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Descendants of George Wrinkle

Generation No. 1

1. GEORGE1 WRINKLE [NOTES] was born Bef. 1754, and died 1807. He married SOPHIA Abt. 1770.

Children of GEORGE WRINKLE and SOPHIA are:

2. i. JOHN2 WRINKLE, b. Abt. 1775, Virginia; d. Abt. 1826, Natchitoches, Natchitoches County, Louisiana.

ii. GEORGE JUNIOR WRINKLE, b. Abt. 1773, Va or Pa; d. 1836, Knox County, Tennessee; m. NANCY ANN FRAZIER, 10 March 1805, Knox County, Tennessee.

iii. SOPHIA WRINKLE, b. Abt. 1775, Virginia; d. Aft. 1850, Knox County, Tennessee.

iv. ABRAHAM ABRAM WRINKLE, [NOTES] b. 13 August 1779, Virginia; d. 03 August 1844, Lotus, Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana; m. (1) NANCY M. MADDEN; b. Adams County, Mississippi Territory; d. Abt. 1850, Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana; m. (2) ANGELINA WILEY, Abt. 1800, Mississippi Territory.

v. DANIEL BUCHANAN WRINKLE, b. Abt. 1780, Virginia; d. 26 April 1858, Bradley County, Tennessee; m. (1) MARY PAINTER; m. (2) ELIZABETH; m. (3) POLLY HESS, 15 July 1801, Knox County, Tennessee; b. Abt. 1780, Virginia.

vi. DAVID WRINKLE, b. Abt. 1785, Virginia; d. Bef. 1837, Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana; m. MARY GRUBBS BARNES, Abt. 1820, Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana.

vii. HAMILTON WRINKLE, b. Abt. 1785, Virginia; d. Abt. 1813, Tennessee; m. MARY KATRINA KATIE FAGALA. More About MARY KATRINA KATIE FAGALA: Burial: Sevier County, Tennessee

viii. JACOB WRINKLE, b. Abt. 1786, Virginia; d. Abt. 1860, Knox County, Tennessee; m. LETITIA CHARLOTTE LETTY BODKIN, 15 July 1801, Knox County, Tennessee; b. Abt. 1787, Augusta County, Virginia.

ix. ELIZABETH WRINKLE, b. Abt. 1789, Knox County, Tennessee; d. 28 February 1868, Knox County, Tennessee; m. (1) JAMES WHITE; m. (2) WILLIAM HECKMAN.

x. HENRY H RINKLE WRINKLE, b. Abt. 1790, Knox County, Tennessee; m. ELIZABETH.

xi. ANDREW GARDNER WRINKLE, b. Abt. 1790, Gap Creek, Knox County, Tennessee; d. Buchanan County, Missouri; m. NANCY BURNETT, 24 December 1811, Knox County, Tennessee.

Generation No. 2

2. JOHN2 WRINKLE (GEORGE1) [NOTES] was born Abt. 1775 in Virginia, and died Abt. 1826 in Natchitoches, Natchitoches County, Louisiana. He married SARAH MADDEN in Mississippi Territory, daughter of EMMENUAL MADDEN. She was born Abt. 1775 in Adams County, Mississippi Territory, and died Abt. 1851 in Louisiana.

Children of JOHN WRINKLE and SARAH MADDEN are:

3. i. NANCY ANN3 WRINKLE, b. Abt. 1788, Maryland; d. San Augustine County, Texas.

ii. CHARITY WRINKLE, b. Abt. 1810, Maryland; m. JOHN BLUDWORTH, Abt. 1829; b. Abt. 1800, South Carolina.

Generation No. 3

3. NANCY ANN3 WRINKLE (JOHN2, GEORGE1) [NOTES] was born Abt. 1788 in Maryland, and died in San Augustine County, Texas. She married (1) JOSEPH VAUCHERE. He was born 11 July 1769 in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, and died Abt. 1811 in Natchitoches County, Louisiana. She married (2) ABSOLOM HIER.