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Notes on Ernest Peyton Walthers

Ernest Peyton Walthers born January 13, 1874 in Toulon, Illinois Stark County died November 13, 1953 in San Antonio, Texas Bexar County married Sarah Jane Linton born December 23, 1864 in Cornwall, Illinois Henry County. They were married in Kewanee, Illinois Henry County (April 8, 1896, Volume    2, Page 127, License #5332). Sarah Jane died December 06, 1958 in San Antonio, Texas Bexar County.

Ernest Peyton Walthers and his wife Sarah Jane Linton Walthers lived in the 100 block of Kayton across the alley from their daughter Doris and her husband Walter Shacklett who lived in the 100 block of Rigsby. Their house was always neat. They had a bench-type swing in their backyard and a grape arbor next to their garage with a walkway through it leading to a gate to go across the alley to Doris and Walter's backyard. Ernest had a snooker table (similar to a pool table) that he kept in his garage. They had a large leather rocking chair in their living room which moved across the floor as you rocked in it. Their house was not air conditioned, but it had a ceiling fan in the hall that kept the house cool. Their house still stands. It is not in very good condition. Sarah Jane and Ernest Walthers were both very short people. Ernest, in a picture with a group of men, looks like a child because he is so much shorter than everyone else in the photo. Ernest worked as a printer at both the San Antonio Light and the San Antonio Express-News.

San Antonio, Texas City Directories

1908-09 Walthers, E.B. with Daily Light b 330 San Pedro Ave (Mrs. Sarah) 

1910-11 Walthers E. P, printer Daily Express, r 202 Convent

1911-12 Walthers, Ernest P. (Sarah J.), printer Daily Express, r 202 Convent (3) 

1912-13 Walthers E. P, printer Daily Express, r 202 Convent (Sarah J.) 

1913-14 Walthers E. P, printer Daily Express, r 202 Convent (Sarah J.)

1914-15 Shacklett W A Riverside Grocery, r 206 Convent (Dora [Walthers]) 

1915-16 Shacklett W A (Riverside Grocery), r 206 Convent (Dora [Walthers])

1916-17 Shacklett W A r 204 Convent (Dora [Walthers])

1917-18 Shacklett W A r Chaufr 204 Convent (Doris [Walthers]) T5544 
Walthers, E P, printer S A Express, r 202 Convent (Sarah J) T5476