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Updated: Jul 21, 2014

UB ———
Ubidea Ubite
UD ———
Ude Udtana
UH ———
Uhl Uhlman
UL ———
Ula Ulch Ullery Ullman Ullom Ullstad(/Ullestad/Ulstad) Ulm Ulmer Ulrich
UM ———
Umberger(/Umbarger) Umbrel(/Umbrell) Umstead
UN ———
Unbewust Underwood Unger Unruh Unze Unzueta

UP ———
Updegraff Updike Upshaw Upshon Upson Uptegrove Upton
UR ———
Urbach Uran Urbach Urban Uren Urich Urick Uridge(/Euridge) Urie Urner Urquhart Urquhardt Urry Ursel Ursua Urton
US ———
Usher Ussery
UT ———
Utermohlen Uthmeyer Utley Utter Utterback Utz

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