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This web site is a collaborative effort of a group of Cyber Friends who have an interest in Genealogy, and who volunteer their time to this effort.

The purpose of this web site is to kindle new interests in genealogy and to share our collective data.

It is our hope and aim that this site will continue to grow and expand. If you would care to become a Casual Contributor, then please use the Email contact link at the bottom of the page.


I am a mother of six and grandmother of eight, a retired accountant interested in genealogy and travel as something to keep me busy in my senior years.

I became interested in researching my late husband's ancestors after a trip to Germany in 1994, as well as my own family lines. Both of our families have their roots in Bavaria and all settled in Cincinnati, Ohio in the mid-1800s.

I am a member of Palatines to America and the Hamilton County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society. I participate in several genealogy mail lists, and after taking my husband's and my family's main lines back to the mid-1600s, I enjoy helping others with their research.

Marian's contributions to this site are:
  • Ohio State Pages Steward
  • LDS (IGI) Batch numbers page
  • SURNAMES Archives pages
  • SURNAMES correcting "decayed" links and SURNAME roots & meanings
  • New Visitors and building interest.
  • Marian will do "look ups" - Send Email to Marian.

Paula Franklin

I am a mother of two, grandmother of eight, and great grandmother of twelve (the thirteenth one will arrive in January 2012). I am also aunt, great-aunt, and great-grand-aunt to many, many more. It takes my fingers and toes to count the great grands and I don't know what I will do when the count goes past the fingers and toes stage, revert to pencil and paper I guess.

I started researching my family tree way back about 30 years ago when you had to do it by writing letters and going to courthouses for documents. After getting the initial tree started life got in the way and I put it aside for nearly 20 years then took it back out again and started up once more except this time on the computer. I have added thousands and thousands of names to my family tree over the last dozen years and am working on adding as many documents as I can get my hands on to go with the names.

I love photography and travel but love cemeteries even more. My vacations have consisted of traveling to visit cemeteries and taking photos of the markers in them. I take as many as I can while I am there because I never know if I will get back there again or not. Those photos are also the reason I got into making websites. I needed to share them and share them I did and I am still adding to them. I love cemeteries!!!

Paula's contributions to this site are:
  • Steward to the States of Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee pages.
  • Send Email to Paula.


[Charles Hansen's Bio is being re-written as of Jan 11, 2012.]

Charles' contributions to this site are:
  • Charles also supplies our message board with smiles daily, by posting his A Joke A Day to get our days opened with a smile.
  • Editor and Regular Contributor to The GHLL Monthly Newsletter, Branching Out
  • Charles will do "look ups" - Send Email to Charles.


I am a multitasker. I try to juggle being a working mom, a wife and chief cook and bottle washer with my genealogy research. I belong to the Missouri State Genealogical Society and maintain a blog, Desperately Seeking Surnames.

Virginia's contributions to this site are:

  • Blogger of the Month
  • Missouri State Pages Steward
  • Providing information for the "Website of the Week" additions


Meet Dottie, our retired silver fox from Maryland, whose sharp eyes look for those frequent typos and omissions.

Dottie has been serving as proof-reader for some time now, as well as conscience and thorn-in-the-side of our WebMaster. We couldn't do without her!

Dottie's contributions to this site are:
  • Behind the scenes, but without her help, who would find our misteaks mistooks mistakens mistakes!


I am now retired and enjoy computers and web design. I grew up in the Gulf Coast States but call Oklahoma my "home". I have lived and been schooled in California since 1962. I lived in Southern California before moving to the San Francisco Bay area to affiliate with the University of California (San Francisco).

I was born in England and have traveled extnsively before retirement for the University. I am fortunate to live in an area near one of the large family history centers, of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Oakland, California.

Bob's contributions to this site are:

  • Serving as webmaster to the GHLL web site
  • Oklahoma / Texas State Pages Steward as well as ALHN contact for Jackson County, OK Links


I was the Moderator of the Foreign Resources & A-Z Surnames topics on the SBC/Yahoo (formerly Prodigy, now defunct) Genealogy Bulletin Board. I am retired from the Telecommnuications business. My wife and I have 3 children and 7 grandchildren.

I belong to many local genealogy groups and subscribe to their newsletters and have served as a volunteer for ten years, in the Mormon Family History Center in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. I have an extensive library of CD's and books -- especially for Hamilton County, Ohio -- and enjoys solving others' family puzzles, as well as my own.

Earl's contributions to this site are:
  • Book Shelf Selections, (recommended reading pages)
  • Scottish Clan Coordinator Links
  • Family Surnames Links
  • Foreign Resources Links
  • State Resources Links
  • Earl will do "look ups" - Send Email to Earl.

  Sanderson   1924 — 2008

Carol and her husband had three children, five grandchildren and four great grandchildren. Carol has always loved history, even as a child.

Carol used to exclaime, "I just didn't ask the right questions when I was growing up and therefore missed on finding out a lot on both sides of the family. Genealogy developed as a natural offshoot of my interest in history". Carol was a member of two genealogy societies, and has served in official capacities in several of the local societies to which she belonged. Carol enjoys helping people in their searches as well as working on her own family line.

In addition to her interest in her family, she also explored her interests in genealogy as well asher fascination in computers, traveling, reading and many other pursuits too numerous to mention.

Carol's contributions to this site were:
  • New Hampshire State Pages Steward
  • Branching Out, Editor (The GHLL Monthly Newsletter)
  • Email lists
  • SURNAMES Archives pages
  • Carol did "look ups" in the New England Area.

Casual Contributors  
Your name and acknowledgement are posted here when you provide this site with usable information, on a random basis. (Use the Email link at the bottom of this page.)

We'll also provide a link to your Personal Web Site, if it is about related topics (Genealogy, History, Family, etc..) Sorry... commercial sites not considered. If you wish, we will also post your Email address. None of this is to any other purpose but a genuine "Thank You", for your efforts.

Sincere thanks to the following list of Casual Contributors:

A -
   Adams, Jane - - Nicknames
   Administrator - - Census and other Data
   Alday, Wanda J. - Email listing declined - Native Americans
   "AndiWeyh" - - Nicknames

B -
   Bartley, Edith - Email listing declined - Nicknames
   "BCJockey" - Email listing declined - Nicknames
   Beine, Joe. - Email listing declined - Ports and Passengers data
   Brewer, D. - Email listing declined - Nicknames

C -
    Carraway, Chris & Diane - Email listing declined - Nicknames
    Chan, Angela - - Nicknames
    Conner, R. - - Nicknames

D -
   "Daisy" - - Nicknames
   Davis, J.B. - - Nicknames
   "Dutchyw" - - Nicknames

E -
   "eandka" - - Nicknames
   Eva - - Nicknames
   Evans, Etta - - Nicknames
   Evans, Sandra - - Family Websites & Seeking Surnames

F -
   Florentino, Margarette - - Nicknames
   Fortner, Mark - Email listing declined - Nicknames

G -
   Greer, Nancy - - Nicknames../surnm/nn/nn_female.html

H -
   Harrison, Michael - -Nicknames
   Hensley, Robert (Bob) - -Nicknames
   Hensley, Robert (Bob) - -Nicknames
   Hughes, Kay - - Nicknames
   Huntley, Dot Hasking - - Nicknames

J -
   Johnston, J. - Email listing pending - Nicknames
   Juenqst, H. C. - Email listing pending - Nicknames

K -
   Name unavailable - - Ohio Resources, Cemeteries
   Kennedy, Lois Hardy - - Texas Resources, Cemeteries
   Kimes, Diana - - Nicknames

L -
   Lewitter, S. - Email listing declined - Family Web Pages
   Livingood, L. - Email listing pending - Nicknames
   Louise - Email listing declined - Record Symbols (Germanic)
   Low, C. - Email listing declined - Buckinghamshire
   Lyons, Jennifer - - Nicknames

M -
   "MoggiesTen" - - Nicknames
   Martin, Jenny - Email listing declined - Nicknames

N -
   "NanaJOY98". - Email listing pending - Nicknames
   Nancy - - Kansas State Pages, Native Americans & Ports)

P -
   Parks, J. - - Cemeteries
   Peyton, V. - - Cemeteries
   Potter, J. - Email listing pending - Nicknames

R -
   Redden, C. - Email listing pending - Nicknames
   Reeser, Lynne - - Nicknames
   Roberts, L. W. - - Nicknames & Cemeteries
   Romayne, Veronica - Email listing declined - Nicknames

S -
   Sefton, K.D. - Email listing pending - Nicknames
   Short, K.L. - Email listing pending - Nicknames
   Somerville, JoAnne Bone - - Nicknames
   Spaeth, Edmond - - Nicknames

T -
   "TxStarmt" - - Nicknames

U -
   Ueland Judith - - Nicknames../surnm/nn/nn_female.html

V -
   Varnau, Mark - Email listing declined - Nicknames../surnm/nn/nn_female.html

W -
   Webb, Janice - Email listing declined - Nicknames
   Wedyke, Kathy - Email listing pending - Domestic Resources
   Wheatly, Allen - - Cemeteries
   Whittcas, Mark A. - Email listing declined - Domestic Resources


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