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OA ———
Oakes Oatey Othey Ottey Otie Oatman Oats

OB ———
Oberhaus O'Boyle O'Brien

OC ———
O'Callaghan Ochs O'Connor

OD ———
Odden O'dea Odell(/O'Dell/Oadle/Odle) Odenbach Odgers Ódochartaigh-(Doherty) O'Donnell O'Dowd

OE ———
Oehler Oestreich

OF ———
O'Farrell Offringa O'Flaherty

OG ———
Ogden Ogilvie Ogle(/Ogles) Oglesby O'Grady

OH ———
O'Halloran O'Hara O'Hearn Ohmart O'Kelley

OK ———
O'Keeffe O'Kelly Okey

OL ———
Olcott Old Oldfield Oldham Oldsdatter(/Olsdatter) O'Leary Oliphant Olivas Olive Oliveira Oliver Olmütz Olson

OM ———
O'Mahony O'Mary O'Meara

ON ———
Onassis O'Neal(e) O'Neall Onelette Onstead

OP ———
Openshaw Opdenweyer Opdyck Opperman Oppliger

OR ———
Oram Ord O'Reilly Orff Organ Ormsbe(/Ormsbee/Ormsby) Orosz O'Rurke Orr Orrell Orth Ortiz Orzell

OS ———
Osborne Osgood Oster Osterman(/Ostermann) Ostle Ostrander Ostreich Osment(/Ozment) Osmond O'Sullivan Oswald

OT ———
Otis O'Toole Otridge(/Oatridge/Ottridge) Ott Otto Ottolenghi

OV ———
Overacker Overholt Overmier

OW ———
Owen Owenby Owens Owings Owsley Owston

OX ———
Oxford Oxley Oxman

OY ———

OZ ———
Ozier Ozment

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