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  • SMILEY - PWP:  The Smiley Family, descendants of Alexander Smiley
    smith — — — (s530)
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  • BIO - Wheelock B., businessman b: Prince Edward Island, Canada L: WA
  • BIO - Henry H., businessman b: Kentucky L: Texas
  • BIO - Kathryn Elizabeth [Kate] (Contralto Singer) b:1907 Washington D.C. d: 1986 North Carolina
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  • Surname - (origins, roots & meanings)
    Root — English
    Meaning — occupational name for a worker in metal, from Middle English smith (Old English smiš, probably a derivative of smitan "to strike, hammer"). Metal-working was one of the earliest occupations for which specialist skills were required, and its importance ensured that this term and its equivalents were perhaps the most widespread of all occupational surnames in Europe. Medieval smiths were important not only in making horseshoes, plowshares, and other domestic articles, but above all for their skill in forging swords, other weapons, and armor. This is the most frequent of all American surnames; it has also absorbed, by assimilation and translation, cognates and equivalents from many other languages.
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