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So you ask...
"And just WHAT is a Bad (or Rotten) Apple"?

In addition...

  • It's a member of a rather exclusive club... so exclusive, in fact, that anyone and everyone may join, but there are a couple of catches - those being, that anyone wishing to join must give us their BIRTHDAY (day and month only... we don't care how old you are) so that we may wish you a happy birthday when it's time for you to grow a bit more rotten. In addition, you will need to give us the name of your home town, so that we can check on the weather in your storage bin.
  • Want to join in the fun? Well then just send us an Email with all a response to all those burning questions asked above, and we'll add you to the bin, so that you can grow as bad and rotten as you wish with the rest of us. (It's good company!) Click here to send Email.

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