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Matilda Ellen Ball

Will of Matilda E Miller .pdf file

July 28 1892

In the holy name of God I Matilda E Miller of the county of Breckinridge and state of Kentucky being adbaneed in years yet of sound mind knowing the incentanty of life do this day make this my last will and testament. I desire when I am dead that my son Alfred Miller to collect what is owing to me and pray all of my just debts and then make equal devide between my own bodily heirs. Mary Hendricks children, Jane Lyons children, and Alfred Miller. If James H Payne comes in as an heir I will him out as I do not want him or his heirs ever to have another cent of my property or anything that is mine. If the law gives him one dollar let him have it.

Matilda E Miller

Emma Seaton, Witness

My bed for Silas my large trunk for Mike my --- for Dickie my small trunk for Dennie my gold spectacles for Alfred my bed covers for Cornelia. And above all my dear grandchildren to become Christians and prepare for death life is so uncertain and death is sure all that is made must be destroyed and all that is born must die.

Matilda E Miller