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Sandwiches —

Open-faced Beef BBQ Sandwich —
2 Tbsp. — — —
1½ tsp. — — —
1½ tsp. — — —
1 tsp. — — —
3 lbs. — — —
2 — — —
1 cup — — —
½ Cup— — —
8 — — —
1 bottle — — —
chili powder
celery seeds
beef brisket (trimmed of fat)
large onions, thinly sliced
(any smoke-flavored BBQ sauce)
ginger ale or beer
(your favorite buns)
(your favorite hot sauce) - optional
  • In small bowl combine chili powder, celery seeds, salt and pepper. Rub into all sides of brisket.
  • Put half of the sliced onions in the bottom of the pot. Put meat on top, cut to fit pot as néeded. Put remaining onions on top.
  • In small bowl combine beer, and BBQ sauce. Pour over meat and onions. Cover and cook 10-12 hours until meat easily pulls into shreds.
  • Remove meat, shred. Return to pot and put on high to heat through.
  • Serve on buns about 8 servings.
  • Explanation:
              My Paternal GreatGrandmother passed this recipe to her Daughter, my Grandmother (circa 1850 from some recipes in Northern Italy) . However, in the original form, the pot of ingredients were in an old kitchen with an open fire. So, instead of watching the pot, it would be placed on a swinging-arm device and not placed directly over the fire. Therefore, the long cooking time. My Greatgrandmother could then tend to other business without having to think about food burning.
              This recipe was preserved and as time passed, it has now become a family favorite and just think!!! Now you can substitute a "crock-pot" or slow cooker for the cooking vessel. This recipe has been "scaled-down" by one of my sisters, to accomodate smaller gatherings.
              This was a "special event" meal in summer. Beef was almost unheard of at that time, in the area. Because this recipe was prepared in much larger portions, that added to the longer cooking time as well.
              It works just fine. It's a family favorite. Oh yes... in those earlier days, my GGrandmother and my Grandmother both had vegetable gardens and made their own beer and wine, there was even a "smoke house", where they would smoke meats and even the sauce. We've never known the recipe for that first "BBQ" sauce.

    Soup —

    Bean and Sausage Soup —
    1 lb (one bag) — — —
    1½ lbs — — —
    1 can (29 oz) — — —
    14 oz (2 cans) — — —
    1 cup — — —
    1 each — — —
    2 each — — —
    2 cups — — —
    mixed dried beans (or whatever kind you like)
    Italian sausage
    diced tomatoes
    chicken broth
    white wine (or water)
    red bell pepper and onion (chopped)
    stalks celery and large carrots (chopped)
    frozen green peas
  • Soak beans overnight Drain and rinse beans.
  • Place beans in crockpot with tomatoes, broth, white wine, and
  • In a skillet, cook the sausage over medium heat until done. Slice links
             into 1/2 inch pieces. Add meat to crockpot.
  • Cover, and cook on low for 7 to 8 hours.
  • Explanation:
          My Mother loved this recipe... especially after frozen vegetables came on the market. This recipe has been scaled-down for a much smaller family than ours then... at the time when Mama cooked (for 14), and before crock pots.

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