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  • Waa - Waz   Surnames listed
  • Updated for: Jul 28, 2014
    Waddle Wade Wadhams Wagenaar Wagner Wagnon Wagoner Waggoner Waight Wainwright Waite Wakefield Walbert Walders Waldman Waldo Waldron Waldrop Wales Walker Wall Walls Wallace Waller Walling Wallner Walser Walsh Walter Walters Waltman Walton Waltrip Waltz Wappler Warburton Ward Wardell Ware Wardwell Wargowsky Warmouth Warner Warnica Warren Warwick Washburn Washington Waslin Wassman(Wassmann) Wasson Waterman Waters Watkins Watson Watts(/Watt) Wayne

  • Wea - Wez   Surnames listed
  • Updated for: Jul 28, 2014
    Weatherbee Weatherford Weatherspoon Weaver Webb Webber(/weber) Webster Wedderburn Weed Weedin Weedman Weeks Weeter Wegerlin Wehe Wehmeier Wegley Wehling Weil Weiler Wein(/Weyn/Wyben) Weinbissinger(/Wynbissinger/Wybensinger) Weinitschke Weise Welb(/orn/ourn/ourne) Welch Weldon Wellard Wells Welsh Welty Wendel Wentworth Wellhausen Wenz Werle Wert Wertheimer Wertman Wesolowski Wessel West Westenof Westerkamp Weston Wetter

  • Wha - Whz   Surnames listed
  • Updated for: Jul 28, 2014
    Whaley Wharton Wheaton Wheeler Wheelock Whelpley Whipple Whitacre Whitaker Whitby Whitcomb White Whited Whitehead Whitehouse Whiteside Whitford Whitham Whiting Whitley Whitlock Whitman Whitmore Whitney Whitson Whittier Whittington Whittlesey Whitworth

  • Wia - Wiz   Surnames listed
  • Updated for: Jul 28, 2014
    Wiant Wichmann Wicke Wickersham Wickham Wiehle Wiethorn Wigglesworth Wigman Wigmore Wilber Wilcox Wilder Wilds Whiley Wilhelm Wilhite Wilken Wilkens Wilkerson Wilkins Wilkinson Wilks Willard Willett Willgoose Williams Williamson Willighan Willis Willoughby Willmore Wilmut Willingale Willson Wilshaw Wilson Wimble Wimbrough Winans Winder Windle Windsor Wingard Wingfield Wingo Wingrove Winkeler Winnacott Winnemucca Winsor Winter Winters Wiseman Wishhart(/heart/hard/eart/ehart) Withrow Witt Wittekind Witter Wixon Wixson

  • Woa - Woz   Surnames listed
  • Updated for: Jul 28, 2014
    Wody Wogan Wohlfert Wolcott Wolfe Wolff Wolpert Womack Womble Wood Woodcock Woodley Woodman Woodruff Woods Woodward Woodworth Woody Woodyear Wooley Woolman Woolverton Woolworth Wooten Worbel Worden Workman Worley Worsham(/Washam) Worster(/Worchster) Worswick Worth Worthington Worthy Wortman Worts Woy Wozniak

  • Wra - Wrz   Surnames listed
  • Updated for: Jul 28, 2014
    Wrather Wray Wren Wrench Wright Wriston Wroe Wrzesinske

  • Wua - Wuz   Surnames listed
  • Updated for: Jul 28, 2014
    Wulf Wulfekuhler Wuornos Wurster Wurth Wustenberg Wutzke

  • Wya - Wyz   Surnames listed
  • Updated for: Jul 28, 2014
    Wyatt(/Wiatt/Wiet) Wybicki Wyckoff Wyers Wyeth Wygant Wykes Wyland Wylie Wyman Wynard Wyncoll Wynkoop Wynn(/Wynne) Wyrick Wyseman Wysocki Wysong Wyspianski

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