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Notes on Philip Myers

The 1860 Census record of Torrey, Yates County New York, Page 495, show Philip Myers and his family:

41 41 Philip Meyers 30 M Day Labor $50 Germany
Margaret 29 F Ireland Cannot read/write
Matthew 4 M New York
David 2 M New York
John 5/12 M New York

One year earlier, he became an naturalized citizen:

Page 525
United States of America, State of New York, County of Yates
To the Yates County Circuit Court;

The petition of Philip Myers of the Town of Benton, County of Yates, respectfully shows that your Petitioner, as he is informed and believes, was born in Obnonghton, Germany and is now of the age of 26 years, and that he was a subject of the Frederick Prince of Great Baden to whom he owed allegiance; that he emigrated to the United States at least five years ago, and he has ever since resided within the United States, and has not for more than five years now last past resided out of, or been out of the United States, at any time during the said five years, and for more than one year now last past, hr has been a resident of the State of New York; That it has been his bona fide intention for more than five years, now last past, to become a citizen of the United States of America, that he emigrated to this country before he was eighteen years of age. Your petitioner therefore prays that he may be admitted to all the rights and benefits, privileges and immunities of a citizen of the United States of America, pursuant to the provisions of the Acts of Congress, in such case made and provided, and to be naturalized as such citizen upon producing satisfactory proof of his good moral character, and attachment to the principles of the Constitution of the United States, and that he is well disposed to the happiness and good order of the same, and upon taking the oath to support the said Constitution, and to renounce allegiance as aforesaid, as is further required by the provisions of the said Acts of Congress.

Dated, October 31, 1859 Philip Myers
(his signature)

State of New York, Yates County
On this October day of 31st 1859 before the Yates County Circuit Court, held in and for said County of Yates, and in open Court, personally appeared the aforenamed Philip Myers and being duly sworn, says that he has heard read the foregoing petition, subscribed by him, and knows the contents thereof, and that the same are true of his own knowledge, except, as to those matters which he stated to be upon his information and belief, and as to those matters, he believes it to be true.

Sworn and Subscribed before me, in open Court, the day and year above written.

State of New York, Yates County

David Mulcahy and Thomas Mulcahy each of the town of Benton in the County of Yates in the State aforesaid, having been duly sworn, depose and say, each for himself, that they are citizens of the United States, that they are well acquainted with Philip Myers that he has resided in the United States for five years last past, and not elsewhere, and for the last year in the State of New York, and during all that time has behaved as a man of good moral character, attached to the principles of the Constitution of the United States, and well disposed to the good order and happiness of the same.

By 1870, the Philip Myers family had moved to Monroeville, Huron County Ohio where the family resided until his death 1915.

182 197 Meyers Phillip 39 M W Day Lab Baden father/mother foreign cannot read/write
Margaret 35 F W Ireland father/mother foreign Attended school
David 11 M W New York father/mother foreign Attended school
Henora [Honora] 8 F W New York
Thomas 5 M W New York
Agnez [Agnes] 3 M [F] W New York
Phillip 1 M W Ohio
Barry, Honora 70 F W Ireland cannot read/write blind [Mother in Law]

1880 Monroeville, Huron County Ohio Census Ridgefield District 2 June 1880 p.215

48 Myers Phillip W M 48 Married Watch on Depot Born in Germany
Margaret W F 46 Born in Ireland
David W M 22 Brakeman on RR Born in New York
Honora W F 18 NY
Thomas W M 15 NY
Agnes W F 14 NY
Phillip W M 10 NY
Maggie W F 8 NY

1900 Huron County Ohio Census ED# 38 Page 289

294 309 Myers Phillip W M [born] Feb 1832 [age] 68 M[arried for] 44 [years] [born in] Germany [immigrated in] 1848 52 [years in the US] na [naturalized] RR Targetman [attended school and can read/write] O[wns home] F[ree/not mortgaged] H[ouse]
Margaret Wife W F [born] May 1832 [age] 68 M 44 [mother of] 6 4 [living] [born in] Ireland [immigrated in]1850 50 [years in the US] [attended school and can read/write]

1910 Huron County Ohio Census ED# 45 Page 2

15 15 Myers, Phillip M W 78 M[arried] 58 [years] Germany [immigrated] 1847 na [naturalized] English Own Income Read Write O[wns home] F[ree not mortgaged] H[ouse]
Margaret F W 75 M 58 9 [children total] 7 [children living] Ireland [immigrated] 1850 English Read Write

Philip was a target man on the railroad. A target is a small type of railroad switch, he apparently worked in the railroad yards at Monroeville. His obituary states that he spent twenty-five years with the New York Central Section as a foreman at the headquarters in Ohio and almost as many years as a watchman with the Wheeling and Lake Erie, New York Central and B. and O. Crossing.

The family was Catholic. Philip and Margaret lived in Monroeville where there was a Catholic parish, but belonged to St. Mary's Parish in Clyde, one county over. It may have been because St. Joseph's in Monroeville was a German parish and would have had sermons in German. St. Mary's was more Irish, Margaret's heritage, and probably had sermons in English.

Philip bought a house in Monroeville on Monroe Street on 29 Oct 1870 from Charles and Charlotte Meyer. His name is spelled Meyer in the deed. He paid $600 for the house, which was on part of outlet 25. This deed is in Vol. 24, pg. 276 of the deed records in Huron county. He owned this house until 21 June 1915, when he sold it to Henry G. and Dethia Stokes for $650. That deed was signed at Elyria, Ohio, and is in Vol. 88, pg. 53 of the Huron County Deed Records.

Philip died on December 31, 1915 in Elyria, Lorain County Ohio at the home of his daughter. He is buried at St. Mary's in Clyde along with his wife, Margaret and her parents.