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Please remember, not all is proven, and the connection between the PA Allen's and my James Allen b. 1722 that left with his brothers to Rhode Island, NY, eventually to VA and then TN, has not been documented as yet, it is believed by a few that this is how it goes, and I am putting this info down, until it can be proven as fact, incase it is, but I will remove this info if it becomes proven this is not so. Would very much appreciate any info that is documented that can prove or disprove this family tie.

RICHARD ALLEN born about 1600 England died 10 August 1640 Keynsham, Somerset, England married PRISCILLA

Children are:




4. JOHN ALLEN born about 1604 England married CATHERINE MAYOR born 1608

Child is:

1. VALENTINE ALLEN b. 1630 Virginia d. 1676 Virginia married MARY PAGE, daughter of THOMAS PAGE b. 1615, born 1635 Shatton Island, York, Maine, Baptized 24 Dec 1641 London, Middlesex,England

Children are:

1. Susanna Allen b. Henrico, VA, married Thomas Burton, born 1634 Vir. d. 1686 Henrico, Vir, son of Richard Burton b. England & Katherine Christian

Children are:

1. Thomas Burton Jr b. 1664 VA

2. Ann Burton b. 8 Aug 1664 VA d. abt 1731 married [1] John Saunders Unknown in 1725 [2] Bartholomew Bart Stovall 8 Aug 1693 Old St John's Church, Henrico, Vir, he was born 24 Jun 1665 [maybe Aug] Surry, Guilford, England

Children are:

1. William Stovall b. Henrico, VA

2. Margaret Stovall b. Henrico, VA

3. Harbor Stovall b. Henrico, VA

4. George Stovall SR, b. abt 1694

5. John Stovall b. 1698 Henrico, VA

6. Hanna Stovall b. abt 1699 Henrico, VA

7. Bartholomew Stovall Jr, b. abt 1699 Henrico, VA

8. Thomas Stovall b. abt 1700 Henrico, VA


3. John Burton b. 1666 VA

4. Isaac Burton b. 1667 VA

5. Abraham Burton b. 1669 Henrico, VA


2. Samuel Allen

3. Reynolds Allen

4. Christian Allen

5. William Allen

6. Richard Allen

7. Judith Allen

8. Valentine Allen

Source: Source:

5. **SAMUEL ALLIN ALLEN b. abt 1628 Chew Magna Co, Somerset, England m. 1661 Mary unknown he died 20 Nov 1702 Middletown, Bucks Co. Pennsylvania [some have birth abt 1639]Baptism was Feb. 25, 1628 Keynshame, Somerset, England, Christening Feb 25, 1639 Keynshame, Somerset, England, Occupation was a Cordwainer.

Samuel Allen was from Chew Magna, Somerset, England. He arrived at Chester, Pennsylvania on 11 Dec. 1682, on the Ship Bristol Factore. He brought a certificate from the Monthly Meeting of Friends at Buncomb in Somerset dated 24 Feb 1682. The certificate was received by the Philadelphia Montly Meeting. The family settled on the west band of Neshaminy Creek in Bucks County on 2000 acres purchased from William Penn.

He married Mary Unknown b. abt 1645 Somershire, England d. 5 April 1688 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


1. **SAMUEL B. ALLEN b. 30 August 1664 Chew Magna County, Somerset, England d. 1737 Bucks Co, PA. He married Jane Waln 27 May 1691 Neshamina Creek, Middletown, Bucks Co, PA, she was b. 16 Jul 1675 Burholme, Slaidburn, Yorks, England, d/o Nicholas Waln b. 1650 Burlholme, Yorkshire, England d. 4 Dec 1721 Northern Liberty, Philadelphia Co, PA & Jane Turner b. 1655 Burlholme, Yorkshire, England d. aft 1699 Northern Liberty, Philadelphia Co, PA.

His Will was made 14 Oct 1699 proved 5 Dec 1710.

The first Samuel Allen conveyed, in his lifetime, a considerable portion of his real estate to his children, his son Samuel getting the homestead and 260 acres, and 200 acres additional near John Swift's mill on the Neshaminy. In 1696 300 acres on the east side of the Neshaminy were conveyed to his son-in-law, John Baldwin. The following year he procured an act of Assembly establishing a ferry over Neshaminy at what is now Schenck's station, which was called Baldwin's ferry. The second Samuel Allen died in 1735, leaving his land to his sons, Samuel and William, and legacies to his other children. The 160 acres of Samuel lay on the north side of the 'Kings Highway', and remained in the family through six generations, and until 1871.

Samuel Allen's Family; by Edwin S Dunkerley, 'The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magizine', XXXII.3, 198

Note: The following are the names of the owners of cattle in Bucks County in 1684, according to the entry in the original record: Phineas Pemberton, John Ackerman, Thomas Atkinson, SAMUEL ALLEN, William Biles, NICHOLAS WALNE, Thomas Brock, G.Wheeler, Joshua Boare, Daniel Brinson, James Boyden, Jeremiah Langhorne, John Brock, Randall Blackshaw, H. BAKER, George Brown, Lyonel Britton, Edmund Bennet, Charles Brigham, Job Bunting, Walter Bridgman, William Brian, Henry Bicham, William Buckman, Anthony Burton, Stephen Beaks, Charles Biles, William Biles Jr, Abraham Cox, Arthur Cook, Philip Conway, Robert Carter, Thomas Coverdell, Thomas Cowgill, John Coates, Edmund Cutler, William Crosdell, Edward Doyal, Thomas Dungan, William Dungan, Samuel DArk, William Dark, Thomas Dickerson, Andrew Ellot, joseph English, John Eastburn, Joseph Ffarror, Dan [Daniel] Garner, Joseph Growden, John Green, Joshua Hoops, Thomas Green, Robert Lucas, Edmund Lovet, Giles Lucas, John Lee, Richard lundy, James Moone, Henry Margerum, Joseph Milner, Hugh Marsh, Ralph Milner, John Otter, John Palmer, Henry Paxson, William Paxson, Elenor Pownal, John Pursland [20], or John Penquoit, Henry Pointer, Richard Ridgway, Francis Russell, Thomas Rowland, John Rowland, Thomas Royes or Rogh, Edward Stanton, William Sanford, Thomas Stackhouse, Henry Siddal, Jonathan Scaife, Thomas Stackhouse Jr, John Smith, Stephen Sands, William Smith, john Swift, Thomas Tuneclif, Israel Taylor, John Town, Gilbert Wheeler, Shadrack Walley, John Webster, William Wood, John Wood, Abraham Wharley, Peter Worral, Thomas Williams, William Yardley, Richard Wilson, John Clark, William Duncan, David Davids, WILLIAM PENN, and John Wharton


2. Abigail Allen

3. Priscilla Allen b. 1662 Chew Magna CO. Somerset, England married Thomas Smyth/Smith 9 Nov 1682 Middletown, Bucks Co, PA, they had Mary and Ann.

4. Martha Allen b. 1663 Chew Magna Co. Somerset, England d. Liberty, PA married Daniel Pegg 22 Feb 1686 Middletown, Bucks Co, PA, they had Elizabeth Pegg

5. Ann Allen b. 1665 Chew Magna Co, Somerset, England

6. Sarah Allen b. 17 Sept 1667 Chew Magna Co, Somerset, England married John Baldwin 19 Oct 1689 Middletown, Bucks Co, PA, he was b. 1665 Buckinghamshire, England, d. 1714 Bristol, Bucks Co,PA:

Philadelphia Wills 1682-1819

Bookpage C: 226

Remarks: Samuel Allin of Philadelphia Co. Cordwainer. 10/14/1699. Son Samuel. Grandchildren Samuel Sisom, John Parker, Samuel Parker, Richard Parker, Mary Smyth, Ann Smyth and Elizabeth Pegg. Friends Martha Dawson, John Swift, Thomas Hort and John Baldwin. Executrix: Daughter Priscilla Sisom.

John Baldwin purchased 200 acres of land from his father-in-law Samuel Allen, in 1692. John Balwin's will was dated 24 August 1711, and proved 29 Jan. 1714. He was a resident of Bristol, Bucks Co. PA His will names wife, Sarah, and children John, Richard, Joseph and Sarah. [will probated 20 Nov 1714]


1. Mary Baldwin b. 20 Dec 1691 Bucks Co, PA m. John Cassel 7 Jan. 1727 Abington MM Philadelphia, PA He was b. 10 Sept 1694 Germantown, Philadelpahia, PA d. 3 Jan 1731. s/o Arnold Cassel b. abt 1664 Kriegsheim, Pfalz, Bavaria d. 10 Nov 1720 Germantown, Philadelphia, PA.

2. Sarah Baldwin b. 1695 Bucks Co, PA d. 1725 Bucks Co, PA m. John Hall 17 Jan 1716 Bucks Co, PA he was b. 1680 England d. 11 Nov 1768 Bucks Co, PA, he was s/o Robert Hall b. 1660 England d. 1682 England & Elizabeth White b. 1660 England d. England.


1. John Hall b. 1717 Bucks Co, PA

2. Robert Hall b. 1719 Bucks Co, PA

3. Mary Hall b. 22 Apr 1722 Bucks Co, PA

3. John Baldwin b. 1697 Bucks Co, PA d. 19 Jan 1757 Guilford Co, NC m. [1] Ann Scott b. 1684 [2] Sarah Gilbert Aug 1725 Abington MM Philadelphia, PA, she was b. 21 April 1700 Byberry, Philadelphia, PA, d/o Joseph Gilbert & Rachel Taylor.

Will: John Baldwin of Neshaminy Ferry. Oct 30, 1765. Proved May 11, 1770. Sons John and Joseph exrs. John, 50 acres of Tract I dwell on in Bristol Twp. adj. Charles Edgar, Joseph Tomlinson, and William Sturgeon. Son Joseph, 150 acres of sd. tract on East Side of Neshaminy: also flats, Utensils, and Vessel's belonging to Ferry. Residue to children John, Rachel Gilbert, Sarah Gilbert, Rebecca Lancaster, and son Joseph. Daus. each 1/2 acre lot and House in Bristol Boro. adj. each other and adj. land late William Large. December'd where David David, Thos. Brown and Rees Meredith live. Wit: Edmund Sands, Charles Lovett, William David.


1. John Balwin b. 1727 Bristol, Bucks Co, PA d. 11 Jan 1777 Philadelphia, PA

2. Rachel Baldwin b. 1730 Bristol, Bucks Co, PA married a Gilbert

3. Sarah Baldwin b. 1734 Bristol, Bucks Co, PA d. 1780 Philadelphia, PA married a Gilbert

4. Joseph Gilbert b. 4 May 1740 Neshaminy, Bucks Co, PA d. 16 May 1806 Bristol, Bucks Co, PA

5. Rebecca Baldwin b. 1742 Neshaminy, Bucks Co, PA m. a Lancaster

4. Richard Baldwin b. 1699 Bucks Co, PA d. 24 Jan 1722 Bristol, Bucks Co, PA

5. Joseph Baldwin b. 1701 Makefield Twp, Bucks Co, PA d. aft 1773 in Loudon, Vir. m. Ann Tomlinson 1729 Bucks Co, PA she was b. 1705 Bucks Co,PA, d/o Joseph Tomlinson


1. Joseph Baldwin b. 1742 Philadelphia, PA

2. Ann Baldwin b. 1738 Philadelphia, PA

3. John Baldwin b. 1740 Philadelphia, PA

4. Mary Baldwin b. 1747 Philadelphia, PA

1. **SAMUEL B. ALLEN b. 1668 Chew Magna Co, Somerset, England d. 1737 Bucks Co, PA or Rhode Island. m. Jane Waln 27 May 1691 Neshaminy Creek, Middletown, Bucks Co, PA, she was b. 16 July 1675 Burholme, West Riding, Yorkshire, England d. 1735 Bucks Co, PA d/o Nicholas Waln & Jane Turner, Jane's will: 1 July 1735 Bucks Co, PA: Brother Samuel Allen, Brother in Law John Palmer, 3 sons, minors.

[moved with brothers to Rhode Island, but some say he died in Bucks Co] submitted by Pat Love: 4 July 1999

[Sources: Quaker Records; Ann Watring F. Edward Wright, Falls MM Birth & Death Records; Abstracts of Bucks Co. PA wills, Bucks Co, PA church records, V2 Family Line Publications]


1. Mary Allen b. 29 March 1692 Middletown, Bucks Co, PA m. David Palmer 1716 Bucks Co, PA he was b. 15 Ajpril 1692 Lower Makefield Twp, Bucks Co, PA d. 17 April 1732 Bucks Co, PA:

David Palmer married widow of William Blakely. Residence: Lower Makefield & NC. was received on certificate from Philadelphia MM on Nov. 4, 1715. Was granted certificate to Middletown MM on Feb. 4, 1716 to marry Mary Allen. Was an Elder in Falls Monthly Meeting, Bucks Co, PA. Will: Bucks Co, PA Sept. 1. 1731 and proved Apirl 17, 1732; wife, Mary: brother in law Samuel Allen exres. 3 children, DAvid, William and Samuel...House and lot in Bristol.

2. Ann Allen b. 12 Sept 1694 Middletown, Bucks Co, PA m. John Palmer b. 16 April 1696 Bucks Co, PA

4. John Allen b. 1713 Bensalem, Bucks Co, PA d. 1763 Bristol, Bucks Co, PA m. [1] Elizabeth Large [2] Elizabeth Walsh [3] Rebecca Gibbs 13 April 1736 Falls MM Bucks Co, PA, she was b. 1712 NJ.

5. Sarah Allen b. 1716 Bensalem, Bucks Co, PA d. 22 Nov 1776 m. William Large 31 Mar 1744 Middletown, Bucks Co, PA, he was b. 14 Nov 1722 Bristol, Bucks Co, PA.

[William Large was burgess between 1750-1759, was councilman 1761 & 1763 Bucks Co, PA]

6. Nathaniel Allen b. 1719 Bensalem, Bucks Co, PA

7. **JAMES ALLEN b. 1722 married Unknown

8. Richard Allen b. 8 Mar 1702 Middletown, Bucks Co, PA

9. Jane Waln Allen b. 24 April 1696 Middletown, Bucks Co, PA d. 7 july 1745 Byberry, Philadelphia, PA married Jonathan Knight 13 April 1727 Middletown MM, Buck Co, PA, he was b. abt 1690 Byberry, Philadelphia, PA d. 1 May 1745 Byberry, PA.

10. Priscilla Allen b. 29 April 1699 Middletown, Bucks Co, PA d. 7 July 1745 Byberry, Philadelphia, Pa, married Thomas Sison.

Bucks Co. Deeds, Book A. Vol 3 pg 144 Thomas Sison of Philadelphia Co., Yeoman and Priscilla his wife and sole extrx of the Last Will of Samuel Allen, late of Philadelphia Co, A tract in Newton, beginning at a corner of William Bennett's land...100 acres for the use of Charles Plumley in right and as part of the purchase of said Samuel Allen from William Penn...Whereas said Samuel Allen by his last will dated Oct 14, 1699 made no mention of the said 100 acres: However he devised to his son in law Thomas Sison "All the rest of my estate" and gives to his son in law Thomas Sison and his daughter Priscilla Sisom, they paying out of the same 40 shillings to Martha Dawson.

11. Samuel Allen b. 1 May 1701 Bucks Co, PA d. 3 Feb 1785 Bensalem, Bucks Co, PA married Elizabeth Clawson 1752 Falls MM Bucks Co, PA she was b. 1729 Bucks Co, PA d. 2 Aug 1780 Bensalem, Bucks Co, PA

Bucks Co. Deed Books A, Vol. 1, pg 288: Patent 20 March 1683, to Samuel Allen 200 acres standing by the Neshaminy Creek...ENW by Joseph Growden's land south by Francis Walker and Co. page 299. Patent 11D 7M 1782. To Samuel Allen for 1 English Shilling for each 100 acres on the first day of the first month for each year a parcel of land containing 500 acres lying alongside the Nashaminy Creek adjoining James Boyden's land. Page 349: deed Samuel Allen Sr. of Neshaminy Creek, Bucks Co, Yeoman, for and in consideration of his affection to his granddaughter Elizabeth Pegg, daughter of Daniel Pegg of Philadelphia, a certain parcel of land lying east of the Neshaminy Creek...containing 200 acres. Land that was granted patent dated 28 D 9 M 1688 and recorded in rolls of Book A Vol. 1 pag 289-90.

Page 352 Deed Samuel Allen Sr of near Nashimney Creek...for 35 pounds to John Baldwin son in law of said Sameul Allen 200 acres...20D4M 1692.

Page 359 Deed Samuel Allen Sr of near Nashimney Creek Bucks Co yeoman, for the natural love and affection, gives to his son Samuel Allen Jr a parcel of land standing alongside of Neshaminy Creek south to land of Francis Walker and Co containing 200 acres 8D4th M. 1692.

Bucks Co. Wills pag 365 Samuel Allen of Bensalem, yeoman, 11-15-1783 proved 10-12-1785 son Samuel Extr daughters Jane and Sarah Allen and Ann Paul.

12. William Allen b. 1720 Middletown, Bucks Co, PA d. 13 Feb 1791 Bucks Co, PA m. [1] Mary Clothier b. 3 Mar 1722 NJ, d. 5 Mar 1801 Bensalem, Bucks Co, PA [2] Mary Welsh b. 1704 Middletown, Bucks Co,PA d. 1747. 13. Nicholas Allen died 13 Jan 1750 Bristol, Bucks Co, PA married Margaret.

Bucks Co Wills: Nicholas Allen of Bristol Borough 1st month 13th day 1750 Proved 1 May 1750 wife, Margaret, brother Samuel exc daughters Mary and Sarah Allen

7. **JAMES ALLEN b. 1722 married Unknown


1. **ROBERT ALLEN b. abt 1739 [some have abt 1745] Providence, Rhode Island [some have Bucks Co, PA and Vir] d. 25 June 1811 Greene County, Tennessee, buried Oak Grove Cemetery, married [1] Unknown [2] Martha Kerr 19 March 1791 Greene Co. TN,

[Tennessee Marriages to 1825 'database on line', Provo, UT: 1997 Electronic Transcription of marriage records held by the individual counties in Tennessee] she was b. 1768 Chester Co, PA d. 4 July 1848 Greene Co, TN, buried Oak Grove Cemetery, she was the daughter of Robert Kerr

[There is a sign in Greene Co, TN that says: On this site originally stood the house of Robert Kerr [Carr]there were held sessions of the Upper House of the State of Franklin. The first sessions of Greene County's Court were also held here. The Baptist Church established in 1872 was moved to its present location in 1948 [could be 1946]. This sign is located across from Greeneville, Library.]Book; Greene County, Tennessee Wills 1783-1890; Compiled by Goldene Burgner page 33:

Robert Allen: Substance of will of Robert Allen decd. As found by a jury, written by me. Robert Guin. Probated 25 July 1811. Written 4 February 1811. "Wife, Martha Allen, to have two negros, prusey and Letty her lifetime, then to my first wife's children. My first wife's children: Robert, James, Ruben Allen, Polly Lommon, Fanny Farnsworth, one hundred dollars. To son, James, one hundred dollars. To daughter Fanny Farnsworth, one hundred dollars. Plantation under the care of wife and son, Daniel Allen. To Daniel Allen, 250 acres of home place going up river to where Jeremiah Smith lives known as Cove Spring, and a negro boy named Simpson. To son, Samuel, 250 acres, lower part of plantation and negro boy named Love. To daughter, Margaret Allen, 1/3 household furniture and a negro. Wife, Margaret Allen to remain and be supported by profits from my plantation. Son-in-law, Samuel Lemmon to get a negro boy. To son, John Allen, a horse. Signed: Robert Allen. Taken from Book 1, page 46. Original Will not in book;

I do not know if this is the right Robert Kerr, father of Martha, but it does take place in Pennsylvania:

ROBERT KERR year: 1775 age 24, Source Publication Code: 2797.35 Primary Immigrant: Kerr, Robert

[This Robert Kerr was born abt 1750]

Annotation: Date of newspaper advertisement and place of master's residence. Extracted from copies of the paper reprinted by The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, The Pennsylvania Gazette, 1728-1789 [Philadelphia: Microsurance Inc., 1968], Volumes 1-25; and for January 6, 1790 to December 14, 1796, from microfilm copies located at Morris Library, University of Delaware. Name of servant's master, master's occupation, servant's ethnicity and occupation, type of service contract, servant's physical description, and much more genealogical and historical information are also provided.

Source Bibliography: Grubb, Farley, Runaway Servants, Convicts, and Apprentices Advertised in the Pennsylvania Gazette, 1728-1796. Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc., 1992 187p.

[Is anyone familiar with this article?]

ROBERT KERR, Administrator Will proven 30 May 1754 Chester Co, PA Wills 1713-1825 [database on line] Remarks: Daniel Kerr May 30, 1754 Sadsbury. Adm. to Robert; Thomas Kerr. [Located at the Chester Co, Archives and Records Service.]

THE ROBERT ALLEN FAMILY From Historic Greene County, Tennessee and Its People: 1783-1992

ROBERT ALLEN, Patriot Veteran of the American Revolution, was a widower with five children. He was granted a large acreage along the Nolachucky River in Greene County where he made his home. The property came to be known as Allen's Landing. [It got Flooded in 1926 Flooded Dogtrot] The name of his first wife is unknown. His children by his first wife were: ROBERT; JAMES, who married NANCY JONES, daughter of GEORGE JONES; REUBEN, JOHN [JONES], who married MARY JONES, sister of NANCY; POLLY, who married SAMUEL LEMING; FRANCES, who married HENRY A. FARNSWORTH. James went to Missouri, where he became a tavern keeper, Reuben, a veteran of the War of 1812, went to Cocke County, Tennessee, where he died in 1825. The other children remained in Greene County. In 1791, ROBERT ALLEN, SR., remarried in Greene County. His second wife was MARTHA KERR [CARR]. There were three children: DANIEL, born 1791, married POLLY BAKER, daughter of ISAAC BAKER, in 1813: **SAMUEL, born 1796, married FRINTON [TRENTON] ELIZABETH FARNSWORTH; MARGARET ANN married WILLIAM M. CRAWFORD IN 1817. ROBERT ALLEN'S WILL MENTIONS A SON JOHN, of whom nothing further is known.

ROBERT ALLEN SR. willed his 450 acre farm to his wife and named his son Daniel as manager. Daniel was able to expand the farm to 1300 acres. Daniel and Polly had twelve children: Robert, Louisa, Elizabeth, Martha, Isaac, James, Nancy, Samuel, John, Daniel, Margaret and Mary. Daniel Allen died in 1857. In addition to the plantation, he had a first-rate roller grain mill and an Orebank on Cove Creek. In addition, he held numerous notes for money loaned. His slaves remained with the family. They were: Emily, Sandy, Sarah, Bill, Jack, Andrew, Sarah, Nance, Julia, Israel, Jack, Jerry, Bill and Charles. Daniel Allen's three sons Robert, James, and Isaac all died in the 1880s financially insolvent, due to the devaluation of Confederate money. At the end of the war, there were three kinds of money in circulation: Hard Cash [silver and gold] was valued 42 cents on the dollar. Greenbacks [United States Government Certificates] were valued 100 cents on the dollar, and Confederate notes which were valued 600 cents on the dollar. Later, it was worthless. The Allens, with other Confederates, were insolvent. Because they were harassed, sought a better life and political climate, and wished to improve their condition, the Allens left Greene County. Most went to Whitfield County, Georgia, where they were influential in the rebuilding of that section. Daniel Earnest Allen, a Civil War veteran, went to Georgia. One of his sons, Ivan, became Mayor of Atlanta for one term. Ivan's son Ivan Allen Jr., was elected to the same office for two terms. The Allens were one of Greene County's most respected and influential families whose lives, like many of their neighbors, were disrupted by the War. [submitted by Goldene Burgner, Greeneville, TN]

Children by First Wife Unknown:

1. Isaac Allen b. 1770

2. John B. Allen b. 30 Dec 1772 married Mary Jones, daughter of George Jones

3. Mary Polly Allen b. 1773 Vir, d. abt. 1857 Greene Co, TN, buried Pisgah Cemtery, married Samuel Leming 19 Mar 1793 Washington Co, Tn, he was the son of Daniel Leming b. 1726 Allentown, Monmorth, NJ; 4. Elizabeth, he was b. 1766 New Jersey; died 1826 Greene Co,TN,


Children are:

1. Daniel Leming b. 1792 Washington Co, TN

2. Robert Leming b. 1797 Washington Co, TN, d. 1873 Greene Co, TN

3. John Leming b. 26 Dec 1798 Cocke Co, TN, d. 17 Nov 1855 Greene Co, Tn m. Rheuama Henshaw 1 Oct 1839 Greene Co, TN, b. 15 Sept 1810 Greene Co, TN, daughter of Washington Henshaw; Charlotte Malick

Children are:

1. Samuel Washington Leming b. 7 Aug 1840 Greene Co, TN d. 8 Sep 1911, m. 10 Feb 1870 Martha McCall Alexander, daughter of Thomas Alexander b. 27 Nov 1814 Greene Co, TN & Jane Laughlin McGaughey b. 30 Oct 1818, they were married 26 Aug 1836, Martha was b. 9 Aug 1843 Greene Co, TN d. 27 May 1913, Thomas Alexander's father was Thomas Alexander b. 16 May 1770 Guilford, NC & Martha McCall, married 1800 Greene Co, TN

Children are:

1. Frank E. Leming b. 1872 Greene Co,TN

2. Josephine Gertrude Leming b. 1873 Greene Co,TN

3. Bessie C. Leming b. 1875 Greene Co, TN

4. Mary Park "Maimie" Leming b. 17 Nov 1876 Greene Co, Tn

5. Susan Ethel Leming b. 28 May 1878 Greene Co, TN

6. Cora Alma Leming b. 25 Nov 1880 Greene Co,TN

7. Thomas Dean Leming b. aft 1881




Samuel W. Leming, farmer and stock raiser, was born in Greene County, August 7, 1840, the son of John and Rheneman [Henshaw] Leming, the former a native of Cocke County, born December 20, 1798, died in this county November 17, 1855. He was a millwright about eighteen years, and among the first of his trade in East Tennessee, and also engaged in farming. Samuel, a native of North Carolina, was the next ancestor, and came to East Tennessee at an early date, being one of the pioneers of East Tennessee. He was in the Indian Wars and the War of 1812, the scabbard knife he used in that war being in the possession of our subject, along with two conch-shells used by his grandparents. The mother, a daughter of Washington Henshaw, was born in this county September 15, 1810, and died April 22, 1882. Her father came from Rockingham County, Va. to this county in 1799, and erected the first mill of any importance in Greene County, and was active in the Methodist Episcopal Church. Our subject, the eldest of eight children, was reared on the farm, and educated at Tusculum College, which the war caused him to abandon for the Confederate Army, Company L, Fourth Tennessee Cavalry. He was at Chickamauga and Murfreesboro, and surrendered with Gen. J. E. Johnston. After a trip West he settled on his present farm in Greene County. In 1878 he married Martha Mc. Alexander. Their children are Frank E.; J. Gertrude; Bessie C; Mary P.; Susan E.; Cora A. and Thomas D. He and his wife are Methodists. He has been president and treasurer of the county agricultural association, and is now on the executive committee. He is a trustee of Tusculum College, and one of the committee who built the present building. He has also been a steward in his church for eighteen years.

2. Laura J. Leming b. 8 June 1842 Greene Co, TN

3. Mary Charlotte Leming b. 29 Mar 1844 Greene Co, TN d. 18 Nov 1929 married William Wellington Davis, son of Rueben Davis b. 1 Mar 1811 Greeneville, TN; Lucinda Reed b. 13 Feb 1812 Greenville, TN, he was b. 1841 TN

Children are:

1. William Harrison Davis b. bef 1876

2. William Davis b. 1877

3. Lena Leming Davis b. 1879

4. Martha "Mattie" Caroline Davis b. 18 Feb 1882

5. Frances Reuama Davis b. abt 1884

6. Roy Charles Davis b. 1885


4. Rebecca Evelyn Leming b. 26 Jan 1846 Greene Co, TN

5. Martha Louisa Leming b. 29 Nov 1848 Tusculum, Greene Co, TN d. 19 Feb 1925 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, married James Harrison Davis 25 Oct 1870 TN, he was the son of Rueben Davis & Lucinda Read [brother of William Davis] he was b. 9 Nov 1837 Greeneville, Greene Co, TN Children are:

1. Lillian Ruama Davis b. 5 Oct 1872 Blossom Prairie, Lamar, TX

2. Melville Leming Davis b. 1 Jun 1876 TX

3. Marvin Harrison Davis b. 3 Oct 1885 Bowie, Montague, TX


6. Margaret Virginia Leming b. 22 Sept 1850 Greene Co, TN

7. Sarah Ruth Leming b. 5 Oct 1852 Greene Co, TN

8. Temperance Caroline Leming b. 30 Sept 1855 Greene Co, TN


Thomas Alexander b. 27 Nov 1814 Greene Co, TN d. 4 Feb 1896, m. 26 Aug 1836 Jane Laughlin McGaughey b. 30 Oct 1818, he was the son of Thomas Alexander b. 16 May 1770 Guilford County, NC d. 16 Jan 1858 Greene Co, TN, he married Marth McCall 15 Mar 1800, she died 4 Apr 1816 Greene Co,TN, He was the son of William Alexander b. 30 Jun 1739 Ireland [probably] d. 7 Mar 1828 Greene Co, TN he married Elizabeth King 9 Dec 1762 Lancaster County, PA, she was b. 27 Jun 1737 Lancaster Co, Pa d. 30 Aug 1817 Greene Co, TN,

Their children were: 1. Annie Alexander b. NC; 2. Thomas Alexander b. 16 May 1770 Guildford Co, NC; 3. William King Alexander b. 20 Dec 1776 Guildford Co, NC; 4. Stephen King Alexander b. 19 Aug 1778 Guildford Co, NC.

4. Mary Polly Leming b. 1801 Washington Co, TN, d. 1867 Greene Co, TN 5. Nancy Leming b. 1804 Washington Co, Tn, d. 1875 Greene Co, TN 6. Martha Leming b. 1809 Washington co, TN,

7. Washington Leming b. 1811 Washington co, TN, d. 1887 Greene co, TN 8. James Leming b. 1813 Washington co, TN d. 1887 Greene Co,TN

9. Rachel Leming b. 1815 Washington co, TN

A little Henshaw Info:

WASHINGTON HENSHAW b. 1 Mar 1779 Berkley Co, Vir d. 11 Feb 1853 Greene Co, TN buried Mt. Hermon Church Cemetery, married 10 Apr 1802 Frederick Co, Vir, Charlotta Malick b. 27 Jul 1778 Vir d. 24 Feb 1822 Greene Co, TN

Children are:

1. Maria Henshaw b. 6 May 1803 Greene Co, TN

2. Ann Henshaw b. 7 Dec 1804 Greene Co, TN

3. Nancy Henshaw b. 6 Apr 1807 Greene Co, TN

4. Rebecca Henshaw b. 6 Apr 1807 Greene Co, TN

5. William Henshaw b. 8 mar 1809 Greene Co, Tn

6. *Rheumah Henshaw b. 15 Sep 1810 Greene Co, TN

7. Elizabeth Henshaw b. 21 Feb 1812 Greene Co, TN

8. Levi Henshaw b. 14 Apr 1814 Greene Co, TN

9. Unknown Henshaw b. 13 Jul 1815 Greene Co, TN

10. Philip Henshaw b. 19 Jul 1816 Greene Co,TN d. 17 Sep 1878 Lamarr Co, Texas, m. 21 Aug 1845 Greene Co, Elizabeth Alexander b. 1824 TN, they had: 1. Sarah J. Henshaw b. 10 Nov 1847 Greene Co, TN

Charlotte V. Henshaw b. 1849 Greene Co,TN

11. Washington Henshaw b. 23 Jun 1818 Greene Co, TN

Washington married second: Sarah Ann Boswell 28 Jul 1822, she was b. 31 Mar 1778,

he married Third: 13 Feb 1834 Greene Co, TN Jane Robinson b. 1787 TN

4. James Allen [Fathers will: Book 1, page 46, Greene Co, TN ] b. 1774 [some have 1772] Vir, d. 1880 Mo, married 3 Feb 1807 Greene, TN, Nancy Jones, daughter of George Jones, b. abt1774

5. Frances Fanny Allen b. 1776 Vir, died in Greene Co, TN, married Henry A. Farnsworth, 17 Jan 1799 Greene Co, TN, son of Henry Farnsworth, he was b. 1775 d. 1851 Greene Co, TN

Children are:

1. Henry Allen Farnsworth b. abt 1803 Greene Co, TN

2. Samuel Hill Farnsworth b. Jan 1806 Greene Co, TN d. 1873 Hickman Co, Kentucky m [1] Nancy Gordon Braden [2] Agatha Jane Cowsert [3] Mary Jane Allen

Children by Nancy Braden are:

1. Margaret Frances Farnsworth b. 1834

2. Eliza Terissa Angelina Farnsworth b. 1835

3. Robert Alexander Farnsworth b. 1837

4. Samuel Gordon Farnsworth b. 1839

5. William Terry Farnsworth b. 1841

6. George Washington Farnsworth b. 1843

Children by Agatha Cowsert are:

1. Andrew Hamilton Farnsworth b. 1828

2. Henry Allen Farnsworth b. 1829 married Laura White

Children are:

1. Robert Franklin Farnsworth m. Emma Nance

Child is:

1. Wallace Henry Farnsworth m. Ollie Southern

2. Joseph H. Farnsworth

3. Julia Farnsworth m. Outlaw b. in Chatanooga, TN

4. Richard Farnsworth

5. Emmie Farnsworth

3. Mary Jane Farnsworth b. 1832

3. Margaret Farnsworth b. abt abt 1808 Greene Co, TN

4. Jane Gibson Farnsworth b. 18 Apr 1811 Greene Co, TN, married a Bell 5. Martha Farnsworth b. abt 1804 Greene Co, TN

6. Elizabeth Farnsworth


6. Robert Allen b. 19 June 1778 Vir, d. Greene Co, TN

7. Rueben Allen b. 1783, Vir, d. 1825, Veteran of War of 1812, moved to Cocke Co, TN from Greene Co, TN



Children by Martha Kerr/Carr:

1. Daniel Allen b. 1791 Greene Co, TN d. 26 June 1857 Greene Co,TN, buried Oak Grove Cemetery, married 1 March 1813 Greene Co, Tn, Polly [Mary] Baker, daughter of Isaac Baker & Hannah Houston, she was born 1793 Greene Co, TN d. 19 Jan 1865 Greene Co, TN, buried Oak Grove Cemetery

Polly Baker to Daniel Pierce, March 1, 1813. Bondsman was William Headrick, his mark X. Daniel Allen was named Executor of Hannah Houston Baker's Estate. Both are buried Oak Grove Cem.

Children are:

1. Robert Allen b. 5 Sept 1814 Greene co, TN d. 25 aug 1878 Greene Co, TN, about age 64 years, buried Oak Grove Cem [ Greene Co, TN Cem Records 'database on line' Provo, Ut:, Inc, 2000 Original Data: Works Progress Administration, Greene Co, Tennessee Tombstone Inscriptions. Washington D.C. WPA Records 1935]

2. Louisa Allen b. 1816 Greene Co, TN

3. Elizabeth Allen b. 1818 Greene Co, TN, d. 21 Oct 1890 Washington Co, Vir. buried Sinking Springs Cemetery, Anderson Co, Tn, married [1] Samuel Washington Montgomery 1849 Greene Co, Tn, b. 30 July 1812 Washington Co, Vir d. 30 Jan 1860 Washington Co, Vir of consumption,[2] Lewis F. Cosby Greene Co, TN. buried Sinking Springs Cem.

Will of Samuel Washington Montgomery:

I Samuel Montgomery being sick and weak in body but of sound and dufusing do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament. Ist-I desire and direct that all my just debts shall be paid by my executor. 2nd-I will and devise to my beloved wife Elizabeth absolutely all my lands in the state of Tennessee, I also bequeath to my beloved wife Elizabeth Aboslutely all the slaves and their increase which came to me from her fathers estate, also one slave named Jerry which I purchased at my Wife's father's sale, that is to say I give my wife absolutely all the slaves which dame by her marriage as well as their increase and also the slave Jerry purchased as before stated. 3rd-I will and devise to my daughter Nancy J. Montgomery absolutely all my home places-Which I now live Consisting of several different pieces of tracts. I also will and devise to my daughter Nancy J. Montgomery all my Brooks plantation and all my Nimrod Farm. I also give and bequeath to my daughter Nancy J. Montgomery all the rest of my land absolutely, except those which came by my wife Elizabeth which I have given to her in the second clause of this will excepting also and many which I will dispose of hereafter. 4th-I devise and direct that my executor shall sell upon each credit as he may obtain cash but my Eastern Place and my farm south of the Knobs known as my Father Old Place. 5th-I direct that the sum of one thousand dollars shall be set apart out of the proceeds of my personal estate and out of the proceeds of the sale of the 2 pieces of land--to be sold for the purpose of giving my daughter Nancy J. Montgomery a good education and that sum is not required to give a good education that the balance I give to her absolutely. 6th-I give to my nephew John Montgomery who has been Unknown with me a Horse to be worth one hundred dollars also a saddle and bridle. 7th-I give and bequeath to my niece Martha Montgomery who also has been unknown with me my old servant named Mary. 8th-I will and direct that all my personal estate extra proceeds of the sale of the two tracts of land herein before inacted to be sold [not included are slaves which I have before disposed of] after paying the specified bequests made by the previous clauses of this will, shall be equally devided between my beloved wife Elizabeth and my affectionate daugther Nancy J. Montgomery. In testemony where I have herewith set my hand and seal this twenty seventh day of January one thousand eight hundred and sixty. Signed Sealed and Acknowledged in our presence: Samuel W. Montgomery William H. Pitts Wallace Maxwell Where as I Samuel W. Montgomery have made and --? [published ?] my last will and testament----on the twenty seventh day of January one thousand eight hundred and sixty now I do hereby----this present----to be a codicil.

Children are:

1. Nancy J. Montgomery

4. Martha A. Allen b. 1821 Greene Co, Tn

5. Isaac A. Allen b. 1820 Greene Co, TN m. Sarah Ruth Earnest [Ernst] 16 July 1844 Greene Co, TN daughter of Peter Earnest & Ruth Fain, she was born 22 January 1823 Greene County, Tennessee died 1 February 1852 Greene County, Tennessee

1850 census Greene Co,TN p. 196 part B 9th Division E. District 7 Oct 1850 enumerated by Tipp Henderson Ass't Marshal

Isaac A. Allen age 29, M Farmer 8000 Tenn

Sarah R. 27, F Tenn

Mary R. 5, F Tenn

Daniel E. 4, M Tenn m. Susan Reese Harrison

Martha C. 2, F Tenn

William Day 17, M Labourer Tenn

Children are:

1. Mary R. Allen b. 1845 Greene County, TN

2. Laura A. Allen b. 1847 SC

3. Daniel Earnest Allen b. 19 Dec 1847 Greene County TN d. 14 Sept 1879 Dalton, GA married 23 March 1870 Georgia, Sarah Reese Harris, daughter of George Reese Harris & Mary Adams Chester, she was born 6 Feb 1852 Dalton, GA died 6 March 1936 Dalton, GA

Children are:

1. William Harris Allen b. 1874 d. abt 1964

2. Mary Ruth Allen b. 1872 d. abt 1966

3. Ivan Earnest Allen born 1 March 1877 Dalton, GA died 16 October 1968 Atlanta, Georgia, Irene Susannah Beaumont 24 October 1907 Atlant, GA, she was born 1880 Dalton, GA

Child is: 1. Ivan Earnest Allen born 15 March 1911 Atlanta, GA died 2 July 2003 Sandy Springs, Atlanta, GA, he married Louise Richardson.

Children are:

1. Ivan Earnest Allen died 1992 married Margaret

Children are:

1. Ivan Allen

2. Amanda Allen

2. Hugh Inman Allen b. 1936 GA married Patricia Zimmerman

Children are:

1. Louise Richardson Allen

2. Josephine Inman Allen

3. Parker Fleming Allen

3. Beaumont Allen b. 1938 GA married Sally Niles

Children are:

1. Sarah Allen

2. Andrew Allen

Former Mayor Ivan Allen Jr. dead at age 92

Mayor helped city bridge racial divide


Atlanta Journal-Constitution Staff Writers

Allen Ivan Jr., mayor of Atlanta during the turbulent 1960s, has died at age 92. Allen passed away just after 1 p.m. today. The former mayor is credited for keeping Atlanta calm during the 1960s because of his willingness to welcome integration in public and business arenas. Allen served as mayor from 1962-1970.

He was instrumental in bring professional sports to Atlanta by leading the efforts to build the Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium, which became the home for the Atlanta Falcons and the Atlanta Braves.

Allen, who was in failing health over the past couple of years, is survived by his wife, Louise Richardson Allen, and two sons: Hugh Inman Allen and Beaumont Allen. His eldest son, Ivan Allen III, died in 1992.

Allen led the city through economic prosperity and civil rights civility while bringing major league sports to the South for the first time.

His name, buoyant personality, progressive political style and aristocratic demeanor were synonymous with the city's modern image, formed largely during his term from 1962 until 1970. It was a period when Atlanta became the quintessential thriving Sun Belt metropolis, displaying at least the illusion of racial equality.

Allen's death comes a week after the sudden death of former Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson and the death of one-time political opponent Lester Maddox, the segregationist whom Allen defeated in the 1961 mayoral race.

During Allen's two terms, the city's population 31.5 percent. The city saw 50 major buildings erected downtown, including Peachtree Center. Retail sales increased 97 percent, per capita income 80 percent. Corporations poured millions of dollars into a "Forward Atlanta" ad campaign in major media around the nation to promote the city's image. Allen's years at City Hall also saw tremendous growth in transportation. Second and third parallel runways were added at Hartsfield International Airport, and planning began for the massive new terminal that opened in 1980. The Downtown Connector cut through the city; I-285 began to ring it. And Atlanta started planning for the MARTA rail system. Allen also made Atlanta a big-league city in the sports arena. Until he and banker Mills B. Lane Jr. stepped in, Atlanta was a minor league stop among cities like Birmingham and Mobile. Then Allen built Atlanta Stadium.

"We built a stadium on ground we didn't own with money we didn't have for a team we hadn't signed," Allen said. He signed the Milwaukee Braves to a 25-year contract, and they began playing as the Atlanta Braves in 1966.

In June of 1966, the National Football league beckoned, and the Atlanta Falcons were born.

No question who was boss. Mayor helped city bridge racial divide Unlike many of his raucous counterparts in Southern politics, Allen was known as a cultured man of dignity and grace, courteous to a fault. Above all, he was supremely confident in the strength of his convictions and his extraordinary ability to lead.

"If the city administrative machinery was too slow in solving a problem, he would do it himself," former aide Dan Sweat once said. "On more than one occasion I witnessed his whipping out his checkbook and writing a personal check for a public works project when there was no money budgeted for it." George Berry, another former aide, said Allen also knew how to delegate. "He knew how to sound broad themes and to use his office in a strategic way to get the people of the city to address a problem or an issue that had to be solved. "He had more of all the diverse qualities that are required to be a great leader. And he had charisma," Berry said. "He was one of the most distinguished-looking men I ever knew. When he entered a room or stood before a crowd, there was no question who was in charge." Rare courage on race issue Allen was the pacesetter among white Southern politicians on the race issue. He was the only Southern elected official to testify in favor of the public accommodations section of what became the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

President John F. Kennedy sent New York lawyer and former Atlantan Morris B. Abram Sr. to ask Allen to testify before Congress on the legislation, and the mayor agreed. He told the Senate Commerce Committee on July 25, 1963: "Failure by Congress to take definite actions at this time is by inference an endorsement of the right of private business to practice racial discrimination and, in my opinion, would start the same round of squabbles and demonstrations we have had in the past." Sen. Philip Hart of Michigan asked Allen if Atlanta was acting under "Communist influence." "Senator," the mayor replied, "there's not any more Communists in Atlanta than we've got men on the moon." Sen. John Pastore of Rhode Island told Allen: "When President Kennedy wrote 'Profiles in Courage,' he was writing about men like you." The New York Times editorialized after Allen's testimony: "On rare occasions the oratorical fog on Capitol Hill is pierced by a voice resonant with courage and dignity." There was angry reaction back home, however. In November, Atlanta's Board of Aldermen voted 9-3 against permitting Allen to speak to them about a public accommodations resolution. "He was the only Southern mayor to testify, which said a lot for him right there," said Dana F. White, a Atlanta historian at Emory University. "I am sure [the White House] was pressuring other people to do it. He had the courage."

On the day he took office, Jan. 2, 1962 -- leading a city 40 percent black but still almost totally segregated -- Allen ordered "white" and "colored" signs removed from City Hall, desegregated the City Hall cafeteria, and gave the 48 black officers in a force of 900 the authority to arrest whites. He hired the first black firefighters and openly supported the civil rights efforts of fellow Atlantan the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. When King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in October 1964, Allen and 1,500 other Atlantans honored him at a biracial dinner the following January at the old Dinkler Hotel in Atlanta. After King was mortally wounded in Memphis on April 4, 1968, Allen and his wife, Louise, drove in their personal car to the King residence in Atlanta. They arranged to drive King's widow, Coretta, to the airport, where she was to fly to Memphis to be at her husband's side. She canceled the trip after being told at the airport that her husband had died.

Allen blundered on the race issue, however, in his first year as mayor. He broke a rule that been given him by former longtime Mayor William B. Hartsfield, who preceded Allen in office: "Never do anything wrong they can take a picture of." A developer sold his house on Peyton Road in southwest Atlanta to a black doctor. White residents south of the road feared "blockbusting" would lead to an influx of black neighbors. Allen decided to erect a barrier along the road to keep African-Americans out of the white area, a decision he later regretted as the low point of his public service. The barrier remained for two months, to be photographed often by newspapers and wire services. Finally a court ruled the barrier illegal, though Allen, anticipating the ruling, had had it taken down. Although Allen's era spurred transportation growth by luring federal dollars for expressways, that process also adversely affected race relations. The 1956 Interstate Highway Act provided the funds to crisscross Atlanta with I-75, I-85 and I-20 and encircle it with I-285. But the plan also hastened white flight to the suburbs. Tensions boiled over into riots twice during the Allen years. The first came in 1966 in Summerhill, adjoining Atlanta Stadium, when Allen was shaken off a car and rocks and bottles flew around his head. In 1967 in Dixie Hills, bricks and firebombs were thrown during a disturbance. "His main legacy is as a civil rights mayor," Emory's White said of Allen. White said former Hartsfield, Allen's predecessor, began to create an Atlanta that was more of an open society. Allen continued the legacy. "For his time, he was an outstanding individual," White said of Allen. White said a few years ago he was at a book-signing party where he was talking to Allen and his wife, Louise, when Coretta Scott King walked up. "The three just stood there and talked," White remembered. "I got the sense that this had developed into a strong relationship over the years. He always had that ability to relate to people. He has always been the consummate gentleman." Life of duty, leadership

Allen was born March 15, 1911, in Atlanta, the only son of Ivan Allen Sr. and Irene Beaumont Allen. His father helped form Ivan Allen-Marshall Co., later Ivan Allen Co. Ivan Jr. grew up in a house on Peachtree Street and attended Tenth Street and Spring Street elementary schools, O'Keefe Junior High and Boys' High. At Georgia Tech he was president of his fraternity, his class and Student Council and was cadet colonel of ROTC. He made all A's in 1929 on the way to compiling one of his class's top five scholastic averages, and he was elected to five honorary societies. He led a student protest march on the state Capitol after Gov. Eugene Talmadge announced he planned to abolish Tech's School of Commerce. The march did not achieve its goal, and in 1933 he became one of the last Tech graduates in commerce. Allen went to work for his father as a clerk. In 1936 he married Louise Richardson of a wealthy local family. He spent all of World War II as an officer in the Quartermaster Corps -- a safe stateside billet for which he later felt obliged to apologize. Gov. Ellis Arnall, who had been a student leader at the University of Georgia while Allen was the same at Tech, got Allen an early release from military service in 1945. After that, Allen was Arnall's executive secretary for six months. Allen left Arnall's staff in March 1946 to become president of Ivan Allen-Marshall Co. He was honorary chief of staff for acting Gov. M.E. Thompson from January to March 1947. Allen sent up trial balloons on entering the race for governor in 1953 and 1957. Neither bid came about. By 1961 Allen was president of the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. As president, Allen outlined a six-point program for progress in Atlanta: endorsement of the 1960 Sibley Commission recommendations for local option on school integration, increased expressway construction, urban renewal, an auditorium-coliseum and stadium, rapid transit, and the Forward Atlanta program to boost the city and attract tourism. In a historic series of events that presaged his election as mayor, Allen negotiated with the city's merchants and black leaders to desegregate downtown lunch counters in 1961. King and 75 students were arrested after marching on Rich's department store and its segregated basement restaurant, where they were turned back. Allen and black leaders met almost daily for five weeks. In March 1961, an agreement was reached providing that 30 days after the court-ordered desegregation of Atlanta schools that fall, blacks would be guaranteed full desegregation of downtown lunch counters. In turn, blacks would cease picketing and boycotting the stores. After Hartsfield announced his retirement -- he had been mayor for a quarter-century, from 1936 to 1940 and from 1943 to 1962 -- Allen resigned as chamber president and said he would run for mayor. In a Democratic runoff, Allen defeated Maddox, who later would become Georgia's governor. Allen was Atlanta's mayor on a tragic day for the city -- June 3, 1962. An Air France Boeing 707 crashed on takeoff from Orly Field outside Paris, killing 101 Atlantans returning from an art appreciation tour. The mayor went to France to help bring the bodies home. As he walked through the wreckage he noticed some of the pastel tulle dresses that Nancy Frederick Pegram always wore; she had been Allen's first date. He went to five morgues to identify bodies, but they were burned so badly that identification was impossible. There was a memorial service at the American Cathedral. After that he went to his hotel and made 30 trans-Atlantic calls to grieving Atlanta families. Allen won a second term in 1965 when he defeated former legislator M.M. "Muggsy" Smith in a landslide.

-- Maria Saporta contributed to this article.

4. Martha C. Allen b. 1848 Greene County TN

5. Isaac M Allen b. 1852 Greene County TN

6. Sarah A. Allen b. 1858 Greene County, TN

7. Hester Allen b. 1858 Greene County TN

8. John W. Allen B. 1859 Greene County, TN

9. Lelia Allen b. 1862 Greene County, TN

10. James Allen b. 1868 Greene County, TN

6. James Allen b. 1825 Greene Co, TN m. Laura M Brown 12 Feb 1850 Greene Co, TN, b. 11 Feb 1831 d. 10 Dec 1878 Greene Co, TN

Source: Greene County, Tennessee Cemetery Records:

Parents rest from sin and Sorrow Death is ocer and life is won On that slumber dar??ss no Morrew Rest thy earthly race Is run

Greene Co, Oak Grove Cemetery Located on North Main Street, in Greeneville, Tennessee. There are 909 unmarked graves Copied by Daley S. Bowman, of Greeneville, TN June 11, 1937

Children are:

1. Sarah Louise Allen b. 10 Jan 1851 Greene Co, TN d. 22 Aug 1922 Tazewell Co, Vir. married James Bane Higginbotham b. 6 Mar 1846, son of Thomas Jefferson Higginbotham & Nancy Bane

Children are:

1. Albert Sidney Higginbotham b. 10 Jul 1871 Greene Co, TN, married Carrie Eugenia Dickinson 22 Oct 1908, she was the daughter of Robert Walter Dickinson & Rosa Earnest, she was b. 31 Aug 1886 Castlewood, Russell Co, Vir:

He was a Lawyer, coal mining & selling:

He is a graduate of Hampden-Sydney College with an AB Degree and of Washington and Lee University with the degree of LLD; member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and the Virginia State Bar Association. Practiced law in the State and Federal Courts of Virginia and adjoining states; now largely engaged in the coal mining and selling business.

Source: Sweeny, William Montgomery,

The Higginbotham Family; JP Bell Co, Lynchburg, VA 1971, pp 52

Children are:

1. Hortense Higginbotham b. 30 Mar 1910

2. Girl Child Higginbotham b. 28 Jul 1911

3. Bane Dickinson Higginbotham b. 5 Oct 1912

4. Albert Sidney Higginbotham b. 18 Jul 1914

5. Rose Allen Higginbotham b. 10 Apr 1918 Tazewell Co, Vir.

6. Walter Dickinson Higginbotham b. 3 Dec 1919


2. Allen Jefferson Higginbotham b. 18 Feb 1873 married Nancy Laura Higginbotham 28 Oct 1905, daughter of William Jefferson Higginbotham & Alice Allen

He was a farmer and livestock dealer and was interested in the coal mining business in McDowell and Russell Counties. With his mother and family, he resided on a beautiful river farm at Posgah, belonging to him and his brother, Albert Sidney Higginbotham, where the first settlement was made in Tazewell Co, VA in the year 1771 by Thomas Whitten and John Greenup at Crab Orchard and there was located one of the first three forts constructed by the early settlers for protection against the Indian incursions, in what is now Tazewell Co, VA.

Source: Sweeny, William Montgomery, "The Higginbotham Family, JP Bell Co, Lynchburg, VA, 1971, pp 53

Child is:

1. Allen Jefferson Higginbotham b. 27 Oct 1906


James Garrison Higginbotham b. 27 Dec 1788 d. 18 Feb 1866, son of Moses Higginbotham & Elizabeth Garrison, married Elizabeth Hensley in Washington Co, VA, b. 29 Mar 1890 d. 25 Sep 1841

He was a soldier in the War of 1812, and walked to Norfolk, VA and back carrying his flint-lock musket. He was a farmer and lived and died on his farm under Morris's Knob near Liberty Hill.

Children are:

1. Elizabeth Higginbotham

2. William Elliott Higginbotham b. 26 Feb 1811 Burke's Garden, Tazewell Co, VA

3. Simon Higginbotham b. 14 Nov 1812

4. Samuel Washington Higginbotham b. 1814

5. *Thomas Jefferson Higginbotham b. 1 Aug 1817

6. James S Higginbotham b. 27 Oct 1819

7. John Benham Higginbotham b. 7 Aug 1822

8. Reese Bowen Higginbotham b. 10 Apr 1829

9. Eleanor Letitia Higginbotham b. 10 Mar 1831

10. James Garrison Higginbotham b. 14 Jan 1838

Married Second: Isabel Scott b. 2 Apr 1814


2. Alice Allen married William Jefferson Higginbotham 6 May 1880, son of Thomas Jefferson Higginbotham and Nancy Bane, he was b. 14 Jul 1853 d. 19 Jul 1925

Children are:

1. Nancy Laura Higginbotham b. 11 Jun 1883 m. Allen Jefferson Higginbotham, son of James Bane Higginbotham and Sarah Louise Allen, 28 Oct 1905, he was b. 18 Feb 1873

2. Mary Louise Higginbotham b. 17 Dec 1886 married Harry Wythe Bane 1 Sep 1909


Thomas Jefferson Higginbotham, son of James Garrison Higginbotham & Elizabeth Hensley, was born 1 Aug 1817 d. 8 Jun 1879, married Nancy Bane 15 Apr 1845, b. 21 Sep 1818 d. 22 May 1900

He was a Farmer, merchant and stock dealer

He served as Quartermaster, with rank of Major, in the CSA during the Civil War. He sold goods in Jeffersonville, now Tazewell, for a few years after he was married and then bought Moses Higginbotham, Jr's farm, and other land around Liberty Hill, to which he moved about 1856. He built the Major Jeff Higginbotham residence in the upper end of Liberty Hill. He was a farmer, merchant and stock dealer.

Source: Sweeny, William Montgomery; The Higginbotham Family; JP Bell Co, Lynchburg, VA, 1971, pp 52.

Children are:

1. *James Bane Higginbotham b. 6 Mar 1846

2. Mary Elizabeth Higginbotham b. 20 Mar 1848

3. Mariah Jane Higginbotham b. 4 Aug 1850

4. *William Jefferson Higginbotham b. 14 Jul 1853 m Alice Allen, sister to Sarah Allen married James Bane Higginbotham.

5. Nannie Letitia Higginbotham b. 14 Jul 1853


Moses Jr Higginbotham, Son of Moses Higginbotham b. 1718 Ireland & Frances Kyle b. abt 1734, He was b. 1773 VA d. 1 Nov 1826 Tazewell Co, VA married Elizabeth Farris 28 Apr 1800 Washington Co, VA

[Debbie Higginbotham has more information.] He was a Hatter [particularly fur hats]

Children are:

1. Sydney Jane Higginbotham

2. Gideon Hickinbottom b. 7 jun 1799

3. William K Higginbottom b. 1804 VA

4. Laticia Higginbotham b. 1811

5. Tabitha Higginbotham b. abt 1818 Russell Co, VA

married Second: Elizabeth Garrison, daughter of Gideon Garrison b. 1740 & Sarah McSpadden b. abt 1760, she married him 1785 Washington Co, VA

Children are:

1. George Higginbotham

2. Charles Higginbotham

3. Rachel Higginbotham

4. Frances Higginbotham

5. Jane Higginbotham

6. William Kyle Higginbotham b. abt 1785

7. Moses Higginbotham b. abt 1786

8. *James Garrison Higginbotham b. 27 Dec 1788

9. joseph Higginbotham b. abt 1797

10. Aaron Hickenbotham b. 1798 VA

11. Thomas H Higginbotham b. 1813 VA


7. Samuel Allen b. 1828 Greene Co, TN

8. John Allen b. 1830 Greene Co, TN

9. Nancy Allen b. 1830 Greene co, TN

10. Daniel Earnest Allen b. 1832 Greene Co, TN died in Georgia he was in the Civil War, he had a son named Ivan and Ivan had a son named Ivan in Georgia

11. Margaret E. Allen born 1833 Greene County, Tennessee married Almegro H Noell 22 September 1859 Greene County, Tennessee, Son of John Callaway & Nancy Witt, he was born about 1818 Virginia died 8 January 1898 Bedford County, Virginia. He is buried in Danville, Virginia. [He was first married to Unknown]

He came back, on horseback from the Mexican American War in Mexico, with his little girl Annie.

He did engineering work on RR Bristol to Bulls Gap. He was injured on the job and lost a leg.

About 1875 he took his son Pap Noel [John Allen Noell] about age 9, to Andrew Johnson's Funeral.


Children are:

Child by Unknown:

1. Annie Noell born about 1834 Texas married Unknown Harmon in Virginia

Child is:

1. Felice Marie Harmon born about 1852 Virginia

By Margaret Allen:

1. John Allen "Papa" Noell born 5 February 1866 Greene County, Tennessee, died 26 december 1956 Greeneville, Greene County, Tennessee, he married Cate Nellie "Katy B" Carter in 1891, daughter of Robert Carter & Eliza Spears [Tennessee Spears], she was born 5 January 1872 Tennessee, died 19 March 1925 Greeneville, Greene County, Tennessee, both are buried in Oak Grove Cemetery.

Children are:

1. Felicia Marie Noell born 21 November 1891 Tennessee died 9 September 1980 Greeneville, Greene County, Tennessee, buried Oak Grove Cemetery, married Clyde Bernard Austin 21 May 1913, he was born 20 January 1891 Austin Springs, Washington County, Tennessee

She was the Founder of Cherokee/A. Johnson Club

Graduated Centenary College in Cleveland.

Children are:

1. Clyde Bernard Austin born 9 September 1914 died 9 July 1949 Greeneville, Greene County, Tennessee, buried Oak Grove Cemetery, married Mary Letty Mims, she was born 26 June 1918 Newport, Cocke County, Tennessee. They have two living children

2. Tom Noell Austin born 11 May 1916 Greeneville, Greene County, Tennessee married Emily Craig Donaldson 19 November 1938 Second Presbyterian Church, she was born 14 August 1917 Knoxville, Tennessee. They have four living children.

3. Robert Carter Austin born 12 March 1919 Greeneville, Greene County, Tennessee died 14 Aug 1990 Greeneville, Greene County, Tennessee married Mary Elizabeth "Mary Lib" Timmons, she was born 1922 Nebraska died about 1987 Greeneville, Greene County, Tennessee They have three living children

4. Frank Smith Austin born 7 August 1923 Greeneville, Greene County, Tennessee died 19 October 2000 North Palm Beach, Florida, married [1] Anne McKeehan Easterly 24 June 1944 Keesler Field, Biloxi, Mississippi, she was born 12 July 1922 Greeneville, Greene County, Tennessee died 8 October 1978 Knoxville, Tennessee. [2] Joan Croft Davies 7 April 1976 Florida, she was born 26 February 1921 Kent, England

He has three living children by Anne Easterly.

2. Madeline G Noell born 23 March 1893 Tennessee, died 12 April 1981 Greeneville, Greene County, Tennessee married Leighton Armitage, son of William Armitage & Julia Austin, he was born 8 November 1893 Greene County, Tennessee died 20 April 1946 Greeneville, Greene County, Tennessee both are buried Oak Grove Cemetery

Children are:

1. John "Jack" Austin Armitage born 4 August 1919 Greene County, Tennessee died 4 January 2007 Chrlottesville, Charlottesville City, Virginia, married Patricia "Pat" Weiss 4 January 1950 Tennessee, she was born 7 February 1923.

Jack was in the Military Servie 13 March 1942 New York City, New York; He was a US Deputy Asst. Secretary of State

They have two living children.

2. Helen Armitage born 7 February 1925 Greene County, Tennessee married Unknown Allen.

They have two living children.

3. Helen N Noell born 28 February 1897 Tennessee, died 10 September 1995 Greeneville, Greene County, Tennessee, buried Oak Grove Cemetery, Married [1] Fred W Pickle, he was born about 1891 Tennessee [2] Unknown Krebs, he was born about 1895 Tennessee

Child by Pickle:

1. Fred W Pickle "Noel" born 4 July 1919 died 18 April 2000 Greeneville, Greene County, Tennessee

He was active in the Humane Society, Later was Manager of Round Table Restaurant, then he worked at Tusculum College Bookstore.

4. Lucy W Noell born 12 October 1898 Tennessee

5. Robert Almegro Noell born 1 August 1893 Tennessee died 1943 Greeneville, Greene County, Tennessee buried Oak Grove Cemetery, married Lorena Lay 1926, she was born 1904 Tennessee died 1951 Greeneville, Greene County, Tennessee buried Oak Grove Cemetery

Children are:

1. Robert A Noell born 1 October 1929 Tennessee

2. Felice Noell born 3 October 1927 Tennessee

6. L Carter Noell born 1903 Tennessee

7. John Allen Noell born 24 December 1899 Tennessee

8. Eugene Spears Noell born 1905 Tennessee

2. Mary Elizabeth Noell born 25 June 1869 Tennessee died 1959

3. Sydney Noell born 8 August 1874 Tennessee married Bessie Cl

Children are:

1. William C Noell born 1904 Greene County, Tennessee

2. Margaret J Noell born 1905 Greene County, Tennessee

3. Stella S Noell born 1908 Greene County, Tennessee



CORNELIUS NOELL was born 8 November 1623 Zuid, Leiden, Holland and died 6 June 1699 Essex, Virginia, he married Elizabeth Page, she was born 1623 Leiden, South Holland, Netherlands.

Immigration: Came to Virginia on the ship "Holland" Naturalization: 1686, Essex County, Virginia Probate: June 10, 1699, Will of Cornelius Noel recorded, Essex County, Virginia Will: January 16, 1698/99, Will written, Essex County, Virginia

Children are:

1. JAMES NOELL born 1689 Occupacia, Essex Co, Virginia, and died 17 April 1741 Occupacia, Essex, Virginia, he married Elizabeth Evans born 1695 Occupacia, Essex, Virginia died Occupacia, Essex, Virginia

James NOELL Sr. and his wife Elizabeth were of "New Holland" plantation, Essex County. The will of James NOELL was proved in Essex on April 21, 1741 and is contained in Book 6, page 295 and 339. This will devises property to his sons: James, Cornelias, John, Edward, Joseph, Thomas, Rice, Reuben, and Richard as well as his daughters Esther and Milley. The property consisted of lands on Occupation Run. A further order of distribution of the estate of James NOELL, deceased was made on September 15, 1741 [Will Book, Number 6 , page 339]. Distribution was mad to his widow and to James NOELL Jr., Cornelias NOELL , John NOELL, Edward NOELL, Richard NOELL, and to Esther GARNETT, daughater of said James NOELL and to Milley NOELL. The foregoing will and distribution order proves that Esther GARNETT, wife of John GARNETT, was the daughter of James NOELL. Concerning Caleb and Eli Noel. The JW books show them both being born in 1741. They could easily be James Jr.'s children; however, under Eli Noell in the JW Noel books, it states the following: 21 Apr 1741 At a Court held for Essex County at Tappahannock on the 21st day of April 1741, Present: Thomas Waring, James Garnett, Alexander Parker, Mingo Roy (Gentlemen) The Petition of Elizabeth Noel widow of James Noel late of this County deceased this day setting forth that she have had two children by name Eli and Caleb born since her husband's will, and praying the court to order and derogate someway whereby the said two children may come in for equal share of their deceased father's estate, being read is rejected. O. B. 12, p. 133-135

Children are:

1. James Noell born 1717 Essex Co, Virginia

2. Cornelius Noell born 1719 Essex Co, Virginia

3. John Noell born 1721 Essex Co, Virginia

4. Edward Noell born 1723 Essex Co, Virginia

5. Joseph Noell born 1725 Essex Co, Virginia

6. Thomas Noell born 1727 Essex Co, Virginia

7. Rice Noell born 1729 Essex Co, Virginia

8. Reuben Noell born 1731 Essex Co, Virignia

9. Richard Noell born 1733 Essex Co, Virignia

10. Hester Noell born 1735 Essex Co, Virginia

11. Milly Noell born 1737 Essex Co, Virignia

12. Elizabeth Noell born 1739 Essex Co, Virignia

13. Caleb Noell born 1741 Essex Co, Virignia

14. Eli Noell born 1741 Essex Co, Virginia

2. DANIEL NOELL born about 1665 Occupacia, Essex, Virginia died 15 September 1755 Occupacia, Essex Co, Virginia, married Elizabeth Elliot, she was born 1672 Occupacia, Essex Co, Virignia

Children are:

1. Margaret Noell born 1695 Culpepper, Essex Co, Virigina 2. Daniel noell born 1700 Essex Co, Virignia

3. Cornelius Noell born 1702 Essex Co, Virginia

4. Bernard Noell born 1706 Essex Co, Virignia

5. John Noell born 1710 Essex Co, Virginia

6. Benjamin Noell born 1712 Essex Co, Virigina

7. Samuel Noell born 1716 Essex Co, Virgiinia

5. JOSEPH NOELL was born abt 1725 Occupacia, Essex Co, Virginia died 15 April 1771 Essex Co, Virginia, he married Mary Smither, she was born about 1727 Essex Co, Virginia

Children are:

1. Ann Noell born 1764 Orange Co, Virginia

2. Tabatha Noell born 1754 Essex Co, Virginia

3. Esther Noell born 1762 Essex Co, Virginia

4. Rose Rosanna Noell born 1764

5. Mary Polly Noell born 1766

3. JOHN NOELL was born about 1721 Essex County, Virginia died 25 November 1776, he married Ann Garnett, she was born 1726 Essex County, Virginia

Children are:

1. Thomas Noell born 1745 Cumberland Co, Virginia

2. Robert Noell born 1748 Cumberland Co, Virginia

3. John Noell born 1752

4. Virginia Rebecca Noell born 25 March 1761 Buckingham County, Virginia

14, ELI NOELL was born 1741 [after his father's death]Occupacia, Essex County, Virginia, married Elizabeth Coleman, she was born about 1740 Essex County, Virginia.

Children are:

1. Robert Noel born about 1761

2. John Noel born 1763

3. Poindexter Noel born 1764

4. Sarah Noel born about 1766

5. Richard Noel born 1770

6. Thompson Noel born 1772 Chesterfield County, Virginia

7. littleberry Noel born 1776

8. Eli Noel born 1783

2. CORNELIUS NOELL was born 1719 Occupacia, Essex, Virginia died 16 December 1771 Essex Co, Virginia, married Anne Fogg, she was born the daughter of Nathaniel Fogg & Elizabeth Welch, she was born 1723 Occupacia, Essex Co, Virginia died 16 December 1767 Essex Co, Virginia.

In 1766 named as payee in accounting for estate of Cornelius Noell, deceased, Estate appraised January 19 1767 Will Book 12.

Appraisement of estate of 12. Mary Jane Allen b. 1836 Greene Co, TN


2.**Samuel W. Allen b. 1796 Greene Co, TN d. 2 Oct 1851 Greeneville, Greene Co, TN buried Oak Grove Cem., married Trenton Elizabeth Farnsworth, daughter of Robert Farnsworth & Rebecca Baker, she was b. 12 Sept 1819 Tennessee [some have 1810] d. 3 May 1870 Greene Co, TN, buried Oak Grove Cem,

His Will 24 Sept 1851, Greene Co, TN mentions Elizabeth, after Samuel's death she married Joseph B. Walker on 25 Aug 1853 by James Brandon [Brannon], He was b. 10 Oct 1826 Vir d. 4 Oct 1902 Greene Co, TN, TRENTON is buried BETWEEN SAMUEL ALLEN and JOSEPH B. WALKER at Oak Grove Cem. Section F, Row 59

Her stone reads:

In Memory of:

Mrs. T. E. Walker, Wife of J. B. Walker

Born September 12, 1819

Died May 3, 1870

Surviving Children seven:

"To where this silent marble weeps

A friend, A Wife, A Mother sleeps

A heart within who sacred Cell

The peaceful virtues loved to dwell

1850 census Greene Co, TN p. 150A 150B

Samuel Allen 50 m Farmer 6000 Tn Trenton E. 50 F Tn William 8 m Tn James 6 m Tn Samuel 5 m Tn Caroline 2 F Tn Humphry Brader 14 m Ill Caroline Farnsworth 33 F Tn Mary Ann Farnsworth 24 F Tn Lewis Patterson 40 m B Cleborne Tn

Here I am going to insert the family of Joseph B Walker & Trenton Elizabeth Farnsworth Allen Walker:

Children are:

1. Finette Walker b. 7 May 1854 d. 15 Dec 1923 Greene Co, TN married Thomas Jefferson Farnsworth 1 Oct 1874, Son of John Farnsworth & Elizabeth Parman, he was born 23 Dec 1852 d. 24 Nov 1917 Greene Co, TN, both are buried Harrison Cemetery, Bethesa Church:

Children are:

1. Benjamin Jamieson Farnsworth m. Mabelle Jessie McCampbell

2. Cleopatra O'Stella Farnsworth b. 1876 m. Thomas Newton Sizmore

3. John Walker Farnsworth b. 1877 d. 1954 m. Elza Broyles b. 1880 d. 1948, both buried Harrison Cem.

4. Joseph McMillan Farnsworth b. 1878 d. 1919 m. Bess Holly

5. Carrie Elizabeth Farnsworth b. 20 Jan 1880 d. 2 Sep 1907 Greene Co, TN buried Harrison Cem.

6. Monte Campbell Farnsworth b. 2 Feb 1885 d. 7 Feb 1890 Greene Co, TN, buried Bethesda Cem

7. William Earnest Farnsworth b. 28 Dec 1886 d. 1 May 1888

8. David Hunter Farnsworth

9. Nellie Barnum Farnsworth m. Sidney Crum

Children are:

1. Larue Crum

2. Euldene Crum

3. Lloyd Crum

4. Roxie Crum

5. Clyde Crum

6. Flossie Crum

10. Leora Bell Farnsworth m. Wasson Lee Broyles

Children are:

1. Gilford Farnsworth Broyles

2. Winfred Walker Broyles

3. Marion Lee Broyles

4. William Thomas Broyles

5. Joe Ben Broyles

6. June Finette Broyles

11. Charles Entice Farnsworth m. Kittie Cooter

Children are:

1. Dorothy Farnsworth

2. Helen Farnsworth

3. Charles Farnsworth

4. Jay Farnsworth

2. Jennette Walker b. 1857 m. Benjamin Jamison Farnsworth 27 Feb 1878 b. 24 Aug 1855 d. 2 Nov 1945

3. Charles Walker b. 7 Nov 1858 d. 16 Jun 1943 m. Mary O

4. Trenton Elizabeth Walker b. 1861 m. W. Z. Farnsworth 23 Mar 1881

5. Alice Walker m. William Yancy Farnsworth, son of John W Farnsworth & Elizabeth Parman, he was b. 21 Mar 1862

Child is:

1. Ruth Farnsworth b. 11 Feb 1894 m Charles Sparkman

Source: From File on Joseph B Walker by John Wehmeyer 7-6-2005

William Yancy Farnsworth father is John W Farnsworth b. 26 Feb 1825 d. 29 Nov 1864 Ft Douglas, ILL: [died in a Union Army Prison Camp and is buried there] he married Elizabeth Parman b. 9 jun 1830 d. 27 Jan 1913 Green Co, TN, buried Solomon Lutheran Church Cem. Greene Co, TN, daughter of John Parman and Eva Bird

Children are:

1. James Hatcher Farnsworth b. 1 Jan 1851

2. Samuel Allen Farnsworth b. 21 Mar 1862

3. William Yancy Farnsworth b. 21 Mar 1862

4. Leorna Josephine Farnsworth b. 24 Jun 1849

5. Thomas Jefferson Farnsworth b. 23 Dec 1852

6. Benjamin Jamison Farnsworth b. 24 Aug 1855


John W Farnsworth father was: Thomas Farnsworth b. 7 Dec 1797 Greene Co, TN & Rebecca Lotspeich b. 13 Oct 1797 Vir.

Elizabeth Parman's father was: John Parman b. 6 Oct 1807 Greene Co, TN and Eva Bird

Children are:

1. David Parman b. 24 Sep 1828

2. Elizabeth Parman b. 9 Jun 1830

3. Mary Parman b. abt 1832

4. Margaret Parman b. abt 1834

5. Emanuel Parman b. abt 1836

6. Daniel M Parman b. abt 1837

7. Emeline Parman b. abt 1840

8. Samuel W Parman b. abt 1842

9. Catherine Parman b. abt 1844

10. Martha A Parman b. abt 1846

11. William B Parman b. abt 1849

12. Benjamin F Parman b. abt 1852

13. Julius Parman b. abt 1854


Info on Trenton Elizabeth Farnsworth's line:

Her Father was ROBERT DAVIS FARNSWORTH b. 6 May 1785 Greene Co, TN d. 28 Apr 1860 Walnut, Madison Co, NC, he married 3 times: [1]**Rebecca Baker 8 Dec 1802 Greene Co, TN, daughter of Isaac Baker and Hannah Houston, she was born 1783 Greene Co, TN and died in Greene Co, TN [2] Jan Jenny Gass 22 Jan 1806 Greene Co, TN, daughter of John Gass & Margaret Wagner, she was b. 11 Dec 1787 Greene Co, TN d. 11 Apr 1819 Greene Co, TN [3] Jane B Guin 12 Jan 1820 Greene Co, TN she was b. 22 Dec 1797 d. 20 May 1883 Walnut, Madison Co, NC.

Robert Farnsworth had as his bondsman, John Farnsworth, this was not his father, maybe his uncle or could have been his brother, John M Farnsworth, twelve years older than himself.

Rebecca Baker Farnsworth received one share of her fathers estate at his death in 1818. She and her sister, Polly [Mary] Baker Allen, received 2 negros, Dain & Anderson at their mothers death in 1826.


Children by Rebecca Baker:

1. Junetta Farnsworth b. 1804 Greene Co, TN married Robert Allen in Greene Co, TN

2. Isaac Farnsworth b. 1804 Greene Co, TN d. aft 1860 TN, married Mary Polly Shackleford 12 Oct 1846 TN, she was b. 1809 TN

3. Jackson Farnsworth b. 1805

4. Nancy Farnsworth b. 1805 Greene Co, TN married John G Nelson 7 Dec 1828 TN b. abt 1800

5. Caroline Farnsworth b. 1808

6. **Trenton Elizabeth Farnsworth b. 12 Sep 1819 TN d. 19 Feb 1891 Greene Co, TN married [1] **SAMUEL W ALLEN b. 1794 Greene Co, TN d. 2 Oct 1851 Greeneville, Greene Co, TN [my gg-grandparents] [2] Joseph B Walker b. 10 Oct 1826 d. 4 Oct 1902 Greene Co, TN

7. Mary Ann Farnsworth b. 1815 married Daniel Allen


Children by Jane Gass are:

1. John G Farnsworth b. 1805 Greene Co, TN

2. Margaret Farnswoth b. 1808 TN

3. William Farnsworth b. 1809 TN

4. Susan Farnsworth b. 1813 TN

5. Eliza Farnsworth b. 1816 TN


Children by Jane Guin are:

1. Catherine W Farnsworth

2. Alexander Farnsworth

3. Robert M Farnsworth b. 3 Dec 1820


Robert Davis Farnsworth's Father was: HENRY FARNSWORTH b. 1740 Vir d. 24 Apr 1816 Greene Co, TN married Unknown [some have down Mary Jane McKeehan, widow of Samuel McKeehan who died 1785 Franklin [later, Greene Co, TN]but nothing is proven yet: from messages:

Larry Dyer & Steven M Hall, nothing has been proven about Mary marrying Henry Farnsworth, message 1080 says: "...Court Records in which a John Brown gets support money from Greene Co, to care for a Margaret McKeehan, pauper, in 1821 and 1822. He believes this John Brown who married Samuel and Margaret McKeehan's daughter Mary, so it would make sense that John and Mary would take care of her mother in her old age."

Also in message 864: Steven Hall believes the family tradition that the father or grandfather of Henry Farnsworth Sr. was in the Battle of Bunker Hill. He has no proof yet, but he thinks Lt. David Farnsworth and Hannah Hastings of Charlestown NH and formerly of Lunenburg, Mass. are good possibilities. The whole family was in that Battle. He has checked carefully the Farnsworth in that battle and none fit to be Henry's parents, but Lt. David Farnsworth. Again he express's the fact that he has no proof yet, but there is a 10 year gap between their children, where Henry and John who died in the Rev. War. bef 1778 could certainly fit. Of course all this depends on if the family story of the family being the the Battle of Bunker Hill is true or not..

When you get a chance check out under Farnsworth..

Henry's second wife was Elizabeth Bennett, all children were born by his first Unknown for Certain Wife:

Children are:

1. **ROBERT DAVIS FARNSWORTH b. 6 May 1785 Greene Co, TN d. 28 Apr 1860 Walnut, Madison Co, NC married Rebecca Baker[above]ggg-grandparents]

2. Perline Farnsworth b. 1766 married William Hankins 28 Jan 1822 Greene Co, TN

Child is:

1. Henry M Farnsworth b. 1835 TN married Mary Ann Gass b. 1824 Greene Co, TN d. 10 Jan 1875 Greene Co, TN


3. John M Farnsworth b. 1768 Piscatua, NJ d. 11 Aug 1830 Greene Co, TN married Jane Jamison 1787 Greene Co, TN, daughter of Benjamin Jameson & Jane Campbell, she was born 1760 d. 11 Aug 1830 Greene Co, TN

[some have John's birthdate as 1772]

Children are:

1. Margaret Farnsworth b. 1788 Greene Co, TN married Philip Wilhott 20 Jul 1808

2. Elizabeth Jane Farnsworth b. 2 Dec 1789 Greeneville, Greene Co, TN d. 1859 married Henry McAlpin 15 Sep 1812 Greene Co, TN he was b. 6 Apr 1793 Knoxville, Knox Co, TN d. 1857 Hawleyville, Page Co, IA

[some have Elizabeth's birth as 2 Dec 1787]


3. David Farnsworth b. 11 Jul 1790 Greene Co, TN d. aft 1850 Greene Co, TN married Dorcas 24 Sep 1812 Greene Co, TN, she was b. 9 Nov 1792 Greene Co, TN d. 19 Aug 1852 Johnson co, TN [some have David's birth as 1791]


4. Daniel Farnsworth b. Greene Co, TN

5. Mary Ann Farnsworth b. 27 Jul 1793 Greene Co, TN

6. Solomon Farnsworth b. 1796 Greene Co, TN

7. Sarah Farnsworth b. 1800 Greene Co, TN

8. Thomas M Farnsworth b. 7 Dec 1797 Greene Co, TN

9. Nancy Farnsworth b. 1800 Greene Co, TN

10. Jane Farnsworth b. 18 Apr 1801 Greene Co, TN

11. John R Farnsworth b. 1803 Greene Co, TN


4. Jane Ginny Farnsworth b. 1770 Vir d. Page Co, IA married Alexander McAlpin 14 Jul 1787 Greene Co, TN he was b. 1764 TN d. 1805 Greeneville, Greene Co, TN

Children are:

1. Margaret McAlpin b. 26 Sep 1788 TN

2. Sarah Sally McAlpin b. 1790 Greene Co, TN

3. Dyannah McAlpin b. 1790 Greene Co, TN

4. Robert McAlpin b. 1791 Greeneville, Greene Co, TN

5. Henry McAlpin b. 6 Apr 1793 Knoxville, Knox Co, TN d. 1857 Hawleyville, Page Co, IA married Elizabeth Jane Farnsworth 15 Sep 1812 Greene Co, TN she was the daughter of John M Farnsworth & Jane Jamison, she was born 2 Dec 1789 Greeneville, Greene Co, TN d. 1859.

6. John McAlpin b. 1795 Greene Co, TN

7. David McAlpin b. 15 Apr 1797 Greene Co, TN

8. Nancy McAlpin b. 1799 Greene Co, TN

9. Sarah McAlpin b. 1800 Green Co, TN

10. George McAlpin b. 1801 Greene Co, TN

11. John McAlpin b. 1803 Knoxville, Knox Co, TN


6. Benjamin Farnsworth b. 1773 Loudon Co, Vir d. 1813 Loudon Co, Vir married Mary "Polly" McAmis 8 Aug 1804 Greene Co, TN she was b. 1787 Bedford, Vir d. 27 jul 1813

Children are:

1. David Farnsworth

2. Mary P Farnsworth

3. George Farnsworth b. 1804 NC

4. Thomas Farnsworth b. 1806 Greene Co, TN

5. William G Farnsworth b. 1808 Greene Co, TN

6. Alexander Farnsworth b. 1813


7. Henry Farnsworth b. 1775 Loudon, Vir d. 6 Oct 1851 Greene Co, TN married Frances Allen 17 Jan 1799 Greene Co, TN daughter of Robert Allen & Unknown, she was b. 1777 Vir d. 1850 Greene Co, TN [Robert Allen is ggg-grandfather]

Children are:

1. Henry Allen Farnsworth b. 1803 Greene Co, TN

2. Martha Farnsworth b. 1804 Greene Co, TN

3. Margaret Farnsworth b. 1806 Greene Co, TN

4. Samuel Hill Farnsworth b. 26 Jan 1806 Greene Co,TN

5. Jane G Farnsworth b. 18 Apr 1811 Greene Co, TN

6. Elizabeth Farnsworth b. 1815 Greene Co, TN


8. Mary "Polly" Farnsworth b. 1777 Loudon Co, Vir d. 1860 Greene Co, TN married William Robert Hall, son of Nathaniel Hall & Elizabeth Doak, he was b. 6 Mar 1771 Betetourt Co, Vir d. 12 Mar 1846 Greene Co, TN, buried Jerrodelstown, on the Pierce Farm

Children are:

1. James Hall b. 25 Dec 1795 Washington Co, TN

2. Henry Doak Hall b. 1798 Washington Co, TN

3. Nathaniel Hall b. 1799

4. Enoch Hall b. 1801 Greene Co, TN

5. A Endimyon Hall b. 6 Oct 1802 Washington Co, TN

6. Elizabeth Hall b. 1803 Greene Co, TN

7. Margaret Hall b. 16 Feb 1806 Greene Co, TN

8. David Farnsworth Hall b. 3 Mar 1808

9. Henry Hall b. 1814 NC

10. Alexander Hall b. 1816 Greene Co, TN

11. Martha Hall b. 1818 TN

12. William Hall b. 1820 TN

13. Sanford Hall b. 1828 Pittsylvania Co, Vir


8. David Farnsworth b. 6 May 1785 Greene Co, TN d. 29 Apr 1860 Walnut, Buncombe Co, NC married Jane Jenny Gass 22 Jan 1806 Greene Co, TN daughter of John Gass & Margaret Wagner, she was b. 11 Dec 1787 Greene Co, TN d. 11 Apr 1819 Greene Co, TN

Child is:

1. John Gass Farnsworth b. 1809


9. Sarah Farnsworth b. 1788 Greene Co, TN d. 1858 married [1] George Gass 6 Mar 1806 Greene Co, TN, son of John Gass & Margaret Wagner, he was b. 1785 Greene Co, TN d. 1816 Greene Co, TN married [2] John E Hawkins 20 Feb 1817 Greene Co, TN, he was b. 1780

Children by George Gass are:

1. Alexander Gass b. 1807 Greene Co, TN

2. Margaret Gass b. 1809 Greene Co, TN

3. George M Gass b. 17 Jan 1814 Greene Co, TN

4. Nancy Gass b. Greene Co, TN

5. Mary F Gass b. Greene Co, TN

Children by John Hawkins are:

1. Nancy Ann Hawkins

2. Mary "Polly" Hawkins

3. John E Hawkins b. 1822


This is from World Connect but is not verified by me at all:

Henry's Father could possibly be: Thomas Henry Farnsworth b. 1691 Chesterfield, Burlington, NJ d. 9 Oct 1758 Kingwood, Hunterdon, NJ married Mary Brunson Brinson, daughter of Daniel Brinson & Frances Greenland, she was b. 1696 Membury, Devon, England, d. 9 Aug 1750

Children are:

1. Ruth Farnsworth b. NJ

2. Mary Farnsworth b. NJ

3. John Hunterton Farnsworth b. 1710 Kingwood, Hunterdon, NJ

4. Nathaniel Farnsworth b. 1720 NJ

5. Thomas Farnsworth b. 1726 NJ

6. Susannah Drake Farnsworth b. 1733 NJ

7. Daniel Farnsworth b. 1739 NJ

8. Henry Farnsworth b. 1740 Vir d. 1816 Greene Co, TN

9. Thomas Brinson Farnsworth b. 1746 NJ

10. Henry Farnsworth b. 1750 NJ


Thomas Henry Farnsworth's parents are thought to be perhaps: Thomas Farnsworth who was a Quaker who arrived in NJ 1677 aboard "The Hope" and his descendants are well documented, he married Susannah Smith and they have only the one child down, Thomas Henry Farnsworth b. 1691 NJ.


Children by Samuel Allen & Trenton are:

1. **WILLIAM CRAWFORD ALLEN born 3 June 1837 Greene Co, TN died 8 May 1919 Cane Hill,Washington Co, Arkansas, buried Cane Hill Cem. married Elizabeth Martha Johnston 6 Feb 1868 Greene Co, TN, born 17 Dec 1847 TN, died 15 Nov 1914 Cane Hill, Washington Co, Arkansas, buried Cane Hill Cem. named Martha Allen on stone. She was the daughter of James Johnston b. 1813 Virginia & Mary J. Maloy b. 1814 NC [probably what became TN]

1870 Census Greene Co, TN:

[My Great-Grandparents]

William C. Allen 29 Farmer Tenn parents TN Elizabeth M. 21 Tenn parents Vir & TN James S. 1 Tenn parents TN Samuel W. Allen 24 Farmer Tenn parents Tn [brother to Wm]

1880 Washington County, Arkansas

Allen W. C. 43 Tenn Martha 33 Tenn James S. 10 Tenn S. C. [Susan] 9 Tenn Charles 8 Tenn Edgar 6 Tenn John 4 Tenn James 1 Tenn

Marriage Records, Washington County, Arkansas:

C. J. Allen 25 Bessie Babb, 20 Nov. 16, 1897

John F. Allen 21 Emma Babb 18, Dec. 8, 1897

Edgar Allen 23 Bessie Houston, 18, Dec 8, 1897

1900 Arkansas Census: LDS Vol. 40

William C. Allen is found at Vol. 40 Ed 99 Single page 14 List 93

He is listed as 62, born June 1837 TN

Martha is 52 b. 17 Dec 1847 TN

Susan, daughter is 29, b. Jan 1871 TN

Mary 17 b. 18 Aug 1882 Ark [my grandmother]

Floyd 15 b. Sep 1884 Ark

William [Crocket] 13 b. June 1886 Ark

Jim Blakemore 3, b. July 1896 listed as GN [Great Nephew] This was Mary Johnson's son, she died when he was 2 months. she was Martha's neice.

All three branches of the family were listed as living in Cane Hill Twp at the time of the census.

Marriage Source Info: LDS Extracted marriage record for Greene Co, TN Usually arranged chronologically by the marriage date. Batch No. M519242 1856-1885

Source: 944387 Film. Source Call No: 0944387

Marriage 6 Feb 1868 Greene Co, TN

Children are:

1. James Samuel Allen b. 4 July 1869 Greeneville, Greene Co, TN d. 2 Aug 1958 Los Angeles County, Calif. buried 5 Aug 1958 Olivelawn, La Mirada, Calif. m. [1] Susan Rutherford Magers in 1892 Prairie Grove, Washington Co, Ark. daughter of John Magers & Easter Adams b. 28 Mar 1874 Jonesboro, Craighead Co, Ark. d. 13 Mar 1940 Bellflower, Los Angeles Co, Calif. buried 16 Mar 1940 Olivelawn, La Mirada, Calif.

Emigrated to California in 1939, worked as an Engineer for Oklahoma Water Dept. for 18 years, they resided at 115 Acacia, Ontario, Calif. Very late in life he married Tess

Children are:

  1. Arnold Dale Allen b. 21 Feb 1893 Prairie Grove, Washington Co, Ark. d. Aug 1967 Springdale, Washington Co, ARk. m. Maude Greathouse 20 Nov 1917 Ark. she was b. 27 Sept 1894 Ark. d. 13 Apr 1988 Springdale, Ark.

On 1920 Census Prairie Grove Ark. Social Security No. 431-07-9500 Maude's SSNo. 429-34-1547 both Ark.

  2. Frances Ruth Allen b. 3 Feb 1895 Prairie Grove, Washington Co, Ark. d. 15 Sept 1971 Bellflower, Los Angeles Calif. buried 18 Sept 1971 Olivelawn Cem La Mirada, Calif. m. John Clay Pyeatte in 1917 Okmulgee, Oklahoma, son of Henry Pyeatte born Nov 1841 Cane Hill, Ark, and Elizabeth Tuks b. Dec 1852 Ark, he was b. 27 Oct 1887 Cane Hill, ARk d. 10 Feb 1957 Bellflower, Los Angeles, Calif. buried 13 Feb 1957 Olivelawn, La Mirada, Calif. He had a brother, William Harris Pyeatte b. 1897 who died in Lake, California, he married someone named Cleo and they had a daughter named Patricia Pyeatte

Children are:

    1. Carlyn Frances Pyeatte b. 23 Aug 1918 Okmulgee, OK d. 8 Mar 1945 Bellflower, Los Angeles Co, Calif married William Jennings Holcomb, they had a daughter named Buren Ruth Holcomb b. 9 Mar 1941

    2. Gwendolyn Sue Pyeatte b. 24 Feb 1924 Okmulgee, OK d. 3 Aug 1987 San Clemente, Orang County, Calif, married Eddie Davis, they had a daughter Jerilyn Davis b. 24 Feb 1948 Los Angeles County, Calif.

Father of Henry Pyeatte was JOHN RANKIN PYEATT b. Nov 1805 Warren Co, KY d. 5 Jan 1897 Cane Hill, Washington Co, Ark, he was a Carpenter, he married Elizabeth Buchanan b. 10 Jan 1809 West Tennessee, on the 16 Mar 1831 Washington Co, Ark

Children are:

    1. Andrew Pyeatt b. abt 1833 Ark

    2. Katherine J. Pyeatt b. 18 Sep 1839 Wasington Co, Ark

    3. HENRY PYEATT b. Nov 1841 Arkansas

    4. Margaret Pyeatt b. abt 1848 Arkansas

1850 Census Washington Co, Ark, Cane Hill Twp:

35 35 PYEATT John R 44 M KY Carpenter

Elizabeth 41 F TN

Andrew 17 M Ark Farmer

Catharin 10 F Ark

Henry 8 M Ark

Margaret 2 F Ark

J. R. Pyeatt. The biographical department of this work would be incomplete without mentioning the Pyeatts, who were among the pioneer settlers of Arkansas, and were first represented in this State by James and Kate [Finley] Pyeatt, natives of North Carolina, who, in 1812, removed from Kentucky about thirteen miles above Little Rock. Here they spent the remainder of their days. J.R. Pyeatt was in Kentucky in 1805, and came to Arkansas with his parents, and was here reared to manhood. In about 1827, he came to Washington County, and erected the first frame house ever built in the county, which is in good preservation, and in which he still resides. Having a natural taste for mechanics, he opened a wagon and blacksmith shop shortly after his arrival here, and followed that occupation for a number of years. He and his brother purchased some raw land, which they improved, but in 1861 Mr. Pyeatt engaged in the milling business, in partnership with his son-in-law, William S. Moore, and has since given that business the most of his attention. In 1831 he was married to Miss Elizabeth Buchanan, who was born and reared in West Tennessee. Her death occurred in 1868. William S. Moore, miller and farmer, was born in Greene County, Tennessee, February 20, 1835, the son of Capt. Anthony, and grandson of David Moore, the latter being a soldier in the Revolutionary War. Anthony Moore was a farmer by occupation, and died in Greene County, Tennessee, in the spring of 1880. His wife whose maiden name was Nancy Helt, was also born in Tennessee. William S. Moore spent his youthful days on a farm in Tennessee, and made his home with his father until twenty-one years of age. He then learned the wagon-maker's trade and in the fall of 1858 came to Arkansas, locating in Cane Hill, where he worked at this trade until the summer of 1862, when he joined the Thirty-Fourth Arkansas Infantry, Confederate States Army, and served until the close of the war. He participated in the Battle of praire Grove, and was paroled int he summer of 1865. He then returned home, and formed a partnership with Mr. Pyeatt in the milling business, and erected the Cane Hill Mills, which was in running order by the spring of 1866. The mill has been remodeled and improved since it was erected, and is now one of the finest mills in Washington County. It has a combined roller and buhr process, and has a capacity of forty barrels per day. They also manufacture some lumber, and in 1869 added a carding machine, which has proved very profitable. In 1861 Mr. Moore married Miss Kate Pyeatt, a daughter of his partner, Mr. Pyeatt, and their union was blessed in the birth of four children; Henry [who is a physician of the county], Charles R., Bettie and lucy. Mrs. Moore married died in 1877, and he afterward married his present wife, Mrs. Josephine moore, a daughter of James Moore. She was born in East Tennessee, and was reared in Tennessee and Missouri. They are members of the Cumberland Prsbyterian Church, and are worthy citizens of county, Mr. Moore has a good farm, which he manages in connection with his mill, and a fine orchard of forty-five acres.

Source: Lesa Pfrommer 5 Oct 2002

 3. William Harris Allen b. 13 June 1897 Prairie Grove, Washington Co, ARk. d. 17 Sept 1988 Lower Lake, Lake, Calif. m. Cleo Hanks in Oklahoma b. 12 Apr 1901 Ark d. 8 May 1987 Lower Lake, Lake, Calif.

 4. Marie Kathleen Allen b. 16 Nov 1899 Prairie Grove, Washington Co, Ark. d. 23 Aug 1962 Bellflower, Los Angeles Co, Calif. buried 31 Aug 1962 Westminister, Orange Co, Calif. she was a Missionary, Methodist.

m. Clarence Levi Steen 5 May 1918 Okmulgee, Oklahoma b. 2 Nov 1893 Barren, Kentucky d. 7 Jan 1965 Artesia, Los Angeles, Calif. buried 9 Jan 1965 Westminister, Orange Co, Calif.

  5. Charles Louis Allen b. 2 Mar 1902 Prairie Grove, Washington Co, ARk d. 19 Dec 1981 Bellflower, Los Angeles, Calif. m. Anna Bessie Hammond 24 July 1922 in Bellflower, Calif. he is buried Forest Lawn Cyprus, Orange Co, Calif. Social Security No. 564-10-1004 Calif.

  6. Pittman Lloyd Allen b. 1907 Prairie Grove, Washington Co, ARk d. 11 Mar 1965 Lynwood, Los Angeles Calif. married Nina, buried 14 Mar 1965 Westminister, Orange Co, Calif. was a Doctor of Religion, Baptist Minister, he resided at 2910 Missouri St, South Gate, Los Angeles Co, Calif. was widowed for along time.

  7. Mary Sue Allen b. 25 Oct 1914 Oklahoma d. 26 May 1917 Okla.

  8. John Allen m. Edna

  9. Susie Allen

2. Susan C. Allen b. Jan 1871 Tennessee

3. Charles J. Allen b. June 1872 Greene Co, TN m. Bessie Jane Babb 16 Nov 1897 Washington Co, Ark., daughter of Philip Babb & Nancy Ross b. 19 Apr 1877 Tn d. 9 Oct 1959 Orange Co, Calif.

LDS Records Vol 40 ED 99 Sheet 21 list 48 Washington Co,Ark and found with him is his wife Bessie b. Oct 1876 Tn and a Lootin Colier listed as "Bo" maybe a boarder?, he has been married 3 years, no children.

Children are:

    1. Robert Babb Allen b. 30 Mar 1908 Ark d. 19 Apr 1989 Orange Co, Calif. SSN 572-12-3739 CA

    2. Tom Allen

4. Edgar Allen b. 23 Mar 1874 Greene Co, TN d. 13 Oct 1966 Buena Park, Orange Co, Calif. m. Bessie Houston 8 Dec 1897 Washington Co, Ark b. 1879

Children are:

    1. Ina May Allen b. 20 Dec 1919 d. 12 Mar 1997 Bristow Creek, Oklahoma m. Drake

    2. Edna Allen m. Black

3. Clarence M. Allen b. 28 Oct 1899 Cane Hill,Ark d. Riversie Co, Calif. m. Flora Lucille Cunningham b. 4 Aug 1902 Ark d. 31 Mar 1995 Riverside, Riverside Co, Calif. SSN 564-10-3290 CA Flora's 554-26-7086 Ca on 1930 census Long Beach, Los Angeles Co, Calif:

    Clarence M. Allen 30; Flora L. 26; Mary D 6; Edwin C. 4;

5. John F. Allen b. 25 Feb 1876 Greene Co, TN d. 28 Jan 1965 Orange Co, Calif. buried Cane Hill Cemetery, Washington Co, Ark. m. Emma Kite Babb 8 Dec 1897 Washington Co, Ark. daughter of Philip Babb & Nancy Ross b. 19 Aug 1879 Greene Co, TN d. 26 May 1955 Orange Co, Calif. buried Cane Hill Cem. Washington Co, Ark.

Children are:

    1. Glenn Philip Allen b. 10 Mar 1911 Calif. d. 30 Jan 1997 Irvine, Orange Co, Calif. SSN 550-10-4926 CA.

    2. Rollins Allen b. 5 Mar 1900 Cane Hill, Washington Co, Ark. d. 10 Feb 1902 buried Cane Hill Cem.

Cane Hill cemetery located 4 miles south of highway 62 on Highway 45, turn right on paved road in North edge of Cane Hill. Cemetery 0.3 miles at top of hill.

6. James F. Allen b. 26 Dec 1878 Greene Co, Tn d. May 1968 Siloam Springs, Benton Co, Ark. m. [1] Hettie Reed [2] Edna K. Ball 15 Nov 1902 Washington Co, Ark. b. 1880 Iowa d. 1960 Cane Hill, Ark. Both buried Cane Hill Cem. James SSN 431-40-8753

27 Apr 1910 Cane Hill Ark Census;

Allen James 30 b. TN

Allen Edna 28 b. IA Father b. NY Mother b. PA

Child by Hettie:

    1. Ralph Allen

Child by Edna:

     2. Wayne Allen b. 1909

7. **MARY JENNIE ALLEN b. 18 Aug 1882 Cane Hill, Washington Co, Ark d. 5 Jan 1967 Fullerton, Orange Co, Calif buried Bellevue Cem, Ontario, San Bernidino Co, Calif. m. Joseph Sanford Payne 7 Nov 1900 Washington Co, Ark. son of John Franklin Payne & Frances "Fanny" Edmiston, he was b. 22 Nov 1877 Morrow, Ark d. 18 Apr 1953 Upland, San Bernadino Co,Calif, buried Bellevue Cem, Ontario, Calif. They came to California from Arkansas in the middle 1930's. He was retired farmer. [These are my Grandparents]

  1. James Clarence Payne b. 11 Dec 1901 Cane Hill, Washington Co, ARk. d. 17 June 1940 Prairie Grove, Washington Co, ARk. buried Prairie Grove Cem. Location N-43-15, married [1] Bonnie Gosh: b. 1 Jan 1904 Ark. d. 1 Jan 1927 Prairie Grove, buried Prairie Grove Cem. Location N-43-18, [2] Clara May Cushing 25 Aug 1928 Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, b. 28 June 1906 Broken Arrow, Oklahoma d. 15 Jan 1996 Hawthorne, Nevada.

Clara was first married to Ralph Wakefield in Oklahoma, they divorced, she had a daughter named Dorothy Wakefield, many years after the WWII she remarried Ralph Wakefield.

Note: Clara May Cushing:

Clara May Cushing Wakefield, Payne, Wakefield was born June 28, 1906 in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. She was the daughter of John and Eleanor Gaston Cushing. Clara was divorced from Ralph Wakefield and married James Clarence Payne on 25 August, 1928 in Oklahoma. She had a daughter Dorothy Wakefield, then she had 3 more children by James Payne. 1. Jimmy Payne 2. Bobby Payne 3. Betty Payne. She raised 4 children during the war years. She was proud of her contribution to the War Effort as she assembled planes used in World War II. She worked for Douglas Aircraft in Long Beach, Calif. between 1942 & 1948. Clara was mechanically inclined from childhood and often helping male family members repair their engines. She retired from Grayson Heat [making Robert Shaw Thermostatic Controls] after 27 years of sevice. Before moving to Hawthorne, Nevada, where her daughter Dorothy Larson was located. Clara was an active member of the Church of Latter day Saints also known as LDS or Mormons, and of the Relief Society known also as Mormon Women Meeting. She was preceeded in death by her husbands James Clarence Payne & Ralph Wakefield, and by a son Jimmie Payne, Granddaughter Linda Darlene Larson. Surviving Clara May are daughters Dorothy Larson of Hawthorne, Nevada, and Betty Randall of Modesto, Calif. and son Bobby Payne of Fountain Valley, Calif. 10 grandchildren, 14 great grandchildren, and 2 great-great grandchildren.

Children of James Payne are:

     1. Jimmy Payne b. 1 Apr 1931 Arkansas  d. 12 Nov 1973

     2. Bobby Payne b. 1935 Arkansas  d. 27 Oct 2004 Fountain Valley, Los Angeles Co, Calif.

     3. Betty Payne b. 1938 Arkansas  m. a Randall had Sioux Randall

Child by Ralph Wakefield:

     1. Dorothy Wakefield m. Larson

  2. Lena Elizabeth Payne b. 8 Oct 1905 Cane Hill, Washington Co,Ark. d. 18 Sept 1992 Springdale, Ark. buried 21 Sept 1992 Elm Springs Cem. Ark, she was a Methodist. m. Walter Evertt Holcomb, b. 16 Apr 1899 d. 3 Oct 1972 Springdale, Ark.buried 6 Oct 1972, Elm Springs Cem. Ark.

Children are:

         1. Evertt Allen Holcomb m. Geneiva

         2. Bonnie Jim Holcomb d. 2 Feb 2002 m. George Biazo

Children are:

                1. Harold Biazo

                2. Dennis Biazo

                3. Jerry Biazo

                4. Daughter Biazo

 3. Joseph Allen Payne b. 26 Feb 1908 Cane Hill, Washington Co,Ark d. 8 Aug 1998 Ensinidis, San Diego, Calif. m. Edith LaVerne Kelly, daughter of John Kelly, died 25 Jan 2001 San Diego, Calif. Uncle Allen worked for Howard Hughes, he was quite an accomplished person. They had a daughter Paula Payne.

 4. Frances Payne b. 16 June 1911 Cane Hill, Washington Co, Ark. d. 22 Feb 1982 Springdale, Ark. m. Gilbert Kelly, cousin of Edith Kelly, b. 8 Feb 1909 d. 27 Feb 1982 Springdale, Ark. They have four children

 5. Ruth Belle Payne b. 21 Apr 1917 Washington Co, Ark. d. 13 June 1987 Show low, Arizona buried 16 june 1987, Show Low cem. m. William Edward Holland b. 24 Mar 1906 d. 14 Apr 1991 Show low, Arizona. buried 17 Apr 1991 Show low Cem.

Note: Aunt Ruth

Aunt Ruth was an evangelist and Missionary. She was the one that taught all of us about Our Lord and the Bible. She was with the Indians for many years, and then the last few years of her life she went to the Phillipines alot. Infact, she was packed and ready to return to the Phillipines when she died. She is the only person I have met in all my life that truly lived what she believed. The Lord was the love of her life and she taught about Him everyday of her life and went wherever He told her to go. it is because of her faith and love for God that I am a firm believer and saved by the Love and grace of our Heavenly Father, through His Son, Jesus.

Children are:

                 1. Mary Lou Holland b. 8 May 1940 m. Jim Barnes and has two children. Richard & Phyllis

                  2. Eddie Payne Holland b. 1 Dec 1947, divorced and has a daughter Jena Holland.

   6. Sybil Rae Payne [Living] this is my mother, if you would like info on her, I will have to check with her: She has 8 children.

8. Joseph Floyd Allen b. Sept 1884 Cane Hill, Washington Co,Ark m. Maude Hanks b. 1885 Ark.

27 April 1910 census Cane Hill, Ark:

Allen Floyd 20 b. Ark Maude wife 19 b. Ark Susie sister 39 b. Ark [but she was b. in TN]

Floyd's parents b. TN Maud's parents b. ARk married 2 yrs, no children

Children are:

    1. Beulah Allen m. Lynes

    2. Jackie Allen died in Oklahoma m. Ferrier

9. William Crocket Allen b. 29 june 1886 Cane Hill, Washington Co, Ark d. 4 Mar 1976 Prairie Grove, Washington Co, ARk. m. Belle C. Ball, b. 26 Feb 1884 Ark d. 22 Aug 1973 Harrison, Boone Co, Ark. both buried Cane Hill Cem. There on the 1920 Census Prairie Grove, Ark. Wm SSN 430-09-3904 Belle's 429-19-5129

Children are:

    1. Orva Dell Allen b. Harrison, Ark m. Elva Cook, she had no children, she was blind.

    2. Wilma Grace Allen b. Fedville, Ark m. Ansel Polly

    3. Halbert Allen b. 12 Aug 1909 Cane Hill, Washington Co, Ark. d. 16 Aug 1930 Oklahoma buried Cane Hill Cem. Ark.

    4. Jenelle Allen b. 1941, she was adopted at the age of 8 mos.

10. Unknown

11. Unknown


JAMES JULES JOHNSTON b. 11 Dec 1813 Virginia married 22 Mar 1836 Greene Co, TN, Mary J. Maloy b. abt 1814 NC [probably the part that became Tennessee]daughter of Thomas Maloy & Elizabeth


Census 1850, Aug 23, Greeneville, Greene Co, TN Page 141, Part B

Johnson James 37 Vir Trader in Livestock $1400

Mary J. 36 NC

Crockett 14 TN

John 12 TN

James 10 TN

William 6 TN

Elizabeth 2 TN [my g-grandmother]

Johnson Elizabeth 22 Virginia [must be Jame's sister]

Census June 12 & 14 1860 Greene Co, TN Greeneville Page 274, 9th Dist.

Johnson, James 46 Vir Farmer

John 21 TN

James 20 TN

William 15 TN

Martha E. 13 TN [my g-grandmother]

Mary V. 11 TN

Susan 8 TN

Isaac A. 6 TN

Maley, Thomas 66 Ireland Painter

Elizabeth 52 NC

Value of Real Estate: $20,000 Personal $5,000 Thos personal $200

Living beside them is: David C Johnson 22 Farmer Value of personal $1,ooo b. TN & Leuvina 19 b. TN and daughter Mary L one month b. TN [James and Mary Maloy Johnston's eldest son]

Children are:

    1. David Crockett Johnston/Johnson b. abt 1837 Greene Co, TN m. 27 Jan 1859 in Greene Co, TN Leuvena S. Bowers b. 18 Oct 1842 TN

Children are:

       1. Mary L. "Mollie" Johnson b. 6 May 1860 TN d. 3 Sept 1896 Cane Hill, Washington Co, Ark. buried Cane Hill Cemetery, married William Wheeler Blakemore 16 Mar 1881 Cane Hill, Washington Co, Ark, Book F, page 519--W.W. Blakemore, 24-Mollie Johnson, 20--Mar 16, 1881

Children are:

         1. Roy J. Blakemore b. 29 Jan 1882 Cane Hill, Ark

      2. Willie Ray Blakemore b. 6 May 1884 Cane Hill, Ark d. 20 May 1966, buried New Hope Cem., he was a Farmer & County Commissioner, married Una Mae Ables at Fort Smith, Sebastian Co, Ark, she was b. 6 Oct 1891 Ark d. 17 Mar 1972 Stillwell, Adair Co, OK, buried New Hope Cem.

Children are:

         1. Richard Glenn Blakemore b. 8 Dec 1915 Stillwell, Adair Co, OK

         2. Charles Wayne Blakemore b. 12 Apr 1918 Stillwell, Adair Co, OK

         3. Jesse David Blakemore b. 19 dec 1919 Stillwell, Adair Co, Ok

         4. Etta Mae Blakemore b. 20 Nov 1921

         5. Billie Ray Blakemore b. 17 Aug 1923

         6. James Clinton Blakemore b. 13 Jul 1925

         7. Thomas Dale Blakemore b. 17 Aug 1928

    3. Clarence Wilson Blakemore b. 27 Aug 1887 Cane Hill, Ark d. Mar 1967 Stillwell, Adair Co, OK m. [1] Kinniebrough Sarah West 29 Dec 1912 Evansville, Washington Co, Ark, daughter of Samuel J. West b. 14 Apr 1857 & Alice Lee McClure b. 1 Nov 1865 Flint District, Indian Territory, [OK], she was b. 3 Aug 1890 OK d. 4 Jun 1918 Stillwell, Adair Co, OK, buried New Hope Cem.

Children are:

         1. William McClure Blakemore b. 10 Mar 1914 Stillwell, Adair Co, OK

         2. Sam West Blakemore b. 1 Jun 1917 Stillwell, Adair Co, OK

Married [2] Madalynn M. Paden 22 Mar 1941 Van Buren, Crawford Co, Ark, daughter of John Bell Paden b. 21 Aug 1861 & Maud Starr b. 2 Apr 1872 Indian Territory [OK], she was b. 30 Jan 1907 Stillwell, Adair Co, OK d. 24 May 1995 Stillwell, Adair Co, OK buried New Hope Cem., she was married 3 times, [1] Charles Merriott b. 7 Feb 1897 [2] Richard Kemzie Wade on Dec 1925 Peavine, Adair Co, OK divorced 1935

Children are:

         1. Living Wade

         2. Living Wade

         3. Living Wade

    [3] Clarence Wilson Blakemore 22 Mar 1941, her SSN: Kadalynn Blakemore 443-24-5148 OK

Children are:

         1. living Blakemore

         2. Living Blakemore

         3. Living Blakemore

Clarence World War I Draft Registration Card: Residence: Stillwell, Adair Co, OK Born August 27, 1887 Cane Hill, Ark Occupation: Farmer 2 children married Medium Height, Medium build, Brown eyes, dark hair. June 15, 1917

Census 1920 Stillwell, Adair Co, OK Road West of Stillwell Enumeration Dist. 7, page No: 13A January 13

Blakemore, Clarence W. Head 32 White Widower Ark. Farmer

McClure Son 5 Indian Single OK None

Samuel W. Son 2 6/12 Indian Single OK

Blakemore, Maggie L Sister 29 White Single Ark Housekeeper Private Family

    4. Ormo J. Blakemore b. 20 Feb 1889 Cane Hill, Ark d. 22 Jun 1963 Stillwell, Adair Co, OK buried New Hope Cem. m. Dora May Fletcher 27 Nov 1916 Stillwell, Adair co, OK, daughter of John D. Fletcher & Junie, she was b. 6 Dec 1890 OK d. 13 Nov 1972 Stillwell, Adair Co, OK buried New Hope Cem.

Children are:

         1. Geneva Blakemore b. 3 Oct 1917 Tulsa, OK

         2. Roy L. Blakemore b. 17 Apr 1920 Tulsa, OK

         3. living Blakemore

         4. Boyd Blakemore b. 23 Feb 1926 Stillwell, Adair Co, OK

          5. Living Blakemore

    5. Mary Blakemore b. 21 Oct 1890 Altus, OK d. 30 Mar 1993 Stillwell, Adair Co, Ok, SSN: 440-64-7284 OK m. O. Z. Crozier 3 Jan 1915 Stillwell, Adair Co, OK

Children are:

         1. Marguerite Crozier b. 13 Dec 1915 Stillwell, Adair Co, OK

         2. Mary Lou Crozier b. 25 Aug 1918 Stillwell, Adair Co, OK

         3. Billie Mae Crozier

         4. Living Crozier

         5. living Crozier

Census 1900 Washington Co, Ark Cane Hill Twp: Johnson, James June 1861 Head Farmer TN Ella D. Aug 1870 Wife 29 Blakemore, Mary Oct 1890 Niece 9 Blakemore, Maggie Apr 1892 Niece 8

6. Maggie Blakemore b. 20 Apr 1892 Washington Co, Ark

7. Jesse David Blakemore b. 27 Jan 1894 OK

8. *James Andrew Blakemore b. 25 Jul 1896 Evansville, Ark [raised by William C. Allen & Elizabeth Martha Johnston]

2. James Johnson b. Jun 1861 TN m. Ella D. b. Aug 1870

Census 1900 Washington Co, Ark Cane Hill Twp:

Johnson, James June 1861 Head 37 TN Farmer

Ella D. Aug 1870 Wife 29 Ark

Blakemore, Mary, Oct 1890 Niece 9

Blakemore, Maggie Apr 1892 Niece 8

James and Ella married four years Ella mother of 0 children. James parents b. TN Ella's father b. Ark mother b. Alabama

    3. Etta Johnson b. 1863 TN

    4. Maggie Johnson b. 1865 TN

1860 Census Greene Co, TN 9th District P.O. Greeneville page 274 June 12 & 14:

Johnson David C. 22 TN Farmer

Levina 19 TN

Mary L. 1/12 TN

Value of Real Estate: $1,000

Census 1870 Washington Co, Ark Cane Hill Twp P.O. Boonsboro page 94 Sept.

Johnson D. C. 32 Tn Painter

L. 27 Tn keeping house

M. L. 10 Tn At Home

James 8 Tn At Home

Etta 6 Tn At Home

Maggie 4 Tn At Home

Value of Real Estate: $350 Personal Estate: $100

Census 1880 Washington Co, Ark Cane Hill Twp ED 211 June 9 1880

Johnston, Leuvena 36 Tn Keeping House

Mary 20 Tn At Home

James 18 Tn At Home

Etta 17 Tn At Home

Maggie 16 Tn At Home

Leuvena's parents b. Vir

Census 1900 Washington Co, Ark, Cane Hill Twp ED 99, Page 33B June 15

Johnson, Luvana Head Oct 1842 57 Tn

Blakemore, Ormo Grandson Mar 1892 8 Ark

Luvana is a widow, mother of 4 children, 1 living


2. John Thomas Johnston b. 13 May 1838 Greene Co, TN d. 25 Nov 1915 Greene Co, TN buried Susong Memorial Cem. "Gods finger touched him and he slept." m. Ellen Hoard, daughter of William Hoard & Catherine, b. 28 Jun 1855 d. 14 Nov 1932 Greene Co, TN, buried Cedar Hill Cemetery, located five miles west of Greeneville, on the Newport Road. This cemetery is on the grounds of the Cedar Hill Cumberland Presbyterian Church.


Greene County, Tennessee Cemetery Records [database online]Provo, UT:, Inc., 2000. Original data: Works Progress Administration, Greene County, Tennessee Tombstone Inscriptions, Washington D.C.: WPA Records, 1935.

1860 Census Greene Co, TN 3d District:

Wm Hoard age 37 Master Carpenter Personal $30 Virginia

Catherine Hoard age 35 Tennessee

Ellen Hoard age 6 Tennessee

Noah Hoard age 4 Tennessee

Francis [m] age 2 Tennessee

Living second section down from James Allen

Children are:

    1. Mary abt 1868

    2. Eliza abt 1869

    3. Carrie abt 1872

    4. James abt 1874

    5. Benjamin abt 1876

    6. Oscar Jan 1880

    7. Robert Nov 1882

    8. Fannie M. May 1885

    9. John Crockett [Drucket according to cemtery record] Johnson b. 29 Apr 1887 d. 20 Dec 1899 age 9 years 7 months 21 days


Greene County, Tennessee Cemetery Records [database online]Provo, UT:, Inc., 2000. Original data: Works Progress Administration, Greene County, Tennessee Tombstone Inscriptions, Washington D.C.: WPA Records, 1935.

    10. Hugh Reno Johnson b. 4 Mar 1890 d. 11 Feb 1936 he had 4 children, one was James Crockett Johnston d. 2004

    11. Joseph S. April 1893

    12. Bryan Lee 19 feb 1896

3. James Johnston b. 1840 Greene Co, TN

4. William Johnston b. 1844 Greene Co, TN

5. **Elizabeth Martha Johnston b. 17 Dec 1847 Greene Co, TN d. 15 Nov 1914 Cane Hill, Washington Co, Ark buried Cane Hill Cem. m. William C. Allen, info above

6. Mary V. Johnston b. 1849 Greene Co, TN

7. Susan Johnston b. 1852 Greene Co, TN

8. Isaac V. Johnston b. 1854 Greene Co, TN


Here I would like to put in some Babb info, because Charlie Allen & Robert F Allen married Babb Sisters:


The first immigrant ancestor is thought to have been Phillip Babb born England 1619: died New Hampshire 31 Mar 1671. He settled on Hog Island, Isle of Shoals, as early as the 24th of November 1652. He signed the Oath of Allegience at Kittery, Maine on this date. [Hog Island is now known as Appledore island.] On the 18th of March, 1653, twnety of the inhabitants of the Isle of Shoals petitioned for a court on the isles in order that their legal problems might be handled more quickly. The request was granted and the five men commissioned by the court in Boston to govern the Isle of Shoals were: Major Byran Pendleton, Nicholas Sharpleigh, PHILLIP BABB, Hercules Hunkins, and Richard Seely. PHILLIP BABB was appointed Fishing Master and remained as a magistrate and the Fishing Master until his death. There are several papers on record which bare Phillip's signature and all of them show that he spelled his name with two L's. He was probably the son of Thomas Babb

Phillip Babb born 1619 England d. 1671 Isles of Shoals, New Hampshire, m. Mary Baylie before 1662. She was born in England abt 1640 and died at the Isle of Shoals about 1674.                                                                         Children are:

    1. William Babb b. Abt 1662 d. bef Oct 27, 1773 [1691] Chester Co, Pa m. Deborah

    2. Thomas Babb b. abt 1664 Isles of Shoals, New Hampshire died bef. Sept 1751 [17 Aug 1748] New Castle County, Delaware m. [1] Bathsheba Hussey in Hampton, New Hampshire, daughter of John Hussey & Rebecca Perkins [2] Elizabeth Conway [Conaway] 25 Mar 1720

    3. Philip Babb b. abt 1666 d. 1737 m. Lydia Bragdon abt 1691

    4. Sampson Babb b. abt 1668 d. 1737 married Grace Taprill

    5. Peter Babb b. 29 Sept 1671 d. 1713 married Sarah Cate

Thomas Babb obtained a lang grant to 600 acres of land in Frederick County, Virginia, on 12 Nov 1735. Since there was a requirement that three acres out of every fifty be under cultivation within the next three years, he sent his sons Thomas and Phillip to occupy the land and they became prominent men in the Quaker community around Wincehster, Virginia. At his death, Thomas willed the home place in Delaware to his son Peter. His sons Thomas and Phillip were left the land they were caring for in Virginia.

Source: Genealogy Resources: Steps In Time [on line]

    2. Thomas Babb b. abt 1664 [some have 1671] Hog Island d. 13 Aug 1751 [some have 17 Aug 1748] New Castle Co, Delaware, he married [1] Bathsheba Hussey in 1695 Brandywine Hundred, New Castle, Delaware, daughter of John Hussey b. 29 Feb 1636 lynn, Essex, Mass, & Rebecca Perkins, b. 1642 Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire, she was b. 21 Sept 1671 Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire, d. 3 Oct 1717 Brandywine, New Castle, Delaware.[Isaac Perkins b. 26 Jan 1611 Hillmorton, Gloucestershire, England d. 13 Nov 1685 Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire, son of John Perkins b. 23 Dec 1583 Newent, Glochester, England & Judith Gater b. 19 Mar 1588 Hillmorton, Bloucestershire, England, Isaac was Christened 26 Jan 1611 St John's Church Warwick, England, married Susannah Wise 1638 Ipswich, Essex, Mass, she was b. 1618 Ipswich, Essex, Mass.

Children were:

1. Lydia Perkins b. NH

2. Isaac Perkins b. 8 Dec 1639 NH

3. Jacob Perkins b. 20 May 1640 NH


5. Daniel Perkins b. 1644 NH

6. Caleb Perkins b. 17 Feb 1648 NH

7. Benjamin Perkins b. 12 Feb 1649 NH

8. Susannah Perkins b. 21 Aug 1652 NH

9. Mary Perkins b. 23 Jul 1655 NH

10. Hannah Perkins b. 24 Feb 1656 NH

11. Ebenezer Perkins b. 9 Oct 1659 NH

12. Joseph Perkins b. 9 Apr 1661 NH


Rebecca Perkins b. 1642 Hampton, rockingham, NH married John Hussey 21 Sep 1659 Hampton, Rockingham, NH, he was b. 29 Feb 1636 lynn, Essex, Mass.

Children are:

1. Thoedate Hussey b. 12 Jan 1660 Hampton, Rockingham, NH

2. Rebecca Hussey b. 10 Mar 1662 Hampton, Rockingham, NH

3. Mary Hussey b. 8 Nov 1665 Hampton, Rockingham, NH

4. Susannah Hussey b. 7 Sep 1667 Hampton, Rockingham, NH

5. BATHSHEBA HUSSEY 21 Sep 1671 Hampton, Rockingham, NH

6. Christopher Hussey b. 17 Oct 1672 Hampton, Rockingham, NH

7. John Hussey b. 18 Jan 1676 Hampton, Rockingham, NH


Children by Bathsheba are:

    1. Thomas Babb b. 1697 Brandywine Hundred, New Castle, Delaware d. 1 Oct 1760 Winchester, Frederick Co, Vir. m. Sarah Foulk, daughter of William Foulk & Elizabeth Cope of Bethel Twp, PA, Tax Records indicate that Thomas owned property in Bethel Twp, Chester Co, PA in 1730.

     2. Peter Babb b. 1695 New Castle Co, Del. d. bef. 27 Oct 1796 Chester Co, PA, married Mary Lewis 12 Nov 1728 Caln, Chester Co, PA, daughter of Evan Lewis

Children are:

         1. Thomas Babb b. 11 Nov 1729 d. 26 Nov 1788 Wilmington, DEL d. 26 Nov 1788 Wilmington, Del. married Sarah Bishop 9 Dec 1752 Holy Trinity [Old Swedes] Church, daughter of Joseph Bishop & Margaret, both are buried Newark Union Church Cem., He was in the Rev. War as a Private in New Jersey, Delaware & Pennsylvania areas.

Children are:

              1. Sarah Babb b. abt 1766 d. 16 Mar 1800 m. Jesse Weldin

Children are:

              1. Leah Weldin b. 26 Feb 1794 d. 9 mar 1870 OH

              2. Margaret Weldin

              3. Sally Weldin

              4. Lydia Weldin Source: Genealogy Resources: Steps In Time [on line]

    2. Thomas Babb b. 16 Oct 1768 d. 16 Oct 1844 Wilmignton, DEL, married Matilda Grubb, both buried Newark Union Church Cem.

    3. Keziah Babb b. 12 Jan 1770 d. 18 Aug 1824 m. Thomas S. Beeson

Children are:

             1. Sarah Beeson

             2. Maria Beeson

             3. Rebecca Beeson

             4. Ann Beeson

             5. Thomas Beeson

             6. Joseph Beeson

             7. Lavinna Beeson

Source: Genealogy Resources: Steps In Time [on line]

    4. Margaret Babb b. 1 Oct 1772 m. [1] Nathaniel Grubb [2] Henry Guest

Children by Henry Guest are:

            1. Clemson Guest

            2. John Guest

            3. Joseph Guest

Source: Genealogy Resources: Steps In Time [on line]

    2. Bathsheba Babb

    3. Mary Babb

    4. Peter Babb b. abt 1735 Frederick Co, Vir, d. bef Dec 1820 Frederick Co, Vir. married [1] Mary 3 Nov 1760 Frederick Co, Vir, [2] Mary Bowen 6 Nov 1761 Frederick Co, Vir, daughter of Henry Bowen & Anna Moon

Children are:

            1. Rachel Babb b. 1762 VA d. 1790 m. Isaac Thomas 1781

            2. Sampsom Babb b. 1764 d. abt 1854

            3. Henry Babb b. 1766 d. 1821 m. Elizabeth Walker 31 Jan 1793

            4. Abner Babb b. 1768 Frederick Co, Vir, d. 7 Sep 1815 Frederick Co, Vir m. Susanna Robinson 28 May 1793

            5. Peter Babb b. 18 Oct 1769 Frederick Co, Vir d. 28 Apr 1837 Belmont County, Ohio m. [1] Elizabeth [2] Jane Bell 2 Nov 1797 Frederick Co, Vir, daughter of James Bell & Eleanor

Children by Jane Bell Are:

            1. Jacob Babb

            2. Ellen Babb

            3. John Babb

            4. Mary Babb

            5. Jane Babb

           6. Peter Babb

           7. Elizabeth Babb b. 7 July 1798 Winchester, Frederick Co, Vir d. 11 July 1873 Belmont Co, OH

Source: Genealogy Resources: Steps In Time [on line]

    6. Ann Babb b. 1771 m. John Mercer 12 Sep 1792

    7. Hannah Babb b. 1775 m. Thomas Smith 20 Oct 1796

    8. Sarah Babb b. 1777 m. Christopher Stevens

    9. David Babb b. 1780 m. Mary Hensell 10 Jan 1805

  10. Mary Babb b. 1795 m. Richard Hollingshead 23 Mar 1816

Source: Genealogy Resources: Steps In Time [on line]

    5. Elizabeth Babb

    6. Content Babb

    7. Ann Babb

    8. Susannah Babb

    9. Sampson Babb

  10. John Babb

Source: Genealogy Resources: Steps In Time [On Line]

  3. Philip Babb b. 1699 Brandywine, New Castle, Del. d. 6 Mar 1762 Newark, New Castle, Del.

  4. Mary Babb b. 1701 New Castle, Del.

  5. Rebecca Babb b. 1703 New Castle, Del.

  6. Lydia Babb b. 1705 Brandywine, New Castle, Del.

  7. Hulda Babb b. 1707 Brandywine, New Castle, Del.


[2] Elizabeth Conway in 25 March 1720 in Virginia, b. 9 July 1687 Vir.

Elizabeth Conway Marriage; "Family Tree Maker CD #513 Family Archives Gen. Records VA Land Mg & Probate Records 1639-1850" States the following:

Thomas Connaway d. Nov 30, 1688. Married Mary Hollingworth 28 Apr 1682 Antrim Co, VA they had the following children: Elizabeth b. 9 Jul 1687 m. Charles Booth in 1705; 2nd marriage to Thomas Babb in 1720. Ann b. 1688 m. Philip Taylor 10 Jun 1705; Sarah b. 1689 m. Mar 1710 John Yearsley who was b. in England abt 1685. He was the son of John & Elizabeth Taylor.


1. Thomas Babb b. 1697 Brandywine Hundred, New castle, Wilmington, Del. d. 1 Oct 1760 Winchester, Frederick Co, Vir, m. Sarah Foulk 26 Jun 1729 Wilmington, Del. at Holy Trinity Church [Old Swedes Church ]daughter of William Foulk & Elizabeth Cope, she was b. 1708 Bethel Twp, Chester Co, Pa, d. 1764 Winchester, Frederick Co, Vir. [moved to Frederick Co, Vir. from PA in 1734]

Not long after his marriage there was a movement of Quakers from Pennsylvania to Frederick Co, Virigina. Thomas went with these Quakers and was one of the founding fathers of the Hopewell Monthly Meeting North of Winchester in Frederick County. This was in 1734. His father had a land grant of 600 acres on Apple Pie Ridge, near Babb's Run, northwest of Winchester. Thomas settled there and was joined by his brother, Phillip. At this father's death they inherited this. Thomas died 11-04-1760. His will was proved 11-04-1760. He left the home place to this son, Sampson and other bequest to his other children. His wife, not being mentioned, is believed to have already died. The first lovely old home belonging to Thomas was called "The Great Marsh Plantation", now known as the Babb-Purcell-Janney House. It dates to 1735. Great Marsh is located onthe north side of route between route 522 & the Apple Pie Ridge Road in Frederick, Virginia. The second hom named "The Brick House" is a lovely old brick mansion and dates also to 1735. It is located west of the Apple Pie Ridge Road and south of route 672 on Babb's Run. This is also in Frederick, Virginia.

Children are:

    1. Phillip Babb b. 26 Aug 1731 Hopewell, Frederick Co, Va d. 19 Jan 1813 Greeneville, Greene Co, TN, m. [1] Nancy Hannah Haines [2] mary Perkins 1752

    2. Joseph Edwin Babb b. 1735 Frederick Co, Va d. 1781 Cross Hills, Laurens District, SC, married Mary "Polly" McCool, 17 Sep 1761 Frederick Co, Vir, daughter of James McCool [born in Ireland, came to America 1725] & Ann Wright, she was b. 1743 Frecerick Co, Vir d. 3 Jun 1816 Laurens District , SC

Children are:

            1. Abner Babb b. 1763 Frederick Co, Vir d. 18 sep 1847 Henry Co, Georgia m. [1] Martha Kellett d. 1838, daughter of Joseph Kellett & Jennette Jane [2] Nancy Cook Henry Co, GA Abner buried Old Babb Cem Henry Co, GA [he probably moved to Georgia after his wife's death in 1838, Martha was one of the three daughters of Joseph & Jennette Kellett to marry three of Joseph and Mary Babb's sons

Children by Martha Kellett are:

                        1. Kellett Babb b. 9 Feb 1791 Laurens District, SC d. 30 Jan 1879 Henry Co, GA

                        2. Joseph Babb m. Lucinda

                        3. Elihu Babb

                        4. Jane Babb b. 5 Mar 1788 Laurens District, SC d. 24 Dec 1874 m. William Woods in Laurens,

                        5. Martha Babb b. 9 Mar 1799 Laurens, SC d. Dec 1861

                       6. Louvena Babb

                       7. Nancy Babb m. Coker

                       8. Melinda Babb m. Callum

                       9. John Abner Babb b. 14 Oct 1804 Laurens, SC d. 1859

Source: Genealogy Resources: Steps In Time [on line]

         2. Thomas Babb b. 1764 Frederick Co,Vir d. abt 1803 Laurens District, SC m. [1] Unknown [2] Mary Kellett abt 1794 Laurens District, SC, daughter of Joseph Kellett & Jennette Jane, they maybe buried at Rabun Creek Baptist Church Cem. but no proof yet. <p>                                                                                                                   Children are:                                                                                                                                                              

                                   1. Thomas Babb b. 1794 Laurens District, SC d. 1818 Laurens District, SC, m. Mary Shaw, He died from Tuberculosis, He was in the War of 1812, Henderson's Company of SC Volunteers.                        Child is:

                                               1. Robert Franklin Babb b. 26 Oct 1816 Laurens District, SC d. 24 Mar 1898

                                   2. Abner Babb

                                   3. Sampson Babb b. 18 Apr 1798 Laurens District, SC d. 8 Oct 1855, m. Matilda S. Brownlee

Children are:

                                                 1. John T. Babb b. 1844

                                                 2. Abner Y Babb b. 1846

                                                 3. E. Josephine Babb b. 7 Mar 1848 d. 13 July 1914

                                                 4. Louise Babb b. 1852

                                                 5. Robert Franklin Babb b. 27 Jan 1855 d. 7 May 1930

                                    4. James Babb

                                    5. William Babb died abt 1821 m Lettie Rogers abt 1820                                                   Child is:

                                                   1. Mary Ann Babb b. 29 Feb 1820 Laurens District, SC d. 16 Dec 1912 SC

         3. Sampson Babb b. 11 Aug 1766 Frederick Co, Vir d. 1 Dec 1851 Laurens District, SC, m. Anna Kellett in Laurens District, SC, daughter of Joseph Kellett and Jennette Jane.    both buried at Bebb Kellett Cemetery.                                                                                                                                                               Children are:

                                    1. Martin Babb b. 20 Feb 1790 Laurens District, SC d. 28 Apr 1873Laurens District, SC m. Mary  Mahaffey 7 Feb 1815 laurens District, SC, daughter of Martin Mahaffey & Nancy Hopkins, both buried at Rabun Creek Baptist Church Cemetery.                                                                                                              Children are:

                                                     1. Melmirth Babb b 2 Apr 1820 Laurens, SC d. 30 Sep 1880 Laurens, SC

                                                     2. Tandy M. Babb b. 13 Jan 1823 Laurens Dist. SC d. 7 Apr 1894 , buried Rabun Creek Baptist Church Cemetery

                                                     3. Amanda Babb b. 13 Jan 1823 Laurens Dist. SC d. 7 mar 1878 Laurens Dist. SC m. J. Newton Bolling, both buried at Rabun Creek Baptist Church Cem.

                                    2. James Kellett Babb b. 23 Feb 1794 laurens District, SC d. 29 Mar 1867 Laurens, SC,m. Pamela Coker, both buried Babb Kellett cemetery, He was in the War of 1812.                                                   Children are:

                                                        1. Caroline Babb

                                                        2. Alston Babb b. 12 Oct 1818 Laurens Dist. SC d. 26 Feb 1849 laurens Dist. SC buried at Babb Kellett Cemetery.

                                                        3. Ann Babb b. 6 July 1820 laurens Dist. SC d. 3 July 1875 Laurens Dist. SC

                                                        4. Elizabeth Babb b. 5 Feb 1822 d. 21 May 1861

                                                        5. Robert Coker Babb b. 16 Jan 1824 Laurens Dist. SC d. 13 Aug 1865 laurens Dist. SC buried Babb Kellett Cemetery.

                                                        6. Lucinda Catherine Babb b. 24 Dec 1826 d. 5 May 1898 m. G. O. Adams

                                                        7. James kellett Babb b. 28 Aug 1828 d. 25 Jun 1904

                                                        8. Harper Babb b. 5 Nov 1831 Laurens, SC d. 11 Aug 1854 Laurens, SC buried Babb Kellett Cemetery.

                                                       9. Jane Clarentine Babb b. 18 feb 1833 d. 6 Jan 1908 m. E. W. Nash, both buried Fairview Presbyterian Church, Greenvill Co, SC.

                                                     10. Pamela Coker Babb b. 18 Aug 1835 d. 25 Apr 1865

                                                     11. Mahala Babb b. 29 Apr 1838 d. 10 July 1911 m. James A. Owens.

                                    3. William Babb b. 17 Nov 1796 Laurens, SC d. 9 Oct 1868, m. Hannah Abercrombie, daughter of Colville Abercrombie.                                                                                                                           Children are:

                                                  1. Elizabeth Babb b. abt 1816

                                                  2. Annie Babb b. abt 1817

                                                  3. John Babb b. 1819 d. 1868

                                                  4. Jonathan Babb b. 1820 d. 1907 m. E. Frances

                                                  5. Austin Babb b. 12 Mar 1825 d. 23 Sep 1887

                                                  6. Mary Babb b. abt 1827

                                                  7. Susan J Babb b. 3 Oct 1832 d. 31 July 1884

                                                  8. William Babb b. abt 1834

                                                  9. Albert Babb b. 24 Sep 1836 d. 7 july 1913

                                                10. Clarenda Babb b. abt 1839

                                                11. Anderson Babb b. abt 1840

                                                12. Joseph Wells Babb b. 11 Feb 1844 d. 19 feb 1925

                                    4. Thomas Babb b. 1800 Laurens, SC, m. Nancy Hellams, daughter of William Hellams.       Children are:

                                                          1. Anne Babb b. abt 1822 d. 1859 m. J. Gary 1846

                                                          2. Caliste Babb b. 1822 d. abt 1859 m. Washington Curry 1846

                                                          3. Sampson Babb b. 1825 Laurens District, SC d. bef 1910 Campobello, Spartanburg County, SC, m. Lucy Giles 1847.                                                                                                     Children Are:

                                                                 1. John J. Babb b. 1848 Greenville District, SC

                                                                 2. Caroline Babb b. 1850 Greenville District SC

                                                                 3. Thomas Babb b. 14 Oct 1852 Greenville District, SC d. 18 Aug 1929

                                                                 4. Hardin Bruce Babb b. 1857 Greenville District, SC

                                                                 5. Mary Ellen Babb b. 1857 Greenville District, SC d. Sept 1892 Greenville District, SC m. George Thomas Sloan, she is buried Milford Baptist Church Cemetery.

                                                                6. Jonathan G. Babb b. 1858 Greenville District, SC

                                                                7. Narcissa Annie Babb b. 1861

                                                                8. Berry I. Babb b. 1864

                                                                 9. Lucy A. Babb b. 8 Jun 1865 Greenville District, SC d. 31 Aug 1943 Greenville District, SC m. Benjamin M. Jenkins, she is buried at Few's Chapel Methodist Church Cem.

                                                               10. Martin G. Babb b. 1866 Greenville District, SC d. 1875

                                                               11. Thaddeus P. Babb b. 1870 Greenville District SC d. 1891

                                                                12. Nancy Jane Babb b. 5 Oct 1871 Greenville District SC d. 16 Feb 1936 Spartanburg Co, SC m. J. W. Clayton 16 Jan 1890, she is buried Holly Springs Baptist Church Cem

                                                                13. Sallie Babb b. 4 Nov 1873 Greenville District SC d. 28 Feb 1942 Spartanburg Co, SC, buried Holly Springs Baptist Church Cem. m. James Newton Clayton Sr., born 27 Oct 1876 d. 28 July 1957, buried Holly Springs Baptist Church Cem. Sallie was 68 years old at death. She had an operation and died as a result of it.                                                                                                                                           Children are:

                                                                      1. Ella Mae Clayton b. 22 Apr 1896 d. 18 Sep 1987, m. Horace Cleveland  Pruitt, son of Thomas Earle Pruitt & Nancy Ann Clayton [daughter of James Solomon Clayton & Caroline Bruce] , he was b. 21 Sep 1887 d. 21 May 1959 borth buried Ingleside Baptist Church Cemetery.  They have Five Children:    1. Sallie Perry married Roy Quinn  2. Bobby Perry   3. JoAnn Perry married L. Hobby    4. Geraldine Perry married M. Smith, divorced him and married Tom Zula    5. William Jefferson Perry b. and married Brenda Johnson.

                                                                        2. Pauline Pruitt b. 15 Apr 1915 has two children:   Thomas Pruitt and Ruth Pruitt who married Harold Fowler.

                                                                        3. Catherine Pruitt b. 25 Nov 1921 m. Dallie Belue,  they have tow children: Delmar Belue and Steve Belue.

                                                                         4. Bertha Jane Pruitt b. 5 Jul 1919 m. James Ballew and have two children, Bertha Jane Ballew b. 31 Dec 1942 m. Martin Luther Lance III,  and Jimmy Dee Ballew b. 10 Aug 1944 m. Samone Lance, sister to Martin.      Then she remarried Willard Johnson b. 5 July 1919 and had the following children: 1. Boyce Lee Johnson b. 10 Oct 1946,   2. Joe Willard Johnson b. 26 Oct 1947,  3. Danny Calvin Johnson b. 26 Mar 1949 and 4. Fred Cleveland Johnson b. 23 Apr 1950.

                                                                          5. Margie Louise Pruitt b. 9 Jul 1933 m. Broadus Calvin Johnson [brother to Willard] b. 3 Apr 1932, They have Five children:  1. Rev. Bruce Calvin Johnson b. 1951,  2. Cathey Louise Johnson b. 1953,   3. Barbara Jean Johnson b. 1954 m. James Alvin Stafford.   4. Allen Wayne johnson b. 1957 m. Kimberly Fowler,   5. Alvin Johnson b. 1961 m. Melissa Ann Counch of Pickens, SC.

                                                                          6. J.D. Pruitt b. 6 Nov 1917 d. 22 Jun 1988 m. Gertrude Salz, they have two children:  John Douglas Pruitt and Sandra Kay Pruitt,  the family moved to Winder, Georgia in the early 60's.

                                                                          7. Tom Landrum Pruitt b. 18 Jan 1926 m. Illa Mae Morris, they have 3 children: Martha Ann Pruitt,   Steve Pruitt   Randall Pruitt.

                                                                          8. Joe Leonard Pruitt b. 24 Mar 1928 m. Susan Girlee Jackson, they have 5 children:  Leon Pruitt,   Diance Pruitt,   Nancy Pruitt,   Jackie Pruitt,  Karen Pruitt.

                                                                          9. Broadus Cleveland Pruitt b. 6 Dec 1930 d. 29 Mar 1997 m. Shirley Johnson, they have 3 children:  Lee Pruitt,   Mark Pruitt,  Kenneth Pruitt.

                                                                        10. Horace Dean Pruitt b. 25 Apr 1936 m. Marie Spivey, they have 2 children:  Linda Kay Pruitt and James Dean Pruitt.                                              


Source: Genealogy Resources: Steps In Time [on line]

                                                                       2. Thomas Landrum Clayton b. 30 Jan 1901

                                                                       3. William "Willie" Gowen Clayton b. 14 Aug 1903 Spartanburg Co, SC, he farmed and worked in Textiles, he married Jeannette King,  He died 24 jun 1981 at age 77, at his home.  Graveside services were held in Roselawn and he was later buried there. He is survived by his wife, three sons: John Ervin Clayton, Greenville;  Harley Clayton, Campobello; and Marvin Clayton, Westbrook, Minnesota;  Two daughters Mrs. John Clayton, Spartangburg;  Mrs. Loree Farmer, Inman;  four brothers, James Newton Clayton, Ben Blease Coley Clayton; Matthew Clayton; and Thomas Landrum Clayton:  Four Sisters:  Ella Mae Pruitt; Loree Farmer,  Nancy Leonard Burrell,  Lucille Lowe.

                                                                        4. Jesse Lee Clayton b. 21 July 1905 m. Elsie Coggins                  Children are:

                                                                             1. Elbert Clayton

                                                                             2. Sylvia Clayton

                                                                             3. Steve Clayton

                                                                         5. Loree Clayton b. 23 Oct 1906 d. 28 May 1982, buried Holly Springs Baptist Church Cem.

                                                                         6. Nancy Leonard Clayton b. 1 Nov 1908 m. a Burrell                  Children are:

                                                                              1. Howard Burrell

                                                                               2. Nelson Burrell

                                                                               3. Betty Burrell m. Jones

                                                                               4. Joyce Burrell

                                                                           7. James Newton Clayton Jr. b. 21 June 1910 m. Genevieve Sawyer, daughter of Rev. W. K. Sawyer, Newt died 21 Jun 1990 buried Walnut Hill Baptist Church Cemetery.                      Children are:

                                                                                1. Vaughn Clayton

                                                                                2. Mildred Clayton m. Anders

                                                                                3. Ruth Clayton m. Norbert L. Collins

                                                                                4. Gerolene Clayton m. Duncan

                                                                           8. Ben Blease Coley Clayton b. 1 Jan 1912 m. Estelle Solesbee   Children are:

                                                                                 1. Helen or Ellen Clayton m. Cochran

                                                                                 2. Howard Clayton

                                                                                 3. Myrtle Clayton m. Unknown                                            Child is:

                                                                                       1. Patricia Diane

                                                                             9. Matthew Clayton b. May 1914                                             Children are:

                                                                                  1. Donald Clayton

                                                                                   2. Wesley Clayton

                                                                                  3. Juanita Clayton

                                                                                  4. Gray Clayton

                                                                                  5. Larry Clayton

                                                                                  6. Brenda Clayton

                                                                          10. Lucille Clayton b. 19 Jun 1916 m. a Lowe

Source: Genealogy Resources: Steps In Time [on line]

                                                                14. Robert Hunter Babb b. 29 Nov 1874 Spartanburg Co, SC d. 10 Nov 1964 Spartanburg Co, SC, buried Holly Springs Baptist Church Cem.

Source: Genealogy Resources: Steps In Time [on line]

                                                           4. William Babb b. 1827 d. Bef 1872 m. Nancy Jane Gregory

                                                           5. Narcissa Babb b. 12 May 1829 d. 4 July 1894 m. George W. Bruce 1847

                                                           6. Martha Babb b. abt 1832 d. bef 1860 m. Anderson Waldrup

                                                           7. Sallie Babb b. 1834 m. Thomas Waldrup

                                                           8. Mary Babb b. 1836 d. 1924 m. Washington Curry 1860 [after her sister died in 1859, then she married him]

                                                           9. Nancy Babb b. 1838 d. bef 1872 m. John Hutchinson

                                                         10. Thomas Babb b. 7 Mar 1841 d. 17 July 1916 m. Mary Stokes 1871

                                                         11. James Babb b. 1844 d. bef 1872.

Source: Genealogy Resources: Steps In Time [on line]

                                    5. Lucinda Babb b. 10 Apr 1803 Laurens, SC d. 31 July 1886 SC

                                    6. Sampson Babb b. 17 Jan 1805 Laurens, SCd. 4 Jul 1881 Laurens, SC d. 4 July 1881 Laurens District, SC

                                   7. Abner Babb b. 23 Nov 1806 Laurens, SCd. 27 May 1869 Laurens, SC

                                   8. Polly Anna Babb

                                   9. Jennie Babb

                                 10. Martha Babb b. 28 July 1810 Laurens, SC d. 2 Jan 1887

                                 11. Alston Babb b. 1815 Laurens, SC d. 3 Apr 1861

         4. Joseph Babb b. 15 Jul 1772 Laurens District, SC d. 29 Apr 1843 Laurens District, SC

         5. Nancy Babb b. Frederick Co, Vir m. James Culbertson 1791

         6. Mary "Polly" Babb b. abt 1768 Laurens District, SC d. bef Oct 1853 Laurens District, SC m. Daniel Fuller

Children are:

                             1. Sally Fuller b. in SC d. aft 1860

                             2. Eldridge Fuller

                             3. Ransom Fuller

                             4. Mercer Fuller

                             5. Silas Fuller b. 14 Feb 1802 Laurens District, SC d. 23 Apr 1869 Laurens District, SC

                             6. Mary Ann Fuller b. Laurens District, SC

                             7. James Fuller b. Laurens District, SC

                             8. Barbara Fuller b. Laurens District, SC m. Miller

                             9. Permelia Fuller m. S. Brooks

                           10. John Fuller d. bef. Oct 1853

Source: Genealogy Resources: Steps In Time [on line]

        7. Mercer Babb

        8. Martin Babb

        9. Kellett Babb

      10. James Babb b. bef 1780 d. 1860 Brenham, Washington Co, Texas

Moved to Laurens Co, SC Nov. 24, 1767 m. [1] Elizabeth Crisp TX [2] Elizabeth Money Aft 1820 Brenham, Washington Co, TX

Children by Elizabeth Crisp are:

         1. Zilpha Babb

         2. Drucilla Babb

         3. Mary Babb

         4. Mancil Babb b. abt 1809

         5. James Alford Babb b. 11 Jan 1814 Alabama d. aft 1880 Madison Co, Mississippi

Child by Elizabeth Money is:

         1. Amanda Babb b. aft 1820 Brenham, Washington Co, TX

Source: Genealogy Resources: Steps In Time [on line]


    3. Peter Babb b. 1735 Winchester, Frederick Co, VA d. 21 Feb 1817 Frederick Co, VA married Mary Bowen 2 Nov 1761 Frederick Co, Vir, she was b. 3 Apr 1740 Frederick Co, Vir d. 1825 Greene Co, PA

Children are;

        1. Rachel Babb b. 1762 Winchester, Frederick Co, Vir

        2. Elizabeth Babb b. 1763 Frederick Co, Vir

        3. Sampson Babb b. 1764 Winchester, Frederick Co, Vir

       4. Henry Mercer Babb b. 24 Feb 1766 Winchester, Fred. Co, Vir

       5. Abner Babb b. 1768 Winchester, Frederick Co, Vir

       6. Peter Babb b. 18 Oct 1769 Frederick Co, Vir

       7. Ann Babb b. 26 Apr 1771 Frederick Co, Vir

       8. Hannah Babb b. 1775 Winchester, Frederick Co, Vir

       9. Mary Babb b. 1755 Winchester, Frederick Co, Vir

     10. David Babb b. 21 Mar 1778 Winchester, Frederick Co, Vir

     11. Sarah Babb b. 6 Jan 1785 Winchester, Frederick Co, Vir


  4. Elizabeth Babb b. 1741 Frederick Co,VA d. 1780 m. David Rees 5 Jan 1761

  5. Stephen Babb b. 1742 Frederick Co,VA d. 1760 Bethel, Chester Co, Pa

  6. Thomas Babb b. 1745 PA

  7. Sampson Babb b. 1746 West Caln, Chester Co, Pa d. 20 Oct 1814 Morris, Tioga, Pa


Phillip Babb, son of Thomas, b. 1699 Brandywine, New Castle, Del. d. 6 Mar 1762 Newark, New Castle, Del. m. Margaret Mercer 1 Feb 1738 Del., she was b. 1700 Del., child was:

1. Thomas Babb b. 14 Jun 1740 Vir.


Phillip Babb, son of Thomas, b. 26 Aug 1731 Hopewell, Frederick Co,VA d. 19 Jan 1813 Greeneville, Greene Co, TN m. Mary Perkins 1752 Winchester, Frederick Co, VA, she was b. 13 Dec 1730 Frederick Co, VA d. 1791 Greene Co, TN.


Philip died 19 Jan 1813 and is buried in the Babb Cemetery in Greeneville, Tennessee. As he did not name his children in his will, there has been some confusion in the research. There are records in the Hopewell Monthly Meeting which give births for children Sarah, Jospeh & Thomas. There is one Seth gave his birth date in his pension records; in addition he was disowned by the Quakers in 100's along with his mother Mary and Sister Phoebe for joining the Methodists. Then in 1784 the Quaker records show a request of Phllip Babb's children Philip, Stephen, Mary, Elizabeth and Tamar for a certificate to New Garden, NC MM. The next month the Friends of New Garden stated they were not willing to accept the above children. "Source" Babb Families of America by Jean A. Sargent."

In 1785 Philip purchased land in Green Co, NC In 1787 Philip sent a recommendation from Frederick Co, Virginia Stating:

"Frederick County, Virginia. To all Whome it May consarn. We whose name are under written do Certify that Philip Babb and his family, has lived in the County for a Number of years and hath behaved them Selves as Peaceable People withtheir Nibors and honest in their dealing with all men far as we know or believe until they moved the Selves to North Carolina to witness where of we hereunto set our Names this 14 Day of july 1787. Signed by: "18 neighbors including brother Peter Babb." Meanwhile in 1790, 7th month 5th day, the Hopewell MM records VA state: "This meeting is informed that Philip Babb's children--Philip, Stephen, Mary, Elizabeth and Tamar removed with their parents within the verge of Westfield MM in North Carolina and had no certificate and several of them since gone out in marriage. Richard Ridgeway and James Steer are appointed to That Meeting requesting their assistance in treating with those who have misconducted, also some information concerning the others and report when ready."

Children are:

1. Seth Babb b. 2 Oct 1760 Winchester, Frederick Co, VA d. 5 Sept 1836 Greene Co, TN m. Mary McClellan 22 Jan 1791 Va. b. 7 Oct 1762 Va.

2. Phillip Babb b. 1762 Winchester, Frederick Co, VA d. 1 Aug 1843 Greene Co, TN m. Elizabeth Humbert 17 Feb 1785 Greene Co, TN b. 1763 Frederick Co,VA d. 1833 Greene Co, TN. daughter of Samuel Humbert b. May 1734 Goochland Co, Vir., and Sarah Painter b. abt 1735 Burlington Co, N.J.

3. Abner Babb b. 1766 Winchester, Frederick Co, Va

4. Mary Babb b. 1766 Winchester, Frederick Co, VA

5. Sarah Babb b. 9 Feb 1754 Winchester, Frederick Co, VA

6. Joseph Babb b. 2 Feb 1756 Winchester, Frederick Co,VA

7. Thomas Babb b. 17 Mar 1758 Wincester, Frederick Co, VA d. 7 Dec 1779 Frederick Co, Vir.

8. William Babb b. 1764 Winchester, Frederick Co, VA

9. Stephen Babb b. 1765 Winchester, Frederick Co, Va

10. Phoebe Babb b. 1768 Winchester, Frederick Co, VA

11. Samuel Babb b. 1772 Winchester, Frederick Co, VA

12. Elizabeth Babb b. 1774 Winchester, Frederick Co, Va.


[lists only 9 children]

Sarah Painter was the daughter of John Painter b. abt 1710 England or Wales, d. abt 1770 Frederick Co, Vir, buried Crooked Run Quaker Graveyard, he was a blacksmith, and Hannah Braddock b. Apr 1714 Evesham, Burlington Co, NJ d. 26 Nov 1786 Ninevah, Frederick Co, Vir, buried Crooked Run Quaker Graveyard, she was the daughter of Robert Braddock b. abt 1685 England & Elizabeth Hancock b. 16 Mar 1686 Haddonfield, Gloucester Co, NJ., they had married 9 jun 1735 Evesham, Burlington Co, NJ, Sarah's brothers and sisters were:

1. Sarah Painter [above]

2. John Painter Jr b. 5 Mar 1736 Evesham, Burlington ,NJ

3. Robert Painter b. 21 Jan 1738 Burlington, NJ

4. Jane Painter b. abt 1740 Frederick Co, Vir

5. Thomas Painter b. abt 1742 Burlington Co, NJ

6. Isaac Painter Sr b. 23 Jul 1751 Frederick Co, Vir

7. Hannah Painter b. abt 1753 Burlington Co, NJ


Samuel Humbert b. May 1734 Goochland co, Vir d. 1805 near Greeneville, Greene Co, TN, he was the son of John Humbert Jr b. abt 1716 and Betty Meeks, he is buried Quaker Knob Cemetery, Greene Co, TN, Samuel and Sarah Painter had:

1. William [Big Bill] Humbert b. 26 Oct 1758 Vir. or TN

2. Samuel [Big Sam] Humbert b. Frederick Co, Vir

3. Elizabeth Humbert [above]

4. Jonathan Thomas Humbert b. abt 1765 Frederick Co, Vir

5. Aden Painter Humbert b. 9 Oct 1772 Winchester, Frederick Co, VA

6. Sarah Humbert b. 1 Oct 1775 Frederick Co, Vir

7. Susannah Humbert b. abt 1777

8. Jacob Humbert b. 4 Dec 1760

9. Hannah Humbert b. abt 1765


Joseph Edwin Babb, son of Thomas, b. 1735 Frederick Co, VA d. 1781 Cross Hills, Lauren Co, SC m. Mary Polly McCoole 17 Sept 1761 Frederick Co, VA, she was b. 1743 Frederick Co, Va d. 3 Jun 1816 Laurens Co, SC: they moved to Laurens Co, SC 24 Nov 1767

Children are:

1. Nancy Babb b. 1770 Laurens Co, SC

2. Abner Babb b. 1763 Frederick Co,Va

3. Thomas Babb b. 1764 Frederick Co, VA

4. Sampson Babb b. 11 Aug 1766 Frederick Co, VA

5. Joseph Babb b. 15 Jul 1772 Frederick Co,VA

6. Mary Polly Babb

7. Mercer Babb

8. Martin Babb

9. Kellett Babb

10. James Babb

2. Joseph D. Allen b. 1836 Greeneville, Greene Co, TN, m. Martha A. b. 1842 TN, 1870 census, he was a farmer and her parents were born in Georgia

Children are:

1. Green Allen b. 1860

2. Samuel Allen b. 1861

3. Joseph Allen b. 1864

4. Fanny Allen b. 1865

5. Mary Allen b 1868

3. James Allen b. 1839 Greene Co, TN

4. Samuel W. Allen b. 10 Apr 1845 Greeneville, Greene Co, TN d. 9 July 1915 Greeneville, Greene Co, Tn, m. Laura Ellen May Love 29 Jan 1873 Greeneville, Greene Co, TN, daughter of Samuel Love & Margaret Cochran, she was born 1 July 1847 Greeneville, Greene Co, TN d. 17 Mar 1912 Greeneville, Greene Co, Tn

Note: Samuel W. Allen Jr. is identified by census reports and further identified by photographic records with his wife and two children. he is further identified by records from the family Bible owned by Alice Aleen as seen by Kathleen Margaret Hall Douglas. He is buried in the Meadowcreek Cemetery in Greene Co, TN, according to census records he was a farmer and able to read and write and speak English. Laura is buried at Meadowcreek cemetery also.

Children are:

1. Mary Ellen Allen b. 3 May 1875 Greeneville, Greene Co, TN d. 29 June 1947, m. Eugene Roundtree 3 May 1912

2. Jimmy Allen b. 3 Jun 1877 Greene Co, TN

3. Margaret Allen b. 4 Jan 1882 Greene Co, TN d. 1882 Greene Co, TN

4. Alice Lydia Bruce Allen b. 26 Nov 1883 Greeneville, Greene Co, TN d. 28 Dec 1964 Afton, Greene Co, TN. Cause of death was either Cereberal hemorage or heart attack. , buried Fairview Cem. m. [1] William Leonard Douglas 25 Jan 1906 Greeneville, Greene Co, TN, son of George Douglas & Nancy Lay, he was b. 20 Oct 1858 Elk Valley, Campbell, TN d. 17 july 1917 Kingsport, Sullivan Co, TN [2] Noah Martin Greene 19 july 1925 Greene Co, TN b. 10 Jun 1874 Greene Co, TN d. 27 Dec 1950 Greene Co, TN

Note: Alice lived in the rural community of Afton, Tennessee. She still had a farm when she was in her 70's and at one point wrote that she was 72 years young and still milking hour own cows. She was said to have a sweet disposition.

Children are:

1. George Washington Douglas b. 23 Nov 1906 Elk Valley, Campbell, TN d. 15 Mar 1965

2. Willie Leonard Douglas b. 13 Sep 1909 Elk Valley, Campbell, TN

3. Lawrence Douglas b. 27 Apr 1911 Elk Valley, Campbell Co, TN d. 9 July 1952

4. Lillie May Douglas b. 1 Mar 1915 Afton, Greene Co,TN

5. Alma Ruth Douglas b. 30 Dec 1916 Afton, Greene Co, TN d. 10 Feb 1958

6. Charles Boyd Douglas married divorced, has two children Carol who passed 2004 and Kathryn, if you would like more info on this family contact Kathryn at

Here is a little info on the Love family, info mainly came from LDS Family Search site: Corrections and added info appreciated.

1. Charles Love b. 1709 Charles, MD m. Mary Harris 1734, b. 1713 Charles, MD d. 27 July 1757.

Children are:

1. Thomas Love b. 19 Nov 1745 Charles, MD d. 16 April 1810 Jefferson Co, TN

2. Samuel Abbot Love b. 1740 Charles, MD.

3. Ann Love b. Charles, MD d. 5 Nov 1754 Charles, MD

4. Samuel Love b. 15 Jan 1750 Charles, MD d. 15 Jan 1750

5. Jane Love b. 25 Jan 1748 Charles, MD.

6. Ann Love b. 19 Mar 1756 Charles, MD.

7. Pamelia Love b. 14 July 1751 Charles, MD

8. Martha Love b. 27 July 1757 Charles, MD

9. Mary Love b. 14 Dec 1753 Charles, MD

10. Pentheselia Love b. 21 Dec 1742 Charles, MD

11. William Augustine Love b. 17 Dec 1755 Charles, MD

2. Thomas Love b. 19 Nov 1745 Charles, MD d. 16 Apr 1810 Jefferson Co, TN m. Dorthea b. 1750 Charles, MD d. 27 Apr 1823 Jefferson Co, TN, they are buried at Dandridge, Jefferson, TN

Children are:

1. Charles Love b. 1 Oct 1790 Charles, MD d. 19 Jan 1841 Greeneville, Greene Co, TN

2. Lucy Love b. 1792 Charles, MD

3. Ann Love b. 1794 Charles, MD

4. John Love b. 20 Jan 1776 Chales, MD

5. Phillip love b. 1 Feb 1773 Charles, MD

6. William Love b. 11 Feb 1771 Charles, MD

7. Mary Frances Love b. 21 Aug 1769 Charles, MD

8. Mary Love b. 10 Sept 1780 Charles, MD m. George Gordon b. 1776

9. Martha Love b. 19 Dec 1784 Charles, MD m. John Porter b. 1780

1. Charles Love b. 1 Oct 1790 Charles, MD d. 19 Jan 1841 Greeneville, Greene Co, TN m. Hanna Evans 28 Oct 1818 Greene Co, TN, daughter of Jonathan Evans & Hannah Cravens, she was b. 1801 Greeneville, d. 4 May 1883, charles is buried in Loves Chapel.

Children are:

1. Samuel Love b. 7 Mar 1823 Greeneville, Greene Co, TN d. 19 Feb 1891 Meadow Creek, Greene Co, TN m. Mary Jane Cochran b. 1825 Meadow Creek, Greene Co,TN

Children are:

1. John Love b. 4 Jun 1852 Meadow Creek, Greene Co,TN

2. Laura E. Love b. 1 Jul 1847 Meadow Creek, Greene Co,TN d. 17 Mar 1912, buried Meadow Creek, Greene Co, TN

3. Eava H. Love b. 12 Jul 1868 Meadow Creek, Greene Co, TN

2. William Love b. 1826 Greene Co,TN d. Greene Co, TN m. Margaret Mullendor, b. 1848 Grenneville, Greene Co, TN

Children are:

1. Neppie Love b. 10 Mar 1869 Greeneville, Greene Co,TN d. 28 Aug 1886 Greene Co,TN

2. Bruce Love b. 19 May 1870 Greeneville, TN d. 5 May 1932 Greeneville, m. Lee Shields 25 Feb 1893, she was b. 11 May 1873 Greene Co, d. 11 Mar 1915 Greene Co,TN d/o John Shields & Harriet Ottinger

Children are:

1. Grace Love b. 10 Mar 1902 Greene Co,TN d. 3 Nov 1973 Greene Co,TN

2. Clarence Love b. 21 Mar 1895 Greene Co,TN, d. 7 Mar 1966, buried Pine Grove, Greene Co,Tn

3. Margaret Love b. 28 Apr 1907 Greene Co,TN d. 25 Oct 1960, buried Meadow Creek, Greene co, TN

4. Josie Love b. 26 Jun 1897 Greene Co,TN d. 6 Dec 1900 buried Pine Grove, Greene Co,TN

5. Georgia Love b. 17 Aug 1899 Greene Co, TN d. 25 Mar 1901, buried Pine Grove, Greene Co,TN

6. Living Female

7. Living Female

8. Living Female

3. Tulin M. Love b. 19 Sept 1884 Greeneville, TN d. 1 sept 1886 Greene co, TN

3. Charles Love b. 5 May 1839 Meadow Creek, Greene Co, TN d. 18 Feb 1865 Meadow Creek, Greene Co, TN

4. James Love b. 20 Jun 1824 Greene Co, TN d. 11 Nov 1896 Greene co, TN m. Sarah Ann Rader 12 june 1873, Daughter of John Rader & Elizabeth Ottinger, b. 25 Feb 1862 Greene Co, TN d. 25 July 1889 Greene Co,TN



James Love, our subject, is one of the prosperous farmers of Greene County, and was born about three miles north of his present home in the Third Civil District, on June 20, 1824. He is the son of Charles and Hannah [Evans] love. The father was a native of Greene County, Tenn., and was of English extraction, and was a farmer. The mother also was a native of Greene County, and was the mother of fourteen children--ten sons and four daughters. Our subject is the fourth, and was reared on the farm, and educated in the country schools. He has farmed successfully all hislife. He had a very limited capital to begin the occupation with, and has been very energetic, and by hard toil has been successful in his calling. He owns and cultivates a farm of 317 acres, situated on the Nollichucky River, and also owns two other farms: one of 250 acres, in the Fifth District, and 142 acres in the Fourth Civil District. His land is good and he has it moderately improved. Some very good timber is on the land, and all is pretty well situated.

On June 12, 1873, he was united in marriage with Sarah A. Rader, daughter of John and Elizabeth [Ottinger] Rader. Unto the marriage have been born seven children--two sons and five daughters-one daughter is dead-viz.: Birtie Elizabeth, born December 12, 1874; Charles Edgar, born June 3, 1876; Sarah Jane, born August 19, 1877; John Anderson, born March 19, 1879; Eliza Emaline, born March 2, 1881; and lulie Susanne, born November 16, 1883. Children are:

1. John Anderson Love b. 19 Feb 1879 St James, Greene Co, TN d. 31 Jan 1939 St James, Greene Co, TN

2. Elizabeth Emaline Love b. 2 Mar 1881 St James, Greene co, TN d. 30 Dec 1954 St James, Greene Co, TN buried 2 Jan 1955.

3. Charles Edgar Love b. 3 Jun 1876 Memphis, Shelby Co, TN d. Apr 1936 Memphis, Shelby Co, TN

4. Sara Jane Love b. 19 Aug 1877 Roane Co, TN d. 26 Dec 1933 Roane Co, TN

5. Lula Susanna Love b. 16 Nov 1883 St James, Greene Co, TN d. 10 Feb 1966 St James, Greene Co. TN, buried 12 Feb 1966.

6. Bertie Elizabeth Love b. 12 Dec 1874 St James, Greene Co, Tn d. 3 Sept 1950 St James, Greene Co, TN

5. Margaret Jane Love b. 23 Dec 1825 Meadow Creek, Greene Co, TN d. 7 Mar 1919 Meadow Creek, Greene Co, TN

6. Philip Love

William Love s/o Thomas, b. 11 Feb 1771 Charles, MD m. Elender Lucy Chilton, she was born in Jefferson, TN

Children are:

1. Thomas love b. 18 Mar 1800 Jefferson, TN

2. Samuel Love b. 5 Jan 1802 Jefferson, TN d. 19 Aug 1840

3. James Love b. 4 Dec 1806 Jefferson, TN

4. Pernelia Jane Love b. 11 Dec 1808 Jefferson, TN

5. John Love b. 21 Feb 1812 Jefferson, TN d. 14 Dec 1854

6. Sara Jane Love b. 18 Mar 1814 Jefferson, TN

7. Elender Love b. 13 Aug 1816 Jefferson, TN

8. Elizabeth Love b. 13 Aug 1819 Jefferson, TN d. 13 Dec 1878 Turnersville, Coryell, Texas,

9. Joseph Love b. 4 Jun 1821 Jefferson, TN d. 16 Feb 1895

10. Martha Love b. 21 Jan 1824 Jefferson, TN

11. Lucy Love b. 1828 Jefferson, TN

12. Lema Love b. 1830 Jefferson, TN

Mary Frances Love d/o Thomas, b. 21 Aug 1769 Charles, MD m. Robert Evans b. 1765

Children are:

1. Susan L. Evans b. 1791

2. Mary Polly Evans b. 1793

3. James A. Evans b. 1795

4. Charles L. Evans b. 1797

5. Robert C. Evans b. 1799

6. Thomas F. Evans b. 1801

7. John L. Evans b. 1803

Samuel Love & Margaret Jane Cochran above

5. Caroline "Carrie R." b. 1846 Greene Co, TN d. 14 Feb 1884, murdered, Greene Co, TN m. James M. Hunter 2 Feb 1869 Greene Co, TN, son of John Hunter & Lattie Self, he was born 1834 Greene Co, Tn

Notes: Goodspeed's History of Greene County, Tennessee--1887

James M. Hunter, a farmer and stock dealer in the Seventh District, was born 1834 in Greene County, where he has since resided, and where he permanently located, having traveled quite extensively over the United States. He began life for himself, a poor man, and what he is now worth is the fruit of his own industry and good management. He owns a fine farm, where he now resides, of 317 1/2 acres, another of 231, and another of seventy-five acres. He has given his attention principally to stock dealing, at which he has been very successful. He was married in 1868 [1869] to R. C. Allen [Carrie R. Allen], a daughter of Samuel Allen, a native of Greene County. Three children blessed this union: William [deceased], Rebecca [deceased], and Charles Washington. Mrs. Hunter was killed February 14, 1884, by parties evidently desiring to kill and rob Mr. Hunter. Mr. Hunter was married September 15, 1885, to Miss N. S. Hawkins, a daughter of Dr. Joseph Hawkins, a native of Green County, a very successful medical practioner, and who was very popular. Mrs. Hunter was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, and Mr. Hunter is a Democrat in politics, and cast his first presidential ticket for James Buchanan. He is a Master Mason, and a member of the I.O.O.F. lodge. He is the fifth of eight children--two sons an six daughters--of John and Lattie [Self] Hunter, natives of Greene County. He was a soldier in the War of 1812, and was a very successful farmer and stock dealer. Mr. Hunter was a son of Samuel Hunter, a native of Ireland, immigrated to America settling first in Washington County, Va., and afterward moved to Greene County, Tenn., being one of the earliest settlers of the last named county. He was a farmer by occupation. He had eight children--three daughters and five sons; Thomas, John, and Samuel, lived anddied in Tennessee, William and James moved to Missouri, where they died unmarried. Thomas Hunter's children moved to Missouri, excepting Frederick, who moved to Indiana.

Posted by Greene County TN Gen Web Host Thurs. 31 Dec 1998:

Children by Caroline are:

1. William Hunter

2. Rebecca Hunter

3. Charles Washington Hunter

3. Margaret Ann Allen b. 1798 Greene Co, TN married 22 May 1819 Greene Co, TN William M. Crawford


Generation 1

1. Henry Farnsworth b. abt 1740 Vir. d. 24 Apr 1816 Greene Co, TN married [1] Margaret Jane McKeehan, b. 1750 [2] Elizabeth Bennett 2 Nov 1807 Greene Co, TN, b. 1760

Henry Farnsworth Sr, also known as Major Farnsworth, well known in Greene Co, TN circles. Jim Zobel descends from David Farnsworth, brother of Robert who married Rebecca Baker.

Children are:

1. ROBERT DAVIS FARNSWORTH b. 6 May 1785 Greene Co, TN d. 28 Apr 1860 Walnut, Madison Co, NC

2. Perline Farnsworth b. 1766

3. John M. Farnsworth b. 1768 Piscatua, NJ d. 11 Aug 1830 Greene Co, TN

4. George Farnsworth b. 1769 Loudon Co, Vir d. 27 jul 1812 Greene Co, TN

5. Jane Ginny/Jennie Farnsworth b. 1770 Vir d. Page, Iowa

6. Benjamin Farnsworth b. 1773 loudon, Vir d. 1813 Loudon Co, Vir

7. Henry Farnsworth b. 1775 Loudon, Vir d. 6 Oct 1851 Greene Co, TN

8. Mary Polly Farnsworth b. 1777 Loudon Co, Vir d. 1860 Greene Co, TN

9. David Farnsworth b. 6 May 1785 Greene Co, TN d. 29 Apr 1860 Walnut, Buncombe Co, NC

10. Sarah Farnsworth b. 1788 Greene Co, TN d. 1858

Generation 2

2. ROBERT DAVIS FARNSWORTH b. 6 May 1785 Greene Co, TN d. 28 Apr 1860 Walnut, Madison Co, NC married [1] REBECCA BAKER 8 Dec 1802 Greene Co, TN daughter of Isaac Baker & Hannah Houston. She was born 1783 Greene Co, TN died Greene Co, TN

Robert Farnsworth had as his Bondsman, John Farnsworth, this was not his father, maybe his uncle or could have been his brother, John M Farnsworth, twelve years his senior. As in so many families of those time, Robert Farnsworth came from a average size family [nine children]

Rebecca Baker Farnsworth received one share of her fathers estate at his death in 1818. She and her sister, Polly [Mary] Baker Allen, received 2 negros, Dain & Anderson at their mothers death in 1826.

On the Greene Co, TM 1830 Census, Rebecca Baker Farnsworth is a widow with the following siblings: 1 male 5-10; 1 male 20-30; 2 females 10-15; 1 female 15-20; 2 females 20-25. She was listed as 40-50. She was born in 1783, so would have been a 47 year old widow in 1830 with a large group of siblings still at home, probably running the farm and taking care of their mother.

Children are:

1. Junetta Farnsworth b. 1804 Greene Co, TN married Robert Allen in Greene Co, TN

2. Isaac Farnsworth b. 1804 Greene Co, TN d. aft 1860 TN married Mary Polly Shackleford 12 Oct 1846 TN, she was b. 1809 TN

3. Jackson Farnsworth b. 1805

4. Nancy Farnsworth b. 1805 Greene Co, TN married John G Nelson 7 Dec 1828 TN he was b. abt 1800

5. Caroline Farnsworth b. 1808

6. **TRENTON ELIZABETH FARNSWORTH b. 12 sep 1819 [some have 1810] TN d. 19 Feb 1870 Greene Co, TN married [1] SAMUEL W ALLEN b. 1794 Greene Co, TN d. 2 Oct 1851 Greeneville, Greene Co, TN, son of Robert Allen & Martha Kerr, [2] Joseph B Walker b. 10 Oct 1826 d. 4 Oct 1902 Greene Co, TN, Trenton is buried between Samuel Allen & Joseph B Walker in Oak Grove Cemetery [page 48]

In Memory of:

Mrs. T. E. Walker, wife of J. B. Walker b. September 12, 1819 Died May 3, 1870 Surviving Children seven:

"To where this silent marble weeps

A friend, a wife, a Mother Sleeps

A heart within who sacred Cell

The peaceful virtues loved to dwell.

Census Greene Co, TN p. 150A 150B

Samuel Allen 50 M Farmer 6000 Tn

Trenton E. 50 F Tn

William 8 M Tn

James 6 M Tn

Samuel 5 M Tn

Caroline 2 F Tn

Humphry Brader 14 M ILL

Caroline Farnsworth 33 F Tn

Mary Ann Farnsworth 24 F Tn

Lewis Patterson 40 M b. Clebourne TN

There is Arp Allen p. 51 1840 also


7. Mary Ann Farnsworth b. 1815 married Daniel Allen

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