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Updated for: Aug 18, 2014

AA ———
Aachen Aanonsen Aardapple Aaron Aasen
AB ———
Abate Abath Abbat Abbe Aber Abbey Abbott Abbs Abderhalden Abel Abendroth Abercrombie Abernethy Abney Abraham Abrams Abravanel Abrikossof
AC ———
Achard Achenbach Acker Ackarman Ackerman Ackley Ackroyd Acres
AD ———
Adair Adam Adami Adams Adamson Addams Addington Addy Aden Adhikari Adie Adkins Adkison Adler Adrain Adrian
AE ———
Aeby Aelst Aepinus Aertsen
AF ———
AG ———
Agan Agassi Agassiz Agee Agena Aggeman Aggers Agnesi Agnew Agnon
AH ———
Ahern Ahl Ahlfeld Ahlfors Ahlqvist
AG ———
AG ———
Aichner Aiken
AK ———
Akagi Aker Akerlof Akers
AL ———
Albers Albright Aldam Alder Alderman Alderson Alefounder Alexander Allan Allden Allegret Allen Allgeyer Allison Allred Almquist Alpen Alpers Alphin Alspach Alston Altman Altpeter Alyea
AM ———
Amann Amaya Ambrose Ambs Ames Ammons Amon Amos Amsbaugh Amsden
AN ———
Andersen Anderson Anderton Andre Andrews Andrist Anglin Annenberg Antle Anyan
AP ———
Appel Apple Applebaum Appleby Appling
AR ———
Arabus Arbogast Arbuckle Arbuthnott(/Arbuthnot) Archibald Arciniega Ardry Arkright Armistead Armstrong Arnold Arnot Arthur
AS ———
Asbury Asche Ashby Ashforth Asquith Astaire Astor
AT ———
Ataturk Atherton Atkinson Attaway Attucks Atwater Atwood
AU ———
Auerbach Aufdermauer Auftermarsch Auger Augst Auld Ault Aultman Ausmus Austin Austring Autry(/Autrey)
AV ———
Avas Avers Avery Avila Avis
AX ———
Axford Axhausen Axtell
AY ———
Aycock Ayers(/Ayres) Aylesworth Ayotte

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