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Notes on Margaret Ann Elizabeth Bundrant

Margaret Ann Elizabeth Bundrant was born 21 October 1869 in Texas, several of her son's death and birth certificates state that she was born in LaGrange, Texas. She died 13 January 1955 in Killeen, Bell County, Texas. She married Richard Edward "Dick E." Wearden, an Englishman, around 1890.

Margaret and her husband had five sons who adored their mother. Dick E. died in 1943 and until her death, "Grandma Wearden" was the definite head of the family. My mother recalls visiting her home in Bell County quite often. She wore her hair in two braids, circled into buns and was known to give my mother, her great-granddaughter, a dollar bill when she came to visit. My mother, Alice Ann, was named for her two great-grandmothers - Margaret Ann and Alice Rachel. Grandma Wearden would slip her a dollar and tell her not to tell the other grandchildren and great-grandchildren because she could not give everyone a dollar, but "you were named for me."

While in Albuquerque, New Mexico with her son Thomas Edward, Grandma Wearden wrote a history of her family line to Thomas' son, my grandfather, RE Wearden. I have this letter, written in her hand, in pencil, and have transcribed it here -

June 12, 1943, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Mr. R E Wearden: 
Dear Grandson I wil [sic] try to give you a history of my fore parents. My great grand father was Lemuel Crawford and he was killed in the Battle of the Alamo at San Antonio and his wife was Jane Gotcher before she married and she and my grand mother was captured by the Indians almost at the same time that the Mexicans killed my great grand father was killed in the Alamo and the Indians kept them 7 months and a man by the name of Spaldin [Charles Spaulding] followed the Indians and bought them from the Indians for 100 dollars a piece and Spauldin [sic] married my great grand mother and they had several children but my great grand father had bought up some of them land grants but had not laied [sic] them when he was killed at the Alamo so Spauldin [sic] sold the land grants and taken guardianship of his own children but my great grand mother did not sign the deed so you see their deed was not any account and the man have error he was he did nothing with the land and there is 303.3 in 2 different tracks a bout half way between Houston and Galveston and as my great grand mother had only one Crawford child which was my grand mother and my grand mother married a man by the name of Timoney and they had only one child which was my mother and my grand mother fell in the fire and burnt to death when my mother was only 3 month old so my grand father gave her to Peter Bundrant and he raised my mother to be grown and she married Daniel Bundrant and she and my father separated when I was about 4 years old and she married a man by the name of Sterle Stroud and had one girl which was Bettie Stroud and have not heard of her in 50 years so you see I am the only heir to the Crawford land but R E I promised that lawyer I would not let let any one else try to get that land until he got through trying to get it and I wrote him when we went in to war to send my papers back to me for as we was in war I did not think he would be able to get it now and he wrote to me that he was still trying but I have wrote him twice since and he just will not answer my letters so that is just all I know about him so the first thing for you to do is to find out what he is doing for I don't know he might of died or the army might of got him see I dont no [sic] well R E I guess you will surprised to hear that I am in N M and Mrs. Scoggin came with me and as far as I know we are all right don't know how long we will stay at your daddies [sic] but we will be back home in a few weeks do hope you are all well Richard is at San Antonio and is going to school all next week maybe you can see him well so long and write me soon a loving grand ma 

See original letter HERE.

Note: See the Gotcher family for more information on the land Margaret Ann was referring to in her letter.

1870 Fayette County, Texas Census Page 480 Long Prairie Post Office
West of Caldwell Read 21 July 1870
29 29 Bundrant, Danl 32 M W 1869 Renter Farmer 3000/950 Tenn
Mary J 17 F W Keeps House Texas
Margaret 8/12 F W Texas
Highsmith, Jesse 10 M W Without Texas cannot write

30 30 Bundrandt, Peter 50 M W Farmer rent 1869 1600/450 Virginia
Minerva 45 F W Keeps House Tennessee
Highsmith, Turin 9 M W Without Texas cannot write
Bundrandt, Lucy 73 F W Virginia cannot write

The 1880 Census of Coryell County, Texas shows that Margaret Ann lived with her Uncle Peter Bundrant. 
460A 32 356 357 Bundrant Peter White Male age 60 a widow Farmer Born in Virginia Father born in Va Mother born in Pa and Bundrant Margaret L. White Female age 10 Peter's niece Keeping house can write born in Texas father born in Ten mother born in Texas.

In 1909 Margaret Ann was the person notified of death of Peter Bundrant, she lived Killeen, Texas.