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Ancestors of Randy William ERICKSON

Eighth Generation


210. Jacob AANESEN married Kirsten OLSDOTTER. [Parents]

211. Kirsten OLSDOTTER. [Parents]


212. Lars LAURITSEN married Malena ANDERSDOTTER. [Parents]

213. Malena ANDERSDOTTER. [Parents]


214. Jacob JORGENSEN married Mette LARSDOTTER. [Parents]

215. Mette LARSDOTTER. [Parents]


232. William HUTT married Mary. [Parents]

233. Mary.


234. George CHURCHILL married Mary MAYCOCK.

235. Mary MAYCOCK. [Parents]


236. John BAYLISS married Martha HALL. [Parents]

237. Martha HALL. [Parents]


238. OO 00 married OO 00.

239. OO 00.


240. John Volckman BECKSTEAD married Helena THOMAS.

241. Helena THOMAS.


248. Darius ALLEN was born 1 May 1753 in Oyster Bay, Nassua, Long Island, New York. He died 17 Apr 1815 in Oyster Bay, Nassua, Long Island, New York and was buried 24 Apr 1815 in Hempstead, Long Island New York. Darius married Charity TYLER. [Parents]

249. Charity TYLER was born 7 Feb 1752 in New York.


250. David WHALEY was born about 1756. He died estimated 1830/1840. David married Elizabeth GOLDER on 5 Mar 1783 in Hempstead Long Island New York. [Parents]

251. Elizabeth GOLDER was born about 1759. [Parents]


252. Enoch MARTIN was born 1768 in Scotland. He died Jan 1829 in Brooklyn, Kings, New York. Enoch married Elizabeth THORNE on 30 Jun 1800 in Brooklyn, Kings, New York.

253. Elizabeth THORNE was born 1776 in Brooklyn, Kings, New York. She died Nov 1836 in Brooklyn, Kings, New York. [Parents]


254. Thomas COE was born 1765 in of Brooklyn, Kings, New York. He died 1833. Thomas married Lydia DEAN. [Parents]

255. Lydia DEAN 1 was born 15 Feb 1767 in Redding, Fairfield, Conneticutt. She died 19 Oct 1848 in Jamaica, Long Island, Queens, New York and was buried in Presbyterian, Church, Hempstead, New York. [Parents]


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