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Notes on Sir William Ruthven

Cowan, Samuel. The Ruthven family papers : London, Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & co. ltd., 1912

Page 22

Sir William Ruthven, anno 1330, had safe conducts in 1358, 1359, 1362, 1365, and died before 25th June 1376. A payment to Joanna, his wife, is entered in 1363. Sir William of Ruthven had a charter from Robert II. of the lands of Ruthven and Balerno, and another of the Sheriffship of Perth, 1393-95. He had a safe conduct in 1400. He or his successor witnessed a charter by Sir John Oliphant of Aberdalgie, to Malcolm, his brother, which was confirmed by Sir John Montgomery of Ardrossan, 1412. He died the same year. It is supposed he had two sons, William and David. The latter was granted by his brother the lands of Muirhall, Perth, in 1400.