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Military Records of Robert McCormick

Robert was a Revolutionary War Soldier, serving in North Carolina. From pension records of McMinn County, Tennessee we find Robert McCormick Private, North Carolina Line, $66.66 Annual Allowance $199.98 Amount Received July 26 1833 Pension Started Age 72 (1835 TN Pension Roll). 

19008 East Tennessee Robert McCormick who was a --- in the company commanded by Captain Reed of the regiment commanded by Capt Irvine in the N Carolina line for ---------- Cavalry.

Inscribed in the roll of Capt Lin--- at the rate of 66 dollars and 66 cents per annum commence on the 4th day of March, 1831.

Certificate of Pension issued the 26th day of July ---

Robert also was a witness to the following pension application. Source: "Pension Applications Pertaining to Polk County Tennessee Residents." 

The following names are shown in the 1840 Polk County, Tennessee Census as "PENSIONERS FOR REVOLUTIONARY OR MILITARY SERVICES" INCLUDED IN THE FOREGOING Samuel Walker's Pension Application S 3448 Rev. War Bradley Co, TN 5 Dec 1836 Samuel Walker a resident of Bradley Co age 75.

Robert McCormick states that: I was personally acquainted with Samuel Walker in the Revolution War. That he belonged to Capt. McClure's company of Calvary which was a minute company and from my personal knowledge he served two years in the service of the United. I was with him in several Battles. He fought bravely in battle of Rocky Mount and Hanging Rock. I saw Capt. McClure after he was wounded. He was taken to Charlotte, NC and there died and was much regretted. I served the ten months service which Mr. Walker served and was dismissed in Orangeburg. I believe that he served as he has stated but was personally known to his serving two years under Captains McClure, Adams and Barnett.

Bradley County, Tennessee
A plaque in the Bradley County Courthouse in Cleveland, Tennessee was created by an act of the legislature, Feb. 10, 1836. Listed on this plaque:

1840 Pensioners for Revolutionary Service
Sarah Cry 
William Dodd 
Robert Forester 
James Hamilton 
Charles Lane 
William McAllister 
Robert McCormick
James Sellers

Placed by OCOEE Chapter, D.A.R. 1931 (or 1937--hard to read)

Robert was a resident of McMinn County, Tennessee and listed on the Bradley County, Tennessee census in 1840. There, he lived in the household of Samuel Carpenter, probably his son-in-law. He died sometime after 1840, probably in Tennessee.

Rhea County Tennessee Military Service Information

State of Tennessee Rhea County Circuit Court September term 1832. On this 25th day of September 1832 personally appeared in open court before the Honorable Judge of the Circuit Court of Rhea County in the State of Tennessee having a court record now sitting Robert McCormick a resident of Rhea County in the State of Tennessee aged 70? years who being first duly sworn in according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 9 1832.

That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served as --- after he did. 
1st that he entered the United States service about the 10th of June 1780 as a volunteer in Macklinberg [Mecklenburg] County in the state of North Carolina under Captain David Reed and Lieutenant John Brownfield Francis Moore Lu--- and Colonel Francis Locke? the object was to go against the Tories and marched to Ramsowers? Mills Crossing the Catawly? River at Luckysingford? at Ramsowers? met the Torries and defeated them from there he returned and was dismissed by his captains having served three weeks got his discharge 
2nd In July 1780 volunteered in Macklinberg [Mecklenburg] County N Carolina his officers were Lu--- Francis Moore Captain David Reed and Colonel Robert Irwin marched to Chas-o-te and remained some time and was dismissed by his captain after having been in service three weeks residency 
3rd In the last of July one or two days after returned from the aforementioned tour 1780 he volunteered in Macklinberg [Mecklenburg] County under Lieutenant John Brownfield Colonel Irwin marched and --- General S----- then marched to Rocky Mount and had a battle with the British and Tories retired from these to fishing Creek from there to Lansford on the Castaway River and from there to the Hanging Rock had a battle with the British and Tories retired from there back into the county and was dismissed by his officers with out a discharge after serving four weeks 
4th On the last of August 1780 he volunteered for ten months in Macklinberg [Mecklenburg] County North Carolina under Captain Robert McKnight and Colonel Hagans and Major Harris marched to the six mile creek and remained there some time and marched to Salisbury --- and in a volunteer company of riflemen for the purpose of ---- the country was in a skirmish at Sharlotte [Battle of Charlotte] with the British discharged by his officers in the ---- settlement after having served four months 
5th Some time in January 1781 volunteered in a --- Company in Macklinberg [Mecklenburg] County N Carolina under Captain Joseph Grahams and -- --- Davidson marched to Batisford? and from there to Cowesesford? had a skirmish with the British from these Tories where the Americans were defeated from there he returned home not being able to join his company having serving two weeks 6th on the 26th day of March 1781 he volunteered in the cavalry for ten months in Macklinberg [Mecklenburg] County North Carolina his officers were Captain Francis Moore Lieutenant Samuel Wilson 2nd Lieutenant William Lokins? and Colonel Charles Middleton Joined General Simso-ter? at Asicr-- in South Carolina marched to Orangeburg and took it from the British and Tories and then he marched to Marah-- to Monks Corner and then to Lak-- Bridge marched through the country and met the British at Juniper Springs and was defeated marched back and forward through the country and joined General Sur--ter again pursued the British who was ----- --- on to Strawberry where they overtook them and had a skirmish with them there returned to the ---- where they joined General Green? marching to the ---- ---- marched ---- ---- there when they fought a battle called the battle of Telaws? declarant Captain --- wounded and decarant was ordered to take care 


Sometime after the battle at the --- the troop that declarant belongs to joined General Waynes and at some time proceeded? the --- -- --- some time after -- returned to Orangeburg South Carolina and was discharged by his captain after serving ten months and two weeks[.]
He was acquainted with General Greens Wayns? thereafter and Morgan and Marion Colonels Washington Lea and Colonel Green besides the other officers named above[.]
He had no person that he knows of living in this County by whom he can prove his services[.]
Declarant needs application to the War department for a pension for his ten month and two weeks tours ---- 12 months since but failed on account of not having served on the Continental establishing his declaration was then proved by Moses Ferguson and -Adam Miller who since has moved out of the county and declarant knows not where they are he ---- his declaration is on the files in the War Office for ten months and two weeks he could not prove then his other services and consequently did not apply for them[.]
He was born on the 3rd day of October 1761 in Lancaster County in the State of Pennsylvania moved to Macklenberg [Mecklenburg] County North Carolina where he lived for 40 years lived there during the revolutionary too and then moved to ----- County North Carolina from there to Rhea County in the state of Tennessee where he now lives[.]
He is not acquainted with any -- --man[.]
He duly relinquishes every claim whatsoever to a pension - --- ---- ----- declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the Agency of any state[.] He received two discharges but has since lost them both long since[.]
Subscribed and sworn to the day and given aforesaid

Robert McCormick (Signed)

I James Ferguson a resident of Rhea County and state of Tennessee do certify that I have been acquainted with Robert McCormick who has Subscribed and sworn to the above declaration from upwards of thirty years lived in an adjoining county in North Carolina was acquainted with ------ and ------- that he mentioned in his declaration and also ---- that he has always been understood in the neighborhood where he has lived to be a revolutionary soldier and shown no deceit of that fact[.]
Sworn and subscribed the day and year aforesaid
James Ferguson (Signed)

I James Swan a resident of Rhea County Tennessee do certify that I have been acquainted with Robert McCormick who has sworn to and subscribed the above declaration ----- my -------- and that he is a credible person that I believe ---- to be 70 years of age that he is and always has been reputed and believed in the --- ------ ---- where he has lived to be a soldier of the revolution and I ----- in that -------[.]
Subscribed and sworn to this day and year aforesaid
James Swan (Signed)

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