst b. 8 Jun 1777 Albany Twp, d. 26 Aug 1869

5. Mathias Probst b. 1779 Albany Twp,

6. Maria Catharina Probst b. 9 jun 1781 Albany Twp, married Solomon Miller 18 Oct 1801 First Reformed Church, Reading, Berks Co, PA b. bef 1780 Schuykill Co, PA d. 29 Mar 1820 New Berlin, PA [another record refers to him as Johannes] Marriage by Philip Reinhold Pauli; He was a Reverend

7. Gotfried Probst b. 1782 Albany Twp, [this might be Gotfried Brobst, son of Michael Brobst]

8. Catharina Brobst Probst b. 6 Aug 1784 Albany Twp, married Solomon Merckel; Baptismal sponsors Jerusalem Church, Johannes & Maria Ebert.

9. Susannah Probst b. 8 Sep 1786 Reading, Berks Co, PA d. 23 Sep 1858 Lawrence Co, Illinois

10. Elsabeth Probst b. 1788 Reading, Berks Co, PA married James Mitchell

11. Maria Probst b. aft 1788 Reading, Berks Co, PA married unknown Everett

Her father's will refers to a Maria Miller. Whether she married a Miller or an Everett is not sure yet.

4. Jacob F Probst b. 1752 Albany Twp, d. 22 Mar 1825 Mifflinburg, Union co, PA married Magdalen Madlene Braver, daughter of John Braver & Anna Hagenbuch, she was b. abt 1752 Albany Twp,

Sometimes her last name is spelled Beaver, Bierver, Bieber or Brouss.


He was called crazy Jacob: He served in the Rev. War. and is listed in the DAR Patriot Index files as a "soldier". Jacob Brobst from Mifflingburg, and early settler there, was a farmer and Innkeeper [located on the stage road between Catawissa and Philadelphia] and PA State Assemblyman who apparently went insane around 1816, but was still in office. In 1814, he was a comissioner of the new bridge over the Susquehanna at Lewisburg. He was a member of the Pennsylvania General Assembly from 1815-1817. Governor Snyder of PA wrote a letter to Geroge Kremer, Nov 24, 1817, supporting George's attempt to get Jacob Brobst removed from office, because of his bizzare behavior, but said that either Brobst had to resign his office of officially be declared insane. The Annals of Buffalo Valley states that he was insane when he got elected. "Whatever may be done, it will be all-important to keep out of view his having been mad before his election, or that the people were so who elected him" {annals of Buffalo Valley, 1755-1855" p. 434-435, & Northumberland County Historical Society Proceddings, Vol 11 p. 30 Sunbury Public Library, Northumberland Co.,] He is fairly recorded in "Brobst-Smith Genealogy", 1991 by Louise Beinhorn; coy at BCGS.


Children are:

1. Phillip Brobst b. 1772 Kutztown, Maxatawny Twp, Berks Co, pA d. 1851 Kutztown, Maxatawny Twp, Beks Co, PA

2. Jacob Brobst Probst died 1825

3. Gotfried Brobst Probst

4. Catharina Probst b. 14 Jul 1776 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA d. 1846 married James Smith 10 Feb 1794 Mifflinburg, PA, he was b. 1764 Lancaster, England; d. 1826, He was a Doctor


5. John Brobst Probst b. abt 1780

5. Anna Maria Catharina Probst b. 1754 Albany twp, d. aft 1827 married Johann Daniel Stambach, son of Johann Stambach & Anna Cuntz, he was born 12 Nov 1748 Whitehall Twp, Lehigh Co, pA d. 1784 lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA. She went by name of Catherine, Daniel was twin brother to Anna Barbara Stambach, he served in the Rev. War and is listed on the DAR Patriot Index as a "private". He was killed during the Rev. War by cannon charge. His death may not have occurred in Lynn Twp or even Lehigh Co, since there was very little war action in that area. He went by name of Daniel, Sponsors at his Baptism was H & M Braucher


Children are:

1. Phillip Stambach b. 1774 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA

2. Anna Maria Stambach b. 29 Apr 1777 Albany Twp, PA d. bef 1784 Albany tWp, PA: Baptismal Sponsors were Johan Jacob Stambach & Anna Maria Barbara Brobst, daughter of Jean Michael Probst, Sister to JOhann. in Jerusalem Church records, her parents were noted as being Danile & Catharina Stambach.

3. Johann Daniel Stambach b. 20 Mar 1779 Albany Twp, pA d. abt 1781 Albany Twp, PA Sponsors at Baptism were Henry Bauscher & wife Maria

4. Maria Elizabeth Stambach b. 8 Oct 1781 Albany Twp, PA married Heinrich Fiester 18 Dec 1803 PA

5. John Jacob Stambach b. 27 Nov 1784 Perry Co, PA d. 1832

6. Eva Rosina Probst b. Jun 1755 Reading, Berks Co, PA d. aft 3 Aug 1755 Reading, Berks Co, PA, Baptizm sponsors: Jacob Fiess & Eva Catharina Pobst [single]


7. Anna Maria Barbara Probst b. 1756 Albany Twp, Berks Co, Pa

She was a grand daughter of Jean Michael & Maria Elizabeth Albrecht, and daughter of Johannes & Anna Barbara [Stambach] Brobst.


8. Eva Rosina probst b. 1 Oct 1757 Albany Twp, d. aft 5 Oct 1757

9. Christian A. Probst b. 14 Sep 1767 Albany Twp, d. 14 Jan 1849 Catawissa, Columbia Co, PA married Eva Barbara Drumm 24 Sep 1789 Jerusalem Church, Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA, daughter of George Drumm & Maria Strasser, she was born 21 Sep 1767 Albany twp, PA d. 24 Dec 1847 Catawissa, Columbia Co, PA

Honorable, must have been a judge. He was sponsored in Batism by Christian C.H. & Anna Maria [Brobst] Hechler. In 1788, he and Barbara [still single] sponsored a baptism at the New Bethel [Cornor] Church in Albany Twp, Berks Co, for Chritian Drumm, b. 25 Jul 1788, child of Peter & Catharina Drumm; Catharina was Barbara's sister. In 1789, with Christiana Stump [single] he sponsored another. So both he and his brother Johannes F had close ties to this church. Christian and Barbara's daughter Catharine was Baptized there on Jun 13, 1790; she was the only Brobst child baptized in that church. No Brobsts are buried there. He spent some time in the valley of Catawissa Creek sometime in early 1794. On May 28, 1794, he was deeded two pieces of land by William and eleanor Collins. One of the pieces was described as "11 acres, 51 perches, down by the river." His own personal record says he moved to Catawissa, Northumberland Co, in 1795, "with no more than my household goods and carpenter tools and enough money to pay the moving expense...In 1799, I built a mill and contracted a large debt, and I paid the first debt [payment] to Him I owed most. The first money the mill made I gave to buld a church to worship God with my family and neighbors." From History of Catawissa, 1974; "Brobst entered Catawissa in 1795; he was accompanied by Reverend Seely, a Lutheran pastor from Berks Co, May 1, 1796, a communion was held at Brobst's recently built cabin. The following persons participated...Christian Brobst...Barbara Brobst.... This is the first service of this kind held at Catawissa. Jan 1, 1796, the first Baptisms recorded occurred. "Those Baptism's included the Brobst Children born after 1790. and, "in 1804, Christian Brobst presented a building site. In the same year the church building was completed and dedicated. It was a stone structure. The furniture and arrangement of the interior conformed to the ususal style of the period in that respect. The galleries extending round three sides, and the nine-glass pulpit would present anovel appearance if viewed at the present day..{on} June 25, 1845, a meeting was held to devise means for the organization and government of that portion of the congregation which preferred English services. Christian Brobst was called to the chair and Charles Witmer appointed secretary. It was decided to make the proposed and confer upon the new organization the name of Saint Matthew's Englsh Lutheran church. His son, Joseph, helped to write the constitution for the new church. In 1810 Christian and Barbara were sponsors for the birth of Lidia Brobst, daughte rof his nephew Johannes & his wife Susanna [Follweiler], at the Jerusalem "Red" church in Stony Run, in those early 1800s they were sponsors for many children of the parishioners of the St John's Lutheran Church in Catawissa. In 1818, he was the church's lay representative at the Lutheran Ministerium Convention in Harrisburg, PA.

Her served in the Rev. War. with the 2nd Battalion Lancaster County Militia as a private guarding prisoners of war. Later, he was a Captain, 4th Co, Northumberland Militia, in the war of 1812. He was often later referred to as the "Honorable Chn. A. Brobst" He is listed in the DAR Patriot Inex both as a "soldier" and an "ensign"; "Christian Brobst born Berks Co, PA was an ensign in the First Company, Second Battalion, Lieut-Col Henry Spycker, in active service in 1780." [Ref. Certificate of State Librarian of Penna.. April 6, 1891] In a publication of the Society of the Sons of the American Rev., the following appears: [Christian Brobst] "stated that May 17, 1779, he was taken prisoner and taken to New York City, confined in the notorious Sugar House, from which he escaped the following October: he swam over the river and joined his regiment Oct. 30, 1779, at Peekskill, Westchester County, NY. He was discharged at Soldiers Fortune in the Highlands on the Hudson River April 1780, from the Command of Capt. Heyward and Col.Smith--at least during his service he was in the company and regiment commanded by them. As his pension was granted exclusively for service on the Continental establishment, he may have performed other tours of duty in the militia or state troops, which those applicants were not required to specify and usually omitted to do so. [Ref. Rec. of Bureau of Pensions, Wash. D.C. Rev. Muster Roll of Mass. Vol. 53, p. 210; Vol 52 p. 195 Vol 9, p. 430]


Barbara was baptized 18 Oct 1767 New Bethel Church, Albany twp, pA, buried St John's lutheran Church, Catawissa


Children are:

1. Maria Catharina Probst b. 22 May 1790 Albany Twp, PA d. 25 Nov 1877 Catawissa, Columbia Co, PA

2. Maria Elisabeth Probst b. 27 Oct 1791 Albany Twp, PA d. 13 Sep 1865 Albany Twp, PA

3. Michael Martin Probst b. 10 Feb 1793 Albany Twp, PA d. 7 Sep 1882 Catawissa, Columbia Co, PA

4. Valentine Probst b. abt 1794 Albany Twp, PA d. bef 1830

5. Joseph Hon Probst b. 16 dec 1795 Catawissa, Columbia Co, PA d. 14 Apr 1878 Knoxville, Marion Co, Iowa married Nancy Anna Maria Hartman, born 30 Apr 1796 Catawissa, d. 15 Nov 1869 Knoxville, Marion Co, Iowa, buried Graceland Cem.


6. Sarah Probst b. 31 May 1797 Catawissa, Columbia Co, PA, Sponsors at Baptism were: Philip & Margareta Wehrling, she was the first person buried at Union Cemetery [recorded death]

7. Sarah Ann Probst b. 27 Jan 1799 Catawissa, Col. Co. PA d. 24 Mar 1874 Marysville, Iowa

8. Christian A. Probst b. 23 Dec 1800 Catawissa, PA

9. Samuel Probst b. 16 Jan 1803 Catawissa, PA d. aft 1840 PA

10. Solomon Probst b. 12 Dec 1804 Catawissa, PA d. 16 Jan 1805 Berks Co. PA

11. Solomon Probst b. 11 Jul 1806 Catawissa, PA d. 25 Oct 1865 Iowa

12. William B. Probst b. abt 1808 Catawissa, PA d. 1878

13. Unknown Son Probst b. 8 Jan 1809 Catawissa, PA d. 18 Jan 1809 Catawissa, PA

10. Anna Catharina Probst b. 11 Jun 1758 Albany Twp, d. 1 Feb 1811 married [1] Unknown Kistler b. abt 1755 [2] michael Stein b. abt 1758 d. abt 1811

She was specifically written out of her Uncle Valentine's Will. But she was the principal heir in her mother's will. In her father's will, her name was spelled Catharine & Catherine. She was confirmed by Rev. Daniel Schumacher in 1766.

11. Valentine Brobst Probst b. 2 Mar 1764 Albany Twp, d. 18 Mar 1838 Catawissa, Columbia Co, Pa married Elisabeth Levi/Levy 7 Oct 1786 Albany Twp, PA, daughter of David Levi & Margretha Eschbach, she was born 4 Mar 1766 New Goshenhoppen, Upper Hanover, Montgomery Co, PA d. 27 Nov 1833 Reading, Berks Co, PA

Sponsored by his Uncle Valentine Probst & Aunt Dorthea Probst in two different baptism dates are shown. He was a wealthy land owner in Reading area. He bought land in West Penn Twp, Schuylkill Co, in 1801; sold it in 1810. Granduncle of Obadiah, he was a Major in PA, Berks Co, Militia.

Johannes F, and his brothers Valentine and Christian sponsored baptisms in the New Bethel [Corner] Church near Eckville, so all three of them had ties to a church other than just the Jerusalem Church in Stony Run: they sponsored one to three baptisms there, and had several friends there. He was engaged first in farming, and then went to Reading where he became proprietor of a hotel. They also lived in Rehrersburg for a while. He was one of the largest landowners in the county, possessing valuable coal land in Schuykill and Northumberland Counties. In 1828 & 1829, he transferred some of his Union Co, Land to his daugher, Sophia. His Will was written on Aug. 18, 1837. Witnesses signed the will on Mar 31, 1838, testifying that hey had seen him sign it. It may be that Elizabeth's portion was changed from $3000 to $1000 after he died! His death is recorded in the records of the Trinity Lutheran church, Reading, PA. His burial site is not known. He moved to Reading, PA before 1818 [His daughter Sophia was married there in 1818, and his daughter Sarah died there in 1821] They were still in Reading in 1832. He did not die in Reading, as had been earlier reported, nor is he buried there. He died in Catawissa, Columbia Co, PA on Mar 18, 1838; will probated soon after. His death was probated in Bloomsburg on Jun 11, 1838, Jacob Miller, Administrator. Vol 1. p. 325, Widow was Elizabeth Probst. It is believed he was buried there too. He apparently died while visiting the Catawissa Brobst [his brother Christian]. There is a question about his son Valentine Jr. He had given land to a son, Valentine, in 1837, and perhaps this is why he didn't list him in his list of children in his will to whom goods were distributed. Futher, Valentine Jr. died in 1825 or 26. His estate was fraudelently sold by daughter "Bertha" tot he railroads who were seeking both right-of-way property and access tothe coal fields in Schuykill and Northumberland Counties. In 1907, his heirs brought suit against the Pennsylvania and Reading Coal Company for fraudelent transfer of 1000 acres of coal land, worth many millions of dollars. They failed in their efforsts to recoup the loss. There is a hand written deed which outlines the follwing events which took place between 1830 and 1832. Key players are Valentine and David Rightmyer[Reithmeyer], Valentine's Son-in-law, husband of Maria Margaretha Brobst. Apparently there was a large group of people that owed Valentine a total sum of $40,620. The Sheriff was ordered by the Judge to levy their property ties for payment [totaled about 10,000 acres.] When payment failed to come at the prescribed time, the Judge ordered the properties be sold and the money given to Valentine. [A list of properties and owners involved are included in the paperwork on file with the Brobst Family Registry.] Ultimately the property was sold by the Sheriff to David Rightmyer for the sum of $284.50 and the money given to Valentine. An Indenture was made between Valentine and a William Silvis. Valentine owed Silvis the sim of $16,000.00 in Lieu of Payment, Sylvis accepted a protion of Valentine's property, with the understanding that, if he or his heirs were to pay the $16,000, he would release the property to them. The property in question was in what is now downtown Reading. Specifics are on file with the Brobst Registry. On Sept 8, 1900, a James Scarlet to a Judge John Fox responded to questions about the Brobst estate suit. This apparently involved the 10,000 acres. It involved a "fraud" of Reading property. He entered into an assignment with Sylvis to satisfy a debt. Shortly after this transaction Valentine wirote his will and made provision for the inheritance of his children. He also made Sylvis the executor of his estate. Eight days after Valentine's death, Sylvis placed a judgement of $4,000.00 against the estate, and then sold the property Valentine had given under assignment. A Mr. Scarlet later said"This is the beginning of the schemes that are or were worked.." The Scarlett/Sylvis document continues on to refer to Magdalena and a 1868 suit concerning two tracts of land on Big Mountain. The case continued for some twenty years, and Mr. Scarlet later stated "the non-suit was entered without noice. Magdalena being dead andher heir having no knowledge of the non-suit could not be guilty of laches or delay." Could Magdalena be "Bertha"? She seems to be involved in this whole affair. Could it have been a different Magdalena? Bertha died in 1886, or about that time.

Valentine is buried Trinity Lutheran Church, Reading Berks Co, PA


Elisabeth Levi/Levy's father's name was Levi, but she apparently changed hers to Levy, he was Jewish, but converted to Christianity and the name change may have been based on that. Her Maternal grandmother was an Antes. According to Dora, she was a sister to Henry Antes who did much to establish the Moravian Church in Bethlehem [Emmaus], PA and throughout Montgomery Co, PA His father was Frederick Antes who brought his family to America in the early 1700s. One report stated that Elizabeth died shortly after the birth of their last child, die to complications of childbirth. Her health deteriorated over a period of several months, leading to death at about age 33.


Children are:

1. Anna Maria Brobst b. 4 Dec 1791 Albany Twp, PA d. 19 Mar 1869 married Jonas Stump b. 30 Aug 1789 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA d. 10 Oct 1857 Albany Twp, PA


Source: Jonas Stump:

National Brobst/Probst Family Historical Registry [Roots Web World Connect] Report Compiled by Melissa Jones [] descendant: Same in National Brobst/Probst Family Historical Registry Book.

Ann Picker has birth month as Sept.

Baptized 30 Sep 1789 New Bethel Church, Albany Twp, PA, buried Jerusalem [Dunkle] Church Cemetery


2. Johannes Probst b. 23 Jul 1786 New Goshenhoppen, Upper Hanover, Montgomery Co, PA d. 3 Aug 1786

He was Christened at the New Goshenhoppen Church, Sponsor: Abraham Levi probably the uncle or brother of his mother, Elisabeth, Abraham might have been a brother of Elisabeth's father, David. The burial record of Rev. Freidrich Wilhelm Sloot, states child was 11 days old when died. buried on Aug 7. Birth record by Rev. John Theobald Faber shows birth Jul 23, Bapt Jul 27, and burial at 11 days.

3. Christian A Probst b. 29 Nov 1787 Albany Twp, PA d. 16 Dec 1828 Rehrersburg, Tulpehocken Twp, Berks Co, PA

4. Elisabeth Bertha Probst b. 1789 Rehrersburg, Tulpehocken Twp, Berks Co, PA d. 1886 Reading, Berks Co, PA

5. Anna Maria Probst b. 4 Dec 1791 Albany Twp, PA d. aft 1815

6. Magdalena Probst b. 5 May 1795 Albany Twp, PA d. 15 May 1870 Reading, Berks Co, PA married John H Grant 29 Aug 1847 Trinity Lutheran Church Reading, PA, Sponsors at her Batism were: Michael & Magdalena Brobst., she died at age 75

7. Catharina Probst b. 14 Nov 1793 Albany tWp,PA d. aft 1815

8. Sarah Probst b. 4 Nov 1797 Albany Twp, PA d. 5 jun 1821 Reading, Berks Co, PA: Sarah was a Sponsor for John Edward Brobst Johnston, son of Delias D Johnston & his wife, Christiana, b. 2 Nov 1819 Baptized Trinity Lutheran Church, Reading 1 Jan 1820 Sarah died the next year. Christiana was her sister. The church records of the Trinity Lutheran church in Reading show her birth date as Oct 2, 1796 & death date as 3 Jun 1821. She died of a lingering consumption age 24 y 9 mos on Jun 3, 1821.

9. Maria Margareth Probst b. 17 Aug 1798 Albany Twp, PA d. 5 Sep 1842 Newport, Perry Co, PA

10. Diana Christiana Tena Probst b. 9 Feb 1800 Albany Twp, PA

11. Sophia Probst b. 30 Dec 1801 Albany Twp, PA d. 30 Aug 1842 Alsace Twp, Berks Co, PA

12. Valentine Brobst b. 26 Jun 1804 Albany TWp, PA d. 17 Jan 1825 Reading, Berks Co, PA

Obituary in Berks Co, "Chronicle of the Times" Jan 21, 1825, stated "On Monday evening last, Mr. Valentine Brobst Jr., of this borough died in about the 21st year of his age." His gravestone in Reading shows his death age as 20 years, 6 mos, 22 days, which would make his birth date June 27, 1805. The church records for the Trinity Lutheran church in Reading show his birth date as June 26, 1804 and death date as Jan 17 1825.

12. Matthias Probst b. Reading, Berks Co, Pa


Child of Margaretha Schadt is:

1. John Heinrich Probst Brobst b. Sep 1744 Macungie Twp, Lehigh Co, PA d. Mar 1822 Lynn Twp, Pa married [1] Margaretha [2] Catherina Siegried

Rev. War. Vet Served in Continental Line, Occupation was a yeoman [landowner] He lived in Macungie Twp, Northampton Co, PA On Jun 2. 1795 he bought land from Caspar W. and Hannah Haines. Heinrich adopted Catherine's daughter Catharine [1788] by her previous marriage.. He wrote his will on Mar 12, 1803, but it was not probated until Mar 28, 1822. On Jan 2, 1822, he sold some land to Jacob Hottenstine of Macungie; witness Christian Brobst of Lehigh Co,. He died very shortly after that. Info on his estate contained in the W. Thomas File and the Richard Anderson File.


Children are:

1. Catherine Brobst [adopted]

2. Heinrich Brobst


Child by Anna Friesz is:

1. George Michael Probst b. 28 Aug 1771 Albany twp, Pa d. 22 Aug 1826 Reading, Berks Co, Pa married [1] Catharina [2] Anne

Hd six children by Catharina: His baptismal sponsors were: Christopher & Anna Maria Hechler. Acutally, they were Chrtistian C. H. Hechler and Anna Maria [Brobst] Hechler. Anna Maria was a daughter of Philip Jacob & C'erine Probst. He went by the name of Michael. He dealt in real estate in Reading. One record states he wrote his will on Apr 16, 1827, in which case he must have died later in 1827. David Riddle was named Administrator of the will of George Michael Brobst [1771], husband of Anne Lincoln Glsgow; Index of Berks Co, Wills 1752-1850 Vol 6 p. 54 & Vol 10 p. 139 .


Children by Catharina:

1. Johan Probst

2. George Michael Probst

3. Margaretha Probst

4. Catharina Probst

5. Jacob Probst

6. George Micahel Probst

Children by Anne:

1. Elizabeth Probst

2. Catharine Probst

3. William Probst

3. Jean Valentine "Felder" Probst b. 18 Feb 1724 Obersebach, Alsace, France d. Jul 1775 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA married CATHERINA LEVAN, daughter of Daniel Levan & Susanna Siegfried, she was b. abt 1747 Berks Co, PA d. 29 Mar 1824

His Godparents names were Anna Elizabeth Anthes & Valentin Christ.

He was a farmer and a yeoman. His nickname was "Felder" or "Feltie". He was naturalized in Philadelphia on Sept 25, 1761, with his brother Michael and his friend Juerg Kistler. He wrote letters to his father-in-law, Jacob Levan, about the Indian attack on the Gerhart homestead. Letter contained in "Frontier Forts of Pennsylvania" Vol. I 1916, pp 152-53.

Valentine's land lay along the south side of what is now the macadam Kistler Valley Road between Kempton and Lynnville. His house was in the same area as his father's, at a place which in the early 1900s was known as Fetherolfsville [merely several houses] 1 1/2 miles east of Kempton, along Kistler creek. The land he received from his father was 200 acres, partly in Albany, Berks Co, and partly in lynn, Northampton Co, on the headwaters of Maiden Creek. He was shown on the Albany Twp, Berks Co, tax rolls for 1752. He is mentioned several times in PA archives in connection with military activities in the French and Indian War, where his name was corrupted into Philteprost [Felty Probst]. His land adjoined that of his brother Jean Martin and Johannes Donat. His marriage date is not certain, but the first Berks Co, 1752 tax lists show him as single, and the 1754 lists show him as married. Some records showing him marying in the New Goshenhoppen Reformed Church in Montgomery Co, must be in error; His wife came from the area just east of Reading in Berks Co., They were married by Rev. Michael Weiss. By the time he died, he had the 200+ acres from his father, 230 acres he bought from Jacob Gortner, two plantations in Maxatawny Twp,. Berks. several other tracts in Berks Co, and considerable land which he had bought up beyond the Blue Mountains, totalling over 1000 acres. His will was dated Jul 3, 1775, and probated in Reading on Oct 6, 1775. His will mentions no children: the printed books on history of Berks, Lehigh, and Northumberland Counties are in error in that regard. They had no children. Catharine's sister had a daughter, Catharina Schneider, who was mentioned in Valentine's will. He also mentions a grandon, Henry, who was one of the executors of the will, but other records said they had no children!! Since he had no children, he left his property to his sister's and brothers children, and the will is quite involved. The plantation on which he lived he left to his widow Catherine [nee Levan]. Another plantation which he had bought from Jacob Gortner he left to Jacob Brobst, son of his deceased brother Michael; however, Jacob Brobst was to pay for the plantation the same sum Valentine had paid to Jacob Gortner, and the money was then to be divided among Valentine's brothers and sisters or heirs, except that Catharina Stein, daughter of his deceased brother Martin was to have no share. Further, Johannes Fetherolf was to have the plantation where he [Valentine] then lived, [apparently after the widow's death]. This is why the place later was known as Fetherolfsville. His widow, Catherine, and his wife's brother-in-law, Frederick Hill, were named executors. [Bruhnke.FBK.FTW]

Source: jackxlt/1/data/128

if you go to: has that he had a son named Valentine Probst, with no further info.

4. Anna Marie Brobst b. 8 Mar 1727 Oberseebach, Alsace, France d. Apr 1731 [same place]

** It is not clear whether Anne Marie b. 8 Mar 1727, died in Germany in 1731 before embarking on the "John and William" en route to America, or died on board the vessel during the voyage. Had she begun the voyage, she would only have been about a year old!! Her parents must have been desperate to leave Germany to expose their baby to such horrible conditions [although they might not have known how bad it would be on board ship]. The ship's records are not too clear in this regard, but do not specifically list her, in any case, she had died prior to the birth of her sister, Anna Maria in 1736. Note that being French, her name was Anne Marie, not Anna Maria. Her younger sister, born in America, was named Anna Maria.

5. Anne Maria [II] Brobst, b. 8 Mar 1731 in Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA d. 13 Aug 1806 Albany Twp, PA married Christian C. Hechler, he was born 1734 d. 1798 Oley Hills, Exeter Twp, Berks Co, PA

Her father always called her "Anamaery" in his will.


Christian C Hechler is probably the brother of Anna Elisabeth Hechler who married Anna Maria's brother Martin. He and Anna Maria were sponsers of the baptism of Jean Michael's son George Michael Brobst by his third wife Margaretha Friesz.


Children are:

1. Anna Elisabeth Hechler b. 1755 Albany Twp, Bekrs Co, PA married John Griesemer, son of Casper Griesemer & Rebecca Eschlman, he was born 1748 Oley Twp, Berks Co, PA


Children are:

1. Jacob Griesemer b. 12 Mar 1773 Oley Twp, Berks Co, PA d. 8 Dec 1834 married Elizabeth Lorah b. 22 may 1773 Amity Twp, PA d. 2 Oct 1839


2. Susanna Catharine Griesemer b. 1776 Oley Twp, Berks Co, PA


2. Christian Hechler b. 24 Aug 1764 Oley Hills, Exeter Twp, Berks Co, PA d. 25 Jan 1810 Oley Hills, PA

3. Barbara Hechler b. 5 Feb 1773 Oley Hills, Exeter Twp, Berks Co, Pa

4. Hechler


6. Eva Catharina Brobst b. 1732 Maxatawny Twp, Berks Co, Pa d. aft 1790 Berks Co, PA married [1] Johann Nicholas Kutz, son of Johann Kutz & Anna Grimm, he was born 1772 Maxatawny Twp, Berks Co, PA d. May 1790 Maxatawny Twp, Berks Co, PA [2] Daniel Jacob Stambach, he was born 1 Mar 1742 Berks Co, PA d. 1827 Catawissa, Columbia Co, PA [Private cemetery]

She was one of the first white children born in the Allemaengle region. They had three other children beside the ones shown here; name not known at present. He father called her "Eva Catrena" in his will. Some records show her death year as 1789, but Gloria Hartzell says she was living for the probate of Nicholas' will in 1790, she may have died shortly after that.


His wife and all seven children are mentioned in his will.

On Nov. 14, 1804, Daniel Jacob and wife Catharina moved to Catawissa and purchased 160 acres of land from his brother-in-law Christian A Brobst for 1100 pounds. He may have been living there when Obadiah Brobst was born in 1812, where Daniel was Obediah's baptismal sponsor. Daniel and Margaretha [his second wife] were members of the St John's Lutheran Church, Catawissa, Columbia Co, PA. Several of their children were baptized there before 1810. Daniel and "Peggy" were sponsors for the baptism of Solomon Brobst, son of Christian and Barbara [Drumm] Brobst of Catawissa. They were also sponsors for many of the children born to parishoners of the St John's Luthean Church.

Daniel Stambach was the administrator of the estate of John Brobst, who died around 1813-1814 in Shamokin Twp, Northumberland Co, PA Daniel and Catharine Stambach [his first wife] were also the godparents of Obadiah Brobst, as well as for Catharine Brobst, sister of Obadiah's grandfather Johannes F. He made a will on Mar 13, 1827 probated April 10, 1827, mentioning his wife Margaret and nine children. [Bruhnke.FBK.FTW]

Children are:

1. Elisabeth B Kutz b. 5 Mar 1760 Maxatawny Twp, Berks Co, PA d. 17 Apr 1816 [same place] married Heinrich R Siegfreid, b. 8 Apr 1749 Maxatawny Twp, Berks Co, PA d. 14 May 1825 Bath, East Allen Twp, Northampton Co, PA, She is buried Siegfrieds Cemetery.


Children are:

1. Joseph Siegfried b. 1779

2. John Siegfried b. 1780

3. Catharine Siegfried b. 1788

4. Solomon Siegfried b. 1 Oct 1783 Siegfreid's Dale, Maxatawny Twp, Berks Co, PA d. 2 Apr 1853 Maxatawny Twp, PA


5. Elisabeth Siegfried b. aft 1784 married Daniel Troxell

6. Maria Siegfried b. 1785 d. 1863 married John Metzger

7. Heinrich Siegfried b. 1787 d. 1803

8. Joseph Siegfried b. 1789 d. 1863 married Elizabeth Saeger b. 1794 d. 1869. [they had 10 children]

9. Catherine Siegfried b. 9 Feb 1793 Berks Co, PA d. 3 Mar 1844 Berks Co, PA

10. Johannes H Siegfried b. 8 Jan 1796 Berks Co, PA d. 5 Sep 1864 Berks Co, PA married Catherine Bieber Apr 1820 Maxatawny Twp, PA by Rev. Benjamin E Kramlich, she was b. 29 Oct 1801 Berks Co, PA d. 29 Sep 1846 Berks Co, PA

11. David Siegfried b. 1798 d. 1845 [never married]

12. Abraham Siegfried b. 1800 d. 1846 married Catherine Elizabeth Siegfried [had two children]

2. Johann Nicholas Kutz b. 14 Feb 1764 Maxatawny Twp, d. 4 May 1831 [same place] married Maria Susanna Acharadin, b. 1769 d. 1847

Took over his father's homestead. Is buried in family graveyard on homestead., Kutz Private Cem.

Source: http://www.gencircles.som/users/deena/32/data/199

Children are:

1. Eva Catherina Kutz b. abt 1800 married Samuel Swoyer

2. Samuel S Kutz b. 28 Jan 1800 Kutz Farm, Maxatawny Twp, PA d. 6 May 1878 Maxatawny Twp. PA

3. Maria Dorothea Kutz b. 2 Feb 1765 " " d. 14 Mar 1832 Bath, East Allen Twp, Northampton Co, PA married Abraham Siegfried, he was b. 1764 Maxatawny Twp, PA d. 1802 Bath, East Allen Twp, Northampton Co, PA

Source: jackxlt/1/data/939

In 1792 they left Maxatawny Twp and settled in East Allen Twp. Their log cabin is still standing near the western boundary of Bath, and is now being restored. Abraham was the brother of Henry who married Dorothy's sister Elisabeth Kutz. Abraham died in 1802 and his wife died 30 years later; it is believed that they were both buried in the small private Sigfried Cem. on the north side of what is now Main Street, at the western end of Bath. Many of the headstones are now missing or in such poor condition that the names are illegible.


Children are:

1. Abraham Siegfried b. 15 Apr 1786 Maxatawny Twp, PA d. 2 Apr 1866 Bath, East Allen Twp, Northampton Co, PA

2. Catharina Susanna Siegfried b. 20 Feb 1788 Maxatawny Twp, PA d. 18 Oct 1868 Bath, East Allen Twp, PA

3. Isaac Siegfried b. 7 Dec 1790 Maxatawny Twp, PA d. 10 Mar 1863 Bath, East Allen Twp, PA

4. Jacob Siegfried b. 1794 Bath, East Allen Twp, PA d. abt 1870 Moore Twp, Northampton Co, PA married Elizabeth Petty

5. Henry Siegfried b. abt 1794 Bath, East Allen Twp, PA


4. Susanna Margaretha Kutz b. 13 Mar 1768 " " d. 20 Mar 1846 Greenwich Twp, Berks Co, PA, buried St John's cem.

5. Maria Margaretha Kutz b. 22 May 1771 Maxatawny Twp, Pa

6. Johann Adam Kutz b. 10 Nov 1774 Maxatawny Twp, d. 20 Mar 1846 Kutztown, Maxatawny Twp, Berks Co, PA married Hanna Biehl, b. abt 1775

Child is:

1. Daniel B Kutz b. aft 1795

7. Anna Rosina Kutz b. Oct 1777 Maxatawny Twp, d. Nov 1833 married Johann Scharadin 1803, b. abt 1760

8. Catharine Kutz b. 1790 Maxatawny Twp, married Henry Siegfried

9. Thomas Kutz

Child of Eva Brobst & Daniel Stambach is:

1. Margaretha Stambach

7. Catharina Dorothea Brobst b. 1744 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA d. abt 1782 Albany Twp, PA married Johann Jacob Federolff, b. 16 Feb 1742 Seisholtzville, Hereford Twp, Berks Co, PA d. 16 Apr 1823 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA

Her father called her Dority in his will. Her husband mentions her in his will of 1823, but her daughter, Caterine, sold some land in 1798, and the deed referred to her mother, Dorothy Catherine Brobst Fetherolff was deceased! Jacob Federolff remarried around 1782 and had two more children, so perhaps she was dead by then. So her death date remains a mystery. However, it appears that she died around 1778-1780, perhaps in childbirth, for the marriage of her husband to another Catherine is recorded, although the date of the wedding was not listed. His last two children were with the second wife.


Johann Jacob Federolff was a Revoltutionary War Veteran. His house was in Fetherolffsville, just across Kistler Valley Creek from the house of Philipp Jacob and C'erine Probst. The Fetherolffsville Bridge across Kistler Valley Creek was named after him. John Melcher believes that Jacob does not belong in this family, But, he was executor of his father's estate.


Children of Catharina Brobst & Johann Federolff are:

1. Magdalen Federolff b. aft 1768 d. bef 1823

2. Philip Federolff

3. Johannes Federolff b. 17 Jun 1770 Albany Twp, Berks Co, Pa married Sarah Lang, born aft 1770

Children are:

1. Salome Federolff b. abt 1795 married John Levan Bieber b. 6 Dec 1793 Maxatawny Twp, PA d. 25 Dec 1839

2. Daniel Federolfff b. 31 Jan 1797 d. 8 Sep 1799

3. Peter Federolff b. 7 Apr 1799 d. 10 May 1840 lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA

4. Philip Jacob Federolff b. 10 Apr 1802 Berks Co, PA d. 5 May 1868 Berks Co, PA


4. Molly Federolff b. 1774 Albany Twp, Berks Co, Pa d. bef 1817, married Peter Siegfried

5. Johann Peter Federolff b. 30 Jun 1774 Albany Twp, Pa d. aft 1823, married Maria Dunkelberger, she was b. 2 Sep 1772 Berks Co, PA

6. Catharina Federolff b. 17 Jun 1778 Albany Twp, PA d. 12 May 1850 Berks Co, PA married Johannes Siegfried 21 Aug 1801 Berks Co, PA, he was b. 20 Jan 1782 Siegfried's Dale, Maxatawny Twp, PA d. 18 Jun 1835 Siegfried's Dale, PA

She was a spinster in 1798 when she sold some inherited land to her father.

Children are:

1. Johannes Siegfried b. aft 1801

2. David Siegfried b. aft 1802

3. Catharina Siegfried b. abt 1803 married Jesse Ziegler

4. Jacob Siegfried b. abt 1804

5. Margaret Siegfreid b. abt 1805

6. Susanna Siegfried b. aft 1806

7. Peter Siegfried b. aft 1807

7. Jacob Federolff b. 7 Feb 1782 Albany Twp, Pa d. 31 Mar 1849 married Anna Maria Wnnamacher 21 Feb 1802, she was b. 1 Aug 1780 lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, Pa d. 15 Sep 1821 [2] Maria Charistina Margretha Kistler 1 Apr 1822 Lynn Twp, PA daughter of Philip Kistler & Elisabeth STeiger, she was b. 4 Oct 1784 Lynn twp, Pa d. 23 Oct 1841 Schuykill Co, PA

Children are by Anna Wannamacher:

1. Reuben Federolff b. 24 Jan 1807 d. 27 Apr 1873

2. Maria Federolff b. abt 1808

3. Catharine Federolff b. 6 Nov 1811 Lynn Twp, PA d. 30 Jan 1881 Jacksonville, Lynn Twp, PA

4. David Federolff b. 1 Jul 1816 Lynn Twp, PA

8. Felty Brobst b. 1722

9. Eva Catherine Brobst b. 1722

2. JOHANNES PROBST, son of Christopel & Eva Hofmann, was born 25 Oct 1690 Kandel, Germany, d. 7 Feb 1776 Kandel, Germany, married Anna Maria Margaretha Grimm 19 May 1722 Kandel, Germany, she was b. 26 Sep 1700 kandel, Germany d. 3 Nov 1749 Kandel, Germany

* Like his father, Johannes was a master potter in Kandel, Germany, registered as such in 1727. His death is noted on the Lineage Succession List from Kandel, [Dr. Esser]

A Column by Schuyler Brossman in 1981 claimed that this Johannes came to America in 1733, and later moved to Virginia. That Johannes was actually Johann Michael Propst who arrived on the ship Samuel with his parents and sister. They did move to Western Virginia, now Pendleton Co, WV. Further, an exam of the ship's lists for 1720 revealed no Johannes Probst.


Children are:

1. Johann Nicolaus Brobst b. 31 May 1723 Kandel, Germany d. 1 Aug 1731

2. Anna Catherina Brobst b. 20 Jan 1725 Kandel, Germany d. 27 Mar 1762 Kandel, Germany married Johann Jacob Ochsenbacher 18 Feb 1749 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany, he was b. 1720 Wahslenheim, Germany d. 5 Feb 1778 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany

Child is:

1. Johann Jacob Ochsenbacher b. aft 1760 Wahslenheim, Germany

3. Maria Margaretha Brobst, b. 1 Jun 1726 Kandel, Germany d. bef 1737 Kandel, Germany

4. Johan Michael Brobst b. 1 dec 1727 Kandel, Germany

5. Anna Maria Brobst b. 1 Mar 1729 Kandel, Germany

6. Eva Elisabetha Brobst b. 10 Aug 1731 Kandel, Germany married [1] Johann Jacob Schwabius b. 1730 Germany d. bef 1783 kandel, Germany [2] George Peter Cabain 10 Jun 1783 Kandel, Germany b. 1730 Rohrbach, Germany

7. Johannes Brobst b. 21 Nov 1732 Kandel, Germany d. 2 Nov 1817 Kandel, Germany married Catharina Elisabetha Studer 9 Feb 1762 Kandel, Pfaltz, Germany, she was b. 26 Jun 1737 Kandel, Germany d. 1817 Kandel, Germany

Child is:

1. Maria Margaretha Brobst b. 30 Oct 1764 Kandel, Germany d. 21 Oct 1834 married Johannes Jetter 17 Jan 1791 Kandel, Pfaltz, Germany, he was b. abt 1760 Kandel, Pfalz, Germany d. 15 Apr 1821

Child is:

1. Johannes Jetter b. 8 Jul 1796 Freckenfeld, Pfalz, Germany d. 18 Jan 1877

8. Johann Erhardt Brobst b. Dec 1733 Kandel, Germany d. 9 Apr 1736

9. johann Adam Brobst b. 24 Sep 1735 Kandel, Germany d. 15 Nov 1738

10. Eva Margaretha Brobst b. 4 Jan 1737 Kandel, Germany d. 16 Oct 1738

11. Johann Georg Brobst b. 16 May 1738 Kandel, Germany d. 16 Aug 1738

12. Johann Christoph Brobst b. 13 Aug 1741 Kandel, Germany

3. ZACHARIAS PROBST, son of Christopel & Eva Hofmann b. 13 Nov 1695 kandel, Germany d. 9 Mar 1736 Minfeld, Pfalz, Germany, married Anna Appolonia Marckel 25 Nov 1727 Minfeld, Germany, b. abt 1695

* He was a journeyman potter, just like his father and two older brothers.

Anna's family name might have been Merckler.

Children are:

1. Maria Magdalena Probst b. 8 Dec 1728 Minfeld, Germany

2. Johannes Probst b. 10 Apr 1730 Minfeld, Germany

3. Johann Christophel Probst b. 25 Dec 1731 minfel, Germany

4. Georg Michael Probst b. 14 Nov 1735 Minfeld, Germany

4. MARIA CATHERINA BROBST, daughter of Christopel & Eva Hofmann, was born 21 Dec 1697 Langenkandel, Germany d. 14 Feb 1767 Kandel, Germany married [1] Johann Michael Burg b. 1695 Minfel, Germany [2] She met Francois Henri Knoll 1727 France, Boyriend, had illigetimate daughter by him.

* She was still single in 1732, quite unusual for a woman age 35 years! She had an illigetimate daughter, Marie Catherine Feb 1728, child of Francois Knoll. From Parish Register of Oberseebach: "On 3 March 1728 there is entered the baptism of Marie Catherine, the illegitimate daughter of Francois Henri Knoll & Marie Catharina Probst of Langencandel. Protestant." Child:

1. Marie Catherine Knoll b. Feb 1728, Baptized 3 Mar 1728

5. JOHANN MICHAEL BROBST, son of Christopel & Eva Hofmann, born 1701 Kandel, Germany d. abt 1771 Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA married Anna Maria Kerr in Muddy Creek Lutheran Church, Calico Twp, Lancaster Co, PA, by Rev. Casper Stoever. She was b. abt 1710 Lynn Twp, d. aft 1754 Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA

* He came to America in 1732, arriving in Philadelphia on the Pink [ship] John & William on Oct 17, 1732. He came with his brother Philipp Jacob [and family] and his sister Elisabetha Margaretha [and her husband.] Sonce winter's onset was near, they probably remained in Philadelphia over the winter, gathering supplies and equipment, and left for the Allemaengle in early spring. When he came to America he was already 31 years old. Since it would be most unusual for a man not to have married and started a family in his early 20s, it is possible that he already done that, and left his wife and some children behind. It is possible they might have died, and that released him to come to America, or he might have been so driven to start a new life he just left them behind. They might not have wanted to face the unknowns of the American Wilderness. However, according to German records, in 1727 Michael was a traveling potter, not married, and was listed on the ship's manifest as still single when he emigrated, so it is assumed that he did not marry in Germany. He received his citizenship papers on Sept. 10, 1761 in Philadelphia.

His farm was in Lynn Twp, Northampton Co, [now Lehigh], about 7 miles southeast of his brother's [Philipp Jacob's]farm which was in Albany Twp.

His death date is not certain. Most records show "abt 1771" his death location is also uncertain, but was most likely in a private cemetery on his farmsite.

Children are:

1. Mathias George Brobst b. 17 Mar 1736 lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA d. 12 Dec 1792 Lynn Twp, Pa married [1] Anna Maria Magdalena Stambach 1763 Jerusalem Red Church, Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA, daughter of Johann Stambach & Anna Cuntz, she was born 29 Jun 1747 Faulkner Swamp, New Hanover Twp, Montgomery Co, PA d. Aug 1777 Kempton, Albany Twp, PA [2] Anna Elisabetha Stambach 1778 PA, daughter of Johann Stambach & Anna Cuntz, she was b. 1758 lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA d. aft 1792 PA

Lived in Lynn Twp in 1762, he owned up to 300 acres at various times.

He served in the Rev. War as a soldier in the Berks Co, Militia, and later as a captain. "There is a story that he and some of his men were camped about 20-30 miles from Philadelphia early in the war. On July 14, 1777, he took the oath of allegiance to Penna in Philadelphia. As the British were advancing on Philadelphia, in late August of 1777, Mathias and his men, with Jacob Leeser and several others, went there and took the Liberty Bell, weighing over a ton, along with a dozen other bells, with them from Philadelphia, through Bethlehem, and buried it inside of the Zion Reformed Church in Allentown, Lehigh County, on Hamilton Street, between 6th and 7th Streets. In Bethlehem, the Bell was transferred to a wagon belonging to Jacob Mickley for hte remainder of the journey. After the war, they returned it to Philadelphia. A Bronze tablet commemorating the event was placed on the church in 1908. "The large, heavy Conestoga-type wagon, belonging to Frederick Lieser, was drawn by six black horses. It was the largest and heaviest wagon at the market in Philadelphia. On the way to Bethlehem, Brobst, Leaser, and the accompanying troops stopped overnight at the Red Lion Hotel in Quakertown. But it broke down in a mud-hole in front of the old Sun Inn at Bethelehem, while it was being used to haul the Liberty Bell, was stored for many years in a barn that stood on the farm of Jesse D. Follweiler, who had inherited the farm from his grandfather, Bernhard Follweiler. The front axle, which had broken, had been repaired, and the wheels removed. The Follweiler children later played on the wagon for decades. In 1855, lightning struck the barn and destroyed it and the wagon. The only part that was preserved was the heavy iron brake handle and ratchet, which was taken to Ohio by a member of the Follweiler family who migrated to Ohio in the late 1850s or early 1860s. [was that Susanna Follweiler, mother of Obadiah Brobst?]

Much of the history of the bell may be found in "History of Lynn Township" by Arthur Klingaman, 1974; he is listed on the DAR Patriot Index as a "Captain" and is on the DAR Roll of Honor. When Rev. Daniel Schumacher died, Matthias became guardian of Rev. Schumacher's son Johannes in 1777, after bringing the bell from Philadelphia to Allentown, he was commissioned a Justice of the peace in Northampton County, and a Judge from 1777 to 1784. For that reason, he is referred to in some records as Matthias Probst Esq. Matthias bought 325 acres of land in Mecklenburg [now Lincoln] County, North Carolina, on Nov 10, 1765, as speculative property. He never settled there, however, there were Probst in that same Lincoln/Catawba County area, but not of this family line. Henry Propst was a physician there. His Will [written in German] is dated 12 Dec 1792; probated in Easton on 15 Jan 1793 [# 1541]. Michael, Samuel, Daniel were executors: Mathias was very literate, and wrote clearly. Will translated by Lewis Donat. He may have actually died some days later than Dec 12.

He is buried at the Red Church, Berks Co, PA

Anna Maria Magdalena Stambach was sister of Anna Barbara Stambach who married Johannes F Brobst, ancestor of Obadiah. She died in childbirth with johann Daniel. Sponsors: Bernhard Kuntz & wife Catharina. After her second marriage to Johan Heinrich, she moved to Perry Co, in 1806. Carolyn Price states that her second husband was Frederic miller, whom she married after Mathias died. Another record backs that up. She was Baptized 6 Sep 1747 Falkner Swamp Church, Berks Co, PA

Children of Anna Maria Magdalena Stambach are:

1. Maria Magdalena Brobst b. 25 Sep 1766 Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA d. aft 1809 married Heinrich Henry Manns, he was b. Oct 1766 PA d. aft 1815 Lehigh Co, PA

Magdalena was Baptized by Rev. Schumacher at Jerusalem Red Church Sponsors: Daniel Stambach [single] & Anna Maria Probst. His first marriage. believe there were seven children. His will made 1819 probated Nov 16, 1819.

Children are:

1. Jacob Manns

2. Peter Manns

3. George Manns

4. Elisabeth Manns

5. Catharine Manns

6. Johannes Manns b. 2 Mar 1791 d. 8 Sep 1823 New Tipoli, Lynn twp, PA [stepchild]

7. Salome Manns b. 15 Jan 1809 Baptism Sponsors: Samuel & Catharina Kistler, probably her uncle, Catharina was her mother's sister [stepchild]

2. Maria Catharina Barbara Brobst b. 16 Dec 1767 Lynn Twp, PA d. 26 Mar 1845 Lynn Twp, PA married Samuel J Kistler 22 Sep 1754 Kistler Valley, Lynn Twp, PA d. 24 Apr 1822 lynn Twp, PA

She and Samuel lived their lives in Lynn Twp. They are buried in the Jerusalem Red Church Cem. Stony Run, Berks Co, PA. In her will, she names her surviving children except Magdalena [1798 or Magdalena 1814]. She had two Magdalenas, one of them Mary Magdalena, but mentioned only one Magdalena in her will. But borth Magdalenas lived past 1843, the date of her will. She also didn't seem to trust her son Jesias to spemd his inheritance wisely, perhaps because he might have been quite ill, and so gave his share to Carl to pay out to Jesias from time to time. Mary Lou Mariner points out that Catrherine Barbara Brobst, wife of Samuel Kistler, said in her will: "But for known reasons it is, further, my will and do order that my hereinafter named executors shall pay Jesias share to my son Carl, using his best judgement, as it shall become necessary and for good use, pay to Jesias during his lifetime, the interest or from the principal. If my son Jesias is neglectful of the learning and instruction of his children, then shall my said son Carl use interest money for the said children's learning and instruction. After the death of my son, Josias, and his removal from this world, if there is somthing remaining he [Carl] shall be payed for this distribution and for his trouble. So I order and is is my will that all of said Jusaias children shall be payed equally and in equal shares. Further, there shall be a receipt from my son Carl on behalf of the shares of Jesaias, and a statement of discharge of payments for my hereinafter named executors." This will was written 11 Oct 1843 but Lewis Donat, who translated it, does not say when it was probated. She died in 1845, Jesaias died in 1846 Austin Town, Ohio. I believe that Jesaias was ill and that is why the will was written in that manner. I don't think it was because he was a bad person. I wish, the gist of the will could be included in the data base instead of sort of implying he was not a good person. Maria Catharina Barbara Brobst Baptism was by Rev. Schumacher Sponsors: George michael Probst & Catherine, wife

Samuel Kistler was an extensive land owner, in 1803, he built a very substantial stone mansion in Kistler Valley, where he died and which remained in his family until about 1916. He built the Kistler Grist Mill near New Tripoli. For many years he was an Elder of the Jerusalem Red Church. He served in the Northampton Co,Militia in the Rev. War. from DAR records: "Samuel Kistler [1754-1822] served, 1783, as ensign in Capt Matthias Probst's 6th Co. 1st Battalion, commanded by Col. Michael Brobst. He was born in Berks Co, PA died in Lehigh Co, PA" He had 19 Children with his two wives, his children were also prolific. Samuel's branch is the largest branch of the Kistler family.

Children by Maria Probst are:

1. Daniel S Kistler b. 27 May 1789 Lynn Twp, PA d. abt 1793 [same]

2. Johannes S Stout John Kistler b. 16 Oct 1790 Lynn Twp, PA d. 22 Sep 1861 Lynn Twp, PA

3. Michael Kistler b. 29 Mar 1792 lynn Twp, PA d. 31 Jan 1865 Newton Falls, Mewton Twp, Trumbull Co, Ohio

4. Catharina Kistler b. 6 Dec 1793 Lynn Twp, PA d. 7 Aug 1816 Lowhill, Weisenberg Twp, lehigh Co, PA

5. Maria Elisabeth Kistler b. 10 Jun 1795 lynn Twp, PA d. 1870 Ohio

6. Christian Kistler b. 26 Aug 1796 Lynn Twp, PA d. 4 Nov 1869 New Tipoli, Lynn Twp, Pa

7. Jonathan Kistler b. 6 Apr 1797 lynn twp, PA d. bef 1798 Batism Sponsor: Martin Probst Jr & wife Dorothea

8. Magdalena Kistler b. 30 May 1798 Jacksonville, Lynn Twp, PA d. 17 Apr 1870 lynn Twp, PA

9. Samuel J Kistler b. 16 May 1799 Lynn Twp, PA d. bef Oct 1843 married Anna Catharine Fink, his baptism sponsors: Michael & Susanna Kistler

10. Daniel S. Kistler b. 21 Feb 1800 lynn Twp, Pa d. 28 Jun 1866 West Penn Twp, Schuykill Co, PA

11. Maria Salome Kistler b. 17 Sep 1801 Lynn Twp,PA d. 24 Apr 1874 Allentwon, Lehigh Co, PA

12. David D Kistler b. 3 Jun 1803 Lynn TWp, PA d. 31 Aug 1884 West Penn Twp, Schuykill Co, PA

13. Jessias Jesse Kistler b. 21 Mar 1806 Lynn Twp, PA d. abt 1846 Austintown, Mahoning Co, Ohio

14. Charles Ernest Carl Kistler b. 3 dec 1808 Lynn Twp, PA d. 5 Oct 1886 Lordstwon, Newton Twp, Trumbull Co, Ohio

15. Levi Kistler b. 8 Jul 1811 Lynn Twp, PA d. 9 Feb 1884 Jacksonville, Lynn Twp, PA

16. Mary Magdalena Kistler b. 10 Oct 1814 Lynn Twp, PA d. 28 Jul 1887 Warren, Trumbull Co, Ohio

3. Anna Barbara Brobst b. 21 Feb 1769 lynn Twp, PA d. bef 1792 [she may have died young. She was not mentioned in her father's will, and there is no record of her after her birth.] She was Baptized by Rev. Schumacher, Sponsors: Heinrich Probst & Anna Barbara Stambach [single] later married Johannes F Brobst.

4. George Michael Brobst b. 31 Dec 1770 Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA d. 10 Feb 1836 Lynn Twp, PA married Susanna Reitz 1 Apr 1791 Jerusalem Church, Albany Twp, PA daughter of Heinrich Reitz & Magdalena Herr, she was born 19 Dec 1768 Little Cedar Creek, South Whitehall Twp, Northampton County, PA d. 28 Mar 1862 Lynn twp, Lehigh Co, PA

He generally went by the name of Michael. They lived on a farm in Kistler Valley. His will was probated in Allentown. Their children were all baptized just over the county line at the Jerusalem Red Church, Stony Run, Berks Co, PA The Reitz Family History states that they had five sons and three daughters. The births in this family of Michael [1799] Sarah [1808] and David [1810] are in Question. He and Susannah are both buried in the Jerusalem Red Church, Stony Run. Baptism Sponsors for George Michael Brobst was George Michael Probst and wife. Susanna Reitz in 1860 census she was still living, next dorr to her grandson James Wilhelm Brobst [1831] and his wife Maria. She wrote her will 17 June 1837. She might not have been part of this family of Reitzs. The history of Lehigh Co, does not list her as one of Henry/Magdalena s children, but Carolyn price says she belongs here. That is pretty authoritative. It is noted that Heinrich and Magdalena Reitz had two daughters, the first named Susanna and the second named Susanna Elizabeth. Well Documented. 1850 Census Pa Lehigh Lynn Twp, Susanna Brobst 83 PA, she is buried Red Church, Stony Run, Berks Co, PA

Children are:

1. Johannes George Brobst b. 22 Sep 1794 lynn twp, Lehigh Co, PA d. 20 Aug 1828 Berks Co, PA

2. Eva Catharina Brobst b. 10 Nov 1796 Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA d. 31 Aug 1861 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA

3. Samuel Zacharias Brobst b. 30 May 1798 lynn Twp, PA d. 18 Feb 1866 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA

4. Daniel Nathan Brobst b. 26 Apr 1800 Lynn Twp, PA d. 23 May 1876 lynn Twp, PA

5. Jacob M Brobst b. 13 Jul 1802 lynn Twp, PA d. 26 Oct 1840 jacksonville, Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA

6. Elisabeth Brobst b. 29 May 1805 lynn Twp, PA d. 2 Apr 1865 New Tripoli, Lynn Twp., Lehigh Co, PA married David Schitz 11 Jan 1825 Reading, Berks Co, PA, born 14 Oct 1802 Lynn Twp, PA d. 13 Apr 1877 New Tripoli, Lynn Twp, Berks Co, PA Elisabeth was Baptized 16 jun 1805 Jerusalem Red Church, Stony Run, Berks Co, PA and buried Ebenezer Church, Lehigh Co, PA, David is referred to as David in the Will of his mother in law, Rev. Fegley's records also show David, but some sources refer to him as Daniel, he is buried Ebenezer's Church Also.

7. Michael B Brobst b. 15 Nov 1807 Lynn Twp, PA d. 4 Nov 1857 Turbotville, Lewis Twp, Northumberland Co, PA

8. Sarah Brobst b. abt 1808 Lynn Twp, PA d. bef 1851 married Benjamin Kramer

9. David Brobst b. abt 1810 Lynn Twp, PA d. bef Feb 1836 married Catharina Brobst [not mentioned in his father's will]

10. Maria Polly Brobst b. 21 Mar 1812 Lynn Twp, PA d. 9 Apr 1884 Albany Twp, PA

7. 5. Philip Jacob Brobst b. 1 May 1773 lynn Twp, PA d. abt 1792 Lynn Twp, PA married Madlene Barbara Kistler, born abt. 1775 Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA Baptism Sponsors: Philipp & Christina Stambach

6. Valentine Brobst b. Apr 1774 Lynn Twp, PA d. bef 1792 [a Valentine Probst died in 1775 in Albany Twp, PA

Child is:

1. Mary Brobst

7. Samuel Brobst b. 26 Mar 1775 Little Cedar Creek, Lynn Twp, Pa d. 7 Apr 1834 Whitehall Twp, Lehigh Co, PA married Susanna Elisabeth Reitz, she was b. 23 Jan 1770 Lehigh Co, PA d. 18 Mar 1831 South Whitehall Twp, Lehigh Co, PA, Samuel's Sponsors at Baptism were: Philip Brobst & Barbara, Susannah was Sister of Eva Catherine Reitz who married Daniel Brobst, and of Susanna Reitz who married George Michael Probst.

Children are:

1. Daniel Brobst b. 7 Jan 1795 Lynn Twp, PA d. 10 Dec 1868 South Whitehall Twp, Lehigh Co, PA

2. Johann Heinrich Brobst b. 23 Jun 1796 West Salisbury, Lehigh Co, PA d. 9 Nov 1870 Cetronia, Northumberland Co, PA married Catharina Brobst b. abt 1796

3. Johannes Brobst b. 6 Jan 1798 Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA d. 9 Jul 1839 lynn TWp, PA

4. George Brobst b. 28 Jan 1802 d. bef 1834

5. Joseph Brobst b. 1805 Baptized 1 Jan 1796 Catrawissa, Columbia Co, PA buried Graceland Cem.


6. Samuel Brobst b. 1807 d. 4 May 1836 Lehigh Co, PA married Elizabeth George 18 Dec 1830

7. Solomon Brobst b. 28 Apr 1809 Lehigh Co, PA d. 3 Oct 1865 Lehigh Co, PA

8. Charles Albert Brobst b. 20 Feb 1819 Lehigh Co, PA d. 7 May 1880 Butler Twp, Dekalb Co, Indiana

8. Johann Daniel Probst Brobst b. 15 Aug 1777 Allentown, Lynn Twp, PA d. 28 Feb 1854 Cetronia, South Whitehall Twp, PA [1] Eva Cathrina Reitz, daughter of Henry Reitz & Magdalena Herr, she was b. 25 Feb 1773 West Salisbury, Lehigh Co, PA d. 10 Sep 1809 West Salisbury Twp, Lehigh Co, PA [2] Anna Christina Fosselmann, daughter of Philipp Fosselmann & Anna Hess, she was b. 23 May 1785 Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA d. 13 Dec 1862 Cetronia, Northumberland Co, PA

In Fisher's "Early Pennsylvania Births, 1675-1875", he lists the birth of Daniel Brobst, Aug 15, 1777, in Easton, PA no parents listed. That was this Johann Daniel Probst, son of Mathias George Probst. Daniel and his brother Samuel came to whitehall Twp, abot 1795, where they married sisters and operated a woolen mill purchased from their father-in-law Henry Reitz, which he had erected near the Cedar Creek. Henry Reitz was born in Germany in 1745, the son of Frederick and Anna Margaret Reitz, who came to America in 1748. The Teitzs settled on the Cedar Creek, where Frederick died in 1764. Henry was a farmer and stonemason, and was a Captain in the Rev. War. On Apr 1, 1797, he deeded to Samuel Probst, 122 acres, and to Daniel Probst 104 acres. His son Jacob moved to Crawford Co. Anna Christina Fosselmann was Sister to Susanna Reitz and Elizabeth Reitz. Buried in West Jerusalem Church Cem. Salisbury Twp, Lehigh Co, PA marked by flat stone which is partially coverd with grass.

Children by Eva Reitz are:

1. Daniel Brobst b. 1795 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA d. aft 12 Dec 1823 married Maria Wetzel b. abt 1805 d. aft 1823

2. Jacob Brobst b. 22 MaY 1796 Lynn Twp, PA d. 12 Mar 1835 Sagertown, Woodcock Twp, Crawford Co, PA married Anna Maria Knerr b. 10 feb 1796 d. 23 Feb 1830 Crawford Co, PA

3. Maria Magdalena Polly Brobst b. 1797 d. 22 Aug 1872 Casstown, Miami co, Ohio married Jonathan Hamman died in Casstown, Miami, Ohio

4. George Brobst b. 13 Aug 1799 West Salisbury, Lehigh Co, PA d. 24 Feb 1884 Allentown, Lehigh Co, PA. Birth recorded by John T Humphrey, 1734-1800 as 19 Jun 1767 [never married]

5. Elizabeth Lisetta Brobst b. 27 Jun 1801 West Salisbury, Lehigh Co, PA d. 13 Sep 1858 Brown Twp, Miami Co, Ohio

6. Hannah Brobst b. 22 Jan 1803 PA d. 24 Feb 1824 Allentown, Lehigh Co, PA married Alvin Hunt

7. Heinrich Henry Brobst b. 21 Sep 1804 West Salisbury, Lehigh Co, Pa d. 19 Dec 1889 Mercer Co, PA married Kate Foulk

8. Rebecca Brobst b. 15 oct 1806 West Salisbury, Lehigh Co, PA d. 11 Dec 1902 South Whitehall Twp, Lehigh Co, PA married George Sanders

Children by Anna Christina Reitz Fosselmann are:

1. Catharine Kitty Brobst b. 7 Jun 1811 South Whitehall Twp, Lehigh Co, PA d. 24 May 1891 Allentown, Lehigh Co, PA married Nathan Seip 21 Nov 1833 Reformed Church, Allentown, PA b. 19 May 1811 Allentown, PA d. 26 Mar 1891 Allentown, Lehigh Co, PA [no children]

2. Christian B. Brobst b. 8 Feb 1810 PA d. 1856 Catawissa, Columbia Co, PA

3. Christiana Brobst b. 5 Oct 1817 Lehigh Co, PA d. 5 Mar 1889 Allentown, Lehigh Co, PA

4. Daniel Brobst b. 10 Sep 1824 West Salisbury, Lehigh Co, PA d. 10 Dec 1824 West Salisbury, Lehigh Co, PA

5. John Brobst b. aft 1822 Lehigh Co, PA d. aft 1884 married Maria

6. Levi Brobst b. 30 Jun 1813 PA d. 6 Dec 1882 Cetronia, Northumberland Co, PA

History of Lynn Twp shows Levi Brobst operating a woolen mill on the Ontelaunee Creek at Lynn Town [Jacksonville] in the early 1800s and later by his sons Henry, Daniel and George. [p. 27]

7. Lydia Brobst b. 26 Jan 1815 Lehigh Co, PA d. 23 Jan 1896 Cetronia, Northumberland Co, PA

8. Salome Sally Brobst b. 18 Sep 1821 West Salisbury, Lehigh Co, PA d. 12 Feb 1824 West Salisbury, Lehigh Co, PA

9. Magdalena Brobst b. abt 1779 PA married George Phillip Wertman, he was b. 1779 Lehigh Co, PA

This Magdalena is not known for sure. She may just be confused with Magdalena born to Matthias first wife. Her parents have not yet been identified.

Child is:

1. George Wertman b. 7 Aug 1809 Lehigh Co, PA d. 30 Jan 1889 New Tipoli, Lynn Twp, PA married [1] Christina Schmidt b. abt 1810 [2] Betty Smith b. abt 1812 [3] Lovina Hamm b. abt 1815

Baptism Sponsor: Henry Billman Betty Smith: her name was probably Schmidt and she was probably a sister of George's first wife, Christina Schmidt.

Children by Anna Stambach are:

1. Magdalena Probst Brobst b. abt 1779

2. Maria Christina Brobst b. 9 Jan 1781 Lynn Twp, PA d. 1821 Washington County, Maryland. married Gerhardt Buchwalter 1796, he was b. 9 Jun 1771 Berks Co, PA d. 14 Jun 1848 Montgomery Co, Ohio

Children are:

1. Samuel Buchwalter b. 29 Jun 1801 Hagerstown, Washington Co, Maryland b. 1802 Hagerstown, Maryland

2. Jacob Buchwalter b. 11 Feb 1803 Hagerstown, Washington Co, Maryland d. 10 Oct 1881 Hagerstown, Washington Co, Maryland married Catherine G Stover Dec 1823 Washington Co, Maryland

3. Catherina Brobst b. 16 Aug 1784

2. George Michael Brobst b. 1740 Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA d. 21 Nov 1795 Jacksonville, Lynn Twp, PA married [1] Anna Maria Derr, she was b. 3 Oct 1750 Weisenberg Twp, Lehigh Co, PA d. aft 1811 Lehigh Co, PA [2] Anna Maria Catharina Stambach , daughter of Johann Stambach & Anna Cuntz, she was b. 7 Jan 1746 lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA d. May 1776 PA

He owned 173 acres of land in west part of Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA. Their children were all probably born in there, but baptized in Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA. George served in the Rev. War. and is listed in the DAR patriot index files as a "Corporal". he was corporal of the 6th Co, 3rd Battalin [later 6th Bn} Northampton Co, Militia. He married one of the Stambach girls as did his brother. Anna Catharina was his sister-in-law!! He may have married a second time to Maria Anna Stambach, his first wife's sister, by some accounts. Lewis Donat of Allentown believes that he married Anna Maria Derr. Will dated Nov 20, 1795, one day before he died; it was given orally to Jacob Wannamacher and Jacob Oswald. The Will was probated in Easton Dec 12, 1795. Will does not give names of children. Administrator of the estate was widow and eldest son Mathias., He was confirmed 1757 Rev. Schumacher, per Hollenbach


Anna Maria Derr's info is from Jamie Ayers & Jim Sifford, who found her birth record in Humprey's Book "Montgomery County Births" 1993 p. 97

She apparently died shortly after the birth of Martin, from the after-effects of childbirth.


Children of Anna Derr are:

1. Catharina Brobst b. 1777 lynn Twp, PA married Johan Daniel Straub, b. abt 1765 Lynn Twp, PA d. 1810 Lynn Twp, PA


Johann Daniel Straub was administrator for the will of his brother-in-law, Heinrich Probst

2. Peter Brobst b. 2 Sep 1779 lynn Twp, PA d. 15 Feb 1803 Bern Twp, Berks Co, PA married Catharina Brobst b. abt 1780

He owned a sawmill in Northampton Co, PA in 1810

Source: 2576/1/data/1172

3. Johannes Brobst b. 1780 Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA d. 26 Dec 1863 Northumberland Co, [Union co,] PA married [1] Lydia Marriner 26 Dec 1807 Northumberlan Co, PA b. bef 1790 [same co] [2] Rebecca Jones 12 Jun 1812 Salem Reformed Church, Lower Paxton TWp, Dauphin Co, PA b. Bef 1795 Middleberg, Dauphin Co, PA

"Whether he belongs in this family is not certain. Some records show him here, others do not. Marriage ceremony by Rev. Philip Gloninger; witness George Buehler. LDS Marriage Record, Batch number 70336-6, sheet 57. Death Record in "Annals of Buffalo Valley, Northumberland Co, PA See also:

Source: 2576/1/data/1172

Buffalo Valley lies along Buffalo Creek, a tributary of the Susquehanna River, just a few miles to the northwest [upriver] of Sunbury. Lewisburg is at the junction of Buffalo Creek and the Susquehanna River.

The marriage of Lydia Marriner on Dec 12 is recorded in "Annals of Buffalo Valley, Northumberland Co, 1755-1855 p. 367" and Central Penna Marriages [1700-1896], 1946. Witnesses were Sophia Nixon, Thomas Poah, John Conser, with one exception, no family relationships have been identified for any of those witnesses. Sophia Nixon was the step-daughter of Lydia's father, James, from another marriage. But it is noted that the marriage was in Lewisburg, where Jacob F [Crazy Jacob] was a bridge commissioner. Based on putting together various records, it now seems nost likely that the John Brobst whom Lydia Marriner married was the son of George 'Jurg" Probst, son of Johann Michael [1701]. one of James Marriner's step-daughters, Sophia Nixon, married Peter Myers on May 4, 1808, also in Buffalo Valley; witnesses were the same Thomas Poah, Sophia's mother and others. Lydia Marriner Probst was a communicant in the Howerter's Lutheran Church, Northumberland Co, PA on 21 May 1825.

Source for Rebecca Jones is: Pennsylvania German Marriages, Donna Irish, 1984, p. 139

4. Johannes George Brobst b. 1781 Lynn Twp, PA d. abt 1836 Northumberland Co, PA

Source: 2576/1/data/1172

5. Jacob Brobst b. 1782 Lynn Twp, PA married Catharine Brobst 1803 b. bef 1785

Source: 2576/1/data/1172

6. Christian E. Brobst b. 1784 Lynn Twp, PA d. abt 1832 Catawissa, Columbia Co, PA

Was he the father of Christian E. Brobst who married Catharina Reitz? same geography, same name. If so, who was his wife?

Source: 2576/1/data/1172

Children of George Brobst and Anna Stambach are:

1. Christina Brobst b. 12 Jul 1762 Lynn Twp, PA d. 19 Jun 1763 lynn Twp, Pa:

Source: 2576/1/data/1172

2. Maria Eva Christina Brobst, b. 19 Jun 1767 lynn twp, Lehigh Co, pA d. 23 Apr 1852 West Penn Twp, Schuylkill Co, PA married Johannes Billman, he was b. 5 Apr 1765 Lynn Twp, PA d. 29 Jun 1845 West Penn Twp, Schuykill Co, PA, Maria's Baptism sponsor: Philip & Christina Stambach


Children are:

1. Elisabeth Billman b. 20 Mar 1789 Lynn Twp, PA d. abt 1843 Jacksonville, Lynn Twp, PA married a Schaeffer

2. Johan Heinrich Henry Billman b. 20 Mar 1789 Lynn Twp, PA d. 30 Mar 1869 West Penn Twp, Schuykill Co, PA

3. Jacob Billman b. 4 Dec 1790 lynn Twp, PA d. 28 Aug 1866 West Penn Twp, Schuykill Co, PA

4. Elsiabeth Eliza Billman b. abt 1795 Lynn Twp, PA

5. Samuel Billman b. abt 1797 Lynn Twp,Pa married Catherine Still

6. Louisa Billman b. 12 Apr 1798 lynn Twp, PA d. 1890

7. Joseph Billman b. 4 Dec 1799 Lynn Twp, PA d. 28 Aug 1866 married Esther Billman

8. Tobias Billman b. 1 Nov 1805 West Penn Twp, Schuykill Co, PA d. 16 Aug 1896

9. David Billman b. 10 Mar 1811 Lynn Twp,PA d. 16 Mar 1877 West Penn Twp, Schuykill Co, PA

10. Leah Billman b. 23 Sep 1816 Lynn Twp, PA d. 20 Apr 1910

11. Gideon Billman b. abt 1824

12. Johannes Billman b. 2 Apr 1792 lynn Twp, PA d. 3 Mar 1869 West Penn Twp, Schuylkill Co, PA married Margareth Elisabetha Probst b. 1789 Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA d. 4 Jan 1838 West Penn Twp, Schuylkill Co, PA

Johannes's birth date shown on DAR filing of which Sally Gordon has a copy, shows March 20, 1789. But this was the birth date of his sister Elizabeth. The April 2. 1792 date is as shown on the Jerusalem Church Records. Either the 1792 date was in error, or Johannes and Elisabeth were twins. This has not been found to be yet. Baptismal Sponsors were Johannes & Barbara Fossllmann.

3. Margaretha Barbara Brobst b. abt 1768 Lynn Twp, PA d. 4 Jan 1828 lynn Twp, Pa

Source: 2576/1/data/1172


Children are:

1. Michael Brobst b. 1797


2. George T Brobst b. 1800


3. Mari Brobst

4. Eliza Brobst

5. Daniel Brobst

6. Christian Brobst b. 4 Sep 1802 Reading, Berks Co, PA


5. Maria Brobst b. 1771 Lynn Twp, PA

Source: 2576/1/data/1172

6. Matthias Brobst b. 1773 Lynn Twp, PA d. 12 Aug 1811 {same}

Source: 2576/1/data/1172

7. Johann Heinrich Brobst b. 1775 Lynn Twp, PA d. Jan 1802 [same]

Source: 2576/1/data/1172

8. Martin Brobst b. 29 Apr 1776 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA d. 4 Jul 1801 Berks Co, PA

Source: 2576/1/data/1172

3. Daniel Brobst b. aft 1740 lynn Twp, Pa,

* According to Paul Gann, Daniel refused to take the oath of allegiance to Pennsylvania and left the state.

4. Philip Jacob Brobst b. 1744 Weissenberg Twp, Lehigh Co, Pa, d. 1778 Lynn Twp, Pa, married Anna Maria Barbara Kistler, daughter of Johannes Kistler & Anna Levan, she was b. 1746 Kistler Valley, Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA d. 1816

He served as an ensign in the Continental Line in Rev. War

His will was probated 12 Feb 1892

Anna's birth year 1755, per info from Broderbund Marriage Family archive CD. 1742 per Jim Kistler. 1744 per Elaine Schwar.

Children are:

1. Margaretha Brobst b. abt 1762

2. Samuel Kistler Brobst b. aft 1764

From Timothy Terry: He was a School Teacher and taught President James A. Garfield as a child.

5. Anna Margaretha Brobst b. 8 Sep 1746 Lehigh Co, Pa d. 1789 Albany Twp, Berks Co, Pa married Jacob Schmidt, he was b. 11 Jan 1741 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA d. 17 Aug 1811 Albany Twp, PA

Children are:

1. Jacob Schmidt b. 1765 Berks Co, PA

2. Johannes Schmidt b. 27 feb 1767 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA d. 15 Nov 1839 Albany Twp. PA

3. Michael George Schmidt b. 29 Mar 1771 Albany Twp, PA d. 10 Jul 1825 Albany twp, PA

4. Maria Magdalena Schmidt b. 14 Sep 1773 Albany Twp, PA d. 23 Feb 1859 Albany twp, Berks Co, PA

5. Johannes Heinrich Schmidt b. 26 May 1774 d. 11 Dec 1775 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA

6. Georg Jacob Schmidt b. 7 Jan 1776 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA

7. Johann Heinrich Schmidt b. 28 Oct 1778 Albany twp, PA d. 30 Aug 1853 [same]

8. Christian Schimidt b. 16 Jul 1784 Albany Twp, PA

9. Magdalena C. Schmidt b. 16 jul 1784 Albany Twp, PA

10. Joseph Schmidt b. 27 Sep 1789 Albany twp, PA d. 19 Apr 1871 Albany Twp, Berks Co, PA

11. Maria Barbara Schmidt b. 2 May 1781 Albany Twp, PA married Johannes Bartholomew Stein, son of Michael Stein & Anna Brobst, he was b. 24 Oct 1779 Albany Twp, PA d. 1856 Pickaway , Ohio, he was Baptized 7 Nov 1779 Jersusalem Red Church, Stony Run, PA

Children are:

1. David K Stein b. 3 Nov 1816 d. 30 Jan 1884 Jacksonville, Lehigh Co, PA married Wilhemina Schitz 9 Apr 1848, b. 25 Sep 1830 Lynn Twp, PA d. 16 Feb 1905 Doylestown, Bucks Co, PA, both buried Jacobs Church, Jacksonville, PA, Two sons, six daughters, they lived on a farm near Lynnport, Lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, PA

2. Joseph Stein b. 13 May 1806

3. Anna Maria Stein b. 19 Sep 1807

4. Elizabeth Stein b. 9 Nov 1813

5. Magdalena Stein b. 8 jul 1818

6. Leah Stein b. 29 Feb 1820

7. John Stein b. 1 Jun 1821

6. Catherina Brobst b. aft 1747

7. Barbara Probst Brobst b. 1 Feb 1754 lynn Twp, Lehigh Co, Pa d. abt 1829 Burke or Caldwell Co, NC married Albert Corpenning 23 Jun 1774 lynn Twp, PA he was b. 16 May 1747 Netherlands d. 30 Oct 1827 Johns River, Burke/Caldwell Co, NC

In 1774 shortly after their marriage, Albert and Barbara began a trip to North Carolina. They were held up by a snow storm and stayed the winter with a farmer where Albert helped with the farm work for a shilling and board per day, and Barbara helped the wife. They finally arrived in Lincoln County, North Carolina, where their first child, Johan, was born April 3, 1775. Coming into what is now Caldwell Co, NC, they purchased a large acreage on both sides of Lower Creek in the Copenhagen section on the present Calico Road from Christopher Beckman. Info is from "Their Heritage of Burke Co, NC" 1981, pp 149-153. According to Elaine Schwar & Carolyn Price [noted Brobst historians], Barbara was a daughter of Johann Michael Probst [1701] Some other records do not show her in that family, but those records do not show her anywhere else, either. Other records [Lee Ann Probst] show that she had a brother, Henry, who moved with her and Albert from PA to Rowan Co, NC shortly after their marriage. Because of bad weather, they had to lay over in Western Virginia for some time before moving on to NC in 1775. But Johann Michael Probst didn't have a son named Henry, He may have been a cousin or nephew.

Albert Corpenning arrived with his father at the age of four years at the Port of Philadelphia on Sept. 14, 1751 on the ship "Duke of Bedford". The Registry has a copy of his will, courtesy of Nita Shepard. The will was found in the Corpening Family Papers at Duke University. Will dated 27 Aug 1822, with a codicil signed 18 Jun 1827. Barbary got the use of the plantation and tools, and the use of his "negro woman Hannah." His son John got the lands which Albert gave him, plus, "two negroes Tom & Jack" His son Abraham got other lands, and three negroes Sally, Cheney, and Allin. Son Jacob got land and four negro's Perr, James, Hannah [after Barbary dies], and Hannah's child. Son George got lands plus negro's Cook Nancy, Henry and Nancy's child. Son David was the executor of the estate; his wife Mary Perkins was a witness to the codicil which gave a newly born slave to his son John.

Children are:

1. John C. Corpenning b. 3 Apr 1775 Lincoln Co, NC d. 8 Nov 1834 Lincoln Co, NC, married Elizabeth Mason 3 Feb 1803 Lincoln Co, NC b. 15 Jun 1783 d. 24 May 1865

2. Abraham Corpenning b. 29 Sep 1776 Lincoln Co, NC d. 23 May 1847 married Letitia Estes 1810, b. 23 Nov 1790 d. 19 Oct 1851

3. Mary "Polly" Corpenning b. 19 Oct 1778 Burke Co, NC d. 24 May 1867

4. Catherine Corpenning b. 10 Jun 1781 Burke Co, NC d. 13 Apr 1868 married John J Shurford 1817

5. Jacob Corpenning b. 9 Mar 1782 Burke Co, NC d. 30 Apr 1853 married Elizabeth Whitner b. 28 Feb 1786 d. 12 Apr 1864

6. George Corpenning b. 16 Nov 1785 Burke Co, NC d. 20 Oct 1856 married Mary Polly Estes b. 6 Nov 1796 d. 20 Feb 1867

7. Elizabeth Corpenning b. 1788 Burke Co,NC d. aft 1836

8. David Corpenning b. 25 Feb 1799 Burke Co,NC d. 16 Jul 1851 married Mary Elvira Perkins died 26 Aug 1848.


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