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YA ———
Yabbar Yablonski Yager Yakey Yalden Yamamoto Yancy(/Yancey) Yandel(/Yandell) Yandes Yankos Yang Yap Yarborough Yard Yarde Yarito Yarnall Yarrington Yassenoff Yasui Yates Yavornitsky Yazbek
YE ———
Yeager Yeary Yeaton Yelland Yelton Yelverton Yenawins Yencer Yeo Yeoman Yeomans Yeowell Yerks Yerman Yerty Yetter
YI ———
Yin Yinger Yingling
YO ———
Yoacum Yoakum Yockey Yocom Yoder Yoe Yohe Yohn Yoho Yoke Yonker Yonts Yoost York Yort Yost Youel Younce Young Youngblood Younger Youngkins Younglove Youngs Younker Yount Younts Yourt Youtsey Yowell
YU ———
Yu Yule Yungberg Yurkovic

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