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Descendants of Walter Ogilvy

1 Walter Ogilvy I [NOTES] Born 1332 in Auchterhouse, Scotland Died 1391 in Battle of Glen Briarachan, Moulin, Perthshire, Scotland

. 2 Walter Ogilvy II [NOTES] Born 1385 in Lintrathen, Forfarshire, Scotland Died 1440 in Lintrathen, Forfarshire, Scotland + Isabel Glen Born in Balmuto, Fifeshire, Scotland Died in Lintrathen, Angusshire, Scotland

.. 3 Giles Ogilvy Born in Arbuthnot, Kincardineshire, Scotland Died May 04, 1468 + Robert Arbuthnot Born: in Arbuthnot, Kincardineshire, Scotland Married in Lintrathen, Forfarshire, Scotland Died: February 21, 1449/50

.. 3 Walter Ogilvy
.. 3 John Ogilvy
.. 3 Isobel Ogilvy + Patrick Lyon Born: 1402 in England Died: March 21, 1458/59

NOTE: Some dates are estimates.

NOTE: Some information from another researcher. Not yet verified by me.