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Descendants of Andrew de Garviach

1 Andrew de Garviach alive in 1264-73 

. 2 John de Garviach Not proven!

.. 3 Sir James de Garviach b: in Cordyce + Helen Mar

... 4 Sir Andrew de Garviach 

.... 5 Margaret de Garviach + Stephen de Johnston

... 4 Elene de Garviach + Robert Chalmers in 1357

Reference: Davidson, John, Rev., Inverurie and the Earldom of the Garioch; A. Brown & Co., Aberdeen 1878.

Page 50: In 1273, a charter by Alexander Cumyn, Earl of Buchan, founding an almshouse at Turriff, granted at Kelly, was witnessed by... Andrew de Garviach...

Page 61: In 1316, another true adherent, Sir James Garviach - a direct ancestor of the Johnstons of Caskieben - received from the King the lands afterwards held for several generations by the Johnstons, viz, the Forest of Cordyce (in the parish of Dyce), under burden of the fifth part of a knight's service in the King's host, and the Scotch service, used and wont, appertaining thereto.

Page 62: Balnacraig, a gift of Bruce's nephew Randolph, Earl of Moray, in 1324-29 to Sir James de Garviach, was conveyed by his son Andrew de Garviach of Caskieben, in 1357, to Robert Chalmers of Kintore, and Elene de Garviach his wife, Sir James's sister.

Page 63: If Elyne of Mar, the wife of Sir James de Garviach, was of that younger line, the estate may have been resumed by Robert I. in consequence of Sir Norman Leslie, Norino's son, having served under the English King, and been granted anew to his faithful adherent Sir James, whose son Andrew de Garviach possessed it in 1357. Andrew de Garviach had an only daughter and heiress, Margaret, from whose marriage with Stephen de Johnston, called the Clerk, sprung the family of Johnston of Caskieben, afterwards and still designated of That Ilk.

Kinbroun and Badechash, in the parish of Fyvie and Johnston in the parish of Leslie, were bestowed, in April 1380, by Andrew de Garviach upon his son-in-law and daughter; and they inherited Caskieben after his decease.

Page 68: The settlement of the King's faithful companions in distress, Sir Robert Keith the Marischal, in Hallforest, and Sir James de Garviach, in Cordyce, and probably also in Caskieben, were local events of his reign. Sir James's descendants, the Johnstons of that Ilk and Caskieben, entertained the belief that the Lady Elyne [Helen] Mar, the niece of the King, also rewarded Sir James with her hand, and that she only married Sir John Menteith after the death of Sir James de Garviach - her first husband.

Page 448: Dominus Andrew de Garviach, Sheriff of Aberdeen in 1264, appears in 1273 (p. 50).

NOTE: Some dates are estimates.

NOTE: Some information from another researcher. Not yet verified by me.