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Cabbage Rolls —
12 — — —
1 — — —
¼ cup — — —
¼ cup — — —
1 tsp. — — —
¼ tsp. — — —
1 lb. — — —
1 cup — — —
1 8oz. can — — —
1 tbsp. — — —
1 tbsp. — — —
1 tbsp. — — —
large cabbage leaves
beaten egg
finely chopped onions
lean ground beef
cooked rice
tomato sauce
brown sugar
lemon juice
Worcestershire Sauce
  • Immerse cabbage in large kettle of boiling water for about 3-5 min or
             until you can easily remove the leaves and they are limp.
  • Combine egg, milk, salt, onion, pepper, beef, and cooked rice. Place
             ¼ cup of beef mixture in center of each leaf. Fold in sides of leaf
             and roll over meat.
  • Place in slow cooker with seam sides down. Combine tomato sauce,
             with brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, and lemon juice, pour
             over rolls.
  • Cook on low 7-9 hours, using a crock-pot or "slow cooker".
  • Explanation:
              This recipe has been passed-down for three generations. I have adapted this one to be used with a modern "crock-pot". It's a family favorite.
              I have used the recipe for use on a regular cook-stove, and so can you, but of course the cooking time and temperature would have to be adjusted.


    Cranberry-Mustard Pork Roast —
    2 Tbsp. — — —
    2 - 3 lb. — — —
    1 envelope — — —
    1 16oz. can — — —
    2 tsp — — —
    boneless pork roast
    onion soup mix
    cranberry sauce
    Dijon style mustard
  • Melt butter in 12 inch skillet. Add Pork roast cook 4-6 minutes until
             browned on all sides.
  • Place in large pot (with lid) in the oven. Sprinkle with dried soup mix.
  • Spread cranberry sauce over dried soup.
  • Cover and cook at 325 (on low) for 4-6 hours.
  • Remove meat. Stir mustard into sauce. Slice roast, serve sauce
             over it.
  • Explanation:
          In 1983, I updated this recipe to fit into today's pantry néeds.
          This recipe was clipped from my daughter's "Weekly Reader" when she was in grade-school (click on Weekly Reader); about 1945 - I think. As a mother-daughter team we made this in a big pot in the oven. It also works well in a crock pot with no changes except the following:

    In the 1940s we made onion soup and then reduced it on the stove. That was our "soup mix", then we just used "mustard" and home-made cranberry sauce. This was a treat over the holidays because just as now, the only time that you can get cranberries is during the holiday season. I did a lot of canning in those days.


    Webmaster's note:  Mrs. Parkman does not have a computer, but asked that these recipes be added to these pages. (Mrs. Parkman is one of my neighbors.)

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