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Notes on Edward Henry Timoney 

Texas Veterans in the Mexican War - Muster Rolls of Texas Military Units compiled by Charles D Spurlin, Victoria College.

First Regiment, Texas Mounted Volunteers

Captain John Long's Company composed of personnel recruited primarily at San Antonio, Texas. Mustered into federal service on May 3, 1847. Mustered out of federal service on June 2, 1847.

E.H. Timoney, First Bugler, 30.

An Index to Mexican War Pension Applications transcribed by Barbara Schull Wolfe

The Mexican War - 1846 to 1848

Timoney, Edward H, Tex, 2/15/1887, A6469

Claim of a Survivor of the Mexican War for Pension

Bexar County, Texas December 28, 1885. Edward H Timoney age 70 of San Antonio served 90 days in the War of Mexico as a private in Capt John Long's Mounted Vols. He was not in any engagements. He resided in Bastrop County, Texas until 1854. Next he went to the Rio Grande until 1861 as an interpreter from thence to Mexico where he remained until the year 1869. Since then he has remained in Bexar County, Texas. He was not in the late rebellion on either side. He was married in Bastrop County on 21 April, 1850 to Margaret E. Crawford who is now dead. He was born in Williamstown in the County of Berkshire and State of Massachusetts, and he is 70 years old, 6 feet 2 inches tall of dark complexion, gray eyes, brown hair, and a clock maker by occupation. His occupation before the time of enlistment was as Stage Driver. His PO Address is 30 Soledad Street in the care of Edward Niles. Said Edward Niles has seen his Bounty Land Warrant Numver 114815 for 160 acres.

Declaration of a Survivor for Pension

Bexar County, Texas March 15, 1887. Edward H Timoney served in Capt John Long's Company of the Texas Cavalry "Curtis Call". I enlisted at Crockett, Texas in April of 1849 for the term of six months and was honorably discharged in San Antonio in June of 1847. I am 70 years old born in Berkshire County, Massachusetts on 14 July, 1816. I am not married and the maiden name of my wife was Margaret E Crawford whom I married 22 April, 1850 in Bastrop County, Texas. My wife died on 8 April 1853 at Rabbs Creek, Bastrop County, Texas and I have never remarried. I have a bounty land claim number 114815 and I lived in Bastrop County for 6 years after service, one year in Mexico, and since then in San Antonio, Texas.

19 July 1890, Bexar County, Texas E H Timoney served as private in John Long's Company in the Curtis Call regiment. I enlisted at Crockett, Houston County, Texas on the 12th or 14th of January, 1847 and was honorably discharged at San Antonio, Texas in June of 1847. I went from San Antonio to the Rio Grande river and subsequently went back to San Antonio to muster out. I was mustered both in and out of service by Capt Stove of the Regular Army. I am 74 years old born in Berkshire County, Massachusetts at Williamstown on the 14th of July, 1816. I have been dependent on others for about two years. I depend on J J Olsen and Mrs. Webb of San Antonio. They support me by hauling and house needs and other assistance. I am disabled due to old age and my disability occurred during my past life and during the process of aging.  I supported myself until I was no longer able to do manual labor. My wife and only child are dead. I served as a ranger in Texas except for when I was in Mexico covering the war period when as a northern man I was kept out by threat of hanging from the Confederates.

Mexican War Pension Application - Affidavit of Witness

Frank Jennell, Bexar County, Texas March 15, 1887.

I have known Edward H Timoney for 27 years. He is the identical person that served in John Long's regiment from his own statement which I believe is truthful. Edward H Timoney was born 14 July, 1815 at Williamstown, Berkshire County, Massachusetts. 

Application Rejection

The application was rejected on the ground that the claimant did not serve 60 days in the war with Mexico and was in no battle. May 28, 1887.

Affidavit of Witness

James Augus, age 62, Bexar County, Texas July 19, 1890

James states he has known Edward H Timoney for twelve years while living in San Antonio, Texas. Knows he is reported and generally believed to be a Mexican War Veteran but does not know personally of his service. Mrs. Webb of San Antonio gives EH Timoney stable room for his horses -"two poor old horses, which the old man does not make enough to take good care of." "He is an object of charity." States he tried to give him work but he was "not able to work." "There are abler men in the poorhouse today than he is. Ever since I have known him he has suffered from the palsy of his head. I know of his having been treated by Dr. Leighthall before the doctors death. I consider the old man honest and credible and worthy of belief - he will not tell a story - he will tell the truth." "I would take his word for service as he claims."

Narcisso Leal, San Antonio, Texas August, 1890

I have known Edward Henry Timony for 32 years. He is generally reputed in this community to be a Mexican War Veteran. He is disabled by reason of old age, with palsy of the head and arms and the general disabilities of old age. I know Edward Henry Timoney from my long personal acquaintance with him as before stated of more than thirty three years, mostly in this city. Edward Henry Timoney was born on the 14th of July in 1816 at Williamstown, Berkshire County, Massachusetts. I know this from his statements under oath in his application for pension.

JB Olsen, senior member of the Olsen Brothers, dealers in furniture at No. 12 Solidad Street, San Antonio, Texas. 

I have been personally acquainted with the claimant for the past three years in this city. I have employed the claimant for the last 18 months to deliver furniture. His earnings from us do not amount to the average of more than seventy five cents per day from which he will feed himself and his horses. It is charitable for us to give him employment at all and it is only for charity to him that we do employ him at all as he is unable to lift - handling only the very lightest of furniture. He is badly palsied and all the time shaking - both head and hands, and is old and broken down and without means of support. He claims to have served in the Mexican War and is personally considered in this community as an old Mexican War Soldier. He has two very poor old horses and an old wagon - the latter we let him have to assist him in earning a living for himself and horses - if possible. He is unable to do any work other than carry out a little furniture now and then - such as he can handle, as he is old and feeble he cannot lift anything of weight requiring exertion. I regard him as totally unable to earn his living by manual labor.

Joseph O'Connor, Esq. Atty of Law of Gonzales County, Texas 28th day of August, 1890. 

I am personally acquainted with Edward H Timoney, called "Old Keutuck", of San Antonio, Texas for two or three years back and about the Spring of 1888 I bought a 160 acre land warrant issued to said Timony by the United States Government (to applicant) for service during the Mexican War.

Treasury Department, Washington, August 31, 1891

Respectfully submitted to the Hon. Commissioner of Pensions. The payment made to E.H. Timoney, bugler, Capt. John Long's Co. of Texas Vols., Mexican War, was a follows:

Pay one month at $9.00        $9.00
One month allowance           $3.50
Use and risk of horse 31 days at 40 cents per day $12.40
12 days forage supplied by soldier, at 12 1/2 cents per diem $1.87
All traveling allowances       $38.00
Total Due                           $65.65

13 days for traveling home at 50 cents per day $6.50
"forage bag" returned           $6.94
Balance                                $58.71
Other                                    $13.25
Additional pay and allowance from April 24, 1847, date of arrival to date of maintain $7.29

Total paid                                $52.75

Letter from E B Johnson, Attorney at Law

Mackey Building, East Houston Street, San Antonio, Texas - March 20, 1894.

Hon. Commissioner of Pensions - .....requesting a re-examination to be made of the pension claim of Edward Henry Timony who was formerly a Bugler in Capt. John L. Long's Company of Col. Jack Hays' regiment of Texas Vol's, under Gen. Curtis' call Mexican War. Something more than two years ago I represented claimant - Timony as his attorney in said pension claim, and it was rejected on the ground that he lacked service of a few days (only) to make him entitled to pension. That he formerly received 3 months pay and land warrant, as such soldier, but lacked the 90 day service by only a few days time. The claimant says he knows of men drawing pension who served in his said regiment and company and he thinks that inasmuch as his service was faithful that he should have the pension as well as they. He says the difference of time only resulted from some of the men having enlisted earlier than he, but actually did not render any longer service than he did - so far as worthy service was concerned. As the original letter of rejection in his case was destroyed by fire at the time of the burning of my law office in this city two years ago, whereby I am unable to refer to the same, or give the number of said claim, I most respectfully ask that search be made as to the correctness of said decision, and that a duplicate of decision be sent to me, in order, if it be yet held to be adverse to claimant, that I may in his behalf, ask for a special act of Congress in his behalf. The claimant is very old and debilitated and certainly, as merit goes, should as well be entitled as others now drawing said pension - who rendered no more efficient service, but may only have enlisted a few days sooner than he did.

Respectfully submitted -

E B Johnson - Attorney for claimant.

I submit an accompanying affidavit of witness Landrum, as towards the identity of the claimant.

Larkin Landrum, age 66, Blanco County, Texas March 17, 1894

I have been personally acquainted with the claimant - Timony since we were young men living on the Trinity River in this State as long ago as 1845 - I cannot positively swear that he was in the regiment to which he claims to have belonged during the said Mexican War service, - but to the best of my knowledge he was - that is according to the best of my knowledge and belief, as e has told me of incidents connected with said regiments service which I do not believe any one could have told who was not actually present. I belonged to Jim Glasby's Company of said regiment, having enlisted in March, 1847, and served until mustered out sometime in June, 1847, - I received a land warrant and three months pay for said service and am now a pensioner under the Mexican War Pension Act. I do not know the length of time he served, but I have no doubt of his service in said company and regiment. In my opinion he - said Timony, is too old and decrepit to earn his living by manual labor. I do not know that I have seen him from about a year after we were mustered out of said service until about two days ago, when I met and recognized him in this city of San Antonio, Texas. At the time of my said Trinity River acquaintance with him it was intimate, and he was frequently at my fathers' house in said sector. I sometime since met an acquaintance who served in the company with me  and we were several days together before I could well recollect him, although I now know we were intimately well acquainted with each other at the time.

E H Timmony Bounty Warrant 9233 for 1280 acres for S War 18 July 1839 for service 1 March 1836 to 21 Jan 1839. Land in Atascosa County Paid to him 10 June 1873 Patent 355 Vol 14, Abstract 853 GLO File Bexar Bounty 1519.

1850 Bastrop County, Texas Census

360/380 Timiny William 30 m CO 1 married this year (1850) Margaret 17 f TX 1

William Timoney listed in 1850 census in Bastrop County

Bastrop County, Texas Records

25 November 1851 Bastrop County Lemuel Crawford petition of Edward H Timony and Margaret Elizabeth Timony heir of estate ask for petition and distribution of estate among legal heirs. Margaret Elizabeth Timony, John, George, Charles, James, William B, and Sarah Jane Spaulding all minors under 14. John Eblin appointed guardian.

Brownsville, Cameron County, Texas Census 1860

E H Timoney