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SA ———
Sabin Sabo Sacagawea Sach Sachtjen Sackett Sackis Sadzinski Saemann Saens Saferight Sagel Sallee Sallis Salmon Salmons Salt Salway Samford Sammon Sampson Sanborn Sandbach Sandeman Sandermose Sanders Sanderson Sandford Sandilands Sanford Sansing Sanz Sard Sargent Sarsfield Sarver Sattler Sauer Saunders Savage Savignac Savio Savoy Sawyer Saxman Sayers Saylor

SC ———
Scaggs Scales Scanlon Scarf Schad Schaffter Scharfenberg Schatz Scheier Schermer Scherry Schiff Schimmelpfennig Schlemmer Schlumpf Schmidt Schmuts Schnake/(Schnacke) Schneider Schnuck Schoen Scholl Schrader Schraenkler Schreck Schreiber Schribner Schroeder Schroll Schrum Schultz Schumann Schunemann Schupback Schwamb Schwartz Schwarzenegger Schwecke Schwegel Schweiss Schweissguth Schwenk Schwey Scott Scoville Scowden Schribner Schriven Scudder Scutt

SE ———
Seals Seaman Sears Searle Seatle Seawright(/Seawright/Seright) Sebring Sebti Seiber Seiple Selby Selleck Sellers Senger Sequoyah Serafino Sergent Sewall Sexton Seymour

SH ———
Shackelford Shackford Shade Sharlow Sharp(/Sharpe) Shartzer Shaver Shaw Sheans Shearer Sheedy Sheldon Shelley Shelly Shelton Shennick Shepherd Sheridan Sherlock Sherman Sherrin Sherrow(/Sherro) Sherry Sherwood Shideler Shirley Shores Short Shoup Shouse Showers Shrauger Shufelt Shuff Shumate Shurtleff

SI ———
Sickles Siegfried Silvester Silva Silvius Simmers Simmons Simms Simon Simonton Simpson Sims Sinclair Sincock Sing Singer Singleton Sires Sisk Sisson Sittingbull Sizemore

SJ ———

SK ———
Skaggs Skaja Skalla Skeffington Skelton Skerritt Skidmore Skiles Skill Skillman Skinner Skipper Skladman Sklenar Skutt(/Scutt Scutts Scudds)

SL ———
Slater Slaughter Slawson Sleeper Sledge Slemmer Sloan Slonaker Sloyer/(Schloyer)

SM ———
Small Smiley Smith Smitz Smothers Smyth

SN ———
Snedeker Snelling Sneve Snively Snodgrass Snyder

SO ———
Sobczak Soden Sohlberg Sokol/(Sockol) Solon Somers Soper Sorbo(/Sorbon) Sornborger Sottiaux Soule

SP ———
Spaak Spade Spangle Spann Sparks Sparrow Spates Spearritt(/Spurrett/Speret/Sporet/Sperry) Specht Speed Speer Spears Speidel Spencer Speiss Spidle Spitzer

SQ ———
Squanto Squire(s)

ST ———
Stafford Stagg Stahl Stainback Stallard Stallings Stamey Stamper Stampf Standaert Standerfer Standiford StandingBear Standish Stanford Stanley Stapleton Stark Starks Stary Statler Staufer StClair StClear Steafken Stearman Stebbins Stedman Steele Steen Steenbergh Stennett Stephens Stephenson Stermich Sterns Stevahn Stevens Stevenson Steward Stewart Stickler Stigler Still Stilson Stimson Stinchfield Stites StJean Stockbridge Stockmaster Stockton Stoehr Stogner Stoker Stokes Stoll Stollery Stone Stonehouse Storey Stott Stowers Straight Stratfull Stratton Straughhan Strawson Streibel(/Strever/Strevel) Striker Stringfellow Strode Strong Stroud Studebaker Studer Stymiest Styslinger

SU ———
Suddarth Suer Sukup Sullens/(Sullins) Sullivan Summer Summerlin Sumners Sumter Sunderland Supley Surber Suswind Sutherland Sutton

SW ———
Swain Swallow Swan Swanger Swank(/Schwanke) Swanner(/Swanger/Schwanger) Swarthout Swartz Swayne Swayze Swearingen Sweat Sweeney Sweet Swicord Swift Swiney Swisher Swords

SY ———
Sykes(/Sikes) Sylvester Symonds Symons

SZ ———
Szaltis Szendrei Szeszycki Szostak

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