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His career as a bookseller and printer is summarized in A Dictionary of the Booksellers and Printers who were at work in England from 1641 to 1667 by Henry R. Plomer - "Francis Constable, bookseller in London and Westminster firstly at the (sign of) the White Lion, Paul's Churchyard, 1616-24; then in St Paul's Church Yard at the sign of the Crane, 1631; then under St Martin's Church in Ludgate, 1637; then at King Street, Westminster at the sign of the Goat, 1640; then at Westminster Hall, 1640. He took up his freedom July 2nd 1614. His first registered publication was Hymens Triumphes, entered on January 13th.1614/15. He published large numbers of plays, in which he was associated for some years with Humphrey Moseley. It is probable that he rented a stall in Westminster Hall very much earlier than 1640 but that is the first appearance of the Hall in the imprint of any book."