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Descendants of Mark Anthony

Generation No. 1

1. MARK1 ANTHONY was born in Italy, and died in Virginia. Mark married Isabella Hart. [Not verified]

They had the following children:

2. i. JOSEPH2 ANTHONY, b. 02 May 1713, Henry County, Virginia; d. 23 November 1785, Henry
County, Virginia.

ii. John Anthony, born Abt. 1715.

iii. Elizabeth Anthony

Generation No. 2

2. JOSEPH2 ANTHONY (MARK1) [WILL] was born 02 May 1713 in Henry County, Virginia, and died 23 November 1785 in Henry County, Virginia. He married ELIZABETH CLARK 27 April 1741 in Henry County, Virginia, daughter of CAPTAIN CLARK and PENELOPE JOHNSON. She was born 15 February 1718 in Louisa County, Virginia, and died after 1822 in Wilkes County, Georgia.


3. i. PENELOPE3 ANTHONY, b. 21 February 1748, Louisa County, Virginia; d. 28 January 1822,
Leesburg, Highland County, Ohio.

ii. SARAH ANTHONY, b. 15 August 1742, Virginia; d. 13 February 1796; m. THOMAS COOPER, 08
January 1762.
Notes for THOMAS COOPER: Member of the House of Burgesses, captain of

militia in the Revolutionary period, and with John Marr, represented this county in the
Virginia Convention of 1788.

iii. CHRISTOPHER ANTHONY, b. 24 March 1744, Virginia; d. 27 October 1815, Cincinnati, Ohio;
m. (1) JUDITH MOORMAN; m. (2) MARY JORDAN, 05 June 1775.

iv. ELIZABETH ANTHONY, b. 19 March 1746, Virginia; d. Abt. 1789; m. (1) WILLIAM CANDLER, Abt. 1760; b. Abt. 1736, North Carolina.

v. JOSEPH ANTHONY, b. 28 March 1750, Virginia; d. 02 September 1810.
More About JOSEPH
ANTHONY: Military service: 2nd Lt. Virginia Service

vi. JAMES ANTHONY, b. 18 December 1752, Bedford (later Henry County,) Virginia; d. Abt. 1817,
Jasper County, Georgia; m. ANN NANCY TATE, 28 September 1772, Bedford (later Henry
County,) Virginia.
Notes for JAMES ANTHONY: According to the Application to DAR of Alice
Mae Taylor and sister Angie Lena Taylor Davis, James Anthony, Sr. was born 12 December 1752 in New Kent County, VA. He assisted in establishing American Independence while acting in the capacity of Patriot - took oath of allegiance and also furnished supplies or gave material aid. Military Record Vol. 9 p. 12 VA His. Mag.) James Anthony moved to Wilkes County, GA and was one of the first Justices of Inferior Court of Wilkes County.

vii. MARY ANTHONY, b. 17 November 1754, Virginia; d. Warren County, Georgia; m. JOSIAH
CARTER, 26 June 1771.

viii. CHARLES ANTHONY, b. 26 March 1757.

4. ix. MICAJAH ANTHONY, b. 23 February 1759, Virginia; d. Abt. 1793.
More About MICAJAH
ANTHONY: Burial: Anthony Family Cemetery, Wilkes County, Georgia; Child of MICAJAH ANTHONY and SALLY TATE is:
MICAJAH TATE ANTHONY, b. June 16, 1793; d. May 24,
1844, Wilkes County, Georgia.

x. A
GNES ANTHONY, b. 06 March 1761, Virginia; m. CHURCHILL BLAKEY.
NOTES for Agnes Anthony: American historical magazine and Tennessee Historical Society quarterly By William
Robertson Garrett, Tennessee Historical Society, John M. Bass, Albert Virgil Goodpasture, Peabody normal college, Nashville Published by A.V. and W.H. Goodpasture, 1904 Item notes: v. 9 Tenn: A.V. and W.H. Goodpasture, 1902. Pg 130:
Churchill, the sixth of the brothers named above, was married to Miss Agnes Anthony, daughter of Joseph Anthony, of Henry County, Virginia, and died in Wilkes County, Georgia. Following is a copy of the marriage bond of Churchill Blakey as found recorded at Martinsville, Va.:
"Know all men by these Presents that we Churchill Blakey and Robert Stokton of the County of Henry are held and firmly bound unto the Commonwealth of Virginia in the Sum of Five Thousand Pounds to be paid to the said Commonwealth we bind ourselves and each of our heirs Exors and Admrs firmly by these Pre'nts sealed with
our Seals and Dated this 2d Augt 1780 Whereas there is a Marriage depending and by Gods permission sudenly intended between the above bound Churchill Blakey and Agness Anthony. Now the Consideration of the above Obligation is such that if there is no lawfull Cause to Obstruct the said Marriage, Then the above Obligation to be void or Else Remain in full force Power and Virtue." "Signed Sealed & Delivered in Presence of "robert Stockton Seal.

xi. R
ACHEL ANTHONY, b. 08 March 1763, Virginia; d. Abt. 1800; m. JAMES LANE.

xii. W
INEFORD ANTHONY, b. 08 April 1765, Virginia; d. 10 May 1855; m. JOSEPH BLAKY.
NOTES for Wineford Anthony: American Historical Magazine and Tennessee Historical Society Quarterly. Nashville, Tenn: A.V. and W.H. Goodpasture, 1902. Pg 130:
According to the Blakey records Joseph, the brother who is numbered 7 in the above list, married Winifred Anthony and also died in Wilkes County, Georgia.

xiii. M
ARK ANTHONY, b. 08 October 1767, Virginia; m. SARAH H TATE, 15 May 1795.

xiv. B
OLING ANTHONY, b. 23 August 1769, Virginia; d. 09 October 1827; m. NANCY ANN STONE.

xv. J
UDITH ANTHONY, b. 23 October 1771, Virginia; m. (1) WILLIAM GREEN; m. (2) ROBERT
Notes for WILLIAM GREEN: The Will of William Green is dated 1805, probated 1806
Wilkes Co, GA

Generation No. 3

3. PENELOPE3 ANTHONY (JOSEPH2, MARK1) was born 21 February 1748 in Louisa County, Virginia, and died 28 January 1822 in Leesburg, Highland County, Ohio. She married JAMES SENECA JOHNSTON, son of JOHN JOHNSTON and ELIZABETH ELLYSON. He was born Abt. 1742, and died Abt. 1820 in Leesburg, Highland County, Ohio.

4. MICAJAH3 ANTHONY (JOSEPH2, MARK1) was born 23 February 1759 in Virginia, and died Abt. 1793. He married SALLY TATE 01 August 1792.


10. i. MICAJAH TATE4 ANTHONY, b. 16 June 1793; d. 24 May 1844, Wilkes County, Georgia.

NOTE: Some information from another researcher. Not yet verified by me.


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