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RA ———
Rabbas Rabe Rabshaw(/Robichaud) Radcliff(/Radcliffe) Rahe, Rahn Raile Raine Raines Rainey(/Raney) Rainwater Ralph Ralston Rambo Ramey Ramke Ramm Ramonat Rampley Ramsey(/Ramsay) Randall Randle Randolph Ranft Rankin Ransom Rantzau Rasberry Rasmussen Rapalje Rast Ratcliff Ratliff Rathbone Rathbun Rau Rawiszer Rawlins Rawls Ravie Rawlinson Ray Rayburn Rayhill Raymond Rayne Raysor
RE ———
Reagan Reams Rearick Reavis Rebbeck Reber Rebholz Rechtenbach Redding Redds Redfield Redford Redmayne Reeb Reed Reeder Reeds Reedy Reese Reetz Reeves Reger Reichart Reichert Reid Reiley Reilly Reinbold Reine Reinmuth Reinsel Reiss Reitz Remfry Remington Remlinger Remond Rencoret Reneau Renfroe Renick Renouf Repnik Reutzel Reynolds
RH ———
Rheinhardt Rhett Rhodes Rhue Rhymes(Rimes/Rhines/Rymes) Rhyne
RI ———
Riale Rice Rich Richard Richards Richardson Richerson Richey Richmond Rickards Ricker Riddle Riddlemoser Rider Ridge Ridgway Rieck Riehle Riepe Riess Rife Riffle Riggs Rigsby Riley Ring Ringrose Ristevski Ritchie Ritherdon Rivers Rivett Rizeor Rizer
RO ———
Roads Roan Robart Robbie Robbins Roberts Robertson Robins Robinson Robrahn Rochelle Rocheville Rockwell Rockwood Roco Rodeback Roderick Rodgers Rodman Rodrigue Roe Roenicke Rogers Rohe(/Roha) Rohling Roland Rolfes Rolfingsmeyer Rollins Roman Rommel Rondeau Ronquillo Ronshausen Rook Roosa Roosevelt Rosco Rose Rosecrans Rosengren Ross Rosser Rossiter Rossow Roth Roudebush Rous Rowbottom Rowe Rowell Rowlandson Rowley Roy
RU ———
Ruark Rubi Ruby Rudolf(/Rudolph) Runkle Rupert Ruppell Rury Rush Rusher Rushton Russell Russo Rust Ruth Ruthemeyer Rutherford Rutland Rutledge Rutter Rutz
RY ———
Ryan Ryckewaert Ryder Rye Ryerson Ryland Ryle
RZ ———

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