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The Marcelina Baptist Church

From Floresville at the intersection of SH 181 and SH 97E (going to Stockdale) go 5 miles east on SH 97E. At Cr 404 turn right (south) and go .5 mile. Cemetery will be on your right adjoining the Marcelina Baptist Church.

The original Marcelina Cemetery was the private burial plot for the Samuel H. Foster family. The first person buried in the cemetery was Martin Donaho who died in 1882. When Mr. Foster sold the farm where the burial plot was located, he kept the 1.5 acre cemetery. On May 18, 1901 Isaac and Melinda Sims sold 6.5 acres to the Marcelina Baptist Church for use as a church and cemetery. The new cemetery was fenced. This land was joined to the Foster Family Cemetery. In the next few years the fence between the two cemeteries disappeared and the two became one.

The Marcelina Baptist Church is a little church with six pews on each side and forty-five members. They have small Sunday School classrooms that were later added onto the church building. Isaac and Malinda Sims, a couple that used to live in the area, gave six and one-sixth acres to Marcelina Baptist Church on May 18, 1901 at the price of $95.00. Four acres were for church purposes and two and one-sixth for a graveyard. There are actually two graveyards, both under the title of Marcelina Graveyard. The first graveyard was called Marcelina Graveyard. The other one was called the Foster family graveyard. Over the years they got too full and then they finally just grew together. The graveyard is not open to the public and they only allow people that are family. A little part of the Marcelina Cemetery was part of Mr. and Mrs. Foster's farm. It was only for people in the Foster's family. The Fosters later sold the part of their farm that was part of the Marcelina Cemetery. When it was sold, it was surveyed and fenced very carefully. At that time, the cemetery did not have a name. Mr. Foster reserved a section next to the church for strangers and other people who died friendless or poor. 

Wilson County History
, by Louise Stadler, 1990 Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, Texas.
Meyr, Irma M. Cemeteries of Wilson County, Texas (Over 130 Cemeteries and Burial Plots) privately published

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Marcelina Community Marker: Located on the Old San Antonio-Indianola Road, this rural settlement, named for nearby Marcelinas Creek, began in late 1873, when Wiley R. Franklin (1837-93) bought land in the area (1.5 miles S) and built a small horse-powered cotton gin. In 1874, a Baptist congregation was organized, holding services in the home of Gabriel Moffit; a one-teacher school opened in 1875; and the cemetery was begun in 1882 with the death of Martin Donaho. William Y. Elkins established a mercantile store in 1886, and was named postmaster when the post office opened on Feb. 1, 1887. By the mid-1890s, Marcelina had 2 stores, 2 cotton gins, a blacksmith and wheelwright shop, gristmill, large school and church buildings, and several homes. From the beginning, the local economic base had been agriculture, primarily cotton production, but in 1901, the crops became infested with boll weevils and the prosperous community began to decline. Improvements in transportation diverted trade to Floresville (5.5 miles W), and the advent of rural mail delivery caused the post office to close on Oct. 1, 1906. All that remains of the Marcelina Community are the cemetery and the Baptist Church. The present sanctuary was erected in 1935. (1974)

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Buried at the Marcelina Cemetery are:

169_6972-hopkins.jpg (264329 bytes) Hopkins, Aubrey N. and G. Gail

169_6974-mcvay.jpg (245347 bytes) 169_6973-mcvay.jpg (252410 bytes) McVay, Clara M. and Roy C.

169_6975-cox.jpg (238616 bytes) Cox, W . T. "Bill" and Emma L.

169_6976-cox.jpg (239133 bytes) Cox, Larry Wayne

169_6977-mcvay.jpg (238858 bytes) McVay, C. W. and Joyce Marie

169_6978-wastfall.jpg (225733 bytes) Westfall, S. Arthur and Miriam Ada

169_6979-short.jpg (255467 bytes) Short, Louis E. and Ada C.

169_6984-short.jpg (231441 bytes) 169_6980-short.jpg (230584 bytes) Short, Theodore E.

169_6981-kalak.jpg (225326 bytes) 169_6982-kalak.jpg (210551 bytes) 169_6983-kalak.jpg (203564 bytes) Kalak, Russell W.

169_6985-barber-letha.jpg (255299 bytes) Barber, Letha

169_6986-teague.jpg (189065 bytes) Teague, Herman?

169_6988-teague.jpg (265019 bytes) Teague, Magness

169_6989-teague.jpg (265946 bytes) Teague, Alma H.

169_6990-westfall.jpg (153122 bytes) Westfall, Wayne

169_6991-westfall.jpg (243995 bytes) Westfall, Bill and Verna T.

169_6992-conn.jpg (225709 bytes) Conn, Baby Boy 1997

169_6994-conn.jpg (243014 bytes) Conn, Hugh Wm and Annie Velma

169_6995-conn.jpg (258627 bytes) Conn, Gracie May

169_6996-shouse.jpg (216729 bytes) Shouse, Melba Lee Sutherland

169_6997-romo.jpg (247099 bytes) Romo, Louise Teague

169_6998-teague.jpg (233242 bytes) Teague, Clyde Carl and Dorothy Rehms

169_7000-teague.jpg (243434 bytes) Teague, Stanford Ross

170_7002-sanders.jpg (261006 bytes) Sanders, Leola

170_7003-cant-read.jpg (258918 bytes) Cannot Read

170_7004-fuller.jpg (237154 bytes) Fuller, Voncille Chancellor and William Uriah

170_7005-humphries.jpg (250443 bytes) Humphries, James M. and Ethel M.

170_7006-donaho.jpg (242198 bytes) Donaho, R. C. and Ella

170_7008-nisbet.jpg (237154 bytes) Nisbet, Michael Allen

170_7010-pate.jpg (250462 bytes) 170_7009-pate.jpg (221292 bytes) Pate, Mark Dwayne

170_7011-dismuke.jpg (251683 bytes) Dismuke, Mattie Novell

170_7012-pease.jpg (262221 bytes) Pease, Mary Jane

170_7013-unmarked.jpg (299802 bytes) Unmarked

170_7014-unmarked.jpg (317306 bytes) Unmarked

170_7016-odom.jpg (257862 bytes) 170_7017-odom.jpg (248910 bytes) Odom, Garvie and Bessie M.

170_7019-hart.jpg (226269 bytes) 170_7020-hart.jpg (240581 bytes) Hart, Doris C. and Howard P.

170_7021-cox.jpg (259001 bytes) Cox, M. R. and H. R.

170_7022-cox.jpg (470664 bytes) Cox, Veda Evaughn

170_7023-southern.jpg (235383 bytes) Southern, Hubert Lee Jr.

170_7024-risley.jpg (251174 bytes) Risley, Emma L.

170_7025-risley.jpg (253996 bytes) Risley, Geo. 

170_7026-ewing.jpg (266402 bytes) 170_7027-ewing.jpg (245102 bytes) Ewing, Joseph H. and Martha A.

170_7029-ewing.jpg (238283 bytes) Ewing, Henry

170_7030-ewing.jpg (258243 bytes) Ewing, William Thomas and E. Wilson

170_7033-mills.jpg (247366 bytes) 170_7034-mills.jpg (205511 bytes) Mills, Roger and Evelyn

170_7035-calvert.jpg (282307 bytes) Calvert, Carlean

170_7037-calvert.jpg (270227 bytes) Calvert, Charles W.

170_7039-calvert.jpg (267458 bytes) 170_7038-calvert.jpg (233282 bytes) Calvert, Britt Norman

170_7040-unmarked.jpg (244911 bytes) Unmarked

170_7041-donaho.jpg (412956 bytes) 170_7042-donaho.jpg (224141 bytes) Donaho, William E.

170_7043-donaho.jpg (251240 bytes) Donaho, Harriet Hart

170_7044-peterson.jpg (250126 bytes) 170_7045-peterson.jpg (232473 bytes) Peterson

170_7046-smith.jpg (213614 bytes) Smith, John Henry and Connie Donaho

170_7047-anderson.jpg (236334 bytes) Anderson, Archie E. and Virginia D

170_7048-donaho.jpg (263113 bytes) 170_7050-donaho.jpg (213109 bytes) 170_7051-donaho.jpg (222383 bytes) Donaho, James Newton

170_7049-donaho.jpg (224048 bytes) Donaho, Virginia Corder

170_7052-barnes.jpg (238366 bytes) Barnes, Hattie Donaho

170_7053-crews.jpg (247909 bytes) Crews, Bettie Barnes

170_7054-barnes.jpg (247311 bytes) Barnes, John Freemont and Bonnie Creech

170_7055-donaho.jpg (241191 bytes) Donaho

170_7057-lumbart.jpg (261284 bytes) Lumbart, Dorothy Barnes

170_7058-cant-read.jpg (283236 bytes) Cannot Read - Possible Barnes

170_7062-donaho.jpg (276189 bytes) Donaho

170_7063-reddoch.jpg (244636 bytes) Reddoch, Rev. H. C. (Hal) and Florence M.

170_7064-mills.jpg (224635 bytes) Mills, William Reed

170_7065-mills.jpg (246174 bytes) Mills, Jesse T. and Mattie R

170_7066-james.jpg (232404 bytes) James, Dorsey L. and Eron Mills

170_7067-mills.jpg (246916 bytes) Mills, Clara and Willie

170_7068-mills.jpg (224450 bytes) Mills, William C. and Laura I.

170_7069-pace.jpg (272352 bytes) Pace, Eddie Mills

170_7070-pace.jpg (272810 bytes) Pace, W. C. Jr.

170_7071-hesskew.jpg (269248 bytes) Hesskew, Albert and Minttie

170_7072-unmarked.jpg (228967 bytes) Unmarked

170_7073-hesskew.jpg (256480 bytes) Hesskew, Hattie

170_7074-baby-moses.jpg (261402 bytes) Hesskew, Moses (Baby)

170_7075-hesskew.jpg (239847 bytes) Hesskew, Henry Harry

170_7076-hesskew.jpg (247716 bytes) Hesskew, Joseph

170_7077-unmarked.jpg (279194 bytes) Unmarked

170_7078-hesskew.jpg (334561 bytes) Hesskew, John

170_7079-herring.jpg (296167 bytes) Herring, Richard B.

170_7080-hesskew.jpg (261591 bytes) Hesskew, Kenneth W. (Baby)

170_7081-brister.jpg (280130 bytes) Brister, M. E. (Jack) Manuel

170_7083-herring.jpg (281192 bytes) 170_7084-herring.jpg (278426 bytes) Herring, Franklin L. and Bettie Virginia

170_7085-herring.jpg (249635 bytes) Herring, Leona Thelma

170_7086-herring.jpg (231702 bytes) Herring, Hugh B.

170_7087-unmarked.jpg (275080 bytes) Unmarked

170_7088-unmarked.jpg (280023 bytes) Unmarked

170_7089-shubert.jpg (269918 bytes) Shubert, Francis Walter

170_7090-unmarked.jpg (281566 bytes) Unmarked

170_7091-duglosch.jpg (238094 bytes) Duglosch, Mikel K.

170_7092-duglosch.jpg (252834 bytes) Duglosch, Robert E.

170_7093-mills.jpg (237833 bytes) 170_7094-mills.jpg (232110 bytes) Mills, Judson Gady and Marjorie Iva

170_7095-mills.jpg (246572 bytes) Mills, Thurman Blake and Laura Mae

170_7097-mills.jpg (224629 bytes) Mills, Vesta J. (Gee) and Rev. R. Bartlett

170_7099-pirtle.jpg (219716 bytes) Pirtle, Estelle Taylor

170_7100-barber.jpg (243607 bytes) Barber, Laura Marie

171_7101-barber.jpg (268989 bytes) Barber, Neva T.

171_7102-barber.jpg (276024 bytes) 171_7103-barber.jpg (277973 bytes) Barber, R. O. (Rudolph Otis)

171_7104-unmarked.jpg (276207 bytes) Unmarked

171_7105-unmarked.jpg (272837 bytes) Unmarked

171_7106-taylor.jpg (223351 bytes) Taylor, James B.

171_7107-taylor.jpg (204306 bytes) 171_7108-taylor.jpg (227140 bytes) Taylor, William Mario

171_7109-taylor.jpg (240632 bytes) Taylor, E. E.

171_7110-taylor.jpg (238389 bytes) Taylor, G. E.

171_7111-cant-read.jpg (228728 bytes) Unmarked

171_7113-mills.jpg (238005 bytes) Mills, Hardy P. and Sallie Mae

171_7116-holcombe.jpg (274822 bytes) 171_7114-holcombe.jpg (284165 bytes) 171_7115-holcombe.jpg (272381 bytes) Holcombe, Ruthie D. and Holcombe, Harvey P. (Boots)

171_7118-tredway.jpg (226384 bytes) 171_7119-tredway.jpg (214565 bytes) Treadway, Jearl Ray and Gladys Mills

171_7120-mills.jpg (255198 bytes) Mills, Clara and Willie

171_7121-cryer.jpg (308480 bytes) Cryer, Alice Talley

171_7122-talley.jpg (312466 bytes) Talley, J. A.

171_7123-talley.jpg (222854 bytes) Talley, Minnie E., Lemuel A., Iva H.

171_7124-talley.jpg (259728 bytes) Talley, Troy E. and Elenora S.

 Marsh, Ruby May (Nanny)

171_7127-mills.jpg (250011 bytes) 171_7128-mills.jpg (279216 bytes) 171_7129-mills.jpg (288736 bytes) Mills, Douglas G. and Lois R., Infant Son

 Mills, H. P. Infant Son

171_7132-cant-read.jpg (276588 bytes) Houck

 Houck, C. L. and L. H

171_7136-sellers.jpg (266354 bytes) 171_7137-sellers.jpg (179133 bytes) Sellers, Abi

171_7138-sellers.jpg (366101 bytes) Sellers, M. Estelle

171_7140-cant-read-sellers.jpg (230819 bytes) Sellers, Robbie?

171_7141-sellers.jpg (238478 bytes) Sellers, R. L.

171_7142-sellers.jpg (223366 bytes) Sellers, Infant Daughter

171_7143-sellers.jpg (148863 bytes) 171_7144-sellers.jpg (175481 bytes) Sellers, William Harvey and Mary Jane

171_7145-sellers.jpg (515828 bytes) Sellers

171_7146-sellers.jpg (291560 bytes) Sellers, Archie

171_7147-sellers.jpg (290925 bytes) Sellers, Lora Ella

171_7148-sellers.jpg (294290 bytes) Sellers, Infant Son

171_7149-sellers.jpg (300502 bytes) Sellers, Infant Son

171_7150-sellers.jpg (246656 bytes) Sellers, David Arthur and Ida Amelia

171_7151-moote.jpg (241708 bytes) Moote, Cora Lee and Judson

171_7152-moote.jpg (220720 bytes) Moote, Kennard Wayne and Janet Carole Purvis

171_7153-sellers.jpg (269358 bytes) 171_7154-sellers.jpg (285495 bytes) Sellers, Woodrow W.

171_7155-sellers.jpg (265946 bytes) Sellers, William I. and Mattie J.

171_7156-thrash.jpg (267127 bytes) Thrash, Charles Clay and Ceusie E.

171_7157-houck.jpg (153248 bytes) 171_7158-houck.jpg (193214 bytes) 171_7159-houck.jpg (211823 bytes) Houck, George W. and Mary Jane

171_7160-unmarked.jpg (269733 bytes) Unmarked

171_7161-taylor.jpg (248401 bytes) Taylor, L. Napoleon and R. Gertrude

171_7162-ables.jpg (241966 bytes) Ables, Rev. Ernest T. and Colma R. Taylor

171_7163-bailey.jpg (228420 bytes) Bailey, Billie Ruth

171_7166-holcombe.jpg (289713 bytes) 171_7164-holcombe.jpg (286083 bytes) 171_7165-holcombe.jpg (281402 bytes) Holcombe, Everett G. and Helen L.

171_7167-unmarked.jpg (254282 bytes) Unmarked

171_7168-short.jpg (307268 bytes) 171_7169-short.jpg (229874 bytes) Short, Z. O.

171_7170-dismukes.jpg (272867 bytes) Dismukes, Jerry (Infant)

171_7171-dismukes.jpg (257087 bytes) Dismukes, Marvin and Belle Sellers

 Dismukes, John W. and Mollie L.

171_7173-mills.jpg (244910 bytes) Mills, Robert Lee and Novelle Reagan

171_7174-reagan.jpg (262535 bytes) Reagan, Sadie Adcock

171_7176-reagan.jpg (221541 bytes) Reagan, Henry Marvin

171_7177-reagan.jpg (270688 bytes) Reagan, Josephine E.

171_7178-reagan.jpg (272960 bytes) Reagan, Henry Reid

171_7179-reagan.jpg (239394 bytes) Reagan

171_7180-reagan.jpg (250547 bytes) Reagan, Dwight L., Sr.

171_7181-franz.jpg (253218 bytes) Franz, Archie and Irene

171_7183-holcombe.jpg (245601 bytes) 171_7184-holcombe.jpg (226347 bytes) 171_7185-holcombe.jpg (218077 bytes) Holcombe, Melissa Caroline Shinn and W. H.

171_7186-holcombe.jpg (215970 bytes) 171_7192-holcombe.jpg (182481 bytes) Holcombe

171_7187-crain.jpg (236106 bytes) Crain, Almo Holcombe

171_7188-holcombe.jpg (207999 bytes) Holcombe, Sallie J.

171_7189-holcombe.jpg (231085 bytes) Holcombe, E. B.

171_7190-holcombe.jpg (170278 bytes) Holcombe, E. C.

171_7193-matthews.jpg (250652 bytes) Matthews, Virginia Lee and John Clayton, Jr.

171_7195-mathis.jpg (246922 bytes) Mathis, Alberta J.

171_7196-lynn.jpg (253314 bytes) Lynn, Francis Elizabeth Hare

171_7197-lynn.jpg (246974 bytes) Lynn, Roy Robert

171_7198-robinson.jpg (209663 bytes) 171_7199-robinson.jpg (98445 bytes) 171_7200-robinson.jpg (205077 bytes) Robinson, Dicy A. and Fernidand W.

172_7201-robinson.jpg (210580 bytes) Robinson, Texas

172_7202-cant-read.jpg (182486 bytes) Unmarked

172_7203-cant-read.jpg (236805 bytes) Unmarked

172_7205-holcombe.jpg (229592 bytes) 172_7206-holcombe.jpg (239976 bytes) Holcombe