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NA ———
Nabers Nabors Nadal Nader Naff Nafzger(/Noffsinger) Nagel(/Nagle) Nahaolelua Nahial Nail Nale Nalon Nance Napier Napper Nares Naset Nason Natt Nau Naughton Naugle Navarre
NE ———
Neace Nead Neal Nealon Neare Nee Needham Neeley Neely Neff Neilson Neisingh Neja Nelms(/Nelmes/Elms) Nelsen Nelson Nemeck Nemelka Nerl Nesbitt(/Nisbet) Ness Nesson Netherwood Neugebauer Neumann Neunuebel Neurohr Neusslein Neville Nevins Newberry Newbury Newhart Newhouse Newman Newmann Newsom Newton
NI ———
Nicely Nichol Nichols Nicholls Nicholson Nick Nickell Nickens Nickerson(/Nickeson) Nickol Nickum Nicosia Niehaus Nielson Niemann Nimmo Nippgen Niquiporo Nixon
NO ———
Noakes Noble Nobles Nolan Noon(/Noone) Noonkaster Noor Nordquist Norin(/Noren/Norinsky) Norman Northard Norton Northrup Northway Norval Norvell Norville Norwood Noss Nothard Nott Novacek Novak Nowak Nowell Nowlan Noyes Nozell
NU ———
Nuesslein Nugent Null Nunn Nunnally Nurse NuseKabel Nussbaum Nustad Nute Nutt Nuttal
NY ———
Nyberg Nye Nyland

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