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HA ———
Haas Haber Habermehl Hacker Hackett Hackstock Haddix Haddock Haddow Haddox Hadley Haefner Hafley Hafner Hagaman Hagen Hagey Hagerty Hagger Haggerty Hagman Hagood Hague Hahn Haijema Hake Halbmann Halbrooks Hales Hall Hallam Hallamek Hallard Hallman Hallock Halloun Halpin Halstead Halter Halvorson Ham Haman Hamann Hamby Hamilton Hamlin Hammer Hammond Hamner Hanacek Hanaford Hancock Hancorn Hand Hands Hanes Hankins Hanks Hanlon Hanmer Hanna Hannah Hannemann Hannigan Hannon Hansen Hanson Hantz Harder Hardesty Hardin Harding Hardisty Hardy Hare Harlan Harlin Harlow Harmon Harnett Harney Harper Harrell Harris Harrison Hartman Hartmann Hartsell Harvey Harvie Harwell Haskell Hass Hatch Hathaway Hatcher Haunns Haunss Haury Hausman Hauss Havemann Hawn Hayes Haygood Haynie Hays Hayward Haywood
HE ———
Hearn Heartshorne Heath Heaton Heaviland Heck Heckman Hedding Hedgepath Hedges Hedrick Heer Heffernan Heffington Heflin Hefner Heinle Heinrich Heinz Heise Heisser Hellinger Hellyer Helmer Helmkamp Helms Helton Hemingway Hemmer Hemphill Hemrich Henderson Hendon Hendricks Henkes Hennekes Henry Hensley Hepp Herbert Herchak Hernandez Herron Hesler Hess Hesse Heston Hetge Hewes/(Hughes) Hewlett Heyd
HI ———
Hibner Hickman Hicks(/Hix) Higgenbotham Higgins Hightower Hildebrand Hileman Hill Hillhous Hillman Hilton Hindle Hinds Hine Hines Hinman Hinson Hinton Hirschowitz Hirsh Hirskonich Hirst
HO ———
Hoagland Hobart Hobbs Hobohm Hockey Hockley Hodge Hodges Hodgkins Hodgson Hoehn Hoeltge Hoersten Hðfer Hoey Hoffa Hoffman Hogan Hogsten Hohenshilt Hoke Holbrook Holcombe Holden Holdren Holland Hollingsworth Hollopeter Holmes Holt Holton Holtz Holtzclaw Holtzerman Holtzman Homer Homish Hone Hood Hook Hooker Hoon Hoover Hope Hopkins Hoppes Horn Hornbeck Horne Horner Horsfall Horsford Horton Hosteter Hotchkiss Houghton Housch House Householder Hoven How Howard Howe Howell Howerth Howie Howles Hoy Hoyt
HU ———
Huang Huartson Hubbard Hubbell Hubbs Huber Hubert Huck Huckabee Huddleston Hudson Hudspeth Huenefeld Huested Huffman Huggard Hughes Hull Hume Hummel Humphries(/Humphery/Humphreys) Hunnicutt Hunt Hunter Huntington Huntley Huntsberger Huntsburger Huntsman Hurd Hurley Hurst Hurt Hurtt Hussey Hustead Huston Hutchins Hutchinson Hutsell Hutt Hutter Hutton Hutzel
HY ———
Hyde Hyden(/Hiden) Hyland Hynes Hyning

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