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Green Grapes with Carmel-tasting Sauce —
20 grapes per serving — — —
1½ cups — — —
1 pint — — —
green seedless grapes
brown sugar
sour cream
  • Wash grapes and remove from stems. Set aside in coldest part of "icebox".
  • Mix brown sugar with sour cream. Continue to add brown sugar to mixture until it is the desired shade of carmel (about the same shade as "Toby" - see below for explanation).
  • Set aside in "icebox" for about an hour. Remove from "icebox" and re-mix (by this time all of the brown sugar will have disolved - you don't want any "grit" from undesolved sugar).
  • Just before serving, place cold grapes in containers and dribble liberal amount sugar/cream sauce over them and serve. (Nowdays, about 5 minutes in the freezer just before serving).
  • Explanation:
              This recipe was given to me by my maternal grandmother, Angie (née Whitson) Boyer about 1956. It came to Angie via her grandmother circa 1915.
              In those days (1956), Toby was the Boyer family dog, who by today's standards, was just about as "brown" (the desired color of the sour cream and brown sugar mixture described in the recipe) as the paper bags now used to carry groceries.
              My grandmother had an "icebox" (a cooling device of the day, about 1915) that was cooled by "block ice" delivered daily by the "ice-man" and his horse-drawn wagon. As the ice melted in the top of the refrigerator, it ran through collecting tubes to a "drip pan" below the bottom of the cooling area. It served only to keep food "cool(er)".
    L. W. "Bob" Roberts.

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