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L. W. Roberts, Pedigree chart

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Generation 3

Generation 4

Generation 5
B: ??-???-1787
  ROBERTS, Benjamin Joseph  
D: not researched

B: ??-Aug-1834
  ROBERTS, F. Joseph 
D: ??-???-1900
B: ??-???-1800
  (UNKNOWN), Susan A. 
D: not researched

B: 13-Mar-1867
  ROBERTS, George Thomas 
D: 06-Mar-1938

B: ??-???-1817
HUGGARD, Solomon 
D: ??-???-1880

B: ??-Jun-1842
  HUGGARD, Susan A. 
D: not researched
B: ??-???-1817
  (UNKNOWN), Elizabeth 
D: not researched

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