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Bad Apple weather...
Local time & temps of interest to Apples and their friends.
Click for Chattanooga, Tennessee Forecast
  Chattanooga, TN
Click for Cincinnati, Ohio Forecast
  Cincinnati, OH
Click for Cockeysville, Maryland Forecast
  Cockeysville, MD
Click for Concord, New Hampshire Forecast
  Concord, NH
Click for Kansas City, Missouri Forecast
  Kansas City, MO
Click for Mankato, Minnesota Forecast
  Mankato, MN
Click for Salisbury, Maryland Forecast
  Salisbury, MD
Click for San Francisco, California Forecast
  San Francisco, CA
Click for Roanoke, Virginia Forecast
  Roanoke, VA
Click for Spokane, Washington Forecast
  Spokane, WA
Click for Youngstown, Ohio Forecast
  Youngstown, Ohio

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