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FA ———
Fagan Fagg Fahey Fahlen Faigle Fairbanks Fairchild Fairhead Fairlamb Fairley Falconberry(/Falconbury) Falin Falk Falkowski Fallis Falls Fanning Fant Fargher Farley Farmer Farnham Farnsworth Farr Farrand Farrell Farrow Farver Farwell Fasano Fasol Fass Fath Fauchaire Faulkner Faunce Favell
FE ———
Fear Feazell Fecak Fehr(/Fair) Fehrenbach Feil Fellows Felt Feltenbarger Fenton Ferbrache Fergus Ferguson Fermazin Ferre Ferris Ferry Fesler Fessenden Feuerborn
FI ———
Field Fielder Fies(/Fees) Fife Figh Filer Fillmore Finch Fincher Findlater Findley Findon Fine(/Fein/Fijn) Fink Finnerty Fiorentino Fioriano Fiorini Firestone Fiscus Fish Fisher(/Fischer) Fisk Fitch Fite Fitterer Fitts Fittz Fitzgerald Fitzpatrick
FL ———
Flack Flaherty Flanagan Flavel Fleisch Fleishman Fleming Flesher Fletcher Flick Flinn Flint Flintham Flood Florentino Floriano Florin Flory Flower Floyd Fludgate Fluhart Flynt
FO ———
Fogal(/Fogel/Fogil/Fogle) Foley Folks Folmar Folts Folsom Fones(Fownes) Foor Foos Foote Forbell Ford Forde Foreman Forsaith Forsbach Forsyth Forth Foshinbaur Foss Foster Fouch Foulks Fowler Fox Foy
FR ———
Frampus Franek Frank Franks Fraser Frasure Frazier Freas Frease Frederick Freel Freeland Freeman Freer Freihage Freilino Freitag Fremont Frenay French Fretwell Fretz Freytag Frick Friend Frisbee(/Frisbie) Fritscher Fritze Frodge Froelich Frost Fruit Fry Frydig(/Fridig) Frye Fryer Fryman
FU ———
Fuchs Fudge Fugate Fulbright Fulgham Fulkerson Fullen Fuller Fullerton Fulmer Fulton Funk Fuoter Fuqua Furlong Furman Furr Fuson Futch Futrell
FY ———
Fye Fyfe Fyffe Fysh

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