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LA ———
Labadie LaBarre(/LaBar) Labrier Lack Lacoste Lacy Laden Ladd Laefer Lagace Lahaun Laing Lair Lajeunesse Lake Lakin LaLiberte LaLonde Lamb Lamberson Lambert Lambeth Lambing Lamont Lamothe Lampert Lampshire Lancaster Landrith Landers Landess Landon Lane Lang Lange Langhorn Langley Languis(/Langui) Langworthy Lanham Lanier Lankford Langford Langston Lannert Lant Lantz LaPrade Larcom Large Larkin(/Larkins) Laroque Larsen Larson Larter LaRue Lasater Lasher Lasley Lasorda Last Lathan Latimer Lauber Laudenslager Laughman Laughter Laurenco Laurie LaVarre LaVigne Law Lawler Lawrence Lawson Lawyer Lay Layton Layzell Lewitter
LE ———
Leach Learned LeBlanc Ledbetter LeDoux Lee(/Lees) Leeds Leeper Leher Lehmann(/Layman) Leibold Leidenheimer Leigh Leigher Leinbach Leininger Leist Leite Leith Leitz Leland LeMaistre LeMay Lemon Lemons Lennan Lennard Lenton Leonard Leonori Leopard Leslie Letchworth LeValley Lewandowski Lewellen Lewis Ley Leyden
LH ———
Lhamon L'Huillier
LI ———
Libbey Libby Lichter Licking Liddle Liebrich Liesner Liles(/Lyles) Lillie Lima Lincoln Lindley Lindo Lindquist Lindsay Lindsey Lingo Linn(/Lynn) Linstadt Linthicum Linton Lipinski Little Littlefield Lively Livermore
LL ———
Llauget Lloyd
LO ———
Lobanowski Lockhart Loes Loescher Loffler Logan Loghry Logue Lohmann Lokker Lomax London Long Longstreet Lonsdale Looker Loomis Lopez Lord Lorenze Loroff Lorton Losoya Lottich Lottman Louden Loundagin Love Lovelace Lovelady Loveland Lovett(/Lovitt) Low Lowdon Lowe Loxton
LU ———
Luallen Lucas Luchsinger Luckie Lukomski Lumsden Lund Lunday Lundy Lung Lunn Lunsford Lunt Lurker Lusk Lussier Lust Lusty Luster Luther Luttrell Lutz(/Lutes) Luyster
LY ———
Lykins Lyle Lyles Lynch Lynne Lyon Lyons Lytton

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