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Annals of Travis County Texas

Annals of Travis County Texas, XVIII, page 30 - 31.

Goucher Claim.- - Pursuant to call, a public meeting was held in Austin at the Federal Court room in the Swenson building October 3. George Hancock was called to the chair, and James Browne acted as secretary. The object of the meeting was make necessary arrangements to present to the Legislature the case of the suit of Elial M. Smith and others against the real estate owners of Austin for the recovery of the Goucher one-third league survey, covering about two-thirds of the townsite. A committee was appointed to take the matter in hand, consisting of James P. Neal, George W. Paschal, James W. Smith, K. L. Haralson, E. S. West, S. G. Norvell, L. D. Carrington, D. C. Freeman, A. H. Cook, Thomas Green, M. A. Taylor, William Rust, S . M. Swenson, Louis Horst, George W. Glaascock, F. T. Duffau, J. M. Litten. J. M. Steiner and P. De Cordova.

In pursuance of the action of the meeting, the Legislature during the following winter, appropriated the sum of $15.000 to quiet real estate titles in Austin. The act provided that any person who might claim to own the legal or equitable title to the Samuel R. Goucher one-third league, might bring suit against the State treasurer and any other adverse claimants; and, if it appear that Edward Burleson was not really entitled at the time of condemnation, then the better owner should recover the value of said one-third league, with the twenty years back interest thereon. This bill was passed partly through the instrumentality of Judge Joseph Lee, who was flotoral representative from the Travis district.

Annals of Travis County Texas, XVI, page 34 - 37.

The Goucher Heirs. - - Early in 1854 suit was instituted in the U.S. district court at Austin, exercising powers and jurisdiction of a circuit court of the United States, against the bulk of the property owners of Austin. This suit was brought in the name of Elias M. Smith to recover the territory embraced within the original Samuel Goucher survey, covering the larger portion of the inner town tract and a considerable part of the out lots. F. W. Chandler, and others were attorneys for the plaintiff. Smith had been a citizen of Bastrop several years, but moved out of the State and acquired a residence elsewhere in order to give the U. S. Court Jurisdiction. He did not wish to sue in the state courts. He claimed to hold title under transfer from the heirs of Goucher, original grantee.

The survey was one third of a league, commenced at the mouth of Shoal creek, bore northeast, the line running west of the capitol square, thence same course to the Redding, or Wallace league, about three miles north-east from the river; thence south-east to corner - thence south-west to the Colorado at the mouth of Waller creek. Most of the territory embraced within the fourth, Fifth and Sixth wards was included, and a large part of the First, Second, third, Seventh, Eighth, Nineth [sic] and Tenth wards. The property had been condemned in 1839 with oll [sic] the adjoining surveys above Tannehill league, up to and including part of the Gilbert survey on the west, and was laid off into lots and out lots.

Like many other suits, it was probably brought as a speculation in order to obtain compromises from the numerous settlers. This suit was in court for many years in Austin, and finally transferree [sic] to New Orleans, where it remained on the docket a long time. It finally died out. Some of our people comprised at a small charge, but most of them refused to do so.

In order to show who were the main owners of properly at Austin in 1854, a list of the defendants is appended:

Harvey Smith, Adolph Smith, Susan Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Alfred Smith, B. J. Smith, H. W. Sublett, Wm. Simpson, S. M. Swenson, Wm. Sauers, D. P. Steussy, Geo. W. Sampson, Abram Henricks, John S. Spence, Henry Thomas, John M. Tibaut, Wm. Hamilton, Francis J. T. Thompson, N. Townsend, H. L. Upshur, U. Weebrick, John Wahrenberger, D. Walsh, Sarah D. Wassh, D. F. Waddle, Geo. L. Walton, Ann Wooldridge, Theo. W. Wood Ward, Thomas Ward, Ann Walker, Joseph Walker, Joseph Wright, Susan L. Ward. Thos. Wm. Ward, S. M. Wright, T. J. Wood, M. Ziller, R. Runner, Nancy Glasscock, Thomas, Anne, Lena, Francis, and Wm. Glasscock, Mary Elgin, Elizabeth Elgin, John Elgin, James E. John and Mary McArthur, Lydia J. Cushney, Wm. and Mary Cushney, Ed. McDonald, J. M. Odin, Henry Gunter, Jane Walbridge, E. Walbridge, Elizabeth, Ellen and James Sandusky, Geo. T. Wood, T. McGary, Edwin Waller, J. P. Bordan, Hiram Ward, C. K. Reese, D. C. Vanderlip, D. C. Ogden, E. Ogden, R. A. Henson, B. A. Sheperd, Wm. J. Hutchins, E. B. Nichols, B. B. Peck, M. A. Porterfield, J. W. Dancy, A. Martin, C. E. Jones, Wm. Jones, James Jones, James Webb, J. L. Holiday, F. L. Foster, M. L. Foster, D. M. Stapp, J. M. Duncan, Charles E. Travis, S. K. Lewis. Drusilla Bowles, Samuel W. Sims, John Spaulding, George Spaulding, James L. Spaulding, Wm. H. Spaulding, Sarah Jane Timoney, Wm. R. Goucher, Mary E. Young, Thomas C. Young, Hastings Young, Enoch Young, Mary L. Young, John T. Allan, J. J. Addison, Mrs. E. A. Beale, Henry P. Brewster, A. H. Barnes, P. H. Bell, Jacob Bookman, T. Bostick, G. H. Burditt, N. Broadway, C. C. Browning, Sarah F. Barker, Leander Brown, Hiram Bennett, B. C. Bennett, Frank Brown, John Brandon, John Buaas, H. C. Bengener, T. B. Beck, Joseph Barnhart, C. Blevens, Phineas Burchard, Eugene Bremond, Geo. T. Boardman, James Baker, T. P. Cartmell, Wm. Custard, S. Cummings, J. A. P. Carr, L. B. Collins, James Cole, A. H. Cook, F. W. Chandler, Jesse M. Costley, Thos., Casidy, John H. Conner, R. C. Cappy, Rob. Creuzbaur, John B. Costa, P. B. Calhoun, Ed. Christian, F. T. Duffau, Geo. J. Durham, Thos. H. Duval, W. T. Davidson, D. W. Dignan, Harriett Dignan, F. Dietrich, M. De Chaumes, J. M. Durham, W. J. Morton - Dean and ---- Moore, R. M. Elgin, Euclid Earnest, Josiah Fisk, S. Loomis, M. B. Goodwin, J. J. Grumbles, Benj. Grumbles, Ben Gooch, Tho. Glasscock, Geo. W. Glasscock, Jno. A. Green, Joseph Harrell, J. M. W. Hall, Wade Henry, J. W. Robertson, J. W. Hampton, L. Horst, A. O. Horne, Sr., A. O. Horne, Jr., Geo. Hancock, M. C. Hamilton, John Horan, John C. Hyde, Reuben Hornsby, Wm. J. Horn, John Hemphill, A. N. Hopkins, J. F. Johnson, E. G. Johnston, A. Sidney Johnston, B. F. Johnson, Alexander Johnston, J. R. Jackson, Eli Kirk, G. Mirchberg, J. M. Long, A. J. Lott, N. M. Kuckett, J. M. Litten, Jpseph Lee, Joel Lee, --- Lowe, H. McClure, R. S. Morgan, B. G. Moore, MartinMoore, Nancy Metz, Joel Miner, A. B. McGill, W. A. Morris, J. H. Matthews, W. Jett, Sarah McCloskey, Geo. B. McCloskey, N. Merrell, Ch. L. Mann, T. McKean, S. Mather, W. H. Morris, Q. J. Nicholas, T. Newshorn, Charles Newse, S. Norvell, O. O'Brien, Wm. O'Connell, W. S. Oldham, J. Ogle, E. R. Oliver, Wm. Oliphant, J. T. Powers, J. R. Pace, Jesse Piner, John T. Price, Thos. Puckett, Henry Pope, R. H. Peck, E. Ten Eyck, T. J. Pitt, F. S. Roy, N. C. Raymond, C. Reithenstall, E. Raven, H. W. Raglin, Eliza, Robertson, Wm. Smyth, A. R. Scalon, John M. Swisher, J. B. Shaw.