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CA ———
Cabeen Cabell Caddell Caddy Cade Cadena Cady Caffrey Cage Cagle Cahoone Caine Cairncross Cairns Caldwell Calladine Callahan Callanan Callenback Calliott Callis Callaway Calvin Cameron Campbell Campen Campi Camras Caneto Canfield Canik Cannedy Cannetta Cannon Canova Cantor Cantrell Cantwell Capannari Capecchi Capetillo Capone Capotorto Capp Capper Capron Cardigan Carleton Carlton Carothers Carpenter Carr Carroll Carter Cary Case Cash Caskey Casslen Castor Caton Catt Cawkwell Cawthon
CE ———
CH ———
Chadbourne Chaddock Chadeayne Chalmers Chamberlain Chamberlin Chambers Champ Chance Chandler Chapen Chapin Chaplin Chapman Chappel Chartier Chaves Chavez Chaytor Cheatham Cheney Chesnut Chester Chiafullo Chickering Chilcote Chilvers Chinn Chirgwin Chisham Chrisman Christensen Christian Christman Christophersdatter Chroninger Chute
CI ———
Cianciarulo Cimiotti Cinnamon Cinnamond Cira Cire
CL ———
Claas Clancy Clark(/Clarke) Clasby Clauder Clay Clayton Cleaver Cleburne Clemens(/Clemmons/Clemons) Clement Clerf Cleveland Clewell Clifford Clifton Cline Cloar Cloherty Cloud Clough Clulow Clune
CO ———
Coad Coates Coath Cobb Coburn Cochise Cochran/Cochrane Cocke Cody Coe Coffey Coffin Coggins Cogley Coil Coker Colby Coldren Cole Colegrove Coleman Colenso Coles Collier Collins Colson Colter Colvin Comegys Comet Compton Condley Condren Conklin Conley Conn Connally Connell Conner Connery Connors Conrad Converse Conway Cook Cooke Cooley Coolidge Cooper Copeland Coppage/(Coppedge) Coppenbarger Coppinger/(Copinger) Copus Corbet Corbett Cordle Cords Corey Cormier Cornelius Cornett Corson Corwith Cosgrove Costa-Leite Cote Cotton Cotty Couch Couglan Counts Coupland Courson Courtemanche Courty Cousins Covert Cowan Cowen Cox Coyan
CR ———
Crabbe Cracraft Cracroft Craig Crais Cramer Crans Crawford Craycraft Craycroft Creacall Creager Cream Creamer Creel Crem Cressy Cretney Crider Criscuolo Crisman Cristman Crites Cromwell Cronkrite Crooker Croom Crosby Cross Crossland Crossley Crossman Crouch Crow Crowder Crowe Crowl Crowley Crowson Cruise Crump Crutchley
CU ———
Cuddeback Cuddy Cudworth Cuesta Culbert Cullen Cullinane Culp Culpepper Cummins Cunningham Cupid Cupp Cupper Cupples Curd Cure Curl Curle Curlee Curlin Curran Curreen Current Currie Currier Currington Curry Curtis(/Curtiss) Curts Cusenbary Cushing Cushman Custer Cutchie Cuthbert Cuthbertson Cutler Cutright Cutter
CY ———

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