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Notes on Christley Miller 

In the Breckenridge county records, Vol. 3; page 150

Christley Miller, married to Jane Miller died in 1815 in Breckenridge Co. On Dec.18, 1815, these records were entered into Breckenridge county court; Benjamin Yager is appointed guardian to MICHAEL MILLER, infant orphan of Christley Miller, decd. James Tate is appointed guardian for BETSEY MILLER, infant etc. etc Thomas Patton is appointed guardian for WILLIAM MILLER, infant. John Dejarnet is appointed guardian for NANCY MILLER. On page 151 of the same records; Ordered that Thomas Patton (he was constable for the 2nd district), James Moredock, Leonard Miller and Thomas Lowry or any three of them being duly sworn, do allot and assign to Jane Miller her dower in the lands that her deceased husband Christley Miller died seized and possessed of, and make a report thereof agreeable to law.

Chrisley Miller Estate Papers.pdf

Revolutionary War Records  - Christley Miller was a Private in the Virginia Militia.


1770 - 1774 Josephtown, PA
1774 - 1791 Berkeley County, Virginia
1791 - 1815 Breckinridge County, Kentucky

Breckinridge County, Kentucky Deed Book

Deed Book G pg92 Note Barney brother to Christley. Christley Miller departed this life leaving Jane Miller wife, now Weathersholt CH: Barney Miller JR Barnett, Polly Pate m.James, Michael Miller, Henry Miller m Emily Lay, Nancy Hendricks m. Calvin, John Miller, Elizabeth Miller, William Miller.

Jenny Miller widow of Christley decd came to court for administration on estate - granted and entered bond of $1000.00 Aug 21, 1815.

William Seaton, John Walker, Samuel Patton, and Dennis Waggoner to appraise money and slaves, if any, and personal estate of Christley Miller. December 18, 1815

Benjamin Yeager appointed guardian of Michael Miller infant orphan of Christley Miller deceased. James Tate guardian for Betsey Miller infant orphan of Chrisley Miller deceased. Thomas Patton guardian of William infant orphan of Chrisley Miller. John Dejarnet guardian of Nancy infant orphan of Chrisley Miller. John Miller appointed guardian to Nancy Miller Jan 18, 1819 exchanged with John Dejarnet.

Breckinridge County, Kentucky Court Records

page 39
August 20 1803
Sam Connor by Terrance Connor vs Daniel Barne, Michael Miller, John Miller, and John Coffman on trespass and assault and battery.

page 40
John Connor vs Barney Miller on trespass and assault and battery

page 41
John Connor vs Christian Miller on trespass and assault and battery

page 64
November 24, 1803
Sam Connor by Terrance Connor vs Daniel Barne, Michael Miller, John Miller, and John Coffman on trespass and assault and battery. Judge set aside - pleaded not guilty stating first assault was on them. Judge found them guilty and assessed damages of $20.00.

Breckinridge County Census Records

1810 MILLER CHRISTLEY Breckinridge County KY 157 13110-31010-00 Federal Population Schedule KY 1810 Federal Census Index KYS1a2176494

1810 Federal Census Breckenridge County, Kentucky
Census Year: 1810 State: Kentucky County: Breckinridge Page No: 299
7 Christley Miller 1male 0-10 3males 10-16 1male 16-26 1male 26-45 3females 0-10 1female 10-16 1female 26-45
9 Barney Miller 2males 10-16 2males 26-45 1male 45+ 1female 10-16 1female 26-45 1female 45+

OTHERS in 1810 Census
9 Leonard Miller 2males 0-10 1male 2-45 2females 0-10 1female 26-45 1slave | M460 | 7
11 John Miller 3males 0-10 1male 26-45 2females 0-10 1female 26-45 | M460 | 7
3 Daniel Miller 1male 16-25 2females 0-10 1female 16-25 | M460 | 4
13 John Miller 3males 0-10 1male 26-45 2females 0-10 1female 26-45 | M460 | 7
15 Michael Miller 1male 0-10 1male 26-45 2females 0-10 2females 26-45 | M460 | 6
10 Leonard Miller 2males 0-10 1male 10-16 1male 26-45 2female 0-10 1female 26-45 M460 |7
4 Alexander Miller 2 m 0-10 2m 10-16 1m 16-25 1m 26-45 1m 45+ 2f 0-10 1f 10-16 1f 16-25 1f 25-45 | M460 | 12



Transcription of the readable portions of this record by Linda Sparks Starr October 2005 is true to the original except for highlighting and paragraphing. The record, which names all eight children of Christley Miller died in 1815, was deposited in the Breckinridge County, Kentucky Archives by Willa Mac Coulter who failed to note the book and page number. She over-wrote some important words there were too faint to read or were cut off the bottom line when copying the original.

Transcription Taken from Main page:

Indenture - Miller Family.pdf

This Indenture made this 21st day of June One thousand eight hundred and twenty four Between Barney Miller & Judith his wife, James Tate and Polly his wife, late Polly Miller, Michael Miller and Nancy his wife, Henry Miller and Calvin Hendricks and Nancy his wife late Nancy Miller all of the County of Breckenridge and State of Kentucky of the one part and John Miller of the County and State aforesaid of the other part.

Witnesseth That whereas Christley Miller deceased died Seized and possessed of a certain tract or parcel of land Situate lying and being in the Said County of Breckenridge on the waters of Hardins creek a branch of Sinking creek formerly called Limestone _____. John Walkers 600 acre Survey on the East Side and containing by Survey 200 acres patented to John Helm and by John Helm conveyed to Barney Miller and by the Said Barney Miller to the above named Christley Miller and bounded as follows

Beginning at the North East corner of John Walkers 600 acres Survey a white oak and cherry tree on the north point of a ridge and South Side of a Small branch thence North 25 degrees West 92 poles to a white oak and Spanish oak thence North 65 East 130 poles to a gum by a rock thence South 25 East ___ 6 1/4 poles to a white oak and Beech thence South 65 West 130 poles to two White oaks and hickory in walkers line thence along his line North 25 degrees West 144 1/4 poles to the Beginning and the Said Christley Miller departed this life leaving his wife Jane Miller now Jane Weatherholt his widow and 8 children the above named Barney Miller, Junior Polly Miller now Polly Tate wife of James Tate, Michael Miller, Henry Miller, now Nancy Hendricks now wife of Calvin Hendricks and the above named John Miller together with two others not above named towit Elizabeth _ & William Miller and the above named parties of the first part having Sold to the above named John Miller the party of the Second part all their claim right & title in & to said Tract of land

This Indenture Witnesseth that the party of the first part for and in consideration of the Several Sums of Money hereafter mentioned paid to the parties of the first part of the said John Miller [inserted above line: the sum of $75 To James Tate & wife $75 To Michael Miller] ______ Said Barney Miller $85, To Henry Miller $79 and to Calvin Hendricks and wife the Sum of $57. The receipt of which Said ____ Sum of Money the parties of the first part do hereby acknowledge have granted bargained and sold by these presents do grant bargain Sell alien and [not copied in original] ___ & John Miller his heirs forever all

[first line not readable]
______ the Widow of the Said Christley Miller dec'd with the appurtenances To have and to hold the Said undivided 5/8th of the tract of land aforesaid and appurtenances _____ John Miller his heirs and assigns forever Subject however to the widow's dower ___ above mentioned. And they the party of the first part for themselves, their heirs do covenant that they will Warrant and forever defend the above described _____ Land premises and appurtenances to the Said John Miller his heirs ______ from the claim or claims of all and every person or persons whatsoever

In Testimony whereof they the party of the first part have hereunto Set their hands and Seals this day & year first above written

Barnet Miller Seal
Michael Miller Seal
Henry Miller Seal
James Tate Seal
Mary Tate Seal
Calvin Hendrick Seal
Nancy Hendrick Seal
Nancy Miller Seal

[Next line blotted out by use of scotch tape on fold]

Clerks office June 21st 1824
The within Indenture was this day before me in my office duly acknowledged by the within named Barnet Miller, Michael Miller & Henry Miller to be their act and Deed & on the 24th day of June 1824 the same was duly acknowledged by James Tate & Mary Tate his wife to be their act & Deed and the Said Mary Tate being conveyed by me Separate and apart from her Said husband declared that ______ voluntarily Signed Sealed and acknowledged the Same as & for her act & Deed ____ out the Unduly persuasions or coercions of her said husband -- and on this 23 day of October 1824 The Same was duly acknowledged by Nancy Miller wife of the within named Michael Miller also by the within named Calvin Hendricks & Nancy Hendricks his wife to be their Act & Deed and the Said Nancy Miller & Nancy Hendricks being ____ by me privily and apart from their Said Husbands declared that ____ hereby & voluntarily acknowledged & delivered the Same as & for their Act & D____ the threats persuasions & coercions of their Said husbands & thereupon ____ --tted to record.
Attest Jefferson Jenings Deputy clk
Breckenridge County Court