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Food for our families
- Favorite Family Recipes

         A portion of our heritage is the food that we eat. Many of these family treats have been passed down for generations (when folks remember to write down the recipes).
         Hopefully, this will be a place to share those goodies with all, and to also learn a bit about ourselves and our families.
         It has been said, "You are what you eat". Well, here is a chance to show what you and yours are made of...

An Invitation:   We invite all families to submit their favorite recipes as passed down through the years.

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Boyer/Roberts   |   Dietrich/Huber   |   Grant/Sanderson

Neeley/Parkman   |   Ross/Weiler   |   Santoriello/Williams

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Breakfast and Brunch — —

  Goetta — Dietrich & Huber
  Potato Pancakes — Dietrich & Huber

Main Courses— —

  Cabbage Rolls — Neeley & Parkman
  Cranberry-Mustard Pork Roast — Neeley & Parkman

Salads & Sandwiches — —

  German Potato Salad — Dietrich & Huber
  Sauerkraut Salad — Dietrich & Huber
  Open-faced Beef BBQ Sandwich — Santoriello & Williams

Soups — —

  Bean and Sausage Soup — Santoriello & Williams
  Mock Turtle Soup — Dietrich & Huber
  Potato Soup — Dietrich & Huber
  White Bean Soup — Dietrich & Huber

Sweets— —

  Chopped Apple Cake — Ross & Weiler
  Chocolate Cake — Dietrich & Huber
  Dark Fruitcake — Grant & Sanderson
  Green Grapes with Carmel-tasting Sauce — Boyer & Roberts

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