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Family Surnames - W (Wya - Wyz)
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wyatt — — — (w300)
  • Spelling Variants (Wyatt, Wiatt, Wiet). Send information
  • PWP - The WIATT / WYATT Family of Virginia and Mississippi
  • PWP - Wyatt Family Index, Susannah (Welch) Wyatt
  • PWP - Wyatt, Wiatt and Wiet Surname Y Chromosome DNA Study

  • Wyb                        
    WYBICKI - BIO:  Józef (Polish poet and political figure) b:1747 d: 1822

    WYCKOFF - PWP:  Welcome to J.L.'s Genealogy Page, researching Wycoff, et al.

    wyers — — — (w620)
  • Spelling Variants (Wyers, Wyres, Wires, Wire, Wyer, Wyre, Whyre, Wayer, Wayers,
              Ware, Wares, Warise, Wyses, Wiers, Wijers, Weyers). Send information
  • PWP - Wyers Family Home Page
  • COM - COM:  Wyers Family Genealogy Forum

  • wyeth — — — (w300)
  • BIO - Andrew (realist painter) b: 1917 Pennsylvania d: 2009 Pennsylvania
  • BIO - Nathaniel (Naturalist/multi businesses) b: 1802 Massachusetts d: 1856 Oregon

  • Wyg                        
    WYGANT - COM:  Wygant Family Genealogy Forum

    WYKES - PWP:  The World WYKES Web

    WYLAND - BIO:  George H. (Farmer & Stockman) b: 1828 L: Ohio
    WYLIE - PWP:  The Wylie Family History

    wyman — — — (w550)
  • BIO - William Wallace (Jeweler and Druggist) b: 1842 Canada L: Wisconsin
  • PWP - Wyman Genealogy

  • Wyn                        
    WYNARD - COM:  Marie Marguerite Ynard, b: August 31, 1733
    WYNCOLL - PWP:  The Wyncolls of Suffolk and Essex, (Massachusetts)
    WYNKOOP - PWP:  The Wynkoop Family Research Library

    wynn — — — (w500)
  • Spelling Variants (Wynn, Wynne). Send information
  • PWP - Wynne Resources
  • COM - Wynn Family Genealogy Forum

  • WYNSPIANSKI - BIO:  Stanislaw (multi-faceted arts talent) b: 1869 d: 1907

    WYRICK - COM:  Wyrick Family Genealogy Forum

    WYSEMAN - PWP:  Wyseman-Wiseman
    WYSOCKI - COM:  Wysocki Family Genealogy Forum
    WYSONG - COM:  Wysong Family Genealogy Forum

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