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PA ———
Pace Packard Packer Padgug Page Pageot Pagoria Paine Pair Pakes Palen Palevsky Palmer Palstring Palumbo Pamplin Panek Pangburn Pancake Panitzke Papaccio Pape Pappe Papst Papworth Paramo Parisho Park Parke Parker Parks Parlett Parris Parry Parsons Partee(/Purtee) Partin Partington Partridge Paschall Pasquino Passehl Pate Patenaude(/Patnaude) Patey Patrick Patten Patterson Pattison Patton Paugh Paul(/Paull) Pauley Paulson Paulus Pavel Paxson Payenneville Payne Payton
PE ———
Peace Peach Peacock Pearce Pearl Pearsall Pearson Pease Peavey Peck Pecott Peddy Peden Pedigo Peffeley Pegram Peiffer Peill Peirce Pelaia Pelham Pellegino Peloquin Pelton Pendarvis Pendelton Pendergrass Penn Penny Peregoy Perira Periton Perkins Peron Perot Perrin Perry Persons Peterman Petersen Peterson Petrea Petrie Pettingill Pettypool Petyt

PF ———
Pfalzgraf Pfannekuchen Pfeiffer Pfeil Pfister Pflaeging Pflugrad Pflum
PH ———
Phebus Phelps Phillips Phippen Phipps

PI ———
Picard Pickelsimer Pickett Pickins Picotte Piekos Piel Pierce Pierson Pihlblad Pike Pilla Pillmore Pilson Pimblott Pine Piniston Pinkman Pinney Piper Pitkin Pitt Pittman Pitts
PL ———
Placke Plane Platt Platten Plattner Pleasants Plese Plesha Ples'e Pleshe Pletsch Plouffe Plunkett
PO ———
Pocock Poe Poer Pohlson Poleszuk Polk Pollock Pomeroy Pond Ponsler Pontes Poole Poore Pope Porch Porsch Porteous Porter Portesi Portwood Poston Potter Potts Powell Power Powers
PR ———
Prancer Pratt Praulo Pray Preece Prentice Presley(/Pressley) Preusser Priest Price Prichard Prickett Pride(/Pryde) Priester Prigmore Primus Prince Pringle Prior Pritchard Proctor Prosser Prott Proulx Provost Prudden Pruitt Pruyser(/Pruijser) Pryde Pryor
PU ———
Puckett Puffer Pugh Pullen Purdon Purfurst Purtee Purtell Purves(/Purvis) Putnam
PY ———
Pyatt Pyeatt Pyle Pyper

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