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Notes on David F Myers

David F Myers born around 1858 in New York. He married Margaret Bisch born September 1861 in Frankfort, Germany around 1880. David F Myers was a conductor for the LS & MS Railroad. He is listed in the 1889-90 and 1890-91 Toledo, Ohio City Directories:

David F Myers L S & M S Ry conductor 337 Broadway Toledo OH 1889, 1890 David F Myers L S & M S Ry conductor 337 Broadway Toledo OH 1890, 1891

"From 1869 to 1914, the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway was the route of empire as the young American nation began its expansion westward. It's tracks, laid by several of its predecessor lines, were the first rail connection between New York City and Chicago. Thereafter, the rail line became the crucial link and backbone of the burgeoning industrial and agricultural heartland... For generations after the Civil War, the LS&MS was the best way West." McLellan, David and Warrick, Bill, The Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway, (Polo, Ill, 1989), p 9.

According to the delayed birth certificate of John Edgar Myers, he was the first child born to David and Margaret Bisch Myers on 8-31-1882 in Genoa, Clay Township, Ottawa County, Ohio. The Bisch family had resided in Genoa since 1870. David F. Myers is listed as a white male, age 24, and born in Monroeville, Ohio [Huron County]. His occupation was a Railroad Conductor for the L.S. & M.S. Railroad. Margaret is listed as a white female, age 22, and born in Frankfort, Germany. She was a housewife. I have no other knowledge of any more children being born to David and Margaret.

Since Margaret's father Fred worked for the railroad and her future husband David was a railroad conductor, it is reasonable to assume that the family met by working at the same railroad company (LS & MS). Also supporting this theory is the fact that there is no David Myers living in the Township of Genoa - they were not neighbors. The route of the LS & MS Railroad went straight through the city of Genoa, Ohio. As a railroad conductor, David must have frequently visited the little township of Genoa.

Sometime between 1880 and 1881, David and Margaret married. By August of 1882, John Edgar Myers was born. The 1890 United States Census was destroyed by fire and is not available. I have not been able to track the family other than by the Toledo City Directory of 1890-91. I can't say how many children were born but they did seem to remain in the same area as Genoa is very close to Toledo [about 45 miles South East].

Sometime prior to 1885, David F. Myers and Margaret Bisch Myers divorced. Margaret remarried a Mr. Henry R. Woltman and David remarried a woman named Millie around 1888.

The January 13, 1915 obituary of David's mother states her son "Davis" was residing in Enid, Oklahoma.