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GA ———
Gaal(/Gael) Gabbard Gabbert Gable Gachette Gaffney Gag Gage Gahagan Gaillard Gaines Gale Galioto Gallagher Gallaudet Galleymore Gallaway Gallihugh Gallop Galloway Gallup Galpin Galvin Gambill Gamble Game Gamwell Gandy Gann Ganson Garbutt Garcia Gardner Garfat Garfield Gariepy Garigen Garland Garner Garrard Garrett Garrison(/Garretswon) Gartner Garvan Garvey Garvin Gash Gaskins Gass Gatchell(/Getchell) Gates Gaudet Gauguin Gauthier Gavin Gavit Gawkroger Gawley Gay Gaylord
GE ———
Gearheart Geary(Gary) Gebbie Geddes Gee Gegoux Gehling Gehr Gehrke Geissler Geist Gellatly Gelso Geltl Gemar Gensal(/Gaenssal) Gentleman Gentner Gentz George Georgeff Geraghty Gerard Gerbino Gerken Gerking Gerlach Germann Geronimo Gerrish Gerry Getty
GH ———
GI ———
Gibb Gibbons Gibbs Gibler Gibson Gieck Gieger Gierhart Giesfeldt Gifford Gilbert Gilbreath Gilchrist Gilcrease Gile Gilham Gill Gillen Gillespie Gillett Gilley Gilliland Gillon Gilman Gilmer Ginzberg Giorgia Girdlestone Girling Girt
GJ ———
GL ———
Glanding Glanville(/Glanvill) Glascock Glaser Glasgow Glasier Glass Glatting Glazier Glenn Glidden Gliedman Glover Glynn
GN ———
GO ———
Godby Godden Godfrey Godsey Godwin Goettmann Goetz Goffeney Goin Goldberg Gollan Good Goodale Goode Goodin Goodman Goodrich Goodson Goodwin Goodyear Gootee Gomery Goracke Gordon Gore Gorham Goss Gosset Gossett Gott Gottmann Gough(/Goff/Goffe) Gould Gove Gowdy(/Goudy) Goyetche Goyette
GR ———
Grabenhorst Grandinetti Graham Granger Grant Grasset Graubuk Graver Gravis Gravitt Gray Greear Green Greening Gregg Greenbeck Greening Greenstreet Greer Gregory Grenfell Grenier Grier Griffin Griffis Griffith Griffiths Griggs Grigson Grimes Grimstone Grinnell Grinolds Griswold Groat Grogan Grossheim Grosskurth Grossman Groth Grove Grover Groves Grubb Grubham Grunauer/Grünauer Grundy Gruner Grussing
GU ———
Guest Guinness Gunderson Gunn Gunter Gunther Guptill(Gubtil) Gurley Gurney Gurr Gurule(/Grolet) Guse Gustafson Gustin Guth Guthrie Guy
GW ———
Gwaltney Gwinnett

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