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Descendants of William of Douglas

1 William of Douglas [NOTES] Born: c1174 Died: c1213

. 2 Archibald of Douglas Died: c1240

.... 3 William of Douglas Died: c1274

....... 4 William Sir Le Hardi of Douglas Died: c1298 in London, England, as a prisoner

........... 5 Sir Archibald Douglas Died: July 19, 1333 + Beatrice Lindsay

.............. 6 William First Earl of Douglas [NOTES] Died: May 1384 in Douglas, Scotland Burial: Melrose + Margaret Countess of Angus Stewart [Unmarried - one illegitimate child, George, First Earl of Angus, Douglas]

................. 7 George First Earl of Angus Douglas Died: c1402 in Of the Bubonic Plague in England + Mary Stewart Married: May 24, 1397 (Date of Contract) Died: Aft. 1458

.................... 8 Elizabeth Mary Douglas Born: c1385 in Mar, Aberdeen, Scotland + Alexander 1st Lord Forbes Married: October 06, 1423 Died: c1448 in Forbes, Aberdeen Scotland

.................... 8 Mary Douglas Died: c1478 + David Hay Born: in Locherworth and Yester


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NOTE: Some dates are estimates.

NOTE: Some information from another researcher. Not yet verified by me.