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Photo here Biography -

        I was born in England, while my parents were there working with an oil company; the month of September, in 1938, was a very good year. We had to return stateside before I could really make my mark in Europe (Adolph Hitler went on a rampage).

Factoids: Bob celebrates a birthday every year on September 7th, under the sun sign of Virgo.

Interests and Hobbies -
        I enjoy computers, good conversation and other people my own age. That is why the Genealogy Community is for me. I'm now a retired Medical Systems Analyst and have also served as manager for a large Department at a large hospital that is a part of a medical teaching complex. I'm now "at home", growing fat, lazy, sassy, and doing what I darn-well please! (almost)
Researching Surnames -
BOYER, CURRY/CURREY, ROBERTS, WHITSON and more at his personal web site.
Contact Bob -
Email address: (prefered)
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