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Order for a Gravestone for Maj. Aaron C. Shacklett


H B Cassavant of Evansville, Indiana
State of Ky Breckenridge County, 
September 14, 1866
1 No 3 Am Marble Mem about four feet high,
including PL25, No. 2 Sch Designs, appropriate
width and 5 inches thick, corresponding with enclosed design.
Carved as per design.
Maj. Aaron C Shacklett
Died July 28, 1866
Aged 35 years
Beloved in Life and Lamented in Death
To be delivered at Cloverport as soon as convenient, 
for which I am to pay One Hundred Dollars on delivery.
Cloverport Post Office
Mrs. Sophronia E Shacklett

Cloverport Ky. November 22, 66
Recd' of Jospeh B Miller Fifty $50 in part payment for a
monumentconstructed for by Sophronia E Shacklett
HB Cassavant

Cloverport November 22, 1866
Recd' of W B Webb the sum of fifty dollars. The balance due
on tombstone deliverance at Cloverport for Mrs. Shacklett
HB Cassavant